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husband and wife. But we are no longer we're not business partners. We're not lovers, And sadly, we're not friends.

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Tonight - spending us out ofy mums

lead the economic recovery. I think

Australian women have always been

extremely important in the economy,

and have helped save Australia many a time. a time.

Tunnel chaos - an M5 truck accident

leaves motorists stranded.

woman who And risking it all - the Australian

safety. woman who pulled bomb victims to

I just kept thinking "OK, it's

safe..." important that we get everybody

Good evening, I'm Deborah Knight.

And I'm Bill Woods. Also, the

multimillion-dollar plan to prepare

hospitals for a surge in swine-flu

cases. And the end of an era...

England, England, England... Aussie

fans drown their sorrows after a

shock Ashes loss. Disappointed.

Very disappointed. shock Ashes loss. Disappointed.

First - Australian mums have been

given the credit for helping save

our economy from a global recession.

Their shopping habits have kept a

lid on unememployment, and

retailers in the black.

Buying up big or just doing their

patriotic duty? I think Australian

important women have always been extremely

important in the economy, and have

helped save Australia many a time.

Retail therapy, yes. If you've got

the cash, you'll spend it. I just

go out and spend up. Access

Economics credits the remarkable

resilience of Australian mums for

the country suffering only

collateral damage from the global

recession. They're spending 6% more

at the mall than they were when the

financial crisis hit. A

financial crisis hit. A little dose

of retail therapy as Aussie mums

spent the cash splash - it helped.

Australia's love affair with --

China's love affair with Australian

resources putting unememployment

rates below the budget forecast,

but 200,000 worse than currently.

Australia is doing well in part

because of the measures the

Government has taken. But we

believe we're not out of the woods

yet. Please, Prime Minister, start

pulling back on the borrowed

spending. There are more promising

signs - new cars sales jumped 5.7%

in June on the back of a similar

rise in May. Driven largely by

Canberra's stimulus tax break for

business. The Reserve Bank also is

feeling cheery. Board minutes

predict modest growth later this

year because of demand from China,

and improvements in the global

economy. A strong hint there will

be no more interest-rate cuts.

An Australian woman who risked her

own life to save others after the

Jakarta bombings has spoken for the

first time. Final preparations are

under way to bring home the bodies

terrorist attack. of the Australians who died in the

His loved ones

His loved ones in Australia are

shattered, but it's clear Garth

McEvoy touched many lives while

living here in Jakarta. Today, his

friends and colleagues held a

memorial service to farewell the

Aussie mining executive, murdered

as he ate breakfast at the JW

Marriott Hotel. There were prayers,

tears, and then a final goodbye as

his remains were prepared for the

journey home to Brisbane. The

bodies of the other two Australian

victims are expected to be flown

out tomorrow. Today, we were the

first TV crew allowed past the

police lines and inside the Ritz-

Carlton hotel. After a security

check and a bag search, we met

Jacqueline Kennedy, an Aussie staff

member who, on Friday, courageously

ran to help the daysed and hurt. We

had some injured guests sort of

stumble out of the doors, so I

grabbed one of the guys and I had -

he was badly injured on his leg. So

I was - all I had was like a

cardigan... Sorry... She wrap the

cardigan around the man's leg, then,

amid the chaos, looked for others.

I just kept thinking "OK, it's

important that we get everybody

safe and we take care of

everybody." And I guess I didn't

stop to think for myself. Yesterday,

her colleague, an Indonesian waiter,

was laid to

was laid to rest amid an outpouring

of grief. His wife was about to

give birth when the bombers struck. give birth when the bombers struck.

Jacqueline was at the funeral, but

knows it could have been her own -

she was headed for the Ritz-

Carlton's restaurant just moments

before the blast. In terms of

timing, it was the difference of

maybe a minute or two, otherwise I

personally would have been standing

right in the middle of the

restaurant as it occur. Jakarta's

Governor has told Ten News the terrorists who organised these Governor has told Ten News the

attacks deserve

attacks deserve a similar fate to

the Bali bombers, who were executed

last year. I would like to see

similar punishment and similar

penalty would be issued for those

perpetrators. Men who've destroyed

at least seven innocent lives and

forever affected hundreds more. There's a

There's a new technology offensive

in the battle against swine flu.

