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(generated from captions) Ahead - cheers at the Victorian Labor state

conference after delegates vote

in favour of bringing gay

marriage to the national agenda. Southern Queensland

lashed cleaning up after a wild storm Black Caviar becomes the

only horse since Phar Lap to

win 124 consecutive races. - 14 consecutive races and Murphy claims pole position for consecutive races and Greg

tomorrow's Bathurst 1000. This Program is Captioned Live. Hello. News 24, I'm Richard Davies. A quick look at tomorrow's

weather, first.

Indonesia has arrived in Bali The Australian Ambassador to

to head up diplomatic efforts to free a NSW teenager arrested

on drugs charges. The

14-year-old boy is spending his

fifth day in a police the island's capital, fifth day in a police cell on

After allegedly being caught

Foreign Affairs Minister, Kevin with a small amount of

Rudd, ordered the ambassador to

fly to the island to liaise with Indonesian officials. Mr

Rudd says securing the release

of the boy is one of the Government's highest priorities. This little lad

has been taking a lot of our

thoughts and our prayers and

our concerns over the last

several days. As I said

yesterday, I spoke to his dad yesterday. And we are working

our way through the Indonesian

objective of getting this young legal system with the

fella home as soon as we

possibly can. People should be

very, very aware that this may take a considerable period of

tie. And we are not guaranteed

through the system. I have of success but we are working

directed Australia's ambassador, Ambassador

Moriarty, to fly from Jakarta to Denpasar in Bali today. to Denpasar in Bali today. He

will arrive at 1:30 Bali time today. And his purpose immediately engage the family, immediately engage the family's

lawyers and to immediately engage the Indonesian authorities and the authorities. Andly be speaking

to him again later today, or

tonight Australian time., once

he's had those meetings. Of

course the work through our Consul-General there

continues. And they have been

very active with the local

police in ensuring that this

young fella has his own room to

sleep in. His own cell, and

that his

in an adjacent room in order provide parental in an adjacent room in order to

observation. It's now 20 observation. It's now 20 days

until the Commonwealth heads of Government meeting in Perth

kicks off. The event will play

host to over 50 Commonwealth

leaders as well as the Queen

and Prince Philip. Labor's

Stephen Smith says CHOGM will

provide an excellent opportunity to show case and the rest of Australia to opportunity to show case Perth

the rest of the world. It will

not just make the point that

Australia is a significant country, a member of the G20, lead country, a member of the G20, a Commonwealth, member of the ASEAN associated Asia Pacific regional architecture, but regional architecture, but it

will also showcase Australia as

great place for tourism. And it a great place for investment, a

will particularly highlight the delights of Perth, the delights

of WA and the investment

opportunities for Perth and WA

into the future. The International Monetary Fund says Australia would be able to afford delaying a return to

surplus if global market s

worsen. The IMF says Australia's relatively low level of net debt the Government would have the fiscal space to delay bringing the budget back into the black. The Federal Treasurer Wayne

Swan has told the ABC Swan has told the ABC the IMF

would have the fiscal space

delaying bringing the budget

it's back into the black. He says

it's the remarks are a strong

endorsement of Labor's economic

stewardship but the Government

is committed to its surplus time frame. I think there would be Finance Ministers right

around the globe who would give anything to get a report like this from the IMF. It does make

the point that we have strong fundamentals. It makes the

point there is room to move, if

necessary, in terms of macro

economic policy. But the Government's determined back to surplus in 2012 lf

13. The Victorian Labor Party

has backed an overall of - over

haul of the party's policy on

gay marriage. Voting today at

the ALP state conference in Melbourne members overwhelm

ingly spoord shift at the conference.

conference. The vote supports same-sex marriage to

in Australia. Federal Labor MP

Bill Shorten said he wouldn't

be drawn on the issue ahead the national conference in in

December. This

December. This issue will be national conference, it's debated at the December

Federal issue, the Labor

Government, the Prime

Minister's view is clear that

this is what it is, marriage is

between a man and a woman. A

pilot and one of five sky

divers who were on a plen divers who were on a plen that

crashed into a creek east of

Melbourne this afternoon are on

their way to hospital. The

plane crashed around

near the toor add - Tooradin

airport #2350e8d. The pilot has

two broken legs while a male in

his late 20s has pelvic injuries. Paramedics on the

scene for treated for

hypothermia after being in the

water for too long while some very burnt by aviation SES crews are mopping up after very burnt by aviation fuel.

