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Live. Good evening, I'm Scott

Bevan. On tonight's program parliament's new axis

meets for the first time

tonight to work out how the

next Government will be formed.

The 3 Independent MPs pushing for parliamentary rules The 3 Independent MPs are

found a willing supporter in to be rewritten and they've

Tony Abbott. You're watching

The World. I think spirit of Parliament has been

needlessly confrontational. Will the

leader showing a softer side enough to get the across the line? Also enough to get the Coalition

Indonesia consider s across the line? Also ahead - Indonesia consider s cancelling

the life sentences of 2 key

players in the Bali bombings.

Chinese anger over the handling of Manila's hostage-taking drama. And China asserts its

infliens in the region, funding

a home for East Timor's fledgling army. Those stories

shortly, but first the news

coming in from Somalia. Gunmen

have stormed a hotel close to the presidential palace killing the

several MPs. For latest let's speak to our speak to our Africa

correspondent Andrew Geoghegan. What can you tell us about this attack? Well, attack? Well, Scott, details

are sketchy but what we do know at this stage it's at this stage it's believed 2

gunmen walked into a hotel in central Mogadishu and attacked the people in that hotel. It central Mogadishu and attacked

appears the hotel was full of

MPs from the Government. Now

the story is that one of the story is that one of these

gunmen in fact blew himself up. It's unclear whether the

previous to that actually explosion or in fact gunfire

killed at least 15 people killed at least 15 people in the hotel.

the hotel. (Very sketchy this stage but this is yet the hotel. (Very sketchy at

another attack

government in believed to be behind this government in Somalia. Who's

attack? Well, attack? Well, it's believed that Al Shabab which has connect to Al-Qaeda in Somalia

is behind this attack. They

launched an offensive yesterday

on Government positions and

it's believed this is part of

that campaign.Al Shabab has a

history along the past destabilise the in Somalia of trying to

destabilise the interim government there. That

government is backed by the

West and African Union forces

are in the country trying to

support the Government but they

by these insurgents, are coming under fierce attack

by these insurgents, mainly Al

Shabab Shabab insurgents. Andrew, Somalia has been largely out of the headlines, have tr there

been any moves towards a

semblance of stability almost 20 years since it's there? Well, Scott, it's been

largely become a lawless country. Two decades of lawlessness. People there have

pretty much given up any hope

they will be able to live in a

stable country of any sort ever

since the Americans pulled out during that infamous time in the early 1990s when the UN and

the Americans tried to keep the Americans tried to keep the country together, protection

from the war lords. It has largely been out of the have given up on the country.

It's very critical because it's

critical to the stable nature

of the East Africa. We've already seen last month we saw

an attack in Uganda which

alshah - Al Shabab claimed responsibility for and they

said that was because of the

support for the interim

government in Somalia. We've

also seen attacks

also seen attacks across the

border into Kenya because of Kenya's supposed support for

the interim government

any stabilisation. Andrew many this country before we see

Geoghegan, thanks for your time

tonight. Well the 3 federal Independent MPs tonight. Well the 3 incumbent meeting in Canberra tonight for federal Independent MPs are

the first time since they were

thrust into the national spotlight by Saturday's election deadlock. election deadlock. Tony

Windsor, Rob Oakeshott and Bob

Katter are asking for

as they begin negotiations with Katter are asking for patience

Labor and the Coalition. And it seems Tony doing a deal with the Independents might have

improved slightly. The ABC's

loss for Labor in the Tasmanian election analyst has called a

seat of Denison. Here's chief political correspondent Mark

Simkin. Meet one of the most

powerful men in Australia. I

once had a dream of my country

so grand where the rivers out back irrigated the land. The

Independents can no longer

arrive in Canberra or arrive in Canberra or meet for a coffee without frenzy. The Deputy Liberal a coffee without a media

leader dropped by although her

boss will handle the real

negotiations personally. I'm confident that adults and patriots are more than capable patriots are more than capable

of giving us a satisfactory outcome. To try and achieve

that he's offering the Independents promises of

parliamentary reform and lots

more Mr Nice Guy. I think we

can have aer kinder, gentler

polity. It's quite a gone from this... Don't a parliamentary brawler. He's

gone from this... Don't yawn,

Prime Minister, answer the

question. Don't stare at your notes,

notes, listen, listen. You are a sanctimonius wind bag. What a

fraud, what a phoney, what a complete fake this prime

minister is. To this... I think

we can be a more collegial

polity than we've been. I think

that the spirit of Parliament

has been needlessly confrontational. That's what

the cross-benches want Two of them crossed paths in the corridor of power. G'day,

I'm Adam, nice to meet you. Rob

Oakeshott's calling for a unity

cabinet saying Malcolm Turnbull could serve in a Government and Kevin

might be be Tony Abbott's Minister. That

might be going a bit too

far. All the Independents sat

down together for the first

business now time. Allow us to do a bit of time. Allow us to do a bit

meet the leaders tomorrow and business now hopefully. They'll

insist they haven't decide

who'd to support. At the moment

it's a 71-71 tie with 3 seats still in doubt. The ABC's calling Denison for

Independent Andrew Wilkie. The Coalition's Coalition's 500 votes ahead in

Hasluck, 700 in Brisbane and

still holding out hope in

Corangamite. Wayne Swan will be

Julia Gillard's wingman but

Tony Abbott will fly sole o for the negotiations. Significantly the National Party won't the National Party won't be

