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(generated from captions) is such a bad package. I have a

Minister, if the Prime Minister question for the Prime

thinks that this package is

going to be so good for the this question, does she think coal industry,

our coal exports to our coal exports to China should go up or go down?That is

the Prime a very important question that

the Prime Minister should

answer. Does she want our coal

exports to China to go up or to go Pensioner self-funded retirees will be an

extra tra $200 under the carbon

tax. Will you offer similar

guarantee that pensioners will money to pensioners? We give

be better off under the

coalition and they will be

better off first and foremost

because there will be no carbon

tax. Fish should only go up by a couple of cents per fillet, modelling. Do you believe according to Treasurer

modelling? Electricity is modelling. Do you believe that

central to the operation of the fish market industry. The fishing industry

generally crucially depends on

power and fuel, power to

refrigerator rate the product, refrigerator rate the

fuel to transport the product,

fuel to get the trawlers to sea and all of this is going to be

immediately or down the track

impacted by the carbon tax.

One of the ways in which the Government could clear up much

all of this debate is by releasing

assumptions behind modelling, releasing all the

modelling, because in the end, assumptions behind the

the modelling is only as good as the assumptions behind

it. You've brought your family

with you here today. Have you

done your own sums for how much

presumably you would be worse off under the carbon tax? Look, the question is not

about us really. I mean, you

know, this whole thing is not

about the Abbotts. It

the country and as I said, even

on Government's own modelling, modelling which is being modelling which is already being substantially questioned, more than 3

households would be worse off. more than 3 million Australian

I think the whole country will

be worse off under this because

it is going to damage it is going to damage our economy, it's

economy, it's going to subjects us to a comparative disadvantage. Let's not disadvantage. Let's not forget

that aed cording to

is not one other country on

earth, not one, which has an economy-wide carbon tax or emissions trading scheme. should we be putting this hob

bell on our economy? Why

should we be engaging in act of economic should we be engaging in this

self-harm. Isn't it true

that... Back on the campaign

trail again? I'm fine, to be

quite honest. It's school holidays. I work in

opportunity, the girls and I to childhood and so we've take the

join Tony. Yes, the

join Tony. Yes, the fish

markets were a great experience

and it was a lovely to meet these young families here today

who are concerned about hidden who

costs that are going to continue to put pressure on

their family budgets. Isn't

your direct action plan will

never be as effective as the Government's

Government's policy. We'll see

you later on. We've just had a

quick news conference there with Tony Abbott and even his

wife weighing in. It

certainly does feel like an

election campaign of

for an election over the carbon

tax issue. He says how can we

trust the Prime Minister when she says the tax won't hurt us

when she doesn't know herself?

Of course he's referring to Treasury's modelling of the $23 tonne a tonne carbon tax which he calls into question. The top stories here top stories here on ABC News 24

- the Federal Government says - the Federal Government

it will come down hard on companies and individuals use the carbon tax to price

profiteering under the scheme gouge. Businesses caught

Treasurer Wayne Swan has confined more than $1 million.

announced new funding for consumer watchdog, the ACCC, to crackdown

crackdown on businesses making business misleading claims about the carbon fries. about the carbon fries. An

agreement has been struck on

the Federal Government's asylum

seeker deal with Malaysia. All

is left is for the Immigration Minister animal lazian council part to sign off on the deal to swap 800 asylum seekers 4,000 in Malaysia. swap 800 asylum seekers with

the deal as implement as 4,000 in Malaysia. Dismissed

speculation. speculation. British MPs are

set to vote on a Labour Party motion today urging News Corporation boss Rupert Murdoch to with his draw his bid to

take over the channel BSkyB.

It is in response to a growing

scandal over alleged journalistic wrongdoing by

newspapers owned by Rupert Murdoch.

