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(generated from captions) Julia Gillard and Tony Abbott

neck and neck as election day

dauns. Every fibre of my dauns. Every fibre of my being

get a is directed towards trying to

Government. There is a very, get a majority Coalition

very real risk that they will wake up on Sunday and Mr Abbott will be Prime Minister. Polling booths open

morning with 14 million voters

to decide who will lead the country. Israel and Palestinians to country. Israel and the

Palestinians to resume peace talks. The Cats beat the Blues

but may lose a star recruit for

the finals. Good morning it is August. The top story on ABC

arrived and it couldn't be News Breakfast. The day has

arrived and it couldn't be a

tighter race. Today's Newspoll

shows Labor ahead by the smallest of margins on a

50.2 per cent to the two-party preferred basis just two-party preferred basis

coalition's 49.8 per cent. The

poll in the weekend Australian

shows a 2.5 swing against Labor

since the last election and such a swing would wipe out the

Government's majority with the

loss of 13 seats resulting in a

hung parliament. But Labor can

take heart from the late Neilsen poll which shows its

two-party preferred vote 52 to

48. That poll shows Labor

could hang on to government

with around 77 of the House seats. For more our with around 77 of the 150 Lower

political correspondent Melissa

Clarke joins us now from Penrith in the Penrith in the very marginal

seat of Lindsay. This election

could go either way today? It

certainly could. Both of the news polls tell us that. It is

really what we expected because the polls have been narrowing

as we get closer to election day. I think they've narrowed as much as they with the nos poll showing the

ALP ahead at 50.2 per cent on a

two-party preferred basis. You

can't get much closer than

that. The primary vote of that Newspoll is very interesting

because it shows the ALP's

primary vote is still falling

and it is down to 36.2 per cent

in this latest poll which means

that it has dropped in the last that it has dropped in the last

week or so and if we look at

how that primary vote is on a

State by State basis, it paints

an even worse picture for the ALP because in Queensland ALP's primary vote is down to

27 per cent according to

Newspoll, which is an 8 point

drop during this campaign.

That really is a very

troublesome for the ALP. Here in New South Wales as a

statewide figure on a primary

vote for the ALP, it is about

35 per cent, so below that

national average, but

Queensland is not looking good

for the ALP at all. Neilsen poll, although it is for the ALP at all. The

slightly better news for the

ALP,s with showing them ahead

to sthrug gel it will be for ALP 52 to 48, it still shows what

sthrug gel it will 52 to 48, it still shows what a

to hang on to government. The

primary vote is at 39 per cent

in the Neilsen poll, so below that crucial 40 per cent

very tough day today. Picking margin. The ALP is facing a

up on requested there, ABC News Breakfast has new information

from the Liberal National Party believing their prospects are

even brighter than some of the polling suggests. The LNP in Queensland thinks that they will get seats like Leichhardt, that they'll win Leichhardt

back, that the former Warren end back, that the former member

parliament as the LNP member for Leichhardt. They for Leichhardt. They think

they'll win Longman which see a 20-year-old become they'll win Longman which would

youngest member of parliament.

They think they're going to win

seats like Flynn, write, and

hang on to the seat of Ryan where the current member is no

longer a member of the LNP.

There are other seats in play. Herbert and Dawson looking very

and Ford. Brisbane good for the LNP. They have a

chance with seats bike Bonnor and Ford. Brisbane and petri

might be a tougher ask but they

still in play. That would be a

significant chunk of seats that

the Coalition could hang on,

which may which may mean any gains the

ALP makes in Victoria or South Australia may well not be

enough. Finally, it looks increasingly like the Gillard

is going to stuff guilt by

association as it stands next

to the toxic State Governments

in both Queensland and New

South Wales. And certainly

I voters in both of those States

I think are waiting for their verdict on their State

Governments. Julia Gillard has

been trying to distance herself

as much as she reasonably can

from those state leaders. heard her yesterday warn voters from those state leaders. We

that she doesn't want voters to

make a protest vote against the

ALP and then somehow wake up on Sunday morning and realise

they've voted in Tony Abbott as

Prime Minister. That's part of

what's behind Julia Gillard

repeated message about the risk of Tony Abbott we've heard

message she's trying to spread repeat so often. That's the

in New South Wales and

Queensland. Where the Queensland. Where the leaders

have been travelling during

this campaign, it tells us a

lot. Julia Gillard started campaign in can lot. Julia Gillard started her

called the election and then

Queensland. It was the first she went straight to


place she went. And then to

New South Wales. The second

week she visit sited every

State and Territory except the Northern Territory, it took her

four weeks there and racked four weeks there and racked up in the end 48,000 kilometres

