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(generated from captions) (Fans cheer) and giving alcohol to a child. of molestation, conspiracy ..acquitted on all counts not guilty. JURY FOREPERSON: Find the defendant How wrong they were... last steps as a free man. these would be Michael Jackson's Most commentators predicted was too weak to convict him. agreeing that the evidence on all 10 charges, the jury acquitted the star a 6-month trial, After sitting through of molesting a 13-year-old boy. after being cleared his freedom Michael Jackson celebrates But first this evening - of her blockbuster new movie. at the premiere And heartache for Nicole Kidman of the Commonwealth Bank. a breath-taking payout for the chief Also tonight - Good evening. and Jessica Rowe. Ten News with Ron Wilson to be strictly enforced. And compulsory smoke detectors and kill you." "I'm going to come over if you don't shut up And I said, "Look, Jackie, for killing his rowdy flatmate. A jury accepts a Sydney man's defence celebrates his freedom. Tonight - a relieved Michael Jackson This program is captioned live.

from outside Neverland Ranch. And Rahni joins us now of this particular case. with our evaluation nothing to do had absolutely, unequivocally My past history with Mr Jackson 12 years ago. after failing to prosecute him against Jackson denies he had a vendetta But District Attorney Tom Sneddon but so were the Jackson supporters. and redeemed, Not only was Michael vindicated it was all one big witch-hunt. Vindicated, his fans say He's buying himself out. This guy's just got money. is it going to take, dude? how many times One time, two times, three times - I feel he's guilty. but I don't know. Everyone's cheering for him, think the jury got it wrong. Many in America he's a human. Even though he is a superstar, Michael Jackson's demeanour in court. they were impressed by Even though he didn't give evidence, but any person. Not just so much Michael Jackson, your child to sleep with someone? Just freely volunteer your fingers at me, lady." That's when I thought, "Don't snap when she snapped her fingers at us. I disliked it intensely to lie for their own gain. I wouldn't want any of my children the jury really didn't like. But it was the boy's mother, Janet, and his brother, Star, lying. Gavin Arvizo contradict himself On the stand, they saw as liars, actors and con artists. who painted the accuser's family by Jackson's defence lawyers, They were convinced and he let me stay in the bedroom. I asked if I could stay There was one night seen here in a 2003 documentary. by accuser Gavin Arvizo, They weren't swayed a little more convincing. you know, something that was better evidence - We expected probably there was just no smoking gun. the jury found After seven days of deliberation, JUBILANT SCREAMING he's not going to jail. he seemed barely able to understand heavily sedated, Rumoured to have been For Jackson, it all seemed too much.

and I got two knives, so I went into the kitchen and she bugged the shit out of me, She kept on and on Eventually, he snapped. yelling and teasing him. Dowd, he said, wouldn't let up because he was provoked. he wasn't guilty of murder But he told a Sydney court in their loungeroom. as she sat drinking wine in the stomach Dunn admitted stabbing Dowd Your sister? sister. I just think I've killed when he phoned 000. His confession recorded the stereo down. when she wouldn't turn one drunken evening But he says he was driven to kill her Jacqueline Dowd like a sister. Jeffrey Dunn loved his flatmate to turn down the stereo. when she refused he was driven beyond the brink 60-year-old Jeffery Dunn says even though he confessed. his flatmate not guilty of murder, A jury has found a man who stabbed for a musical comeback. Michael Jackson's plans Later this news hour - for the former King of Pop? So where to now suit from his accuser's family. straits and may face a hefty law rumoured to be in bad financial been conspiring against him. He's many people close to him may have out. During the trial he found out There are a lot of issues to sort still has some issues to sort out? of a nervous break down. So he are worried he may be on the verge Even though he was aquitted, people him, he's lost a lot of weight. them. His family are worried about wouldn't be out tonight to address leave, telling them Michael Jackson wouldn't be out leave, telling them Michael Jackson their support and to ask them to father came out to thank them for afternoon until Michael Jackson's They were partying here all have begun home, but not by choice. Most of the fans, as you can see, are still at the gates. but a few die-hard fans there, Rahni, it's the middle of the night