involved, a recognition of what Liberals between some of the Independents and their former party. If they were good for

the bush I'm a Martian astronaut. Just as astronaut. Just as well,

figuring out what happens next

could be rocket science. So is

Australia in a weird place or a democratically terrific place

politically? Let's ask Dr David Burchell the author of several books on politics and the ALP including Times. Good to see you

again. As the counting goes on

tonight and the 3 Independents

are meeting, which major party would be sitting more comfortably or at least less uncomfortably uncomfortably tonight? Who knows. I think knows. I think it's

uncomfortable all round. On

Saturday night if you looked a tt body language the Coalition

was sitting far more comfortably,

comfortably, much happier with the situation. Last night, as

recently as last night I think

the Government was sitting much

more comfortably and right now we

we really don't know. down to a series of

imponderable s. One problem imponderable s. One problem is

it depends on the exact make up

of seat and it has actually got

down to one seat here or there which which makes things more or less complicated depending on how

many votes need to be relied upon. Beyond that it depends on

if internal dispositions of these people these people who haven't revealed themselves entirely revealed themselves entirely to us or the Government or us or the Government or the Opposition Leader Opposition Leader yet so there's an element of mystery

to it all. These people, you

mean the Independents. What are

the pros and cons of having holding so much influence and

power? Well, of course in

effect it may well be 5 quasi

Independents because lit be 3

Independents agreeing and very

likely an independent inn as

well who is quite different to

the other and of course it's

the great debate I think of

today all around water coolers across the nation is across the nation is this a bad

thing or a good thing. I've

heard so many different

versions. The bad version goes

this is bad for stability and

it's bad for the ability of any party-based government to do what it needs to do to deliver policy. The optimistic view is

it's a break with the old party

machines and it offers machines and it offers a chance, an chance, an opportunity for otherwise wouldn't and other voices to be heard that

obviously people leaning towards the Greens are

particularly keen on that prospect but also a lot of

people living in the bush people living in the bush as

well who feel neglected. I have

to say myself I'd love to be as

optimistic as some people are

today but I find it hard to be,

to be frank. I think in the end the party flaws and the mechanical nature

of the recent election of the recent election campaign demonstrates them. But I think the danger with

party system too much is in party system too much is in a sense it's the only way of

organising issue s to decide whether we're for or against.

If we go down to the

Independent path we end World

Cup the model of everyone Cup the model of everyone for themselveses in parliament themselveses in parliament and everyone follows their own

instincts and that puts the electors moment you view it more as a hung parliament than a

multiparty democracy? I think

so, I'd love to believe otherwise. What's the

likelihood do you believe of Australian vorts having to go

back to the polls sooner rather

than later and if sooner, than later and if sooner, how soon? I think all our realistic instincts would suggest

probably yes, sooner rather than

than later. Traditionally Australian governments have

been very reluctant to go been very reluctant to go back

to people anything less than 18

months because they fear months because they fear people

get a sense of too many

elections. If the Government could hang on for 18 months

with no coherent deal with the cross benches that would be

somewhat heroic, I think.

Having said that the one proviso there I every single one of every single one of the

Independents so far, or certainly the 3 certainly the 3 rural Independents have all stressed

their recognition of the need for stability and a for stability and a national

focus and not purely on focus and not purely on their individual electorates. If

individual electorates. If they really feel that in their

hearts and try to deliver hearts and try to deliver who knows, perhaps we could have a

full term but I wouldn't put

money on it. So in the

your pessimism, expressed

pessimism there before, if the Independents, the Independents Independents, the incumbent

Independents do that as they

have stated, that they want to bring this together, could it

just happen to be a really good thing for a democratic thing for a democratic country,

for multiparty democracy? It's not multiparty democracy, of

course it's beyond multiparty

democracy into multipeople democracy, multimember

democracy. I suppose the upside

of that is that there are

issue, as I said that, aren't

in the frame at the moment such

as the plight of parts of rural and remote Australia although

nven none of these rural MPs

are from remote Australia. The

downside, I suppose, is that if

there's one thing that unites

these rural Independents is these rural Independents is a

deep suspicion of most of the

sort of economic credential

type issues of the last 20 to

30 years and that would put

fear into a government trying

to keep a budget together, I think. Dr David Burchell, we

live in interesting

times. Yes Thanks for your time

on The World this

evening. Indonesian prison authorities cancelling life sentences imposed on 2 of the key players

in the 2002 Bali bomb attacks.

Among those being considered for clemency is Abdul Ghoni, the man

the man who mixed the

s for the first attack. Here's Indonesia correspondent Matt

Brown. The fate of men like

these is at the heart of a national controversy in Indonesia because the police

have invested a huge amount of resources over the past resources over the past 10 years targeting terror cells that stretch from Afghanistan

to the southern Philippines into the heart of Java. arrested into the heart of Java. They've arrested more than 500 men and most have been locked behind

bars. The trouble is bars. The trouble is that so

far around 2 dozen have far around 2 dozen have emerged from prison only to go back from prison only to go straight back into active terror cells back into active terror cells

and given the challenge that these these particular prisoners seek

to pose to the Indonesian State, that's become a State, that's become a serious embarrassment. Why is it that

in the prisons there is no

comprehensive deradicalisation

program? In these cells program? In these cells I've

spoken to a range of people

from those convicted for uploading propaganda

to be a suicide bomber. to be a suicide bomber. They

all share one thing in common -

even here in jail they even here in jail they won't

denounce those responsible for planning the attacks that have

claimed so many lives.

claimed so many lives. It's

clear that the failure to deal

with the ideology that fuels

these men will challenge the

Indonesian authorities for

years to come. They're on their

best behaviour but also

unrepentent. Abdul Ghoni unrepentent. Abdul Ghoni was jailed for life for his integral part in the first Bali bombings. Now prison

authorities say that sentence

should be cut to 20 years for

good behaviour. But he good behaviour. But he still thinks the thinks the Bali bombers were obliged to strike to defend Islam.