just getting around all the the other leaders. It shows electorates. That's

just how much they're trying to electorates. That's more than

meet as many people as possible to win every last vote. There

will be plenty of very is

sought after voters that seat of Lindsay this Melissa Clarke, thank

you. We'll take a closer look

at that Newspoll that was just

been discussed by Michael and

Melissa. Chief executive of

Newspoll Martin oeshs joins us

from Sydney. Thanks for

joining us on what must be joining us on what must be a

very busy day for you. How to

you read this particularly

important Newspoll on such a significant election day? serious fall away in serious fall away in the

primary vote and therefore the

two-party for the government two-party for the government in Queensland. It is a Queensland. It is a place

where a lot of work has gone in

from both parties, as you

There are probably 10 seats There are probably 10 seats at

risk on our toned down risk on our toned down analysis

based on our previous marginal seat polling, so some of the

seats you mentioned earlier in

the broadcast certainly are in play. Really, it is the weakness in New South weakness in New South Wales weakness in New South Wales and

Queensland which are the most populous states which has the Achilles heel of Labor in this Achilles heel of Labor campaign. This collapse of the

Labor primary vote down to 36.2

per cent according to your is that entirely is that entirely struck on New South Wales and Queensland? S

of hearing some Labor Party of hearing some Labor Party operatives mentioning to me

yesterday that maybe Queensland

might hold up for Labor slightly better than they

expected. Is it liking equally

grim in both states? The grim in both states? The thing

about this election is had quite perverse swings.

We've seen swings We've seen swings back in the last couple of weeks in South

Australia and Victoria. Australia and Victoria. We've seen swings against and accelerating and Queensland. On the sheer

weight of numbers the seats in

New South Wales and Queensland

make up the majority of the

seats in parliament and,

therefore, what happens in

those seats is very important

to the outcome and what we've

seen is, as I say, Queensland, particularly since Labor

launched its campaign launched its campaign in Queensland, a dip in support

for Labor which raises a what did that interesting what did that actually show interesting question about about Julia Gillard or Labor in Queensland and of course New

South Wales has South Wales has been

persistently weak for Labor throughout the campaign. What

are you seeing there in

relation to coalition and relation to coalition and what

the Coalition has managed to

build up over the last week or so? so? Generally the Coalition is gaining from any losses that

Labor has had. The turnaround

in the primary vote in in poll

nationally, most of that's wound up in the hands of coalition which is going coalition which is going to

give them some seats. The different story there

in Victoria where in fact

losses to Labor are going losses to Labor are going over

to the Greens and the Coalition

are not making a Grail progress. That's an interesting figure. You've got the Greens

primary primary vote of 13.9.

There was speculation it There was speculation it would hit around 14 per cent. That's

pretty much bang on. What pretty much bang on. What does

that translate in terms of a Senate vote and also a Lower

House vote, perhaps in the seat

of Melbourne. The Greens will

have the balance of power in see a few more seats than they're expecting. Of course

the numbers will be the numbers will be insulated by the fact it is only a half

Senate election and so the

opportunity for them to gain

double the number of seats is

not there. In the Lower House,

the only seat in real question

is the seat of Melbourne and it

looks like a very safe Labor

seat to Lindsay Tanner but that

was of course only an effect

the Greens candidate going the Greens candidate going out before the Coalition candidate

at the last election. If there is he any change to is he any change to that it will become a Greens will become a Greens seat almost certainly. There's still so much discussion, there so much discussion, there are

so many unknown elements in this election speculate with any speculate with any certainty

about what will happen. Very

soon people are said they're completely undecided. completely undecided. We've

found even now the number of

people who are rusted on a say this is the only party I'll consider consider voting for is

relatively low. A week relatively low. A week out it

was 10 points lower in this campaign, and one or two campaign, and one or two weeks out even everybody knew Labor would win last time around, we

were now working very hard to

work out by how much That's

right. Right now, we're looking at a situation

analysing the marginal seats

and looking at what those swings suggest and comparing it

to hour previous work, we to hour previous work, we can

see pretty clearly 10, 12 see pretty clearly 10, 12 seats that could be lost to Labor on

present indications and that

doesn't include Melbourne or

Solomon, so we're looking at perhaps a hung parliament.

There are just as many people

saying that maybe that will

going to go pretty close to a

hung parliament or a very, very

narrow Labor majority. I think

one of the things that we will

see, though, and it has happened for Labor before, is

that such a strong negative

poll on the day of the election

often will lead to a still

think vote. People who are thinking green thinking green may change back to Labor. I'm thinking that

we'll probably see around 11

per cent at the end of the day

in the hands of Greens which of

course is the average of the

Newspoll for the last 12 months

and a little bit of a for Labor in a sympathy vote. It might

It might not go very far into Queensland and some of the

other States will certainly see

that. In summary, Newspoll that. In summary, Newspoll call

today if not a hung parliament, then then just a scrape over the line to the Gillard

The very narrow west of

majorities if the government

gets a bit of a sympathy vote.

