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(generated from captions) Tonight - river rage -

rescue plan. This Program is anger over the Murray Basin

Captioned Live.. Thousands queue in Cairo as voting gets

under way in the first under way in the country's elections. Flood first parliamentary elections. Flood alert - properties expected to remain

New South Wales. And kudos for isolated for days in northern

Kylie, honoured at the awards. Amazement Kylie, honoured at the ARIA

started and I'm still here, pride. gratitude, humility, wonder and

pride. Live across Australia, you're watching ABC News Hello. I'm Juanita you're watching ABC News 24.

Hello. I'm Juanita Phillips.

passions it has ignited The plan is watered down, the

passions it has ignited are

anything but. A new strategy rescue the Murray-Darling anything but. A new strategy to

system has hit serious

again debate turbulence on Day one. Once

much water needs to be set

aside to restore the river's

nothing to health. The report has done

environmentalists. Here is nothing to satisfy farmers or

chief political correspondent

Mark Simkin. It's hardly a drop

in the ocean. Of the Government

wants to reduce the amount of

water being used by the Basin's

farmers and communities by

thousands of gigalitres a year.

2,750 gigalitres to be precise,

enough to fill five and a half generations now we have allowed

the Murray-Darling Basin to be

governed as though rivers would

respect State boundaries. That

ends today. What starts today

is a 7-year process. At some

stage that tug of war, upstream

versus downstream, just has to end. It is very unproductive. This is the

Murray-Darling Authority's

second report on the issue. H 2

O, 2.0. The first smoke. This is what can you do literally went up in

with your plan. The new approach is less environmentally ambitious I

just want to sound a warning on

day one, beware of day one, beware of extreme side of this debate. There is exaggerated claims on either

little chance of that. If primacy to the environment little chance of that. If gives

where people and communities have come a poor second. The

plan, as released today, is an extreme disappointment. It

doesn't tick the environmental

boxes. We have every group out

here today and the one thing I

is none of them are happy and think they all

they're not happy because they're equally unhappy.

They're not happy because there is no detail. The detail does

contain an estimate the cut

will cut more than half a

billion dollars from the ago cull trural production.

Rice growers on Rice growers on the

cut, while the New South Wales Murrimbidgee could see a 20%

Murray is expected to be even harder hit. The Victoria beyond Murray and harder hit. The lower Balonne,

South Australian Murray is

tribed as vulnerable The once

the plan is digested, the localing communities will be is really Ange grow. The

Government is confident it can

find the majority it needs on

the floor of the Parliament.

The place that often feels it

gets a raw deal out of the Murray-Darling is the that's right at the end of it -

different South Australia. It was no South Australia. It was

Environmentalists, fishermen, different today.

even an irrigator gathered at

the Murray Mouth, united in

their condemnation of the

Reporter Conor Duffy reports

from Hindmarsh Island. There is

mo mistaking the message. Environment groups, Environment groups, fishermen, farmers and locals gathered at

the bottom of the basin to send

a message to Canberra. We have a plan that basically rejects

the science, we have a plan that delays actually doing

anything for 5-10

is plenty of water here now and

the birds and fish are the birds and fish are back,

plan will see the mouth dry up but environmentalists say the

again If you can't the mouth of your river system again If you can't even keep

open, you don't have a functioning river system at all that. Is madness. Fisherman

Henry Jones know this country

better than anyone All my life I've been a fisherman. I'm

actually fourth generation and my grandson works with me now. That's six generations. He

fears the plan will reduce his catch. 2,800 gigalitres,

getting through to us, not

enough to take out 2 million

tonnes of salt. Leasely Fischer

wants more water downstream and want it is

now. Lake Albert and the

Coorong are regarded as the

canary in the mine shaft and if

they die, then they die, then that's goodbye

to the rest of the river

because that's an important

part of the system and the river is going to be trouble. So much of the river is going to be in

environmental pain the environmental pain caused by

basin system that includes 23

rivers flowing across four states and the Australian Capital Territory has been felt

and the voices of the fishermen here at the end of the Murray,

and the farmers that live and the farmers that live here will be amongst the loudest

calling for greater cuts before

the plan passes into law. While some communities already fear the worst, there is relief the worst, there is relief in

the ACT which has avoided any

cuts. Under the facing a cut of up to 30% of

its water allocation, but

change to today's draft recommends no today's draft recommends

change to its

entitlements. This is about

recognising that the ACT is a

very efficient user of very efficient user of water. We have the lowest per capita water use in the Basin.