TRANSLATION: Personally I think

even if they did wrong God will

still reward them. It's better

than doing nothing.

than doing nothing. Indonesia's counter-terrorism police warn

there is no

deradicalisation program in

prison and their worst fears

are being realised. While

they've arrested more than 500

terror suspects and most have been convicted dozens who have done their time have emerged done their time have emerged to rejoin terrorist rejoin terrorist groups. The

repeat offenders showed repeat offenders showed up again in the again in the terror cell

discovered in North Sumatra in

February. It called itself

Al-Qaeda in Aceh. The Al-Qaeda in Aceh. The police

accused the recently detained radical

Bashir of being behind Bashir of being behind that

group and they say he recruited

some of his followers while in

jail over the Bali bombings. I

think there is a lot of recruitment in prisons, recruitment in prisons, it's a

lot of downtime. They're lot of downtime. They're not going

going anywhere, they're a captive audience. The

Indonesian Government have

talked about reform in its

prison for years but prison for years but little's been done to follow through . And recidivism is taking

root. Police in the handled a hostage crisis handled a hostage crisis in

which 8 tourists were killed. A

lone gunman held the Hong Kong tourists captive on a bus tourists captive on a bus for

11 hours. By the time the

police moved in he'd already begun shooting them. More from

South East Asia correspondent

Zoe Daniel and a warning this

story contains some confronting material. These extraordinary scenes played out on live

television. In central television. In central Manila a

lone gunman held a bus load of

hostages for 11 hours and as hostages for 11 hours and as night fell

them. Police moved in but were initially repelled by gunfire. By the time they killed By the time they killed the hostage taker many of his

captives were already dead. TRANSLATION: 4 people TRANSLATION: 4 people are dead

in the Manila hospital, one of

the patients here, her husband

has died. She will be going to

another hospital to see if her children are there. He's

talking about this woman who

survived the ordeal survived the ordeal but is now grieving for her dead husband. In

In total, 8 hostages were killed. TRANSLATION: I really wanted to die together with my husband.

But when I thought of my

children I thought that one of

us should protect ourselves as best we could

them. Her son remains in

intensive care. Her 2 daughters

died in hospital. 25 people died in hospital. 25 people

were on the bus when it was

hijacked by disgruntled former

policeman Rolando Mendoza who was sacked from the force was sacked from the force over allegations of extortion and

drug crimes. Signs on the bus

windows said he wanted his job back. He during the day but as night

fell gun shots began. The bus

driver escaped and reported

many dead. Police eventually killed

killed their own renegade but not without not without the loss of

innocent life. This is very tragic and the way it is handled, particularly the outcome, I find it is disappointing. It was a tactical decision. If there is no immediate threat to no immediate threat to the hostages then you will wait him

out. Why force the issue? Why employ the final option as a first

issued a black travel warning for the

for the Philippines, advising against

Rescuers have spoken to trapped Chilean miners on the

phone. Supplies have started to

be sent down to the men who

have been down the mine

more than a fortnight.

It was music to the ear

system passed through a narrow

hole allowed direct contact

with the 33 miners who despite

18 days underground in

temperatures above 30 degrees

Celsius are in good spirits.

TRANSLATION: They're hungry for

obvious reasons but we've had telephone contact with them and telephone contact with them and

we sent them a first package of

water and glucose and a system

which allowed us to speak to

them. They were told to stay in

a safe place during drilling to

avoid injury.

position it's important that

you stay in a safe place until we arrive. Relatives were

overjoyed at the news that the

miners were in better miners were in better than

expected condition. expected condition. (Chant) Capsules containing essential

supplies have been sent down to

the men. They took about an hour to reach them. TRANSLATION: We managed to secure what we are calling the

umbilical cord so now we can

start with the supply of food and communication with the

trapped miners. Relatives on the surface messages of support from across

the nation and their children

have been kept entertained while

while the wait goes on. As night fell, more trucks

carrying drilling equipment

arrived.To the applause of relatives and supporters

maintaining a candle light

vigil. With rescue up to 4

months away psychologists have

been called in to advise the miners how to keep miners how to keep themselves mentally fit mentally fit during the long days ahead but even

outcome of the rescue mission

is known relatives say they will sue the company.

company denies the claims and it's warning that lawsuit s

could force them into bankruptcy. Well they're

struggling to survive and

forced to do so largely on their own.

their own. An estimated 17 million flood victims in

Pakistan need help but food and

other urgent supplies have yet to reach most of them. Aid

agencies say some governments

are being put to shame by their response. Even Afghanistan has sent hol kepter s - sent hol kepter s - helicopters

here to help the flood victim.

We flew with a crew from the We flew with a crew from the Afghan Gan national army. Their mission to distribute box loads of high energy loads of high energy biscuits.