It's possible if we've missed something that there could be a

coalition majority. At the

moment we're thinking it's

going to be much much closer to

lineball. Martin O'Shaunessy what I'm hearing anything might be possible today. Very exciting. It will

keep us watching TV all day.

I'll stay tuned to ABC and reading the

reading the Australian. Bless

you, very nice to hear that. Thank you very much. Good to talk to you, March rin. Good

to talk to you. Polling boots

open at 8 this morning as more than 7500 places across the nation. 2 million people have

already cast their will ballot,

that's 250,000 more than the

last election. It's been a

busy cup level of weeks for the Australian Electoral High Court ruling when

Electoral Rolls had to be

opened and more names added. Israel and the Palestinians

will resume direct peace talks

next month. The talks will also involve the king of also involve the king of Jordan

and Egyptian president. The US Secretary of State Hilary

Clinton said the talks should take place without re

conditions and characterised by good faith. Sensitive issues

including the construction of Jewish settlements on occupied territory will be difficult to

overcome. Pakistan will accept an offer of from its long time an offer of $5 million of aid from its long time foe India.

Pakistan's Foreign Minister

says the offer say welcome

initiative at least 6 million people in Pakistan are people in Pakistan are homeless

and fun fifth of remains you be merged. About

1600 people have been 1600 people have been killed and an estimated affected by the worst floods in

Pakistan's history. And a year

on from his release , the

Lockerbie bomber is still alive

and living in Libya. Abdel Basset Al Megrahi was Basset Al Megrahi was freed upon compassionate upon compassionate grounds after being diagnosed with terminal cancer. Two American senators of what they call commercial pressure behind the decision,

but the Scottish first minister stands by his Government's actions. In Pakistan victims in the worst hit Sindh

Province are still desperate to

receive aid to combat hunger

and disease. Relief operations

are coming under ever greater pressure area as people try to

move out of the path of

floodwaters in the south of the

country. South Asia correspondent Sally Sara

reports. This is now the worst

hit province in the country.

There are more hectares of land

that have been submerged here than anywhere else, more houses

lost and live shock lost in this disaster. There's a lot

of aid focus in Sindh province

at the moment. We've seen quite a change in the eight

days since we were last year.

There are some camps set on the

outskirts of the city but there

are far more people outside

those camps than inside simply

because of the need. There are more people who want shelter than there are tents available at the moment. Many of

agencies are setting up in Sindh Province to try to cover

up this here. Some are bases

and here trying to cover the Sindh area. Many of the people

here got through the initial shock of the floods but the

disease. This description from the UN Secretary-General Ban

Ki-moon this is like a tsunami

in slow motion that's what the

ate workers are dealing ate workers are dealing with

here. Because of the here. Because of the large number of people who have been affected it is still a very, very deadly and very situation for those who vulnerable. Let's look at the

election dominated front pages

of the anyway of the anyway newspapers around the country. The

government has election winning lead going into the election. The Daly Telegraph says last minute interning

polling by Labor shows

undecided voters in key

marginal seats intend to vote

for the Col lition. The

Americacy says there's monl one

thing the pundits are on and that's anybody could win today's election. The Prime Minister could Minister could be thrown how

the less than two months into

the job, says the Canberra

Times. Labor is clinging to fragile lead over the Col lition. Huge swings in the Gillard Gillard government in the

battleground states of

Queensland and the New South

Wales have split the

vote. South Australians are

leaning toward the Gillard government. Predicts Labor government. Predicts Labor will

be reduced to three Federal

seats in Western Australia. A snap toll Territory News says one in three territory voters doesn't

know or care who they'll vote

for today and I reckon a couple

of our paper reviewsers have been a bit down on the Northern Territory News its front Territory News its front page not paying much attention to

the Federal election, they

might not care because they

haven't been getting a who will lot of coverage. That's true, except for crocodile snatching. The Herald Sun reports Julia reports Julia Gillard is under siege as Tony Abbott

experiences a last minute surge. We have a number of comments already. Very simple question to answer today the

same one ore going to have to

answer on two bits of paper at

some point today. Who are you voting today. Our Facebook

page. The Greens have vision

and a stable leadership. Car

ra writes I still don't know.

