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CC Horses and their owners

strand end lockdown. We've

crossed the border. A Greek

tragedy as the bush fire death

toll rises. And Tigers tamed -

the raibtos' final dream runs

to script. Good evening.

Despite the very best efforts

of quarantine officials the

horse flu has spread from

Sydney to at least six

locations in country New South

Wales and Queensland. The first

new cases were confirmed and a

three-day eventing competition

in Warwick south of Brisbane.

There are also diseased horses

at Moonbi near tam wrt, Parks

in the West, Wyong, Wilberforce

and Cattai near Sydney and

Berry on the south coast. There

are now 50 confirmed cases

around the couventry. The fresh

outbreaks mean there's

virtually no chance of any

horse racing this week and a

real threat to the major spring

carnivals including the

Melbourne Cup. There were hopes

the potentially devastating flu

outbreak may have been

contained in Sydney. That's not

the case. Several horses at

this World Cup qualifier in

Queensland showed the tell tale eventsing in South-East

signs. They were subsequently

swabbed and those swabs were

sent away. Those swabs are

showing signs of the possibility of equine

virus. The events was cancelled. Authorities ordered

no horses or cars leave the

site. It's very frightening.

Basically everyone's doing all

they can to contain T we're

just haus to go along and try

and help. It's thought four of

the six infected Warwick horses

may have picked up the virus at

another event in Maitland last

weekend. There were hundreds of

horses there at the event and

they are now being tracked

down. Then horses that have

competed here at the compet

vision brought it with them

from Sydney. Then it goes to

any one of the horse that is

have competed here may have

come into contact with one of

those horses. There are now

other outbreaks at six spots around New South Wales. The

situation in this State is grim

because of these new test

results. We have another - a

number of other towns where

results are being handled

rights at the moment. Contact

with horses at Sydney's

Centennial Park stables may be

the common link, where up to 20

horses now have the virus. In

the Face of this bleak news

officials are still optimistic

they can very present equine

influenza taking hold in

Australia. Their strategy so s

to isolate individual outbreaks until affected horses

recover. But that strategy is

becoming increasingly difficult

as the number of cases multiplies. The connection with Warwick is Maitland. That's the

key. If we need to get people

who have been to that Maitland

site, Carol's Ranch to let us

know why where they are. The

72-lock down for horses around

the country stand. It's likely

that will be extended. There's

also the possibility that major

race bleat meatings including the Melbourne Cup could be

postponed. The programming

would be a decision for the

racing raut orts - authorities.

