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his parents for money Tonight - the man who murdered and made it look like a car crash. a Sydney woman's terrifying ordeal. Carjacked in a carpark - if you don't, I'll shoot." He was really, "Get out of the car -

And the royal visit - for Princess Anne. a day on Sydney Harbour and Deborah Knight. Ten News with Ron Wilson Good evening. over the loss of hundreds of jobs. Also tonight, a community reeling And a stunning act of generosity - worth of artworks she's given away. Margaret Olley adds to the millions But first this evening, is about to be turned on its head, the television industry of media ownership. with a major rethink The Federal Government has confirmed to buy stations it will allow more foreigners for viewers. and approve more channels owned by newspaper moguls Television stations and media owned by foreigners -

the Federal Government's changes it'll all be possible under foreign ownership restrictions which remove

and relax cross-media laws. is to provide a bit of flexibility. What these rules are designed to do they'll come into force next year. If the laws pass the Senate, enough conditions on the laws The Government is adamant it has put

one person doesn't own everything. to make sure for any particular media mogul, This is not designed let me make that perfectly clear.

it's a disaster for democracy. But the Opposition says You'll now be able to have of extremely powerful media owners a very small number totally dominating public debate. a television station or a newspaper, But for those of us who don't own will be to how we watch TV the biggest changes under the laws to digital. and when we need to make the switch switched off in four to six years The current analogue system will be to receive the digital signal. and we'll then need a set-top box The basic models sell for around $90 will consider subsidies and the Government for those who can't afford it. Retailers say they're worth it.

they will get The quality of the picture and things like that - in their movies or documentaries than going to the movies. much cheaper The boxes will allow TV viewers national multi-channels, to watch two new giving them greater program choice. And sports fans rejoice - clause on anti-siphoning laws there'll be a use it or lose it on free-to-air channels. which determine what's shown the rights will pass to pay-TV. It means if sports aren't broadcast, Laurel Irving, Ten News. for murdering his adoptive parents A Sydney man has been jailed look like a car accident. and making the crime He was sentenced last December

have been suppressed until now. but details of the case

At first, this accident looked like

a fatal crash that had claimed the

lives of 52-year-old Bill Weightman

and his 50-year-old wife Pam. But

family members could never

understand why such a safety

conscious couple weren't wearing

seat belts. Now the Supreme Court

has lifted a sup pression order

revealing the killer as the

couple's then 20-year-old son David

who has been sentenced to 28 years

jail for murder with 22 years

non-parole. David Weighingman

inherited his parent ace estate,

selling their home and their

childcare business to relatives for

$800,000. Cold-blooded, callous.

You know, the words can't describe

the way these poor victims, their

lives were ended. In sentencing,

they said that analysis of the

blood of each victim showed the

presence of a sedative drug.

The mother was allegedly killed in

her bedroom. David Weightman and an

alleged accomplice then such owe

kailted his father in the lounge.

The fair then allege lid drove here

to the Heathcote Road and placed

the parents' bodies in the front of

the car and pushed the vehicle over

the cliff. A cross bearing the

words RIP Palm and Bill is nailed

to a tree where the couple's car

was found. David Weightman's

alleged accomplice is in custody

charged with murder and will

appear again next month. for a Sydney grandmother, A horrifying ordeal carjacked at gunpoint. keep their doors locked at all times. Police tonight warning motorists to was changing her shoes in her car 49-year-old Zenaida Aruta when two thieves ordered her out. after work yesterday

If you don't, I'll shoot." "Get out of the car. One grabbed her handbag, demanding the keys. the other pointed a gun at her head, "Get out of the car." so when I turned to his face, Because he looked, so I turned. and the gun was, like, to me, "Gosh, that's a gun." And he's pointing it at your head? Yeah. Police are looking for two men where the car was stolen last seen at the parking lot near the train station in Lidcombe. the other European. One is of Middle Eastern appearance, Both are aged in their early 20s.