Murdoch. Gordon Brown has launched an attack on the media

conglomerate after accusing it

of hiring criminals. In of hiring criminals. In

cycling, German Andre Greipel

has won stage 10 of the Tour de France. Australia's Cadel Evans remains third two minutes and 26 seconds Evans remains third overall,

behind the leader. Former British Prime Minister Gordon

News International over the Brown has launched an attack on

phone hacking scandal accusing

it of hiring criminals. Earlier ABC News 24 spoke too. the mounting allegations Philip Williams. He described

against News International as a

toxic blend. Going back to specifics of the revelation toxic blend. Going back to the

that his son had cystic has come out and said we did fibrosis, News International

not use illegal methods to

gather that. That information came from a member of the public with a relative with cystic fibrosis. He came and told us because he wanted that

issue more in the and thought using the Prime issue more in the public domain

Minister was a good way to do that. They the other issues. They're under investigation. Throw in

the mix an ex Prime Minister

and you've got a very, very toxic blend now of even more

accusations that News

International have to face. It

is now not just the 'News of

the World'. That's shut down,

that's history, that's gone.

Now we move on and we've Now we move on and we've got the Sunday times and the Sun

also in the spotlight, both accused of being involved what Gordon Brown regards extremely dirty tricks. It has been taken to a whole new level

and at the same time, we've got policemen giving evidence

serving and former policemen at high levels that have conducted inquiries over the last few years, saying that News International has essentially obstructed their process of investigation. They've not

been helpful and they've actually been wilful in their

attempt to stop the facts attempt to stop the facts from surfacing. It is very serious allegations. whole crisis into an even

deeper hole. We didn't think that was possible, but it

appears it is. Philip Williams there. Let's check there. Let's check the markets

now with Alicia Barry. How is

trade faring this morning? After two days of heavy losses

the local market has opened a

little higher this morning. That's after US and European

markets recovered steep falls

late in the session. The All

Ordinaries Index and the ASX

200 have added around a third of a per cent in early day. In

focus, News Corp, trading fairly flat after steep fairly flat after steep losses recently. Macarthur Coal edging higher edging higher after a 37% gain

yesterday on a takeover bid.

Looking at Qantas, it is recovering some of recovering some of yesterday's

losses. Fertilise are maker

New Farm has updated its

earnings guidance. It will

report an underlying profit

report an underlying profit of

between 67 and (7) 300-0000 for

the full-year rment its the full-year rment its shares are up a little and Telstra trading fairly flat. Wall Street paired back losses late in the session after the in the session after the latest US Federal Reserve US Federal Reserve minutes revealed the door has open for another round of stimulus. Across the Atlantic, market lifted after

ministers pledged more flexible in dealing with in dealing with the region's debt crisis. Looking at the

commodities now: Looking at the currency markets now:

euro rebounded against US

dollar late in the overseas

session. That's help the Australian dollar gain a little

against the greenback. It is

currently 106.2 US cents.

meeting of EU finance ministers

has failed to convince the

markets that there will be

decisive action to address Europe's debt crisis. Eurozone leaders are considering holding

an emergency meeting to discuss

the spiralling death crisis.

Indeed, our main challenge is

to contain the sovereign debt crisis and thus, protect the ongoing economic recovery in

Europe in its real economic and

improving employment. The

current status of the crisis is a severely intertwined combination of the combination of the sovereign debt crisis and banking sector

fragilities. We cannot solve

one without solving the other. We need to solve both. The ratings agency Moody's has

Ireland's debt rating to

junction status T cut it from

BA1 to BAA3. The

warning further downgrade warning further downgrade are

possible if the Irish

Government fails to met its deficit reduction targets. It

says the decision was paced on the growing possibility that

Ireland would need a second

bail out before it can again

borrow from international

capital markets. The US trade

deficit has widened to 50.2 billion US dollars in highest level for 31 months. That's as rising oil prices drove imports to their second

highest level on record. At the same time, exports fell slightly from April's high. The unexpected rise high. The unexpected rise in

imports in May may economists to revise US economists to revise US

domestic growth figures. domestic growth figures. The

data also shows that the US

trade gap with China jumped

more than 15% to 25 billion US dollars in the month. A former Deputy Governor of the People's

Bank of China has secured the country's first high-level post at the International Monetary

Fund. Dr Zhu Min has been a

special adviser to the IMF for

the past year. Now the IMF chief, Christine Lagarde,

appointed him to a newly created deputy managing

director position. Ms Lagarde

was widely expected to a point

him to a senior role after

China supported her canned

discy for the IMF's job boost. It's boosted regular anything

of China's growing power in the

global economy. It also high to give emerging to give emerging markets greater influence at the global

lender. A raft of data from China including its GDP figures from the three from the three months to June. The economists expect the

figures will show an annual

growth rate of 9.5%. I'll have

that later in the day for you,

Jane. On another busy morning the Prime Minister is

continuing her carbon tax campaign in Brisbane today.