We're confident that it will save lives. Under the plan, all landlords will be required to fit smoke alarms to all rented accommodation and smoke alarms will be conditional on the sale or lease of any property in NSW. They are a very, very cheap investment in the safety of families. Images of the Coonamble and Wyong tragedies and the combined deaths of five children have forced the Government's hand six years after smoke detectors were first made compulsory in Victoria. It's a measure of the Government's haste that penalties and enforcement procedures are still being worked out. And the Government has received legal advice that insurance companies can't be forced in dwellings with no smoke alarms. 88% of fire deaths occurred hard-wired or battery-operated. have to be fitted with smoke alarms, all properties, owned or rented, will From May next year, no excuses - in the past fortnight. killed in NSW house fires against a background of 13 people met to finalise the safety package Government and firefighting chiefs will be compulsory from next May. The life-saving devices are fitted with smoke alarms. to ensure all homes knocking on doors across the State The fire brigade will soon be Amber Muir, Ten News. charge of manslaughter in August. Dunn will be sentenced on the lesser he lost all control. to such an extent that Ms Dowd had tormented him of provocation, to accept Mr Dunn's claim just a few hours In the end, the jury took he no longer cared if he lived. by what he'd done and Dunn was so traumatised who mattered to him, from the one person in the world was triggered by extreme hurt the extreme reaction But the defence said if she was bugging him. asked Dowd to leave the flat a reasonable person would have simply Prosecutors told a murder trial And she said, "Go for it." and I said, "Which one do you want?"

to make the installation of smoke alarms a condition for home policies, than they did two weeks ago. The fire brigade is recommending two smoke alarms for the average 3-bedroom home. One may still be enough to save your life. Paul Mullins. Ten News. A new chief executive at the Commonwealth Bank, but the old one is likely to get the biggest payout in Australian corporate history. David Murray retired today and he could have as much as $50 million deposited in his own bank account. From bank teller to bank boss - the end of a remarkable 40-year career at the Commonwealth Bank for David Murray. I'm glad I've achieved what I've achieved. And he should be glad. He's transformed the bank into a financial powerhouse and his own fortunes at the same time. When he retires in six months or so, he'll walk away with $25 million in shares and options, and probably the same again in super. If the financial rewards I've achieved have been from the people in the bank doing well and the bank doing well and the customer and the shareholders, I feel good about that. The company has performed well under his leadership, so in some ways, it is justified. And there's no doubt it's performed well. From a company worth $6 billion when he started as CEO and making $400 million, to one worth $49 billion with $3.5 billion in profits. For shareholders, 1,000 shares then worth $5,400 The unions admit the bank's done well during Mr Murray's 13 years at the helm, but say it's come at a cost. Staff at the Commonwealth Bank will yet again see a significant payout to a senior executive at the same time that they know they don't have enough people in the workplace to provide services. The reality for current Commonwealth Bank employees - it's a very different bank to the one David Murray started in. The chances of a teller today becoming a CEO tomorrow - much harder and very much more unlikely. You're much more likely to be headhunted in a global search, like new CEO Ralph Norris, who'll leave Air New Zealand at the end of the year to take up the job. This will be my third CEO role, and each time I've taken up the mantle, it's been somewhat daunting and with trepidation, but I'm up to it. Eddy Meyer, Ten News. A radical re-think of the child support system could leave absentee parents paying less. It's one of a series of recommendations designed to make the system fairer after divorce. One in three Australian marriages ends in divorce. But that's often just the start of a lot more pain and bitterness, when the struggle over money begins. The existing scheme is fundamentally flawed and cannot be justified. Set up in August last year, the taskforce heard from mothers and fathers groups, and experts about the failures of the system. No-one thinks it works. The group studied the real cost of raising children and the percentage of parents' income required to meet that. It's called for a tribunal to review Child Support Agency decisions. It says both parents should contribute to the cost of