has been wondering again and again Mrs Aruta differently here yesterday. if she could have done anything that she uses for work. She was carrying a small penknife to defend herself? Could she have tried But police today praised her get away. for just letting the thieves is the most important thing Obviously her safety in this situation. and she's done the right thing would target a second-hand car Police are baffled thieves worth only $10,000 -

with these number plates. a 1999 Mazda 323 Sedan The single mother is frustrated insurance cover to save money that she cancelled her comprehensive only two months ago. It make me very, very sad. "Why me? Why me?" And it come through my mind, Evan Batten, Ten News. Interest rates look set to jump again following more signs of a booming economy. Unemployment remains at a 30-year low with more than 52,000 new jobs created. More workers means greater spending, and with home lending also strong, experts say a rate rise next month is now almost inevitable. We can't afford to have any wage increases which aren't supported by productivity. We can't afford to have secondary claims coming out of fuel prices. We must remain vigilant. A final decision will be made with the release of consumer spending figures next month. Employment news is not so good on the Central Coast. Political pressure has failed to reverse Coles Myer's decision

to axe nearly 500 jobs. Fears are now growing about the broader impact on the community. It is finally sinking in - this Coles Myer distribution facility will shut within weeks, no turning back. The almost 500 staff voted overwhelmingly to accept redundancy payments. While some will try to relocate, for many, it's not an option. It's hard to judge. You look around the room at a lot of sad faces around there. Again, it's not something everyone's sort of prepared for, I think. The local Federal Liberal member pleaded with Coles CEO John Fletcher

this morning.

I only heard on the same afternoon

as the public announcement

as the public announcement was made.

I expressed my disappointment to

the CEO of Coles Myer that I didn't

have advance warning. And that was pretty much all he could do. Mr Fletcher refusing to budge. For Lenny Van Der Kley, with a wife, four kids and a mortgage, half a year's pay is not much comfort. I'll be queuing up for forklift operator jobs and there will be 400 other people queuing up for it. Jobs here are scarce, very scarce at the moment. After the initial shock of the announcement, the Central Coast as a community has been counting the cost, not just of the immediate jobs, but from what they represent. A loss of income to businesses across the region. Losing so large an employer in so small a community has the local council worried. It eats at the whole economic fabric of the Central Coast. We already have 35,000-odd people leave the coast every day to go to work in Sydney or in Newcastle and this just adds to it. It's cynicism, big business at its worst. Eddy Meyer, Ten News. Australia has closed its embassy in Beirut as the crisis in the Middle East deepens. Israeli tanks have rolled into Lebanon for the first time in six years following the capture of two Israeli soldiers. Israel's revenge has been swift and deadly. Craters litter southern Lebanon - fighter jets blowing up bridge after bridge. Attacks also from sea and land, tanks rolling into Lebanon for the first time in six years - retaliation for the kidnapping of two Israeli soldiers in a deadly cross-border raid by Hezbollah militants. Israel's Prime Minister has called it an act of war. The government decided that it would be a severe response, as needed. No target is sacred. Israeli air strikes blitzing Lebanon's international airport in Beirut's Hezbollah-controlled southern suburbs. Israeli forces are launching all-out assaults on two fronts - the offensive in Gaza continues, payback targeting Palestinians for the kidnapping of a young Israeli soldier two weeks ago. Missiles taking out the Palestinian Foreign Ministry building. Soon Syria and Iran - supporters of Hezbollah - could also be in Israel's sights. As they celebrated on Beirut's streets, militant leaders show no sign of backing down. They insist the only way Israel will get its soldiers back

is a swap for Palestinian and Lebanese prisoners held in Israeli jails. Israel, though, appears in no mood for negotiation. Frank Coletta, Ten News. Princess Anne has been out and about on Sydney harbour on the second day of her visit to Australia. Security personnel were out in force as the Princess Royal arrived by ship at the National Maritime Museum to open an exhibition on the 'Gypsy Moth IV'. After security checks, the famous yacht was found fit for a princess. The restored vessel is halfway through a second round-the-world trip. The crew sailed the princess to the Cruising Yacht Club in Darling Point for another function. It's her final official engagement in Australia before heading home. Tim Webster joins us with a look ahead to sport. Tim, a leading NRL captain jumps codes. Yes, Raiders skipper Clinton Schifcofske will become a Queensland Red next season. The defection to rugby of last week's Origin fullback comes despite the personal intervention of NRL chief David Gallop. Shortly in sport, why he jumped, and fears the Raiders could be gutted for senior players.