Hospitals are rolling out special

life-saving equipment to cope with

an expected surge in life-

threatening cases. Doctors call

them ECMO machines, which stands

for extracorporeal membrane

oxygenation. Ash swine flu sweeps

through the community, ECMO is

saves the lives of the worst case

whose otherwise might die,

reoxygenating their dlud blood

after their fluid-filled lungs stop

working. We have 80 machines that

moment. Today, we're announcing a

million-dollar roll-out of these

machines which will allow retrieval

of patients right across the states.

21-year-old Brooke Eccleston is

among the survivors. To start off

with, I was really crook. Like...

basically. All I wanted to do was die,

basically. That's how bad I felt.

Five more ECMO machines will arrive

next week, with more to follow. An

-- ambulance hospitals will also be

fit would new miniaturised ECMO

machines when they become available

in October. Health Minister John

Della Bosca today confirming swine

flu is placing hospitals under

extreme pressure and costing the

patients state millions. He says swine-flu

patients will take precedence over

elective-surgery cases that require

intensive care. That doesn't mean

that the patient is in any way

getting less care. It means that

their surgery will have to occur at

a later time when an intensive-care

bed is available. New warnings for bed is available. New warnings for

pregnant women after a 19-year-old

admitted to Townsville Hospital

swine flu lost her baby at 36 weeks.

The mother, from Palm Island,

remains in a critical condition.

There was traffic chaos around the

airport earliery this afternoon

after a semitrailer lost its load

inside the M5 tunnel. One of the

containers on the back of this

truck shifted and crash under to

the tunnel wall, ripping out pipes

attached to the sprinkler system.

attached to the sprinkler system.

Eastbound lanes were blocked for

several hours as crews removed the

rig and made repairs. No other

vehicles were involved, and the

driver wasn't hurt. The RTA says

the motorway was operating as

normal ahead of the peak.

Parents could be banned from junior

rugby league games after an assault

at the weekend. A footy dad claims

he almost died after being hit and

kicked unconscious at an under-12s


Gary Harling left his son's under-

12 footy match unconscious, with

brain fluid leaking from his eyes

and ears. He was bashed by dads

from a rival team at Glenwood - his

terrified sons among the dozens of

children who witnessed the brawl.

This is an appalling position that

this poor bloke's got himself in.

So we've got to make sure as much

as possible it doesn't happen again.

The 42-year-old is recovering at Westmead Hospital.

Westmead Hospital. He has two

broken eye sockets and will need

his face rebuilt. Rugby league

officials say this attack may force

them to ban parents from junior

games. At this stage, that'd be

extreme. But we are in the business

of trying anything to eradicate

this. In some areas, it's a growing

problem. We have had a lot of

incidents over the last three weeks

here on the Central Coast involving

parents. Prompting at least one district to

district to enforce zero tolerance district to enforce zero tolerance

- at Souths Junior, ugly parent

behaviour has seen games terminated,

and players dumped. These people

come along to watch the kids. And

that particular child they're

coming to watch - we unfortunately

have to take that child out of the

competition. This month, it

introduced a no-swearing policy.

Any child on the ground who swears

Any child on the ground who swears

has been is taken straight off the

field. District officials say

they'll take action against parents

involved at a discipline committee next week.

Sport now with Brad McEwan. And the

Australians' unbeaten run at Lord's

is over? Certainly is, Bill. Hopes

of an Aussie fight-back were

crushed just two hours into the

final day. The 115-run loss handing

England a

England a 1-xerosereies lead.

Australia's biggest worry may be

the form of bulking England all-

rounder Andrew the form of bulking England all- rounder Andrew Flintoff. For three-

quarters of a century, England has

battled to beat Australia at Lord's.

Today, they succeeded. The Today, they succeeded. The

disappointing thing is, I guess -

losing any Test is disappointing.

Losing on the biggest stage that Losing on the biggest stage that

you play Test cricket on makes it

that bit more disappointing. As a

group, we've just been a bit

group, we've just been a bit off

the mark right the way through the

game. Australian fans drowned their game. Australian fans drowned their

sorrows to come to terms with the

second-Test loss. Bit down. But I

reckon it was a great Test.

Disappointed. Very disappointed.

You come here to see cricket on the

other side of the world, and it's

the first time we've lost in years.

But we - Cheer up, mate. That's

right. Thanks. The English gloating

was a long time coming. We get

along. They're quite a good bunch.