She woke to ABC Radio earlier

this morning. Here's what she had to say. At the last had to say. At the last election was having an

emissions trading scheme.

That's a price on carbon but we

put a cap and say our economy

is not going to generate more carbon pollution than a particular figure. I didn't

foresee before the election that the Parliament that we have. In this Parliament, I faced a choice. Either I faced a choice. Either I said

right, only an emissions trading scheme

trading scheme and that would have meant we wouldn't have

acted, nothing would have got

done, or I had to make a hard

choice and say right, we'll choice and say right, we'll get there. To get the support from the Greens and Independents. That's work for the Parliament that

people voted for. We'll get

there for emissions trading

scheme through a three year period of fixed price,

effectively a tax. We're going

to start with that price

carbon 1 July next year. It is not the pathway I saw, but it

is a pathway that's going to

cut carbon pollution, give businesses certainty businesses certainty and get to

us that emissions trading

scheme with a cap on our carbon pollution. Anthony from morning

side says who are the 100 Queensland polluters? Will

they be publicly named? The 100 polluters, the industries that

these big polluters are in these big polluters are in are named on the clean energy

website. I don't think website. I don't think anybody

of the industry would surprise

people. They're things people. They're things like electricity electricity generation,

aluminium, zinc, cement, to of

those end trees. We is a national greenhouse gas reporting web site. That will

give you lists of companies that generate a that generate a lost pollution

and use a lot of energy. We

have some specific material

which is commercial in

confidence which is why we just

can't publish a finite list.

If you want to look at business names get on that national

greenhouse gas website. Two different Peter from different sides sides of Brisbane but a similar

question. Under your Treasury estimates Australia

emits 578 million tonnes. emits 578 million tonnes. With

the carbon tax that will be 621

million tonnes in 2020. Why do it for such little effect?

Because the future we face is

of ever escalating growth in

carbon pollution or making it a difference to the amount. The

concept here is as economy is growing, every day it's grown we've put mouth more carbon pollution that. Would

happen to the end of time. Growing economy , more Growing economy , more carbon pollution. With a pollution. With a price on

carbon we'll ultimately break

that nexus and be able to that nexus and be able to have

a growing economy and not generate as much carbon

pollution. Yes, we continue to

see growth, but at a lesser

rate and we will break the

nexus between economic growth

and growing carbon pollution. In why have you

decided to not tax petrol and exclude forestry when these are two main contributors to Australia's greenhouse

emissions. If Australians can draf their suburban four-wheel drives and not have to pay the

tax on petrol and be compensated where is the

incense testify to change

behaviour? S intensive is

around 500 big polluters who

are paying the price. Today get to do something for

absolutely nothing, pump carbon

pollution into the atmosphere.

From 1 July they'll pay. That's a

change on the big polluters.

For households I had to make

decisions about the right shape

of this scheme for our nation. We're a big country, a country where people live in big

cities, we've got big communities in regional

Australia no, choice but to

drive, so I decided we

shouldn't about put it on the

petrol that people drive. Eva

are, what what's your question.

Will the government review the 150,000 family income test? $150,000 for two people working... That's Julia working... That's Julia Gillard

speaking in Brisbane this

morning to Somalisers there morning to Somalisers there on ABC yadio. Afghanistan's

President Hamid Karzai has

arrived in Kandahar for the

funeral of his half brother who

was assassinated by a body bard. Ahmad Wali bard. Ahmad Wali Karzai had

long been the target of death

threats and had survived

several previous assassination

attempts. attempts. Afghanistan correspondent Sally correspondent Sally Sara reports

and polarising. Ahmad Wali Karzai was not just the President's half President's half brother, he

was one of the most influential leaders in Southern Afghanistan. Mr Karzai Afghanistan. Mr Karzai has shot dead at his home in the

city of Kandahar. city of Kandahar. Security officials say the gunmen was one of his own bodyguards. The Taliban have claimed responsibility for the assassination and hailed assassination and hailed it as one of their biggest

achievements of the war. Afghan President Hamid Karzai

received the news of his half brother's killing just brother's killing just before holding a press conference

his French counterpart Nicolas Sarkozy. TRANSLATION: This

is the life of Afghan people.

