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(generated from captions) This Program is Captioned Live. Marching before the

monarch, Queen Elizabeth prepares new colours at the

Royal Military College in Duntroon. In dedicated and outstanding service your

graduates have

nation is a milestone to be

celebrated. Lybians continue new celebrate Gaddafi's death as

new questions are raised about

how he died. President Obama

announces the withdrawal of all

US forces from Iraq by the end

of the year. And the champion

mare Black Caviar makes it 15 mare Black Caviar makes it

in a row taking an easy win at Moonee Valley.

Good afternoon, you're

watching ABC News 24, I'm Nick

Dole. First The Queen has enjoyed a garden party with cadets Duntroon in Canberra after garden party with cadets from

presenting new college. Earlier the Queen

inspected around 500 troops on

the the parade ground as part of

the age-old ceremony. The old

colours presented by Queen

Elizabeth herself in 1988

now be held in the Duntroon

chapel alongside an earlier set

first given to Duntroon by the

Queen's father in 1927. In a

speech marking the occasion the

Queen paid tribute to past graduates of the college who served in Australia's

military. I'm very pleased to

present these new colours to you in you in this, the 100th anniversary year of the Royal you in this, anniversary

Military College at Duntroon. The college has held

an es - esteemed position the training an es - esteemed position in

officers for war and peace time

service over the past 100

years. The dedicated and outstanding service your

graduates have provided to the

nation is a milestone to be

celebrated. A small number of protestors involved in

yesterday's clashes with police CBD to continue their have returned to Melbourne's

demonstrations. About 200

demonstrators have marched to Trade Hall in Carlton. Today's

protestors are vowing to keep the protest peaceful If you

police put people in a corner

if you trap people in the if you trap people in

happen. People getting punched corner what do you expect will

in the face for what? For standing up for what is wrong

and that we need a change. And that go away, we're going to keep coming back. It's the

principle, it's can rally this many people principle, it's the idea you

can rally this many people and

we can stand strong as a

community and that's what's

important and it's about not

like we're saying oh, our

circumstances, we shouldn't

care everything's fine in Melbourne, it's about this

global issue that is really

relevant to empb because it's

how we think, it's how we care

about the rest of the world or

not care and yeah, it's got the

change the way that we

body where your mouth is. If think. You've got

you believe in it you've got to

be here and come what may. I'm not going to be pushing and

hitting and,io u know, throwing myself at the feet of the

police. If they say it's

to leave I'm going to go cool,

it's time to leave. But until

then I stand for this because

we believe in it. We were peaceful protestors yesterday.

We pretty much wanted to keep

our sphais so we could have a peaceful demonstration. Unfortunately the Unfortunately the police came

out in massive force, we were people had their faces smashed, pepper sprayed at the same time

as what we're trying to do is

have a say and I think that's

what we're going to do today. Have another peaceful rally and

march and hopefully the police aren't as brutal as they were yesterday. Negotiations are

continuing in Bali on where continuing in Bali on where to hold a teenage Australian boy

in the lead up to a trial for

alleged drugs offences. Prosecutors have agreed with the police assessment of the

indict the 14-year-old under case and they say they will

the 3 articles this the original dossier. The boy's

his client out of Kerobokan lawyer is negotiating to keep

jail in the lead up to the

the prosecutor's office has court hearing. A source from

told the ABC the lawyer is suggesting the boy go to a

at the police rehabilitation centre or stay

Nations human rights office has at the police cells. The United

called for a full investigation

into the death of the former Lybian leader Colonel Moammar

Gaddafi. There is disquiet over how the former end because mobile phone

footage appeared to show him bloody but alive but rebel

forces say he was shot in a gun

fight after his capture. A pro-Gaddafi television station based in Syria has broadcast a based in Syria

statement from Colonel Gaddafi's family supporting

calls for an investigation into

the Colonel's death which the family says family says was an

assassination. In Libya Colonel

Gaddafi's body remains in a

commercial Fries - freezer at a shopping centre

shopping centre in Misrata. The

body of his son Mutassin has

been put on show there. The soon expected to declare the

country is formally liberated. This will allow the Government to move their headquarters from