# England, England, England...

Aussies never have a chance in

England. Never. 75 years says

otherwise. Yeah, true, but we beat

'em today, so it doesn't matter. otherwise. Yeah, true, but we beat 'em today, so it doesn't matter.

The Australians may no longer be

legends of Lord's, but there's

still plenty of this Ashes Series

left to play, and plenty of opportunities for the Aussie team

to restore its reputation. We are

1-0 down, and we'll have to step up

for the next three Test matches.

But I think the boys will bounce back. I think that's where

Australia is at their best. And

sore losers we're not. No-one likes

a whingeing Aussie. Come on... We

want to say well done to England.

They did well in this Test. They

played better than us. And they

deserve the victory. Well done. Now

that's right the spirit of the game.

Cheers, mate. Well done.

Cheers, mate. Well done.

More on the cricket later in sport.

Plus, a not-so-welcome homecoming

for football superstar David

Beckham. LA Galaxy fans booing and

jeering their multimillion-dollar midfielder during a friendly

against AC Milan. Beckham's reaction later in sport.

Also ahead - a Blues State of

Origin player announces he is

leaving the NRL to play rugby in

Japan. And the former Wallaby who

has been banned for taking drugs.

That a little later. See you then.

Thanks, Brad.

More sinister detail emerge of

Sydney's family killer. That's next.

Also tonight - selling off

CityRail's lost property - you'll

be amazed what people leave behind.

And the fashion victims - why

doctors are warning against

squeezing into skinny jeans. It

seems to affect everyone, really...

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This program is captioned live.

You're watching the News at 5:00.

The family murdered at Epping on

the weekend was attacked so

brutally, police say it could

indicate the victims knew their

killer. Detectives have described

the bashings as intensely personal,

with the injuries so disfiguring,

identified. the victims could not be visually

As the collection of flowers from

grieving customers grows, the

family newsagency, so too did

family newsagency, so too did the

clues that bring police closer to

catching their killer. Until the

community finds out why this

happened and who did it, then they

won't be able to relax. The

forensic team is scouring the

murder scene secluded at the end of

a long driveway. Homicide

detectives are trying to get inside

the mind of a killer. Profilers

want to know what sort of weapon

was used, how many times each

victim was vuk, and in what order

they were killed that will

determine how long the killer knew

the victims. Min Lin, his wife and

sister-in-law and his two sons,

Henry, aged 12, and Terry, 9 years

old, were killed as they slept last

Friday night. All were bashed about

the head and body - investigators

will rely on DNA and dental records

to confirm their identity.

to confirm their identity. The

post-mortems are expected to

continue all week. One forensic

pathologist will carry out all five.

As the community continues to mourn,

a team of clinical psychologists

will be on hand at a community

forum being held at this local

church this evening. Among the

questions being discussed - how to

talk to children about this tragedy.

could happen to this It could happen to anybody if it

could happen to this lovely family.

In one card, a children's in

handwriting reads "I feel very sad.

They were my friends."

Judy Moran's lawyer has slammed

police for charging her with murder

the night before she was to apply

for bail. The Melbourne underworld matriarch today faced court over

the killing of her brother-in-law.

The 64-year-old is charged with one count of murder -

count of murder - that's upgraded

from being an accessory - over the

violent killing of Desmond Moran

last month. She's expected back in

court next Tuesday to apply for bail.

Doctors are warning about a new

health danger from jeans. The

problem has become so a common,

it's been given a name - the Tight

Jeans Syndrome.

Jeans might normally be considered

comfortable, but it all depends

what cut is in vogue. And right now,

the look is snug - whether they

feel that way or not. They're

actually called cigarette. So

they're not just skinny, they bite

you at the ankle. Doctors are

saying the end result - a nerve

condition dubbed the Toigt Jean

Syndrome. It often occurs with

weight loss or weight gain. I

suppose young females who are wearing

wearing tight jeans are predisposed

to getting entrapment of the nerve.

This professor has seen 15 patients

in 12 months. These electric-shock

feelings were going down nigh leg -

- my leg and the numbness got worst.

The pain starts in the pelvis and

spreads down the thigh. It can last

months. In very extreme cases where

people have pain and numbness that

is intolerable, we sometimes

section the nerve or cut the nerve.