Definitely do not want Tony

Abbott as Prime Minister but

not sure Labor has convinced me

they deserve my vote. I they deserve my vote. I think

I'll be like a lot of Australians today deciding when

we actually get the ballot

paper. Antony says I paper. Antony says I look at

the team, not just the

the Liberals have, Labor don't.

Con says Labor is the a that

brought this country safely through through the global financial

crisis. The Liberals would

have done nothing and watched

the country fall into a soul destroying recession. This year

I'm going green. Dental and Medicare, affordable child chald, sustainable energy. Greens have a Greens have a vision for Australia. A lot of people are

saying they're going to vote

Green and they don't normally vote green. It is a protest

vote about a number of different things. It takes in

all of those issues from

medical issues to education, not just only emissions trading

and the like. I don't know if

they will end up voting Gianetti, but there's something

about the way they were saying

it it was a pox on the two

major parties's houses. If that

does happen it won't only heard

Labor in the seat of Melbourne but every other Lower House seat potentially in New South Wales and Queensland. Send your emails to:

Clear A quick look at the

election day forecast, in

Brisbane the key city and state

22 degrees and fine. In Sydney

a sunny day with a top of 18.

A shower or two in Melbourne a

top of 14. And Canberra partly cloudy with a top temperature

of 12 degrees.

shourg in Hobart 13. For Perth

a few showers 17 and in Darwin

a possible afternoon shower a possible afternoon shower and 32 degrees. The top stories 32 degrees. The top stories on ABC News Breakfast, today's

final Newspoll shows Labor

point 4 of a per cent ahead in

the two-party preferred vote.

If the polls predicted 2.5 per

cent swing against Labor, the

election will deliver a hung parliament. Today's Neilsen

poll predicts Labor will scrape into government. can cast their vote from 8 can cast their vote from 8 am

as 7700 polling stations open their doors across their doors across the nation.

Nor than 14 million people are eligible to vote in today's

election and almost 2 million

have already cast their ballot. And Israel and the Palestinians will return to

peace talks next month. The US

secretary of the state Hilary Clinton says she'll personally lead the the negotiations. President Barack Obama will

also attend the summit to be

held in Washington. As we have just mentioned there's been a major development in the Middle East peace process overnight.

The US secretary of the The US secretary of the state says the first says the first direct talks in almost two years will last for

a year On behalf of a year On behalf of the United

States' Government, I have I

site invited the Israeli Prime

Minister and the Palestinian

authority president to meet on

the 22nd in Washington relaunch direct negotiations to all final status issue which we believe can direct negotiations to all final status believe can be completed within

one year. President Obama has

invited President moo barrack

of Egypt and the king of Jordan to to attend in view of their critical role in this he critical role in this he have forth. There have been

difficulties in the past.

There will be There will be difficulties

ahead. Without a doubt, we

will hit more obstacles. That's

the sum. S secretary of the state Hilary Clinton state Hilary Clinton in Washington. Kim, another

administration tries to reach

that elusive goal of Middle

East peace. That's right. Barack Obama is Barack Obama is thoroughlily wading into the Middle peace process and trying to make himself the person make himself the person who

might be able to bring a

comprehensive peace agreement

between the Palestinians and the Israilis. He's been on holiday today and left it to his Secretary of State to make

this announcement. Those first

direct peace talks will be held

here in Washington on September 2. I have to say, the US perfecting expectations about the US is this. As we heard, Hilary

Clinton mentioned there will be

major obstacles. This special Middle Middle East Middle East enjoy, George

Mitchell, also saying that he expects that the differences are still going to be aired at the table.

to resolve all of the major

differences on that day on

September 2, but they're hoping

to get the process underway and

lay down parameters for talks

and also to agree on when they're

they're next going to resume face to face peace talks. Not face to face to surprisingly, Kim, we face to face peace to surprisingly, Kim, we have

news from the Middle East

graps like ham mass have graps like ham mass have come

out opposed to what the US

secretary of stays has announced. Hamas, which controls the Gaza strip were

not invited to these peace

talks. They say they're a

waste of time and are based waste of time and are based on

false promises. We heard a spokesman from the Palestinian authority welcoming the talks.