We have all suffered from the

same kind of pain and

is that God willing there will

be an end to the pain and

suffering of the Afghan people and peace and security will be

implemented in our country so

that no other family will have

to go through the pain that we

have all suffered. Ahmad Wali

Karzai was known simply by Karzai was known simply by his initials AWK. His opponents said he was seller. But his supporters regarded him as regarded him as highly

connected and capable. He was

also an active ally of the US led coalition. Ahmad Wali Karzai delivered votes to his half brother in return he enjoyed the protection of the

President. The assassination is the latest in a series of high-profile attacking in Kandahar. The Taliban are

warning of further violence

across the country. Back to one of our top stories now, one of our top stories now, and pressure is pressure is mounting on media baron Rupert Murdoch baron Rupert Murdoch following the 'News of the World' hacking

scandal. A British

parliamentary committee has

summoned him to answer summoned him to answer questions and British MPs are calling for his proposed takeover of pay TV service

BSkyB to be blocked. For more

I'm joined in the studio by David McKnight from the Journalism and Media Research Centre at Centre at the University of

NSW. David, thanks very much

for coming in today. The

closing of the 'News of the World' hasn't stopped the

questions and the revelations.

How worrying is it now that

police and conceding they didn't

investigate the phone hacking

as thoroughly as they should

have? That's extraordinarily worrying. As Gordon Brown said, it is a new level said, it is a new level of

criminality. It seems that the

paper may well have hacked paper may well have hacked the phones of the police with a

view to or in fact has hacked the police with a view the police with a view to

making sure they didn't take

the heat as much as they would

otherwise have done. Put that

together with the hacking of

the royals' phones, you're

talking about matters of national security here, so it is at least a new level of criminality. How effective will

this parliamentary inquiry be, particularly if it's going to call on the Murdochs and Rebekah Brooks the heads of News International to front it?

I think it would be going in having a public educative role, if you like, and probing if you like, and probing this thing publicly, having it all out on the table. The real

issue or level of seriousness

is with the criminal inquiry by

the police. With the BSkyB

issue, his desire to take over

the 100% of pushed aside, of course both of these things, the police inquiry and the parliamentary inquiry

inquiry will come into play inquiry will come into play and who knows where BSkyB, who knows where BSkyB, what

will happen with his will happen with his big

corporate move, because it will

all run on for months and

months. How can that take months. How can that take over

possibly go ahead? It is

pretty hard to see. Of course,

Murdoch is still a pretty

powerful player in Britain. powerful player in Britain. The Sun newspaper is his prize and it politicians for a long, long while. It was actually the son

that that broke the revelations about Gordon Brown's son. Is this

this the beginning of this the beginning of serious trouble for the son? Maybe. I think it would take a real new

kind of unity between both kind of unity between both the conservatives and labour to

actually do something. That's not ruled out by any means. Of

course, both of them, I'm sure,

would be thinking if I do this,

in six months or 12 months or

18 months time what will the

Sun say? Will they it in Sun say? Will they it in for me.

held over the heads of

politicians for 20, 30 years politicians for 20, 30 years in Britain. It certainly is Britain. It certainly is some incredible developments. How much do you suspect is out on

the table? I knows if hard for

you to crystal-ball gaze, but do you suspect there's a lot

more to come? I think there

is. That's more or less been said within the News

Corporation camp, that there's

something big down the track. That would be, I would imagine,

at least further jailings of

editors or journalists or senior News senior News Corp staff at the very least. Why do you suspect 'News of the World' in particular and perhaps news international journalists have been so much more cut throat in

their pursuit of news stories?

To be honest, it is not just

them. Britain has much better

newspapers than Australia and much worse in a an ethical and

trashy sense. Why does it

happen? It is a very competitive market. It is a little country. The newspapers

go all around the country

within five minutes. For whatever reason, partly Murdoch broke

broke the back of the print

unions so it became much cheaper to produce newspapers.

