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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. a chilling warning Tonight -

our intelligence agencies on alert. that's put police and intelligence and police information The Government has received specific this week, which gives cause about a potential terrorist threat. for serious concern about the workplace reforms What Labor will do if it wins Government. accepting absolutely none of it. We will go into the next election None of it. And...

at a $6 million block of flats ..another collapse to a tunnel construction mishap. that's fallen victim I'm Sandra Sully. Hello and welcome to Ten's Late News. Also tonight - to bother their doctor, They might not want

they have a headache for a day. they just say to beat those wretched headaches. Why doctors are saying there are ways And later in the news - actually but the show must go on. It was a little stupid to do that

And later in the news - to let a painful injuries Why Madonna refused making her ritzy new video. prevent her the Government has information The PM says

are planning an attack in Australia. indicating terrorists but says everything's being done He won't say where deal with the threat. to help our security forces

stark announcement was 'specific'. The key disturbing word in the PM's specific intelligence The Government has received and police information this week for serious concern which gives cause about a potential terrorist threat. where and against whom? But which threat, The public, he says, can't be told. I do not intend into any of the operational details. and cannot and will not go

Call the Attorney-General. MR SPEAKER: Legislation was introduced broadening a reference within hours of the announcement

in existing legislation. to terrorist acts and on board. The Opposition Leader briefed that I have been given Can I say that the information

is not of a general nature. It is of a highly specific nature. tomorrow The Senate will also be recalled amendment through. to rush the technical

The words "the terrorist attack"

"a terrorist attack" will be replaced with the words doesn't have to identify so that the prosecution a particular planned attack. A minor rephrasing between guilt and acquittal that could mean the difference for a terror suspect. Despite the specific threat, will remain at medium. Australia's official threat level release of the ASIO annual report Today's development follows the and could occur without warning. saying an attack is feasible

very closely with ASIO And we are working opportunities for that to occur to ensure that we reduce the in Australia. Today's urgent legislation anti-terror measures is separate from the controversial with the States. at the centre of negotiations now has reason to be confident After giving some ground, Mr Howard the tough new laws will proceed. in the fight against terrorism. Now we stand shoulder to shoulder to give support Victoria will now proceed

to the counter-terrorism measures. Greg Turnbull, Ten News. in 100 years The most comprehensive changes fired and paid, to the way Australians are hired, have finally been unveiled. workplace reforms The Howard Government's have gone to Federal Parliament workers will be better off. but the PM still won't guarantee war dance, was performed A Maori haka, the traditional

was beginning. as the workplace revolution

The unions enlisting refugees from New Zealand what they described as economic to the cause. Inside, the debate was intense. They don't want this bill studied.

that is gong to blow up They know on every page is a bomb in the face of Australian workers. of this bill in this house. There will be ample debate a record 11 Labor MPs thrown out. A rowdy session saw

of over-the-top hysteria. The PM accusing the Opposition are better off under this government The workers of Australia than they have ever been. the Opposition. That's what aggravates of legislation, Where, in the 687 pages is the Government's guarantee

employee will be worse off that no individual Australian and unfair measures? as a result of these extreme

My guarantee is my record! His Minister, not quite as assuring. We can't guarantee now of any individual Australian will be what the situation in four or five years time. their worst fears. The Unions say the bills confirm is fully documented now Everything we have said in the detail in this legislation.

Employers are urging not to stand in the way. the Nationals Barnaby Joyce

to support them We call on all senators and see them passed by Christmas. bills will pass Parliament unscathed. But Labor has no doubts the but a demolition of the changes It's now promising not a roll back, if it wins Government. accepting absolutely none of this. We will go into the next election None of it! Paul Bongiorno, Ten News.

