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(generated from captions) The city came alive for a massive party and stunning sky show, shedding the doom and gloom of 2008 to ring in the new year with optimism and joy. As a golden sun set on 2008,

record crowds flocked to every vantage point, from one side of Sydney to the other...

Happy New Year from Manly, everyone! Whoo! ..before a perfect storm of creation marked the start of 2009. Every epic explosion was met with thunderous applause, as more than a million revellers looked to the sky. A cascading waterfall, a spinning wheel, then, finally, a beaming sun. In one word - special. I loved it! It was great! Yeah, that was superb. From George Street to the top of towering high-rise restaurants, partygoers from around the world crammed into the city. It was a real melting pot of celebrations. (ALL SING) I stayed here like 12 hours, all the day long, just to watch this firecracks. I loved it. It was great, it was huge. We took lots of photos. We thought we saw fireworks in Ireland, but we never saw anything like this - unbelievable. Did you like the fireworks? Yeah! I really, really did! the midnight spectacle. Hundreds saw in the New Year lined up for the loo. 2.5 hours! The queue is 400m long. There were big queues, too, in pubs and clubs. The only real fighting among this year's revellers was for a piece of the dancefloor. In Kings Cross, the who's who partied alongside Paris and Nicky Hilton. Happy New Year! Ravers danced the night away on Bondi Beach, while Manly proved a favourite for families. And with the fireworks over for another year, it was time for the next spectacle - this human sea of revellers, all in search of a ride home. and forced to close Wynyard Station was inundated as revellers piled onto platforms. Luckily, most showed initiative and found their own ride home.

(CHEERING) The long wait left plenty of time to make ambitious resolutions for the New Year. Drink less, but not yet - maybe tomorrow morning! Brett Mason, Ten News. Sydney woke with a sore head, and all the signs of a very big night. The more than a million revellers who packed the harbour foreshores left plenty behind - 62 tonnes of rubbish was littered across city streets, and the clean-up effort was under way well before dawn. About 80% of that waste will be recycled and we've got the city sparkling again, which is really good for all the tourists, visitors and residents around the city. Council staff had their work cut out for them - more than 200 spent the night clearing the streets. Going through it last night at 2:00 or 3:00

and then coming through this morning, about their hangover, For those more concerned an early morning swim was the best cure. Just gonna lie on the beach and chill out - and suffer. Others never made it home, preferring to spend the night on the sand, and not afraid to show off the scars. Ended up sleeping on the beach, actually. About 7:00 we ended up getting down here, yeah. We haven't really had any rest. We've been going for 26 hours straight. While many spent the day relaxing at the beach, looking a little worse for wear, the professional partygoers were ready for more. An A-list crowd celebrated at Bondi - party girl Paris Hilton once again causing a stir. WOMAN: Paris! How was your New Year's, Paris? The beautiful people setting the scene for the year ahead. Meredith Marks, Ten News. And police have praised the crowds for their behaviour. Despite the record numbers, there were few arrests, but officers did swoop on illegal fireworks and a man firing a gun into the air. With up to 1.5 million revellers, police were quick to take firm action last night, and laying 85 charges. arresting 60 people

An extended alcohol-free zone along George Street from Circular Quay to Chinatown helped and may now be made permanent. It no doubt improved the safety of the public, the safety of the event, and it alleviated pressure on the police. While officers in the CBD had their hands full, police at Cecil Hills responded to concerns a man was firing a gun at random. The man had decided to let off 100 shots from a pistol into the air to celebrate New Year's Eve. Officers also found an arsenal of illegal fireworks at an Auburn house - a 27-year-old man charged with possessing explosives. But after the real fireworks display, the main focus was on getting people home. Almost 500,000 people packed onto trains, thousands more onto buses. Organisers say it was a trouble-free night. Happy crowd, happy staff, it was a happy railway and a happy CEO, so I'm pleased to say I was a happy, happy man last night. And as the year came to a close, the official road death toll came in under 400. That's 9% lower than the previous year. While it's certainly not something to celebrate, police are pleased that the death toll on State roads last year was the lowest since the 1940s and they're already looking at extra measures to make this year even safer. We're looking at new equipment for drug testing that's available overseas to make sure we have the best and latest equipment than what we currently have. Police will be drug-testing an extra 10,000 motorists this year. One Sydney family kicked off the new year with a bang, welcoming the State's first baby. Little Mafua Mani was born at 12:04am at Campbelltown Hospital.