And French soccer captain Zinedine Zidane has broken his silence about that incident in the World Cup final - the headbutt and red card. Why he erupted, shortyl in sport. And the Socceroos' new world ranking has upset plenty, including our officials. A man charged with gunning down a Melbourne lawyer - details next. Plus, the Bulldogs issue a plea for fans to behave during their clash against the Dragons. And Ian Thorpe's secluded Hollywood hideaway. JAZZY MUSIC CHILDREN YELL PLAYFULLY BOY: Jump! Jump! Jump! (Children laugh and cheer)

(All laugh) Uncle Tobys Muesli Bars - building your little champions. This program is captioned live.

A teenager has been charged over a Cronulla riot revenge attack - police allege the 17-year-old from Chester Hill was involved in a stabbing at Woolooware, where a 26-year-old man was attacked by a group of men. The youth is the second to be arrested over the attack and police suspect at least one other person was involved. We believe there were at least three persons involved in that attack. There may be more. So far, Strike Force Enoggera detectives have arrested 104 people, more than half of those linked to the reprisal attacks. Bulldogs stars are urging their fans to do the right thing ahead of tomorrow's grudge match against the Dragons. Police numbers have been dramatically boosted for the night game. The Bulldogs army out in force, mobbing their heroes ahead of tomorrow night's clash. Supporters urged not to make trouble. They've got passionate fans and so do we, and hopefully they can just behave and stay out of each other's way. I'm sure there are plenty of fans out there, passionate fans, so hopefully they go out there and cheer us on. May the best team win.

Crowd violence at Bulldogs games over the last few years means upwards of 130 police will be needed at Kogarah - that's 110 more than games when the Bulldogs aren't playing. The police overtime bill works out to be more than $16,000, paid for by the club. So it's horses for courses. We're confident the police have got that side of it under control and we're looking after our side.

Night games are a particular problem. And the return clash between the Bulldogs and Dragons in a few weeks time will be in the afternoon,

making the job of policing much easier. Look, it's a matter for the NRL when they schedule and play their games, but we have the commitment that whenever and wherever they play their games, we will have our police presence there

and we will deal with any unruly behaviour. And police will stay in large numbers at Bulldogs games for the rest of this season and beyond. It's not just extra police on duty here for tomorrow night's game - there will be an increase in the number of private security officers and they'll be paid for by St George Illawarra. The ground is almost ready. So are the police. Kevin Wilde, Ten News. A defiant John Howard says he won't be stampeded into spelling out his plans for the future. But the Prime Minister is moving to defuse the crisis in his government by nominating Peter Costello as his obvious replacement. After a bruising week, the Prime Minister and his wannabe replacement seem to be suing for peace. I remain of the view that if I go under that bus, Peter is the man. In fact he says the overwhelming view of the Liberal Party is that both men remain in their current positions, but John Howard still refuses to say? if he will. I'm not obviously going to be pressured or stampeded into taking some decision. Peter Costello refused to respond to that. When we know what that is, then it will be an appropriate time to respond. Playing these silly political games reflects very badly on both the Prime Minister and the Treasurer. Maybe the Treasurer agrees. All he wanted to talk about was continuing record low unemployment.

Our unemployment rate continues at 4.9%. Please turn the lights back on. The lights are certainly dimming on his prospects for an early promotion. And that suits the Labor premiers heading to Canberra

for the Council of Australian Governments Meeting with the Prime Minister, and all giving John Howard the seal of approval. What I don't support is Peter Costello's model of federation. Steve Bracks says it's an immature model. Peter Beattie thinks the Treasurer has done his dash. I don't know who is advising Peter Costello but clearly it's General Custer's grandson. Paul Bongiorno, Ten News. A woman has told a Sydney court how she gave birth to a live baby at home just hours after starting treatment for a late abortion. The doctor is charged with manslaughter. The key witness wore sunglasses throughout her evidence

but they weren't enough to hide her tears in court as she recalled the day she gave birth in her bathroom. She says she "was too scared to stand up"

after realising what had happened. An ambulance took her and her baby son to hospital, still alive after just five months gestation. She named him and nursed him for several hours before he died -