It's only a drop in the ocean

that now covers so much of Pakistan but the people below

are so hungry they wrestle each other for what falls from the skies. And we found chaos

on dry land. Even at an aid distribution centre run by the

police force in Sindh. police force in Sindh. They

were trying to hand out

supplies of food supplies of food that they'd

paid for from their own wages. But

But the flood victims ended up

fighting with each other and

the officers who had come to

help them. I don't blame them.

They just don't want to take

any chances because they are not

not sure what they will be

feeding their children next day or tomorrow. Villages have become islands and the become islands and the Pakistani navy are using

hovercraft to

victims and get aid to places

like Kadari where the people are marooned.

TRANSLATION: My husband, me and

my children are helpless. We

have no money, no clothes, no

food. We need the world to help

us. Despite their ordeal families like

families like this want to stay

here to and now at least some of them are getting aid. But they've

had absolutely nothing in another village. These are its

people. Occasionally they swim

or wade back to their homes to salvage what they can. In this

man's bundle, a few dry clothes, all

clothes, all he has left in the

world. The villagers world. The villagers shelter

where they can from the brutal

heat. And wait and wait for aid

to come.

Well children have been

hardest hit by the sickness and hunger

hunger that's followed the

flood peak. South Asia correspondent Sally Sara

reports from the southern city of Sakkur. And a warning, some viewers may find this story distressing. Baby Benazir's

mother tries to chant away her mother tries to chant away her grief. Benazir's big brother

Pinyul is broken by it Pinyul is broken by it all too. In the past

In the past 2 weeks this

family has lost 2 children,

their home and almost

everything they owned. First

it was 3-month-old Wazir, then

Benazir died of sickness

too. We filmed Benazir hospital less than 2 weeks lag.

She was already malnourished She was already malnourished

and anaemic before the floods hit. She was 2 years old weighed only 5 kg. All weighed only 5 kg. All the family has left are Benazir's

ragged clothes. Her mother

fears that Benazir's older

sister Guddi will also die of

malnutrition. Guddi is 4 years

old but terribly underweight. old but terribly underweight. Her father says the family is

helpless and holds little hope that the floods have left anything behind. All of the families sheltering at this

college have been displaced by

the floods. The cooking fires

are a sign that some food has

arrived. An Islamic charity has

adopted the flood victims. Its

led leader says it's his duty

to God to care for those in need. When the flood need. When the flood waters recede

have to leave her here. All her

father could do was find a

piece of wood to protect her tiny grave from

Benazir was born in a remote village and never had a birth

certificate and now there's no death certificate either. On

paper, it's as if this little

girl never existed. girl never existed. She's anonymous and won't be counted

among the many victims of Pakistan's flood Pakistan's flood disaster.

China's Premier has toured country's north where flooding has forced the evacuation of

250,000 people. The river that

runs along the border with

North Korea has now burst its

banks. China's devastation has

spread even further. North

Korean television broadcast

these pictures of the damage on

its side of the border. The river separating the two countries

countries burst its banks after torrential rain. Floods and mud

slides in China's south-west

have left many thousands homeless

transport lck links. The

displaced are being housed displaced are being housed in

hastily erected tent cities and

it could get worse with more rain rain forecast. The Chinese

Premier toured some of the

affected areas across the

weekend stressing the need for

a quick recovery. He says homes

need to be rebuilt before winter sets in. Among winter sets in. Among those

caught up in the disaster was a

woman 9 months pregnant. She

was plucked to safety by a

rescue helicopter and taken to

hospital to give birth to a

says "I was so relieved when I arrived at hospital after the

helicopter rescued me." But passing on the good news has proved a challenge with local carrying 14 people has crashed telephone lines cut. A plane

into the Nepalese capital

Kathmandu. The plane came Kathmandu. The plane came down

in bad weather after being

diverted from its destination

Lukla. It's believed all those

on board have been killed.

let's get the latest let's get the latest world

weather now with Graham

creed. A series of cold fronts are producing very chilly,

windy and wet weather across windy and wet

the south-eastern States. We

could see hail through part South Australia, Victoria and could see hail through part of

Tasmania and raindfall totals aiming for about 10 to 40 mm through that south-eastern region. Snow region. Snow even possible around part of

around part of the central and We've got a band of cloud southern Tablelands of

sitting across central Australia and Australia and into central

Queensland and that will

produce light and patchy

rainfall but we should start to see that clear up by Wednesday afternoon. Now elsewhere a strong cold front is also

moving towards New Zealand. moving towards New Zealand. Now

that will increase winds to gale force in many gale force in many areas although condition wettest

conditions are expected and the

norld island. Increase rain

around Papua New Guinea and

rainfall about the eastern rainfall about the

parts of Asia should remain

mostly lieckt to moderate.

We're only looking at with tropical storm Mindul. heavy fall bus the focus is

This system will cross the with tropical storm Mindul.

