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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. "We won't abandon him" - to Andrew Johns the NRL gives its support after his startling drug confession. but Sydney is still at a standstill. Racing resumes in Victoria, of the 'People's Princess', And the life and legacy 10 years after her death. Ten News with Natarsha Belling. Questions are being asked Good morning.

policy on drugs about the National Rugby League's startling revelations. after Andrew Johns's The league legend confessing

depression, spanning nearly 10 years. to a battle with drugs, alcohol and only coming to light His disturbing past with an ecstasy tablet. after he was caught in London An amazingly public confession, a tragically sad one. and for league followers, I think about all the great times because I've taken drugs. and they've just been destroyed recreational drugs for a decade, Johns says he's been taking and suffers depression. that others in his club knew. He suspected all the pressure and stuff. To be honest, I used it to escape and star of 21 Tests for Australia The retired Knights captain after attending a London nightclub. was caught with an ecstasy tablet

had slipped it in his pocket He first claimed someone he was putting his hand up, but last night said I just can't describe how bad I felt to my 7-year-old son sitting there trying to explain what I'd done in London. 17 times in the last nine years. The NRL says it's tested Johns Anti-drug campaigners now question are rigorous enough. whether its tests The NRL'S chief, David Gallop,

of the modern game's greats Andrew Johns has been one for many fans. and regarded as a role model Their response was mixed. It's a pretty gutsy effort. for saying what he did. I'm proud of him he's got a lot to answer for. Kids that look up to him, I just thought it was really bad in their eyes doing that. that our children had to see a hero the Wallabies with their kicking game Johns was expected to help coach at the World Cup. deals will suffer too. and possible some of his sponsorship

that's terrible. If that admission's there, then I feel very sorry for him. And if that's the case It's just totally unacceptable.

It doesn't help the sport either. Probably sorry for the sport.

After a superb career on the field, is in the headlines off it Andrew Johns He says he's been a fool. It's a clean slate now. for a long time. It's a lie I've lived with I'm so ashamed of it. I'll never go near it again. that's a promise kept. His supporters will hope Mark Suleau, Ten News.

he is looking forward US President George W. Bush says with Kevin Rudd on Iraq. to a full and frank discussion his only Australian TV interview The President has given in Sydney next week. ahead of his trip to APEC joins me now from Canberra. Ten reporter Brad Hodson

The President has indicated he will

not be willing to entertain any

Australian troop withdrawal without

putting his case first. He is to

meet Kevin Rudd during his visit.

He comes into the meeting as a

self-confessed personal friend of

John Howard. That has to be seen as

a background anything that Kevin

Rudd will have. The President says

he will not be involved in the

astray in election he has retreated

his description of John Howard as a

man of Steel and conviction. The

President will be meeting with both

the Prime Minister and the

Opposition leader during the visit.

This is what he had to say. and I don't know him, He doesn't know me to sharing my views. and so I look forward And what I ask, if he were to win, ground before making any decisions. and I believe we can be successful That what matters is success,

to be successful. and I know it's important why I'm optimistic And I will be glad to explain to him that this hard work will achieve what we all want, which is, over time, fewer troops and peace. The President had The President had something to say T e President had something

about disruption. Sydney are set

for disruption. Road closures and

extra security. When the President

was asked about it he seemed Thank you for sharing that with me. and one of the things on my mind I got a lot of things on my mind that is not my intent. And if I inconvenience people, in an important meeting My intent is to represent my country in a country that I admire a lot.

The the have been rumours that the

President would not be making the

trip to Australia. That he would

pull-outs at the last minute. From

this interview he has given an

indication that is not the case. We

will see him next week. are about to be lifted Bans on racing in Victoria so far clear of the equine flu. with the State for tonight at Mooney Valley, Harness racing is scheduled resume tomorrow at Caulfield. while thoroughbred races It's a far cry from the situation in New South Wales have tested positive at Randwick where nearly eight horses are expected to contract the virus. and hundreds more starting to count the cost The industry is only just to cancel the Spring Racing Carnival. following the decision Peter McGauran Federal Agriculture Minister at this stage Minister, Victoria remains clear but nerves must be on edge?