It could be days before residents

their belongings are allowed to retrieve from a block of flats threatening to collapse in Sydney. gave way late today. Another part of the building and ran for their lives 50 residents jumped from their beds started to weaken. when the structure

We wanted to get out. It was a matter of life or death.

what was going to happen, We didn't know anything like that. if it was going to crash,

things can be replaced. It was life first -

in just about what we've got on Essentially, we exited the building right at the moment. a corner of the building A crater 10-metres deep appeared near under construction at Lane Cove. when rocks collapsed in a road tunnel

contributed to the problem. It's thought a build-up of water the area, Workers are trying to stabilise of quick-drying cement into the hole. pouring 1000 cubic metres

overnight. That operation is continuing you might be in limbo? REPORTER: So how long do you think You have no idea? Could be weeks, months, who knows. The residents have been relocated in a nearby hotel, the construction company building the tunnel promising to look after them. I can tell you that there will be no expense spared to make sure we do look after them.

Insurance assessors will examine the building in the next few days before a decision is taken on saving it or bringing in the wreckers. A crucial exhibit in the Peter Falconio murder trial has been contaminated at a forensic science lab. The problem's been revealed in the Supreme Court trial in Darwin, raising questions about the reliability of tests done for the case.

Forensic biologist Carmen Eckhoff is so confident about the testing standards at the police lab where she works, she assesses other laboratories to check they're up to standard. But under cross-examination, Ms Eckhoff was forced to admit an item at her accredited lab was contaminated with her boss's DNA. It's one of the most crucial exhibits in the murder trial - the handcuffs allegedly used on Joanne Lees.

She found Bradley Murdoch's DNA on the handcuffs. She says the odds that the DNA is from another white man in the NT

are 150 quadrillion to one. That figure is 30 million times more than the earth's population. Over three days in the witness stand, she also said there was practically no chance the handcuffs were deliberately contaminated.

Her certainty today undermined after Murdoch's lawyers pointed out her log book did not always record who had the exhibit or what they were doing to it. At one point, a police officer took the handcuffs to SA, where they were passed on to another officer in charge of the Falconio investigation

and taken to an interview with Murdoch. The removal from the lab was never noted down. Would you handle the investigation differently

if you had your time again? I can't comment on anything like that. Ms Eckhoff was also forced to admit she wasn't able to make conclusive findings from tests on the Kombi van. Positive results were only achieved by a British exert who uses a different testing technique based on lower grades of DNA. The scientific testimony is expected to last several days. In Darwin, Amber Muir, Ten News.

The jury hearing the kidnap and murder trial of Kerry Whelan has failed to reach a unanimous decision. 52-year old Bruce Burrell was charged with the crime and has maintained his innocence. The Sydney mother of three disappeared from a Parramatta hotel car park in 1997. The jury of eight men and four women couldn't reach a unanimous verdict after nine days of deliberations.

The accused showed no emotion as the foremen of the jury made the announcement. Bruce Burrell will face a new trial in the new year. We put our faith in the criminal justice system 8.5 years ago, and that faith is still there. Makybe Diva has made an encore appearance for the media an interruption the mighty mare's peaceful first day of retirement.

But she'll have little time to rest - the champion set to make up to $50 million at stud. It's her Cup victories we'll all remember, but those who've known the Diva more intimately will look back at these moments with a glow.

The mare was back at Lee Freedman's Mornington Peninsula property today, calm, friendly, charismatic. It had to happen and I was very lucky I got to do with her what I did. Stable foreman John White says

Diva recovered well from her record-slaying run. He'll miss her too. She's something I'll never ever forget and I'm just proud to be associated with her. Lee Freedman now revealing he'd long planned to take yesterday's gamble by running his charge in one more great race. I believe it was the biggest risk I ever took with a horse, to do that, and, as you said, it could have all come unravelled and then we'd look like fools.

Now the $14 million mare will be pushed towards motherhood. If connections choose her partners successfully, and she delivers up to 12 foals, her track prize money may seem like small change. Allowing for her to go to the best stallions, which I'm sure she will, and allowing for the progeny to be a really good type, there's no reason why it shouldn't be, maybe we might see the first $4 million or $5 million yearling. Makybe's place in history assured,

the debate over whether she's better than Phar Lap is worthy,

but will never be won or lost. She's the horse for the 21st century. It's very hard to draw her to Phar Lap because they're 75 years apart in terms of Melbourne Cup wins. The great mare will spend the next couple of days here in this paddock,

and the next couple of months in another paddock

just down the peninsula, and the rest of her life and ours in Australian sporting folklore. Her strapper has only one concern, and it's not for the Diva.

