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(generated from captions) certainly want to see it all interesting. The Greens

systems go and it is only because of their presence the minority government that because of their presence in

this is really taking place this year promised. Imre, how difficult

will it be to get something that indigenous people agree and the broader community will that indigenous people agree to

agree to? I think very difficult but Australians have been Australians have been about changing the constitution, I

think on this matter they're

much more open always to

changing it than they are other matters. changing it than they are on

about the idea of a referendum. I fear all definitional skirmishes referendum. I fear all kinds of

definitional skirmishes about who would be entitled to vote in such a

wouldn't and much as Mr Pearson, I think in Mr Pearson, I think in this

case it would be better to

treat the entire it through at you'd need both party's support

too, wouldn't but, you know, I don't think you would find either party

sticking in the mud over, you know, a reasonable and see as the main challenges of

probably going to be I'm in broad agreement with majority Australians on the whole a vast constitutional document. constitutional document. How we Australians in our

get there is going to be the

real question and we see a very interesting interesting divide emerging between Mr Pearson and Julia

Gillard on this issue already.

I suspect I probably side with Gillard's view in that I think

we should press forward and

take decisive steps in terms of

a process at the very

least. Tim, one of least. Tim, one of the

arguments against moving forward quickly is 1967 referendum

years to build tup community referendum they took about 10

support to change citizen ship

on the if you look back on the '67 referendum. I think

Republic referendum in 199 we

also had a second question

about a preamble including,

which, you know, included the question of recognition of

indigenous Australians. So in

that sense the process has

already begun and begun long

ago. Moving on to other issues ago. Moving on to

and former Prime Minister Kevin

Rudd has used Rudd has used Australia Day to

give a thumbs up to the

sometimes maligned generation

Y. Riding on the punch the

Foreign Minister said being stereotyped as Foreign Minister said despite

self-obsess ed an apathetic,

GenY has risen to the test of helping out after the floods in

Queensland. Imre, do you Kevin Rudd's confidence in Queensland. Imre, do you share

Kevin Rudd's confidence in Gen

Y that they're a safe pair of

hands? I'd hate to throw a

spanner in the works and I feel dis Loye about questioning

generation Y speak, but I've never underthe generations

because it seems to me people

how do you are being born all the time so

how do you draw these lines

about who's in which

generation? If I'm born 10 years before or after someone

else am I in their generation?

I'm almost the parent of

somebody in the age group Mr

Rudd talks about and, yeah, I

share his confidence that young

people in Australia are up to

the task. I think in some ways them with has not been everything it could and should

be. But as I say, I'm a bit of

a sceptic when it comes to

drawing lines on calenders and

you're in that. Latika, what do saying you're in generation,

you think is behind these you think is behind

another comments? Kevin Rudd looking at

another tilt at the leadership

a few years down the track,

trying to shore up his base

here? Look, Steve, I think here? Look, Steve, I think it's

trying to, I think, reinvent definitely more of Kevin Rudd

Kevin 07, Sunrise Kevin and Gen Y was very favourable towards

Kevin Rudd in Kevin Rudd in 2007. It's

probably the age band which

might sympathise most with

Kevin Rudd given what happened

last year. So I do think he's

probably appealing to them last year. So I do think he's

maybe a little mischievously.

There you go, there's some Gen Y's getting very excited. No

wonder he thinks the country's

in safe hands. Tim, what are

your thoughts on these comments

by Kevin Rudd? I think Kevin

Rudd has learnt his Rudd has learnt his lesson.

Around the same time last I seem Around the same time last year episode in which Kevin Rudd was

taken to task by a bunch young Australians so taken to task by a bunch of

young Australians so I think

Thiess try - he's trying very hard now to rehabilitate his image. On the broader question of generation Y, I think

there's always been very easy

criticism of generation Y's

disengagement and apparent lack

of interest in public affair s.

I think the truth is a bit more

complex than that. What you are seeing is a different form of

engagement with politics and with public affairs with younger Australians and it's replicated as well in replicated as well in other Western societies and that is that traditional modes that traditional modes of political participation don't have the same resonance

for today's young people as

what they might have in the

past and seeing civil society

playing a more active role in

public engagement as opposed political institutions. Tim, public engagement as opposed to beyond the issue of engagement, I've heard a beyond the issue of political

engagement, I've heard a lot public

older people bagging Gen Y recently recently and talking about how

they're self-obsessed, can't

six months, that they're know commit to a job for more than commit to a job for more

alls, that here selfish. Is

that because they're Gen swz Y

or is that because they're young adults in universities for young adults? I taught young

years and sometimes I thought years and sometimes I

that, you know, while that, you know, while old folks

are charming and a bit wise and

we all love little kids, we all love little kids, young

adults are a very difficult

group to love. Tim, what do you

think? Why is there so much

bagging going on of bagging going on of Gen Y? Maybe it's projection here

on the part of baby boomer. If you're

you can go past the baby boomer generation. I'm kind of in

agreement with my colleague

Ryan Heath who penned a

provocative book entitled why don't you F off addressed to

the baby boomer the baby boomer generation. I think baby boomers have had think baby boomers have had it

very easy and are probably to

blame for many of the ills

afflict ing our society today. Latika, I think also Gen

Y cop it unfairly today. Latika, Y cop it unfairly their mobility in the work

force and really Gen Y since

they've left school have been in a work force where there's very low unemployment and very low unemployment rights

and they have that and they have that mobility that previous generations

haven't had, not only mobility within Australia but outside

Australia as well. And

have the ability to multiskill

which is something Leica Falcon

my parents or their parents may

not have done. You're twooeting

as you're speaking to me now,

aren't you? Not yet, but I.

