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Live Today an Australian soldier killed while on patrol in Afghanistan. We have to steel

steel ourselves for further

fatalities and further

casualties. Also Also today - Barry O'Farrell promises honest, stable and capable government if the Opposition wins

Wales. Violence escalates in

as troops open fire on Libya. Reports dozens killed

anti-government protesters. Daly River residents evacuated as floodwaters swamp as floodwaters swamp parts of

the Northern Territory. And

Australia's cricketers primed

and ready to defend Cup title. and ready to defend their World

Hello, you're watching ABC

News 24. I'm Melissa Hamilton. A quick check of A quick check of tomorrow's weather: the soldier death We'll bring you latest on

Afghanistan in a moment but the soldier death in

first we'll go to the Northern

Territory where we're following

a developing story. A 14-year-old boy was reportedly

been taken by a crocodile on

the island community. ABC reporter Louisa Rebgetz joins

me from our Darwin newsroom

joining with the latest. Thanks for

the moment, but what can you information is very scant at

tell us? Basically all I tell us? Basically all I can

tell you is that police believe a

a 14-year-old boy was

a crocodile in the a crocodile in the remote

community this morning. They

say at half past 11 received a report that the boy say at half past 11 they

went missing. He was went missing. He was swimming

in a creek with

in a creek with his brothers

near the barge landing in the

remote community. This remote

community is about 400 kilometres from Darwin on Arnhem coast about 1000 people

live in this community. He was

swimming in the creek about

half past 11 when he went

missing. Police believe he was

taken by a crock dial. They've

done an initial search but

found no trace of the

14-year-old and nine extra

way to the remote community police officers are on their

right now to continue the

search for this young boy, that's search for this young boy, but that's all really that's all really the

information we have. We have

been told the crocodile, there

was a spotting of a in the area and this large

to the community. All crocodile was quite well known

indications suggest that this

boy tragically was take by a crocodile. The mother big story today in

today in the Northern Territory

severe flooding has caused more

than 200 people to be evacuated

from the Daly River community. from the Daly River community.

What's happening there? Yes. Evacuations started at first

light this morning from the Daly River community. The

water levels are still rising

and that's obviously a major

The police have decided to ask concern for the people there.

everyone to leave and the community seems to be

cooperating there and accepting

another school. that voluntary evacuation to

another school. The community

basically being boated basically being boated out of

the Daly River community to a

nearby school or to the road

where they're getting on buses and take to a school where there's welfare groups there to

give them food and water. They

will be going evacuating there

all through the night until 6pm. 6pm. At 6pm that is when water

levels are expected to peak at 14.9 metres. 14.9 metres. At this stage,

everything is underwater. Four houses, at least

have been inundated. The

school is underwater.

children's centre is school is underwater. The

underwater. Saltwater crocodiles seem to be plaguing this community as well. That's part of the reason why they're

evacuating, to lower the risk

of death and injury as there crocodiles spotted by locals

swimming around the health

centre and in the school

playground. They're getting

people out as quickly as possible. The sewerage system is also busted there too.

That's posing a health risk.

There's waste going through the

decided to move everyone, all streets. The police have

300 residents out. Are people

in this community used to flooding? How are

flooding? How are they

coping. They're in good spirits really. They were making the

most the water. They seem

quite happy. People were quite

relaxed about T they were

moving as much stuff as they

could to higher ground.

said that the last time they

hadn't seen anything like this

until 1998 when the flooded, until 1998 when the community

flooded, but it didn't reach go

past the 15 metre mark. They past the 15 metre mark.

will be monitoring will be monitoring that level

to see whether it goes past that 15 metre mark. Thank so much. We'll check in with you later. reporter Louisa Rebgetz in

Territory where there situation in the Northern Darwin giving us an update on a

reports a 14-year-old Territory where there Territory where there are reports a 14-year-old boy was

been taken by a crocodile in

gave us an the island community. She also

the island community. community where more than situation in the Daly River

people community where more than 200 community where more than people have been people have been evacuated

because of severe flooding. To

today and the nation's our other major news story

political leaders have paid

Ronald Larcombe Corporal Larcombe has shot dead involvement in Afghanistan.

