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(generated from captions) This morning - is dead. the "mad dog" of the Middle East killed in his home town. Libyan dictator Moamar Gaddafi The Queen gets down to business, in Canberra. meeting our political leaders on Occupy Melbourne protesters. And tensions rise as police move in Seven Morning News with Ann Sanders. VOICEOVER: This is

Good morning. dancing in the streets this morning, The people of Libya are still their former leader is finally dead. celebrating the news and shot by rebels Moamar Gaddafi was captured in his home town of Sirte, contains distressing images. And, a warning, the following story

Gaddafi's faounlt moments, injured, dazed, manhandled and dying. Captured by rebels who prop him Captured by rebels who prop him up on Captured by rebels who prop him up

on the front of the car. Proof of life. News of Gaddafi's death triggered wild celebrations across Libya. Libya. He was killed in Sirte, his Libya. He was killed in Sirte, his home

home town, in a neighbourhood called District 2. Fighting there has been intense for weeks. The reason is now obvious. The rebel assault devastated District 2. So today, Moamar Gaddafi tried to escape. In a convoy with body guards, attempted to slip out convoy with body guards, he the convoy was spotted and targeted attempted to slip out of Sirte but

by a NATO strike. He managed to crawl to a nearby pipe. It was there in a pipe the former dictator was found by rebels. The rebels arrested his body guards and seized the gold pistol they say Gaddafi was carrying. Gaddafi asked rebels they were and said " they were and said "Don't shoot, I'm carrying. Gaddafi asked rebels who like your father" but these rebels say they did shoot him, at least once in the stomach. We shot him. Somebody shot him by begun, 9mm. They hit him with his shoes before loading him into an ambulance. Gaddafi died in France it. had Gaddafi died in France it. Gaddafi had been on the run for two months. He escaped through a network of tunnels. He returned to his home town, promising victory and vengeance. Tack likely, Sirte was a poor choice, but at least in Sirte, Gaddafi felt safe among loyalists. In the end Gaddafi died surrounded by rebels he once called rats pulled the dictator from a pipe, by rebels he once called rats who

shot him and watched him die. joined the international community Australia's political leaders have of Moamar Gaddafi. in welcoming the death joins me now. US bureau chief Mike Amor Hello, Mike. As grim as it is, Ann that as a right, Ann. From Washington, to DC, from London to Paris, Paris, a lot of world leaders, especially those involved in NATO, so heavily involved in this campaign, they were very careful not to gloat about his death. Here in the US, President Obama very cautious, waited 12 hours before coming out and commenting on the death, even then saying the Libyan Government was claiming Gaddafi was dead. There have been false reports before. Like other leaders, Obama wanted to stress he died at the hands of his own talk about the fact it was a NATO hands of his own people. They didn't

air strike, sprefkly a French war plane and a US drone that stopped him in the first place. NATO always denied they were trying to kill Gaddafi. Certain Obama and Prime Minister, David Cameron, very Gaddafi. Certain Obama and British relieved that Gaddafi is dead and his regime is gone. Today the government of Libya announced the death of Moamar Gaddafi.

Gaddafi. This marks the end of long and painful chapter for the Gaddafi. This marks the end of a people of Libya. I think today is a day to remember all of Colnel Gaddafi's victims, from those who died in with the Pan Am flight over from those who died in connection Lockerbie, to Yvonne Fletcher in a London street, and obviously all the victims of IRA terrorism who died through the use of Libyan semtex.

Most Australians woke to the news through the use of Libyan semtex. that Moamar Gaddafi was dead and like other leaders, our leaders promised to help Libya form a new like other leaders, our leaders have government and hopefully join the rest of the world. He was one of the world's dictate ores and I think the world He was one of the world's worst is well rid of him. The hope plus that the people of Libya can enjoy a is well rid of him. The hope plus be relatively free and fair society. It's a new chapter for Libya but it's going to be for the people of Libya and their new work out how that new chapter is Libya and their new government to written. Some amazing behind the scenes moments that were captured during all of this in against where Hillary Clinton was in a series of TV interviews. An aide handed her phone with the news. Let's look at interviews. An aide handed her a how that played out.

Wow. H

Wow. Huh! Unconfirmed. how that played out. Unconfirmed. Unconfirmed reports about Gaddafi being captured. Unconfirmed. Yeah. We've had a bunch of those before. We've had him captured a couple of times. A candid moment there by the Secretary of State. Still, everyone A candid moment there by the US is saying it's going to be a long road for Libya, but Moamar Gaddafi is dead. Ann. Thank you, Mike Amor. marks the end of an era. Moamar Gaddafi's death of a murderous dictator. He leaves behind a terrible legacy He will be remembered for the flam He will be remembered for the flamboyant uniforms, for the ruthless, cunning ruthless, cunning demonstrated four decades in power and until ruthless, cunning demonstrated over today, for his skill as a great survivor. Moamar Gaddafi finally met his end because he underestimated the desire for change among his own people, demonstrated here when opposition fighters took over his compound in Tripoli two months ago. Moamar Gaddafi was led the coup that deposed Moamar Gaddafi was just 27 when he