Ben Ghazi to Tripoli. They

a daunting task to rebuild the

country and bring all the rival factions together. The morning

after the euphoric night before. Tripoli is quiet, before. Tripoli is quiet, in places almost deserted. But

it's far from subdued. it's far from subdued. The

atmosphere is extraordinary. Optimistic, generous, open, b

relaxed. It's as though has been lifted. But the hard

work in transforming Libya

begins now. It's a big change from dictatorship to a

democratic country, to a

country and it's not - it doesn't happen overnight. It

takes a lot of time to train the people, to teach the

people, to upgrade the society. Within 30 days from

now the NTC must put aside

internal divisions and form a

transitional government. They

then have to legislate

June. From a standing start nationwide elections for 240

that's fast. Political parties are in their infancy here. The

Islamists are by far the best organised

organised and start the process

well ahead. Many of well ahead. Many of them fought in Afghanistan but they insist

they now want to be part of a multiparty Lybian multiparty Lybian democracy.

The most immediate concern is

security, the place is security, the place is awash

with weapons. This was a bottom up revolution. The streets up revolution. The streets are

controlled by the militias who liberated them. They won the

war, they don't intend to lose

the peace. "God willing," he

told me, "The Libya we want is democratic, we want to be free

to express ourselves freely, that's the kind of Libya want." The NTC must make sure that the expectations of that the expectations of the

men with the guns are met for

the potential for armed revolt is obvious. But already the security situation is visibly changing. Today we found this group of recent recruits to group of recent recruits to the

new national security service,

former militia men now being welded into a single with which Libya has already moved on from the last regime. The revolution has unleashed

enormous expectations here. But

Libya is best placed to begin realising those

expectations. And this is one

reason why. Before the uprising

Libya with just 6 million people was producing 2% of the people was producing 2% of the

world's oil. The infrastructure has not been seriously damaged. Production is already back to a

quarter of what it was. Managed well, this wealth could help

transform lives here. Libya transform lives here. Libya has

tribal divisions, yes, but

there's little sign of tribal

antagonism. The will to succeed

here is a powerful unifier. There may be bitter

disagreements ahead but disagreements ahead but Lybians

for now are relishing this moment of promise. At least 13

people have been killed in

Syria as protestors returned to the streets following Friday

prayers. The UK-based Syrian observatory for

observatory for human observatory for human rights

says most of the deaths were in the

the central city of Homs. The death of the Lybian dictator Colonel Gaddafi has Colonel Gaddafi has galvanised

activists who regularly protest

after Friday prayers. Well the

UN Security Council is calling

for Yemen's President to step down. In return Ali Abdullah Saleh will be given immune ity

from prosecution stemming from prosecution stemming from allegations over his

Government's crackdown against

protestors. Fighting has continued with clashes in the capital between soldiers and tribesman. The UN has passed a resolution backing a deal neighbours in the Gulf. The US

President Barack Obama says all

US forces will be from Iraq by the end of the

year. More than 8 years after

the US invasion. President Obama's announcement Obama's announcement came after

he held a video conference with

the Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri

al-Maliki. Le says removing US

forces from Iraq has been forces from Iraq has been one

of his key goals. After taking

office I announced a strategy that would end our combat mission in Iraq and

remove all of our troops by

tend of the 2011. As commander

in chief, ensuring the success of the strategy of the strategy has been one of my highest national my highest national security priorities. Last year I

announced the end to our combat

mission in Iraq and to date we've removed more than 100,000

troops. Iraqis have taken full responsibility for their

country's security. A few hours

ago I spoke Minister Maliki. I reaffirmed

that the United States keeps

its commitments. He spoke of

the determination of the Iraqi people to forge their own future. We are in full

agreement about how to move

forward. So today I can report

that as promised the rest of

our troops in Iraq will come

home by the end of the year.

