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Michael Jackson's doctor Michael Jackson's doctor found

guilty of manslaughter. In the

jury in the above entitled

action find the defendant

Conrad Robert Murray guilty of the crime of manslaughter. the crime of involuntary

The Senate set to pass the Government's controversial

carbon tax. Greece in search of a new Prime of a new Prime Minister as

fears grow of an Italian debt

default. And Tiger Woods fit

and ready for this week's

Australian Open in Sydney. You

know, train properly, not rehab, I say physically train

and do all the things I know I

can do and my game's starting

to come because of it. Good morning, you're watching ABC morning,

News, I'm Virginia Trioli. A

jury in Los Angeles has found

Michael Jackson's doctor guilty

of involuntary manslaughter. Dr Conrad Conrad Murray was accused Conrad Murray was accused of

giving the singer a lethal of the anaesthetic Propofol. Dr giving the singer a lethal dose

Murray sat stony faced as the

verdict was read out. He faces 4 years in jail and the loss of

his medical licence. This is his medical licence.

how the verdict was delivered. The jury in the

above entitled action find the

defendant Conrad Robert Murray

guilty of the crime guilty of the crime of

involuntary manslaughter. In

violation of penal code section 192 subsection B alleged victim Michael Joseph Jackson, alleged

date of June 25, 2009 as date of June 25, 2009

charged in count one of the

information. This 7 day

November 2011 for person juror

ID number 145, is this your verdict, is your your

one, so say you all. Yes. All individual verdict so say you

jurors indicating afrmtive. I'm

going to ask you whether this

is your individual and personal

verdict, I'm going to be asking

you... And we're just hearing

there from the judge there from the judge hearing

that case. Now the DA of Los

Angeles, the Los Angeles

district a-attorney we believe

is speaking outside of court.

Let's have a listen if we

can. The filing standards

appointed by this office it was

determined Dr Murray would be

charged with involuntary

manslaughter. Deputy district

attorneys worked closely with detectives during the lengthy investigation. They consulted

with a wide variety of relevant

experts. They put together a

compelling case based compelling case based upon

confident evidence. Their

presentation of the evidence in the court was superb. Deputy DA

Walgren exemplified the discipline of the prosecutors

of the prosecutors office.

Their work serves as a model

for others. We're gratified the

jury saw the overwhelming

evidence in this case led to

just one conclusion, that Dr Mu

Murray is guilty of unvoluntary

manslaugt ner the death of Michael Jackson. We thank the

jurors for their hard work and thoughtful deliberations. We

also want to ck acknowledge

the court, Judge Pastor in particular, court personnel,

bailiffs and many others who

assist in ensuring both sides

in this case had a fair trial.

Finally, we want to extent Finally, we want to extent our personal simplethies to the

Jackson family, especially to

Prince, Paris and Blanket that

have lost a Beloved father.

Nothing can make up for that

loss. The deputy DAs take loss. The deputy DAs take their

ethical obligations as

prosecutors seriously. They

believe it is not appropriate

for them to comment if at all

on the trial that just was

completed. There will be completed. There will be more

available obviously when Conrad

Murray is sentenced and that

will take place as the judge

indicated on nove 29. Well we'll answer any questions if indicated on nove 29. Well that

we can. For those out there who

say this is a lot of effort on

the part of your office with

very little pay off, with AV

109 this person may not see

State prison, may not even State prison, may not even see

county jail, although he's seem

some today, respond to some today, respond to that,

the importance of this case despite the fact he wasn't

going to get much time in State

prison. It was a homicide,

someone lost their life, 3

children lost time with their

father because of someone's

criminal negligence so the

effort in that regard was worth it just to make that point, to

prove that point. But you make

a point also AVO 109 the so

call red alignment that would eliminate the potential for a

traditional State sentence in

State prison in this case

because this case is one of the so-called nonviolent,

non-serious, . AB 109, I'm

speaking out against it since

it was first proposed.