water use in the Basin. We

return the overwhelming

majority of our water in

environmental flows and we have no overallocation. Mr Corbell

says while the draft provides

water security for the near

term, the ACT will need He has discussed with the

Commonwealth the possibility of

buying water as the city

expands. It's been a long time

coming and finally the people of Egypt have elections in the country's the first free and fair

history. Widespread violence in recent weeks has put pressure

on the armed forces to relinquish their hold on relinquish their hold on power

immediately. As for Egypt's

military ruler, he says the

country is at a crossroads between order and chaos. Michael Vincent reports from

Cairo. The polling booths have

been put in place, but just how many Egyptians will many Egyptians will vote? TRANSLATION: I would like to

address the great Egyptian

people and beg them to go and vote. We want the be balanced and we want all

groups to be represented. It is a drawnout process so the

military can protect

scrutineers and scrutineers and polling

stations. Over 4 months and 27

districts, there will be a

ballot for a Lower House ballot for a Lower House and then an Upper House of

Parliament. By mid next year, they they will vote again for a

President, if the army President, if the army keeps its word. They've they came and swore that they

will protect Egypt and will protect Egypt and the

revolution, and every single

day they've proved that they're only selfish and that they're

only trying to maintain or safeguard their political gains

since the revolution. There are

41 parties to choose from, covering the traditional left

and right, as well as religious

and secular. The largest political organisation, the Muslim Brotherhood is expected

to win up to 40% of the seats

in the new Parliament. But it's

not clear exactly what they want.

TRANSLATION: We don't want a secular state, no. We want an

Islamic country in part, a

civil society with an Islamic reference. Egyptians are reference. Egyptians are going

to the polls after a week of

violence across the country.

There is confusion and There is confusion and concern still, but the nation's still, but the nation's future political stability. Overnight

a gas pipeline to Jordan and

Israel will bombed T Israel will bombed T will cause

yet more damage to Egypt's

already hard-hit economy.. It

will get a lot wore for the

poor of Egypt before it starts

Egyptians are getting a Egyptians are getting a vote

they hope will count. Earlier I spoke to ABC correspondent

Michael Vincent who is at Tahrir Square in Cairo A exciting day here in Cairo and

across Egypt as they vote in their first free and fair

elections in 60 years. There is

a very, very real threat

a very, very real threat of violence and intimidation,

that's why there is a security

heavy presence out on the streets. Also concerns about

vote-rigging. The head of

Egypt's largest mosque has

said, "If you sell your vote it

as a sin." If he also "If you don't vote, it's a

sin." So many Egyptian also be

heading out to the polls. Just

how many of 591 million

enrolled voters that will turn

out is not clear. Not just about one day, a long process that will take several months.

What does that mean for

stability in Egypt? Well, it is an

an incredibly complicated,

long, drawnout process. Some

candidates will know their

results in a few days. Other candidates will have to wait

wooks and months before finding

out whether they have got a new seat in the Parliament. It's

been carried out like this

security for each of those polling booths. Two weeks, two

weeks, two weeks, two weeks,

drawn out until March year. Egypt has a road ahead testify and the

military will have to walk military will have to walk a very fine balance between ensuring security and as well as maintaining ideals of the revolution which the people

behind knee in Tahrir Square

will still hold them to. Elsewhere in the to. Elsewhere in the region,

the Arab League is to the Arab League is to impose sanctions on Syria because of its violent crackdown on anti-government protesters response, thousands of

pro-regime supporters in Syria

staged rally as cross country. The Syrian Government

has described the sanctions as

an act of betrayal. The Arab League imposed a travel ban League imposed a travel ban on

