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(generated from captions) Welcome to attend the news. That we

have a good reception for Apple's

new gadget. But first tonight,

emergency surgery for Kevin Rudd.

The former Prime Minister is in a

Brisbane hospital tonight after

doctors ordered an immediate

operation. Suffering intense

abdominal pain, Kevin Rudd was abdominal pain, Kevin Rudd was

admitted to Brisbane's Hospital

this afternoon and prepped for

surgery to remove his gall bladder.

We would obviously wish him well

and a speedy recovery in the best

of treatment and care in hospital. of treatment and care in hospital.

Tony Abbott sent his own best

wishes. He expects to be back in

action next week. He will campaign

for Labor anywhere in Australia as

required by the Prime Minister.

That had buried the look of an

orange -- her olive branch. He is

prepared to campaign more broadly

and I welcome that. Labour needs a

truce after Mark Latham accused him

of cowardice. Kevin Rudd it denies

the leaking. Whatever the truth,

Labor focus groups are showing that

is it starting to her at the party.

Another former MP is trying a

comeback. For the one-time Democrat

Cheryl Curno will stand as an

independent for the Senate in NSW.

Most of all I care about our

opportunity as a nation to have

complex grown-up conversations

without everything being

trivialised. She will run on a

recycled Democrats slogan. We are

outside the Brisbane Hospital where

the former Prime Minister is

recovering. He has undergone a very

painful operation to remove his

gall-bladder here at the private gall-bladder here at the private

hospital. They. Been campaigning

for the next couple of days. He was

admitted here at lunchtime today

after suffering suffered the pain

yesterday and undergoing a series

it -- series of tests. But did not

stop them from campaigning as a

local school in his lecture this

morning before coming here. We have

seen no sign of his wife, Theresa,

or other family members but she has

treated her thanks for the public.

She will have some idea of the sort

of pain and her husband has been

feeling, she had gallstones removed

in an operation two years ago. Her

husband has been generally fighting

fit apart from a heart for a

transplant he had in his mid-30s

which he often refers to when

visiting hospitals. His officers

that this operation should and the

keeping down for a couple of days

and we can expect him back on the

campaign trail early next week.

Thank you. The kiss of life could

be facing the kiss of death. A new

study has found a note -- most

people don't know mouth-to-mouth

and there's a simple method that is

just as effective.

This could be all it takes to save

someone's life. One, two, three,

four. A major international study

has found chest compressions are

just as affective as mouth-to-mouth

in cardiac arrest cases if the

rescuer has had no resuscitation

training. Do something rather than

to do nothing and the something

would be chest compressions.

Australian CPR standards will soon

receive the biggest overhaul in

years to reflect the study's

findings. There'll be a major

change in that we'll be advising

people that if they discover

someone collapsed on the street for

example to give compression only

CPR. First aid students say the

thought of giving a stranger mouth-

to-mouth can be off-putting. I

definitely have issues with putting

my mouth on somebody's mouth. There

are so many different ways of

transmitting disease. Only 8% of

Australians have first aid training

but St John says you can't cause

serious harm to someone by

attempting resuscitation. If you do

nothing, the patient might die, so

it's preferable to do something.

The new CPR guidelines are expected

to be released in November.

Sufferers of rheumatoid arthritis

will soon have cheaper access to

new treatment. It will reduce the

number of objections needed to

reduce the infection. He tied Ince

plane and swelling. It is one of

the first monthly injections to be

listed on the PBS. You always look

for a silver bowl at have to be a

cure, this is not a cure but it is

a fantastic treatment. There is a

deadly warning on homeopathic

treatment. A coroner has found that

she took bad advice and paid with

her life. This could be all it

takes to save someone's life. One,

two, three, four. By the time

Penelope Dingle had emergency

surgery eight months after being

diagnosed with rectal cancer, it

was too late. She'd previously

relied on the remedies of homeopath

Francine Scrayen in the belief they

would cure her cancer. Today, in a

105 page document, Coroner Alastair

Hope slammed Mrs Scrayen's

involvement... Saying she was not a competent health professional...