Unfortunately the governor, the

legislator and some others who

have embraced it have gone on

this fool's errand course and

this is probably the first of

many, many, many cases who

reveal 109 is a potentially a complete failure, a criminal

justice disaster and it justice disaster and it will

effect public safety. The Los

Angeles DA there addressing the

media in the wake of the guilty

manslaughter that's been found verdict of involuntary

against the doctor of Michael Jackson. Lisa Millar joins us

from Washington. Let's pick up

the last point the media was

asking the DA there which is

about the nature of the charge

levelled against Conrad Murray.

Not serious enough that he may

not even end up spending any

serious jail time? Well the

suggestion is perhaps it might

be two years in jail and some

of that might be done house arrest. But there of that might be done under

house arrest. But there have

been questions all along as to

manslaughter charge, couldn't why it was an involuntary

the prosecution increase seriousness of that charge but the prosecution increase the

that was the one that they

thought they had the best

chance of getting a guilty verdict

verdict on and so they have

defended not going for a more serious charge against Conrad

Murray and I guess they've been

proved right, that they have

been able to get that guilty

verdict but certainly some questions asked. The Jackson

family have been pleased that

and there was a court case at all

and that they hoped someone eventually would be found guilty and that there would be

some justice for Michael, as

they continued to say. We're

waiting to see, actually,

whether we're going to hear

from the Jackson family because

they have been in court all the

way through this six-week case.

Some of them have already left

the coursehouse, but that

doesn't mean we might not hear

from them once they absorb the

news. They might hold a press

conference later today in Los

Angeles. So take us through then how

then how this announcement was

made in court today. It was a

unanimous decision by the jury that's

that's been sitting and hearing

this trial for quite some

time? It was. 12 on the jury, 7

men, 5 women, ranging in age

from about 32 to 57. Amongst

that crowd a professor, a that crowd a professor, a bus

driver, post office worker, so

quite a diverse crowd. It was a

unanimous verdict. When - it

was interesting to watch Conrad Murray because the cameras

trained their view on him as

the verdict came down. Nothing

from him, so passive. I think

you described him as stony

faced and that's exactly what

it was like. I guess as the

prosecution said when they prosecution said when they were

arguing that there should be no

bail that he should be taken

immediately into custody, immediately into custody, they

said he's had 2.5 years to

prepare for this day. There was

always a chance he was going to

be found guilty so he sat

there, no emotion. There was

one tiny little bit of emotion

when officers of the court came

up behind him and handcuffed

him in rather sort of an

aggressive way. They yanked his

hands back and put hands back and put the handcuffs on as the judge handcuffs on as the judge was

still talking to the jury still talking to the jury and talking about what happens and taking questions re the

sentencing date. So that was

the only time when Conrad

Murray sudden, will, I think,

felt wow, this is actually

happening. When the handcuffs

went on his hands and he was in the custody of the prisons

bureau. Just finally, Lisa, we

know now when he will be formally sentenced and formally sentenced and find out

just how much serious jail time

he might end up having? Yes,

November 29, so we'll November 29, so we'll all return to watch which happens

in court then. The maximum is 4

years in jail but already

suggestions that it might be

much less than that and much less than that and the

loss of his medical licence. So loss of his medical licence. So

we'll find out just how far

that will go. Even if the judge

says 4 years in jail it could

be the California prisons

bureau who decides it can't be

that and in fact just as a side

note, they've been note, they've been comparing

this to, dare I say it, Lindsay

low Lohan, the who was

sentenced to time in jail

yesterday, 30 days, I think it

was, she served was, she served 4.5 hours

before she was released due to

overcrowding in the prisons in

California. So there's a lot of

factors that could go in to determining

determining how much time

Conrad Murray says Conrad Murray says behind

bars. So I guess jail time

depends on how nice a home

you've got you can go back to.

