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(generated from captions) If it wasn't for these people, wouldn't be speaking... my little boy One, two, three... ..and he is now. and I urge you to do the same. This program is captioned live. Hello and welcome to State Focus. fairy tale in the making, Today a Queanbeyan horse racing singer songwriter from the ACT. and we'll catch-up with an amazing former Australian fast bowler But first up, to cricket and helping unearth the next batch Damien Fleming has been in the ACT, Welcome to State Focus. Dave, great to be here. for in a pace bowler? What are you looking ten, bowls 150kms an hour, Pretty simple. Guys about six foot corner then by the sounds of it. So you see them on every street it's those sorts of attributes. Heaps of those, but seriously two or three of those. I think you need to have what do you think? When you think Glen McGraph accuracy and he's added some Good pace, bounce, unbelievable to his game as well. subtleties of swing can swing the ball. Brett Lee's got great pace, of bowlers coming through Are there a lot of those kind particularly in the regional areas? in Australian cricket, and have a fair bit to do with I think so, I was lucky enough to time at the Cricket Academy there the Australian under 19's, with my young players there with and you see a lot of the those kind of attributes. bouncy, whether they've got You know whether they're tall and a little bit of pace, bit of swing there. whether they've got a little years between 19 and 23 But it's the development going to take the next level. when you find out whether they're Pace Bowling Coach at the moment, Now you've title with the AIS is the here, Emmet Bronker, Nathan Madston, and I'll run a few names past you Sheridan and also Adam Richard. the Australian regional scene, A few of the up coming bowlers in how are they going at the moment? because they're a team that aren't Well the comets have got a big role playing first class cricket, the level just below. but they're playing know from Darran Mcknees So if you do well here - well we onto bigger and better things. and Haddon and Mark Higgs - you go interesting fast bowler. Adam Richard's an 17 championships. I saw him at the under swung the ball and he had What impressed me about him is he and change of pace really good accuracy under 19 World Cup team in February He found himself in the Australian and done pretty well. over in Sri Lanka the Comets this season as well And he's opening the bowling for very exciting future. so I see he's got a future, Brad Haddin, Queanbeyan boy, Someone who has a very exciting South Wales after being with is taking up the gloves for New the Comets for a while. supersedes someone How long until he actually like Adam Gilchrist? have in that role? How long does Gilly he wants isn't it? Well it's as long as It's a tough one for Brad Haddin, because there's no doubt he could cricket right now. play international keeping's come along in leaps Particularly his batting, but his and bounds as well. 28 so Adam Gilchrist at 34 I think he's only about for not only Adam Gilchrist, - the World Cup will be a big call whether their time will be up but a lot of the Australians, one form of the game. or maybe they'll just leave of it at one day cricket, So Brad Haddin's had a little taste time for him to play both tests but I think when he had his selectors are going to get and one dayers, the Australian truly ready to play. a player who's well and transformed with the help Now Manika Oval really has been of the new Grand Stand etc perhaps a lower grade test Is there a chance you think, of the not too distant future? or a twenty-twenty match in in for it. And you're right, Well they've got to keep putting Manik's a fantastic oval. Prime Minister's Eleven, I was here for the unfortunately got washed out there. against the West Indies, when it they're definitely up to But the changes they've made - first class standard. one there. Imagine a twenty-twenty And maybe you just touched on the international game here. the game everywhere And we've got to keep promoting a chance to see first class cricket. and giving all the regional places Certainly Wagga's had some success What is it about regional areas? Mark Taylor rather, Michael Slater, with the likes of Michael Taylor - and Shane Lee from Wollongong, Geoff Lawson, we've got Brett Lee Naramine's Glen McGraph and Cootamundra. and of course Bradman Barrel promote and have success Why does regional Australia really in the Australian cricket team? with getting Australian cricketers with around the states. Well it's consistent good first class players Country people just produce and Australian players things to take up their time and I think there's not as much football codes and cricket and the traditional sports of the winter and the summer. seem to be played in they get outdoors and they play. And I think it's fantastic that coaches and mentors around And also there must be some good the country areas names, they're produced because, as you said with those first class level, they've been and not only are they produced at players as well. outstanding Australian South Africa fairly easily Ok, we've wrapped up in the first cricket test. test versus South Africa, A quick tip for the second cricket in South Africa. are going to win again. good a test line up as they are I don't think South Africa is as in one day cricket. the teams, even though that was And I think with the change over of dayer, you know, you bring back a demoralising loss in the last one players Kasprowicz, like this, Haddin, Warne, Langer, players