a traumatic end to a pregnancy she'd only known about for a week. The court heard her premature labour was brought on by drugs given to her by Dr Suman Sood at this Sydney clinic. She claims Dr Sood provided them as the first step in a late termination. Prosecutors claim the doctor was grossly negligent by failing to ask any questions about the woman's health or state of mind before handing over the medication. It's claimed she didn't bother to enquire, even after the woman gave birth to a live baby. Dr Sood's account of what happened is very different. She claims the woman had counselling and was told she would have to go to Queensland for a late termination. She also claims the only drugs that were given out

were for pain relief. Dr Sood has pleaded not guilty to three charges, including manslaughter. Her former patient's evidence is expected to be supported by another witness - the woman's cousin - who accompanied her for the clinic visits. Amber Muir, Ten News. A 42-year-old man has appeared in court charged with murdering a Melbourne solicitor. The magistrate has heard the accused suffers from medical and psychiatric problems. In police custody, John Glascott is taken to the first of two court appearances, accused of murdering solicitor David Robinson. An allegation the 42-year-old branded as fictitious and a conspiracy during an out-of-sessions hearing. Detectives swooped on Mr Glascott's north-western suburbs home last night using a TASER gun to subdue him. The garage was searched and a car seized. I feel better now that everything is over. Mr Robinson was shot in the lane behind his office on Monday night, staggering about 100m before collapsing and dying. He'd returned to the office with his son to print a university assignment. In his first court appearance, it emerged Mr Glascott has a mental illness and brain damage from an incident in 1988. He said he wasn't suicidal and added: He admitted he suffers from depression, but then: The victim's three sons and wife stayed away as Mr Glascott appeared in court for a second time. His lawyer told the magistrate his client wanted a message of love passed on to his daughters. Mr Glascott repeated those feelings when he asked if could address the court, saying to his lawyer he wanted it on the record that he loved his daughters very much. When they will be contacted is unclear.

I don't know much about it myself yet. It's just that he was charged last night... And I don't have any information. Waving as he left the court, Mr Glascott will reappear in November. Nicole Strahan, Ten News. A Statewide search is on to find a new name for a prime piece of Sydney's harbour foreshore. The 22 hectares formerly known as East Darling Harbour is ready for renaming. The Planning Minister calling for ideas from the public. I'm devoid of ideas on this matter and I prefer to leave it to the community to come up with, because the ideas I've tried so far haven't worked very well. The land will be transformed from a concrete platform into a recreational, commercial and residential precinct, including a park. The naming competition closes August 11.

Tim Bailey, did I hear you

muttering something about rain

before? Yes indee. Good news, we've

got a broad trough moving across

the continent and that's going to

bring substantial amounts of rain,

Saturday, Sunday and some on Monday.

Chilly across Sydney at the moment.

Put that down to a sutherly buster

shooting up the harbour at around

50km/h. We hit 16C today. What

about Richmond. It is minimum

temperatures today, minus 3.2C. If

you got out of bed in Richmond this

morning, that is chilly. Let's get

up to sky watch for you in case you

done believe me. Plenty more blue

than I told you yesterday. The grey

cloud starting to come in on the

end of the southerly. The

temperature is currently 14C and

feeling every bit of it live from

Darling Harbour. Tomorrow at your

place, what about 17C with a shower

and it doesn't matter really

because it is Friday and it beats

the socks off Monday. A wet weekend

on the way as Ron has told us. It

looks like some much-needed rain

and I'll see you again in around

about 10. A piggery part-owned by Federal Minister Amanda Vanstone at the centre of a cruelty row - that's next. And a breakthrough for those with limited mobility -

a gadget that turns thought into action. They come in, they get genuine concern and knowledge. If I get asked a question and I'm not sure of the answer I'll definitely ask my team. We all help each other all the time. Ozito electric spray gun, only $39.98. British Paints Ultra Flat paint, only $49.80. Set of 5 glazed pots, $8 per set. Collapsible storage cube, just $5.98. SONG: # Bunnings Warehouse. # Lowest prices are just the beginning.

This program is captioned live.