Had minimal medical knowledge and

had given dangerous advice. He

accepted the homeopath had

convinced Penelope she could cure

the disease and said Mrs Scrayen's

advice not to have surgery was an

outrageous thing to do. Alastair Hope said Penelope's toxicologist

husband Peter Dingle had been a

victim of his own misinformation

and hadn't taken action to separate

his wife from Mrs Scrayen's

influence or to save her from the

terrible pain. The Coroner said

Peter Dingle was active in the

decision making process and his

support of and assistance in the

homeopathic treatment contributed

to reducing Penelope's chance of

survival. But he said ultimately, survival. But he said ultimately,

the decisions were Penelope's and

they'd sadly been based on

misinformation. While both Francine

Scrayen and Peter Dingle sat

through much of the inquest,

neither was at court today. Are you neither was at court today. Are you

disappointed Francine and Peter

aren't here to hear what the aren't here to hear what the

coroner had to say? That's their

decision, really don't have any

comment to make about that. Mr Hope

recommended both the State and

Federal Health departments review

legislation on alternative medicine

to ensure there are no mixed messages for vulnerable patients.

He also raised concerns about two

of Penelope's doctors, Igor

Tabrizian and William Barnes,

saying he would refer their

evidence to the Medical Board. We

would like to say that we're very

satisfied with the process of

conducted. investigation the court has

Controversial broadcaster Daren

hinge is heading for a new legal

fight. The High Court has agreed to

hear his constitutional challenge

in the fight to name sex predators.

Don't hinge is heading to Canberra

and a massive legal fight. This

means we get to the High Court to

argue that some of the decisions by

our courts of wrong. Two years ago

at a rally, he named 26 at

criminals that had their names

suppressed. Criminal interests get

more cloud than community interests.

There is a constitutional challenge

mounted in the High Court, could

save to him years of legal action.

The system is weighted towards the

offender. He claims that the right

to know for the public should trump

criminal methods. It will Trumper

most options. The Government will

probably fight it. I do want to

comment. He will Trumper automatic

laws that suppress the names of sex

offenders. Still to come, the

damning report on Australia's worst

bushfire disaster. Plus the sale of

the iPhone, Apple's supporters

ringing registers at midnight.

A French mother has confessed to

killing her eight newborn babies

over two decades and burying their

bodies around her properties.

Incredibly, authorities say her

husband had no idea. Eight candles

for eight babies killed within

minutes of being born. 47-year-old

Dominic is their mother. She has

confessed to suffocating her

newborns and disposing of them in

plastic bags. Two corpses were

found buried at her parents' old

home, when the new owners began to

dig a pool., Six more were

discovered at her current address,

in a fuel tank in the garage.

Officials say her unsuspecting

husband feels like the sky has

fallen in. He has said, he was not

aware she was pregnant. She has a

very large body which may explain

why he did not know she was

pregnant and he also said he had no

knowledge that his wife was

disposing of the newborns.

Maybe you could hide one pregnancy,

but eight? The nursing assistant

had to unborn babies. For some

women, the whole idea of pregnancy

and the changes and adaptations

that are required up to

overwhelming and they going to the

process of denying reality. But for

Dominic Cottrez, there is no more

denial. Her horrific secret is out

and she's facing extensive

psychiatric testing and possibly

life imprisonment. Politicians have

been accused of scoring cheap

points over Australia's worst

natural disaster. With Teddy in tow,

in large bolts as the despair of

losing his hilltop paradise is on

par with the agony of wading

through the red tape of rebuilding.

They keep moving the goalposts on

us. He says that it is just one

example of how the Government has

let down the survivors 19 months on.

They just can't get the decisions

and nothing is happening on the

tour - just the ground. There was a

scathing attack on the Liberal

leader. He wants to play grubby

politics with people who have been

adversely affected by the bull --

Bush fires. The Government says

that it will examine the final

report closely before responding.

Cars than centres will remain open

tomorrow in bushfire affected

regions to help survivors revisit

the tragedy. It is only when they

have got stable accommodation under

certain to sail down -- settled down.