I pity her first stallion -

she's got a wicked kick in her back end. Paul Kennedy, Ten News. Stay with us. After the break - They might not want to bother their doctor - they just say, "I've had a headache for a day." Why doctors are saying there are ways to beat those wretched headaches. And later in the news -

Why Madonna refused to let a painful injuries prevent her making her ritzy new video.

DOOR SLAMS Just got fired, didn't I! What?!

Well, we'll see about that! Dennis! That's no ad till next year. Get over it.

A burglary has turned deadly when the intruders were attacked with a samurai sword. Two men cut the power before forcing their way into the house just after midnight. Armed with the sword and a gun, they tied up a woman home alone and demanded cash. Her partner was ambushed as he arrived home but then turned on the attackers.

Intruders come to your place, you try to defend yourself. I would do the same. The second offender was arrested two hours later. It's unlikely the crime victim who killed his attacker will be charged. Good news for those who get migraines. While there's still no cure, doctors say there's no need to put up with the pain. About 2 million Australians know the pain of migraine,

and the symptoms are as varied as the sufferers.

They can be from anywhere from the loss of sight in the right eye for a day or two right up to a whole week's worth. Mainly I just put up with it. Lock myself in a dark room when I do get the pain. Now doctors want to spread a new message - that migraine should never rule or ruin your life again. We should be preventing them rather than getting someone onto chronic drug use.

A US survey suggests less than half of all migraine sufferers take any form of preventative medication to head off the pain because they don't know they can. They might not want to bother their doctor - they just say they have a headache for a day.

That used to be Natalie's story, but now a new drug, recently approved for use in Australia, has changed her life.

You just take them and it becomes a routine thing.

Every day you take the medication,

and you know that if you don't you're gonna get them worse again. Be nice to be able to take something each day and actually stop it all together. Keeping a lid on migraine is also good for the economy, with days off work and lost production estimated to cost the country about $1 billion a year. It's the impact it has on their work, running the household, those people around them. Now the message to sufferers is clear - if you get migraines, go see your doctor. Tim Collits, Ten News. Madonna has been talking about the difficulties of being queen of the dance floor when you've had a horse riding accident. The 47-year-old admitted that during the filming of her new video her shoulder was so painful from the fall, she had to have it frozen with a local anaesthetic. It was all a bit stupid to do that actually, but the show must go on and I had a video to shoot. I can't make a video for a dance track

and not dance in it. So I danced my heart out and couldn't feel anything until the pain thing wore off. dand I was like, "What have done?" The new single is released next week and is expected to be followed by a world tour next year -

one which she promises will include a visit to Australia. After the break here in the Late News - British Royals make an historic trip to the United States. My wife and I were profoundly moved by what we saw there. Then in Sports Tonight - Australia's Andrew Bogut stars in his NBA debut.

Prince Charles and wife Camilla have arrived in the US for their first overseas trip as husband and wife. American commentators already labelling the tour a "royal bore".

On his first official US tour in over a decade,

Prince Charles took a back seat to new wife Camilla. It's been called the "royal invasion", the "glam offensive". Their first stop, paying respect at Ground Zero. Both my wife and I were profoundly moved by what we saw. The couple opened a park dedicated to 67 Britons who died on September 11,

later visiting the United Nations. But journalists today focused more on Camilla's reported 40-person entourage, including three personal dressers, a hair stylist and a make-up artist. The nervous 58-year-old debutante packed nearly 50 outfits. While the stars turned out for a royal reception tonight, the public seem less enchanted. Are the royals still relevant? The vote so far:

Camilla has an uphill battle to win over Americans whose only royal interest was in Princess Diana. She'll never be able to take Diana's place. She looks like Seabiscuit. Charles and Camilla will spend the rest of the week in Washington, New Orleans and San Francisco. All the while dodging cheap shots from the US media. We're all welcoming the Prince and the Dutchess, or mistress, or whatever she is this week.