Time for a check of the traffic

with Vic Lorusso in the Mix 106

with Vic Lorusso in the Mix 106 Traffic Helicopter. And traffic in

every direction around the mechano

set. A huge accident there, how

many cars involved? Up to ten

vehicles involved. This accident

occurred after 4:00. Unfortunately

for west bounders, all lanes were

closed off. As you can see now,

this is just the start of the

traffic delays. We have major

delays for motorists proceeding

away from Bankstown or Yagoona.

We're going to hang around here and

bring you another update just after

sport. Thank you. Animal liberationists are vowing to close down the South Australian piggery

part-owned by Immigration Minister Amanda Vanstone. The Senator rejects any responsibility for the pigs' welfare. Amanda Vanstone's parliamentary register says she has interests in 1,700 pigs, through various company shareholdings. South Australian police have been asked to investigate the conditions in which some are held.

It's just a whole series of cages that are keeping pigs, breeding sows. It's just like a medieval dungeon. These pictures were taken at Wasley's piggery, north of Adelaide, and delivered anonymously to Animal Liberation. Senator Vanstone and her husband are minority shareholders. They also have interests in a string of other pork firms. But the Minister insists: The RSPCA found no breaches of law during previous inspections. The national code may not even apply to older operations like Wasley's. There is actually a review of this model code and we're going to see a stronger enforcement of those standards. The current guideline stall size is 2m by 600mm. The review might increase that and have exercise requirements. The industry believes pigs are not mistreated at Wasley's. The farmers are not sadists. They're not there to torture animals. They're actually there to care for animals and, in this case, to produce safe, quality food. Animal Liberation says Senator Vanstone has a ethical duty to speak out.

We're absolutely determined to close this operation down.

Alan Murrell, Ten News.

Indian police have arrested up to 350 people for questioning

A huge bushfire has destroyed more than 30 homes in California. Lightning strikes sparked the blaze, burning out of control east of Los Angeles. The flames have torn through an historic town

used as the backdrop for dozens of Hollywood westerns. Suddenly the wind turned the fire and you're inhaling smoke and fire and you can't even describe it and the air turned to flame. 2,500 firefighters are battling the bushfire, with helicopters and planes attacking the flames from the air. More than 1,000 people have been evacuated. American scientists have developed a brain implant that can turn thoughts into action. The device was screwed into the skull of a paralysed patient and connected to a computer. He used it operate a bionic hand, making it move just by thinking about it. He also used it to turn on the TV. I use my brain. I just thought it. I said, "Cursor, go up to the top right," and it did. And now I can control it all over the screen. It's wild.

The implant uses a silicon chip to pick up electrical impulses in the brain. Signals are sent down a wire to a computer which decodes the instructions. Scientists are now working on ways to make the device available

for disabled people around the world. Astronauts on the shuttle 'Discovery' have scraped through a DIY emergency in space. The crew spent most of their final spacewalk testing a special putty that could be used to fix damaged tiles on the heat shield.

But they had to tell Houston they had a problem when one of their tools floated away. We did actually lose a spatula. We have plenty of them to spare. They were able to track it and it is of no hazard to us. NASA won't know if the putty works until the shuttle returns to earth next week. Australian doctors overcome a major barrier to kidney transplants - that's next. Also, a stunning act of generosity - Margaret Olley adds to the millions worth of artworks she's given away. And swim star Ian Thorpe's secluded Hollywood hideaway.

This program is captioned live. A Sydney man has been jailed for murdering his adoptive parents and making the crime look like a car accident. David Wheatman sedated then suffocated the couple in the year 2000, placed their bodies in the vehicle and pushed it down an embankment. He was sentenced last December, but details of the case have been suppressed until now. A terrifying ordeal for a Sydney grandmother at Lidcombe, carjacked at gunpoint. 49-year-old Zenaida Aruta was changing her shoes in her car after work yesterday when two thieves ordered her out. Her 1999 Mazda 323 hasn't been recovered. The victim cancelled her comprehensive insurance two months ago to save money. And the television industry is about to be turned on its head, with a major rethink of media ownership. The Federal Government has confirmed it will allow more foreigners to buy stations and approve more channels for viewers. If the laws pass the Senate, they'll come into force next year.