Will my grandphat wearz a

butcher and he was a butcher and he was a butcher

all his life and my dad's been

a teacher all his life. Whether

or not I'm a journalist all my life is yet to be seen but

there's a good possibility there's a good possibility I won't be. It's just being

taught you can achieve want you

want to achieve if you work

hard. Why would you begrudge a

generation that can

they want to achieve and works

towards that. If that means

career changes and career changes and whatever, good on them. There's more

career changes going on to go

in the next 5 to 10 years. As

you say, the point before about in previous generations you

stick to a certain career,

that's changing, isn't it? And

there's new things to do. I do

think generation Y is probably more me

call it my, generation my, but I don't think that that is

necessarily a bad thing because as Kevin Rudd rightly pointed

out, it was a great call to arms during the Generation Y is not completely

oblivious to its sense of

community and that's why you

see a lot of them, I think,

turning to social media. They

want to connect and be part of something bigger. Coming up

next - why the Italian Prime Minister compared a TV show to

Americans have also been pondering the issue of national pondering the issue of national identity today. In his annual

state of the union address to Congress President Barack Obama started by referring empty chair in the empty chair in the chamber where Arizona shooting victim Gabrielle Giffords usually sits. Amid all the noise sits. Amid all the noise and panction and rancour of our

public debate, Tucson reminded

us that no matter who we are or

where we come from, each of us

is a part of something greater. Something more consequential

than party or political

preference. We are part of the American preference. We

that in a race and faith and point of

view can be found we can still

bound together as one

and we share common hopes and a

common creed that the dreams of

a little girl a little girl in Tucson are not

so different than those of our

own children and that they all deserve the chance to be

fulfilled. What comes of this

moment is up to us. What comes

of this moment will be

determined not by whether we can sit together tonight but can sit together tonight but

whether we can work together Congress that Democrats and Republicans will share the

responsibility of governing and

the parties must move forward

to face the country's economic

challenges together. And Tim,

there was a lot of talk in that state of the union address about jobs and innovation and I

don't know that China was

mentioned but that was the undercurrent of what it was about, about competing with of the speech reflected some shifts in shifts in geopolitical real tis. American economic supremacy, American and that came through, I in Obama's speech. But I think

Obama's speech today was a demonstration of

when he transcends partisan

divides. We're divides. We're seeing a return to the old Obama as it were, the Obama we saw campaigning the Obama we saw campaigning to try try and unify red and blue States and I think that really

plays to his strengths. Imre,

is that going to work for him? the Is he going to be able to unify the red and blue at the moment? I still astonishingly think of the atmosphere two years ago, facing the possibility of being a one

termer. I think, you wants America to challenge

those giants and, you know,

fulfil the potential he spoke

about, he's probably have to control some

ten dencies as an over though I'm not for a moment suggesting, you suggesting, you know, changes

to the regulatory regime when it's required what happened 2 years ago. I've never liked Obama more than in the period of his speed with which he distanced

himself implicitly from himself implicitly from any attempt to attempt to politicise that or to point to point the finger straight

away at whoever it was, . His

polls have increased since then. Yeah, and I think he's

done very, very well not to him. Latika, interesting too that they had the empty there for Gabrielle Giffords and everyone was wearing black and those involved shootings but no talk of gun control in that control in that speech. That's the elephant the elephant in the room to use a cliche. Where was

conversation? Is that conversation going to be had? But broader I thought speech But broader I thought Obama's

speech made some really good point ts and ones that are very similar to the similar to the debates we're having having here. Energy, he's aiming for 80%, I think it s

clean energy sourcing So I think you will watch our debate pick

debate pick up from there and also I found it of why it is good to have high

Korea and being much better than the US. That's right. He uses this great uses this great example of a fire fighter going out to fight a fire and being download in his hand the

of a burning building he's about to go into. And about to go into. And it just really contrasted for Communications Minister gave at the National Press Club

year and his great dream was a smart dish differently in our country. He said

said he said he wanted 80% of Americans to have within about 25 years and that might be

that we'll have some time soon as well. Finally tonight on the tr Drum, tr Drum, Silvio Berlusconi can't keep out of trouble. can't keep out of trouble. He's currently

sex with a teenager girl and tried

tried to cover it up. In his

latest public outburst show in Italy, insult show in Italy, insult ed the host and called the program a whorehouse. What do you think of this? He could be the of this? He could be the great saviour of NSW Labor. You know, we need a strong who will put the media back in its box and they're cooling on

him a bit in Italy. I think Sussex Street should get on the

phone. Tim, were you surprise

head was watching TV rather than attending a Bunga Bunga

party? If nothing elings party? If nothing elings Mr Berlusconi has introduced a great word to the world's vocabulary, Bunga Bunga. You

can't write him off too

quickly. He's survived many a scandal to date. It wouldn't

surprise me if he survives this one as well. He's a divisive character,

character, very, very colourful and Imre's right, he wouldn't,

I think, be out of place in the NSW Labor Party. Tim, he's also

got some have written some statements

and handed them to the

magistrate saying that those

villa parties were quiet, con-Vivial gatherings where

there was no alcohol and no

sex. Well, there you go. It

will be interesting to see how

that court case comes out.

Latika, have you been watching Silvio with interest Silvio with interest from

afar? It's amazing this phone

call because there's two well

known politicians who used to

phone journalists ranting and

raving about what they'd written

written about them, written about them, Malcolm Turnbull one and the other. I'd love to know if

their rhetorical flourishes

were as grand as Silvios. It

would be nice to see them on TV. That's all for today.

Thanks very much to our panel,

Tim, Imre and Latika. check out our website at Catch you next time. Closed Captions by CSI