There are restrained celebrations

in Victoria.

in Victoria. Where the racing is

set to resume over the weekend. The

situation in New South Wales will

get worse before it gets better.

You believe you can contain the

virus, it you'll also are depending

on people abiding by the rules? The

ban on the movement on horses

remains indefinitely. People must

co-operate. We are able to trace co-operate. We are able to trace

every horse that has the influenza.

The strategy for containment will

work. It is a heartbreaking blow to

many individuals. They will lose

their livelihood because of the

virus into the racehorse population.

There has been criticism from top

racing officials about the

compensation, what guarantee Canute

give that conversation will be give that conversation will be

given? It should not be given? It should not be represented

as compensation. So many people are

affected. It is for short-term

financial commitments by those

affected. We will revisit affected. We will revisit that

emergency fund on the basis of need.

I will be having discussions in

regard to quantify the loss. We

want to look at the effect on want to look at the effect on the

lively at of people. Realistically

how long can it be before we get on

top of this crisis? It could be a

couple month. He would have to

differentiate between recreational

horse population and the racing

population. The effect on the economics is much more heavily economics is much more heavily felt

by the racing population. You're

talking tens of millions. For many

poor for income dependent people it

is a heavy loss as well. It is as bad as it gets.

Infamous child killer Derek Percy is back in his cell this morning after being questioned for eight hours by police over a string of murder mysteries. Its comes as detectives uncovered personal notes hidden away in a storage facility, describing child abductions. Convicted child killer Derek Percy couldn't hide from the suspicion police have over his involvement in a string of unsolved mysteries. Victoria's longest-serving criminal taken from his cell At this stage, until he is interviewed, I would prefer not to say but certainly it does cover offences committed in NSW and in SA and this State. It came after detectives uncovered a number of personal items hidden away in a Melbourne storage facility, including hand-written notes about child abductions and clippings on sex crimes. The confronting material was placed in a unit rented by the killer from his jail cell

with the help of an associate. It's a set of material around videos, around other documents, hand-written notes - a whole set of material that we've become aware of

has in fact been in that location for 20 years. The former sailor is suspected in a number of horrific cases in the '60s including the murders of Sydney children and Simon Brook, Christine Sharrock, Marianne Schmidt

Melbourne's Linda Stillwell and one of the nation's most infamous mysteries - the disappearance of Adelaide's Beaumont children. In 1966 He would have been 17 years old. He doesn't fit any of the descriptions of the man seen frolicking with the children on Glenelg Beach when they disappeared.

It could be some time before charges, if any, are laid. Rakhal Ebeli, Ten News. More trouble for the G20 protestors,

facing court in Melbourne this morning. Police arrested one of their supporters for possession of a pocket knife, sparking more angry scenes. The group is protesting against charges laid against more than 20 demonstrators at the G20 summit last year. One member defended the violence used. Violent protest is part of direct action and civil disobedience. We see that pretty much nobody was hurt. Police fear similar protests will mar the APEC summit in Sydney next week. as two trains collide in Rio - Passengers killed that story next. And a massive toothache - the man who pulls trains with his choppers.

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This program is captioned live. At least 11 people are dead after a high-speed train crash in Brazil. It happened on the outskirts of Rio De Janeiro during the evening peak hour when a commuter service ploughed into an empty train being moved across the tracks. At least 60 people have been injured. Emergency crews are still combing the scene for survivors. There were more than 800 passengers on board the commuter train at the time of the accident. Some potentially dangerous substances have been discovered at the United Nations headquarters in New York. The chemicals were taken from an Iraq weapons facility

more than 10 years ago. The FBI is investigating a startling discovery in the offices of United Nations weapons inspectors who'd done work in Iraq - potentially hazardous chemicals. The material was contained in metal and glass containers ranging in size from small vials to tubes the length of a pen.