Good to talk to you, thanks so much. Thanks, vir much. Thanks, vir ginnia. We'll stay in the United States stay in the United States where

a fourth woman has now made sexual assault allegations

against Republican presidential hopeful her main Cain. All 4

allegations extend from his

time as a restaurant lobby yis

in the 1990s. A spokesman says

the latest accusation ascompletely false. The accuser Sharon Bialek said he Sharon Bialek said he attacked while they were sitting in a

car. He suddenly reached over

and he put his hand on my leg,

under my skirt and reached under my skirt and reached for

my genital s. He also my genital s. He also grabbed my head and brought it towards

his crof. Sh dsh crotch. I was

very surprised and very surprised and very shocked. I said, "What are you doing, you know I doing, you know I have a

boyfriend. This isn't what I

came here for." Mr Cain said,

"You want a job, right?" I asked him to stop and he did. I

asked him to take me back to my

hotel which he did. Sharon

Bialek there. To Canberra now

where the carbon tax is set to clear Parliament today with a

final vote on the package in

the Upper House. For more the Upper House. For more our political correspondent Melissa

Clarke joins frus Canberra.

Good morning. Will we here the

whoops of joy from whoops of joy from Canberra

when this finally passed the

Upper House? They may have learnt their lesson when it

passed the Lower House and they

didn't get a good reception from the from the celebrations. It will be a momentous occasion for the

Labor Party and the Labor Party and the Greens nonetheless. We expect it to

happen around mid day for those

final votes to take place and

then we will have carbon price

legislation in place and a

scheme ready to begin by scheme ready to begin by mid next year. Now of course it's

been quite a tortuous process

to get to this point. We've

seen leaders fall as a result

of the carbon pricing debate.

For Julia Gillard this is a crucial step for her in having nominated the carbon pricing

issue as one of the crucial

ones that this Government

needed to sort out. It is one

she will be able to tick a box

on and that may well help her gain some momentum. We're

seeing a bit of momentum to her

in the polls that's seen Labor

Party's primary vote rise a bit

in the latest Newspoll. If they

get this carbon tax through at lunch

lunch time today as expected

that may be another big that may be another big tick

and a little more help to Julia

Gillard. Now a bit of a busy

day actually because the media

inquiry that the Federal

Government has undertaken gets

under way today as well? That's

right. What we've got is this independent media inquiry

that's designed to look that's designed to look at

various parts, particularly in the print industry and the print industry and the sustainability of the business

model of the print industry

given newspapers have struggled

in the new digital age but

there's a fairly wide gambit there's a fairly wide gambit on

the terms of references for the

media inquiry. So it will cover

a broad topic just by the

nature of those terms of

references and the people who

are going to be coming before

it. So this morning when it

begins sitting in Melbourne we

will have people such as Robert

Mann who has been Mann who has been heavily involved in the publishing

industry. Eric Beecher who is the publisher of 'Crikey', Steven Mayne the former

'Crikey' owner. We'll see a few

of those alternative views. of those alternative

We'll also have more players

giving evidence later on in the

week but for the Federal week but for

Government this is a first step

along the way in the process it

set up in the wake of that phone hacking scandal in the

UK. A related issue, of course, is the now increasingly

controversial auz net tender

which has been out to tender

for quite some time. It for quite some time. It was

clear that a panel recommended someone other than the ABC, News Corporation News Corporation was

recommended as the recommended as the organisation that should be taking on this broadcaster, and instead the

entire tender's been

scrapped? Those leaks meant that the Federal Government

couldn't maintain the probity of the tender and they have now

scrapped that process. There

were a series of leaks over the

last few months all of which

suggested the tender board had

on two occasions felt that Sky News would be the better

operator of the Australia

Network rather than the ABC.

