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Tonight an African

peacemaker strikes a deal in

Kenya Immediate action to

stop violence. Antiwhalers

reveal their plan to end the

hunts. I think we can get

the Japanese out of the

Southern Ocean within two years. China's big chill

worsens. Now it's Britain's

turn. A quick game is a good

game for a fired-up

Australia. Good evening.

Felicity Davey with ABC News.

There is a glimmer of hope

tonight of an end to the

bloody conflict in Kenya. The country's opposing political

parties have agreed on a

framework for peace

negotiations. The former UN

Secretary General Kofi Annan

broke period deal and the

opposition backed it up with

a call for illegal militia

groups to be disbanded but

for now the death toll

continues to rise with at

least 14 killed in the latest

tribal violence in western

Kenya. Almost 1000 people

have died in Kenya's

political feuding over the

past month and more than

300,000 are living as

refugees Men, women,

children have been uprooted

and are living in fear. But

now there is hope of a

negotiated toned the violence

that started when a disputed December election returned

President Mwai Kibaki to

power. We are United. Former

secretary general al Kofi

Annan has broke end a plan A

deadline of 2 weeks is set to

decide on steps to end the

Black shed Immediate action

to stop violence. Then will

come the harder work of

sorting out a long-term solution. But as progress was

made in Nairobi there were

further clashes between rival

groups in western Kenya They

were armed with arrows and

other things and there were

very many of them. There has

also been a violent response

to the shooting of a two MPs

T police were accused. The US

has offered to send FBI

agents to investigate The

police themselves cannot be

expected to investigate themselves. Opposition

supporters threaten more

unrest If the Government

will continue shooting and

directing guns to our people

we will consider rising up in

arms to fight back. The feud

has pitted ethnic groups

against President Mwai

Kibaki's long dominant

Kikuyu, each accusing the

other of genocide. Any

political slietion in Kenya

will have to address deep tribal divisions over land,

wealth and bow we're that

date from the days of

Colonial rule. Iraq's

insurgents have sunk to a new

low in their War on Terror.

Iraqi officials say two intellectually disabled women

were used as suicide bombers

to kill more than 70 people

in Baghdad. The explosives

were detonated by remote

control. They have shaken the

improved sense of security in

the capital after the recent

US troop surge. These scenes

might look familiar but many people in Baghdad thought

they were part of their

city's past. Those battered

and bloodid by the bombs were

taken the five different

hospitals. But the dead and injured were not the only

victims of this double

bombing. The grief of

relatives was unconstrained,

unrelenting. The organisers

used two mentally handicapped

women as mules. The women

took the explosives deep into

the crowded markets. There

they detonated their bombs.

The carnage, a reminder of

the darkest days of Baghdad's

recent history. For the last

six months Baghdad and Iraq

have been getting better.

People have been out and

about more. The economy has

revived and the violence that

brought the city to its knees

declined sharply. It is above

all things some sense of

stability that residents

crave. Sometimes the

situation is good, sometimes

it's bad. We don't know. Who

is against us and who is with

us? We don't know. What

everyone here now waits to

find out is this bombing an

exception to a positive trend

or the start of a new bloody campaign. Anti-Japanese

whaling activists are

predicting a complete shut

down of the industry within

two years. 'The Steve Irwin'