Also a similar positive statement coming out of the

Israeli government as well. A

Minister welcoming the

resumption of these peace leaders have tried as far as

this goes and it will be really interesting to see what is

achieved. Like any president, Barack Obama is desperately for

a foreign policy legacy. Afghanistan isn't going all

that well for him at the

moment. He's got so much on his plate

plate hasn't he. The plate hasn't he. The economic

recovery not going quite so

well, Democrats facing a bit of

a backlash at the midterm November elections here and now East peace process. He's not actually going to be at those

face to face talks. Hilary Clinton is going to conduct

them. However, on the eve of those talks he's

bilateral meetings with the

Israeli and Palestinian

leaders. He's also having a

meeting with Egypt's leader and

the king of Jordan and he'll have those four men around a table

table for dinner that night at

the White House before the Israilis and Palestinians set off for their face to face

talks the next day. Kim Landers in Washington. financial markets now.

more on the election as polling

boots open in thesestern states

at eight o'clock. Ahead a wrap of of the country's of the country's newspapers,

very important newspapers this morning on Saturday morning,

today will's joined by

Smith, the mayor of Stonnington

in Melbourne. Carlton went down

to the devastating loss to the Cats last night. Geelong beat

the Blues by 42 points.

Carlton was brave, but fell

away at the end. The Cats

celebrations won't last long.

They'll wait to see if James Podsiadly misses a couple of

weeks for a crude bump on James

Gibbs. Man on over the top.

He's in trouble. Able to

straighten up, though, and kick

a goal. Easy. He pops

a goal. Easy. He pops the

ball to Sellwood. Fliks it to

Johnson. Wonderful movement of

the football. James Podsiadly

steps inside the 50. Kick is

on the way. Maybe the

dominance is back tonight. Gar

let comes out wide to Murphy. Suddenly they're on the move

again. Inside the forward 50. Wait. the ground. Snaps. the ground. Snaps. Talking

about being an elite player. Inside

Inside the forward 50, James

Podsiadly a constant danger

down there is tackled from behind. Prodded forward by... Oh. James Podsiadly has taken

Gibbs high. He's in trouble

there. That is not good. I

don't know what he was thinking. Johnson using thinking. Johnson using the

body, Ablett doing likewise.

Mooney brilliant to Ablett. Hasn't been Tapping forward, James

Podsiadly on the left foot.

Good looking kick. Pods has four. Newcastle has hurt Brisbane's season in the NRL.

The Knights ran away and The Knights ran away and they

had a terrific win over the

Broncos. Let's look at the

highlights. On the line now, the Knights with the Knights with Mullen

beautiful pass. Gidley's over. They've done it again. Opportunities

Opportunities with Brisbane to

come straight back into it.

McCulloch he's having a McCulloch he's having a stormer

here, Andrew McCulloch. goes again. Andrew McCulloch

has got a super man cape has got a super man cape tonne

tonight. Hop man will sprint

away and score. Mullens spla

playing with a fractured rib.

McDougall for the Knights. McDougall for the Knights. For

tries than any other player in

the club's history. Mullens

kicks a across, he's got the

ball. He'll score. He's

scored for the Knights. The last tackle they the way to the left. Here we

go again, everyone. Look for

the second kick. Here it goes.

Across field. It's coming

out... Mac McDougall's got it

this way... He'll score. this way... He'll score. Ball

comes down 5 metres out. The

Knights have got it. Knights have got it. It's

Cooper's he's got four. Cooper's he's got four. Norman away to Israel Folau. Folau has been kept wide Folau has been kept wide until

now. Israel Folau will take on

the dominance of... Fog fog strides away Israel Folau will

stride away to score. Got it

back to the posts. 44-18 was

the score in that match and it

was a high scoring match. In

the other game in the NRL, it was South Sydney that was South Sydney that had a

very ordinary night as the Panthers found some form, Panthers found some form, 54-18

was the score in this one.

Let's look a a

tries. 15 out from the line. South are stretched at South are stretched at the

moment. Walsh short to Kendry.

Plays it on five. Lewis keeps

it going. Walsh goes across of

one for a try on the one for a try on the far side

of the ground. Decides to go,

into the back field, got the

full back to beat. Here soms

support in the shape of Gordon.

He's gone inside the 20. Gives

the ball to Pritchard, on to

Burns and Burns has scored.

It's out to Lewis, on Pritchard, it's out to Walsh,

gone over to the water house,

they're going to do again if

they can catch the ball.

Walsh, put a little Walsh, put a little kick coming

back on, came back, went back on, came back, went back,

went back, yes. He's into the back field again, Gordon, steps away from wester and he'll

score. He'll turn it into score. He'll turn it into six points. The high scoring

continued in all the football

codes. In the A-League Adelaide Adelaide played Melbourne Heart

and the Reds scored first

through teenager Matthew Leckie. Rutger Worm terrific header. Iain Ramsay scored once for the Reds and again in

the 88th minute when the game

was poised at 2-2 he scored

again and the Melbourne Heart still hasn't won a game still hasn't won a game this

Easton. There is the winner. Michael and Virginia let's Michael and Virginia let's look

at the probably the final image from the politicians mingling with the sports

That was Brent kite from Manly and... There's Speedo man. I

think if we can match think if we can match it one

more time, I'm pretty more time, I'm pretty sure this

is stage man managed. is stage man managed. His

first reaction was to hand over

the ball. I don't know what I would have done in the same

situation. It looked to be

fairly well stage manned.