Vietnam coast overnight. in a weakening mode Vietnam coast overnight. It's produce flooding rain in a weakening mode but could

produce flooding rain and strong winds. That should dissipate quickly as it strong winds. That system

moves inland on Wednesday but these coastal areas are going to receive these coastal areas of Vietnam

are going to receive the

biggest impact. A band of rain

and thunderstorms that's been

almost stationery through

eastern and central parts of China

China will weaken but models falls in a line anywhere south-west from around

Shanghai. A strong monsoon

pulse is now forecast to

penetrate the upper parts of rain and thunderstorms during Pakistan with moderate to heavy Pakistan

the next 3 days. Southern and

central parts of India can also expect to experience another burst

burst of monsoonal rain

activity. After several days of

heavy rain across the UK

another strong low with intense

racefall is rapidly moving

We'll see strengthening winds towards Ireland and Wales.

and heavy rain developing later with heavy falls across most of

the United Kingdom as we head

into Thursday. And a atmospheric disturbance has

triggered a cyclone off the west coast of Africa and although it will track although it will track east

with no direct impact there the

Eck atmosphere over the northern

Eck torial regions should become more stable through the

week. We're not looking

anything in the way of widespread intense activity. And tropical storm Frank is the eastern coast of Mexico. strength and move parallel to expected

That's over the next 2 or 3 days. We are looking at days. We are looking at regions

of heavy rain with up to 250 in some parts, particularly of heavy rain with up to 250 mm

around the Acapulco region.

Gale and storm force winds will

south of Santiago. Conditions affect areas of Chile anywhere

will be cold enough

will be cold enough for very

heavy and low snowfall. Also

looking at heavy rain in places and those conditions actually and

and those conditions actually

deteriorate around look as though they will

Now we're deteriorate around Thursday. season and with 4 active

any developments over the systems we'll keep an eye on

coming days. coming days. Graham Creed.

Still ahead - a High challenge to Still ahead - a High Court

processing of asylum seekers. challenge to Australia's

And could this be the key to

human life beyond Earth?

You're watching The World on

Philippine police have admitted ABC News 24. Our

they botched a hostage rescue

in Manila. The hijacker shot 8

Hong Kong before police killed Hong Kong dead who were tourists from

him. Indonesian authorities are

considering cancelling the life

sentences of 2 key players in

the Bali bombings. More than

200 people, including 88 Australians died in the Australians died in the 2002

attacks. And 3 Independent MPs are meeting in Canberra tonight for talks that the next government. Tony

Windsor, Rob Oakeshott and Bob

Katter are asking for patience

Labor and the ahead of negotiations with

Labor and the Coalition tomorrow. While there hasn't been a minority government federally since 1940 it's not uncommon for the States to have to haggle with Independents.

Australia all have minority The ACT, Tasmania and Western

governments. Western Australian

Premier Colin Barnett spoke to political editor Chris Uhlmann. into power in a similar way to He

what we're seeing nationally.

The Liberal and National

governments or parties in WA

were not in a formal coalition and together we didn't quite

have enough numbers to form a have enough numbers to form a

government. So we came together

in an alliance between Liberals

and Nationals and then had the

support also of 2, if you like,

conservative Independents. That

gave us the numbers to form gave us the numbers to form a

minority government. Since then we've also had to - two former Labor members fledge support to the government. What did you

have to give up in order to get

that alliance? There was a lot

of negotiation. Broadly the

National Party had campaigned

in Western Australia on a policy called royalties for

regions whereby 25% of mining royalties would be royalties would be allocated

for new additional projects in

country and regional Western

Australia. Now, the Liberal and

National Party agreed on that

so the Nationals brought that policy into

interestingly enough, Chris, we

have delivered both have delivered both National

policies and Liberal policies

through that royalties program.

For example, the Liberal Party

campaigned on redoing and reestablishing the Ord River

project. That was delivered

through the royalties for

regions project as were country hospital programs, projects in Albany and Kalgoorlie. Albany and Kalgoorlie. We've worked cooperatively and they've brought that broad

program to government and it's worked well worked well and we've governed

well although we are strictly a minority shouldn't people see that

royalties for regions as some kind of pork barrelling? Because

barrelling? Because it hasn't

been. While that was a National

Party campaign policy the Liberal Party has Liberal Party has accepted it as a good policy and indeed it has wide public support in WA,

both from country people and city people because everyone is very conscious of the wealth of

WA comes from the regional and WA comes from the regional and

remote areas of the State and there is a great need for improved health, education,

road projects, road projects, improving community facilities, been money that has been well

spent and it's popular

throughout the State. The Gillard Government might Gillard Government might argue

that the mining tax will return

royalties to regions? Well not

a good deal for Julia Gillard's mining tax

would take $7 billion the Western Australian economy, the Western Australian economy,

65% of all the tax raised and

only return up to $2 billion.

And look, it's very damaging

that tax for the mining

industry and for the confidence

of the industry both within

Australia and internationally

through investment. If the

Government ends equal on 73 seats with the Opposition then

why shouldn't it try and form a government just as government just as the

Opposition is trying to form

one? Well, obviously the two major parties major parties would want to

form government. As I see the

national scene in terms of the

key Independents in terms of

Tony Windsor, Rob and also Bob Katter

Katter in northern Queensland,

that their electorates are very

much voted against Labor. So I

would think that would be a powerful influence on them to be closer to a Liberal National

government. And of course I think also it's worth think also it's worth pointing

out that it's not so much out that it's not so much about

policies at this point. We

reached a broad agreement with

the National Party on doing

more in country areas. That was

supported by the Independents. When we've got into government

and we've been in government

for nearly two years now, we've

had some differences of opinion

but not of any great

consequence and indeed the

Independents and the National Party have right to differ on some public issues, as they did on trading

hours and there's some slight

differences in legislation but we've

we've been able to work through

that and if anything, it's made

it a better government because it's meant that it's meant that policy decisions and legislation have been more carefully thought

through with differing points

of view taken into account. The

point I'd stress is a minority government is not the preference of anyone but it can