Province. by insurgents in Uruzghan interpreter was also Province. An Afghan

interpreter was also killed. The

first tour of Afghanistan The 21-year-old was on his

has been described as a first tour of Afghanistan and

dependable team player and a

quiet achiever. He's quiet achiever. He's the 23rd Australian soldier to be killed while Afghanistan. Every day we Afghanistan. Every day we have talk about hard day. hard as the first one did and there will be there will be many Australians grieving today, many Australians Australians pausing and reflecting on this loss of brave man. Jamie Larcombe was fighting in Afghanistan. He was part of our forces there that are there for three essential purposes: to train the Afghan National Army, to assist with building and capacity in Afghanistan, and taking the fight to Afghanistan can prevail.

Larcombe died taking the fight

to insurgents. This is a hard day and last year to the Parliament about our strategy warned that there would be many hard days hard days ahead. This is hard days ahead. This is one of them. He

killed along with an killed along with an Afghan interpreter in Afghanistan. I think all Australians' hearts will go Australians' hearts will go out to his

I think our hearts go out all of our brave military personnel who are serving our country in a very dangerous place. Larcombe brings to 23 the number of Australian soldiers killed in action. killed in action. It highlights the dangers of the

mission, but it in no detracts from the detracts from the necessity of

doing what we can to build a more world as safe international terrorism. The New South Wales Liberal Party

has formally kicked off its

State Election campaign today with leader Barry O'Farrell speaking at a launch Sydney. He promised big changes to public promising to rip up promising to rip up the CityRail timetable CityRail timetable for Sydney. The coalition has a substantial lead in the polls and

predicted to win predicted to win next month's election. I was first

in 1995, the year Labor first

came to office. It has been a 16-year lesson in how not to

run government. Never run government. Never before

has Australia witnessed such a scandal ridden scandal ridden government, a parade of parade of MPs hauled before the

ICAC. Ministers sacked for corrupt, disgraceful and embarrassing embarrassing bhafr. A record number of MPs up and answer for their the sorry mess that's New South Wales Labor. What I want is government that works hard for

the community, with ministers

committed to and ethical behaviour. What I stand for is honest, stand for is honest, competent, stable government, government focused on the government that people

anticipated political speech of the year turned out to be a bit

of a flop and a bit of a fizzer. After 16 years of Mr O'Farrell light, light opposition, we got 16 minutes of Mr living, light on detail, on policy, light on costings,

it was government light from an Opposition Opposition Leader who Opposition Leader who has had

16 years to prepare and what

did we get in a 16-minute light speech. When it comes to speech. When it comes to the

cost of living, Mr O'Farrell last week described my Fairness

For Families Act as class

warfare. He described it as no

benefit to families. Today

what do we see? What do we what do we see? What do we see from

see him pretending to be

concerned about the cost of

living issues. We see him pretending to be interested in

giving families a break on the

household budget and we see pretending with a Fairness For Families light Families light package. The

Queensland Premier says her government has to rebuild government has to rebuild the public's trust while the public's trust while the state recovers from floods recovers from floods and cyclones. Anna Bligh has

bounced back from a series of poor pools with a

poor pools with a satisfaction

rating of 60 per cent in today's gallery poll. partially revealed her new look state Cabinet with the Deputy

Premier, Paul Lucas, removed

from the troubled health portfolio, our reporter Chris

O'Brien is in Brisbane. He says the Queensland Premier says the Queensland Premier has

been widely praised for her performance during the disasters. People were very

impressed with her demeanour

and they were impressed with

her grasp of the situation.

That has reflected very clearly

in this Galaxy Poll. There was

a Newspoll similarly in January

also around the 20 to 25 per cent mark Those marks were consistent.

This is a big jump from there.

60 per cent. Extraordinary.

They had a separate question

about how well the Premier about how well the Premier had

performed during the

good or very good, 93 per good or very good, 93 per cent

of respondents said that she

was good or very good. Whether

it can last that's a difficult

question because obviously time

will move on from the actual

disasters to the recovery

process. Two things there: there'll be a bit of distance

between the recovery between the recovery process and also the difficult job She has to rebuild the State

literally in some cases literally in some cases but

also has to rebuild that also has to rebuild that trust.

She lost that trust. It

appears to have appears to have comeback

partially but it if it's going to have any

effect for her. She's using a

bit of momentum she's got bit of momentum she's got from

her own personal satisfaction

improve and her own personal approval to apply a bit of a broom. Nevertheless, there is

still a bit of a question over

whether she got all the new

Cabinet faces she wanted that

she might have been rolled she might have been rolled in at least one choice for at least one choice for the

Cabinet, but

been doing is saying what the portfolio mix will be, there

will be more of that form

during the swearing in. The

Deputy Premier, Paul Lucas, will no longer be the Health Minister. That's a Minister. That's a revolving depoor portfolio. I think it

is in every State of Australia.

