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(generated from captions) This Program is Captioned Live. Tight security on the

street of Delhi as the

Commonwealth Games begin. The Prime Minister Julia

Gillard re affirms Australia's commitment in Afghanistan. Deployed the right

number of equipment to number of people with the right

mission. Terror aer will, equipment to acquit the British and American citizens

warned of possible attack s in

Europe. And the Dragons romp their first premiership in 31

years. Good morning, you're watching ABC News 24, I'm Virginia

Trioli. The Commonwealth Games

have officially opened with spectacular ceremony in have officially opened with a

spectacular ceremony in Delhi. There were lengthy delays as more than 60,000 people passed

through security checks before

entering the arena. In the

latest headache officials an Indian athlete has

a suspected case of dengue now been taken to hospital with

fever. The ABC's Peter Lewis

has more from Delhi. Until now

cricket's been the hot ticket

for 1.2 billion sports loving

Indians and for the next 2

weeks at least there will be 17

more sports to choose from. And

tonight's 60,000 of lucky one

got a front row seat at the

staged in this country. It's biggest sporting event ever

been a nail biting build up,

chaos for sure, often descending into

chaos and farce. Not to mention

taxpayers. Many of whom get by the phenomenal price tag

on just a few dollars a day.

They will find out soon enough

whether it's all been worth it

but tonight the lucky ones who

won a lottery and a ticket for the opening ceremony of 19th Commonwealth Games they're

just happy to party. Now Games are an opportunity just happy to party. Now the

Games are an opportunity for

India to sell itself to the world. The events' world. The events' worth

millions to the local economy

New Delhi not everyone is but as Sally Sara reports from

reaping those benefits. Delhi

is all dressed up but many of its people have no where to city's poverty. The slum dwellers here view the games with a mixture of pride frustration.

that's happen bug TRANSLATION: It's a good thing

benefit for us. We have no water and it is dirty on the streets around here. Up to

300,000 people have been

Commonwealth Games. Many are displaced to make way for the displaced to make way for


wondering why all the money

wasn't used to help instead of

hide Delhi's poor. What's haing

here is a really clear example Commonwealth Games. Behind of the

Commonwealth Games. Behind the of the extremes

brightly coloured logos this is

the reality for hundreds of thousands of people in the

city. They've been hidden away behind these barriers and event has delivered almost nothing for them. Human nothing for them. Human rights

activists say the Games have

corruption, mismanagement and been overshadowed by

the deaths of more than 100

construction workers. They're

calling on athletes and

officials to acknowledge the

social cost of the event. We are

international are very disappointed with the

face of full knowledge of international community in

everything that has gone wrong

in the preparation to the all the human in the preparation to the Game,

all the human rights

violations, all the em embezzlement of funds. Not a single country has had the

courage to speak courage to speak up against India. But in many living rooms

across the city the opening ceremony

ceremony was met with genuine

joy and excitement and there

was a touch of relief too after

ready and the nation's fears the city wouldn't be

reputation would be in pieces. We were a little

worried but all's well that

ends well so I was sure that this would be a successful

event so like you know like

they say it's like kind of a

wedding. It's always the last

minute, everything would go

fine, I was really sure about

that. The Games have played out that. The Games have played

the drama, contradictions and

hopes of a nation growing at record speed but record speed but for now it's just a welcome chance to

celebrate. Now the Prime Minister Julia Gillard Minister Julia Gillard has

arrived in Brussels ahead of a

European meet metre. 2-day meeting with Asian and

started her European tour with

a trip to Zurich where she met Sepp Blatter. She will meet Sepp Blatter. She will meet the NATO Secretary-General

the Prime Minister's mind as today. Afghanistan very high on

she arrive here in Brussels coming from that country visited the troop there's. A coming from that country having

very deliberate decision to go

there first, to be the first

Minister country she visits as Prime

Minister and meet the Minister and meet the troops

who are in harm's way every who are in harm's way every day

of every week and she paid

homage to what they do discussed with homage to what they do and

levels and their levels and she at this stage

says they think they've got it right. Of course the equipment

that our troops have is under review. We recently allocated $1.1 billion to increase equipment, increase equipment, to increase

force protection. We constantly

keep these matters under and should additional equipment keep these matters under review

be required then of course we

will respond to that advice. Of

course she is meeting with the Rasmussen in a few hours time NATO Secretary-General Rasmussen in a

and is likely to be asked about

Australia's commitment to

may be a request for more Afghanistan in the future. That

troops or more logistical

support. If there is a request

for that then it's probably

going to be a polite no because politically and militarily it seems

seems that we've probably

reached the point at which

we're willing to go in terms of our commitment to that country

at the mope.

right number of people with the

right equipment to acquit right equipment to acquit the mission was confirmed to me mission was confirmed to me by

the Chief of the Defence Force.