It seems likely the start of

the spring carp val campaigns

by our leading horses will be

delayed. It's still not clear

what the original source of

this was. The number of cases

in Sydney has remained steady

at five. With the racing and

transport of horses at a stand

still around the country

thousands of horses and their owners are stranded far from

home. They range from

thoroughbreds worth millions to

local pony clubs and weekend

hacks. Much of the focus so far

has been on the elite racing

industry, but the outbreak has

hit all horse owners nationwide. From South

Australia and from taia,

Victoria - Tasmania, Victoria

and Queensland. It's a fair she

mosle trying to get people

home. At the Shahzada endures

Ride in New South Wales riders

have been camp ing, all for an

vein that was called off. It's

a frustrating end for a

three-day trip from Adelaide

for Ron Malone. Someone hasn't

done their job. There's been

tests done, and horses released

without knowledge of what the

results were. All the horses

here have been given special

permits to move within New

South Wales. Those from

interstate are less certain. We

have to drossist cross the border which is the biggest

dilemma for us. We've got a

young child with us, my daughter's pregnant with her

second. It's a big trip home

let alone having to deal with

understanding of the scale of all this. There's an

the problem. Tony Purton and

Philip Robertson Tasmania face

months of separation from their

horses. It's getting into our

horses, it'll have a serious

effect. Peoplekm being not

being able to travel and so

forth extremely ill

informed. There's also a

philosophical attitude across

the border at Werribee in Victoria. We're allen

convenienced, yes, but you look

at the industry as a whole and

you have to take a bit of

inconvenience and gets over

it. There is a recognition that

the pain won't be over

quickly. There are probably

more horses involved in the

recreation industry than in

racing. There are millions of

them around the country. These

poor animals would really be

suffering quite badly. With the

spring carnival and breeding

season approaching, industry

sources estimate disruptions

will cost more than a billion

dollars. The flu scare has

spread across the Tasman where

quarantine officials are racing

to track down horses have which

have recently arrived from

Australia. The industry in New

Zealand is also suffering. New Zealand's blood stock industry

is taking stock of nearly 100

recent arrivals, to make sure

home with them from they didn't bring horse flu

Australia. I'm going to take

this mare's temperature.

There's no sign of any

problems so far, and the

feeling is if the horses had

been exposed to the virus, it

would've shown up by now. The

incubation period is relatively

short. Maybe one to seven days

maximum. Probably less. We

would expect if this horse had

been in contact with something

that was incubating infection she would get sick really

quickly. It's an anxious time

for those involved in New Zealand's billion dollars

thorough bred industry,

especially stud owners with

highly val oblige horses caught

up in the quarantine lockdown

as the blood stock business

gears up for its busiest time

of the year. You've got the

love Diamond's filly here by

Costa largo... These fillies

are among last year's crop from

champion sire za beel. Strav

inski, seen here, is one of six shuttle stallions now strand

end Sydney after a stint in

Japan. This is huge, it's high

risk and we certainly want to

hopefully know that the

authorities can get to the

bottom of it, eradicate it and

move on. For now, New Zealand

is taking a precautionary

approach which means the

shuttle stallion s stay

grounded and presumably a lot

more work for those who stayed

home. The new test for people

who want toic about Australian

citizens is expected to come

into force by late next month. The immigration minister

has release add draft copy of a

new handbook which outlines all

the information needed to pass

the test. The questions won't

be made public but citizenship

applicants will be expected to

know the date of Australia Day, Australia's population and floral emblem and the first

line of the national

anthem. Kevin Andrews says most

people should get the 12 out of

20 pass mark on their first

attempt. At that stage if they

don't pass they remain a perm

nem resident of Australia. We would encourage them to go

away, have a look at the

resource booklet again, learn a

bit more in the area which they

may not have been as strong in

and come back and sit it again. The Minister says

there's no limit to the number

of times the test can be taken.

People over the age of 60 will

be exempt. Homes and businesses on Queensland's Sunshine Coast

remain under threat from flood waters after torrential rain

caused major rivers to burst

their banks. The mop-up is

still a way off with tonight's

tide expected to keep the water

levels high for days to

come. Thousands of sand bags

and days of preparation were no

match for mother nature. At the

peak of the flood the Noosa

River was 2m above the high

tide water level. About halfway

up the brick work at the front.

Fortunately didn't get into the

house. Tewantin, Noosaville,

Koran an Boreen point have been

the hardest hit. It came up

very quickly with the tide last

night. It's the worst flood to

hit the Sunshine Coast in 15

years, but it didn't exceed the

1992 flood level. Any flood is

traumatic, no matter how bad or

how small it is. Roads remain

impasse able for the third day

in a row. Locals are frustrated

with sight seers who have

ignored barricades. Some people

are just a few inches extra

which is caused by the wake of

a vehicle could be the

difference between something

being damaged or not being

damaged. For some, leaving

their car at home was half the

fun. Bit wet inside, we thought

we'd have a bit of fun in the

water. The Noosa Shire council

is hoping the State Government

will come to the rescue of devastated residents and offer emergency flood

assistance. We'd have to look

at it on a case by case basis.

We'll need to assess the

information before we make a

decision on that. The

Government has already pledged

to repair part of the David Low

Way. Although the worst over

water levels are expected to

remain high for the next

week. The signs with water over

the road, please stay out of

them. Take care when they're

just driving. Gympie residents

are also on high alert tonight.