It is certainly the case in

Queensland. The nurses union Queensland. The nurses union

described it as the poisoned chalice. chalice. They've all had a

turn at it. Now it's going to

be Geoff Wilson, formerly the

Education Minister. Whether

breathing a sigh of relief say

good question. In WA

authorities in Carnarvon have urged residents to flooding during the next the possibility of days. Yesterday's river flooding during the next properties, but didn't cause any major any major damage. The ABC's Andrew O'Connor is in Andrew O'Connor is in Carnarvon and filed this report. The clean-up operation underway in Carnarvon underway in Carnarvon after the flood. Heavy earth moving equipment has been brought equipment has been brought in

to clear away tonnes and tonnes

of mud which has covered the roads on the the night clearing out their

properties and their

businesses. Some of businesses. Some of those businesses still remain businesses still remain closed.

There is still quite a bit of

water around. Particularly in

nothing like the one happened in December. As you

can see, the back section came

right up to here. One row away from going across towards

house and as you can see, the

grapevines next to us, that's water was actually running

through there at about 18

inches something like that.

Nowhere near the December serious. The Gascoyne River peaked at 7.1 metres on Saturday. Many of the Saturday. Many of the areas

that were knee-deep in water

during the flood are now simply

areas of mud. There is still some big plantation areas, and because of heavy water on the way. Get another peak at about

peak at about 6.1 metres, so we will only get will only get slight inundation to north river road, so it is not a major peak, but yes, it that awful a sudden the river

is coming up again, but it only a minor peak. The big concern here is

Cyclone Carlos and whether the cyclone will reform over the water and water and then hit the Gascoyne

coast around mid week. Emergency authorities in

Carnarvon believe even 50mm of

rain right across the catchment the Gascoyne River rising again

and enough to have the and enough to have the people of Carnarvon facing yet another

flood. Overseas now, and waves

of unrest and violence have

continued to spread Middle East and North Africa.

There are reports that almost 100 people have now been killed following violent following violent demonstrations in Libya. of Benghazi in the of Benghazi in the country's east where there reports of further clashes overnight. This report is from Al Jazeera English and warning,

images. We heavily gather near the mosque in north-eastern Libya, a north-eastern Libya, a city rocked

rocked by days of anti-Colonel

Gaddafi protests and the scene

of death and violent clashes. Chanting "there's no God but

Allah" mourners carry in a

this is what they faced. this is what they faced. 350mm calibre bullet cases on calibre bullet cases scattered on this field. on this field. Not far away, a security building seems to be set on fire. hands of angry residents. hands of Some are arming themselves. helmet and helmet and what appears to be

anal tillry round. In other

parts of the town the scene is

similar. More chaos and the

sound of live fire echoing.

Anti-Colonel Gaddafi graffiti

sprayed on walls and a voice through a loud through a loud speaker saying

"there is no state here." high and constantly rising.

The city's hospital seems

overwhelmed. In the morgue the

unlucky ones are waiting to be buried and

coming. In nearby Benghazi, coming. In nearby Benghazi, an

ongoing battle. The sound of

bullets and more lives lost.

This man looks at his killed relative. The man murmurs, he

was not armed. More gunshots

as clouds overshadowing dough

the sky. Also this video which we cannot independently verify independently verify claims to

show what protesters say is an

African mercenary hired by the Libyan regime to attack

demonstrators. (Speaks

Arabic). But on Libyan state television,

television, a different picture. picture. No mention of

anti-government protests. Instead, supporters of Lynian leader brought out on to the streets of the capital

Tripoli. Information from

Libya is hard to get with

communications and the internet

disrupted, but what's almost

certain Libya is expecting more

unrest in the days to come. A

group of women in eastern Congo are awaiting an imminent verdict from a military

tribunal hearing charges of

mass rape against 11 soldiers.

The soldiers are accused of

sexually assaulting more than

60 women. Africa Ginny Stein has travelled to

the remote village of viz see

to hear about justice long ignored. This woman fled to the jungle with her children when the soldiers rampage began.