It was also confirmed to me It was also confirmed to me by

commanders on the ground like General Jim Creighton, like

General Cantwell, that we have the appropriate force size for our mission. There was our mission. There was another

stop, yes n Zurich to FIFA

headquarters to see Sepp

Blatter, the head of FIFA, the world's football governing body

to press Australia's case for the the 2020 World Cup. She

described it in another

sporting analogy as a Formula

One car on the grid ready for

this race but uncertain who's going to be the winner. Obviously he confirmed to me that Australia's bid had

complied with all of the complied with all of the FIFA

rules so we were, in his

terminology, like a Formula terminology, like a Formula One driver at the starting line,

the car is fully fueled the car is fully fueled and the

engine is on. Whether we will

win the race we'll know in December She will be meeting with leaders from Germany,

France, Japan to name just a few and it will be significant for her, of course her first real outing as Prime Minister

on the world stage and one of

many to come. She's got about 3 or 4 international meetings or 4 international meetings to come over the next few weeks.

So she is going to be very jet lagged. She's jet lagged now,

she's just having a bit of a rest. She's been on rest. She's been on long flights and these series of bilateral meetings again under

way in just about 10 hours'

time so she will need all the sleep she

Williams. There in the UK and

the US are warning their

citizens about travel in France

and Germany worried they will be singled out in terrorist atax. The alert follows news of

an Al-Qaeda-led plot for chand

o style attack on popular

tourist sites across Europe.

London correspondent Rachel

Brown reports. The beefed up

security at sites like security at sites like the Eiffel Tower over the Eiffel Tower over the past

couple of weeks is now being

matched by stricter travel

advisories. The UK's foreign

office says there's a high and France. We have also

updated our travel guidance updated our travel guidance for

people visiting some European

countries. This reinforces a need for vigilance against the continuing terrorist

threat. The US State Department

is also warning its citizens

about travel in Europe. about travel in Europe. It doesn't single out any

countries, just urges extra vigilance on public transport and at tourist and at tourist attractions. I believe in being cautious but I think in this world you can't just just stay in one place and hide. The warnings follow

intelligence reports last week that Al-Qaeda plans to send

teams of gunmen to crowded places to civilian. Commando style attacks similar to those in Mumbai in 2008 which killed

more than 160 people in two days. Western intelligence

agencies continue to monitor

those linked to the plot. Any terror warning is designed to

warn the dregs of Al-Qaeda that

the security services

aware of any potential plot aware of any potential plot to

thwart any intention to try to

carry out an attack and the fact that pre-emption is to be the way to be the way forward. Some security commentators say the

UK Government is being extra

cautious, still smarting after

the heat MI5 came under for failing to failing to warn travellers of the dangers in Bali before the

2002 bombings. But no-one can

predict whether these fresh aer

wills will send the terror

plot's designers to ground or will rush their plans will rush their plans forward. will rush their will rush their plans forward. Two Israeli soldiers have been

convicted of using a

Palestinian child as a human

shield during last year's war

in the Gaza Strip. The soldiers

were court-martialled for ordering the 9-year-old

Palestinian boy to check a bag

that they suspected that they suspected contained

weapons. They were found guilty

of exceeding their authority to

the point of endangering life.

Their crime could attract a jail term. Now this week marks

10 years since the begin 10 years since the begin of

Palestinian uprise ing. What followed were years of terror attacks on and deadly reprisals and deadly reprisals from Israeli security forces in which thousands were killed. In recent years the violence has abated but as Middle East correspondent Ben

reports the current calm is

increasingly fragile. increasingly fragile. It's ockt

fest - Oktoberfest in the West

Bank. At the only brewery in the Palestinian territories there's food, music and of course plenty of the local

broth. In on a day like this

the conflict might seem worlds away Israel went back to building

Jewish homes here in the West Bank. Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has

reportedly rejected a new

appeal from the United States

to stop the building for

another 2 months. The Palestinian President Mahmoud

Abbas says if the building goes

on the talks are over and it seems there aren't in

Palestinians who disagree with him. The

him. The settlement is a very big issue and at least we need

to see from the Israeli side a

view that says OK, we view that says OK, we are willing to

turn your back for us, we want your face and truth. This is one of the last villages in the West Bank. Many

of the people here are wealthy

and often foreign educated.