There you go. Nice hand off.

Maybe if you swear your wear

your speedos and I'll your speedos and I'll come up

behind and you away I'll go. He's wearing the wrong colours. Both leaders have been

very good as using the sporting

teams for good fixture opportunities. Among policy announcements of course, announcements of course, but I think it's been quite

entertaining to see them mixing with their different codes. Mr

Abbott looks very Abbott looks very comfortable there with that code. Much there with that code. Much more

comfortable than he did a few

weeks ago when he tried to hand

pass an AFL ball. He tried pass an AFL ball. He tried to

bounce it. I don't bounce it. I don't know whether he was and bounce that ball. Don't

bounce, don't kick, his minders

says. What did he say, he

bounced it. Rugby in bounced it. Rugby in the World

Cup started with the women Cup started with the women in England ace's won their first

match against Wales. I'll match against Wales. I'll show

you highlights a little later

on . ABC News Breakfast can be

watched live on the web

anywhere. Visit the website. That link on the left is That link on the left is us, News Breakfast right it if you're watching us on it if you're watching us on the web. it if web. Vanessa O'Hanlon is here

with the big question facing most Australians and that of

course is what time during the

day wealth wise is is it best

to head out to vote. For most

of the country it is late this

afternoon except in Perth where the conditions the conditions will be calmer this morning.

this morning. A few showers

are forecast in Perth in the

afternoon. Tasmania will be

cold and windy with those

westerly winds. Let's take a

look at the satellite. We have

strong westerly winds that and southern Victoria. Light cloud over the south-west, it

is in a weak trough. The

intense low is moving away intense low is moving away from

Tasmania as a high moves in and

begins to dominate most of the

country. We'll see the effect tomorrow.

tomorrow. Easing winds and showers in the south-east later today. Tomorrow a series of

troughs will draw warm north-westerly winds into the

east and spread rain and storms across the central interior and southern Queensland and northern New South Wales. For Queensland today isolated showers near the east coast north of They'll velover the northern

and seven central interior in

the afternoon. New South Wales, isolated showers about

the southern ranges and slopes

and over the southern inland this afternoon. Snow this afternoon. Snow above

1,000 metre over the southern

ranges, a mostly sunny day

elsewhere, 18 in Sydney. Victoria, scattered showers on

and south of the ranges

especially along the west and

south Gippsland coast. Hail

and thunder is possible and we'll see more snow above we'll see more snow above 1,000

metres. In Tasmania, take

extra care on highland roads in western, central and districts. For the rest of Tasmania, scattered showers about the west, far south about the west, far south and

Bass Strait islands with the

snow around 800 metres lifting

to 1,000 during the morning. In South In South Australia since yesterday afternoon Adelaide

has had 13mm of rain. There's

still scattered showers along the southern coast with possible small hail early in

the afternoon. In the north

the cloud will increase later in the day. In Western

Australia we'll isolated showers in the south-west with

a colder change heading your

way later in the day.

Scattered showers also along

the south coast. Afternoon Pilbara and gas soin Gascoyne.

Mostly sunny conditions Melbourne and a fine day with a

top of 15 degrees in Hobart. That's the latest weather.

Leading the news this morning,

election day has arrived and it

couldn't be a tighter Today's published Newspoll

shows Labor ahead by just the smallest of margins. On per cent to the Coalitions

49.8. For the past 35 days the country has followed the ups

and downs of Labor and and co litions attempts to win the election. (Sings) # Hey man, at

the tell me you're pretty good. You're pretty fast on You're pretty fast on them their feet, just best watch out

when you dance down our when you dance down our street,

you hear? There's going to be

a showdown. # I seek a mandate to move Australia forward. Move forward. Moving forward. I

love you. I know you're going to win. We're going to win,

yeah. I expect a facilitity campaign. (Sings) # You'd

better get out of town better get out of town because there's going to be a showdown. . . #. Tony, do you love the cut

of my speedos? I love elections. Hey. (Sings) # When

it comes to dancing you know I cannot lose. . #. Oh. (Sings) #

They call me Mr Top cat... I

see you moving your pretty

little feet, when I saw you in

town. There's going to be a

showdown. . # This government

is so hopeless. Tony, I think you are a little naive. It's

exciting, the he exciting, the he uplifting. I'm enjoying this. This election is

on a knife edge.