But the cry of one of her terrified children gave her away. TRANSLATION: There

were four soldiers in total,

three soldiers raped me, the

south one was there to keep watch. Knowing her children

were nearby, she says, nearly

broke her heart. I was there

with my children and they all crying so very hard. My

son was crying so hard because

he saw everything. He saw me

being raped. I knew what they were doing with my mother. One of them had a knife and of them had a knife and was threatening my sister. For

the women of this village, there's much anger at the soldiers they've accused after

assaulting them. Social assaulting them. Social

workers has been helping these

women, many who have been made

homeless. If the military are

found guilty, the women will be

very happy and free to do whatever

they are not, the women will

not be free to go anywhere.

The military's new regional commander acknowledges the community's situation happened, we said it

was an unhappy event for

everybody, for the army and for

the civilian population.

Families have been Families have been torn apart

as a result of these attacks.

Many of the women have been

abandoned by their husbands and with soldiers from the same

platoon remaining nearby, the

women are afraid to go into the fields to work. Her husband is

one of a very few who stood by

his wife for now. He fears she

may have contracted HIV. may have contracted HIV. While the women hope for justice, they fear more what will happen

if the legal process fails to

deliver. Ginny Stein, ABC

News, eastern Congo. To sport

with Amanda Shalala. The

A-League finals continue this

afternoon. Yes, another big game. Another A-League team

will bite the duft

between the Gold Coast and Melbourne Victory which kicks

off shortly. The winner will

play Adelaide next week. Brisbane beat Central Coast

2-nil in the first leg of their

major semifinal. The Mariners

believe they can orchestrate a

minor MIR kalt in next week's second leg with the overall

winner of the tie heading

straight to the grand final.

There's been a huge upset in

England's FA Cup with Chelsea

knocked out by Everton in their

fourth round replay. In fifth round Birmingham and Stoke City

posted wins. But the main talking point is talking point is Chelsea's

shock loss. For most of the

match there were goal scoring opportunities for both teams Then finally in extra-time Frank Lampard looked to have Baines Frank Lampard looked to have sealed the match, but Leighton

Baines levelled with just a

minute left. It came down to a penalty shoot-out where Phillip

Neville sealed the win for the

Toffees. Australia's

cricketers say they're feeling under pressure ahead their first World for a fourth straight World Cup tomorrow against minnows Zimbabwe. The Aussies Zimbabwe. The Aussies say

they're constantly improving and despite players who were there in 2007, Shane Watson capable of winning. It's

going to be very exciting.

Everyone is really jumping out of their skins because it

not too often not too often you get an opportunity to play in a World Cup. It is going to

hopefully a great start for us

and we can put the performances on the board Kenya in Chenai dismal batting effort from the Kenyans. They were all out in

the 24th over. Hamish Bennett was the early destroyer for the Black Caps. He almost and deadly ripped through top and middle order and finished with 4 for 16.

finished with 4 for 16. Tim

Southee and or rum chipped in

three wickets in. The

need 70 runs to win. Overnight, India easily Overnight, India easily won the opening World Cup opening World Cup match against

Bangladesh in Dhaka brilliant batting. Verinder Sehwag was at his best as

own as the duo shared a 301 run third wicket partnership. The Indians scored 4 for 370 off

their 50 and while the become

desh shees put up a good fight

well 87 runs short. To the AFL now in the priest season cup

north Melbourne is plague Western Bulldogs. The

Bulldogs were the better team

in the first 20 minutes

have a 17 point lead at disposed of North after kicking four goals to the

Kangaroos' two. Last night the Gold Coast Suns upset the Swans

to make it through to the

quarterfinals. They also

downed greater Western Sydney while the Swans thrashed while the Swans thrashed the

giant. Karmichael Hunt had solid debut for the Suns and they'll head

they'll head to Perth for the quarterfinals. The NRL's trial matches continued last night and and Melbourne beat Canberra,

the Eels defeated Tigers and the Eels defeated the West Tigers and the Titans thrashed souths. The Panthers had while the Broncos Queensland in Alice Springs. over the Raiders in Bega. The best try of the night came in the Tigers's and Eels the Tigers's and Eels match at Campbelltown Stadium. through most of the cover defence in a length of the

field effort before I had

behinding or in support and

they ended up winning by 20. The Panthers The Panthers needed two late tries Macquarie. There were six grade before. They ended up players never played first grade making the difference. grade before. They ended up making the difference. over the moon for those young guys. An all Australian clash

between the Queensland reds and

Western Force at Lang Park. Overnight, it was an all South

African affair with the African affair with the Sharks

downing the Cheetahs and the defending champions the Bulls

beat the Lions. There were

wins for the Auckland Blues and wins for the Auckland Blues and the Brumbies. The

were cruising in the first-half at Canberra Stadium and at Canberra Stadium and got out to an 18-3 lead at halftime.