To the Macquarie finance

: Reception glitches with Apple's

iPhone have not stop people queuing

to get one. Phone companies have

gone to great expense to hype the

launch across the country. Waiting

hours in line for the latest iPhone

takes stamina and these to sort so

created by Master chefs were a help.

For some customers, a nightclub. Of

to spend thousands up hiring Kelly

Rowland to perform. This has been a

phenomenon. The things that this

phone can do is brilliant. He

changes the way used enable firm.

He would say that. All the Telco

has have enjoyed a resurgence with

the iPhone. This also brings with

it more scrutiny for Apple. What is

remarkable is that with even in bad

publicity about the reason product,

there has been largely ignored by

those people. It may have been

played by a reception issues But

even not know it here. People are

always going to bring down good

things and the problems are so

minor, it is a non-issue. This is

the first time in 20 years that

there has been a well publicised

issue with one of their products so

people are just willing to say it

is not a problem if I use it in a

certain way or use a bumper. Supply

the find is limited, meaning many

will have to wait. It is telling

but the simple act of buying a

phone for are telling few is worth

it. No matter who wins the federal

election, one party stands to make

history with the Greens poised to

Secure the balance of power and the

Senate. But the Coalition warns

that the green change could come at

a cost. Bob Brown has every reason

to be happy. And thus predict his

party will win the balance of power

in the Senate, giving it major

influence in shaping legislation.

Bob! You're a Shiro! You are as

well! People out there know in

middle Australia that we're

offering a secure a future when the

big parties and even talking about

it. The polls put support for the

Greens at around 10% and the party

could make history by winning its

first House of Representatives seat

it a general election. The chances

haven't been better than they are

now. Adam, the software developer,

is tipped to hold a seat for the is tipped to hold a seat for the

first time in years. I think most

people are disappointed. His rivals

say the degrees voters were wasted

vote. You can only do things it in

Government that you can do what the

people in the inner-city ones. Once

predominantly working-class, the

suburbs are now much more diverse

and many voters here at this is it --

-- dissatisfied with what the major

parties have on offer. I don't

think the other parties offer

revision for Australia that I agree

with. But the Coalition says that

voters should question the come --

the preferences deal. I think Bob

Brown is a lot of scrutiny. That is

what he is getting. Next, claims

that crucial informants will die

because of internet leaks.

because of internet leaks. Plus Tom,

70 years on and heading for a world record.

The Pentagon claims that the lives

of crucial war informants have been

put at risk in Afghanistan by the

historic intelligence leak. But at

the website's Australian founder

has fired back. The Pentagon says

it will take days if not weeks to

assess the damage caused by what

has already been posted on the

website. Robert Gibson is that

people's lives have been put into

danger. If somebody is co-operating

with the Federal Government and

their name is listed in an action

report, I don't think it is a

stretch to believe that they could

potentially be bought a group or an

end dividual at potential risk. US

officials assumed that they were

leaked by this private who has

already charged with illegally

downloading a classified video of a

helicopter gunship shooting

civilians in the streets of Baghdad,

a video that ended up on the

internet. The documents covered the

years to doesn't fall to 2009 and

describe in detail why the US is in

such trouble in Afghanistan. The US

has been fighting with too few

troops and causing too many

civilian casualties. The Afghan

Government is corrupt and

inefficient, Pakistan is an inefficient, Pakistan is an

uncertain ally which are at times

has supported the same Taleban that

is killing people in Afghanistan.

The headquarters at one thing after

another. This is the story of the

war since two-person four. Most of

the deaths in this war are it as a

result of the everyday squall of

war. Not the big instances. Sir Tom

Jones is on track to make recording

history. All he has to do is based

history. All he has to do is based another superstar this weekend.

# When I slept too long #. And I

slept too deep then #.

But could he have dreamt that as a

70-year-old, he would top the album

charts, becoming the oldest man to

ever do so in the process.

# In the whisper of the wind #. And

the rhythm of a song #. Ad$$NEWLINE

His 40th album is set to have a

record for the Welsh superstar. record for the Welsh superstar.