Jeans have been a fashion staple

for decades. The only difference is

the style. But even that gets

recycled in time. From baggy, boot-

leg hipsters to acid wash,

supertight and high-waisted, it

seems they'll far outlast their

wearer. It's more often seen in

defence personnel. This woman developedten

developedten it on a long-haul

flight to Europe with her seat belt

buckled. It has such vague symptoms,

you appeal silly saying "I feel

numb in my thigh." Luckily, she's

still on the mend, and happy to

know she's still in style.

The same condition as the

supermodels! If only I had the legs!

Central station became bargain

central today, with deal-hunters

cashing in on Sydney's forgetful

train passengers. Thousands of

unclaimed items have been auctioned,

including almost 4,000 bags, 3,000

wallets and 2,000 mobile phones.

Among the misplaced pieces were

also snow skis - even a bass guitar.

All the money goes back into

funding the lost-property office -

officials handle up to 300 items lost on the

lost on the rail network each day.

It was another Sydney stunner - Tim

Bailey, gorgeous weather, and a few

records broken as a result? 23

degrees today, thank you very much,

winter. What about that one? 7

degrees above average. We started

at 1 degree at Richmond - that was

a bit chilly. We soon forgot about

that as the sun soared, and so did

the temperatures. Richmond getting

up to about 24 degrees, 6 above

average. Out of Broken Hill, they

did 24 degrees. That was their

warmest July day in 24 years. The Riverina warmest July day in 24 years. The

Riverina also the warmest day in 24

years. Is it going to last, this

beautiful, mild, clear sky? It's

going to stretch through till going to stretch through till

tomorrow. It will get windier out

of the north-west, particularly

late in the afternoon. Get the odd

cloud too, but temperatures still

pretty good - 21-22 degrees. All pretty good - 21-22 degrees. All right! The weather photograph.

That puts you in the running for

the pansomic Lumix camera. Ben,

love your work. Folks, we love yours too. Send ittuse.

A Panasonic camera we're throwing

out the door every Friday night.

Mamight as well be going to your

place! See you again at 5:55 for

what was a ripping day's weather. Thank you, Tim.

Up next - a breakthrough treatment

changing lives. for osteoporosis - the pill that's

Also - the neighbourhood rescue -

residents act fast to free a

trapped family. The child was

screaming, then it went silent. For

that split second, I thought

"That's, it we're too late." And 40

years on - the 'Apollo 11' team on

their push to reach a new milestone.

We'll explore places we haven't

yet. been to - Mars we have not been to

before a job interview. It's normal to be nervous Yes, Mum. real career potential. Especially one that has Yes, Mum.

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This program is captioned live.

This is the 5:00 News.

Defence officials are warning

Australian troops face at least

five more years in Afghanistan as

the body of our most recent

casualty heads home. Fellow

soldiers paid tribute to Benjamin

Ranaudo during a military service

at their base in Tarin Kowt.

For those still on the front line,

the death of Private Benjamin

Ranaudo has hit hard. The 22-year-

old had been in the army less than

three years, deployed to

Afghanistan for under a month. But

that was long enough for him to

make a difference. Your commitment

and ultimate sacrifice will never

be forgotten, mate. And today, our

platoon and all the members of its

extended family remember a brother.

Killed by an improvised bomb, his

colleagues upset not only at their

loss, but the way he died. Thing

about the attack is it was

completely indiscriminate. To me,

that is an act of complete

cowardice. The memorial service and

ramp ceremony were a show of

strength and solidarity for the

Australian forces. Military

hardware and soldiers with heavy

hearts carrying out the formalities.

Private Ranaudo's killing has been

the bloodiest month on record for

coalition and NATO forces in

Afghanistan - surpassing the

previous deadliest months of June

and August last year. Let's always

bear this in mind - Afghanistan

used to be an unrestrained training

ground for terrorists to operate

worldwide. I would hope that four,

five years, the job will be done.

In a statement issued today,

Benjamin Ranaudo's parents say

they're proud of their son, and

don't want his death, or that of

any other slain Australian soldiers,

to be in vain.

To the ING Direct finance report

now with Jacqueline Madock - the

strongest sign yet that the Reserve

Bank has finished cutting interest

rates? In its monthly state, the

central bank steamed satisfyed to

leave the cash rate exactly where

it is, unless domestic conditions

unexpectedly deteriorate. Add to

that the sustained higher cost of

funding for the banks, and variable

mortgage holders shouldn't expect

lenders to offer any more home-loan

relief. We appear to be getting to

the bottom end of the interest-rate

cycle. And if you have a look at

what's happening with bill rates,

you'll see that they're on the way

up. So the market as a whole is

beginning to expect rates to go up.