The Mary River burst its banks

last night cutting a major road

into the town. The system that

caused the wild weather is now

moving out to sea. From flood

to fire, and emergency workers

and volunteers in Greece are

searching the charred landscape

for victims of the bush fire

crisis which has now claimed

more than 50 lives. Parts of

the country'sside are still ablaze, police there believe

many of the 200 fires still

burning have been deliberately

lit. (Dog barks) This is

Greece's black Saturday. This

is the place they're calling

the crem atorium. In and around

this road near the village of

za haro is where most of the

victims died. Some tried to

drive to safety but got trapped

by a circle of fire. In the

panic to escape some of the

cars crashed into each other,

that's how some perished. At

first light relatives and

survivors descends ammed on the

charred convoy and were shaken

to the core by what the prime

minister called an unspeakable

national tragedy. Emergency

services spread out through the

olive groves to search for

casualties. They found only

charred corpses which were

taken away by ambulances for

identification. "What can I

tell you, last night two or

three of us stayed here, we

could see dead people on the road. Some we couldn't

recognise. I don't know where

my wife is." This most deadly

of forest fires swept on surrounding remote mountain

villages. Despite being urged

to abandon their homes many

people opted to stay and fight

the flames although they were

hopelessly ill equipped. The

Prime Minister has declared a

national state of emergency.

Greece's appeal for assistance

to the European Union has been

answered with several nations

offering to send planes to back

up the overstretched and

exhausted water bombing squadrons. Tonight the sky is

black and filled wits acrid

smoke. It looks like the end of

the worlds, and for residents

of a once beautiful corner of

Greece, it was exactly that. A

series of explosions in the

Indian city of hired ra bad - a

bomb was detonated near the entrance of a popular

residents. About a dozen other

bombs were found and defused.

Police say the bombs were

designed to stir up religious

tension. Two people have been

killed in Anna hot air balloon

accident in Canada. 13 people

from in the balloon's gondola

when a fire broke out. Most

jumped to safety. The balloon

rose quickly, broke away from

its tether then fell back to

the ground in flames. Two

bodies were found in the

wreckage. 11 people were taken to hospital suffering from

burns and broken bones. British

police are questioning 7

teenagers over the murder of an

11-year-olds boy in Liverpool

three days ago. They say they

need more information to find

out who pulled the trigger.

They're urging Liverpool

residents not to protect a

killer. Rhys-Jones had dreamed

of one day playing for his

favourite football team

Everton. Nearly three days

after he was shot dead fans and

players paid tribute to him.

It's a his parents' request

they honoured the boy with

applause rather than the

traditional minute silence. The

display of mass sympathy shows

how much the community has been

shocked by Rhys Jones' death

at the hands of a teenager. Police believe someone may be

protecting the killer. The

search for clues continues near

the Liverpool car park where

the 11-year-old was shot.

Police have detained 7

teenagers. They still don't

have enough evidence to charge

any one over the murder. We

understand people are

frightened. That's natural. But

what we want to say to speem is

they've - people they've got to

stand up and be counted. Police

are confident they will get the

help they need to solve the

crime but they want to catch

the killer as quickly as

possible. The community have

given us information. Some of

the media portrayals that

there's a wall of silence, it's

not necessarily true. Security

has been stepped up targeting illegal weapons and gang

activities. The government has

promised new measures to kerb

gang violence. Many fear the

violence is fast becoming a

reality on Britain's streets as

it is in the United States. An

annual car rally by New Zealand

university students has end end

violence as hundreds of party

goers clashed with police in

Dunedin. After an all-day party

revellers took to the streets

and set fires to cars, couches

and mattresses. Police had to

charge into the crowd to clear

a path for a fire engine to

stop flames from spread to

nearby properties. A round 70

people were arrested. The mayor

of Dunedin says this will be

it's last time the rally is

allowed to be held in the

city. A British woman who

attempted to row solo from

America to Australia has been

rescued after her boat capsized

in big waves and gale force

winds. Roz Savage had completed

only 150 of her 14,000km

journey when she called for

help by satellite phone. A US

coast guard helicopter winched

her to safety. I lost a couple

of important safety features.