He made his entrance a little earlier than expected - his mum went into labour at a New Year's Eve party. Proud dad Jonathan says the fact his son is the firstborn for the year makes his arrival even more special. I've got a new family to myself, so a pretty good start to the year.

Both mum and baby are doing well. It's been a tragic start to the year in Thailand, where at least 60 people were killed when fire swept through a nightclub. with hundreds of revellers. The trendy Bangkok venue was jammed At least one Australian is among the injured. And a warning - some viewers might find these pictures distressing. The New Year had barely begun, but in an instant, cheers turned to screams as nightclub patrons scrambled to escape a terrifying inferno. The Santika club was packed - it's a popular high-end venue in one of Bangkok's key entertainment districts. Too quickly, though, it became a deathtrap.

Rescuers tried desperately to reach those still inside. (SHOUTING AND YELLING) Amateur video shows the mayhem in the moments after the fire broke out. (SIRENS WAIL) Hundreds of locals and foreigners had been in the nightclub. I saw the fire where the people were singing the song, so I just did not think anything, I just came out. There was only one way to come out, you know. The gate was very small, only two metres, were inside. The injured staggered through the streets, bewildered,

but they were the lucky ones. Many trying to escape in the stampede were confused by a maze of staircases. The death toll was made worse as patrons bypassed a hidden rear exit and found windows with bars across them. (SPEAKS THAI)

This officer says the fire may have been caused by sparks from either the club's countdown clock or from fireworks brought by people in the crowd. Forensic officers have spent the past few hours scouring the debris, looking for clues. Regardless, the task now is to identify the dead - and officials say the casualties will include foreigners.

At this stage three Australians is confirmed to be among the more than 200 injured - although our embassy in Bangkok will continue to liaise And if you think you might have family caught up in the tragedy, the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade has set up an emergency 24-hour hotline. Ahead in sport with Rob Canning,

out-of-form Matthew Hayden is the man South Africa's cricketers fear most, ahead of the third Test. That's right, Deb. The Proteas remain wary of the Aussie opener but they have their own problems. Captain Graeme Smith will miss the upcoming one-day series against Australia to head home for surgery on his elbow. And Australia's motocross superstar Robbie Madison brings in the New Year in Las Vegas the only way he knows how - attempting a world first. Plus, Layne Beachley refuses to close the door on a shot at an eighth world surfing title. A man faces court, accused of holding hostages at gunpoint - that's next. Also tonight, an emotional reunion for two teenagers missing in rugged bushland.

And the nation's capital revs into gear for a festival with grunt.

This program is captioned live. Two children were critically injured when their car speared off the Hume Highway and crashed into a tree at Suttons Forest, south-west of Sydney, this morning. A 7-year-old girl and a 10-year-old boy suffered head injuries and a 14-year-old girl was less seriously hurt. All three were flown to hospitals in Sydney. who was driving the car

A Sydney man has faced court, charged over yesterday's 12-hour siege on the State's mid-North Coast. It's alleged the 41-year-old from Eagle Vale took five people, including an 8-year-old boy, hostage early yesterday morning after firing shots at police. The siege ended peacefully last night. with a number of offences. The man has been charged He did not apply for bail and will front Kempsey Local Court next week. It's that time of the year when revheads from across the country converge on the nation's capital to celebrate everything to do with the car. And lower petrol prices have proved a boon to the Summernats organisers, who had feared cash-strapped car-lovers would stay away. Summernats 22 opened to an enthusiastic crowd,

keen to see some smoking wheels. The first day of the event was a dry argument, with vehicles checked for contraband. Morning, folks. Welcome to Summernats. Do you have any alcohol in the vehicle? Only what's in the fuel tank. Drivers like Paul Cleaver from Warrnambool, in Victoria, drove 10 hours to get to Canberra, while others took the long way round. Nearly 4,000km from the Gold Coast back to here and now I'm going back down to Victoria after this.