like you're getting toughness as well. you're getting experience and on and win three nil in this series. So I think the Australian's will go Although it's been very exciting. and we're out of it right now. Thanks very much for your time Thanks Dave. are being taken now Still on cricket registrations for this year's Kookaburra Cup. gets underway in the ACT in October The eight a side junior competition 12s, 14s and 16s... that's for the under the cricket ACT website. For more details head to Now to the battle of the bulge, and what should you be looking for in a personal fitness trainer? Shedding pounds with expert help is all the rage these days, mainly thanks to shows such as the biggest loser. But how do you know you're getting the right advice from the right person? To make sure your hours of sweat and toil is worthwhile, I'm joined by President of Fitness ACT, Elizabeth Bennett. Welcome to State Focus. Shows such as the Biggest Loser and other fitness shows, are they actually good for the industry? I think that shows like The Greatest Loser really demonstrate one approach to weight loss and people kick starting their fitness regimes, but what they also show is an approach some people but not other people. I think that the main thing really is that people get fitness programs that are developed by people who are qualified and registered fitness instructors or personal trainers and that they have programs that are developed with the long term in mind. That they're not just quick fixes or a quick start, that they are looking at being sustainable for the longer term. Because a lot of people tend to go for a bit of a quick fix if they've got a wedding, Christmas or a special day in the making. You're more talking about an entire lifestyle change rather than just an immediate goal to achieve? Yes, that's right. I mean, fitness is not really something that you achieve and then you just keep. You have to continually work at it and it needs to be incorporated into a lifestyle that's healthy in other ways too, and that means that it is accompanied by long term good nutrition and other healthy lifestyle factors like not smoking, being moderate with the consumption of alcohol, that kind of thing. Now obviously one of the best ways to achieve that is through a personal fitness trainer, and also make sure one is qualified. What's the benefit of actually having a qualified fitness trainer, rather than just someone who happens to be handy on the fitness side of things. I guess there's a couple of different benefits. One is that qualified fitness trainers know what they are doing. They know how to develop balanced and progressive fitness programs that are safe and that are appropriate for different people because all people come into a fitness program from a different starting point, and they may or may not have preexisting conditions that need to be accommodated in a fitness program. The other aspect of that is that if they are qualified and professional then they are registered, they are covered by insurance and they are basically professional fitness trainers and able to do their jobs the way they're meant to. So there's obviously a legal element to this as well. Are there many in the ACT who are actually practising and who are unqualified at the same time? No, not in the ACT and the main reason for that is because in the ACT having a certain level of qualification and being registered with Fitness ACT is a mandatory requirement. We have a fitness industry code of practise here and basically it's illegal for people to work in the fitness industry as either fitness instructors or personal trainers without having those qualifications and being registered with Fitness ACT. And I know that you're off to the London marathon to have a bit of a quick sprint over there as it were. So best of luck with that in the coming weeks as well. Ok, thanks for you advice today and for more info, head to either Fitness ACT or the Fitness New South Wales website. Shortly a Queanbeyan horse racing fairytale. But in a moment, will you still be allowed to wash the car and water the lawn, we'll find out about the latest water restrictions next on State Focus. And welcome back to State Focus. With the dry weather continuing across the region, the ACT is introducing a range of measures to try and prevent a future water shortage. To let us know of the changes ahead, it's welcome to ACTEW CEO Michael Costello. Welcome to the program. Thankyou. What are some of the changes we can expect under the new rules? Well we're going to continue forever, the permanent water conservation measures we trialed over summer. That will be, first, you can only use sprinklers between 6pm at night and 9am the next morning, and paved areas you can't use a normal hose, not even a trigger hose. You can use a bucket and a mop. Or you can use a low pressure type of hose, unless of course, something like that. So these will be permanent water conservation measures. These are the new base, we can't go back to the old days. Now speaking of the old days, have you found, since water restrictions have been introduced to the ACT, there has been a change in the culture of how we actually use water? A dramatic change. We thought and modestly forecast, that these permanent water conservation measures that we've been trialing over summer, would only give us a cut back to normal water use of around about 8%. In fact, over summer, it was 18%. Which is a terrific result and shows that even though it was a very dry and hot summer, record hot summer, people really automatically now restrain in a way they didn't used to. So private