Syrian officials and an Syrian officials and an embargo on deals with its Central Bank. Turkey

Turkey is Syria's largest

trading partner. It's

supporting the Arab League's move to isolate the country. We

want to have a peaceful,

prosperous Syria next to

the latest attacks against

civilians in Syria, against our

brothers and sisters, even

during Ramadan, during

holidays, these attacks have been continuing for the last nine months. The United Nations

says moor than 3,500 people

have been killed in the Syrian regime's regime's crackdown. Emergency volunteers have begun dropping supplies to thousands of people

stranded by floods in north

western New South Wales. Rising floodwaters forced floodwaters forced the evacuation of at residents in and around Moree.

The swollen mooe hi - Mehi River peaked River peaked last night at just over 10m, but is now receding. The floodwaters can

remain in the area for up to

remain in the area for up to

8-10 days. In Gunnedah, the SES

had to rescue three men trapped

when they tried to drive across a flooded road. More rain is

forecast for later in the week

but the SES is confident the worst of the passed. A Sydney student has

been found guilty of murdering been found guilty of murdering his mother's lover to restore his family's honour. Malaysian consulate driver Mohd Shah

Saemin was fatal ly bashed and

stabbed near his stabbed near his Leichhardt home last year. The trial was told Andrew Iskandar told Andrew Iskandar was charged with killing the man.

Nita Iskander is being charged as an accessory to murder. A Melbourne woman sentenced to 12 years' jail for

plotting with her lover to kill

her husband. Chris Soteriou was

stabbed six times and had his

throat slashed as he walked from a birthday celebration in

Fitzroy last year. Unbow knowns

to him the attacker was his

wife' lover and she planned the

tack. The judge said Vic ki

Soteriou was a manipulative

woman who was prepared woman who was prepared to

deprive her children of their

father to continue

She will spend a minute number

of 9 year s for attempted murder I'm pleased it's all

over and I've got an opportunity to move

judge told Vic ki Soteriou her

actions constituted heinous

conduct of the highest

order. Qantas is trying to hose down speculation that it as

about to shelve plans for a new airline in Asia. The carrier recently said it needed to set

up an Asian-based airline to

secure hits fie tour in a competitive environment. evident today when the airline

warned of big cuts in

profit. Qantas had been talking

up a new premium airline that

would allow it to tap into the booming Asian market We to act now because our

competitors are circling these opportunities. Industry experts

say it is a worthy strategy. The cornerstone thing

for Qantas is that they really

do need to be in Asia to

capture that growth. But there

are reports that the economic

turmoil spreading from Europe has shaken management's

confidence in the project.

will instead focus on the lower

risk option of an alliance with

Malaysian Airlines No final

plan has been set and when we

have market on, we have something to inform the market on, we will. The plans

for a new airline in Asia

sparked a fierce backlash from unions. They've argued it will

result in Qantas moving much of its operations overseas at its operations overseas at the expense of local jobs of the

airline says whatever the

outcome of its Asian strategy,

job security will not be

jeopardised. Meantime, Qantas

has revealed and the grounding of its fleet

cost the airline almost $200

million. Qantas has issued a 66% downgrade in half-year

profits. The impact of the union activities up until the

grounding was obviously very significant. The lingering

impact of people not buying on Qantas will take some time to

go away, but again it's going

to have tens f not hundreds to have tens f not hundreds of

millions of dollars of

impact. The airline says it has

also taken a $450 million hit by rising fuel prices but it

expecting worse. The company's

shares end-the-day more than 3% higher. The Catholic Church in

Adelaide says allegations of sex abuse against priest raised in the Senate by

Nick Xenophon have been found

to have no substance. But the

Church won't release a QC's

report into the case, saying it

contains sensitive material and

Senator Xenophon has accused

the Church of bias. Adelaide

priest monsignor Ian Dempsey

was named as an alleged rapist in September. He says he is

relieved a QC's report has cleared him It has been a long few months since those

accusations through the Senate and it has

been a very trying and difficult time. Theing of Ian Dempsey by Senator Xenophon

claimed after John Hepworth had

been abused as a young man by

three Catholics, two of whom

have died. The Senate justified

the naming of Ian Dempsey the naming of Ian Dempsey as

the third abuser, saying the

investigate John Hepworth's story. The Catholic Church appointed senior QC Michael

Abbott to conduct an inquiry.