Lower petrol prices prompted many to return to the event this year. It was a big issue when it was $1.40, it came down at the right time. It was a consideration but wouldn't miss this for the world, no matter what price the petrol is. Motoring enthusiasts, revheads and hoons - call them what you will - they've come to Canberra for a fuel-injected start to the new year. Just days after his death-defying crash, Darren Morgan was in town as a Summernats drawcard. Everybody's pretty impressed. They reckon we had a good crash, but I don't want to do it again. That's it - that's all you get. Murray McCloskey, Ten News. Six State Emergency Service volunteers were injured when their boat crashed during New Year's Eve celebrations south of Perth. The crew was on board a private cabin cruiser which hit a sandbank, the force of the impact propelled the boat out of the water and onto a rock wall. Injuries ranged from cuts and abrasions to back and neck injuries and some facial injuries and broken bones. None of those injuries is life-threatening. Police are investigating whether speed and alcohol were involved. Two teenage boys who spent three days lost in rugged bushland in southern Victoria

are tonight safely home with their families. The youths had tried to sneak into a musical festival without buying tickets There could be no greater start to the new year for Harry Wild, Ryan Hurley and their families, reunited after the teens' 3-day ordeal, lost in the bush. Tell us about that feeling, seeing your parents. It was great, awesome, the best feeling. Just wanted to cry. The 19-year-old friends were discovered safe and well around 5km from the Falls music festival after losing their way trying to sneak into the event on Monday afternoon. What you're thinking is probably like, we tried to sneak into a festival, we're idiots. We know we're idiots. We think we're so silly. It's been a harrowing time for their parents. Going to bed and tossing and turning - that's when your mind starts to play a few tricks on you. We knew everyone out there was doing the very best that they could to find them, so thank you. The teenagers had phoned police, saying they were lost, They say they used leaves, branches and each other to survive three cold, wet nights. I cuddled Hurley all night, pretty much - all night! Police say Harry and Ryan did everything right to stay alive. Particularly staying in the one spot after reporting they were lost.

Are you likely to forget New Year 2009?

No! There'll never be another one like it. While they could only hear the festival in the distance, next year they plan to buy a ticket to see it. Erin Cassar, Ten News.

To co-starring evening last night

and the temperature pretty hot for

the new year. It was sizzling the new year. It was sizzling down

here. They have cleaned it up

nicely under the Harbour Bridge. 35

degrees right across the city out to

to the western suburbs as well.

That's nine above average and the That's nine above average and the

highest temperature in four weeks.

33 degrees across the harbour city

and 35 out West. So a southerly is

pushing through later this evening

pushing temperatures down to 23

degrees. It's been done lower degrees. It's been done lower than

average in terms of the past eight

years. Not much rain around at the

moment and the average was down to. moment and the average was down to.

Plenty more to come. Up next, the ambulance officers who gave up on a dying man. Also, one in a million - the delivery that left even doctors perplexed. I honestly didn't think it would happen again. And a brave Aussie terror survivor honoured by the Queen. See ya. MAN: Need a cab, sir? No, I'm right, thanks. Cheers. SONG: # I wasn't doin' nothin'... # Catch you, Johnny. (Laughs) # Yes, what is it # I'm supposed to have done? # Hey... # Every police car is a mobile RBT so if you're worried about getting breath-tested, you should be. SIREN WAILS # Better get a lawyer, son # You'd better get a real good one... # SONG: # Woke up this morning # I suddenly realised # We're all in this together # I started smiling # 'Cause you were smiling # We're all in this together # Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

# We're all in this together # In this together. #

There are let's take a look at the

traffic on the first day of the

year. You are in enjoying the

scenery at the Meccano set. It is

every boy's dream Tory and it is

the a landmark Meccano set in at

Sydney's south West on the Hume

Highway. Usually this intersection

would be pretty heavy bat this

afternoon and is very quiet. It is

a mirror image so enjoy it while

it's very quiet around town but

remember Double demerit points are in place a.

Two British paramedics have been arrested after they were overheard debating whether to save a man's life. The two men allegedly decided not to revive Barry Baker after being called out to his home in England's south-east. But the discussion was overheard by operators as Baker's phone was still connected to the emergency control room. It's claimed the ambulance workers commented on the untidy state of the 58-year-old's house

before deciding he was not worth saving. Baker subsequently died. Hamas fighters and Israel have ignored appeals for a truce in Gaza. Israel dismissed the cease-fire plan suggested by France to allow in humanitarian aid as unrealistic. (SIREN WAILS) Chaos in the streets of Gaza after another Israeli air strike. The latest targets were a mosque, said by the Israelis to be a militants' weapons store and the offices of the Hamas Prime Minister. Israeli videos showed attacks on a rocket launcher and what was described as a Hamas military post.