docked in Melbourne today of

the a month at sea chasing

harpoon boats. Federal Police are investigating whether

charges could be laid against

two crew members who boarded

and were later held than a

Japanese whaling boat in the

Southern Ocean. It has been a

long time offshore for the

'Sea Shepherd' conservation

society's ship 'The Steve

Irwin'. It's crew has been tracking Japanese whaling

boats in the Southern Ocean

since early December. As it

pulled into Victoria harbour

this afternoon the crew stood

proud and received a hero's

welcome. The crew has big

plans. They are already

recruiting volunteers for an

extra boat to join the chase

next year. I think we can

get the Japanese out of the

Southern Ocean within two

years. We just have to keep

the pressure on. It was an

emotional return home for

Australian Benjamin Pots, he

and Britain Charles Lane

still do not know if they

will be charged for board

knowledge a Japanese harpoon

boat last month That was the

most scary part tide on the

guard rail especially when

the water came up and we were

semi immersed. Also when they

tied to throw me

overboard. In Tokyo yesterday

the Foreign Minister Steve

Jen Smith held talk was the

Japanese Government. He says

Australian Federal Police

officers are expected to

speak to the pair about the

incident Anyone from

wherever they come who has

conducted themselves in an

unlawful or illegal way is

condemned by the Australian

Government. The act I have

visits say 900 whales will be

harpooned this season The

Japanese killed five Wales

yesterday and they will kill

until we get back out

there. They will return to

sea in 10 days when the boat

is repaired, refuelled and

restocked with food. The

State Government has been

preferential treatment to accused of giving

some of its most generous donors. Australian Electoral

Commission figures show many

of the Labor parties biggest

benefactors have benefited

from Government desists. Star

City which retained its right

to remain the state's only

casino last year gave

$100,000 to Labor. The

ethanol company Manildra

donated $200,000, at the same

time the Government ruled a

portion of ethanol be added

to petrol for sale in NSW

These figures suggest it is

for rent annually. The

Government says it makes

decisions based on the

state's best interest and

donations do not affect

policy. Elderly home owners

in Sydney are being targeted

by bogus tradesmen and women.

The State Government says

there has been a Speight of

frauds on vulnerable people

throughout the city. One

woman had $25,000 stolen by

fake house painters who

forced them to be paid

up-front then did not do the

work They just took

advantage of me but I did not

realise that was what was

happening. They turn up,

they do not prove who they

are, they even give false

names and rip off, rip off,

rip off. The State Government says scammers are particularly likely to target

areas that have been damaged

by severe storms. It is the

battle to control the

information super highway.

Computer giant Microsoft is

making a $44 billion US

takeover bid for the Internet

search specialist Yahoo in an

attempt to stem the run-away

success of Google. For

decades Bill Gates Microsoft

has been a computer and

programing Powerhouse but

when it comes to Internet

search it has lost to Google

I pick Google all the time, I

don't know why. Every time

someone types in a search

term into one of those white boxes over 60 per cent of the

time they are doing that in

the little white box on the

Google page. In fact globe

bring they are clicking on Google 80 per cent of the

time. Yahoo has 16 per cent

of the global search market,

coming in a distant third is

Microsoft They hope by buy

Inca Hoo they can actually

get back in the game and take

on Google. This is a

decision I personally have

thought long and hard about

and we are very confident it

is a white path for Microsoft

and Yahoo. Experts say

Microsoft's unsolicited $44

billion US bid for search

specialist Yahoo Korea shape

the Internet landscape

because searching is where

the money is. Every time an

online search is made

companies pay big money

There is enormous opportunity

because every business wants

to get its business into search, consumer

intent. Microsoft says the

Yahoo deal will general aide

$1 billion a year in synergys

but Yahoo have to accept as

to US regulators come pen

situation concerns. China's

biggest aluminium producer

has joined forces with mining

giant Alcoa to buy a $16

billion stake in Rio Tinto

creating a major obstacle for BHP Billiton's plans to take

over its smaller rival T deal

could stop the multibillion

dollar merger from going

ahead but analysts believe

BHP Billiton will increase

its offer before next week's

deadline. China has struck a last-minute blow to BHP

Billiton's plans to take over

its iron other rival Rio

Tinto. The Chinese state-run

aluminium company and Alcoa

swooped buying a 12 per cent

stake. Analysts say the $16

billion deal gives the company strategic bargaining

power They have a seat at

the table. They could get

something out of it, 10 to 15 per cent over a short

period. The deal means BHP

Billiton will have to

significantly improve its

offer price before

Wednesday's deadline The new

complication that has been

added means BHP Billiton has

to go higher, something like

4 and 4 and a quarter share

for every Rio Tinto. Rio

Tinto has rejected BHP Billiton's earlier offers and today issued a statement to

the Stock Exchange. This

unsolicited development of

which we had no prior notice

reinforces our view of the

long-term value of Rio Tinto.

A BHP Billiton spokeswoman

says the company will not

comment on the Chinese deal.