work and it can provide good

government and stable

government. What are the

fundamental guarantees, do you think

think that, have to be in place

government requires from minor

parties or Independents is

really only two things. First, the minor parties or

Independents would support the Government on Government on supply. In other words, they would vote for words, they would vote for the Budget. The second issue is

that they would also support

the Government on a vote of no confidence. They are the two

essential things that essential things that are

required for stability of government. Differences on legislation or some policy

aspects, I mean there's nothing unusual. You get differences within parties themselves so

certainly has not held up government and decision making in Western Australia. But

surely as I said before, surely as I said before, both parties are now in parties are now in the same

position and whoever

that guarantee from Independents should be allowed

to go ahead? Well, whichever

party can get to the magic

number should be in a position

to form government. I obviously

hope that Tony Abbott can do

that. As I saw the election

there was a widespread rejection of the performance

and the policies of Labor but

it is a very tight situation and as the final votes are counted hopefully we'll have counted hopefully we'll have a clearer outcome. But I think if

people are suggesting you have

a more stable government if

you've just got one party, I

don't believe that is the case

and indeed if you look at the

Labor Party there are already

signs of a signs of a lot of internal

bickering taking place. That

could be a more volatile, more

difficult situation than a minority government that reaches an alliance or broad

agreement with minor parties or

agreement with minor parties or Independents. But you're a

Liberal, of course , some would say you would say that, wouldn't

wouldn't you? I think it's also

borne out by the reality. We

were able to form government between a Liberal party who did

not have as many seats as Labor

in Western Australia, the

National Party, two f you like, Liberal inclined Independents

and now two former and now two former Labor members. So it's a somewhat of an unusual collection but it has been has been very, very effective and I have found that it has

worked as effectively as a previous normal Coalition government I was a member

of. Finally, are you at of. Finally, are you at all

concerned that we might be

heading into a period of

instability in the Federal Australian would be concerned

about that, that's why I hope

if we can reach a conclusion

over the next few days. You never know what's around never know what's around the corner, what sort of situation might

would want a government to be

able to make decisions and govern effectively. So maybe

the final vote counts the final vote counts will

determine that but I think it's probably more likely that there will be a different complex of

government in the terms government in the terms of major parties and major parties and Independents working together. Obviously

from my point of view I would hope that Tony that together and be prime

minister. WA's Premier Colin Barnett speaking there with our political editor Chris Uhlmann. Well Uhlmann. Well Australia's current practice of current practice of processing asylum seekers offshore is being put to the test at the

High Court in Canberra. Two

asylum seekers are claiming

that their cases that their cases lacked procedural fairness because the

Immigration Minister didn't personally consider claims. Elizabeth Byrne claims. Elizabeth Byrne reports. 2 reports. 2 Tamil asylum seekers are challenging Australia's offshore processing scheme. The

current practice is for an

immigration officer to make the

initial assessment at Christmas

Island with a review

independent contractors. The plaintiffs believe their rejected claims should be put before the Immigration Minister

for a personal assessment but

that doesn't happen under the current scheme. The

Commonwealth argues the offshore scheme offshore scheme is a

non-statutory exercise of the

executive power of the

Commonwealth but lawyers for

one of the Tamil men have told the court the Commonwealth prepared to link the process

and the immigration law when it

suits it. The case is

suits it. The case is expected

to run over 2 days. Well China

is stepping up its military

presence in East Timor by

funding the construction of a new military headquarters.

Beijing's $9 million investment

will house East Timor's

fledgling army. Analysts say

China is trying to assert its influence in the region but

East Timor says there are no

strings attach ed. strings attach ed. The latest chapter in China, East Timor relations. The Chinese

Government will build a proper military headquarters for the

young nation's new army at the

cost of $9 million. Analysts say China's laying the

foundations for greater

influence in the region. Chblts

it's very typical of China's aid,

aid, both in East Timor as well as in the as in the Pacific generally, It's a large infrastructure project, it's a flashy infrastructure

project. Now it's assisting the military. Recently East Timor

signed another deal buying two

Chinese patrol boats for its

navy. The aim is to foster

better relationships and certainly what

seeking in the long run is increased access to East

Timor's oil and gas reserves. I

think we need to put this in

context that it's not - China's not setting up a military base in East Timor or undertaking a in East Timor or undertaking a

huge amount of training but it

is a modest amount. Australia's

still the largest donor to East

Timor and military ties

strong. But today Xanana Gusmao

made it clear Timor might

request more military training

from China and is well within

its rights to do so. I think

that's a message to Australia

that it's East Timor's right to

pursue this type of cooperation with other governments

including China. East Timor's

Government's grateful for the help and

help and says it's working with many

many countries to develop the

nation. Thailand has diplomatic relations with Cambodia. Bangkok's about face follows the decision of Thailand's former prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra to

resign from his position as economic adviser to the

Cambodian Government. His

appointment had caused considerable disquiet considerable disquiet in

Thailand and added to the

existing tensions over the

ongoing border dispute with

Phnom Penh. The leader of one of Pakistan's anti-Taliban militia is among 35 people

killed in a flare up of

violence near the border. No-one has border. No-one has claimed responsibility for the 3

attacks which targeted a

mosque, a school and a market

on the outskirts of Peshawar.

Pakistan's defence force arms

several militias who join in

the fight to defeat the Taliban. Having local knowledge and the support of their villagers these militias from achieved success in recent months. But militants are now

increasing their efforts to hit back. information 3 men were killed

while 3 children were injured and

and the gunman of Peace Lashkar

is also wounded. A leader of an anti- Taliban militia was on

his way to a market on the outskirts

outskirts of Peshawar with two

of his aides, all 3 were killed

when a remote controlled bomb

was detonated.