They were able to identify one substance from a UN weapons inspector's inventory list. It's the chemical warfare agent phosgene. Phosgene was first used in World War I and then in World War II. Weapons experts later traced phosgene to warfare between Iran and Iraq and it may have been used in the battles of Operation Desert Storm. These items should not have ended up at the New York offices. Normally they would be transported to an appropriately-equipped laboratory for analysis. I'm sure that there are going to be a lot of red-faced people over at the UN, trying to just figure out how they got there. The UN scrambled to trace where the substances came from, a trail that lead straight to Iraq. There was an inspection way back in 1996 when we, basically,

dug to the bottom of a chemical weapons production facility and these materials probably came from the analytical laboratory of that chemical weapons facility. With assurances that there was no immediate danger, the question remains how these vials ended up in an office. Coming to terms with a cancer diagnosis presents a formidable mountain to most people. But one former actress said she wasn't going to take the disease lying down, and refused to be just another patient. This is my liver. Cancer, cancer, cancer, cancer... Spunky cancer survivor Kris Carr doesn't consider her story a bad 'un. She calls it an adventure.

One thing that it very important to me is that we're not victims.

You know, we're not, "Oh, poor so-and-so." We're goddesses. You're cancer babes. We are cancer babes. Exactly. The former actress became a cancer babe on Valentine's Day, 2003. She learned she has an extremely rare form of vascular cancer, one with no treatment and no cure. We'll do whatever it takes. So she became, in her words, a full-time healing junkie,

completely revamping her diet and willing to try anything. Rarr! Anger therapy... NEW AGE MUSIC PLAYS ..chakra cleansing... POP MUSIC PLAYS ..and dance therapy. Because cancer takes away a lot of things, your spirit or break your soul but it doesn't have to take away or take away your glow. She turned her video journal into a documentary. I just can't listen to that kind of nonsense. And has written a book - 'Crazy, Sexy Cancer Tips' - a hip girlfriend's guide to cancer. Crazy, sexy, cancer totally doesn't go together. We're still these amazing young and wise women and we just don't want to be defined. I don't want to be defined by cancer. At a wellbeing forum sponsored by fashion designer Donna Karan Carr gave Karan a copy of the documentary. She's now watched it 14 times. that's not about cancer. 'Cause it is that kind of movie It's about how we live and the lives that we live today. Carr says Four years after her diagnosis her cancer is completely stable. I still live with the tumours. There's dozens of them, but they're beauty marks to me and they just sit there. Along her adventure ride she discovered the man behind the camera was the man of her dreams. It's a blessing, you know. It is. For Kris Carr it's not about living happily ever after, it's about living happily with cancer. Some people will do anything to set a world record. A Malaysian man, nicknamed 'King Tooth', has pulled a 7-coach train with just his teeth. Talk about a toothache. He pulled the 300,00kg locomotive with just a steel rope clenched between his pearly whites. He managed to pull it just over two metres, which organisers say is a new world record. Next, we hear from the NRL boss about how the league is dealing with Johns's startling drug confessions. Stay with us. And it's 10 years since the death of Diana. We look at the life and legacy of the people's princess.

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This program is captioned live. Bans on racing in Victoria are about to be lifted, Questions are being asked about the National Rugby League's policy on drugs after Andrew Johns's startling revelations.

The league legend confessing

to a battle with drugs, alcohol and depression, spanning nearly 10 years. His disturbing past only coming to light after he was caught in London with an ecstasy tablet.

Bans on racing in Victoria are about to be lifted, with the State so far clear of the equine flu. It's a far cry from the situation in New South Wales, where eight horses have tested positive at Randwick, and hundreds more are expected to contract the virus. And it's 10 years today since the death of Princess Diana. Flowers and tributes are being laid near the the site of the Paris car crash later today in London, and a memorial will be held friends and family. which will be attended by her sons, In finance news - was even today. the Australian share market National weather: on Princess Diana - Next, our feature story of the most loved public figures why she's still one

10 years after her death. Stay with us.

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This program is captioned live.

since the death of Princess Diana, It's 10 years today

to this day. yet her popularity endures of the 'People's Princess' We take a look at the life and why she still manages to captivate our imagination. It is, of course, the grimmest of fairytales - and the prince she loved. the beautiful girl The royal wedding, heirs to the throne,

and an adoring public.