After a slight rally mid-session, the Australian share market again retreated in afternoon trade. Doctors have successfully performed a kidney transplant between incompatible blood types for the first time in Australia. The breakthrough is expected to dramatically reduce donor waiting lists. They're blood related, but this father and son are not blood compatible. In the past, it would have prevented Steve Gelemanovic from donating a kidney to his son. New technology and research has now made it possible. I had a few tests and fortunately I can give my son kidney, so I give it. If he needed it, I give him my heart. Like thousands of other Australians,

24-year-old Doravin was facing up to 10 years waiting for a kidney donor. But last Christmas, this small piece of equipment changed his life. It enabled doctors at the Royal Melbourne Hospital to filter the antibodies that reject an organ transplanted from a donor with an incompatible blood type, giving hope where there was none. I thought that was it for me, no more, no chance, but then when I was told I could have Dad's, there was just another chance at a normal life again, I was ecstatic. Doctors now re-visiting cases. This now opens up that opportunity and inherently, that means less people are on the waiting list. Doctors hope to save at least 100 lives a year by performing incompatible transplants and while the process is expensive, it compares more than favourably when you consider the ongoing and extraordinary cost of dialysis. There is nothing more satisfying that seeing someone's life transformed. I've got a second chance of life. Kellie Morgan, Ten News. A generous gift to the Art Gallery of NSW from one of Australia's National Living Treasures. Artist Margaret Olley donating four pricey pieces. She's talented, opinionated and very, very generous. A tiny 83-year-old powerhouse, Margaret Olley is not only still creating wonderful works of art, she's giving others away. Giving is a much better feeling than receiving, if people could only realise. Putting her money where her mouth is, Margaret has just given the Art Gallery of NSW these four lithographs, including a Picasso and a Cezanne. But, in her typical straightforward style, she has some hanging instructions for the gallery's curator. The Cezanne, I'd love to see that on a not-white wall. (All laugh) Margaret deserves to have a say - over the years she's given the gallery 130 works of art. And she stars in another - this Archibald Prize-winning portrait painted by William Dobell in 1948. These works are valued at more than $600,000, which means, all up, Margaret Olley has donated works to the Art Gallery of NSW valued at more than $7 million. An incredible legacy from a great Australian artist that will last forever. She hopes her example will prompt other investors to at least loan out their prize pieces to galleries so everyone can share them. I can't understand why people buy things at auction leave them in crates until the market value goes up and then they resell them. Angela Bishop, Ten News. Swimming superstar Ian Thorpe is settling into life in LA. Just weeks after leaving Australia, the 23-year-old has a new coach and a new house in the Hollywood Hills. Ian Thorpe has paid top dollar for movie star-style privacy. REPORTER: How's life in LA? How's the training going? He's hiding away in a 2-storey, million-dollar house perched on a remote ridge in the Hollywood Hills, where the only way up or down is a private lift. The intercom has even been disconnected. That's probably why he bought a house up there, so nobody would see him. It's very exclusive. There are quite a few celebrities that live up there. But who they are is a neighbourhood secret. Thorpe is in Los Angeles to train with one of America's leading swim coaches in a desperate bid to return to competition after nearly two years of illness and injury. I think everybody wants to come to California. When he's not in the pool, Thorpe has been renovating his 1970s home.

But there is one thing neighbours don't get. We were fascinated why he took that house. Why? Because it doesn't have a swimming pool. While Ian Thorpe may be able to enjoy anonymity here in Los Angeles, at home in Australia his every move is still being scrutinised. One of his business ventures, So Natural Foods, which produces Thorpedo products, is facing a takeover, and he's just offloaded a million-dollar unit on the Gold Coast. As if isolating himself in Los Angeles isn't enough, he's even fighting to fortify his Sydney home for when he returns. In the Hollywood Hills, Leisa Goddard-Roles, Ten News.

Another look at the weather Tim

Bailey and it was great on the

slopes today, but will it be snow

this weekend? It was, and the bad

news about that is that we are here

and not there. The best day of the

season today the snow report. The

weekend, there will be rain on the

lower slopes. That leaves me in a

dilemma as far as the Uggometer is

concerned. Yes, the world famous

Uggometer. How many ug boots this

weekend? We think five as we check

out the resort report. There's the

ding, ding, ding. My favourite

piece of television all week long.