Mr Abbott interviewed 29 people

and examined many documents. Mr

Abbott found: Mr Abbott also

cleared the Church of undue

delay, but Senator Xenophon

says John Hepworth took no part

in the inquiry because he did

not agree with the choice of Michael doesn't include speaking to the

person who has made the allegations can't have any

credibility. Arch Bishop

Hepworth was not available to comment comment on camera but is

understood to be understood to be seeking legal

advice on his options. Many of the

the country's top journalists

converged on Brisbane last

night for the annual Walkley

Awards. The ABC picked up nine gongs for reporting excellence. WikiLeaks was also WikiLeaks was also recognised

for the most outstanding

contribution to journalism and

founder Julian Assange opportunity to take a swipe at

the Federal Government. It's

journalism's night of nights, a

chance to celebrate the best in

storytelling. Hundreds of the

country's journalists packed Brisbane's Convention Centre to

honour the best in the profession. The 'Four Corners'

into the live cattle exports to Indonesia won the television current affairs program and the coveted gold Walkley. This was 'Four Corners''s 50th year, so this

is very special for us. This award doesn't story, this award goes to every

one of the extraordinary one of the extraordinary people

working at 'Four Corners'. Mark

Willacy's coverage of Willacy's coverage of the aftermath of the Japanese

tsunami won him the best radio news

news and current affairs category. Tony Jones was honoured for his broadcast

interviewing. The ABC topped

award as cross the including online journalism, TV

current affairs, radio

documentary and sport. The work of the late Paul Lockyer was

also honoured by his peers,

winning at ward for journalic

leadership Not only was but also loved by his but also loved by his workmates

and the characters that his

many great story resolve around. WikiLeaks was around. WikiLeaks was one of

the more talked about awards,

taking honours for the most outstanding contribution to journalism. The journalism. The website's founder criticised his treatment by the Federal Government. Julia Gillard is a cowardly Australian Prime

Minister The best TV report went

went to Chan Nell went to Chan Nell Seven's

coverage of the day

Queensland's Lockyer Valley

flooded, Ten News' story of

Defence Force a-academy won

also. The ABC took home nine

Walkleys. Six people are feared Six people are feared dead

after a cargo ship sank in after a cargo ship sank in the

Irish Sea. Prince William was

the co-pilot of one of the co-pilot of one of the rescue helicopters which managed to pluck two people from the water. Rescue crews

had to battle one of the year's worst storms to winch the men

to safety. Eight Russian

crewmen were spotted from the air One of actually been here in the

building, told us that, what he described as an enormous wave that rolled the ship, she that rolled the ship, she broke her back and obviously with such a catastrophic failure she

sank very quickly. So far only

the body of one crewman has

been recovered. Last year the

same cargo ship almost same cargo ship almost ran aground off the Cornish

coast. At least four people

have been killed and more than

20 others missing after a bridge collapsed on the

Indonesian island of Borneo. The collapse sent buses, cars and motorcycles plummeting into

the river below. Workers were

apparently tightening a steel

support capable on the 720m

long bridge when it Witnesses say it took less than

a minute for the bridge span to fall into the river. Police fall into the river. Police are

investigating if there were any

irregularities in the tender

process or subsequent maintenance of the structure

which is 10 years old. A Second

World War mystery has World War mystery has been

solved with the remains of an

RAAF Spitfire pilot identified.

