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also focusing on security today, Prime Minister John Howard was appointing a new head of ASIO. within weeks. Paul O'Sullivan will take up the job A toy spy to head up ASIO? considered giving the job We doubt the Prime Minister actually to this action figure, as our 'top spy'. instead of choosing a real person Welcome to Media Watch. I'm Liz Jackson. Now, this story back in 2004 for the Government, was a real embarrassment may well go to jail. over which people

Armed with those secret documents, detailed a Cabinet proposal journalists Harvey and McManus to reject some veteran's claims.

speaking notes The journalists also quoted Danna Vale had intended to use then-minister for Veterans' Affairs to spin this mingy package - had been ordered to destroy. notes that public servants the plan had been scrapped, By the time the story was published for Minister Vale but the leak was still bad news who lost her job later that year. Michael Harvey: According to one of the journalists, But though the minister has gone, the story continues, the story of and here's how. after the story was published Several weeks told the 'Herald Sun' the Federal Police they were investigating the leak. By the middle of last year, was facing criminal charges. a public servant, Desmond Kelly, the charges followed: According to the 'Melbourne Age' If Kelly is finally convicted,

in jail. he faces a possible two years asked if he thought this was right. Last week the Prime Minister was REPORTER: PM, should public servants to the media who leak embarrassing information

national security go to jail? which has got nothing to do with on such matters except to say I don't normally comment operation of the law. I support the proper Two weeks ago

a preliminary court hearing. the journalists were called to their case against Desmond Kelly. The prosecution wanted to nail down Gerard McManus was asked: He replied: But that won't stop the prosecution. will be back in court Next month the journalists and if as expected, against self-incrimination, the DPP gives them immunity if they know Desmond Kelly. they will then be asked again they'll be in contempt. If they refuse to answer, to journalists And we know what can happen who refuse to name their sources.

from the 'New York Times' Two weeks ago, Judith Miller was carted off to jail. Her case made international news. on what happens We'll keep you posted to the 'Herald Sun' journalists, much less attention. whose story has received who is alleged to be their source The public servant has entered a plea of 'not guilty'. three people should be facing jail We think it's outrageous that was exposed because a bad policy idea to the light of public scrutiny. involved in far grubbier work. Last week we reported on journalists 'Press Gazette' We see that the UK of the Australian media's behaviour has taken up the story of the London bombings. in the aftermath

of St Mary's Hospital That quote from Claire Burroughs we raised last week, concerns the issues sneaking into hospitals where Australian media were caught and phoney stories armed with bunches of flowers injured in the bomb blasts. to interview victims who got one of those interviews, Channel 7's Chris Reason, defended his actions:

Trevor Field Royal Air Force Wing Commander incident involving Chris Reason. has now told us about another helped an Australian victim, One of the Wing Commander's officers Professor John Tulloch, out of the wreckage of the bus.

is that Media Watch has learned More disturbing that complaints have been made the intensive care unit about journalists trying to access at London's National Hospital. since died from his injuries, Australian Sam Ly, who has

was being treated in this unit. to have defended his behaviour One journalist is reported High Commission: by telling the Australian

summed it up well. Wing Commander Trevor Field The most unsavoury advertisement of the London bombing produced in the aftermath was the brain child of Channel 7. on Sydney radio's Triple M It went to air several times the terrorist attacks. the weekend after

and advertising magazine, reported 'B & T', the marketing

that the ad was not meant to run it was inappropriate. after Seven decided did not charge Seven for the ads. Triple M say they've apologised and of plagiarism, We've had plenty of stories of journalists being duped, running press releases - and lazy journalists but how many just dream it up? property writer, Cindy Martin. at the 'Sunday Telegraph's We've been taking a look

Here's a sample of her work:

Well, it must be true - of Guy Pearce in the house. there is photo on the adjacent page the house if you look closely. Well, Guy's not actually in 'Digitally altered image'. Up in the corner it says, with Guy's agent, We thought we'd better check who told Media Watch:

Oh, well, we all make mistakes. on Eddie McGuire? But what about Cindy's story Well, not according to Eddie. Cindy's week? Perhaps it just wasn't

a few weeks later. Let's try a different edition,

was supposed to want, but didn't? Isn't that the property Guy Pearce anyway, Well, it's not going to matter told us bluntly: because Thorpie's agent

We could go on and on. Cindy Martin does. and country singer Kasey Chambers Last month she had Steve Waugh both checking out the same penthouse at Ettalong Beach. at some Outrigger Resort

told us a familiar tale. The cricketing legend's agent And Kasey Chambers? Her manager was cross.

of Cindy's claims that So, what are we to now think John Travolta, Liz Hurley, David Bowie, McMahon and George Lucas Ivana Trump, Keanu Reeves, Juliam the Sydney property market? have all been spotted checking out Surely at least Cindy is right that Kate Fischer is eyeing off a flat in Manly? Wrong again, says Kate.

So, all those celebrities moving to Sydney was just a fantasy. We wrote to Cindy's editor asking the obvious question.

24 hours later, Cindy Martin had resigned. But even after the 'Sunday Tele' knew we'd sprung their property writer, they still gave her fantasies one last run. We find it hard to believe they didn't know it was rubbish all along. But let's move on to the 'Daily Tele' and spare a thought for the single girl.

And Patrice did have a giggle when we told her about this story on the opposite page of the 'Tele's first edition.

So, was the single life lonely enough to push Patrice into the arms of serial sleaze Shane Warne?

Happily, the 'Daily Telegraph' realised the error and removed Patrice's photo from later editions of the paper.

I'll bet Shane wishes he could correct his own errors as quickly. Until next week, goodnight.

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