Let's get to Thredbo for you and

the depth is around about half a

metre after the 15cm of snow during

the week. Dry powder on a hard packed base.

Tomorrow at your place, 17C, a

little bit of a shower and rain for

the weekend. Goodness gracious me,

that word "rain", I haven't used

it for a while but it's coming

Saturday and Sunday. Tim, fears the Raiders will lose too many players for next season?

Captain Clinton Schifcofske has joined an exodus from the club by defecting to rugby. The reaction shortly.

Also pleading his case, Zinedine Zidane finally speaks about that headbutt. And how the Aussie charge fared as the Tour de France hits the gruelling mountain stages.

This program is captioned live. Just a week after intimating he'd stay in Canberra,

Clinton Schifcofske today signed a 2-year deal with rugby's Queensland Reds, and the Raiders skipper will take a pay cut to make the change. He hasn't played rugby union since he was a schoolboy, but Clinton Schifcofske says he's ready for a change of codes. It will be a massive challenge and it's something that I think I'm playing well enough and I'm experienced enough to handle the challenge as well. It's something I'm really looking forward to. Saying goodbye to his mates the hardest part for an emotional skipper. People talk about professional sport being a business, and it probably is. But I think when you leave your team-mates, it is a bit more than a business and that's going to be the toughest thing. And I just wish them all the best.

The Reds admitting the recruitment of a 30-year-old rugby league player is a risk. Look, every player is a gamble. It's a calculated risk. The thing that appeals to me is that he's a studious player, and studious players, particularly in the outside backs, will make the switch. Schifcofske to be used as a goal-kicking winger. With the Raiders struggling to attract crowds in Canberra, the NRL is concerned that they've now lost their highest profile player. Making matters worse, the Raiders are also losing senior players Simon Wolford, Adam Mogg and Jason Smith. Coach Matt Elliott another in his final year. There's still a heap of talent here mate. So I think the club stands in great stead. With cash now available, the Raiders to hold talks with Bulldogs back rower Nate Myles on Saturday. The Roosters using old team-mates to get the signature of Myles. Just want to tell him that it would be good to have him at the club and the club really wanted him. But as I said, it's totally up to him. Injured fullback Anthony Minichiello eyeing a comeback

and a Tri-Nations jersey. It will be pretty tough watching someone else going around in the number one jersey, mate. Adam Hawse, Ten News.

Socceroos star Brett Emerton is a disappointed footballer following the release of the new FIFA world rankings. We're up to 33 from 42, but Aussie officials say we should be much much higher and they want an explanation from FIFA.

For these fans, Brett Emerton and the Socceroos are number one. Despite Australia advancing nine places and becoming the highest ranked team in Asia, Emerton believes FIFA got it wrong. I think it's a little bit disappointing. I think we should be ranked possibly a little bit higher. But I've never taken too much notice of those world rankings and I don't think too many people do as well. But with the Socceroos making the World Cup's top 16, Football Australia is puzzled. World rankings in any sport are always a mystery to me. I'm not too sure how they calculate them. I often wonder if they know. With rankings averaged out over several years, Italy goes from 13th to 2nd. Brazil remaining at number one. Uruguay jumped a massive 19 places to 14th despite being knocked out in qualifying by the Socceroos. It's nice to see us come up, but we can't quite work out where Uruguay came from. But they say it goes over a longer period. Mind you, if you were Italy, you'd be wondering why you're not number 1, though, wouldn't you? Meanwhile, Zinedine Zidane has apologised for headbutting Marco Materazzi but claims the Italian defender insulted his family. TRANSLATION: It's very offensive, very personal. It affects my mother, my sister. These are very hard words. So you hear it once and then you try to walk away. Then I do walk away, then he repeats that for a second time. And the third time, well, I'm a human being. Zidane's conduct now under investigation by FIFA, who may strip the star of his Player of the Tournament award. Andrew Brown, Ten News. Swans veteran Paul Williams would like to stay involved with AFL footy and one day hopes to take on a coaching role. He was the Swans' best and fairest twice and is still coming to terms with the sudden end to his career after breaking his collarbone. Williams is upset he won't be playing

in Saturday's grand final rematch against the West Coast Eagles, and he also feels for his former team-mate Nick Davis. I don't think there's any gripe with Nick or the Swans - it's just a matter of him needing to go back and just gain a little bit of fitness. He'll only be one or two games out. The Swans meet the Eagles on Saturday night at Subiaco Oval, live here on Network Ten. The Boomers have drawn first blood in a basketball test series against New Zealand, winning the first of four games 81-79 in extra time. The NBL's most valuable player, Chris Anstey, top scored with 24 points, overshadowing Andrew Bogut's return to Australian colours.