gardens and lawns only between 6pm and 9am, Lawns and Plants at park, golf courses etc, they'll be under similar restrictions. Paved areas, just using a bucket and a mop. Still wash the car on the grass, just with a trigger hose and windows and gutters any time, and if you're a builder only for dust or pollution with a hose fitted with a flow cut-off device. Michael Costello from ACTEW, thankyou very very much for your time. Well there's little doubt an unsuspecting 6 year old horse is capturing the hearts of local punters. Takeover Target was bought by Queanbeyan's former cabbie Joe Janiak for just over 1200 dollars while living in a caravan. The horse now re-writing the history books. Joe welcome to State Focus. Thankyou. You must be pinching yourself right now. Yeah, it's been a big dream. Yeah. For sure. Now when did you know that you had something special in the horse that you bought on special for just over 1200 dollars? Probably the first time I galloped him, he showed me that he had some ability. I wasn't over confident. Not fantastic - because he had some bad leg action. But I knew I had something there good enough to probably win a race around Queanbeyan or Kanbush. Now here he is being paraded at the Black Opal Stakes in Thoroughbred Park in the ACT just the other weekend. He looks a fine horse. Now is there much difference to when you actually bought Takeover Target to what we're seeing in the horse right now? Oh yeah. He's changed around completely. He had bad manners when I first bought him. Put me in hospital - got 30 stitches in me head. How did that happen? He just reared up when I tried to tie him up one day, yeah, and struck me. You couldn't tie him up, you couldn't load him in the float. He was just a cranky horse. So you're almost the Queanbeyan horse whisperer. Not so much a whisperer. A lot of people say you must have belted him pretty hard once he done all that to you. No, I've killed him with kindness and it's worked. Is it easy to train a horse such as Takeover Target? Obviously he has something special. Oh, for sure. Yeah, he's got the ability. I've just got to make sure that he's fit enough. Here you are, handing out the simple Takeover Target pictures at the AAMI Black Opal Stakes on the weekend. The public support's amazing for you and this horse. It's almost like the Horse Whisper meets Sea Biscuit. It's one of those absolutely legendary stories. Have you been over overwhelmed and surprised by the amount of public support? Oh yeah, he's got fantastic support everywhere we go. Even the old ladies are sending me old postcards that they've kept for years and in return I send them something back from Takeover Target and they ring me up and tell me how much money they've won just out of their pensions, but it's fantastic yeah. Now let's run through some of Takeover Targets details here for you now. He has a fantastic win/loss percentage. We can see him sitting there at 61.1% win and 77% for a place. Is there any secret in getting him to that position in a horse race? Oh I think - I've just been pretty lucky in placing him. I didn't know really where to place a horse cause I've never had a horse with so much ability. And after his first four runs, well I'm going to have to try - maybe he's good enough for group racing, so we decided to go to Gosford. And then we took on the Remornie and the win at Remornie just absolutely blew them away. And I thought, well that proves how good a horse he is, you know, we'll go and see if we can win a group race with him. What is the magic that makes Takeover Target so special? He just doesn't like to get beaten, even in track work if you're

working with another horse, he'll just grind away until he ends up in front. Now that spirit obviously and that talent has translated through to some pretty big wins. We can see that he's scored over 1.8 million dollars in prize money. He's taken out the Newmarket handicap, the Lightning Stakes and also the Salinger Stakes. Was that a dream come true? Did you actually ever actually sit there and think - he may be good enough for this - and then all of a sudden it just started happening for you? No one ever though he was good enough for any of those sort of races. progression, all the way along But as I said, it's been a good that extra bit and he's just and he just keeps finding such a gusty horse. his sections are great He's times are fantastic, they were running so fast, and even in the Newmarket, like, up two lengths on them, I didn't think he'd pick and he got there on the line. Target, because you have a pretty Have we seen the best of Takeover on a global scale. demanding schedule Sprint Challenge coming up. We have the global World also some very big prize money, Four pretty enormous races here and think he'll fair pretty well? some top quality horses. Do you wouldn't be going over there. I do, yeah. Otherwise I him. I wouldn't expect him to I think you have seen the best of but on that ability, I think he's do any better than what he's done, and have a go himself, yep. competitive enough to go overseas looking to keep a six year old horse What sort of distance race are you such as Takeover Target at? some of the races? Are you trying to lengthen in the future? Perhaps a Melbourne Cup No probably 1200 races. No. He'll never be a stayer. We'll keep him at that. there and even run a place And if we can go over in some of those big races. think about when we come I'll probably very seriously we'll just retire him. lucrative stud offers as well. And then there's also the worst luck there. No stud offers, he's a gelding - Takeover Target or was that... Was that before you took over when I bought him. No, no. He was a gelding but good luck in the future. Oh well, he can't have all the luck, No. No. That's good enough. a horse like Takeover Target But I have a funny feeling that with you won't be needing too much Joe. time on State Focus. Thankyou very much for your Thankyou very much. Stay with us on State Focus, artist who has many believing shortly an up and coming local she's the next big thing... the Colgate 360 toothbrush! Hey, if it isn't and tapered bristles. It has an advanced tongue cleaner to remove more plaque Clinically proven for a whole mouth clean. and up to 96% more bacteria