Analysts say the Chinese

stake does not shelf BHP

Billiton's plans to move on

Rio Tinto but the world's

biggest miner will have to

take a more cooperative deal

rather than its initial plans

for a full-scale take over. A

veteran WA miner says it

shows chooina's plans to

secure raw materials This is

a significant step backed by

the Chinese Government

because they see they need to

have unfettered access to

global iron other and

unfettered access to

coal. The deal was sweet for

mining shares S in London

yesterday Rio Tinto stocks jumped 13 per cent and BHP

Billiton 10 per cent. Now

there is expectations there

will be a similar spike in

Australia when markets open

on Monday. In China there

are fears of a humanitarian crisis as severe weather

continues to grip the

country's south. Despite a

massive relief effort some

cities have been without

power for more than a week

and food is running very low.

Millions of travellers

remain stranded as they try

to get home for the lunar new year holiday. The authorities

have warned that bad weather

will continue to sweep most

parts of the south for

several more days. Britain

has also been battered with

high winds and snow storms causing widespread chaos

there. In the country's north

200 people had to be rescued

when their vehicles were

stranded. Many were taken to

shelter though some drivers

decided to tough it out.

There were also problems at

sea A ferry from Northern

Ireland was beached off the

coast of Blackpool. It was

hit by a freak wave and 23

passengers and crew had to be

rescued by helicopter At any

stage my belief was that boat

could have rolled over. We

had to get on and get them

off by hook or by crook. Off

the coast of Scotland a

trawler was bat earth in a

force nine gale T 14 Spanish

crew men also had to be

airlifted to safety. Serbians

to go the polls tomorrow for

the second and final round of

the country's presidential

election. It is a run-off

between the proceed western

incumbent and his

ultra-Nationalist challenger.

Serbia will have to decide

how they respond to a major

loss. The break away province

of Kosovo is expected to

declare independence in the

next few weeks. At the final

election rally the President

vowed to fight to hang on to

Kosovo. So did

ultra-Nationalist challenger.

"I've nothing against the EU"

he told supporters "Just

don't touch Kosovo". Since

the end of hostilities with

Serbia Kosovo has been run as

a UN protectorate. 90 per

cent of the population are

Albanian Muslims, just 7 per

cent Serbs but the people

here want their own state and

the US and EU support that

but Serbia maintains Kosovo

has been part of its domain

for almost 1000 years. In

Belgrade its decision time. An ultra-Nationalist

challenger president could

lead the country back to the

era of Slobodan Milosoviy

towards a resurgent Russia

and retaliation against

Kosovo but it is not what

ever what the majority of

Serbs want Any sort of

military action against the

Kosovo people, the people

would not be prepared to

accept. There are still

reminders of NATO's 1999

campaign to end Serbia's

suppression of Kosovo. Today

many Serbs distance

themselves from the era of

Slobodan from the ethnic

cleansing and brutal

representation of the

al-Bainians. For the people

Serbia this election is about

as much as who can give them

a better life as it is about

the future of their country

and though they might not

admit it many Serbs already

know that Kosovo is lost. A

look at the main story - the

former UN chief Kofi Annan

has brokered a plan that

could stoch the killings in

Kenya. How local artists are

putting their community in

the swim. NSW golfer Lindsay

Wright will entheer the final

round of the Australian

women's open with a one-shot

lead. She held her nerve on

the 18th to finance wish a

third-round 72 to be 3 under

for the tournament. The

defending champion Karrie

Webb is one shot behind tide

with the South Korean.

Christie Smith started at

5-under but the 19-year-old

amateur began the third round

inner us fashion. Two shots

behind Karrie Webb began her

day well to birdie the third

and took a share of the lead.