(Sings) # All the girl s have been losing all that faith in

me, but that's not my toughest

break, no, but after what she done... I'm focusing solely on my electorate. (Sings) # my electorate. (Sings) # You'd better have yourself

for that dance tonight. # A shandy and light with about 60

per cent lemonade. Are you brave enough to shake my hand? The Labor Party has made a complaint about me. There are

some things that can't some things that can't be

measured. (Sings) # I got a reputation. . #. Hey, catch. Tony Abbott is the

captain of the ship. He's as

mad as a cut snake. (Sings) #

Okay, now give me two, oh, come

on, boys, girls, you can do

survive, you'd better try. . better than that. You want to

# I'm in the fight of my

life. I think I am very much

the underdog. 1, 2, 3. She's

no bill gates. I'm not tech

head. What are your head. What are your parties'

plans for high-speed Internet?

aren't they? I They're a very smart class,

aren't they? I do like

that. Would the real Julia

please stand up. I'm going to play my own end this soap opera. Let's bury an era of gutless spin and give our country give our country a fresh start. Julia Gillard.

APPLAUSE. I am asking you when

you vote on Saturday to say, you vote on Saturday to say, as

will. you cast that vote, yes, we

will. And that's how the campaign looked when you

weren't involved with the judge

of the policy day after day, some lighter put together for you from ABC

News 24. I guess that moment

that you saw earlier there of

the young kid throwing the

to Tony Abbott and saying "hey

Tony, catch" if the Coalition

pulls off a remarkable upset

that might become the line of the campaign. Let me know the campaign. Let me know what you're thinking today. Which

way are you going to vote. Our

email address is: you can send

pictures, video and text messages to: Polling booth open at 8 o'clock this morning. Around

1.8 million people have already

cast their ballot. That's

almost a quarter of a million more than in the last Federal election. It has been a busy

couple of weeks for the Australian Electoral

Commission. Electoral rolls

had to be reopened hand more

voters added to the list.

Israel and the Palestinians will resume direct peace talks

next month. The talks will

also involve the king of Jordan and the Egyptian president. The US Secretary of The US Secretary of State

Hilary Clinton says the talks should

characterised by good faith.

Analysts say sensitive Analysts say sensitive issues including the construction of

Jewish settlements on occupied territory will be territory will be difficult to overcome. Pakistan will accept

an offer of $5 million of aid

from India. The Pakistan knee

foreign minister saids it was a

welcome initiative. About 1600

people have been killed and people have been killed and an estimated 20 million people affected by the worst floods in Pakistan's history. A year on

from his release the Lockerbie bomber is still alive and

living in Libya. Abdel Basset

Al Megrahi has freed on being diagnosed with terminal

cancer. Two American senators

say they have evidence of what they call commercial pressure

behind the decision, but the Scottish first minister stands by his Government's actions. It

is 70 years since the then British Prime British Prime Minister Winston

Churchill made his famous speech paying tribute to the few, of Britain. Their bravery and

Mr Churchill's speech marked a

turning point in the Second

World War. It has inspired a spectacular reason ability re

nextment. It was no near the

end the war but Winston Churchill's stir be speech did

celebrate a turning of the tide

against a German air assault.

Never in the area of human

conflict was so much owed by so

many to so few. Some few gathered outside many to so few. Some of those few gathered outside the wartime Cabinet rooms in

central London, a model of the famous spit fire a reminder of the plane and the plane and pilots. We don't

want medal, but it is nice to

be remembered because if

they're remembered it covers

the whole lot of us, those of

us that survived and those that paid the extreme

sacrifice. From June 1940 to

hokt that year British and

allied fighter pilots including Australians were fighting Australians were fighting for

the survival of the nation. Their tenacity and skill finally rewarded when finally rewarded when the

Germans abandoned plans for an vation. While the Battle of Britain was a didn't always feel like didn't always feel like it at

the time. We didn't think so.

There was still a hell of a lot

of Germans. We didn't of Germans. We didn't know

they'd gone home. It was not

just the pilots whose long

memories were stirred today.

Amongst the several thousand in

the crowd was 92-year-old

Dorothy sparks who watched the dog fights from her London home You'd be at work and dog fights from her London

of your workmates were missing

and that was it. They'd got bombed the night before. You happen didn't know what was going to

happen the next day really. Across the skies really. Across the skies of

London a spit fire and a

hurricane. Familiar sounds of

espionage of desperate times

when the few did save the when the few did save the many.

For these people it is still

very much a living history.

For most people in Britain it

is a very long time ago, but

thanks to a great speech of course these people's heroism it will be remembered.