It's been a rocky trading day. The

market soared to an 8-month high at

the open before surrendering early

gains as profit-takers moved in.

That is finance news for now.

There's likely to be some credible

cebl scenes on Capitol Hill tonight

as US Federal Reserve chairman Ben

Bernanke faces Congress and fights

to hold onto his job.

All the details on the Early News

tomorrow at 6:00.

There's been a chromat rescue in

the United States after a car

crashed and burst into flames in a

suburban street. Neighbours raced

to pull the driver and her two

caught on camera. children to safety. Their efforts

This SUV hit a tree and burst into

flames with a mother and her two

young children trapped inside. Go,

go! People from the Milwaukee

neighbourhood raced to the burning

vehicle to try and save the family

as a bystander caught the entire

rescue on top. Someone call 911!

Nirbz used sticks and pipes to

break the front window and pull the

mother and her 2-year-old daughter

out of the inferno. I'm still

shaken up. It will probably haunt

me for a long time. But thank God

we were there and off-duty

firefighters were there. With a 4-

year-old boy still trapped, two

off-duty firefighters reached the

scene after getting a call from

their wives. The child was

screaming, then it went silent. I

didn't hear anything. And for that

split second, I thought "That's it,

we're too late." They needed a

knife to cut the seat belt off the

4-year-old. And had help with the

flames from an off-duty police

officer who had two fire xingeers

in his truck. Just do what you have

to do, and you think about it later.

They freed the boy and doused him

with a neighbour's garden hose I

told them that he's just the

toughest little boy I've - you know,

it was emotional. Both firefighters

and the officer suffered second-

and third-degree burns the. 4-year-

old suffered burns to over 40% of

his body, and is in critical titian

condition. To me, we saved a life.

The city's mayor said the bravery

of Milwaukee silt zpbz saved the

family. 12:56 this afternoon marked

exactly 40 years since man first

walked on the moon. Today, as that

one small step was honoured,

expensive doubts were raised about

the next giant leap for mankind.

In black and white, this was a

defining moment for the world.

That's one small step for man...

One giant leap for mankind. The

year was 1969, and 'Apollo 11'

rocketed off to charter the unknown.

The crew made history as Neil

Armstrong, followed by Buzz Aldrin,

put man's first footsteps on the

moon. We lit the engine and we

opened the door to the future of

exploration. It looked so easy, but

on the surface, Aldrin accidentally

broke a switch that armed the

engine for lift-off, fearing they'd

be stranded, the crew used a felt-

tip pen to activate the switch and

get home. 40 years later, the world

remembers. The country continues to

draw inspiration from what you've

done. And they're inspired to reach

a new milestone - Mars. We've

developed places we've explored.

We've explored places we haven't

been to - Mars we have not been to

yet. NASA's plans to return to the

moon and onto Mars by 2020 are

under review due to the $180

billion cost. Right now, it's a

question of political will and

economic will. The only Australian

astronaut, Andy Thomas, has orbited

earth 2500 times. He knows there's

still so much out there. I think it

would be just extraordinary to step

foot on another planetary surface.

Until then, this will remain one

giant leap that's very hard to top.

Australia's first once-a-month

osteoporosis tablet is set to make

life easier for people with the

disease. The new tablet works by

slowing down bone loss, allowing

new bone to be formed. Doctors hope

it will also encourage more people

to get their bones tested, as 80%

of osteoporosis sufferers don't

even know they have it.

It's going to suit my busy

lifestyle as well. And because I'm

born on the first of the month,

it's easy to remember to take the

medication on the first of every

month. Each pill costs $36 on the

PBS, or $5.50 for pensioners.

The family ties behind Kevin Rudd's

support for autistic children -

that story next.

Also - police search for the Sydney

driver whose wild ride left a trail of destruction.

And going back to Woodstock - You

know what those hippies are going

to do to our town? We talk to

Academy Award winner Ang Lee about his latest

This program is captioned live.

Stories this NewsHour - there's a

new technology offensive in the

battle against swine flu -

hospitals are rolling out special

life-saving equipment to cope with

an expected surge in the life- threatening cases.