Fairytales do come true, but remember, fairytales are filled jealousy and betrayal. with lies and cruelty,

only a senseless accident There would be no happy ending, entranced by... Diana. and 10 years later we are still

Diana's birthday, People don't remember where they were in August but they do remember this horrible thing had happened. when they found the news that I think it's true, that was interrupted. because here's the great fairy story second act was going to be. We never got to learn what Diana's best-selling 'The Diana Chronicles'. Tina Brown is the author of the at the peak of her powers, She died at the peak of her beauty, and the magic was never dim. at the peak of her magic, Only a handful of people have had that kind of magic.

Victoria Mather. Royal-watcher and social commentator Marilyn Monroe and John F. Kennedy, She's up there with Elvis, and always will be. it was her vulnerability, It wasn't just her beauty, and that people could relate to her. She was a very modern icon. Her magic in the early days and the spontaneity. came from the innocence She just was enchanting. with her Spencer background - Not only was she perfectly born,

had known the royals - 500 years her family left in the British Isles, she was probably the only virgin the most perfect thing she suddenly just seemed

that anyone could ever find. And she the most perfect thing as well as the British public, Charles himself, just bought into whole dream. was just that - a dream. Of course, the whole dream were all-too-human frailties. Behind all that regal pomp

was she was going to be able The way she actually saw it to marry the one person who could never divorce her,

because it was unthinkable would ever divorce. the Prince and Princes of Wales Unthinkable. when Diana was six for another man, You know, Diana's mother left her with a great fragility and it left her that lasted all her life. and a great instability, really, She would have been absolutely fine who loved her, if she'd been able to marry a man very sort of high-strung girl but for this very fragile, that was very rejecting married into a family to a man who didn't love her with somebody else. but was madly in love the worst possible scenario... That, for her, was probably

particular flower to be planted in. the worst possible soil for this in that hostile environment, But somehow, the English rose did bloom. despite all the woes at home, She, from the very beginning, to the public. had the most immense appeal a natural with the media. She was a natural with the camera, The media adored her.

he could not cope with the fact And, for Charles, for example, of Wales that on their very first tour, there would be two lines going down, she would have the other. he would have one side, everybody went crazy, The side she went down, it was like Beatlemania in a tiara. The side that he went down, everybody groaned,

and went "Oh, no, we got Charles." We want Di! We want Di! (Children chant) to the conclusion PRINCE CHARLES: I have come far easier to have had two wives that really it would have been both sides of the street. to have covered Well, at first he made a few jokes, then he got very, very irritated, and then he got furious.

And the royal family got furious "He's the Prince of Wales! because they thought,

and he's the Prince of Wales!" "I mean, this is Wales he's in He was a person who was used to the centre of the universe or accustomed to being the spotlight moves over. and all of a sudden and stayed over. The spotlight moved over to the dismay of the royal family. And there it would remain, much most British people In a BBC poll, Briton in history - voted Diana the third greatest and I think Shakespeare. that's after Churchill, was Diana's private secretary. Patrick Jephson He says Diana stood out or going to the opera whether she was visiting an AIDS ward and approachable. because she was both regal of a natural leader, Diana had many of the qualities of the royal family, and therefore, to other members into the dynasty of leadership, who were born they could take great joy from. her success was not always something As the animosity grew, divorce from the Prince of Wales, leading to her separation and then her sons would sustain her. of Her Royal Highness title, her HRH. In her divorce, she's stripped she had lost her HRH title, When William heard that he turned to her and said, I'll give it back to you." "Don't worry, Mummy. When I am king,

And he will. You wait - he will. divorce settlement. The royals agreed on a ?17 million to about US$26.5 million. In 1996, that came and office in Kensington Palace. She would also keep her home and a home base, With financial security Diana was back in the spotlight, and back to roads not often travelled.

