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(generated from captions) This Program is Captioned Live. Thousands

evacuated, several dead after

floods lash Fiji with weather

set to get worse. Two Indian

nationals drown in the surf off

Byron Bay on the NSW north Byron Bay on the NSW

coast. Tributes flow for

former Hawke Deputy Prime

Minister Lionel Bowen, dead at

kick way 89. And the West Coast Eagles

kick way to win big over kick way to win big over the Western Bulldogs at Docklands. Hello, you're watching ABC Western Bulldogs

News 24, I'm Richard Davies. A

weather quick look at tomorrow's

Officials in Fiji say they're preparing for worsening

heavy weather as floodwaters and

heavy rain sweep across western

parts of the country. Fiji's

ministry of information says

the continuing storm may dear

rate into a tropical cyclone.

The floods have so far killed

three people and forced nearly

7,000 to take shelter in evacuation evacuation centres. Fiji's

western region is underwater

and in crisis. Nearly 7,000

people have been evacuated to

emergency shelters, government

officials say three people have

now died. That's almost now died. That's

certain to rise. There's unconfirmed reports that a

couple and their two children were killed by couple and their two young


landslide. Locals taking to

roofs and any means of transport available as the unrelenting rain threatens

homes and businesses. The city homes and businesses. The

of Nadi is waterlogged as this

footage sent to One News shows,

but not dampening some spirits.

It is no laughing matter for emergency workers. Flood

warnings in place for the west

of Fiji's main of Fiji's main island, Viti

Levu, while the holiday island is reportedly badly damaged.

Flights in and out of the

holiday destination are still severely affected with several

flights cancelled. Passengers

arriving in Auckland today counting themselves lucky to

have escaped. After we

the crossed the bridge and got to

the airport the bridge

collapsed behind us. We have

been there almost three been the airport. Good to be home and good to be safe as well. A

soggy start to married life for these Irish newlyweds. The

roads were eaten up. Trees

falling down everywhere.

Houses wiped out and

shocking. Not the start to our honeymoon but hopefully we'll

have a better time in New Zealand. Fears a tropical

cyclone is developing west of

Fiji and poised to bring Fiji and poised to bring more

rain and misery. That report

from TVNZ. ABC Radio Australia

reporter Bruce Hill is in Fiji

and joins us on the phone from

the flood affected region near

Singatoka. Thanks very much for

joining us. We've seen how

destructive these storms have

been. How serious been. How serious is this situation becoming? I've been speaking to several local

people and they've said they've

never seen anything quite this

bad. One young woman I said

her mother has been living here

in Singatoka for 54 years in Singatoka

never before has a flood never before has a flood level actually reached their house

and their house is completely

inundated. That's only

anecdotal but it's got to tell

you something about the

severity of this flood. People are very, very concerned about the tropical depression which

is bringing these bands is bringing these bands of

intensify and quite possibly rains, it appears it's going to

become a tropical cyclone they're saying in the next 24

to 36 hours. A tropical

cyclone on top of this disastrous flooding, that can

lead to nothing good. How is

the country coping with this

situation? We've got a state

than 7,000 of emergency declared and more

than their homes. Unfortunately,

people are used to it. There

have been quite a few floods in

recent years and so to a

certain extent the silver

lining to this cloud is that

the national disaster management

management office and the

very, emergency shelter system works

very, very well. People are

used to it. They know exactly

where to go. The course is that this keeps where to go. The problem of

happening on a regular basis

and of course although what's

happening locally is very, very

serious, it is it does affect

the tourist industry, and that the tourist industry, and

People are genuinely concerned has a big economic impact.

to make sure tourist are looked

after. If tourists miss a

people flight that's a shame, but when

people lose their lives and their houses, that's worse. Is

there any idea when this

extreme weather is expected to

ease? At the moment weather office is saying the ease? At the moment the

first sign that rain might

start to clear could be

Wednesday. They're saying that

should continue through until

at least the first-half of the

long weekend. But this is open

to change. If it depression

can be very, very turns into a cyclone, cyclones

unpredictable. This comes after

an earlier deluge in January

that left 11 people dead. It

is just another blow for Fiji,

as you say? It is. It is such an unfortunate thing. an

an unfortunate thing. Fiji is

a lovely place, the people are

genuinely friendly and I've seen local people helping

tourists and the tourists are

very grateful for it. It is very grateful for it. It

part of the bull la spirit part of the bull la spirit here

in Fiji. They do genuinely

care about their visitors, want their visitors to have a good

time, but obviously the time, but obviously the sight of planes not arriving or

departing and a lot of chaos in

the Tour risindustry that's not

good for the country's economy

and the people. How is the infrastructure holding up? That's something that's That's something that's going