There's a kind of ecology there which is which is extremely competitive and which produces not just the best but best but the worst. David

McKnight thanks for your time

today. Thank you. The former

Australian rules football coach

Allan Jeans has died at the age

of 77. Jeans coached St Kilda to its only premiership

and won three premierships with Hawthorn in

Hawthorn in the 1980s. He tied

in a nursing home in a nursing home overnight

after a long illness. The German German cyclist Andre Greipel has won stage 10 of the Tour de

France. The two-time Tour Down

Under winner beat his former

people mate and now

rival Mark Cavendish in a photo finish. James Bennett sent

this report. On the hilly 158

kilometre tent stage it was German who finally got his first ever

Tour de France stage win

sprinting to victory over Britain's Mark Cavendish. Britain's Mark Cavendish. In the overall, Frenchman Thomas

Vockler maintains his grip on

the jelly jersey while Cadel

Evans is safely into third

position two minutes 26 back

Beck placed. Johnny Hoogerland maintained his grip on the

climber's jersey despite still

suffering from deep cuts and 33 stitches as a result of going

into a barbed wire fence after Antonio Flecha was hit by a

media car. Mark Renshaw says

although the chance force him

to claim more green jersey

sprint points are running out,

he's confident their HTC team can deliver the British sprint superstar the green jersey superstar the green jersey come

Paris. Tomorrow is sprint. We have one into

Paris, three more chances Paris, three more chances and a

lot of intermediate sprint as

long the way. It's going to be hard, there's no doubt about it, because the course

really suited to Gilbert. We'll be trying. Tomorrow's 167 kilometre stage marks the kilometre stage marks the last

of the transitional stages and perhaps a chance for a breakaway

breakaway before the high mountains and

big climbs and major tests for

the overall contender. James Bennett, ABC News, Carmaux. Radike Samo is hoping

to win his first Wallabies to win his first Wallabies jumper in 7 years. jumper in 7 years. The 35-year-old says he's joined

the team's Sydney training camp

with a simple floos fee to hard. Reds stars Will Genia, Quade Cooper and James Quade Cooper and James Horwill

are likely to be rested after playing in playing in last week's Super

Rugby grand final. US Open champion Rory McIlroy believes

he can cope with the added

pressure on him at this week's open championship open championship at Royal St

George's. McIllroy arrived at Sandwich on Tuesday and insists

he is refreshed and ready to go. World number 1, Luke

Donald, says he's disparate to

win a major this year. He played a practice round on the course overnight and says it will be

will be a will be a difficult

tournament. It was very much a

test. It was more golf course test. It was more golf course

than you would ever need. It

was a good test out there. The

wind was howling, you know. I

think... I'm sure the RNA would be happy if the wind stayed

like this. It would be a

challenge out there for sure.

I'm very mentally and physically tiring. Would you have to

have to work on the control of

your golf ball and and certainly I think the best golfer will golfer will win Golf is the

easy, you go out and get way,

you're inside the ropes and

you've got five hours you've got five hours to

yourself out there. It's quite

nice. I love getting out on the golf course. I'm the golf course. I'm feeling refreshed. I'm really refreshed. I'm really looking forward to getting out there

and playing again because it has been three weeks and I'm I

feel as if I'm pretty much

ready to go. Rory McIlroy.

Let's get an update on today's weather weather with Vanessa O'Hanlon.

A band of cloud from the north-west is over towards the interior. That's spreading showers into the Northern Territory

the Northern Territory and SA

and we're still got scattered

cloud over Tasmania and

Victoria in brisk wins causing showers and snow. showers and snow. The low-pressure troughs will continue to push the showers

from the north-west over to the

southern parts of the NT southern parts of the NT and

right throughout the state of South Australia and then we'll

see start to see them over the south-west of Queensland south-west of Queensland and NSW. That's the latest weather. And I'll be back with more headlines shortly.

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is Captioned Live This morning

- tough penalties announced - tough penalties announced for

those who seek to profit from

the Government's carbon pricing scheme. Those who will put in

place pricing increases that

are not justified will feel the

full force of the law through the ACCC and it will have the resources to prosecute with

significant fines. Also today

- Rupert Murdoch's B school. By bid hangs in the balance as former Prime Minister Gordon Brown feels at his distress of being

being a hacking target. A

final deal with Malaysia on

asylum seekers is close. Wikileaks founder Julian Assange begins an appeal

against his his extradition against his his extradition to