An Australian woman has been

praised for risking her life to

save others after the Jakarta

bombings. Final preparations are

now under way to bring home the

bodies of the three Australians

killed in the attacks.

And Australian mums are being given

the credit for helping turn the

economy around - their shopping

habits have helped keep a lid on

unemployment and the country out of


An out-of-control driver has been

involved in a hit-and-run, with a house. Police are still searching

for the driver of a black Subaru

Forester after it crashed into a

town on Macauley Avenue, causing

extensive damage. A man inside the

house moved out of the way just in

time. The driver didn't stop, and

left the scene with a badly damaged

car, including four flat tyres.

Kevin Rudd has spent the day

meeting children with autism. It's

a subject close to the Prime

Minister's heart - his brother-in-

law has the condition.

A word, Prime Minister, if you

please - little Tobie appears to be

dishing out a 5-year-old dressing-

down to Kevin Rudd, before the

promise of cake, snaps the

connection. Tobie and his friends

are all high-need, due to varying

degrees of autism. The Prime

Minister's wife, Therese, has a

brother with the condition. The

Australian Government is entirely

seized of how big this is for so

many families across Australia. The

AEIOU centre for autistic kids in

children -- in Brisbane is

achieving amazing results for

families. He said "Mummy" for the

first time after he started here,

and he now greets me and hugs me

and recognises familiar people. He

engages, tries to communicate. I'm

so happy. Yet millions of dollars

in Federal money is pour under to

mainstream childcare to employ

extra staff for high-dependent kids,

while specialised centres like this

miss out. The children in our

program come, they learn to speak,

they learn to interact with others,

they've got lots of staff who

understand autism, and yet we don't

attract the same funding. That's

meant a waiting list in excess of

400 families for places in

Queensland alone. For a program

like this, it doesn't come cheap.

Families out of pocket around

$24,000 a year - they get about half that back.

Kevin Rudd says he recognises the

funding need, however... How we can

expand those services in the

future? We haven't reached any

conclusions on that. It will make a

big difference for all families,

especially these sort of schools

for our children. Operators say the

burden on Canberra would equate to

about $7,000 per child per year.

Next month marks another

extraordinary 40-year anniversary -

40 years since 500,000

40 years since 500,000 hippies

turned in and dropped out out at

music festival. And Ang Lee shows

what the mud-fest was really like.

They say if you can remember the '60s, you weren't there. But

there's a flashback on its way,

courtesy of Oscar-winning director

Ang Lee, who's done his take on Woodstock in 'Taking Woodstock'.

It's beautiful. It's fate. Right

there at the top of that hill.

Actually seeing the way you've shot

it, I go see what it was like to be

there, and I'm telling you, I would

have preferred to be in the VIP

area if there was one. It wasn't

pretty, was it? It was rough! The

logistic is horrific. Most

musicians complain they did a bad

performance. It's pretty impossible.

The place was just - it stinks.

Muse movie is full of surprises,

including Naomi Watts's partner,

tough-guy Liev Schreiber, as you've

never seen him. We need help. Oh my

God. And it's a comedy - the break

Ang was looking for. Starting from

the movie 'The Ice Storm', I made

six tragedies in a row. One of those tragedies was 'Brokeback

Mountain'. It's clear, even 18

months on from his death, that the

movie's star, Heath Ledger, is

often on Ang's mind. There's

something also very private between

me and him that is undescribable.

The movie itself providing some

comfort. That's how I calm myself

down. We've done there, we've been

there, it's fixed on Celluloid.

It's not going to disappear as long

as we live. 'Taking Woodstock'

opens August 27.

Sport is next with Brad McEwan.

Another NRL star switches codes?

Yeah, Deb. You might be surprised,

too - he's just returned to representative football. We'll tell you who it is, next.

And they brought back the biff in

Origin III, but how does it affect

the game's future stars?

And right said Fred - how England's

retiring wrecking ball helped smash a 75-year hoodoo.

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This program is captioned live.

Good evening. After inspiring

England to its first Ashes win at

Lord's for 75 years, Andrew

Flintoff has declared he will play

the next three Tests, despite a the next three Tests, despite a

chronic knee problem. The all-

rounder smashed any Australian

resistance on the final day.