to be important important for

Fiji to recover after these

storms? Again, there's not

much they can do at the

They did try to fill-in They did try to fill-in some of

the road areas that have been washed

washed away in the floods, but

then the floods kept coming

back stronger and stronger and

washed that soil away. They're

not going to try to fill in the

road between here Annan did deand the international

airports until the flood has

gone away. I was coming up

through one area to the other

side of Singatoka earlier side of Singatoka earlier today

across the bridge at the bay

and the older bridge, which is the the newer bridge actually

replaced, has been completely demolished, completely washed

way. There were snapped

treefsry where and at one stage

I was told the river was

pouring over the new bridge.

The trouble is to actually do a

lot of flood remediation work

it is very, very expensive and

in a massive flood like this it

doesn't work T didn't work in

Queensland a year or so ago and that's good streektly infrastructure. What chance

has Viti Levu got? Bruce Hill from Fiji thank you very much for that update. My pleasure. The hunt for a white pleasure. The hunt for a great

white shark that killed a man

off a WA. Beach has been

called off. The WA Government

has resisted calls for a shark

cull. Beaches near the attack

site remain closed.


killed while driving with his

brother off Stratham beach near

Busselton. It is the Busselton. It is the State's

fourth fatal shark attack in

seven months. Two men have

drowned at Byron Bay on the NSW

far north coast. Three Indian

nationals game caught in a rip at

at an unpatrolled part at an unpatrolled part of Main

Beach this afternoon. Lifeguards rescued one man and

found the 26 and 28-year-olds

not breathes. They tried to resuscitate the pair who were pronounced pronounced dead at the Ballina

hospital. It is understood the

men were on a day trip from

Brisbane. Lifesavers say Brisbane. Lifesavers say the tragedy could have been tragedy

if they had been swimming between the flags. The search for a New South Welshman

believed to be missing in believed to be missing in a Tasmanian national park has

entered its third day. Police believe 49-year-old Paul

Stephen Wilson is lost Stephen Field National Park in the State's south. Mt Field

National Park is just over National Park is just over an hour's drive north-west of Hobart. It is here police believe 49-year-old Paul

Stephen Wilson is lost. The New South Welshman set off on a

bush walk in the national park

on Monday. A friend raised the

alarm when he failed to return.

An extensive search began

yesterday. About 50 people, mostly volunteers, are combing rugged terrain in the Mt Field

area. Unfortunately, we

haven't found the missing

person. We covered an enormous

amount of area, basically every track

track in the park we've

covered, all the huts have been

checked, all the buildings around the park have been

checked. Search parties set out

again a short time ago with the

help of the search and rescue helicopter. Police say Mr Wilson was only lightly dressed

when he set off for his walk and it

and it is unclear if he was carrying any supplies. He is

described as relatively fit,

but police concede time is

against them. Linda Hunt, ABC

News, Mt Field National Park. A

26-year-old woman is 26-year-old woman is recovering in hospital after a marathon

rescue from lamington national

park in southern Queensland. park

She was flown to princess

Alexandria hospital at dawn

today with multiple fractures

to her hip, lower back and heel

after falling from a water fall

yesterday morning. A friend

ran for an hour to find phone reception after the woman

slipped while slipped Echo falls. Rescuers were

unable to winch her out on a

stretcher, but sent in

paramedics in a dangerous paramedics in operation into operation into deteriorating

weather. They were able to stabilise the patients and she

was carried out overnight by

SES volunteers. Thousands of

surf live savings have taken

part in may moving part in may moving memorial service for sunshine coast teenager Matthew Barclay who service died while competing at the National Championships on National Championships

Gold Coast. Speaking public

Foy tr the first time Stephen

Barclay paid tribute to his son

at people who helped search for

him. They gathered on the same

beach where Matthew Barclay disappeared five days ago

during a rescue board race. The memorial service gave them a chance to come together and

honour the teenager. May you encourage, strengthen, refresh,

console and especially console and especially comfort us all here today. Matthew

Barclay's parents say they don't blame anyone for what

happened to their son. happened to their son. They wanted to acknowledge those who helped in the search. Thank

you to the men and women, the

boys and girls who never

stopped searching to try stopped searching to try and

find our son. Friends say

Matthew was a happy humble 14-year-old passionate about

his sport and heroic in his sport and heroic in the surf. Mattie perform his first

rescue on patrol last weekend

using a rescue board. Three

teenagers have died teenagers

competing at Kurrawa Beach, an event organisers are under increasing increasing scrutiny. Sur of lifesaving official a Matthew

Barclay's death has brought the

organisation closer together. Today's show of support proving

that surf lifesaving is a family. But occasionally in

our wonderful sport that we do have, accidents do occur. Members of the teenager's home teenager's home club Maroochydore carried wreaths to the shoreline. They were

paddled out through the Kurrawa Breakers and put to sea.