I'm only trying to highlight a problem that's going on all around the world. That's all. She determined to achieve something in her own right. She did touch people's lives and it They did feel better for having met her. Through it all, Tina Brown says, Diana knew that image mattered. When she in an uncleared minefield in Angola in the last years of her life, without any sort of fear, she have to do that, she really didn't. "Can you walk this walk again?" - Some photographers say she's walking in a place she's not even certain has been cleared of mines - and she does it again. But the press hadn't got the shot the first time. She knew she had to do this to get this message out round the world. That was really the quintessence of Diana's great moment, I think. The saddest thing about Diana was that, in the end, "Did she find the guy?" it was always going to be about Brown says Diana's secret love was a London heart surgeon - Dr Hasnat Khan. They really had this really secret, very, very passionate and intimate affair and she wanted to go public. This was a moment of truth for Khan, because he knew his life was going to become nothing buy Di's new guy,

and he decided he couldn't take it and he said to her the affair was over. That was a devastating blow for Diana, a devastating blow. She wanted to get the heck out of England and it was easy for her to accept the invitation of a multi-millionaire with a house in the south of France, protection, drivers, helicopters - she thought, "I'll be safe there." She was not.

SOLEMN CHURCH BELLS TOLL We can't accept that somebody that special,

that beautiful, that romantic a figure, could die in such an untimely way. NRL chief David Gallop speaks out about the Andrew Johns drugs scandal. That's next on Ten's Morning News. And back on top of the world - new mum Jana Rawlinson reigns again in the 400m hurdles.

This program is captioned live. Sport now with Paul Cochrane, and the NRL is in damage control over the Andrew Johns drug saga. Rugby league officials are making it clear they won't disown former Test captain Andrew Johns following his shock confession to long-term drug and alcohol abuse. NRL boss David Gallop has just been addressing the issue at a media conference in Sydney. Here's some of what he had to say.

It has been a distressing 24 hours.

But only for Andrew Johns but for

the game. We should start with a

knowledge in his frankness. It is knowledge in his frankness. It is a

difficult issue for the game. It is

a big issue in the community. Not

an issue but the game has suggested

wasn't a part of rugby league. In

the last few months we have

implemented a more uniformed policy across the clubs. My knowledge

prior to that some clubs were doing

more press than others. Some clubs

have a different penalty regimes.

The fact is that the rest that

Andrew Johns ran - the Russian

roulette they played - the stakes

are now higher. The risks are

higher. With a policy that we have

in place. He has achieved a lot in

the game. He has damaged his

reputation. There is no suggestion

that the game it will abandon him.

We would like to see him get his

life back on track. Be part of our

celebrations as we go into 2008. He

has indicated that he would prefer

not to be part of it. He needs time

out of the public spotlight for out of the public spotlight for the

next few weeks. If he was willing

to assist us in sending a message

against engaging in illicit drug-

taking we would encourage that. There There are a number of programmes

through as a clubs where there is

no doubt he could help us.

Reinforce the pitfalls that are out

there. He deserves and the

acknowledgement for his honesty.

Also a realisation that this target

revelation has damaged his standing

in the game as a knock-on has

damaged the image of the game. I'm

hoping he can repair that. And the

game can go forward with him

assisting us to reinforce the

message which is a message that the

government are encouraging sports

like ours to play in active part in.

We it's so we have a responsibility

with our players as role-models to

reinforce the messages there are important against it reduced.

Now, this is a great story. After seven weeks out with a wrist injury, Willie Mason is back and straight into the spotlight. The forward enforcer stripping off in public before tearing a strip off the Cowboys,

agreeing with suggestions they're just a 2-man band. If you throw Bowen and Thurston out, I don't think there'd be many teams worrying about 'em. So you could probably say that. The Cowboys' double act are in formidable form of late to third on the ladder leading North Queensland thanks to four straight victories. A streak they hope to continue by targeting two players of their own. I think Sonny Bill Williams is an obvious one. Mason coming back after injury. They got a pretty good forward pack, and I think they've got some strike power.