The Nayifah family are among many Palestinians

traumatised by the violence and its effect on their lives. (EXPLOSIONS) At the sound of explosions, the children show signs of panic. The mother, Nazrin, is in despair. The family has little food left and has even run out of flour. In tears, she told ITV news that her children are going hungry and living in terrible fear of the Israeli bombing. As the jets fly over, their daughter Malak shows signs of a growing psychological distress. Israeli parents have been shocked by a Palestinian rocket strike on a school in Beersheba. Fortunately the school has closed for the crisis and no-one was hurt. The man who may be Israel's next prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, took journalists to the place where an Israeli woman was killed. I asked him about the scale of Palestinian casualties. We try to go after the terrorists and the terrorists are deliberately hiding behind civilians as they fire into civilians. In between bombardments, Palestinians queue for dwindling supplies of bread. The coming days could see the plight deepen once again. Julian Manyon, Ten News. One of the survivors of a deadly avalanche in Canada has spoken about his ordeal. Jeff Adams broke down as he relived the gut-wrenching decision he and two others had to make to leave their eight mates behind. And when I opened my eyes, I could see daylight.

I was digging. I managed to get my mouth free. I was already choking. Took a few breaths. After Adams freed himself, he called out to his friends. Only one the yelled back and he was dug out. The pair found a third survivor but as they tried to free him they heard the rumbling of another avalanche and were forced to leave James Drake. As we are running away from James he was saying, "Don't leave me here! Don't leave me here!" We kept saying, "We're sorry." They eventually came back and found Drake still alive but, after yet another avalanche, the three decided it was too dangerous to look for the rest. That's when we had to make the gut-wrenching decision to leave our eight friends and start walking off the mountain. A British couple has defied the odds after having a set of black and white twins for the second time. Doctors say the odds of such a birth is greater than one in a million. Dean Durrant and Alison Spooner first made headlines in 2001 when Alison gave birth to Lauren and Hayleigh. Red-haired Lauren takes after her mother but Hayleigh has her father's dark complexion. Having 2-toned twins in itself is a medical rarity, so imagine the couple's surprise when it happened again. There's no easy way to explain it all. I think I'm still in shock myself, even though the first ones were seven years ago, you know. Alison was stunned to find out she was expecting a second set of twins, but never imagined the babies would take after their older sisters. I honestly didn't think that it would happen again, I thought that we would have two the same. Well, I didn't think I'd have twins again, for a start. The twins left the doctors baffled. Even non-identical twins aren't that common, non-identical twins from mixed parents of different races, less common still, to have two eggs fertilised and come out different colours less common still, so to have it happen twice must be one in millions. While Dean and Alison say they're lucky to have such a special family, there's no plan to tempt fate again anytime soon. Kathryn Morgan, Ten News. Australian terror survivor Gillian Hicks has been awarded an MBE in the Queen's New Year's honours list. The Adelaide-born North london resident lost both legs in the July 2005 bombing and received the honour for her extensive charity work. She cofounded the event Walktalk, which encourages communities to come together, and has represented several other philanthropic organisations. She is one of several hundred people honoured for their social, sporting or cultural contributions. A driver killed as his truck slams into a passenger train - details next. Also, never-before-seen documents exposing the Fraser government's deep secrets. And bonjour, 2009 - the world embraces the new year in style.

We helped pioneer a lifesaving system to transport critically ill patients. It's my job to ensure the team

What will you achieve in the air force?

This program is captioned live. Top stories this news hour - fire has swept through a popular Bangkok nightclub, killing at least 60 people. Hundreds more are injured - among them, three Australians. They'd been enjoying New Year celebrations just moments before the inferno broke out. and hidden rear exit The Santika club's window grilles made it impossible for some to escape. And a brighter start to the new year for Sydney. A $5 million fireworks display enthralled a record number of revellers. They packed every possible vantage point for the celebration, themed 'Creation'. It climaxed with a cascading waterfall off the Harbour Bridge. Australians were, as always, among the first to farewell 2008. But the rest of the world is quickly catching up, and their parties are just as big. In Auckland, car horns sounded - New Zealand one of the first countries to celebrate the New Year. Bells tolled over Tokyo, absolving revellers of their sins. ALL: Happy New Year! Happy New Year!