It was a moment not witnessed in 75

years. Bowled him! Swann takes the years. Bowled him! Swann takes the

final wick! The Lords voodoo comes

to an end. England's first Ashes

win at the spiritual home of win at the spiritual home of

cricket since 1934 putting

Australia 1-down 0 down -- one down

in its quest. They grabbed the in its quest. They grabbed the

momentum early on Day 1, ran with

it for most of Day one and early it for most of Day one and early

Day 2, and we found it hard to Day 2, and we found it hard to

wrestle that back. While euphoria

wrestle that back. While euphoria

has gripped England as a nation,

has gripped England as a nation,

the players have vowed to keep a

lid on proceedings, with Australia

needing only to draw the series to

retain the trophy. We'll enjoy this

moment - I will - however, there's

still three Test matches to go. You

can't sit back now and think "We've

done all right, we've won one Test

match." Australia wist's resistance

wilted just 10 balls into Day 5.

What a start for Flintoff again!

Flintoff claims three final-day

wickets, handing him his first Test

5-for since the victorious 2005 5-for since the victorious 2005

Ashes campaign. Freddie once again

the king of England. There we go.

There we go... Emotional scenes

post-match fuelled speculation of

an immediate retirement. But the

all-rounder vowed to finish his

final series. If we for one second

think our job is done, we'll get

found out. So I'm pleased, it's

lovely, however I've still got some work to do.

He is pretty good.

South Sydney and Blues Origin star

Craig Wing has today announced he

is leaving the NRL to play rugby in

Japan. The Bunnies releasing him

from the final two years of his

contract on compassionate grounds.

Meanwhile, Balmain legend Benny

Elias has hit back at claims

parents should pull their children

out of real because of violence. He

claims fans want more - out of rugby league.

This is the State of Origin fight

former league player Benny Elias

says typifies football passion. I

can assure you that every person in

that stadium were on their feet

when all that began. I can assure

you it finished off the series with

a beautiful, beautiful taste. But

this punch-up involving Wests Tigers

Tigers captain Robbie Farah and

Cowboys hooker Anthony Watts over

the weekend has some within the

game questioning how much is too much.

It's not great for young kids to see.

While some say on-field violence

will drive children away from the

game. I tell you what'll happen -

the mothers always like their kids

to play sock art the age of 7-12.

The kids make their own decision

after 12. They all want to play

rugby league. The statistics show

more children are playing league,

with a constant rise in participation numbers since 2007.

The recent on-field fights have

draw drawn a mixed reaction from

parents, but many say they'll is

still keep their kids in rugby

league. It's a major concern,

because when you've got young

children, these people are role

models. They see fights at school

nowadays, so it's no different to

watching the game that they love.

And, yeah. That's life. Head of the

Australian Rugby League, chief

executive Geoff Carr, says the

fighting culture that with us was

once a prominent part of the game

has been largely removed. Our sport

is very, very safe. At under-15, we

have play-safe code where you can't

even tackle above the shoulders.

We're very, very particular about keeping it safe.

It was a dual celebration for

Nathan Hindmarsh last night - his

250th first-grade game, and

Parramatta's upset 18- 16 win over

Melbourne. The match saw yet

another 5-star performance from

Eels fullback Jarryd Hayne, who

played a role in all three of his team's tries.

The Storm finished strongly with

two late tries, but fell two points two late tries, but fell two points short.

Former Wallaby Justin Harrison has

been suspended from rugby union for

eight months for taking a

prohibited substance. The 35-year-

old admitted to taking a drug

during an end-of-season celebration

with his English club, Bath. He

then failed to submit to a drugs

test. Three of Harrison's former

Bath team-mates are set to face similar charges.

David Beckham has angrily

confronted a fan during his fiery

return to California to play for

the LA Galaxy. Beckham was jeered

and booed in the friendly against

AC Milan - the club he joined on a

6-month loan. Much to the disgust

of the Galaxy supporter base.

Beckham and one riled fan had to be

restrained by security. I walked

over after the whisal and said "You

need to calm down." And try and

support the team. And one of them

jumped over. There I thought it was

to shake my hand, but maybe not.

Beckham answered his critics on the

pitch. He set up both Galaxy goals

in the 2-2 draw.

Olympic champion Matthew Mitcham is

well-placed for a maiden world

title after delivering the highest-

scoring dive at the FINA World

Championships. He nailed his sixth

and final attempt and was the only

diver to score 100 or more points.

Matthew Mitcham is all about big

dives when it really matters. The

Aussie qualified fourth, but is now

the favourite for the semifinals.