The New Zealanders got within reach of the Brumbies. The home side hung on for an 8 point win. In Johannesburg the

Bulls were on track for Bulls were on track for victory

against the Lions. They were

up by 19 points at the break.

That lead quickly evaporated in

the second as the Lions scored the second as the Lions scored 15 unanswered points. But they

ended up four points short.

And the Sharks had an easy first up

Cheetahs in burr Dan. In round

two of the trans mass man netball competition

have downed defending champions Adelaide 65 to 47. It was the

first time Geva Mentor and Kate Beveridge took on their former team-mates. team-mates. Mentor proved team-mates. Mentor proved a

regular nuisance in defence.

Kate Beveridge top scored with

39 goals. Aaron Baddeley

the USPGA tour event in LA. Baddeley has a one shot lead

heading into the final round followed by Kevin Couples. Another Aussie, John

Senden is four shots off the

pace. Baddeley stole the

limelight by playing consistent

xwol of through inconsistent

weather. He played four extra holes today due to the rain

yesterday and finished with four birdies. four birdies. Baddeley

searching for his first win on

tour since 2007. Checking the

satellite image first and you

can see thick cloud in the

north. That's what's left of tropical Cyclone Carlos and

it's generating heavy Hunterry rain across the Kimberley and

Top End. Troughs over the

interior and the east are

triggering patchy rain and storms across the eastern states. Around the states

tomorrow, a cool southerly

change should bring some relief

to Queensland, there'll scattered showers and thunderstorms about the northern tropics Central

Highlands and Central Coast.

That rain will extend down to

New South Wales. There'll be

patchy rain along the patchy rain along the coast

with thunderstorms on the a jis

adjacent ranges. It should be

Victoria's in for quite a cool

day with gusty showers in the south and far west. There'll be widespread be widespread rain across

Tasmania's south and west with snowfalls to 900 metres.

Mostly sunny and dry across

South Australia, apart from the

chance of a mid morning

thunderstorm in the far

north-east. Western Australia

can expect a mostly fine can expect a mostly fine day with gusty easterly winds in the

the south-west. There'll be

isolated showers and

thunderstorms in the thunderstorms in the central

west and in the far north. And in the Northern Territory, showers and continue, flood warnings are in place for the south-west

Darwin-Daly and the north-west

Victoria River districts. Victoria River districts. And looking ahead to Tuesday, mostly sunny mostly sunny in Perth and

Adelaide, showers in Sydney and Brisbane, mostly fine in Melbourne, Canberra and

Melbourne, Canberra and Hobart,

a late storm for Darwin. And

that's the latest on ABC News

24. I'm Melissa Hamilton. Goodbye

Goodbye for now. Goodbye for now. Closed Captions by CSI.

G'day, welcome to the program. Well, this week program. Well, this week the rise and rise of BHP Billiton. It's

It's heading for an annual

profit well over $20 billion. It plans to spend $80 billion

on growth projects out of its

cash flow and while it's at it,

buy back $10 billion worth of

its shares . But then again,

money can't buy you everything.

We'll talk to BHP chief Marius

Kloppers after the course he's

charting after a couple of big

deals have fallen over. We'll

also check out Telstra's

aggressive push to speed up its mobile mobile wireless network and

what it means for the NBN, and

why business reckons the

Federal Government's got reforming the health system the

wrong way round. This Program is Captioned Live.

BHP Billiton's record half

year profit of $10.5 billion year profit of $10.5 billion is

a big number. At that rate, a

full year's effort would eclipse the GDP of many

nations, ranking it well inside

the top 100, putting it alongside the likes of Latvia

and Tanzania. But no country

large or small could match

BHP's 72% growth BHP's 72% growth rate. Being

the size of a medium-sized

country isn't without its

problems. Questions of national interest helped scuttle its big plans with Rio

Tinto and Canada's Potash

Corporation. And then there's the delicate issue of international diplomacy, which surfaced after the company surfaced after the company was

mentioned in the US consular

cables provided by WikiLeaks to

local newspapers. I spoke to BHP Billiton chief Marius

Kloppers at the end of a busy week.

Well, Marius Kloppers, if I can

just deal with the WikiLeaks cables first. Did you offer to provide secrets to