But she played a disastrous

shot to triple bogey the next

hole. Others also struggled

with the Kingston heat

course. The South Korean had

her problems so did Smith who

dropped three slots on the

sixth. Lindsay Wright played

her way into contention to

take a share of the lead

while Shin put her earlier

mistake behind her to take

the front running. Melissa

Reid finished with 69. Webb

started the back in the right

vain to move to 2 under. The

7-time major winner continued

her charge on the 12th to

tick a share of the lead. But

Wright refused to go away to

set up a Thee-way tie at 3

under. Shin dropped off the

pace momentarily until she

made a long-range putt on the

16th. Wright finish would par

on the 18th and a round of

72. I looked up at the

leaderboard and thought I had

a shot at the

tournament. Webb faltered on

the last. Shin also had

trouble on the 18th to finish

with proceedingy and go into

the final round tide at

second. All-rounders Adam

Voges and Ashley Noffke have

been called down the Australian squad ahead of

tomorrow's one day match

against India in Brisbane.

Australia warmed up for the

series opener with a crushing

victory over the tourists at

the MCG. Paceman Stuart Clark

did not travel to Brisbane

with team-mates today because

of family reasons and opener

Mathew Hayden is under an

injury cloud but the home

side should be boos would the return of captain Ricky

Ponting. Ricky Ponting may be

battling a back injury but he

was happy to take on a new

generation of fast bowlers in

Brisbane today. He ranks

himself a 100 per cent chance

of playing tomorrow but the

Australians did not need

their skipper to thrash a

hapless India side sin

Melbourne last night. Clarke

got the ball rolling as

stand-in captain That is brilliant! The Australian

captain. The Indian wickets

continued to tremble. 84,000

fans turned out to the MCG

but the match quickly turned

into a one-sided contest.

Adam Voges took two wickets

in as many balls This is not

a Shane won a! While he

missed out on a hat-trick the

innings ended soon after on

74. Clarke has earnt praise

from the man he is tipped to

succeed He used the bowlers

well up-front and the

part-time spinners under

pressure and his field places

were spot on. If India's

batting was poor their

fielding what comical.

Gilchrist hit a quick-fire 25 before receiving another

rousing farewell from fans. Australia reached a target

with 52 balls the spare but

the tourists feel they can

bounce back in the 50-over

game It is a completely

different format. This is a different version and we are

starting with a 50-over game

the day after so I do not

think it has any resemblance

Last night the Twenty-20 was

a good start for us. We

wanted to set the tone for

the entire summer last night

and we did that. Australia

will be aiming to make amend

for last year's surprise

series loss to England. As

the has dealt a blow to Sri Lanka's confidence in the

lead-up to the one-day

triangular series. In a

horror warm-up veteran opener

Sanath Jayasuriya was injured

and Brendan drew's career

best figures helped bundle

them out. As the cruised to

victory in the be 0th

over. An early burst from the

Openers was followed by a

nasty blow. Sanath Jayasuriya

was hit on the jaw by

McDonald and had to be taken

to hospital. He was off the

mark with a lucky break but

after a duck Drew had three

wickets. Sanath Jayasuriya

showed glimpses of form. The

Sri Lankan captain was

dropped on 19 and 40. On 51

as the finally got its man.

Sri Lanka's total demanded

heroics from its bowlers and

decisions to rest did not

held. Payne brought up his

50 with a punishing blow over

mid-wicket. Anderson showed

no respect for the world's

leading Test wicket-taker.

Sri Lanka's bowlers were

belted and as the won easily

There were some batsmen in

there that would have liked a

bit longer hit but they did

not get them and I am not

sure their bowlers would have

been too thrill would the way

they bowled today. At least

the news was good for Sanath

Jayasuriya He has six

stitches in his chin but no

breaks. He is expected to

play on Tuesday. Thousands of

rugby League supporters have marked the beginning of the

code's 100-year celebration

was a gala day at Homebush.