And Wests Tigers coach Tim Sheens has taken to water ahead of tomorrow night's clash with Newcastle. His ninth-placed team bouyed by the return of Robbie Farah and Bryce Gibbs, but they must sink the Knights to stand a chance of making the finals. The AFL top eight could be decided as early as tonight when the Crows take on Collingwood. But it's the stand-off between the players and the Seven Network that's stealing the spotlight. The hardest training yards two days out from September weren't on the track, but in the courtroom. An injunction stands. It means the name of the club involved in the drugs furore

and the names of two players' medical records obtained by Channel Seven cannot be broadcast, for now. But the ill feeling towards from the game's players towards Seven is at boiling point.

If they are trying to defend it and

justified it it is rubbish. It is

fantasy will fall. It is contemptible. Players from Collingwood and Adelaide have been told to boycott interviews with tonight's game. And there's now a very real chance players may black ban the Brownlow Medal

to be broadcast on Seven this year.

One person says they were not go it

then that none of us would go. I

would not go at this point. The Demons' coaching appointment has been lost in the controversy. Last night the club's board met to decide on their coach for '08 and beyond. Kevin Sheedy remains a chance. The wild card Port Adelaide assistant Dean Bailey. An announcement expected on Monday. Tim Hodges, Ten News. More injury concerns for the Wallabies. Captain Stirling Mortlock has a back complaint while Matt Giteau's been floored with the flu. They're the latest names added to a list of injury concerns sweeping through the squad. the training paddock today The Wallabies stayed off

to visit Australia's official war memorial on the western front. failed to make the journey to the Somme. Stirling Mortlock, Matt Giteau, Scott Staniforth, Guy Shepherdson and Al Baxter all in need of treatment or rest. Mortlock's injured back a recurring injury.

It's definitely a concern. He is an

influential player. The doctor

doesn't think - she thinks it will settle settle down. For those who did make it to Villers-Bretonneux, a place made famous by Australian soldiers' courage and success, it was a moving experience.

settle down. The what happened here

has had a big impact on our lives. For Wallabies vice-captain Phil Waugh the search for his great-great-uncle's grave gave the trip extra meaning.

To have a relative that fought and

lost his life he is very touching. Over 60,000 Australian soldiers died in World War I and over half of them here in France.

779 Australians rest in these graves. For the Wallabies today is about forgetting footy

We lived a privileged life. It is

due to these types of people who

sacrifice so much for the families of their country.

Now, this is a great story. Just eight months after becoming a mum Jana Rawlinson has defied the odds to win a second World Championships gold medal in the 400m hurdles. She's now set her sights on Olympic glory in Beijing next year. Proud Aussie, proud mum, Jana Rawlinson back on top of the world, though she says this is nothing like her last victory in 2003. I'm a totally different person All day all I've been worried about is whether that photo came through from my mum and my little man. Realistically, I've been given thousands of gold medals with the birth of my son, to think I've been rewarded with this too, I'm a very lucky lady. Just eight months since she became a mum, Rawlinson spent the week thinking of Kerryn McCann, the marathon runner battling cancer who's also due to give birth soon. But once in the race all concerns took a back seat. As did her rivals. COMMENTATOR: Here she goes. Is this going to be a second world championship? Yes it is! She described her final hundred as awful, saying she mistimed the last two hurdles. for a second world championship gold, Still it was enough with the promise of more to come. Cathy Freeman, the Australian, she's the only one who's done it. She's won an Olympic title, too, so hopefully in the next few years I can sort of emulate some of her performances. Plenty of promise, too, from 5,000m runner Craig Mottram - advancing easily by finishing fourth in his heat. Just a formality, just get out here, get the job done and work towards the final on Sunday. Mixed results, though, in the pole vault. World number one Steve Hooker progressed while Paul Burgess failed to make the final. Anthony Goodridge, Ten News. And disappointment this morning for Jane Saville - disqualified during the women's 20km walk. Saville had been in sixth place when the final warning came. All of a sudden I saw the chief judge walking out and I knew it was for me. The other girl didn't have anything. It's just really hard. This was Saville's sixth tilt at a world title. She'd also been disqualified

while leading in the final stages at the Sydney Olympics. Another disappointing day for Australians at the US Open with Casey Dellacqua and Nicole Pratt both exiting in the second round. Dellacqua managed to take just one game

off world number two Maria Sharapova, the defending champion charged through the match in less than an hour. I have never played her before. Earlier Pratt suffered a straight-sets defeat They say a week's a long time in sport - so much can happen, so many weird and wacky moments. It takes someone just as weird and wacky to package them up. So, of course, here's Mark Aiston. Just making myself a silver cup of coffee. Terrific package this week. Lots of really weird highlights, so sit back and enjoy the Plays of the Week. The Premier League provides us with plenty of highlights this week. Mark Viduka sets us alight.