A film crew War II documentary in northern

France found the pilot and France found the pilot and his

aircraft buried underground at Hardifort. 24-year-old Sergeant William James Smith was originally from Whittlesea in

Victoria. He was lost in operations in May 1942 I'm

thankful for the service and sacrifice sacrifice of Sergeant Smith. His identification His identification means that

he will receive a burial with

dignity and respect that he so richly deserves. Sergeant will be re-interned at the

nearest Commonwealth war graves certainly tri-in France some

time early next year. Well, 25

years in one career is a milestone these years in one career is a rare

if you're in the pop music business. Kylie Minogue has

been inducted into the ARIA

Hall of Fame for her

achievements, which include No. 1 albums in each of the past four decades. The Prime Minister Julia Gillard said

Kylie Minogue is the face of

Australia for hundreds of

millions of millions of people. Amazement, that it started and I'm still that it started

here, gratitude, humility,

wonder and pride. Also honoured

for 20 years of entertaining children around the world were the Wiggles. Sydney band Boy

and Bear scored five gongs,

including best album and best

group and Goyte took out the

best release and best male best Single of the Year and

artist. He performed with collaborator Kimbra. Time for

sport with Amanda Shalala and sport with Amanda

Australia is gearing up for the summer of to look forward to. Michael

Clarke has dropped his biggest hint yet that Queensland quick

Ben Cutting will make his Test debut against New Zealand at

the Gabba this Thursday. the Gabba this

Kutuzov is one of three

Australian squad. Two of them uncapped fast bowlers in the

are expected to take on the Black Caps. Four Test Black Caps. Four Test debutants but only three will play on a

green-top wicket at the Gabba.

Skipper Michael Clarke isn't

seen the wicket at the giving much away I haven't even

Gabba. But when asked about the chances of Cutting making his debut,

Clarke was a little more forthcoming He has been the

standout bowler, leading standout bowler, leading wicket taker and done everything he can to get this opportunity. Kutuzov

bowl today. Instead he worked

on his batting. Does it get to

you not knowing that you're in

the XI right up until

start? Certainlinda it makes

you work harder again in the

days leading up to put that

final foot forward, the final

Kay of yours. This time last

year, Ricky Ponting was still

considered our No. 1 batsman. Now there are calling for his head I know I

have to be a consistent have to be a consistent run

scorer. If I want to keep

myself in the team and win

games for Australia, I have to

score more than I have. Ponting

who will be 37 next month say senior players like Sachin Tendulkar Tendulkar and Jacques Kallis

issue when it comes to playing have proved that age isn't an

Test cricket. have

maintained its flawless

Sheffield Shield season with a Australia at the Adelaide Ovals. New South Wales had

Ovals. New South Wales had to

battle hard on the final day to secure outright boins Western Australia at secure outright boins against

Western Australia at the SCG.

The Blues were left to score 75

runs from 14 overs for victory

as they reached the targets

with just 4 balls to spare. New

Zealand Warriors five-eighth James Maloney will join the

Sydney Roosters in the 2013 NRL

season. Maloney announced on

Saturday that he would return

home to Australia when his contract expires with the

Warriors at the end of next

year. Today the them on a three-year deal.

Maloney enjoyed a breakout

season for the Warriors,

including helping them to this year's Grand Final. Roger

Federer is back in form and

gunning for more gunning for more tennis Grand

Slam glory. He beat Frenchman

Jo Wilfried Tsonga to win Jo Wilfried Tsonga to win the World Tour finals for a record

6th time and in the process

Federer moved up to No. 3 in

the world rankings. Roger

Federer will go into 2012

without a Grand Slam title to

defend. It's the first time

that's happened since 2002. But

2011 couldn't have ended on a 2011 couldn't have ended on

better note for the Swiss Master. This definitely is an amazing finish to the season. I've never finished so strong. Federer broke Jo