Every player turned out for

the fan day which the NRL

hopes will kick start the

historic season. Officially

it is still cricket season

but in the middle of the

Olympic Stadium rugby League

was back in a big way with

every player lined up for a

group photo I do not think

it has ever been done before

The players have enjoyed

getting together with guys

from other clubs, it has been

a bit like a school

reunion. But the focus was on

the fans. They could pick up

cheer-leading tips, tackle

with the Tigers and get up

close did the game's biggest

names. Supporters are in an

optimistic mood. No-one is at

the bottom and everyone things their club will be

successful in 2008 New

players, a whole new

structure We have good

talent and we showed glimpses

of what we can do I think we

will make the top four I

think we will win the

championship It's our

year. With Willie Mason now a

Rooster some Bulldogs fans

are more reserved This is a

growing year, next year will

be more of a season for us. E

peck takes will be high again

from Melbourne Storm

supporters but the premiers

will have to keep a close eye

on their trophy in the

centenariy season. In rugby

the Waratahs scored six tries

in the second half to crush

the Brumbies by 48-19 in a Super 14 trial match W the

new season a fortnight away

both coaches gave their

extended squads a chance to

experience the rule variation

thanks will be used this

year. The Brumbies scored

three early tries but NSW

crossed six times in a

second-half surge that

included a double to Tom

Carter. There were some

really good performances by

some of the guys introduced

into the game last year so

the Wallaby guys coming back

know that match fitness is

important. The Waratahs last

trial is against the

Crusaders on Thursday. The

Brumbies play Wellington next

weekend. It might be the furthest beach or place from

any beach in Australia but

the small desert community of

Kintore in the Northern

Territory has an Oasis. The proceeds of the Aboriginal artwork from the community

have been used to build a

swimming pool. Brush strokes

are what put Kintore on the

map. Thanks to their artwork

the 30 resident are now able

to practice strokes of a

different kind T artists

donated their works for an

auction to raise money for

the swimming pool. One artist

did the ribbon cutting

honours and the children

wasted no time getting their

feet wet This is a major

event not just for Kintore

but the whole western desert

area. To think that people

from this community have

raised virtually tall money

for this project is pretty

exciting. We feel to

support art centres is a key

way of supporting Aboriginal

people to live in their

country in a way that is cull

tierly appropriate in 21st

century Australia. It has

taken 10 years to see the

pool become a reality and the

whole community helped it

happen T local store splashed

out as did the Federal Government as did the

council's commitment to use

the new facility to get

children to go to school

School is advertised and they

can have a swim. The

community hopes the pool will

bring families together and

stamp out some of the health problems that drain the

public purse The evidence is

clear that these pools make a huge difference to the number

of ear infests and nose

problems and eyes and throat

problems. It is not the first

time that artists have put

brush to canvass in Kintore

to help fund a community

project. A similar project

was held in 2000 to help fund

this dialysis unit so

patients did not have the

make the long hot journey

into Alice springs. It is a

journey these desert dwellers

will no longer have to make

for a cool dip. An elderly

Queensland couple have had to

put their motoring holiday on

hold after a critical

misjudgment involving a

Victorian bridge. The couple

were on their way to catch

the early morning ferry the

as the when they miss

calculated the height of this

bridge in South Melbourne T

home worth more than $120,000

became wedged under the

bridge. Its roof was

completely torn off. The rest

of their dream home was

demolished when fire crews

pulled it clear. Your heart

goes out to them. In Sydney it reached 25.

Warm in Perth and Adelaide, showers in

Melbourne and Sydney and

Darwin. The satellite shows

scattered cloud along the

east coast widespread about

south-east Queensland and

mostly clear along the

southern coastline. A humid

easterly air stream will maintain rain and inland

storms across most of

Queensland, NSW and east

Victoria but highs to the

south will keep most of the

south dry. Tomorrow's

rainfall - a good-looking

rainfall map with falls over

much of the west, central and

eastern Australia with the

east likely to receive the

best totals. In the capital

cities tomorrow - showers and

or storms everywhere but Adelaide. Around NSW tomorrow

for the north-east rain areas

with local moderate falls and

the chance of thunderstorms.

To the south-east the chance

of isolated thunderstorms on

the coast and just away from

the coast too and for inland

NSW a mostly fine day for

Broken Hill with showers and

storms in Griffith, Burke and Cobar.

Kenya's warring political

parties have agreed to a

timetable to end the

bloodshed in a deal brokered

by the former UN Secretary

General Kofi Annan. An antiwhaling activists predict

an end to the hunt in two years as 'The Steve Irwin' docked in Melbourne today.

That is the latest ABC

television news for now. We

will have another update in

about an hour. Until then,


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