severe thunderstorms battered part of southern earlier today. A spokes woman part of southern Queensland

says they've received more than RADIO CALLER: S for help, 340

mostly for damaged roofs and

one for flooding at Loganlea,

warnings are still in place for south of Brisbane. Storm

the Capricornia, Wide Bay and

the birnt area, but further south storm cells have moved

out to say. - firefighters in central out to say. - sea. Meanwhile,

Queensland say strong westerly

winds have made dangerous

conditions this evening, with

10 major bushfires burning in

fanning three blazes near the region. Fierce winds are

Rockhampton but strike teams

and water bombing planes have

kept it away from homes property. The weather bureau

has issued a severe fire weather warning for the region, mid-30s, low humidity and winds gusting more than 50km/h. The

group responsible for a protest

at the Sydney Opera House this

morning says now is the time to stop a large furniture retailer

from selling goods made from

Australian forests. Two women

and a man from the group called The Last Stand scaled the roof

of the building of the building before unveiling a banner targeting the retailer Harvey Norman.

Five people have been charged

over the incident. The United Nations says

there's an urgent need for an

interim government in Libya to establish a judicial system. The transitional government

supporters launch their biggest stand yet on Muammar Gaddafi's

home town of Sirte. Rebels

firedy artillery at one of the last major cities loyal to the deposed leader. The NTC

struggled to capture remaining

pro Gaddafi loyalists has sidelined efforts sidelined efforts to establish

an effect Government. The

has urged fighters not to take

revenge and to respect human

rights as the battle nears an

end. Meantime thousands of Lebanese Islamists have rally

ed in support of the uprisings in neighbouring Syria.

Protesters carried black ards

placards supporting the people

and denouncing Bashar Al-Assad.

Protesters also criticise China

and Russia's decision to veto a

UN resolution criticising UN resolution criticising the Al-Assad regime. 10 years to

the day since the start of the current conflict in President, Hamid Karzai, has acknowledged the failure of his

government and NATO to provide

security for the Afghan security for the Afghan people.

Mr Karzai said the continuing

violence was one of the biggest shortcomings of his admission

and of - administration and of

z the international forces

there. He also said it was no longer possible to attempt talk

wsz the Taliban: He was

speaking with BBC reporter John Simpson. Scarcely anyone forecast back in 2001 this forecast back in 2001 this this would eventually turn into a

serious shooting war, or that the Americans would longer than they were in

Vietnam. The man who's been Afghanistan's President almost

the entire time is frank about his major failure here. We've

done terribly badly in

providing security too the Afghan people and this is the

greatest shortcoming of our

government and f our regional

and international partners.

What we should do is provide

better, more predictable

environment of security to Afghan citizens and that the international community has and Afghan Government definitely

have failed. It's not have failed. It's not surely going to get going to get better when when

the foreign troop s go in 2014,

isn't? We don't know. It might

get better. If we concentrate

on the right items as far as security is concerned, security is concerned, of attention. Sanctuaries in

Pakistan. They're hurting

Pakistan, they're hurting

Afghanistan, the sanctuaries

are providing the means to whoever wants to whoever wants to use the

sanctuaries against both countries. Definitely 2 Taliban will not be able to move a

finger without Pakistani support. The fact is that support. The fact is that the

Taliban were and are stationed

in terms of their political headquarters

headquarters in operational headquarters in headquarters in Pakistan. We all know that. The Pakistanis

know that, we know that,

are not saying this in a manner of accusation. And reprimand.