raising children according to their incomes and that payments should be increased when children grow up. Those of you who have teenagers will know they cost very much more than young children, and our formula reflects that. One of the big problems for those paying child support is they don't want to earn more money because it goes in payments. If the recommendations are adopted, 55% of parents will pay less child support, with 45% paying more. Fathers groups are delighted. I'm thrilled. I think it's a big win for men and it is a new face of a scheme we're going to see. It's going to be much fairer for all parties, including the children. But we won't know for months which of the recommendations will become policy. Because it's such a complex issue, the Government's official response isn't expected until the end of the year. Until then, it's refused to comment. Laurel Irving, Ten News. A look ahead to sport with Tim Webster, and there's a crucial training session for the Blues at the moment. Yes, this is the training run that will decide Mark Gasnier's fate. Gasnier's out on the Telstra Stadium turf trying to prove he'll be up to the pace after showing improvement with a groin injury yesterday. The latest shortly, including why Ricky Stuart's fed up over a couple key Origin issues. And psychological advantage or not, didn't the Poms just love this. COMMENTATOR: Call yourself a pro! Later in sport, how it got even worse in a humiliating loss for the Aussies in their first ever Twenty20 match against England. And we'll also have some incredible pictures of aircraft racing. Next - the Liberal rebellion over mandatory detention comes to a head. Also - Schapelle Corby's lawyers take a major step towards securing her freedom. And the old timer who's more than a match for a young thief. I pulled that off with the left hand and I thumped him. Got it here and whacked him real hard.

This program is captioned live. Two pit bull-cross dogs have been destroyed after a second vicious attack in just six weeks. Their latest victim, a 60-year-old man who tried to shield a female neighbour and her baby. These are the two dogs that left a man in hospital and almost mauled a baby on a suburban street - little Isaiah lucky to be alive after his mother, Jessica, took him for a walk with a friend and noticed the pit bull-crosses. The women asking neighbour Hyugn Sop Lee to walk with them for protection. The dog was just looking at the pram and he could hear my son crying and as soon as he heard the baby crying, he just started coming. The girls jumped onto the back of a nearby truck, taking baby Isaiah to safety. 60-year-old Mr Lee attacked instead. It was only beacuse of him and his courage that Isaiah wasn't attacked. That dog was after my baby. Mr Lee suffered bites to his face, hands, groin and legs, managing to scramble to a nearby house for help. He had, like, blood on his face. He had, like, blood everywhere and his pants were ripped so we just tried to help him out. For those dogs to be running around and people's lives are in danger, I just think that's pretty disgusting. Just last month, the same dogs were responsible for an attack on an elderly man. Strathfield Council ordered the owner of this property to put up a secure fence, but it seems not even that has stopped the dogs from striking again. The dogs' owner is facing charges over the first attack. The State Government now proposing new laws to give councils greater powers. They'll be able to impound the dog and keep those dogs there till the courts decide whether or not that dog is dangerous. The two dogs were put down late today. Ebbeny Faranda, Ten News. Schapelle Corby's defence team has lodged her appeal papers in Bali with just hours to spare. They're calling for the sentence to be overturned and Schapelle set free. With a personal assistant and legal team in tow, Schapelle Corby's flashy new lawyer touched down in Bali to lodge his client's appeal documents. Where is my private assistant? Hotman Paris Hutapea personally delivered the papers to the Denpasar court just four hours ahead of deadline in a bid to overturn the Australian's 20-year jail sentence. My saying is that the court did not apply the concept of absolute truth. In the defence appeal, Corby's lawyers argue that prosecutors failed to prove Schapelle imported the 4.1kg of marijuana into Bali. And, according to Corby's lawyer, the defence appeal hinges on help from the Australian Government in providing witnesses, including two Melbourne prisoners and Australian Customs and airport officials. Corby's hope is dependent on your Government because we wrote a letter to them that we need more witnesses. But a Perth barrister enlisted to help Corby has reportedly criticised the Indonesian legal team. Mark