The capsizes, I'd suffered three capsizes over the

previous 24 hours. Roz Savage

says she plans to recover her

boat and make another attempt

as soon as possible. A well

known Sydney night club is facing closure after an

overnight drug raid. 70 police

descended on the DCM night

club, they arrest twod people

who were charged with supplying

drugs. Sniffer dogs helped to

search for evidence. Most was

dropped on the floor. Police say about a thousand people

were inside the club which is

only licenced to hold 400

patrons. If you think driving

in Sydney's bad now n less than

a week it's set to get a whole

lot worse. Official motorcades

will become a new menace on the

roads with APEC leaders and

their partners stopping traffic as they crisscross the

city. For police, the escorts

are something that they're

working very hard to get right.

It seems driving through the

city in procession takes a lot

of practice. According to

police it's a tricky

business. This morning we're

testing our motorcade movements

in and around the CBD. With our

timings, our communications,

and other operational

issues. With one week to go,

the chief of motorcades admits

there's still work to be done. Minor communication

problems that as we're moving

around we've got to work on

some of those. The motorcades

include new coloured police

cars, but like the water canon,

the official line is that they

weren't bought specifically for

APEC. Apparently they were

coming anyway. APEC kicks off

officially next Sunday.

Sydneysiders will begin seeing motorcades winding their way

through city streets this week

as dignitaries and world

leaders arrive. Some of the

motorcade movement will be for

the partners of the world

leaders. They'll be entertained

by APEC organisers while

official meetings are under

way. The spouses will be

introduced to Australian

animals in a special display at

Garden Island and treated to

lunch at Bondi Beach. We can

crapture some of the highlights

of a visit to Sydney then Australia and leave them with

an everlasting memory of their

visit for APEC. Organisers

insist APEC's second agenda

will have little impact on the

lives of Sydneysiders. A

reminder of tonight's top story

- the horse flu virus has

spread to at least six new locations including

Queensland. Still to come - the

Swans struggle to stay in the

finals mix. South Sydney has

all but confirmed its first NRL

finals appearance since 1989

after thrashing the West's

Tigers. The Panthers ended the

Roosters' finals hopes.

The fans arrive end droves at

the Tigers sacred home ground

for a much anticipated game. It

could've been disastrous for

the Rabbitohs after their

fullback Nathan merit was hurt

in their opening set of six. The Bunnies then enjoyed all

the breaks. Jeremy Smith nead a

try No. 2 when he stepped past

Brad Hodgson. The Tigers'

defence was paper thin. The

Rabbitohhouse raced to an

18-nil lead. It took a piece of

Benji Marshall genius. Leading

by 12 at the break the

Rabbitohs were merciless in the

second half running in three

tries to one but more

importantly leap frogging their

opponents into the eight.

Brisbane bid farewell to five

of their best who are leaving

the club at 9 end of the season

- at the end of the season. The

Raiders scored the opening try.

Joel Moon stepped inside to

open it - make it level for the

Broncos. The Raiders looked set

for an upset when Phil Graham

sprintsed away from a Bronco

mistake. Brisbane rallied to

score the next four tries which

included a block busting run

from departing local hero Brad

Thorne. Last year's Premiers

proved they're far from a spent

force just two weeks out from

the finals. Manly were down on

troops but good enough to

rattle up a 10-2 lead against

the woorsors in the - Warriors

in the second half. A

barnstorming try by Lawaki

closed the gap. New Zealand

scored five more trys to blow

away the Sea Eagles who've lost

their last two games in a row.

Penrith had a rousing 6-points

win. The Panthers led 20-6 at

half-time. They from were never

seriously threatened. Central Coast has had its

first win in the Australian

rugby championship. The Rays

defeated East Coast. The Sydney

Swans' place in the AFL finals

is in jeopardy after a 25-point

loss to Collingwood at the

MCG. Port Adelaide today

snapped Geelong's winning


The Magpie s skipper was back

in the big league for the first

time since last September. Nathan Buckley's first touch

set the trnd for the match - a

mark for Thomas to goal.