It's been a bit of a tortured process because we've had the

responsibility taken away from the Foreign Minister and over to the Foreign Minister and put Minister. We've had the terms over to the Communications

of the tender changed to reflect international events as

well. Now what we've got is the Federal Government Federal Government referring

the issue to the AFP the issue to the AFP to

investigate those leaks and uncertainty as to what happens

now. The ABC has been given an

extension to its contract to

run the Australia Network run the Australia Network until mid next year. The Federal

Government could potentially

start a new tender process from

scratch or it could do what it

had done 10 years ago and that is simply allocate the next

10-year licence to the ABC

without a tender process. It

would be able to do that. So

the Opposition is saying the Opposition is saying that

what the Government needs to do

is start from scratch, have a

new tender process and the Opposition communications spokesman Malcolm Turnbull in

speaking to this program

earlier this morning made it

clear he thinks the Government

for the second time needs to let the sign light in

and it's just politics, has around. We've seen this leaking around. We've seen this

destroy ed this tender and now

they've had to draw a line

under it and try and start

again. It just shows the Government's because it is divided. Malcolm Government's dysfunctional

Turnbull there speaking on News

Breakfast this morning. Thanks so much, Melissa. After hours

of talks Greek leaders still

haven't been able to agree on a new prime new prime minister. Prime

Minister George Papandreou

resigned yesterday as part of a

deal to form a unity government. That deal clears the way for parliament to vote

and ratify the Eurozone's debt

package that's been offered to

the country. The cost of

borrowing in Italy has now hit

a record high. While over in

France the Government is

holding an emergency meeting to

decide on 8 billion euros decide on 8 billion euros worth

of savings to try to slash the country's debt. In the Eurozone

cycle of financial crisis the

prospect of a painful default

and exit from the Eurozone by

Greece has receded with the creation of its coalition government. But now there's a

more alarming prospect,

more alarming prospect, the

threat that the Italian

Government could run out money. As commuters boarded

Rome buses before a strike

takes them off the road, anxieties mounted that

investors would go on strike and would no longer lend to

Italy's Government. So the

interest rate they're charging

Italy has risen to levels not

seen since the creation of the

euro. The rise in what Italy

would have to pay to borrow is

painful for the country because its

its government debt is so huge,

over 1.8 trillion euros,

over 1.8 trillion euros, now

more than 300 billion euros of

this debt comes up for repayment next year. Right now

it looks as though Italy will

have to borrow this colossal

of interest that its creditors amount at the new higher rates

are demanding. If over time

Italy had to pay 7% on the

add more than 70 billion euros whole of its debt that would

a year to its interest bill which would be unaffordable. So

it's vital that what Italy pays

to borrow for 10-year loans

doesn't breach 7%. But here's a

worrying precedent from the

bailouts of Ireland, Portugal bailouts of Ireland,

and Greece. When the interest

rate on their debts reached

today's Italian level it took

between 1 and 6 months for each

of them to need rescuing. If we

look at the other countries

that have needed assistance

it's when interest rates have

got in that 6 to 7% range as

being the levels where they've

had to seek external assistance from the other European

countries and it's countries and it's particularly

troubling for a country like Italy where the growth rate Italy where the growth rate is

particularly low and the stock of debt is of debt is already quite

high. For a period today shares

rose and the Italian interest

rate fell on rumours the

Italian Prime Minister Silvio

Berlusconi was about to quit

because investors don't believe

he can or will fix Italy

asfinances. But on Facebook he

insisted in Mark Twain style

that rumours of his demise had

been exaggerated. So is there

enough money in the Eurozone's

bailout fund for an Italian rescue? The fund really doesn't

have enough capacity here by any means to be able to any means to be able to rescue

Italy and that's why you need to see the International Italy and that's why you then

Monetary Fund come into play to provide further support here if

Italy were to be in serious difficulties. To fix the

Eurozone Italy's finances need

fixing. If it were unable fixing. If it were unable to

repay all of those that would

force huge losses on creditors

including banks all over the

world and it's difficult to see

how even the UK could avoid how even the UK could

financial crisis and recession.