Could he go to that place? Could he

knock Eminem off the top spot? It's

a race between different

generations and very different

sounds. The fact that he's within a sounds. The fact that he's within a

few hundred sales of Eminem is

remarkable and has a great chance

come the weekend to pull it off.

# It's not unusual to be loved by anyone #.

He may have sold more than 100

million records, but in an

interview, he admits that topping

the charts this weekend is his goal.

If I don't get to number one, I

don't get the record, and I do want it.

With an executive at his record

label reportedly unimpressed with

the new gospel album it will no

doubt make another number one all

the more satisfying for the veteran

of the music business.

Major roads north of Brisbane have

been brought to a standstill

because of music-lovers converging

for the festival. 32,000 people

expected to make the trek, turning

a tent city into way home. a tent city into way home.

Organisers are confident than

moving the event from Byron Bay

will be a success. It is in the mud,

isn't it? This would I just assumed.

Come Sunday, the party will be over.

That does look like fun. Sports

tonight is next. The Wallabies will

prepare for the greatest test in

world rugby? We will preview

tomorrow night's clash against the

All Blacks plus the football action

for tonight. The St Basil the

bombers. The bull dogs fight for a

finals birth. And how about this

for a round of golf,

This program is captioned live.

Tonight the Saints battle the

Bombers. The Bulldogs fight for for

their finals future. And can the

Panthers arrest their 3-game slide?

Hi. I'm Scott MacKinnon and Welcome

to Toyota Sports Tonight. We'll go

around the grounds shortly, and

we'll cross the codes.

The Wallabies get set for a Bledisloe Battle.

The Boomers slay Slovenia in China.

And our golfers get their groove on.

And the plays of the week. We've harnessed it all.

Sports Tonight. There's been a big

upset in the AFL tonight. Essendon

stunning St Kilda, defeating the

Saints for the third time in a row.

Already looking bruised before the

first bounce, the Saints copped a

bomber battering in the opening quarter.

Battered and bruised then became

bloodied in a 7-goal blitz. And

there was more in the second.

It took a super snap from the

Saints skipper Riewoldt to stem the

flow but it was only momentary

relief. The half-time margin a

shock 37 points. Such was its shock 37 points. Such was its

dominance, Essendon almost took

pity on St Kilda in the third term.

But his team-mate Hardingham made

no such mistakes, he kicked two in

a row, and it was the Saint coach's

turn to lose it. A late double from

the Saints reduced the margin to 36

at the final break. Before at the final break. Before

Schneider gave them some hope early

in the last. A brilliant

performance from the Bombers.

The Saints never recovered from

that slow start - they now have

just a draw from their past three matches.

Brisbane coach Michael Voss has

thrown his support behind controversial forward Brendan

Fevola. Nathan Templeton joins us

now - Nathan, once again, the focus

is on Fev for all the wrong reasons.

Yes, Scotty, this time it's for his

lack of form. After such a

promising start to the season for

both Fevola and the club, things

have gone a bit pear shaped for the

Lions. Fev has been carrying

injuries all year, the goals have

dried up and the questions about

his spot in the side keep coming.

No, I think it's time to draw a

line in the sand and sort of say

Fev is part of our team and we need

to stop singling him out. So from

my end, we've got to make sure we

support all our players. And Vossy

wasn't his only supporter today.

How are you going Fevo? That's good.

Good, mate, good. But when asked

whether Fev has the full support of

his team-mates, the coach was less

convincing. I would have thought so.

Former Saints Xavier Clarke will

play his first game with the Lions

against Melbourne at the Gabba

tomorrow night. Collingwood fan

favourite Leon Davis will play his

200th match against Carlton

tomorrow - the first indigenous

Magpie to reach the milestone. I

take the good with the bed.

Unfortunately much of the bad has

come in finals and Neon Leon can't

wait to make amends in September.