Collingwood raced to a

15-point lead. Brett Kirk broke

Sydney's drought. The Magpies'

produced more quality plays to

extend the margin. Nick Davis

loaded up from distance. Sydney's best patch

came either side of quarter

time. It scrambled to a

10-point lead. By half-time

Collingwood had regained the

ascend ebbsy, Clement made his

way up the ground to score.

Anthony Rocca was reported for

striking Adam Goodes. Aim on

Buchanan's charge on Martin

Clarke will come under

scrutiny. Going into the final

round - Michael O'Loughlin has

back problems after his

spectacular landing. Two goals

late in the third quarter, one

after Alan Didak's mark in the

goal square and the other after

a delivery from Buckley to

Rocca kept Collingwood well out

of reach. In a beaten side,

Adam Goodes capped off his

great game to set off sha

Schneider. Late today, there

was a fond farewell at

Essendon's last home game. The

long-term coach Kevin Sheedy

and the retiring James Hird

before the clash with Richmond.

The Perth Glory and the New

castle Jets have played out a

scoreless draw in the A-League.

Craig Moore was sent off in the

Roar's draw with Adelaide.

The Glory had two solid

chances to score in the first

half. Perth Striker dreg is

avic narrowly missed. Mark

Bridge also failed to make the

most of an ideal opportunity,

despite numerous chances

neither side found the back of

the net. The Australians have

had a dispinting opening day at

the world athletics

championships in Osaka.

Patrickonson and Joshua Ross

were eliminated in the first

round of the 100m. A fall cost

Ben ita Johnson in the 10

thoum. The former world cross

country champion Ben ita

Johnson was towards the rear of

the field mid way through the

race when she tumbled over

Ethiopia's Mestawet Tufa who

stopped for to fix her

shoe. Just really disappointed.

I thought I could get a medal.

That's a chance that's gone

now. Despite an injured knee

Johnson reJane joined the pack

and finished 17th. Tirunesh

Pibaba was also caught up in

the incident but went on to win

the race. In the men's 100m

Joshua Ross and Patrick Johnson

were unable to qualify for the

semifinals. Today, Luke Adams

finished sixth in the 20km

walk. Jarrad Tallent was

disqualified with less than 5km

to go when he was in fifth

place. Ecuador's Jefferson

Perez maintained his strangle

hold on the event. The

Australian swimmers have

returned from a successful

Japan open. Grant Hackett

believes his convincing win in

the 1,500m has fired a warning

shot to his opposition after

his disappointing swim at the world championships in

March. If I was at this stage

in my career where I thought I

was dropping off and might

continue to do that that

thought is probably eroded a

little bit now, I'd say a lot

probably. Bronte Barrett has

spoken with Tracey Wickham

after breaking her record in a

400m freestyle. She was really

lovely. She offered to give me

some race tips. Byron Bay

surfer Samantha Cornish has

broken through for her first

world tour victory in two

years. she beat Silvana Lima in

the final. Definitely the world

title's there in the back of my

mind. The tour moves to Spain

next month. It's time now for a

look at the weather.

The satellite picture shows

patchy cloud in north eastern New South Wales and the south-east of Queensland which

is causing just the odd shower

now. On the synoptic chart warm

northerly winds will sweep

across South Australia, Tasmania, Victoria and New

South Wales before a front

brings some showers to the

southern coast of the

continent. Tomorrow's rain fall

prediction - not much of it on

the map, just some falls in

southern WA.

Before we go, let's recap

tonight's top stories - the

devastating equine flu outbreak

is spreading with 50 confirmed

cases in two states posing a

real threat to the Spring carnivals ains the Melbourne

Cup. From next month migrants

could be asked to name

Australia's first prime

minister and the first line of

the national anthem as part of

a new citizenship test. A state

of emergency has been declared

in Greece wit more than 50

people dead as hundreds of

forest fires burn out of

control. That's the latest ABC

news for now. Another update in

an hour. Until then goodnight.

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