China doesn't officially celebrate 2009 until February, but it didn't stop Hong Kong from putting on a harbour show second only to Sydney's. In Moscow, fireworks lit up the night sky above the Kremlin. And in the City of Light, celebrations filled the streets. The Champs Elysees turned into a giant street party. Parisians toasted 2009 in typical French style. (ALL WHOOP AND CHEER) The sky turned pink above Berlin, one of the largest parties. as the city put on As Big Ben struck midnight...

ALL: Three, two, one! (CHEERING) ..400,000 people crowded into central London, braving the cold to ring in the New Year from the banks of the Thames. The impressive fireworks display a taste of what the city has in store for the world when it plays host to greatest party of them all in 2012. fashionably late And they may have been as far as the rest of the world was concerned, but New Yorkers still showed they know how to celebrate in style. Jacqueline Maddock, Ten News. A truck driver has been killed and six people injured in a level crossing tragedy in Queensland. The train slammed into a garbage truck at Innisfail this morning

at a level crossing already identified as one of the most dangerous in the State. Another rail tragedy for Far North Queensland. The Sunlander train was travelling south from Cairns to Brisbane with 122 passengers on board when it slammed into a garbage truck at a level crossing. I thought we were going to - I didn't know we'd hit a truck. The 40-year-old truck driver, a local father of two, was killed instantly. He was a family man, he was a good man. The force of the collision was so strong it flipped six carriages and the garbage truck upside down. It was upside down and started on fire and it was leaking stuff, but the train crew assisted us and evacuated us. Those suffering minor injuries were treated at the scene. Six were taken to Innisfail Hospital, including three pregnant women, one with severe abdominal pain. Another two elderly people and a 9-year-old boy were also treated. There are no boom gates or lights at the crossing, just a stop sign. Investigations will examine if this tragedy could have been prevented. Cabinet papers from 1978, kept secret until now, reveal a Coalition government grappling with big issues not too different from those now troubling Kevin Rudd. The economy and terrorism dogged the Fraser government, leading to some tough new measures. 30 years ago the Bee Gees had Australians in a fever.

(ALL) # Stayin' alive, stayin' alive. And 'Grease' was the word at the cinemas. # Summer loving, had me a blast. # Malcolm Fraser was the prime minister and John Howard the treasurer. Cabinet records from 1978, released by the National Archives of Australia, reveal a government confronted by terrorism, boat people and economic instability. NEWSREADER: Terrorists strike in the heart of Sydney. The Hilton bombing killed three and led to a hardline policy against terrorism. in the sleepy country town of Bowral Residents awoke today to find themselves in the middle of a virtual army camp. Australian troops were deployed to prevent further attacks during the Commonwealth Heads of Government meeting in February. Former Fraser government minister Fred Chaney contrasts the response to the terror threat then and now. that it leas to the sort of carry-on I have no recollection that it led to the sort of carry-on where every Australian started to slink around, thinking, "Oh, gosh, is this going to happen to me?" Now we live in a more difficult time, I accept.

# I've got chills They're multiplying. # as unemployment reached 7%, That's how some felt home loan interest rates climbed above 9% and the Budget blew out by billions. The government's ability to charm the electorate was limited by the Budget deficit, which threatened to break out into unmanageable levels. To his credit, John Howard tried to rein in the deficit, but that meant higher taxes and a constant battle to cut spending - options which are open to the Rudd Government as it faces the prospect of its own Budget going into deficit. Murray McCloskey, Ten News. Sport is next with Rob Canning, and Australia opener Matthew Hayden gets some unlikely support. Yes, Deb. Oddly enough, it's from a South African.

We'll tell you who thinks the Aussies will struggle against England during the Ashes if the embattled opener isn't there. Also, Glenn McGrath urges fans to switch from green and gold to pink for the Mcgrath Foundation at the third Test, starting Saturday. And recently retired 7-time surfing world champion Layne Beachley refuses to rule out another tilt at the title. We helped pioneer a lifesaving system to transport critically ill patients. It's my job to ensure the team What will you achieve in the air force?