It's not a hot bed of extremism. People here do extremism. People here do want

a peace deal but not at any price. David Couri wants peace.

Apart from anything else he'd be able to get his beer to his Asian and European a fraction of time. He's Asian and European importers at frustrated by the occupation but

but he too says there there but he too says there there can

be no peace if Israel be no peace if Israel keeps

building in his future country. They're not about the country about giving

the Palestinians a homeland and

this is new to us and it's

about time. We understand that

the Palestinians have concerns.

Israel also has concerns and

the way that we have to bridge these gaps that we have to

overcome problems is through dialogue. This week years since the beginning of

the second interfad a. The violent uprising that cost the lives of more than 1,000

Israeli an more than 6,000

Palestinians. There are fears

that this region is once again set

set to explode. Now there are conflicting accounts around

this morning about just what happened to

happened to a man who died

while being arrested during

grand final celebrations grand final celebrations in Sydney. Police were called to

the St George's leagues club after a security guard was

attacked there. Now officers

say they used a Taser

one man and capsicum spray on another who later died. another who later died. They

say the exact cause of his death isn't yet known death isn't yet known but a

witness to the event says police continually Tasered the 35-year-old man before he died.

I was in the club, I seen the glassing, this guy glassed

the security officer. There's a

lot of blood and everything and

from that the police came in,

they capsicum sprayed those 3

people, they capsicum sprayed

the guy that was really the guy that was really messed

up. From that he was handcuffed laying down on the ground and

they just kept Tasering hip. He

asked them to stop. He kept

Tasering him and then they started restarting his heart. He stopped obviously breathing.

It took about 20 minutes for

the ambulance to get here the ambulance to get here and

they're still restarting, you

know, they were still pumping his heart going his heart going out. Witnesses

to that incident in cog rasmt

and of course the aftermath of

2 very important grand final,

one a replay over the weekend,

is sill gal van yiezing attention across the Those issues or sporting events or any attention across the country. Those issues or any other stories capture your your attention you can comment to us.

These are the top stories

this morning. There's been

tight security in Delhi where the Commonwealth Games have

officially opened. 100,000 guards were on watch across the

city and Indian athlete has been taken to hospital been taken to hospital with a

suspected case of dengue fever.

Britain and the United States are an increased chance are warning their citizens of terrorist attack in Europe. The

US stit - State Department

says tourist attraction says tourist attraction an transport could be targets. And the Prime Minister Julia

Gillard is in Brussels to meet the NATO Secretary-General. The

pair will discuss Australia's role in Afghanistan. The Prime

Minister made a surprise visit

to Australian troops in

Afghanistan at the weekend. Rescuers in Chile are

embarking on the final stretch

of their operation to free 33 of their operation to free 33 miners trapped deep underground. It's now believed

the men could be out in just a

matter of weeks. The BBC's Tim mining site and he's seen

preparations for the final

push. This is one of the few occasion s we're being allowed

into the mine, 35 of us taken

in a military truck here on a

pretty bumpy track right up

above the 3 drills to see the

helicopter pad which has been

built in the past few the helicopter pad and just

look at this view from here.

Just down there with the flag

you can see this is one of the bore holes through which the

rescue teams are sending food,

messages, and other notes of

support, clothing down to the miners below. There's another one adds well around the corner

which sends light and fibre

optics. Up to the top of the

hill is plan 8, 702 hill is plan 8, 702 metres below that the miners are

waiting to be rescued. That

drill is making fairly slow

progress. Just down there you can see a crane, a yellow and black crane can see a crane,

black crane and alongside that

plan B. That is making the most

progress so far and lit be

interesting to see whether it's

just a few days before that actually strikes through and

pierces the chamber where the

men are. Alongside that plan C,

slightly slower but boring a

huge bore at one go, so lit be

interesting to see how far that

gets. Then just behind that, look at the orange and yellow

tents, that's Camp Hope. Behind that you can see

that you can see all those

bulldoze ers clearing away masses of gathering here by the day. Just

up the slope from there that up the slope from there that is the viewing platform the viewing platform which is already being created by the authorities for the world's media to see what is going on