If you say you're not going

to talk to the very people who

dr We have not said that we

will not talk to them. We said

we don't know who to talk to. We don't have an address. If we

get an address for the Taliban,

we will talk to them. Right now

- The policy until just the

other day was to, yes, to other day was to, yes, to talk to them. You

them. But we were - You had something of an ades. We were

demanding, we were asking for

negotiations. We wanted to talk

to them. But with the assassination of President Rabbani and by someone who came in the name of a messenger from

Taliban, now we don't know who

to talk to. You to talk to. You don't talk to

suicide bombers. Who come in

the name of messengers for

peace. So this fact that we peace. So this fact that we are not tealing with identifiable individual as a

representing the Taliban are a

place that we can knock on and

say, well, here we are, we want

to talk to you. Until that

place emerges, an address and a

representive, we will not be

able to talk to the Taliban

because we don't know where because we don't know where to

find them. After their long

occupation of Afghanistan,

American and British fighting

troops will leave in December

2014. But it's hard to think

that will end the that will end the violence. On

the contrary, the Taliban can

simply wait until there's no deal, the chances

are the war will just go on and

on. Three campaigners for women's rights in developing world have won the 2011 Nobel peace prize. The winners

winners are Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf, her compatriot

Leymah Gbowee and Arab spring

activist Tawakkul Karman. They

won for their efforts to bring democracy to their struggling countries. This countries. This is Nobel Peace Prize has

ways. The common thread is

women in the developing world. Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf, Leymah Gbowee Leymah Gbowee and Tawakkul Karman, for their non-violent

struggle for the safety of

women and for women's right s

to full participation in peace building work. Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf became Africa's first elected female head of

state in Liberia when she took power in 2005, Liberia was

traumatise and spent. By 14

years of civil war. She has contributed to securing peace in in Liberia. To promoting economic and social development and strengthening the position

of women. While celebrating his 80th birthday with Bono,

Desmond Tutu jumped for joy

upon learning the news that President Johnson-Sirleaf as

one of three winners. 50 good day for her obviously. She

deserves it many times deserves it many times over.

She is has brought stability to a place that was went hell. We're so lucky to have

worked with her over the year,

cancelling Liberia's debt, she

is just an extraordinary woman, a force of nature and now she

has the world recognise her in

this great, great, way. The Nobel Peace Prize jury

says President

Johnson-Sirleaf's rise to power would not vbl possible without fellow Liberian Leymah Gbowee. A mother of six, she A mother of six, she organised the movement Women of Liberia

Mass Action for cap peace which

became a powerful force in the

fight against violence. She has

worked to enhance the influence

of women in West Africa during

and after the war. Gbowee says she's still in shock. I've

never really thought I've done anything great or anything great. Everything I do is an act of survival for

myself, for the group of people

that I work with. So sph you

are surviving, you don't take

your survival strategies or

tactics as anything worthy of

Nobel. The Arab spring is crept represented

represented by Yemeni blogger Tawakkul Karman. She's an

outspoken journalist and human

rights activist who rights activist who has long been a thorn in the wremenny

President's side, staging

weekly sit-ins to demand the release of political one of the most authoritarian

and autocratic regimes in the

world. Tawakkul Karman says the

award is a victory for Yemen and all Arab revolutions.

TRANSLATION: I am very, very

happy about this prize. happy about this prize. I give

the prize to the Arab

revolutions, and to the

peaceful youth revolution in

Yemen, and the Yemeni people. I also dedicate this prize to the

martyrs and wounded people from peaceful revolutions. Only 12

women have won the peace prize before. Now to the Michael

Jackson trial where prosecutors

have played a police interview with the pop Conrad Murray, the interview

has never been heard in public

before. It was conducted two days after Jackson's days after Jackson's death and

is one of the last pieces of evidence prosecutors have

against him. Murray is pleading not guilty to in voluntary manslaughter. If convicted he faces up to four years behind

bars and the loss of his medical licence. During medical licence. During the interview, Murray said he'd

given Jackson dozes of him sleep. Murray's defence lawyer Ed Chernoff cross-examined toxicologist Dan Anderson about in Jackson's blood. The shift of correspondence from