This program is captioned live. Welcome to sport, everyone. Matthew Hayden has shelved retirement plans and he's found an unlikely ally - the touring South Africans. Their coach says

he believes the struggling opener should be one of the first picked for the Ashes tour. Matthew Hayden was in the nets, Even on a day off, taking on McGrath senior and junior. Glenn and young James rolling the arm over, all part of a plan to turn the SCG pink on Saturday. It was a tough year last year, this year will be better and hopefully and to start off the year like this is perfect. 2008 wasn't great for Hayden either. Even he concedes, it's now perform or perish. I felt like throughout my career I've never been first-picked in the side and I think that's actually stood me in good stead. I've been written off many times and really loved and thrived on the fact that I've come back.

And that's got the tourists nervous. We're fearing a resurgent Matthew Hayden here. In fact, they believe their stranglehold on Hayden has been the key to their 2-0 series lead, and despite being largely responsible for putting his Test future in jeopardy, insist Australia can ill afford to lose him. I think Australia are going to need him through the Ashes.

I think everyone else is thinking about the Ashes right now. The current squad of 13 players is thinking about this Test match. In a series full of positives for South Africa, today, a setback - their captain Graeme Smith will head home after this Test for treatment on that injured elbow, ruling him out of the one-day series against Australia. Smith faced just a handful of deliveries in the nets today, grimacing with each shot. Australia could have Andrew Symonds back this summer following knee surgery yesterday. It's expected Brett Lee won't be back bowling until the Indian Premier League starts.

Paul Cochrane, Ten News. Jelena Dokic is urging the Australian public to get behind her as she makes another comeback. It'll start at the Brisbane International on Sunday, where she has been given a wild card. The 25-year-old believes she's still got the game to match it with the world's best. I think so. I think a lot of aspects - I think the fitness and the mental, the physical and the tennis itself. I'll have to try and put all that together. While Dokic was slugging it out on the court, Daniela Hantuchova was getting up close and personal with some Australian wildlife. The world number 21 is hunting her first-ever Grand Slam title later this month. The Central Coast Mariners have started 2009 at the top of the A-League table after a 1-0 win over Perth Glory - a late goal from the in-form John Hutchinson sealing the victory.

With just 11 minutes left on the clock John Hutchinson kickstarted the Mariners' New Year's Eve celebrations with a bang. COMMENTATOR: John Hutchinson. Oh - terrific goal from John Hutchinson! They finally have the lead, the Mariners. I hit it and seen it start swerving and said, "Please don't swerve any more." I didn't think it was going in, I was just watching it roll across the goal, just thinking, "Someone tap it in, or something happen," but luckily it's hit the upper post and gone in. on the A-League standings, and all but ends Perth's hopes of playing a part in the finals. Yes, I think that's it now. It's disappointing - just run out of games, I think, 'cause the way we were playing, we would have been a threat. But the threats came thick and fast from the Mariners last night - Nick Merger missed an ideal chance to put the home side ahead in the eighth minute. He had another crack just moments later. Merger might fancy his luck on the left. He got hold of it, Nick Merger. Lawrie McKinna also provided some threats of his own, the coach irritated with Mile Jedinak's 19th minute missed opportunity. Just over-hit by Jedinak, who was searching for Petrovski. Sometimes you need to give them a few choice words. But McKinna only had praise for Hutchinson and his match-winning strike.

It was a special goal, you know, and Hutch hit it. He probably didn't hit it cleanly, but when it hit that post, I thought it was going to come back out, and there was nobody following that bit. I was very pleased to see it hit the side of the net. The Mariners meet Queensland next at home on Saturday week. Andrew Brown, Ten News. John Daly's forgettable 2008 has ended with a 6-month ban from the PGA Tour. Daly copped the ban for bringing unwelcome publicity to the tour when he was arrested outside a Hooters restaurant in October.

Daly's trip to Australia also ended in controversy, smashing a fan's camera at the Australian Open, the third event in which he missed the cut. He says he's unsure when the ban ends, and that the suspension is the lowest point in his career. To surfing, and Layne Beachley has revealed she's leaving the door open for a possible tilt at an eighth world surfing title. Despite announcing her retirement last year, Beachley will still contest selected events. A new year, a new set of goals for Layne Beachley. Ultimately, I'm really proud and satisfied with the career that I've had in pro surfing and now that I've got a wedding to plan, I'm going to need a little bit more time. While she plans that marriage to INXS rocker Kirk Pengilly, Beachley will still compete on the tour this season, albeit in a part-time capacity. I'm planning to keep my presence and keep my toe in the water, so to speak. I still want to compete in a couple of events, But I don't have the desire any more. to follow the whole world tour So while an eighth world title seems unlikely, it certainly hasn't been ruled out. Should I come back on tour and win a few events, if the opportunity presents itself that I could continue competing for the rest of year and maybe secure an eighth world title - I'll leave that open. It's no longer flights, hotels and titles driving the queen of surfing.