Regular time went down to the wire. Kiwi guard Mark Dickel hit a 3-pointer on the buzzer... COMMENTATOR: Tied ball game at 2.6 seconds! ..that locked the scores at 67 apiece. But Bogut steadied the visitors to take the win. Game two will also be in New Zealand before the series shifts to Hobart and Melbourne for the final two games next week. Australian cyclist Robbie McEwen has hung onto the green sprinters jersey after a gruelling stage 10 of the Tour de France. The first of two climbing days in the Pyrenees as spectacular and challenging as ever. But as the riders headed into the mountain mist, the climbers came into their own. The dangerous downhill runs provide momentary relief. Some surprising support for Australian Michael Rogers - he's slipped to sixth place, but, along with countryman Cadel Evans, in 11th they remain well poised. Frenchman Cyril Dessel and Juan Miguel Mercado kept pace with each other throughout the race. The Spaniard won it on the line

but Dessel claimed the leader's yellow jersey. And in later in Sports Tonight, we'll hear from the Wallabies ahead of their Tri-Nations clash with South Africa.

The Australians are doing well in

the Tour de France! Very well, thank you. Tim Bailey with the weather next.

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You might have wondered why Tim

Bailey was talking up awful the

cold weather we've been having.

I've discovered why. Four beautiful

young women. How do you do it? When

you get on the tfg and look like me,

there's a golden rule to survival.

Surround yourself with beautiful

surrounded people. Four people, we

call them the Young Divas.

call them the Young Divas. # I'm going crazy just to let you know

# You'd be amazed how much I love you so

# When I get my hands on you I won

let go

# This time I know I know it's for

real! Beautiful stuff. Except we're

going beautiful stuff. Can you

believe I've been out with

absolutely every... no, not really.

What about this. Got to tell you

about it. 'This Time I Know It's

for Real' has been in the top five

for the last two months and it has

gone gold and the girls are in Star

stu Friday and Saturday. The nights

are sold out. The matinee is

available. So buy tickets for the

3:00 show. Is that right? That's

right. You know what's coming to

your house. Unfortunately these

girls aren't. They're coming with

me later on. Your house, I've got

showers for you and rain and that

will be the weekends. Don't we need

plenty of this it. These girls have

done the full 'Idol experience,

Kate, Paulini , . Let's get into

the back yard and do some temperatures for you.

Cloud spreading across most of

Queensland in humid winds. Heavy in

the tropics, widespread wind over

the NT, SA and nearby WA.

Tomorrow's weather map. A deepening

trough will result in widespread

rain across the NT, SA, western

parts of Queensland and NSW. Lovely

to have four very pretty girls just

laughing their heads off you. The

business of the brolly, isolated

showers in the NSW and Queensland

coasts. Saturday, a broad trough

preding rain across most of

Queensland, NSW and Victoria. What

was so funny about that? You just

really We just thought you were

really great! Best ever. I have

done this on stage with all of you

guys during the 'Idol' thing,

respect your elders. So true. I

knew I would get one of them. Let's

go interstate.

Tomorrow? Sydney, a showery day and 17.

The young Divas in the showroom in

Star City, I'll plug them even

though they find me ridiculous and

laugh at me. No. See you tomorrow

night. It is all good fun and

'Idol' is back in a couple of weeks. That's the news at 5:00. I'm Ron Wilson. And I'm Deborah Knight. Thanks for your company. Stay with us for the Late News with Sports Tonight at 10:30. Goodnight. Supertext Captions by the Australian Caption Centre. ( BELL RINGING ) ( PLAYING THE BLUES )