Tomorrow night on Ten News, one of

extreme sport's most extreme.

Damien Wills is a surfer who, after

losing his board on one of the

world's most notorious breaks,

decided to body-surf the wave. I

got into it and I got smashed

pretty good, yeah. Where there's a

Wills, there's a way - one of

surfing's great characters,

tomorrow night on Ten News. Look

forward to that.

In 'Sports Tonight' at 9:30 on One,

Cristiano Ronaldo's debut for Real

Madrid following his multimillion-

dollar transfer from Manchester United.

Expensive stuff. Very expensive.

See you later. Good on you. Thank

you, Brad.

Nothing stressful about the weather

- Tim Bailey's very relaxed forecast

forecast is next. VOICEOVER: Who's most likely than any other large car? (CAMERA SHUTTERS CLICK) And who's most likely 17-inch alloys and sports seats

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This program is captioned live.

We like to joke about Tim Bailey

getting very stressed about getting

the weather forecast right, but

he's lucky - that's the most of his

problems. Other people aren't so

lucky, Tim Bailey. That's why you

have some friends with you tonight.

Indeed. This is the mob from

lifeline. You know lifeline -

they're iconic - they run the 24- hour lifeline service that

basically saves lives all over

Australia. I have some plaining to

do. I can't put people that look

like this on the television without

explaining why. Show me your

footwear, ladies and gentlemen! Yes,

yes. Um, sir, you here - I've been

doing television for about 17 years.

Um, can I assure you you are one of

the silliest sights I have seen?

They have got Lifeline Stress Down

Day on July 24 - xesz dress down

for stress down. What they want to

you to do is go to work in your

slippers. Your dressing gown. Your

beanies. Your pyjamas. And come up

a treat. Because it's about de-

stressing life. Stress leads to so

many problems that Lifeline sees.

Joining me is a manager with

Lifeline. That telephone service -

obviously the people ringing that -

you're just about their last port

of call, aren't you? Very much so.

Often there's no-one to talk to and

they don't know what to do with

their lives. It's devastating. As

we said earlier, it's about - some

people can ring saying "I've had it,

I don't want to live anymore." And

that's that last contact. So we're

there to actually help them through

that, and to help them to live. And

you see, quite obviously, and

regularly, stress being a major

factor leading to mental disorders

and also the lack of a will to live.

Is it stress? Do we need to de-

stress our lives to that extent?

Absolutely we need to de-stress.

There's been a recent poll that

showed that 87% of people are mage

hear stressed. That tells us we're

not doing something right. We need

to learn how to stress down, use those stress-management tool, and

get into it on Friday and get into

the office... A round of applause,

please! (APPLAUSE)... Tremendous

words of wisdom from her mouth. And

this man. And these ladies. Very

brave to wear what they have on the

telly. Stress-down day. Please get

get involved in Lifeline's big day

on July 24.

Fantastic. So watt was the weather!

Didn't the little bloke get it

right today? What about 23 degrees,

Robben? What about a hug for that

one?! 6 above, folks. Another good

one coming to your place tomorrow,

ladies and gentlemen. As winter

turns into springtime. All right, let's go.

Cloud through the Bight around a

low and front is bringing a few

coastal showers and storms to South

Australia. You saw what NSW did

today - big and clear. A front will

bring strong winds, showers and

colder change to South Australia,

Tassie, Victoria and southern NSW

tomorrow. The rainfall map - some

rain for northern NSW, inland and

south-west Queensland. Tomorrow -

an increase in wind in Sydney,

north-westers in the afternoon,

cloud, and still around about 21 or

you. 22 degrees. Let's go interstate for

Stress Down Day. Get those on your

feet, come out in your jupyjamas,

all for Lifeline. Thank you, sir,

for being on television! We got ya! (CHEERING)...

That's my kind of fashion statement,

too. That's Ten News for now. I'm

Bill Woods. And I'm Deborah Knight.

Thanks for your company. Updates

throughout the evening. The Late

Goodnight. News with 'Sports Tonight' at 10:40.

Australia - Supertext Captions by Red Bee Media Red Bee Media Australia Supertext Captions by D-OHH! ( SCREAMS ) ( FIFE AND DRUM PLAYING ) NARRATOR: 1796. OF PIONEERS LEAVES MARYLAND A FIERCELY DETERMINED BAND