TRANSLATION: The bomb was

ficked in a hand cart. It was a locally made bomb but the bomb disposal squad disposal squad can't say about

the actual status of it. Early

in the in the day an explosion at a remote primary school targeted local villages. Two tribes had discussed discussed ownership of the school when the blast occurred. Since the flood struck the

Taliban says it has not staged

any major attacks but just what

it considers to be major is yet to be clarified. The to be clarified. The American

officer in charge of NATO

forces in Afghanistan has

warned that taking the fight to the Taliban will lead to more casualties. General David has lost momentum in parts of

the country but the coalition

forces were now facing the task of confronting them in their strongholds. He spoke to the BBC's John Simpson. David BBC's John Simpson. David Petraeus isn't just another

American General, he's an A

list celebrity. The man who

engineered, if not a victory in

Iraq, at least a remarkable

turn around there. Now he's got

a new war to salvage and he

lives. If you not only have to warns it's going to cost more

reverse the momentum of course

you have to take away the sanctuaries and safe havens

that the Taliban have been able

to establish over the course of

those years that

the momentum and that's the momentum and that's going to entail tough fighting. But

June and July were the worst

months of being in this war months of being in this war for

the dets of the soldiers under

your command. Indeed, when you

take away areas that mean a

great deal to the enemy the

enemy fights back. As I said,

it gets harder before it gets easier. But out in the streets

here just about everyone the Taliban are winning this here just about everyone thinks

war. You might find the same thing in Britain and the United

States and it's partly because

President Obama has said that

American troops will start to

pull out next July. That's a

date when a process begins,

nothing more, nothing less.

It's not the date when the

American forces begin an exodus and look for the exit and the

light to turn off on the way out of the

it's right, if you don't next year if you don't think

it's right, if you don't think

it's possible, you will say we can't withdraw now and the

President will accept

that? Come July 2011 I will offer the President my best

professional military advice. You're not worried that like General McChrystal you

might also be sacked here? I think when you go into a think when you go into a job

like this, John, you think like this, John, you think that

it's your last job. That's what

I did determined to do the very best

you can in this particular

position, again to provide your most forth right

and advice and you leave all

the rest of that to the bitter the rest of that to others. But

the bitter reality is that more

fighting will mean more

soldiers killed. He became

visibly moved when I asked if

he could face their families and say their sacrifice was

real worth it? If I could just a

when I was a division commander

in Iraq. We had a terrible in Iraq. We had

collision of two helicopters

and we lost 17 of our great and we lost 17 of our great troopers in a single single night and my head single night and my head was

literally down as I came out of

the command post and a young

trooper put his arm around and he said, "You know, sir, trooper put his arm around me

that's 17 more reasons to that's 17 more reasons to get

this right." And he was absolutely right. Turning this war around will be hard. General Petreaus is using General Petreaus is using the techniques that worked in techniques that worked in Iraq.

His biggest challenge will working here. John Simpson persuading people they're

there and let's return to a

story we were talking about

Andrew Geoghegan at the top of with Africa correspond ent with Africa correspond

the program and that's this attack in Somalia and this is a

report just in from Reuters and it's quoting it's

it's quoting Somalia's information ministry as saying

that at least 31 people have

been killed including 6 members

of parliament when gunmen

stormed a hotel in Mogadishu, that at least 2 insurgents the capital of Somalia. It says

burst in firing indiskrillCrim - indiscriminately and they

then blew themselves up. That

figure now being quoted as the

death toll is 31 in Mogadishu

in Somalia. OK, let's in Somalia. OK, let's take a

look at what is making

headlines on news websites across the world. According the 'Jerusalem Post' across the world. According to

Israeli Deputy Foreign Minister the 'Jerusalem Post' the

answering calls and taking has gone on Iranian

ques. He told listeners he has

Iran no problem with the people of

Iran just the Islamic rp's regime. The London regime. The London 'Guardian' has more on the trapped Chilean miners. It says they've has more on the trapped Chilean

survived for 19 days on cans of

tuna, milk and biscuits stored

in the shelter. And in the 'Los Angeles Times' rr Angeles Times' rr there's a

story about egg safety in the US. Questions have been raised

about the effectiveness of food

watchdogs in the wake of a salmonella outbreak.

A new $22 billion fund has

affected by opened to compensate those

the Gulf of Mexico. It's being

funded by oil company BP and

administered independently. The

scheme is already scheme is already being criticised by potential claimants who are concerned

they will get less money they will get less money than

they want. Taking a check of

the markets now. First let's go the markets now. First let's go over to Europe:

Space exploration has Space exploration has been

given a boost thanks to some stone chipped from Coast in England. Scientists

have found the bacteria inside

the rocks can survive without

oxygen. The organisms have oxygen. The organisms have the

potential to produce oxygen and

other essential resources

crucial for missions to the

moon and Mars. The picturesque

fishing village of Beer in

Devon. The research involves

sending rock samples and the

microorganisms that are in into space. When they put it

into space they could then find

out which of this huge range

was most likely to

survive. This cliff face is one

of the least hospitalable

places on Earth. It's either

battered being dried out by the sun or

battered by salt water. idea is anything battered by salt water. The idea is anything that can

survive in these rocks can

survive in outer space. So in

2008 the space shuttle took

with it rock from the cliffs Station. The microorganisms

inside them were exposed to the

cold vacuum of space and the radiation of cosmic rays.