Trowell QC has told newspapers that the team treated him like window dressing and fears they are not prepared for her appeal. Things just seem to be being done at the last moment, and I don't think that helps her at all. Hotman, however, exudes confidence - his visit to Schapelle today likely to be the first of many. The appeal process could take as long as five months. Kathryn Robinson, Ten News. Government bus drivers are threatening to boycott suburbs in Sydney's east and Inner West unless their safety is permanently guaranteed. There have been four knife attacks and a gang-related rampage on buses over the past few days. Private security guards deployed on public buses in Sydney's inner west after the fourth attack on drivers in just three days. In the latest incident, a knife-wielding thug boarded a bus, demanding the takings and the driver's wallet. We've got one driver who obviously refused to hand his money over and he's actually been stabbed in the wrist. And I believe it's severed an artery? I believe that's correct, an artery has been severed, yes. Police have formed a strike force to catch the attacker. They believe he and an accomplice are the same men who stalked and robbed three other buses at Canterbury and Abbotsford at the weekend. This time, though, the thugs made a mistake - the driver put up a fight. As a result of a struggle with one of the drivers, items of clothing dislodged from his face, which gave us a clear view. This isolated bus terminus at Abbotsford is one area where the drivers particularly feel like sitting ducks. They stop here for up to 10 minutes at a time before embarking on the return journey. This bus was trashed and passengers terrorised yesterday on another dangerous route between Pagewood and Bondi Junction. The vandals thought to be the same teenagers who stole a government bus just over a month ago. Drivers say they're sick of being public punching bags, and, if their safety is not guaranteed, they'll boycott those areas. Nobody wants to come to work, you know, fearing their bloody life. The Minister says the guards will remain for as long as it takes. We've also trialled changes to the make-up of the driver cabin so as to provide the most secure environment. The drivers, however, want transit police patrols, just like the trains, just like it used to be. Shaun Fewings, Ten News. The Prime Minister is facing a government revolt after failing to silence MPs on mandatory detention. Rebel backbenchers will now openly defy Mr Howard after rejecting a compromise on asylum seekers. The reception the PM gave his rebel MPs last night was as wet and cold as the elements. Two hours of discussion found no common ground on giving a more human face to the mandatory detention of asylum seekers. The discussions, certainly, you outlined, were intense, I think that's right. Mr Georgiou told Mr Howard he has no choice but to proceed with his private member's bills. The Government intends to maintain to the full the framework of the current policy. For how much longer will babies and children remain behind barbed wire and razor fences? Mr Howard says the Government is looking to be more flexible but his message to the Opposition was the same he gave the dissidents. It is a policy that enjoys the support of the Australian people. But the rebels will push on. We seek to bring an end to putting people in detention centres for indefinite periods of time where they have not committed any crime. The Georgiou bills are the first public revolt against John Howard since he became PM. He is anxious to avoid any split in party ranks on the floor of the Parliament, and that will come to the test next Monday when the bills are presented. The Opposition asked if the Government would allow the bills to be debated and voted on. No. Mr Howard is hoping more talks will see the bills withdrawn. Paul Bongiorno, Ten News. Time for a weather check. Tim Bailey, how about all the rain last night and even snow? Great follow-up rain overnight. It saw follow-up rain overnight. It saw moree get 35mm. Gunnedah since last Wednesday, 67mm and Orange, 61mm. Just came back from Thredbo as you know last night, about 5 cm across the slopes and more expected during the week. The little weatherman at last with some the week. The little weatherman at last with some good news. Skywatch - a bit of a cloud fest there today, had our sunny breaks, maximum 22.4, currently 20 degrees. Just medium pollution in the south. Tomorrow - 19 degrees, fine and dry. See you again in around about 10. Next - a very public interrogation for Saddam Hussein, grilled over mass murders. And sleep deprivation becomes a health nightmare - the high cost of staying awake. Depression, diabetes, heart attack, stroke, blood pressure problems.