We're history! Colgate 360 with tongue cleaner. putting the spotlight on plenty With shows such as Australian Idol of home-grown musical talent, and heard in a crowded industry. it's becoming harder to be seen talent who's standing out. Canberra's Ashleigh Mannix is one She joins me now. Great to have you with us. Thankyou very much for having me. twelve, now into the musical scene. Now Ashleigh, you finished year How have you found it so far? far. I've deferred uni to, It's been such a great ride so really concentrate on it. yeah have this year off to Canberra's been really good to me, And it's just been so great, so far. just been really fun. really accepting. It's lot of fun when you're on stage. Now you look like you're having a yourself, the songs you're singing You seem to be very relaxed with caper so to speak. and the whole musical Is that something you've learnt comes naturally for you? or is it something that just on stage a lot, but I guess you I think - you know, I haven't been it was you go along. just kind of learn It's not hard to learn. It's yeah, just something you learn. you just kind of get. It's just, I don't know. Something Now this is you on stage right now. from the audience? You get a real vibe Or are you in your own little zone? you along. It's just great. I love the audience, they just push song, down the front there was I actually, as I was singing this lots of my friends there too, good to see them there. like 'yeah' - which was boost from the audience. So yeah. I get a little people in the crowd? So you actually can see say it's almost frightening. Because I know some performers or a wall of people. It's just like a mass out the individual? You actually pick standing right there. Yeah. Yeah, well when they're sometimes the lights are right on, It's - they're like 'hi'. Yeah, but good in a way so you can just focus you can't see anything. Which is be who you want to be. and just, kind of, yeah, did the Canberra day concert But at big concerts, like I just at Stage 88 But it was really, really good. there was were people everywhere. certainly do, as we can see now, Now musical influences - you and a Missy Higgins feel. have a bit of a Missy Higgins look a little bit by people Are you pigeon holed your scope with musical tastes? or are you trying to really widen Yeah, no, I'm kind of myself. at all. I'm just being who I am. I don't feel I'm being pigeonholed It's great so far. would you describe your style? Well who is Ashleigh Mannix? How Of music? Yeah. I get this one all the time This is a hard question. don't know how to place myself. and I'm just like I really are country, some of them are, Cause my songs are - some of them you know, pop, some of them are, Jack Johnson kind of music. back to the mellow I was sort of a mellow rock. So I've had one person say that don't know how you got that. And I was like, ok, I and dad's record collection So you've been raiding your mum in years gone by? I've been listening to - grown up Yeah, yeah. It's been really good. and Ricki Lee Jones. with James Taylor and Van Morrison It's really good yeah. some impressive artists. Now you've played with also Killing Heidi. You've supported the Whitlams, around people like that? Do you learn a lot from being you know - the professional side Yeah. Especially how to kind of, on stage and stuff like that. of things and how to be and they've all - all the people Yeah, I've learnt so much from them and really helpful in that way. I've met have been so really nice So I've been really lucky. still have to learn? What do you think you can be in this industry for years Because a lot of people say they and are still picking things up. Ah, well I've got a lot to learn. just to - this year just to kind of That's one of my aims actually - music, I guess, learn a lot more about to really become a better musician. you've finished year twelve, Now you've left high school, that's behind you and you're getting interested in primary school and teaching younger kids. Yeah. But you want to sort of put that aside for a little bit and concentrate on the musical career? Yeah. That's what was the plan. I got into uni, which I was stoked about, and peah, I deferred for a year. And this is kind of my year to really concentrate on the music and see where it takes me. Who knows, you would be doing your own little wiggle or your own little High Five act in the years to come. Oh, I don't know about that. Maybe. Well it seems to be where the money is. Well best of luck in the future. No doubt we'll be seeing you on bigger and better stages. Thanks very much. Well thanks to all our guests on State Focus this week, Let's go out with a song from Ashleigh now, Long Way Home. Live captions by Southern Cross Ten, Canberra. We apologise for the temporary loss of captions. Normal service will resume as soon as possible.

If it wasn't for these people, my little boy wouldn't be speaking... One, two, three... ..and he is now.

and I urge you to do the same.