The world of pro surfing is perceived to be a lot more glamorous than it actually is, and travelling the world with surfboards is one of the most challenging things you can do - and after travelling the world for 20 years, I am kind of tired of travel. My body isn't as flexible as it used to be. She's swapped the surfboard for the paddleboard, here at Freshwater Beach, and after 19 seasons on the tour and seven world titles, there's no other place Layne Beachley would rather be - home. It feels really grounding and comfortable and I haven't really experienced that,

so I'm glad this level of comfort and complacency hasn't come in any earlier, otherwise I probably wouldn't have driven myself to win. And being home means being able to give more time to charity. Beachley is the face of World of Difference, giving people the chance to give up their job for a year and work for charity, while being financially supported. There's loads of charities that people are affiliated with that just don't have the financial means or the resources to give back to them, so this is giving them the opportunity to do so. Retirement may mean less competition, but Beachley's showing no signs of slowing down. Glen Lauder, Ten News.

Australian daredevil Robbie Maddison has set a new world record with a death-defying motorcycle jump. Despite breaking his hand, Maddison held together his 2-jump routine in spectacular fashion.

After producing a world record jump at last year's New Year's Eve celebrations in Las Vegas. Robbie Maddison decided to roll the dice and risk life and limb again. COMMENTATOR: What a showman. This year, the 27-year-old from the New South Wales south coast overcame fear and nerves to lift his bike, body and extreme sports to a wild new level. (CROWD CHEERS) He launched himself 37m into the air and onto a replica of the Arc de Triomphe. But then came the hard part - a 15m free fall onto a down ramp. COMMENTATOR: Here we go... He did it! Hopefully that means something to some little kid out there and inspires someone to go big and live their life to the max. He's the first rider to complete the stunt, and he paid the price. The hand kills. I think I broke it,

and definitely a gash that's gone right to the bone. Maddison's stunt sets a high standard for extreme sports in 2009.

But extreme BASE jumper Ueli Gegenschatz also plans to soar into the record books. He's leading a new wave of birdmen - not satisfied with free-falling to earth, they want to fly through the air. He's perfected his polyester flying suit for a world record jump in the Swiss Alps, but the landing could be anywhere. Tim Potter, Ten News. That's all for now. Later in Sports Tonight, Victorian leg spinner Bryce McGain prepares to make his comeback, plus plenty more.

Better looking pretty good around

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Architecture and this is the White

Horse interchange if you're into

that sort of thing. If you're at

heading home via the M4 you have heading home via the M4 you will

have a great run this afternoon are

no delays anywhere right around Sydney.

Another perfect day for the beach. Stay with us. Frank Coletta has the latest forecast next.

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Penrith is 35. On the Central Coast

it is very warm.

A bit of a change coming.

Very nice for a late afternoon dip.

Cloud crossing the south-east

behind a cold front. Are scattered

showers and snow on the Tasmanian

Highlands. Widespread thick cloud

over the North causing heavy rain

and storms. Onshore winds will

cause coastal showers in the east.

At Monsoon or winds drifting south causing

causing showers. Isolated sundry

for hours in the west of WA. for hours in the west of WA.

Isolated showers in the south-east.

Some showers and storms were the Some showers and storms were the Isolated showers in the south-east. Some showers and storms were the

Top End. With all the cleaning well

and truly done around most of the

harbour city. 80% of the rubbish

collected last night will be

recycled and it heres a festive

season at recycling campaign. There

is a how to handbook to help you

understand how to be more

environmentally responsible. The

phone number is 130733712. Brisbane

tomorrow will give you is 31 degree day.

To about 30 degrees on Monday. I'll have updates throughout the evening before the Late News with Sports Tonight along at 11:00. Goodnight. Supertext captions by Red Bee Media Australia.