Royal Family. He became the led the coup that deposed Libya's self-styled brother leader, though his support for terrorist causes had Western leaders calling him something less flattering. The mad dog of the Middle East has goal of a world revolution, Muslim The mad dog of the Middle East has a fundamentalist revolution. When Libyan agents were blamed for planting a bomb on Pan Am flight When Libyan agents were blamed for 103, Gaddafi and his country became international outcasts. his way back from pariah status, international outcasts. Manouvering moving back is moving back is a fate Gaddafi thought impossible. He called on people to throw out the people to throw out the rebels. This

was the image he chose to portray. The brother leader adored by his countryman. His colourful leadership was ended. To other news now, and the Queen has been playing host this morning on day three of her Australian tour. Her Majesty has held formal meetings with both the Prime Minister and Opposition Leader at Government House.

Alex Hart joins us now from Canberra. Good morning, Alex. Our political leaders will repay the favour tonight? Yes, Ann, preparations are well under way behind me, inside Parliament House, for the Queen's official reception tonight. The event will feature Her Majesty's only public address while she's here and will be hosted by the Prime Minister. This morning, though, it was the Queen playing host.

Despite the courting controversy by not curtseying at the airport, Julia Gillard stuck to her guns and didn't curtsey today, either. Before chatting with Her Majesty for several minutes. Afterwards it was the Opposition Leader's turn. As a staunch monarchist, Tony Abbott is known to have been extremely excited about his meeting.

He told the Queen it was an on to meet her. He says politics is played tough but Australians like to He told the Queen it was an on hore

think of themselves as living in a happening place. We also overheard part of the Queen's conversation with the Prime Minister. She she was delighted to see such large crowds watching her during her boat with the Prime Minister. She said

cruise yesterday. Lots of people came to watch the boat

boat go past, you know. It's a spectre much more popular because you were there than any other reason, but a beautiful day. It was so nice to be able to do that. And, Alex, the queen has also found time to play tourist? She has, Ann, in what must be described as an "only in Australia" moment. Late yesterday, Her Majesty and the Duke of Edinburgh

of Government House. Of course, they did it in style, onboard a special gold solar-powered golf cart, complete with royal insignia on the front. The Queen even had a little blanket to keep warm as the sun set. And she wouldn't have been disappointed with quite a few of the Governor General's resident pets putting on a show. There are about 50 kangaroos living on the grounds

and, believe it or not, each of them has a name. Most of them quite exotic - there's a Hermoine, an Ophelia, a Pandora, a Bartali, Lysecker, even an Obama. The Queen and Prince Philip then finished the tour by adding a personal touch to the grounds - planting two swamp oak trees. They also delighted the crowd of Government House staff and their families watching on when Prince Phillip offered to carry Her Majesty's flowers.

I will carry the flowers. No, no, Tthe Prince has his own official duties as well today. He'll be attending a reception for the Duke of Edinburgh Awards, which are, of course, named after him, Ann. There would be happy recipients of that award today. Thanks, Alex.

Police have moved into the site of the Occupy Melbourne protests, demanding demonstrators leave City Square. They were given until 9:00 to leave but are putting up a fight. Laurel Irving is there. Police descended on City Square before 7 o'clock this morning. A worker told the group they were trespassing and had to move by 9 o'clock. 9 o'clock has come and gone. The group has refused.

gone. The group has refused. Now there is a tense stand-off between police and the protesters. Protesters say they pretty much expected this and they are not going anywhere. Are you going to leave at 9am today? No. Fences have been put up around the entire perimeter of City Square and police now currently all around the fence, many of them in riot gear. A lot of the protesters have called in supporters and friends today

they have surrounded the entire City Square. Police did clear some of supporters and friends today and

those people out earlier. There were some scuffles and arrests made but the main group here remains and they are determined and many of of them are angry. If and when police do move in later today, scenes here could become quite ugly. Next in Seven News - business and finance.

A man dies after a Sydney shooting. And Brisbane police open fire on a car of suspected robbers.

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after a break and enter early this morning. Police were called to the Everton Park Hotel Officers shot at the car, which then smashed into a police vehicle and sped off.

This is the second shooting incident within Brisbane this week where offenders are coming more and more desperate and will do anything to avoid capture by police. Two people are being questioned. Police are still looking for a third suspect. A man has died in hospital after being shot in the head at a house in Sydney's east last night. The victim, in his 40s, was found in a granny flat at Maroubra

just before 6:00 last night. Police don't believe the incident is linked to other recent shootings in the city. This is a 1-off incident, we are not saying that this is any form, or has any form of linkages at this stage. The man was treated in hospital but died this morning. The Gillard Government has announced a major overhaul of the live animal export trade

in response to the shocking cattle abuse in Indonesia. By the end of the year, every animal sent overseas for slaughter will need to be tracked, audited and treated in line with international welfare standards. The exporters themselves will have that responsibility to ensure those animal welfare outcomes are taken care of. Animal welfare groups are disappointed