Returning to today's election, we've been doing

we've been doing our homework

through out on the movements of the leaders

track exactly where they've through out this campaign to

been spending most of their

time and how far they've

travelled. Let's have a look first at the Prime Minister's

movements. She started the

campaign obviously in Canberra and Virginia, New South Wales and Queensland figuring pretty

early there. There are a early there. There are a couple

of trips across the null bar of trips across the null bar to

Western Australia. She did

You can see the that more than once

of course, in Queensland You can see the concentration, at the end of the

even up to the Territory well there's that other trip even up to the Territory as

across to Perth. There's frequent fly erts racked up

there. That was a total of 48649 kilometres that 48649 kilometres that she

a look at Tony Abbott's managed to clock up. Let's have

movements over the last 35

days. Again, we see him

starting from his home State of

New South Wales making a early trip to Perth. What I New South Wales making a pretty

found surprising about Tony Abbott's travelling plans

and of and of course you can see the

concentration and coming up in concentration and coming up

Queensland seats, is the number just a moment into those

of times Tony Abbott actually

made it right down south. You made it right down south.

can see a couple of those there. He keeps returning to Victoria which is very interesting given that Labor strategists think they're good in Victoria. Tony Abbott 43560

kilometres travelled. Bob Brown

if he was to be true to his sense should have done this by

bike, he flew not so much

around the country. I'm

this surprised to recall as part of

he did go to Perth. There you

go. There must being

go. There must being some WA

voters for the Greens there.

His travels were not nearly as extensive

extensive as the major

even though he's clocking up a few down few down there in the

south. Lots of visit to the

Victoria where the Senate candidate is doing well and 28,000 kilometres travelled by

Bob Brown. We can show you a look at all the of the leaders'

travel now. The respective

red, green and blue colours. 120450

another total which will a another total which will a bit

topical given how much climate

change and the environment has

the last few years. According loomed large as an issue over

our back of the envelope calculations if you work on the standard figure of standard figure of 0.8 kilogram

of CO2 per kilometre travelled

in terms of standard emissions,

if you're travelling in an if you're travelling in

aircraft, then the combined carbon footprint, Tony Abbott,

Julia Gillard and blown brown

dioxide. They may dioxide. They may have ticked that box when you tick about

cab carbon offsets, maybe they

did that, I like to think maybe

Bob Brown did. If none needs to work out how many trees need

to be planted to offset, we'll

give you an Lamming

tonne. That's an awful amount

of bad stuff being pumped into

the atmosphere. More thoughts

quickly on how the election is

going in terms of how people

job. Indeed. That's going to be booth captain. A very important how to vote cards today. I'm how to vote cards am. Are you going to hand out maybe in Stonnington. I sure maybe in Stonnington. I the table you're a conservative Political allegiances out on Stonnington in Melbourne. Tim Smith, the mayor of national papers we're joined by For a closer look at the pick them up and have a look. day that you actually should papers at all, this is the one papers at all, this is the the sport or don't look at the side, turn it over, simply read papers hand cast them to one the one day if you get the not even going to try. Today is trees have to be plant the. I'm definitely work out how many the correct figure. You'll one. 216 81 kill kilograms is Washington. We got that figure The summit will be held in will also attend the summit. negotiations. Barack Obama personally lead the Secretary of State says she'll northern Indicating she's from a in our house will be LNP. Strange democracy. Both votes may control the Senate. preference deals. The Greens government with the Greens vote but they may form have 35 per cent of the poll indicates Labor may only Thompson writes in are planning to vote S Steve

a lay down miss sar: We never

take anything for granted. I

think Josh has campaigned well there. He's quite depth. Give us your sense how

you think the Coalition is

doing? I think is election is to write it off as devoid contest, but I'm to write it off as being policy

fascinated by this because we

could have a hung parliament

for the first time since war. I think Tony Abbott has campaigned magnificently. I think given the state of the Liberal Party in December last year, don't think anyone do

have possibly have imagined on election day we would have a

Newspoll on the front page of the weekend Australian that basically Labor is in

and New South serious trouble in Queensland

and New South Wales,

saying it's likely to lose seats in Western Australia, and

form government tonight. How potentially the Coalition could

surprised are you as a Liberal

Party member as how disciplined

Tony Abbott has been over the

last five weeks, given his

previous tendency to run off the reservation?

the reservation? I did the

Polly pedal with Tony Abbott

this year, I did pretty much

all of it with him, be

discipline when he road over

Thredbo and this is after doing

an Iron Man two weeks before.

In terms of discipline, this hasn't

hasn't surprised me at all.

Tony doing what David Cameron

did, not sleeping for the last two two days of an election doesn't

surprise me either. I think Tony as campaign the