Surely nothing could survive these conditions. But something

did. Here it is, the first microorganism that's been found

to survive in space. And by

understanding why it's so resilient scientists believe

they can use it to

other worlds. These sorts fot photo synthetic organisms produce oxygen. It sounds like science fiction but the cliffs

of Beer really do contain survive in outer space. To within them organisms that can within

sport now with Claire Aird and

Clare, some bad news for

Collingwood. It's kind of the

wrong end of season getting

will serve a 1-match ban from towards the final. Lee Brown

the AFL ruling him out of this

week's clash with Hawthorn. He

charge lotion his appeal against a

Graham Johncock at tonight's charge of striking Adelaide's

tribunal. In tribunal. In other AFL news Carlton coach Brett the Dockers have take an big Carlton coach Brett Ratten says

risk by not

risk by not playing many of

their best players last weekend

against Hawthorn. Fremantle hosts hosts the Blues on

night. The Dockers say they're

likely to make 8 to 12 changes

for the match which decides

whether they have a home final.

Fremantle's tactic of saving its stars for Carlton has attracted plenty of attention

and the Blues coach is the latest latest to have his say. Ballantyne, Mayne, these

players that have been talked about, they've missed a fair bit of footy, it's a

bit of footy, it's a big risk

but form is something you just

can't turn on. You can't say

here we go, big game, big

moment, I'm going the deliver

and play a great game. Ratten

says the Dockers decision to

rest 806 their best players

last week could come back to

bite them. The result on Friday

will say what sort of tackic it

was, a good one or not so I don't know how you take it,

is it smart management? It is disrespecting

club, I'm not sure. Reigning

premier Geelong said it won't be in Saturday's match against bottom placed Eagles. No, no,

no, we will probably play a

very strong squad this week, as strong as we can possibly

field. I think when we field. I think when we were

playing or heading into finals campaigns the players certainly

wanted to play leading into

that instead of having the week off. What they decide we'll see what be without James Podsiadly be without James Podsiadly and Josh Hunt who have accepted suspensions. Wallabies' suspensions. Wallabies' coach

Robbie Deans is hoping Quade

Cooper can put off field

distracks aside in the lead up

to the

Africa in Pretoria. Cooper has

reportedly been offered a

lucrative deal to switch codes

and join the Parramatta Eels

next season. Dean says the

issue could potentially have a destructive influence on the

whole squad. If any of the

peripheral stuff is in the

forefront of his mind then it

will bite him and subsequent to

that it will bite the team. So hopefully that's not the

case. To tennis now and

Australian Samantha Stosur is

expected to be seeded 5th for

the US Open when the women seeds are announced tomorrow.

Australia's Lleyton Hewitt has secured the 32nd and final seed for the tournament which starts on Monday. is the top men's seed ahead is the top men's seed ahead of

Roger Federer. And the FIFA World Cup inspection team is World Cup inspection team is in

England at the moment assessing

the country's bid for the

or 2022 tournament. They will

look at all the stadiums and so

forth that England may use in

the case it is lucky and get that bid. But I expect there could be a bit of politics

involved as well. And they

can't have 2022, we've got can't have 2022, we've got that one. Let's hope. So that one. Let's hope. So that leaves

them 2018. Thanks Clare. There

aren't many best of lists pivot ol political speeches sit

comfortably alongside a rocking pub anthem. The National Film

and Sound Archive has just added 10 historic recordings to

its register of iconic Australian sounds. There Australian sounds. There are

prime ministers aplenty and one musical institution. Long

before the apology there was

the admission. The failure to bring much more than

devastation and demoralisation to Aboriginal Australia continues to be our failure. One critic called it

rhetorical over reach but it

reached out too. It conveys the feeling, the fantastic feeling

with the people, the crowd who

was there and it was history in the making. The

famous sounds added to the list this year span Australia's darkest hours. Fellow

Australians, it is my

melancholy duty to inform you officially that in consequence

of a persistence by Germany and her invasion of Poland, Great Britain has declared war upon her and that as a result

Australia is also at war. And its briegtedest try brightest its briegtedest try -

brightest triumph s. Gold to Australia! There's the Australia! There's the Sydney Symphony Ork tra's performance

in its glittering new home.

And tunes to trigger a few memories.

SONG: # Well we do it so well

when we do the eagle rock # It doesn't it, of when you first heard that song, what you heard that song, what you were

doing, what the world was like

when the sound was new.

SONG: # From little things big things grow # The sounds things grow # The sounds are

proof history is not just

written but sung and spoken


I know the Eagle Rock is good

but is it iconic? To keep up to

date on all the stories we're following just go to our website. The address is That is The

World for this Tuesday evening.

I'll be back in a few moments

with the latest news but for now, I'm Scott Bevan, thanks for your company. Closed Captions by CSI

Playing nice - Tony Abbott

pledges a different style of

Parliament as the Independents

come together in Canberra.

China asserts its influence

in the region funding a home

for East Timor's

army. And, from a shout to army. And, from a shout to a scream, how alcohol abuse scream, how alcohol abuse is harming the nation harming the nation physically and financially. Live across Australia this Live across Australia this is

ABC News 24, good evening I'm

Scott Bevan. Federal MPs have met for the first time

tonight to work out how the

next government will be formed.

They're pushing for a re-write

of parliamentary rules and they've found