Emotions ran high during the week. Port defender Darryl Wakelin sobbing uncontrollably after suffering an injury during Port's win against the Cats. He later announced his retirement. And there was plenty of pain during the week as Anthony Rocca and Amon Buchanan became the focus. The Party Pooper of the Week - the Richmond Football Club for spoiling James and Kevin's MCG farewell with a win over the Bombers. The embarrassment award goes to this guy during the steeplechase at the world championships in Osaka. has made the Plays of the Week. Baker-Finch simply in the wrong place at the wrong time. Eclipse. And the "I don't want to answer your question, about it" award "but I don't want to make a scene goes to AFL Players Association vice-president Brett Burton. Don't mean to be disrespectful, Tom, but I said I wouldn't be answering any questions from Channel Seven. Aussie tennis player Casey Dellacqua won her first Grand Slam game during the US Open. Her mum pleased as punch. Casey almost forced out of her next match with a neck injury. Maria SharapOva, or Maria SharApova - you be the judge. 'Doc' Paskowitz then. Doc Paskowitz now - still surfing at 86 years of age. So that's another edition of Plays of the Week, hope you enjoyed it. In the meantime, catch you next week. 'Bye for now, folks. The national weather details when the Morning News returns. How to build the perfect Dad's Day gift. Start with raw materials. You've got your handy dad, garden dad, dabbler dad. Measure up your budget. Hit the gift guide at Pick your gift, pick your store. Job done. with 75% of their daily omega-3 needs.

This program is captioned live. Questions are being asked about the National Rugby League's policy on drugs after Andrew Johns's startling revelations. The league legend confessing to a battle with drugs, alcohol and depression, spanning nearly 10 years. NRL boss David Gallop has described the confession as disturbing but says the league will not disown the star. Bans on racing in Victoria are about to be lifted, with the State so far clear of the equine flu.

It's a far cry from the situation in New South Wales, where eight horses have tested positive at Randwick, and hundreds more are expected to contract the virus. And it's 10 years today since the death of Princess Diana.

Flowers and tributes are being laid near the the site of the Paris car crash and a memorial will be held later today in London which will be attended by her sons, friends and family.

Now for a look at the national weather: For fashion-lovers, it's going to be a stylish September. A month-long celebration of fashion and beauty began last night, with two of Australia's most gorgeous women lending a hand.

It was a night of fashion and absolute beauty. Elle Macpherson and pop star Delta Goodrem stepping out in style to support a month-long fashion fest and beauty bonanza. The pair joining Australia's leading fashion designers at the glamorous launch in Sydney last night. photographers unable to get enough of the Aussie beauties. Right here, girls! Over here, girls! Macpherson, who jetted back into the country this week, thrilled to be home. It's always wonderful to be home. Look at this weather. How amazing is that in the middle of winter? Sporting a long white dress with a plunging neckline, 'The Body' paid tribute to Australian fashion. It's wonderful to be involved in Australian fashion and beauty.

Delta glammed it up in a daring black feathered dress. The 22-year-old recently embracing a more adventurous fashion style. I don't think I've done anything too drastic, I just feel I'm comfortable in new clothes, trying to have a little bit of fun. More than 48 events, including fashion shows, wardrobe workshops and make-up makeovers

will be held across the country, building anticipation for the summer fashion season. Tracy Vo, Ten News.

That brings you up to date with all the news. Stay with Ten for updates throughout the day I'm Natarsha Belling. Good morning. Supertext Captions by the Australian Caption Centre.