People will say what they play,

they have the right to say whatever

they want. Key defender Simon

Prestigiacomo injured his groin at

training today and will be replaced

by Nathan Brown. While Brad Dick's

season is over after news he needs

a shoulder reconstruction.. And the

farewell tour has begun for Paul

Roos, the outgoing swans coach

today attending a tribute lunch,

including messages from some

special guests. Everytime I was

down or when things weren't going

well in the last 7 years when I was

number one in the world, many times

I thought of you and thought, "Do

it like Roosy", and I was able to

do it. Thanks so much. I want to

thank you for early on in both our

careers when you advised me to

question a lot of calls. Yes. Roosy

is a very influential and well-

connected man, Scotty. BUNNIEs

while Souths came out with plenty

of heat, it was the Dogs that took

the early lead.

And despite a pair of howlers from

the general, the boys from Belmore

doubled their lead through Steve

Turner. The news got worse for

Souths when Beau Falloon's night

ended with a broken wrist - but the

Bunnies reduced the deficit from

the back of the scrum. The respite

for Souths was short lived though,

as once again they let the Doggies in.

The halftime break did little to

calm Sam Burgess - placed on report

for a grapple tackle before another

Patten error handed Sandow his second.

Down but not out - Patten put a terrible night terrible night behind him to lay

the Bunnies to rest and notch up a

century of first grade tries. A

worthy finish for the general.

Thank you, men, So Souths' finals

charge suffering a serious dent -

the Bulldogs now just 2 wins

outside the top eight.

Willie Mason has admitted he's

considering a move to the English

Super League when his contract

expires with North Queensland at

the end of the season. His Cowboys

tonight coming - within a whisker

of a huge boil-over at Penrith.

The Panthers looking to cement

second spot on the ladder. But it

was the lowly-placed Cowboys

leading the way as Matt Bowen put

Will Tupou across. Bowen sends a Will Tupou across. Bowen sends a

rocket out to the match winner from

last Saturday night. The wet last Saturday night. The wet

conditions didn't hamper Thurston conditions didn't hamper Thurston

as he added the extras. But it also as he added the extras. But it also

kicked the home side into gear. The

Panthers with an immediate response.

Johnathan Thurston then showed his

class at the other end of the field

to send Willie Tonga through. But

in a see-sawing opening Brad Tighe

got the Panthers back to within two

when he crossed. Sure enough the

Cowboys attacked again. First Sam

McKendry was placed on report for a

trip on Thurston. Then Ashley

Graham extended North Queensland's

lead, finding himself on the end of

a Bowen kick. After a try-fest in

the first half it took nearly half

an hour for either side to get over

in the second. Moments later in the second. Moments later

Penrith hit the lead for the first

time in the game as Gordon did it

all himself. A late penalty icing

the win as the Panthers snapped a the win as the Panthers snapped a three game losing streak.

So the Panthers hang on to second

spot on the ladder for at least

another week. But Sam McKendry has

a nervous wait after being reported

for tripping Johnathan Thurston.

Time for a break - but when we

return on Sports Tonight, the

Wallabies gear up for the All

Blacks. Can they break their 7-game

hoodoo? Hearts are beating in

Melbourne. And later the Little

Master strikes again.

This program is captioned live. The

Wallabies are out to snap a 7-game

losing streak against the All

Blacks in tomorrow night's Bledilsoe Cup clash Bledilsoe Cup clash in Melbourne.

With just over 24 hours until kick

off, concerns surrounding the

playing surface are beginning to dry up.

Under a closed roof, the maligned

surface of Etihad Stadium stood the

test of today's captain's run. Once

again the Wallabies coach wouldn't again the Wallabies coach wouldn't

be drawn.

Yeah, should be good.

There is the occasional bare patch There is the occasional bare patch

and boot mark, but the All Blacks

don't see what all the fuss is about.

There's grounds like that around

and I think it will be as good as

gold. One thing the teams can agree

on - the importance of the

Bledisloe Cup.

According to the players, it means

even more than the Tri-Nations.

I think the Bledisloe probably edges ahead.

It's probably the trophy we want to win the most.

Of this squad, that's something

only lock Nathan Sharpe has managed to do.

He's the sole survivor of the

victorious 2002 Wallabies.