when the men are rescued and

then just up around the corner

another platform there, that is for the families, so they can take part in this whole experience as well. Just experience as well. Just moving

up from there you can see the

white and red little containers, that's for the families to meet the miners

when they come up and then when they come up and then they

will be driven up this will be driven up this track here the top to the here a bumpy the top to the helicopter pad

where they will then be flown

to hospital for, we think, at

least 2 days. Now in finance

news the board of Reserve Bank of Australia will meet tomorrow

to consider the case for

another rate rise. Economists are divided on whether the RBA

will list interest rates by 25 basis points this basis points this year. HSBC chief economist Paul Blocksome

says rates will likely to says rates will likely to rise before the end of the year even

if it's not raised tomorrow. The official cash

Returning now to the

Commonwealth Games which opened

in Delhi overnight. The opening ceremony was

ceremony was a chance for India

the prove it's ready to host

the Game and a colourful and

extravagant ceremony impress

those that got to see it first

hand. It was wonderful . It was

only some hyper of the media.

Otherwise the people of India were confident of a good Games. One has to be patriotic and things have been Games. One has to be a

really difficult with really difficult with getting

the Games started. They've the Games started. They've come across many hiccups and but

hopefully it will go smoothly from now on wards. Wonderful colours, wonderful atmosphere,

really marvellous. And it was

one in the eye for all the

people who said it wouldn't happen

happen because it was

brilliant. I think any of those criticisms have been

disspelled. That was really a

very, to over use the word, an

awesome production. Made awesome production. Made the Commonwealth proud, India proud and I hope Australia's happy too and my son is in Melbourne. So So you enjoyed

the show obviously? I'm the chairman of hospitality so I

loved it. Thank you for being

here. Lucky them, we certainly haven't

haven't got to see it. With sport here's Paul

Kennedy. Thanks, Virginia. We

got to see the NRL grand final.

St George won that after 31

years without any premiership glory and there are the players

being prened to their doubt the party will start - supporters last night and no last for another couple last for another couple of day s yet. Wayne Bennett is being celebrated, of course, for

leading this team to its

premiership season. They beat

the Roosters 32-8 in the grand

final. More on Wayne Bennett in

a moment but let's retrace the

steps and see what happened

yesterday. A wet Sydney day couldn't dampen the prematch

enthusiasm. Go the

Roosters! Saints! Roosters

supporter arrived ready to

rejoice in their team's ru surgience. Gonchts the mighty

Roosters! The Dragons' faithful desperate for premiership success. Bring it home boys. Looking relaxed and

confident, the calmed combatants left the early fire to the lower graders.

rockers You Am I belted out rockers You Am I belted out a

couple of big hits to keep

things rolling along. Before

the real stars of the show

entered the game's biggest

stage. There's the kick off to the grand final of 2010. An early Dragons' surge should have ended went into touch. Instead the

miner premiers rode their luck and grabbed the early advantage. There's a try for Ghazi ner - Gasnier. The

Roosters seem to have Roosters seem to have blown an

opportunity to answer but the referee s went in their favour in time. There was no doubt

about the Roosters' next attacking foray. He's going to score. The Roosters were denied a chance to go further

ahead. Was it ahead. Was it forward? Yeah, it

was foor. The a blow before the break when Michael Weyman was knocked out.

His captain's aerial skills kept the Roosters at bay. kept the Roosters at bay.

Going up in Hornby, right the pack. The Dragons gained

their composure at the break

and with a typically clinical backline move they were able to

regain the lead. Now regain the lead. Now Chris

Johns is someone who knows a fair bit fair bit about Wayne Bennett.

He plaid for him at the Broncos

but also was part of a St

George losing grand final team back in 1985. He was coach's performance

yesterday. Look at the vins Lombardis, the Sir Alex

Fergusons, he's up in that

Klaas. It's daylight second in

Australia to pick a coach closs

to him. Australia holds a small

advantage against India in the

cricket. India were bowled out

for 405, slightly behind the Australian toteal. Sachin

Tendulkar was playing one of

his typical knocks and looked

like he was about to get century until Marcus North was

able to get rid of him and much

to the chagrin of the crowd but

Mitchell Johnson then came on,

took om wicket, that one was a

bit iffy but was given anyway. Australia will need to

bat well on day 4 to press

ahead for victory. To the English Premier League English Premier League there were great goals last were great goals last night. An upset Blackpool beat Liverpool. Plenlty Blackpool. I cannot believe it Glenn Johnson is complaining about that. complaining about that. Charlie Adam in front of the cap, scores, just lead at anfield. Gary Taylor-Fletcher, it's a second goal for Blackpool. They have

stunned the cop. Gerrard, hanging around, Liverpool are stunned the cop. Gerrard, not

back in business. And that is

it. The biggest result in Blackpool's recent

history. Rolling it

and Cole to Drogba. Again, same old Didier

sick of the sight of him and

what a smart finish. That was a

great finish. Alex, wow! All 3 points for Chelsea, no-one is stopping that. Great stopping that. Great goal. We'll move on and at the cycling from yesterday.