(Song played) We want you to remember Matthew as we do. A

boy with a big smile who

boy with a big smile who filled

as much life as he could into 14

14 years. The Australian surf lifesaving championships finished today. The Former

Deputy Prime Minister, Lionel

Bowen, has died at the age of

89. Mr Bowen served as a

Minister under Gough Whitlam

and was Deputy Prime Minister for seven years in the Hawke

Government in the 1980s. Government in Gough Whitlam resigned in Gough

Mr Bowen ran for the Labor Party leadership but was

defeated by Bill Hayden.

Before entering

Parliament, he served in the NSW Legislative Assembly. Politicians have been

paying tribute to Lionel Bowen.

Bob Carr said he was a mentor

and main of the people. His

personality was very humble.

He was the ordinary person's representative in Parliament

and you could strike up a

conversation with Lionel at the

racetrack and he'd be racetrack and he'd be engaging

and he could talk, you could

talk to Soviet Union in just as

reasonable and commonsense a

style. He was one of nature's gentlemen. Lionel Bowen has died died a Former Deputy Prime

Minister. Lionel Bowen was a

well affected figure in the

Parliament. Served our country

with distinction. Obviously,

he was a Labor man, a proud

Labor man, I can certainly

respect a Labor man who is true

to his values and I think

Lionel Bowen was certainly to Affairs says 89 Australians are

on board a cruise ship that's

been drifting near the

Philippines after a fire in its

engine room. Five crew members

were injured, one seriously, in the fire on the fire on the 'Azzamara

Quest' on Friday. The cruise

line says engineers have now

restored limited power and the

ship is due to dock at Sandakan in Malaysian Borneo within the

next two days. In a statement

the company has described

passengers' sentiment on board

the ship as calm and

upbeat. Burmese voters have

cast their ballots in historic by-elections expected to deliver Aung San Suu deliver Aung San Suu Kyi a seat

in Parliament for the first

time. The pro-democracy leader

and 43 other members of her National League For Democracy Party are contesting

seats. This is farm country.

In a land where 70% of the

people live in rural areas,

winning here is vital. winning here is vital. on Main Street the only street in this

place, there's no doubt whose

territory this is. territory this is. everywhere

we went along the road, the

flags and chants were for Aung San Suu Kyi's party. flags and chants were for Aung San Suu Kyi's party. the last time Burma had a democratic

election was two decades ago.

Then the verdict of the people

was overturned by the gun.

Most of those we're meeting on

the campaign are too young the campaign are too young to remember those dark days. That's the really That's the really striking

thing about this election. The

youth of Burma's democratic

revolution. We're very happy

Aung San Suu Kyi chose our

village, the woman says. What does democracy mean to you? I can't explain what the word

democracy means, she told me,

but I can feel it. It group of

ruling party supporters we

ruling party supporters we met on the road seemed subdued and

certainly overshadowed. Even the children from the the children from the Buddhist

monetary school were lined up to welcome the democracy

parade. The monks. It was the

Buddhist clergy that sparked a revolt over food prices brutally crushed by

brutally crushed by the

military five years ago. Ever

since colonial times, the clergy have acted as a clergy have acted as a channel

for the people's feelings. TRANSLATION: We

have big problems. The have big problems. The biggest problem is that the people have

no jobs. Businesses are going down. That's why we down. That's why we have so

many poor people in our country.

country. I hope that she wins

the election and that there

will be more jobs. country.