mailboxes to inboxes has left the urs postal service on the

brink of bankruptcy. The organisation is considering options to keep it open,

include cutting a third of its

work force, closing post

offices and scrapping Saturday

deliveries. Lisa Millar


six days a week, the mail is

delivered in America. But the

postal service is in debt, and

it has just a month to pay

billions to the employment retirement funds. The postal

service could find itself in a

motion where it's unable to pay

its bills. More people are

going online, so many that the

postal service is running TV ads

ads to try to woo them back to snail mail. Give your customers

the added feeling of security,

a printed statement or staff the US postal service is

the second largest employer in

the US after Wal-Mart and

that's too big, according that's too big, according to Republicans. Because it's simply makes simply makes very little sense to have workers in excess of

what you need to what you need to deliver good

quality service. Some have

suggested more than 200,000

jobs should go. This is where Americans first Americans first started seeing

the change. The familiar boxes

began disappearing but post offices themselves are at offices themselves are at risk, hundreds have already and thousands more could follow. The commission follow. The commission that oversees the postal service is worried about the impact. Which

would drastically reduce these

level of service provided and would in particular hurt rural

communities. Unions are bracing

for a fight. The postal service is a 70 billion dollar business. And you have those

who want part of that, that

revenue and that's is the biggest problem. They've been

chipping away at the postal

service for years. And for

nation weary of bail-out, it

can't count on a cheque in the

mail to save it. Time to check sport now check sport now with Amanda Shahlala. There's ban boilover

at the rugby World Cup. The

dark horse charges on, Wales dark horse charges on, Wales is

the first team through to the World Cup semifinals after a

stunning win over Ireland. The Welsh scored three time trial

tries to 1 to send Ireland pack

k it's the first time they've

made it to the final four since the

1987. Wales now waiting for the other quarterfinal between

England and France in Auckland:

There's been a last-minute

influx of Australian fans into

Wellington a head of tomorrow's quarterfinal between the Wallabies and South Africa.

Thanks to the rivalry, Springboks spores say they're

now enjoying new found particularity amongst the

locals. Rugby takes dedication.

For the fans as well as the players. . Life is going to players. . Life is going to get harder. On the bus there's six guys all sleeping together. The Bok bus is

African bhaits who are African bhaits who are feeling jumpy about torn's game. I hope we

we beat you guys, the Aussies.

After that I don't care. Come

on Aussie. But it's all bravado from the Aussie neighbours. When we neighbours. When we get towards

the All Blacks I'm a bit

worried. We will give those South Africans a run. On South Africans a run. On the

street, there is a cruise ship

depostiting these diehard fans.

They couldn't get

Phil Kearns who was in

Australia's win two winning

World Cup squads. When things

aren't going your way it can be hard. But it was the weather

not their relative inexperience against the defending against the defending champions which was challenging the

Wallabies today. The weather we

have or haven't got for the World Cup experience, I think

the group we've got has got the goods to

goods to win this game tomorrow night. Even if South African feels the popularity take stakes. Tie>> fir time I've Tie>> fir time I've been

walking around New Zealand and people have been people have been saying good

luck I hope you do bellwell on Sunday Saturday: >>Iek Like the

weather in this city, the out

come of tomorrow's game is impossible impossible to predict. If

anticipation is anything to anticipation is anything to go

by, it chaip shapes up to be

one of the cracker matches of the tournament. Black Caviar

has equalled the great Phar

Lap's record and made it 14 Lap's record and made it 14

wins in a with the Schillaci Stakes at

Caulfield. The 5-year-old mare

continued her unbeaten continued her unbeaten record

as she eased to victory over 1,000m. Away she goes, what champion, 14 straight and she's

up there with the greatest ever - Black Caviar won it by 4.5. She's an unbelievable athlete. Karuta athlete. Karuta Queen and

Stirling Grove fell to the

minor placings and Helmet just

hung on to win the Caulfield Greg Murphy has claimed pole position for tomorrow's

Bathurst 1000. It was a dramatic top 10 shoot-out.

Murphy was the sixth driver

out. Just as he finished his

lap, the rain poured down. That rave gave

rave gave if remaining drivers including Whincup and Garth

Tander no hope of Tander no hope of eclinceing Murphy's time. - eclipsing

Murphy's time. Sebastian Vettel

has just snatched pole position

for tomorrow's Japanese race.