I saw some pretty frightening costumes - I saw this one ghoul and this one goblin on the news getting off an airplane and I realised it was just Prince Charles and Camilla. In the US, Rahni Sadler, Ten News. At CommSec, Tom Piotrowski. Tom, has today's news of a specific terror threat rattled the market? Well, sand

Well, sand rah, it was a pretty

unspectacular session, up until

midday when the Prime Minister made

his remarks about the suspected

terror threat and the market lost

30 points, but it tendsed to

recover but without success. In its

defence the volume or turnover was

defence the volume or turnover was low. In the next couple of of days

a an interesting measure will be

a an interesting measure will be resolved on the part of buyers.

resolved on the part of buyers. Pretty red faces, Westpac had

serious egg on its face. It did,

the country's fourth-biggest lender

the country's fourth-biggest lender sent an email to analysts that

contained more information than it

should have relating to its profit

should have relating to its profit

should have relating to its profit result which should have been

result which should have been announced yesterday. The result

was bought forward, $2.8 billion, which

was bought forward, $2.8 billion, which is a solid result. The market

which is a solid result. The market was lukewarm as far as the outlook

statement was concerned and the

shares finished weaker on the

session. Taking a closer look at

today's performance:

CommSec's Tom Piotrowski. A community leader has come up with a controversial plan to save his constituents from bird flu. He wants all pigeons in in his council culled. If we're to believe the local council, the bustling Sydney community of Ashfield is under attack. A plague of pigeons is putting people at risk, some fearing our feathered friends could soon become killers.

(Scream) People have and can die from pigeons. Last night, Ashfield Council voted on a motion to eradicate all pigeons in the municipality, the debate ruffling a few feathers. The mind boggles when I think of Ashfield pigeons flying to the border of Ashfield and stopping directly at the border. LAUGHTER

But Deputy Mayor Nick Adams, who moved the motion, is perfectly serious. It's well documented that pigeons carry a number of diseases that are transmissible to humans, some fatal, and many view pigeons as probably the most likely source of spreading the bird flu should it hit our shores. The eradication motion was lost. Instead, Council plans a massive reduction in numbers, like that achieved in London's Trafalgar Square. Numbers have dropped from 5,000 in the year 2000

Numbers have dropped from 5,000 in the year 2000 to nearly 100 in 2004. Community opinion divided. There are so many of them. It's annoying trying to dodge them all. I don't mind them, the poor things. At least one Ashfield councillor suggesting a solution once used during the war. We had recipes for pigeon pie. Everybody decided, "Here's a way to solve the pigeon problem - "stick them in a pie." So the message to the pigeons of Ashfield is be afraid, be very afraid, because your days are numbered.

Angela Bishop, Ten News. The weather's next and then it's Sports Tonight with Leigh Diffey. Leigh, Australian cricket selectors have gone with pace over spin for the upcoming Test? Yes, Sandra. The West Indies will get to face the reinvigorated Nathan Bracken and he's going to make the most of this test re-call. Pace over spin, Bracken over MacGill. Is it the right call? He's got a great record up here, Bracken. That's the way we decided to go. And will becoming a Demon change the way Pickett plays?

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CHURCH BELL TOLLS Come closer, child, and vent your sins. (Sniffs) (Exhales deeply) I sense nothing.

with Eclipse Gum. Father, I have purged my sins What time does the buffet close? New Eclipse Gum and Mints...

Let's take a look at the weather now. South Australia, A band of cloud is crossing bringing rain and isolated storms. seeing some heavy showers. The Northern Territory

along the Queensland coast Patchy, low cloud and some rain. is bringing humid winds From the synoptic chart - and storms across the interior a low pressure will cause rain and south-east. and heavy rain to Tasmania. A deep low will bring strong winds Isolated showers for Queensland in Western Australia. and mostly sunny

And that's the latest from Ten News. with Leigh Diffey is next. Sports Tonight From the Late News team - goodnight. I'm Sandra Sully. by the Australian Caption Centre. Supertext Captions