Wilfried Tsonga's serve in the

the first set 6-3. A much 7th game and went on to take


tighter second set went to a

tie break where the Frenchman

recovered from 2-5 down. But in

the third Federer lifted to

repeat the first set scoreline It has been

has been gruelling, but, yeah,

I'm very happy and I and upbeat about what's to come. The 30-year-old has now final a record six times, putting him clear of Pete Sampras and Ivan Sampras and Ivan Lendl. German

world Chan Sebastien Vettel was

in pole position for the 15th

time this season in Brazil, but

his Renault struck problems We

have a gearbox problem. Into

do your best. We'll keep you updated. By

misfortune had opened the door

for his team-mate. Australian

Mark Webber took advantage of

what had been one of his better

starts. He finished

16 seconds clear of 16 seconds clear of Vettel Well

done. You won the Brazilian

Grand Prix again. Well done.

Bad luck and that's how

motorsport goes sometimes. Very

important win for me and the

team again to finish on a high. The 7th win of his career left Webber third in overall standings behind Vettel

and Jenson Button. In rugby

union, the British and Irish

nine matches in Lions will return to sauce for

confirmed the Lions will play nine matches in 2013. The ARU

Tests against the Wallabies in Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney. The Lions haven't toured

Australia since their 2-1

series defeat in 2001. The team comprising players England, Ireland, Scotland and comprising players from

Wales will play tour matches

against Super Rugby teams as

well as three Tests. The chance

the cream of the crop from for a player to play against

those four nations is very

exciting but also for Australian Rugby Union as well to play the Super Rugby sides

a chance to play against the as well to give younger players

top players is a great opportunity. And Manchester

City has extended its lead on top of the English Premier

League after a 1-1 draw with

Liverpool at Anfield Australian

and Asian markets surged higher

today as investors decides it

was time to start looking for bargains. Kohler. Specifically a day for bargains. Here's Alan

bank hunting, mainly because

you can borrow your home loan

at a bit less from at a bit less from 7% and then

get 7.5% from its dividend

shields. But not risk-free, of

course. The value of the house

and the bank could fall a and the bank could fall a lot

if things keep going badly in

Europe. But a few interested Europe. But a few interested in

bank shares today pushing NAB

up by more than 4% and the

others by more than 3%. Qantas shares jumped first-half profit would fall by though the company said

as much the 63%. Woodside continued to suffer from last week's poor production report.

This This chart puts today's bounce

into context and I probably

don't need to say much, I guess, to add to it. Asian

markets also bounced today with

rises of 1.5 to 2% across the

region. A better mood in most

European markets on European markets on Friday

except for Greece, and Wall

Street was trading OK until the

last hour when Standard &

Poor's downgraded Belgium

Poor's downgraded Belgium which took the indexes back into the red. In fact, today was a

risk-on day as they call it,

all over. The Aussie dollar had

a huge rise, 1.5 US cents since this time on Friday and 1.5

euro cents as well. Finally you know how everyone is worried

about sovereign debt? Well,

that's shown by the little bars

at the bottom. The big bars are

what's called the contingent

debt which includes health care

and pension obligations that the the government don't count

among their official debts but

they still have to pay it. Look at that Greece bar. If it wasn't so serious t would be

funny. That's finance. Checking the weather for the capital

cities for tomorrow:

I will be back with an

update in a moment. Then stay

with us for 'Lateline

Business'. You can keep up to

date on all of the sorries

we're following by logging onto

our website - You're watching ABC News 24. Closed Captions by CSI. This Program is Captioned

Live. The top stories on ABC

News - the draft plan for the Murray-Darling Basin appears headed for a political roadblock. The Greens are

threatening to derail the plan

unless major changes are made. They say it is an extreme

disappointment and would become

a waste of money. The a waste of money. The plan

recommends a water use cut of

2,750 gigalitres a year. Egyptians are casting

their votes in the first free elections in the country's history. It's a long process

that will stretch into next year. Demonstrators continue to

protest in Cairo's Tahrir Square, demanding that the military council hand over

power to a civilian government

immediately. The flood

situation in north western New

South Wales has started to

ease. The towns of Wee Waa,

Moree and Gunnedah have been

isolated by floodwaters from