Thor Hushovd won the gold medal

in the world cycling road race

and it was Allan Davis from Australia getting third in Australia getting third in a sprint finish. Cadel Evans

unable to defend his title but he fought on magnificently he fought on magnificently and

fought back the fought back the challengers, just wasn't there in the end, let's take a look.

COMMENTATOR: This is the group

going towards the gold going towards the gold medal finish as we head back towards Geelong, a magnificent championship. Cadel is

responding to his public on home turf. There's a whole

charge come down the other side

of the road. Evans is going to

have to kick again and get in

amongst it. This is now put the spriners back in with spriners back in with a chance

of a medal. Thor Hushovd and Cadel Evans is making a run.

No, as we hit the line victory

will go to Thor Hushovd, Matti

medal. It's hard to understand Breschel and Allan Davis who

that I won the world, it's a

dream and sometimes I feel it's

unreal dream and now I won it here in Geelong, Australia, so

it's amazing, I'm speechless.

It's a great result for

Allan. Without a doubt I wouldn't have been there

without my team-mates. A couple

of close mates within this team

and all in general, thank you

very much, boys, because we

wouldn't have got on the podium without like I was without yous. I like I was say, it was real bike race today and probably for a lot of people the for a lot of people the first time they've seen a senior

international race but all the international best and everyone 's here to

get the best result they get the best result they can,

so it's pretty solid level and,

it was pretty impressive yeah, I thought from what I saw

race. Cadel Evans there. Now

weren't but we are now, Stephen speaking of golf, of course, we

in the United Bowditch has won a tournament

very interesting young man. He comes from Queensland. He burst

on to the scene about 5 years ago and then slipped into deep

depression and has fought back

now and that's a big win him. He will now and that's a big win for

him. He will progress now to

the PGA tour and he said that one was for his father-in-law

who is battling cancer. To the

basketball and America is the

world champion in the women's

game and the O'Pals finished fifth in the tournament. Now Vanessa joins us for a look at the We have flood warnings the weather. Thanks, Virginia. We have flood warnings for at Thora, Brunswick river and

Coffs creek at Coffs Harbour. A

severe weather warning is current for the for Northern Tablelands, the northern Rivers and mid north coast. The reason for the coast. The reason for the heavy

rain fall are two trf oefrs the country. One's inland, the

other one is directly along the

northern NSW coast and a low is developing off the far north

coast. The inland trough will

increase rain in the south-east

over the next few days. For

Queensland, isolated shower an

storms over the far northern

the central and south-east

districts. In NSW, that heavy

rain continues to fall over the

northern rivers and mid coast. northern rivers and mid north the coast. Widespread showers over the east. For Victoria isolated

shower an thunderstorms are developing from the west, strong northerly winds ahead of

a cooler south-westerly change and it should hit the west this

afternoon and central districts

by tonight. In Tasmania widespread patchy light widespread patchy light rain, isolated showers in isolated showers in the north

will extend to the west this morning. South Australia, shower an thunderstorms

contracting to the pastoral and

Flinders district. Currently 16 in Adelaide. few showers expected around

Albany, otherwise a fine day,

24 degrees in Perth. Up north isolated afternoon and evening

showers an storms about the north-west Kimberley and across the Top End. Thanks so

much. Good to have your company

this morning. Australia Network

is up next and we'll see you tomorrow but stay tuned to ABC News 24 in the meantime. Bye-bye. Closed Captions by CSI

This Program is Captioned

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retailer warn of the big hit if

the Reserve Bank raises rates.

Standing by, the Federal

Reserve prepares to release

more money to stimulate growth.

And charity appeal, China's successful entrepreneurs

invited to invest in the future.

future. Those stories coming future. Those stories coming up

shortly but first let take a quick look at the regional markets will be

subdued on today in Australia's

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