But could hardly crack a smile in

today's team photo, after losing

his tooth in last week's win

against the Springboks. It was

found after the match - just in

time - by a groundsman.

Yeah, he said he found a human tusk on the grass.

I haven't tucked into too many

apples yet but they're fine.

Tomorrow night's Test will be

Victorian-born Rocky Elsom's first

in Melbourne as Wallabies captain.

It's probably a big moment for my

family, being Victorian. Victorians

pride themselves on their sport. As pride themselves on their sport. As

do the Wallabies on success. You

get one crack. And you walk away

and you have to live with the outcome.

Sydney FC Striker Alex Brosque

returns from injury for tomorrow

nights final warm-up match against Blackburn Rovers.

Meanwhile Rovers boss Sam Allardyce has laid

has laid into England coach Fabio

Capello, blaming their World Cup Capello, blaming their World Cup

failure on his approach to his players.

I don't think that Fabio Capello

learnt about the English culture.

He tried to bring an Italian

culture to England and that simply

doesn't work. See the full

interview on World Football News on

ONE HD when it returns in just over a fortnight.

And the Brisbane Roar were paraded

at last night's season launch -

with Suncorp Stadium providing the

backdrop. After struggling to break

even at the venue in recent years,

both parties were happy with the

new deal. And the A-League's newest

team, Melbourne Heart, officially

launched its season today. Sports

Tonight's Jeremy Arnold caught up

with their skipper, Simon Colosimo.

It has been a long time to play

back here in Melbourne. It would be

great to do it in a true rectangle

football stadium. You open all

these bands to announce next year's

Day. It was a very early start and

it was a bit fridge but we got a

great turnout I am sure we will get

a few come next there is denied. a few come next there is denied.

Last year Melbourne heart was just

a bit of paper, how are they

gelling together. The boy is doing gelling together. The boy is doing

really well. We have learned a bit

of Dutch and Brazilian. We are

getting to know each other around

the change room which is the most the change room which is the most

important thing on the field. We important thing on the field. We

know our jobs. Have used sat down

as a team and were doubt realistic

goals for the season. Our goals are

it is important to get a goal at

home and then let it flow. We have

studied other teams and we have

worked very hard on getting

ourselves to right and I'm sure we

will get there. One of the

highlights of the season will be

the Melbourne Derby, the players

must be looking forward to it. It

is nine points out of 90 we can get.

It is about picking up points. It

will be massive in Victoria. We are

looking forward to it. What is it

difficult to leave so need to come

to a totally new project. It was

because of the great time my head because of the great time my head

in Sydney. It was not because of

the vision and the dream Melbourne

heart head. We wish you all the

best. Simon Kholo Samoa, and the

Melbourne hard kick of the season

against the Central Coast Mariners

next week. Still to come on ST -

harness racing's big Dreama. It's

boom town in China. And the Aussie

golfers firing around the globe.

This program is captioned live.

A birdie at 18 has seen Aussie

Katherine Hull jump to the top of

the leaderboard after round one of

the British Open. But she's not

alone. Calm conditions for the

girls at Birkdale. Made for some

impressive work around the greens.

Oh, it's rolling very well for Eva

Yang, keep going, keep rolling!

That pulled up but this one didn't,

Yani Tseng's long Eagle putt at the

last handing her a four under par

68, and share of the lead. Richard

Green is just a shot of the pace at

the Irish Open, carding a sixty-

five with a few surprises. In the

US, a two-time heart transplant

recipient leads the way in the Greenbrier Classic.

I think every golfer knows if you

hang in there long enough

eventually you're gonna have a day

like, like, like I had today.

Erik Compton shot a seven-under 63,

but there's a few Aussies chasing, but there's a few Aussies chasing,

including Aron Price, and Stuart

Appleby. And this is a name to remember, American teenager Bobby remember, American teenager Bobby

Wyatt took out the Alabama Boys

Championships with an incredible

fourteen under par round of 57.

I hit it well...Fourteen Under

Par!? Yes, sir, it was a... That's

a 57! It was a lot of fun.