Aung San Suu Kyi arrived back

in her constituency surrounded

by the crowds that have by the crowds that have cheered

her across the country. She'd

come to make a last push to maximise support. TRANSLATION:

Thank you for coming, she told

the crowd, it is important you vote. Aung San Suu Kyi hopes

this village will enter history

as the place her march to the

presidency began. A man

convicted of planning an attack

on the Lucas heights plant in

Sydney has been raefted in

France during a crackdown on

suspected Islamic assistants. France

Willy Brigitte is among 17

people heard during a veers of

raids across France. Police

say the suspected militants

were planning a kidnapping N 2003 Willy Brigitte was deported from Australia to France and spent six years in

custody. What do you do if you

won more than $200 million in a lottery in that's a question

facing three lucky ticket

holder in America who will

share a jackpot of $656

million. The winners are million. The winners are yet to come forward but one ticket

was brought at a convenience

store in Maryland. We do know store

it was sold at 7.15 last night.

It was a Quickpick and there

was only one ticket purchased

by the player. The winners will

each get $100 million after tax

if they decide to receive the

money in one lump money in one lump sum. Government is wasting hundreds

of millions of dollars a year

on its immigration detention

network. Instead they say more

asylum seekers should be

allowed to live and work in the community while their claims are are being processed. Afghan refugees Yaseen Afsali and his

house mates are proud they were

quickly able to start supporting themselves in Darwin

once released from detention.

We were dependent on Centrelink

only one month. Then after one

month we got owns jobs. Kwasnik

works as a school I by works as a school I by link gallon officer supporting

children on day release from

immigration detention. Very the

same experience they're now experiencing. Yaseen say wonderful member of staff.

He's highly respected by his colleagues. With skills

shortages making shortages making it hard to find staff in find staff in Darwin, businesses have also welcomed getting refugee workers.

Fantastic. Probably one of the

best workers we've had. They

don't stop. They just work and work. Refugees say rather than paying to detain asylum seekers, Government seekers, Government should

allow more to work in the community community while their community while their claims

are processed. The Federal

Government says it is releasing

more asylum seekers, including Yaseen's friend Liyaqat Yawari

on bridging visas. But their fining the temporary visa

conditions like not being

allowed to drive a conditions

I want to do to continue that

my previous job but they said

you're not able to do because

you have a bridging

visa. Government says it's

moved more than 3000 asylum

seekers into community

detention since last year. But

4,000 remain detained at a cost

of nearly $800 million a

year. Chronic kidney disease year. Chronic kidney disease is an illness which kills more

people each year than breast or

prostate cancer, but Australian doctors aren't testing for it.

For many by the time For many by the time the

problem is detected the damage

has already been done. The disease is increasing prompting

experts to issue new treatment

guidelines for all GPs. Medical Medical reporter Sophie Scott has the story. Doctors estimate

that as many as one in that as many as one in three

Australians are at risk of

kidney disease. Pilot Peter

Hastwell found out he had the

condition during a routine

physical. My doctor picked up

that my urine testing was a bit

abnormal and he suggested that

I go and have a full check up

on my kidneys to see what the

problem was. The 60-year old

had no idea his kidneys were

failing. I was a bit shocked

I guess because I had no

symptoms of any problems with

my kidneys at all. We think

from surveys we've done one in

nine people in the adult

population actually have some

sign of kidney disease. And the incidence is increasing. Risk

factors for kidney disease

includes diabetes, high includes diabetes, high blood

pressure, obesity smoking pan

family history. Driving the

increase in Ace case is increase in Ace case is the explosion of Australians with explosion

Type Two diabetes. There's

been a epidemic of diabetic kidney failure in the kidney far away the most common far away the most common cause of kidney failure. Guidelines

are urging doctors to do more to identify patients to identify patients at risk. Kidney disease sneaks on

you for those who get kidney

failure it is devastating. The

survival is worse than having

cancer. Anything we can do to

detect it early and to treat it effectively should effectively should be promoted. He as with problem diagnosis

diagnosis the condition witness managed. Kidney deterioration

can be slowed and some cases

reversed. It is time to check

sport with Meredith Sheehan. A

nailbiting finish in the NRL.

It shore was. The Rabbitohs

have won a golden point

thriller over the West Tigers

in their round five match this

afternoon. The Canterbury

Bulldogs were too strong Bulldogs were too strong for the Gold Coast Titans. It was the South's strong fight back the

which handed the Rabbitohs the

win. Tim Moltzen got first

points on the board but Souths left its charge until late in

the game crossing twice in the

final five minutes to push the

match into golden point. Of

course Greg Inglis was the hero

kicking the winner. .

COMMENTATOR: Here it is.

puts his boot to the ball. It's gone back to big Greg. He

It's long and low. It's over.

It's over. He got the

goal. And the Titans had the early lead

early lead in its match against

the Canterbury Bulldogs scoring

two tries until Frank Pritchard

combined with Ben Barba to get

the Bulldogs on the the Bulldogs on the scoreboard.