After nearly 9 years America's war in Iraq will be Corp shareholders have re-elected Rupert Murdoch and his sons to run the media

giant. But the company won't be

releasing the actual results of the vote until next the vote until next week. It's

the first time Murdoch met with shareholders since News shareholders since News Corp

faced a mobile phone faced a mobile phone hacking scandal inquiry in July. Protestors chanted

outside Fox stud Yose in Los

Angeles as a contentious News Corporation scandal

meeting got under way. Company chairman and Murdoch has been on the

defensive since revelisations of mobile phone hacking by

employees of his 'News of the

World' paper in Britain. The scandal rocked of Prime Minister David Cameron

and spurred resignation of government officials and high-level police officers. high-level police officers. No

cameras were allowed inside but

on an audio feed Murdoch was heard apologising for heard apologising for the scandal once again. There scandal once again. There is

simply no excuse for such unethical behaviour. Some California teachers California teachers retirement system, voted in favour of

ousting Murdoch from his chairmanship. We want to push

for an independent chairman because if they have a CEO who stays in there we need stays in there we need a representative on that representative on that board not just for the interests of the family but all the

shareholders. But Murdoch, who

with his allies, controls

almost half the company's

voting shares, dismissed calls

for corporate governance reform, reform, disappointing activist shareholders. Rupert is clearly

in the bunker. This was most undemocratic annual

meeting I've seen after 12 different encounters with

Rupert since 1999 and I think he's really quite paranoid. British paranoid. British parliament member Tom Watson says more scandalous News

scandalous News Corporation

revelations are on their

way. My investigations will continue in parliament in the

UK and of course we've got

criminal investigations and

other inquiries taking place as

well. Many liberals in the US

revile Murdoch's Fox News because of its because of its perceived

right-wing bias. For now Murdoch

the top of his media empire but the protest vote by shareholders could force

changes in the future. Mr Murdoch is under intense pressure directors who saw directors who saw his performance today will now be

more motivated to actually take

action to represent the 87% of

the shareholders in News Corp

who are non-Murdochs. With his control over so many of the company's

Murdoch was able to stave off

the investors' revolt. But his company remains Thailand's Prime Minister has

warned Bangkok residents to move their possessions to higher ground as flood higher ground as flood waters

begin to seep into residential areas of the capital.

Businesses and residents are

preparing for the worst using

sandbags to fortify shopping

centres and office buildings.

Zoe Daniel reports from the Thai capital. This is

of Bangkok and it's only really

now that we're starting to see businesses here fortifying

their properties against this

flooding. We were told flooding. We were told a week ago that central Bangkok would

definitely be safe, then the

Government had to retract that

and say that the city could see

some flooding and now Yingluck Shinawatra, the Prime Minister,

has said that everyone in

Bangkok should protect their

property and move belongings to

higher ground. The simple fact is that the Government is that the Government has failed to control that flood

water that is moving from flood barriers greack -

breaking and areas being un -

inundated around the city. The Government's had to admit that

it can't control that water,

that the longer it tries to stop it with sandbag stop it with sandbag barriers the deeper it's getting and the

more likely it will be to actually break down those

defences. Some Bangkok defences. Some Bangkok canal s have been opened to try to

release some of that water through the city before more water arrives north of Thailand over the

weekend. So now people here in

central Bangkok aren't quite

sure if water's coming, sure if water's coming, when

it's coming or how deep it be. But they really have no choice but to make some

preparations and people have definitely been, for example,

stocking up on food and water supplies and now are

sandbagging their properties. Zoe Daniel

reporting there. Amnesty

International is asking the Indonesian Government to

release the leaders of the

Papuan resistance movement. of its meetings on of its meetings on Wednesday

killing at least 2 of its

member and arresting hundreds

more. This report from

Al-Jazeera contains some disturbing images. Freedom,

freedom they shout, these are

images the Indonesian

Government doesn't like to see.