The BBC's Robert Peston

reporting there. These are the top stories this morning - a

jury in Los Angeles has found

Michael Jackson's doctor guilty Michael Jackson's doctor

of the singer's involuntary

manslaughter. Dr Conrad Murray

sat stony faced as the verdict

was read out. Dr Murray was was read out. Dr

accused of giving the singer a lethal dose of the anaesthetic

Propofol. The Senate is set to pass the Government's croshl

carbon tax today. A final vote

on 18 bills is expected on 18 bills is expected around

mid day. The tax will come into mid day. The tax will come

effect in July next year. Greek

leaders still haven't been able

Prime Minister. Negotiations to reach an agreement on a new

Prime Minister have been continuing since

Papandreou agreed to Prime Minister George

yesterday and Papandreou agreed to step down

yesterday and Italy's Prime

Minister Silvio Berlusconi has

denied reports he's about to

resign as fears grow that resign as fears grow that Italy

may not be able to pay its

debts. Let's head to finance

now and the head of international monetary now and the head of the

international monetary fund Chris lean Lagarde has told Eurozone leaders they must redouble their efforts to solve

fears Italy may not be able to the debt crisis . There are

pay its debts. Ms Legarde is

warning that the crisis is threatening global threatening global economic

growth. We'll have a look at

the figures for

Here's Steve Pearce with Here's Steve Pearce with a look at sport and it's all

about golf now. It is, Tiger

Woods may be the world number

58 but he's still making all

the headlines. Tiger Woods has declared himself fit and ready for this week's Australian Open. It Open. It all starts at The Lakes in Sydney on Thursday. A

good couple of weeks of top good couple of weeks of top level golf with some of the top

players. Woods out with a few

people that you might recognise

last night in Melbourne. Shane

Warne's new bar in Crown was

the venue for all the venue for all sorts of people. Ron Walker, Harry

Kewell, you name them they were

probably there. He's had a

couple of days of invitational

golf in Perth and Melbourne and

now the world number 58, now the world number 58, he says he's ready after injure Ri-riddled years and a few

other issues off the

course. It's been a rough go. As you said from basically '07

on I've had a ruptured ACL, broken leg, torn broken leg, torn cartilage, two torn Achilles, a couple of

strained ligaments so it's been

a little rough but it's finally

good to be healthy and to be

able to train, train properly

not rehab, to physically train

and do all things I know I can

do and my game is starting to

come because of it. He's got a

long way to come back. Steve

Williams, his former caddy, and

Adam Scott, his new

professional player, were out

on The Lakes course in Sydney yesterday as the pair attempt

to put the controversies to put the controversies of

recent days behind them.

Williams returns to his more

mundane duties of yardage mundane duties of yardage work

and plodding along the course

ahead of the start of the Open

on Thursday. Many big names on Thursday. Many big names are flying in for this event. It's

the best field in years but it

was a very familiar face, that

of Greg Norman who spoke

yesterday and in defence of

Williams who worked with him

before his now more famous alliance with Woods. It's bad,

obviously, to have those type

of things put out there but I

think from what I'm

understanding and I don't know

the entire situation but it was

a controlled environment, it

was like any of us going,

sitting around the bar with

about 10 or 15 of your mates at

a press conference or a a press conference or a press meeting, you might say a few

things that you only say to

your friends and I think Steve was under the belief that that

was a closed environment and -

but unfortunately that is not the

the case in this world nowadays. A nowadays. A private meeting

with journalists and a microphone. Anyway, that's Greg Norman. Norman. Brazilian Gabriel

Medina has won the AFP surfing

event in San Francisco. event in San Francisco. World

champion Kelly Slater and

number 2 Australian Owen Wright were

were both knocked out early

this morning. 17-year-old Medina scored 2 big waves at

the start of the final and held

on to win the title and a cool

$75,000. The third consecutive

time a Brazilian has won a surfing

surfing event. Adriana de Souza took

took the honours in Portugal

two weeks ago after Medina's win in France. Some swimming

news, Australian Ian Thorpe is

preparing for the second

competitive event of his much publicised comeback. Thorpe publicised comeback. Thorpe was

well below his best when he

made the return to the pool in

Singapore last weekend. He's in Beijing with the rest of the

world tour looking to improve

on those times and no doubt some of the placings he managed

to get. He's decided to swim

the 100 metres freestyle today.