that the stunning method of killing will only be encouraged, not made compulsory. To finance now and joining me is ANZ senior economist Julie Toth. Good morning, Julie. How are our markets looking at the end of the week? Good morning, Ann. Australian equities and the Aussie dollar are having a quieter, more stable day today, following today, following mixed out looks overnight. The US and UK saw better economic data overnight but these positives were largely overshadowed by the ongoing debt problems in Europe and the failure to make headway. The Aussie dollar has been less caught up in the woes of this week than in the last month and it has been trading above parity for less caught up in the woes of Europe

all this week. Today is trading between 1. between 1.02 and 1. between 1.02 and 1.06. We are not expecting data to pull it in much further direction today. The Australian equities opened stronger today after big falls earlier this week but the ASX 200 index is still trading around 3% when remember this week's high on Monday and 12. week's high on Monday and 12.4% below where it below where it opened at the beginning of this year. Commodities were quite were quite volatile again today, with oil prices particularly jumping following the confirmation of the death of Colonel Gaddafi in Libya. Thanks, Julie. Thousands of revheads are gearing up for one of Queensland's biggest sporting events of the year the Gold Coast 600. Event organisers are expecting record crowds. Amanda Abate is on the Gold Coast. Ann, as you can see, Ann, as you can see, Surfer's Paradise has become a racetrack. The utes and V8 Fords have been warming up and the V8 Supercars are having their first session. It's one of Queensland's biggest events and, you can imagine, police are Queensland's biggest events and, as everywhere around the track. Extra officers have been drawn from other parts of the State to bolster numbers. They will be numbers. They will be focus on balcony parties in high rises, drinking in public and any unsavoury behaviour. Traffic around Surfers is a big problem. One man died in a two-vehicle accident outside pit lane. Police are urging all to be patient through Surfers par lane. Police are urging all drivers dice and perhaps even avoid the whole area, if they can, over the next three days.

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in tonight's World Cup bronze-medal play-off against Wales. The return of elusive full-back Kurtley Beale

from a hamstring injury is certain to aid Australia's ambitions. Rohan Welsh is in Auckland. Ann, there is an atmosphere building and we are two days away from the decider between New Zealand and France. They are calling it one of the biggest things to happen in New Zealand, not Zealand, not in their sporting history but in their history over all. Not too many are talking about Australia versus Wales unfortunately. We have run into Aussie fans who are trying to give away their tickets for the match and there are still 10,000 seats available at Eden Park tonight. It's viewed as a money spinner for the IRB. For the players' sake, they are promising running promising running rugby tonight. They are playing for the country still and have something to prove. The beauty about this game, you get a chance to right wrongs from last woke end and finish the tournament on a positive note. Hopefully the Wallabies can break the shackles tonight and play expensive rugby. They have had trouble scoring tries at the major nations in this tournament, only

having crossed New Zealand, having crossed New Zealand, Ireland. But hopefully tonight it's running rugby and all one-way traffic for the Wallabies. Victorian racing officials are going to unprecedented lengths to aid Black Caviar's quest for a 15th straight win in tomorrow's Schweppes Stakes at Mooney Valley. Stewards have shifted renowned barrier rogue Here De Angels out to Gate 6 to ensure he doesn't injure Black Caviar before the jump. Not too much flusters her now, a couple of years ago

she would have been running over the top of the cameras and handles it very well. Top jockey Kerrin McEvoy insists he's not nervous ahead of his ride on Cox Plate favourite Helmet. Trainer Peter Snowden is gunning for his first win in the $3 million race. The Kangaroos squad flies out for England today for the upcoming Four Nations tournament. Johnathan Thurston is already feeling the heat from his fellow squad members and isn't taking his position as first choice half-back for granted.

You come to the back end of your career and you got this, you know, good blokes that are, you know, chomping at your neck to get your spot. You know, you start feeling that pressure. And there's growing speculation the Dragons will make a play for Todd Carney. St George-Illawarra may chase Carney as a replacement for Tim Moltzen who's now likely to remain with the Tigers.

The V8 Supercars have hit the track at Surfers Paradise in opening practice for the Gold Coast 600. Fiesty American racer Boris Said is using this weekend to audition for a full-time switch to V8 Supercars. Said hit the headlines in August when he unleashed on Nascar rival Greg Biffle after a race. If someone texts me his address I'll go see him Wednesday at house and show him what he needs. I'll go see him Wednesday at his he needs a friggin' whoppin. The internationals will probably all be in the car at the same time so I think we'll have a good race with each other. Italian Tonio Liuzzi will become the first current Formula 1 driver to pilot a V8 Supercar this weekend. Stay with me here on Seven's Morning News. I'll be back with all the weather details after this break.

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A high is pushing fresh south-easterlies and showers onto the Queensland coast. There are showers and storms across the country's south. So around the country today - Fine in Brisbane. Sydney, sunny. Mostly fine in Canberra. A few showers in Hobart. Wet in Melbourne. Fine for Perth. A possible storm in Darwin today. And that's Seven News to now. I'm Ann Sanders. Thanks for your company, goodbye. Supertext captions by Red Bee Media -