Thousands of Papuans Thousands of Papuans declaring themselves independent themselves independent from Indonesia at a gathering earlier this week. They're

waving the Papuan morning star

flag, something considered treacherous according to a life sentence in a life sentence in prison. Al-Jazeera obtained this footage from sources in footage from sources in Papua since foreign journalists are

are banned from travelling

there. At a meeting the Papuan Government was symbolically

installed. Papua has quite a number of proindependence

groups since they were handed

over by the Dutch colonial

government to Indonesia in the

1960s, a move they consider


TRANSLATION: We had a lot of problems organising this

are not allowed to use any public facilities. After a Declaration of Independence was

read the Indonesian military

and police raided the and police raided the meeting.

Shots were fired for hours and more than 300 participants were

detained including member of

the new symbolic

government. The Papuan leaders are now facing treason charges

to human rights actists 6

people were killed 17 are still

missing. Police say only 2

people were killed. The Government has because it says participants of

the meeting were committing a

cue coup d'etat. The cue coup d'etat. The American owned largest gold and copper

mine has been at the centre of protest of the independence

movement. Many Papuan s feel they're not receiving a they're not receiving a fair

share of their own natural

resource. These are rare images coming to us from Papuans declaring independence

is hardly ever seen on is hardly ever seen on Indonesian Indonesian television.

Indonesia is worried that Papua

will follow the same path as

East Timor that became independent in

Government has so far hardry

done anything about requests

for a dialogue. Even worse it's answered with Kong

answered with violence. In Hong Kong 70 people have been

injured after the passenger

ferry thar wi on crashed into a mooring pillar. The ferry was

carrying 140 passengers from carrying 140 passengers from an

outlying island to the heart of Hong cock's - Hong Kong's

business district. Passengers

have been airlifted to

hospitals with one person in a

serious condition. serious condition. China is

morning the death of a

2-year-old girl who Rowe rose to national prominence after

she was hit by two cars. Wang Yue died from her injuries a

week after the hit-run incident

at a market place. at a market place. Security

video posted on the Internet showed the toddler being hit by

the first van. The video also

captured 18 people walk or

cycle past without stopping to help. The incident sparked

help. The incident sparked a national moral crisis in China and has led to call tss -

for a new law to make pass

ersby stop and assist a person in

in need. Now to sport and Black

Caviar didn't disappoint. The champion mare won her 15th straight race at Moonee she won by five lengths. Here

are the closing stages.

Meanwhile connections of Cox

Plate favourite Helmet are

hoping the horse can become the

first in 27 years to win the

Caulfield Guineas and Australia's richest weight for

age race in the same year. New

Zealand runner Jimmy Choux was found on Tuesday morning with

Rekindled Interest clearly outpaced but Racing outpaced but Racing Victoria communications manager Sean Kelly said too much has been read into

put a line through that put a line through that gallop on Tuesday and said don't worry

about that, the horse will be on his A game come together. It

didn't quite work out as

expected with the pace maker in

that gallop on Tuesday.

Certainly Rekindled Interest was terrific though. He had was terrific though. He had the blinkers on for the first blinkers on for the first time.

He will wear them for the first

time under race conditions

today. He's been the horse heavily backed leading race off the back of that

gallop. He's been $13, into as short

short as $6 and his short as $6 and his connections are buoyed by that gallop are buoyed by that gallop and

give themselves a big chance

today. The All Blacks are just

80 minutes away from becoming

the most dominant side in rugby

history . They're favourites to

win the World Cup final against France. The Wallabies might have missed out but they finish

ed third after beating Wales ed third after beating Wales in the bronze final. Wales scored

a brilliant try in injury time to go down by 3 Cooper only lasted 20 minutes

before leaving the game with a

possible knee injury. Berrick

Barnes was named man of the

match. It mean aslot to us to

pull on that jersey and to play not only for each other, obviously we wanted to make

Sharpe's night a memorable one for the right reasons. It was

a 3 v 4 play sauf, neither side

by preference wanted to be in

that but both sides took to the

contest with a lot of pride and I think way both sides defended. To V8

super cars and Holden's Jamie

Whincup is leading after 70

laps in the Gold Coast 300 K

race. A moment was taken before

to remember British Indy

champion Dan Wheldon who was

killed this week. Dramas for

Craig Lowndes, an electrical

fault forced him to start from

pit lane and he was left

struggling for the entire race. No No problems nor Whincup who started from poll. started from poll. Sebastian Bourdais getting them off to Bourdais getting them off to a blistering start. A win will see Whincup reclaim the

championship lead. In football

news Adelaide United will be gunning gunning for back-to-back gunning for back-to-back wins when they host Sydney who are

still aiming for their first of

the season. Here the goals from last night.