Vettel just needs one point Vettel just needs one

from tomorrow's race to wrap up

the championship. We were able

to get everything -

single bit out of the car in qualifying which was crucial. There isn't much between Jenson and myself so it

was a tough qualifying but I

enjoyed it a lot. It's been an entertaining start to the new

A-League soccer season with Newcastle and Melbourne Heart

putting on a showcase, it's 2-2

late in the match in Newcastle. Here is Here is a look at the goals. COMMENTATOR: Here is Hoffman

against his former club.

Beautifully done! There's the

opening goal of the new opening goal of the new

season. It goes direct! It's a

beautiful equaliser. Here is

Griffith s again. Ryan

Griffiths. He's got a double in

the first half. Here is the go

for Fred. They have left him

alone. It's delightful ball. And they've And they've got an equaliser

too. The Socceroos are now

focusing on their next task with the team now in Sydney to

prepare for Tuesday's World Cup

qualifier against Oman. The

Australians thrashed Malaysia

5-0 in their friendly in

Canberra last night. But

they're expect ing opposition from the Omanis. It they're expect ing sterner

will be a different game to what we played last night and

it gets down to business it's

the three points and definitely going to want it. the three points and they're

fight and they will try

everything to get the points. Manly's dual NRL premiership coach Des Hasler has confirmed he will swin

switch clubs and join the

Bulldogs in 2013. He Bulldogs in 2013. He will

service out his final year with

the Sea Eagles before going to

Canterbury. They say it put forward a compelling financial office but Hasler was motivated by a new challenge. He by a new challenge. He will work under des and that is a great career opportunity for

him, Jim will admit that. That

will do wonders for his own

career. So we're very

comfortable with the direction we've taken. Hasler ledmanly to

the premiership just six days

ago. And Patty Mills has made

an immediate impact in the

national basketball league, lead ing the Melbourne Tigers

to victory over Sydney in the

season opener. The women's

league has tipped off and there have been first up wins for

Sydney uni, Townsville and

Bulleen. While in the NBL, New

Zealand started its title Blaze and the Tigers outlasted defence with

the Kings in Melbourne. Mills,

who is playing back home during

the NBA lockout top scored with

28 points as they came from 14

points down in the final term

to win. And reigning

premier Bulleen has won the WNBL rematch over Canberra this afternoon.

Starting with a satellite

South-East Queensland and picture and thick cloud over

eastern NSW is triggering

storms, somg of them severe. Patchy loud over the south-east is bringing the

is bringing the odd shower, and a band of cloud is clinching

southern WA that's southern WA that's also causing

a few showers. Around the

country tomorrow - Queensland

will be mostly dry, with just

the chance of some isolated

afternoon showers or storms

about the Gulf of coast. NSW will see isolated showers extending from the

south-west into central and

south-eastern district

becoming scattered in the south-eastern district and

southern inland. Further rain southern inland. Further south, south-west Victoria during the rain areas developing over

morning, reaching the north and

east by late afternoon. The

rain will clear over western and central districts by evening. Tasmania will and central districts by late

widespread rain easing evening. Tasmania will see

widespread rain easing to

west and south later in the showers and contracting to the

day. There will be some

highland snowfalls. Most of SA will have will have cloud cover with showers, patchy rain and isolated strorms across most areas. Isolated showers and

storm also reach the south-west of WA, but it will be of WA, but it will be fine

elsewhere. And for the Top End,

isolated showers showers and

storms in north and they will

be mainly inland during the

afternoon and evening. And looking a head to Monday - British newspapers are reporting that the reporting that the former Beatle Sir Paul McCartney will marry his Nancy Shevell in a civil ceremony in London tomorrow. It

will be the will be the third marriage for the 69-year-old musician. The

reports say the couple has been

given special permission by the local council to particulary on

a Sunday, on what would have

been the groom's former band mate John Lennon's 71st birthday. The wedding is

expected to be attended by just

30 or so guests at a London

registry office, followed by a private reception at

McCartney's home. That is the

news for now. I will be back in around half an hour with stand bring by now stand bring by now for

Australian Story. Enjoy the rest of your evening.

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