Barba was in career best form

helping set up Josh Morris for a length-of-the-field

effort. Comment comment Barba

is back there. Thought about

pass. passing. He won't need to

pass. Here's Ben Barba. All

of a is sudden only one to

beat. He stands him up. beat. He stands him up. He

comes again. Morris now.

Feeding off Ben Barba and Feeding off Ben Barba and the

dogs from their own ingoal. As

if the loss wasn't bad enough

Greg Bird was assisted from the

field after hurting his

leg. Turning to AFL, St Kilda

is up against Port Adelaide at

Melbourne Park. St Melbourne Park. St Kilda

currently lead 57 to 54 at

halftime. Earlier, West Coast

was too strong for the western

bull togs as the Eagles soared

to their first win of the

season. West Coast got the

game started with Josh Kennedy booting the opening goal within

the first minute. The Bulldogs worked hard in the second, but

a lack of defence kept the

scoreline in the Eagles'

favour. . COMMENTATOR:

Missed it. Back to the square.

Huge leap. Up too early?

Free-kick to Hill. That's

just a brain fade. That's a brain fade. The Bulldogs went

without a major for 40 minutes,

finally slotting one in the final final quarter. . COMMENTATOR:

Can he get and go here, size

them up from 50, strikes it

beautifully. And gets himself

another consolation prize. The

Eagles replied seconds later

with a goal of their with a COMMENTATOR: Tonight in the A-League the Perth Glory with a the Melbourne Heart for an

elimination final. While last

night, the Brisbane Roar upset

the Minor Premiers the Central Coast Mariners two-nil in the

first leg of the A-League

semifinal in Brisbane. Roar

defender Erik Paartalu scored

the game sealing goal in the

86th minute. Manchester City

has challenged for the English Premier League title has been

dealt a blow. It had a three

all draw with Sunderland overnight allowing Manchester

United to extend its lead United to extend its lead on top of the table. Chelsea had

a 4-2 win against Aston Villa while Everton and Fulham while Everton and Fulham were

victorious. QPR, Wigan and

Bolton also won their matches.

Here's a look at the highlights

from some of those games. .

COMMENTATOR: He'll fancy COMMENTATOR: He'll fancy this

and why not? Sunderland are in the driving seat at the Etihad

Stadium. They've missed one of

nine penalties this season.

Barthelly. No messing about.

He doesn't do that often. He

dragged Manchester City back

into this game. Maclean. It's

bender. Sunderland are back in

front. Everton in front. it

should be two-nil Everton. On

the overlap. A curler. He

comes off Dempsey and in. And

Clint Dempsey scores inside two

minutes. Dempsey. Wonderful pass. It is a superb second

goal. Taking a look at the satellite image, cloud associated with a trough over WA and NSW is triggering isolated showers and storms. Skies are generally clear

across the north and west. In Queensland:

A rare pygmy hippo has been

born ate wildlife centre born ate wildlife centre on South Africa's central South Africa's central cape.

Harry the Hippo has been Harry the Hippo has been named

after the British Prince. after the British Prince. The

newborn has struggled to feed from

from mother Hilda so keepers at

the kangaroo wildlife ran of

have taken to hand rearing. It

is fed milk mixed with water

every three hours. Pygmy

hippos are on the critically

endangered list. Wildlife

expert estimate there are fewer than 3000 left in the wild,

mainly in western Africa.

That's the news for now. Don't

go away, I'll be back with an

update on the main headlines in

just a moment and stay with us

after that for Australian

Story. I'm Richard Davies and

you're watching ABC News 24. Closed Captions by CSI This Program is Captioned

Live. These are the top stories

from ABC News. Fiji is bracing

for further flooding with more

heavy rain forecast. A state

of natural disaster has been declared. So far three declared. So far three people

have died in the floodwaters.

Airlines are no longer flying

passengers into the country.

Thousands of people have fled

to evacuation centres. Two

Indian nationals have drowned

at a Byron Bay beach in northern

northern NSW. The 26 year

older and a 28-year-old became

caught in a rip which dragged

them 300 metres down the beach.

They were pronounced dead at

hospital. The Labor Party is mourning the loss of Former

Deputy Prime Minister Lionel

Bowen. Mr Bowen served as a Minister under Gough Whitlam

and was Deputy Prime Minister

in the Hawke Government. When Gough

Gough Whitlam resigned in 1977,