Premier League clash Premier League clash sees Manchester United take on Manchester City. City manager

Roberto Mancini will take his side to Old Trafford to the of the ladder and he's been

paying tribute to his counterpart Alex Ferguson. I

have a big respect for him

because he won everything because he won everything for

25 years. I think that he is a

teacher and I learn from him. A win for lift them back to the top of

the table and a point above City. The Australian men's and women's hockey teams are through to their respective finals of the super searies in

Perth. The Kookaburras were too strong for New Zealand hammering them 7-1. It's 7,

it's a strong 7 and it comes from the number 7 yet

again. The hock Hockeyroos

scored a 1-1 draw against

scored a 1-1 draw against India

but had already booked in the decider after beating

Malaysia 2-0. More on the Cox

Plate in our next bulletin. Thanks. It's something tens of millions of people use every day but until

now there's been no alternative

to the GPS satellite positioning system operated by the US military. That's about

to change. Europe is launching

its own global positioning

system and for the first time

it's using Russian rockets to

help get its satellites into

orbit. For the last 4 years in the sticky jungle of French

Guyana hundreds of engineers from one of the coldest kun trshlings on earth have been

building this - a launch site

for Russian rocket ts to blast

off in partnership with off in partnership with the

European space agency, ESA.

It's the first time a Russian

Soyuz rocket has ever lifted

off from outside the former Soviet Union. The first cargo, the first two satellites for Europe's answer to America's system. In Moscow they watched

anxiously as Russia's Soyuz work horse carried into space

the beginning of Europe's independence. Because it's a

political and stroo - strategic

asset which we need for ourselves. The European's

Galileo plan calls for as many

as 30 satellites. ESA has one of the most powerful rockets in

the world but it's expensive.

To save money they turned to the tried the tried and true soy yus to get mid size cargo into orbit.

TRANSLATION: They're getting a

cheap rocket that is already operational. Galileo enjoys an

increasingly crowded field of

GPS. Russia has spent billions

launching its own network and

China's space ambitions also include the satellite

positioning system. Galileo is

now relying on the EU to foot

its nearly $7 its nearly $7 billion

budget. And I think it is more

important to have it than to

count the money you in with it. But this moment was

about celebration from South America to the EU to Russia.

Taking a look at the satellite image first and extensive cloud is extensive cloud is building

over WA and a trough could bring increasing showers and

storms. There's patchy cloud over Victoria, triggering

showers and cloud being carried

on to Queensland's on to Queensland's tropical

east coast is few showers. Looking to tomorrow's weather: And tomorrow's weather: And in Queensland showers will

continue about the east coast but

but they should decrease later

in the day. There will isolated afternoon showers over

inland eastern inland eastern districts and the north-west region in the afternoon. It should be fine over the remainder of the State. NSW can expect State. NSW can expect isolated

showers along the eastern ranges

ranges and in the far south,

possible thunderstorms on the northern ranges but northern ranges but fine and mostly sunny over the remainder. In Victoria there will be in the far east and west. It

will be quite warm in the will be quite warm in the north but milder conditions are compp

- expected in the south. In Tasmania it will be fine apart

from some areas of rain around

Bass Strait. It will be a

fairly mild day after a cool morning. In South Australia,

showers and storms will

increase in the west and south.

It will be very warm to hot

with a late cool change in the

westment . Rain and storms westment . Rain and storms are

are expected in the south-east of

of WA and there should be some cooler cooler conditions across the south. In the Northern Territory there will Territory there will be

isolated showers and storms.

Looking ahead to Monday:

And that's the news for now but stay with us 'Behind the News' is coming up