His compatate Libby Trickett is

also on the - come back

trail. Ian hasn't competed for

nearly 7 years or 6 years, so

it's sort of a relearning for

him and he had his first competition in Singapore and

swam reasonably well there.

We're looking for him and Libby

to improve throughout the

series so hopefully swim a bit

faster here in Beijing and then

a bit faster again in Tokyo.

But, you know, it's early days

yet for these two athletes yet for these two athletes and

they can improve significantly

between this point and between this point and our trials in trials in March. Melbourne

Victory's decision to Victory's decision to appeal against the red card handed to defender Matthew Vicini has backfired. The panel deemed

Victory's appeal as frivolous

and gave him an extra match on

the sidelines to think about it

next time. Due to international

commitments with the under 23

side it means he won't play for

Victory again until probably 10 December match December match against

Adelaide. Victory will be without Ante Viccic and Harry

Kewell. Vir Das Koh will play Thomas Berdych in the next

round. Vanessa joins us for the weather. Widespread cloud across

across southern parts of south Australia, western NSW and

Victoria, also along with

Tasmania has been causing Tasmania has been causing rain,

showers and isolated

thunderstorms. Cloudy and

stormy in the tropics where

this system has come from and a

cold front crossing WA's

south-west has been causing

isolated showers. A trough from the north-west down to the north-west down to the

south-east is what's been

triggering all this severe weather. The most severe weather. The most severe storm

sells have moved away from

Melbourne. They're moving east. Winds associated with the

interior and southern parts of trough are affecting the

the country. Tomorrow another

system will move in. A cold

front will clash with the

trough from the north-west.

This will increase rain and thunderstorms especially from

southern NSW down to Tasmania.

That front will bring a cooler

change to the south-east ending

a couple of days of high

humidity but warm humidity but warm northerly

winds will strengthen ahead in Queensland and NSW ahead of

that trough. A high will clear

the skies in WA. For

Queensland, showers about the

tropics, across the western

district gusty northerly winds

and also storms. NSW, apart

from the far north coast and north-west slopes isolated showers and thunderstorms

across the State. In Victoria

Melbourne's severe warning has

been cancelled but it's still

current for parts of the north

and Gippsland districts. Warm

and humid, rain in the east

will clear around midday

although lit be followed by scattered showers. The rain

will ease in Tasmania during

the late morning. Isolated thunderstorms about the nors apd west. South Australia still a severe thunderstorm warning

for the pastoral district and

part of Flinders. Isolated showers and thunderstorms extending to all areas extending to all areas apart

from the far north-west. WA,

isolated showers and squally thunderstorms from the central

west across to the southern

coastal districts. 13 mm in Perth. Afternoon storms about the Kimberley and interior. In the Northern the Kimberley and north-east

Territory isolated shower and Territory isolated shower

gusty storms mainly over the Top End.

That's a round up of

morning news. Up next is That's a round up of the

'Business Today'. Remember that

vote in the Senate that will

pass the carbon tax legislation

should take place around about midday today, ABC News midday today, ABC News 24 will have coverage of it. I'll see

you tomorrow on News Breakfast. Closed Captions by

CSI This Program is Captioned Live.

Good morning, welcome to

Business Today for Australia Network, I'm Whitney

Fitzsimmons. Coming up on the

program - stability threat

concerns grow that Italy will

be the next victim of the debt

crisis. Losing faith, Europe's

markets fall on political

uncertainty. And fresh breaks,

surfing carves a new market in

China. First let's take a quick

look at the markets and we'll

have more on what we can expect

to see on the markets today in

a motel. Yesterday around the region the session was