Tournament officials are trying to

confirm if it's a world record. The

Boomers have continued their fine

form in China, beating Slovenia 77- 63.

Point guards Patty Mills and Adam

Gibson scored 15 points each.. Brad

Newley chipped in with 14.

Australia play Iran tonight having

already booked a place in the Stankovic Cup final.

Jenson Button is turning up the

heat ahead of this weekend's

Hungarian Formula 1 Grand Prix. The

defending world champ declaring his

McLaren is getting faster.

McLaren is getting faster. We have

a very good downforce level for

this kind of circuit. We expect to

be fighting it out with the

Ferrari's here. It is a step Ferrari's here. It is a step

forward for us coming through the circuit.

The opening practice session is

currently under way. Sachin

Tendulkar has scored the fifth

double century of his career - his

first double ton in 6 years. He was

caught out for 203 against Sri

Lanka. India 9 for 669 at the end

of day 4 in reply to Sri Lanka's

642. It's only the fifth time in

Test history both teams have

totalled over 600 in the first

innings. And ahead of the Ashes -

Australia will be keeping an eye on

Ewan Morgan. The Irish born batsmen

knocked up his maiden Test century

for England - with a 6 against

Pakistan. England 4 for 331 at

stumps on Day 1. A South Australian

filly will make a miracle return to

the State's richest day of harness

racing tomorrow. Dixie Chick

Dreamer was the favourite to win

the Southern Cross final last year

before she broke her leg. She's now

repaying her owner with a dream

comeback. A comeback to Globe Derby

that defied all odds. COMMENTATOR:

Back on the racetrack and she's

back with a win. Dixie Chick Dreama

really good filly, goes on to win

by 27 metres. 12 months ago Andrew

and George Gilbert were told they'd

have to put down their filly after

she broke her leg in a race. We

bred her, we bred her mum, I raised

her grandmother. She's part of the family.

family. You didn't know whether she

was going to survive or not, for a

start. But the bone wasn't

shattered so there was still a slim

chance she could recover. We've

done about 2000 laps of the Globe

Dervy park swimming pool, treatment

with the magnetic field therapy and

a lot of bandaging and rubbing of

her legs. Andrew tapes her leg

before every ride, admitting it's

just for peace of mind and it won't

do much for a skeletal injury.

do much for a skeletal injury. But

she's made a rare recovery, winning

all 8 races she's entered since her

return in May. She had a tough run,

a real hard hitout tonight and

she's killed them. Dixie Chick

Dreama will be the likely favourite

this Saturday's Southern Cross

final at Globe Derby, where she

hopes to double her current

earnings. We're hoping, she's drawn

a little bit awkwardly, there are

dangers when you've won 8 you're

only as good as your next start.

only as good as your next start.

The 3-year-old filly final is worth

$50,000 - 10,000 more than she's

won in her career. It's another

massive weekend of sporting action,

and's Joel Caine

has all the odds. Take it away,

Joel. To top four teams Jarryd

Hayne going out tomorrow night in

the rugby league. Should be a full

house at Parramatta Stadium.

They promoter's dream at the MCG tomorrow.

Game four of the Tri Nations also.

Plenty of action happening around

the traps, check out our website.

can hurt you or hurt your pocket. ActewAGL's gas or water pipes,

This program is captioned live.

It's that time of the week when we

look back at the best and the worst

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Toyota Plays of the Week. It took

just 45 seconds or Jarryd Hayne to

become the Jarryd Hayne Plain.

become the Jarryd Hayne Plain.

Jered blow and the Bulldogs are

part in attack and defence.

Speaking of Defence, how is this

for an effort. This man celebrating

too early and the raiders clash

with the Bunnies.

No suggestion of throwing the game,

unlike the Formula One. Ferrari

orchestrating over the man : so

victory in Germany. Felipe Massa

keeping quiet. Warren Tredrea

called it quits after a club record

255 games. I came in a naive school

boy and leave a father. Amazingly,

nobody was hurt in this spectacular

crash. And Alberto Contador of won

his third tour de France. At a