This program is captioned live. Time to check on the traffic with Vic Lorusso on the Mix traffic helicopter. It was a nightmare last night, now you're looking for a traffic jam. We are. There's no excuse getting home late tonight, no accidents or breakdowns to report. We're over Parramatta Road, just the traffic lights holding up the traffic. It's generally a great run everywhere. Traffic is moving well, no major back-up of traffic. We'll check again later. A home invader who bashed an old man with an iron bar now wishes he'd picked on someone else. It's believed the attacker's nose and teeth were broken as his victim fought back with a shoe. Johnny Oswin is coy about his age, admitting he's about 90, has a pacemaker, and needs a frame to walk. But that didn't stop a vicious home invader. He's come round, he's thumping me, he's thumping me pretty hard. The bastard - he didn't even say g'day. Mr Oswin fought back, literally sinking the boot in. I pulled it off with my left hand and I thumped him, I whacked him real hard. The intruder sent sprawling across the room. After I got standing, I really thumped him a couple of times and he didn't want anymore. Bleeding from the face, the stunned attacker then had the gall to complain. He came round here and said, "You bastard, you broke my teeth and you broke my nose." He was bleeding and thumped him again, I was standing up then and I was able to give him a few. I bruised my hands a bit thumping him. Mr Oswin has run a local horse riding club for 65 years. He's had a flood of calls from well-wishers. I was a bit bashed up but I finished up bashing him up so it didn't matter much. It's the second time in five years criminals have invaded his home. He's got a bit of pluck, he's stood his ground. Obviously we don't encourage people to take on people who break into their homes but you certainly have a right to defend yourself. Police suspect this was a case of mistaken identity. The intruder had ranted about an earth mover and woman who'd been buried until Mr Oswin shut him up. He hasn't come back yet. Jeremy Pudney, Ten News. It's the new health time bomb costing the community as much as asthma. Sleep disorders have now become a multibillion-dollar burden, with millions of Australians ignoring the deadly dangers. It's a daily ritual many of us take for granted. But almost one-third of Australians now suffer from some form of sleep disorder. We live in a 24-hour society. We're all under pressure all the time and if we need some extra time, we pinch it out of our sleep without realising the impact. A new report released today by Access Economics shows sleep disorders cause more than 9% of work related injuries, 8.3% of depression and 7.6% of non-work-related car accidents. Often, sleeping problems are an early warning sign of more serious health issues and the flow-on effects are costing our community a staggering $10.3 billion every year. Sleep apnoea is an independent risk factor for increased blood pressure, heart attacks, stroke and diabetes. 60-year-old Beverly Yakich suffers from restless leg syndrome - her body shakes uncontrollably and she's spent most of her life living on two to three hours sleep a night. It makes you toss and turn and you cannot get relaxed and let go of the tension. The report also highlights that too many Australians are not taking sleep disorders seriously enough. Sleep experts have also called for urgent action from the Federal Government. The report was funded by a leading manufacturer of sleep apnoea products. It's recommended a national organisation be set up to coordinate research and education. Natarsha Belling, Ten News. The first video has been released of Saddam Hussein in more than a year. The images, shot without sound, show Saddam being questioned by a judge over the killings of dozens of Shi'ite men in 1982. The victims were from a village where Saddam had survived an assassination attempt. There's speculation the killings might be used as a test case in an early trial, raising hopes of millions of Iraqis their former dictator will soon face justice. Next - a breakthrough in the showdown over tax cuts. Plus - the inside word on what Michael Jackson will be doing next. And - yeah, yeah! It's Shane Warne's brand-new head of hair.

This program is captioned live. Time for another check of the weather. Tim Bailey, our friends at the blood bank are looking for more donors? Yes. World blood donor day, it's a good one to listen to what they're after, what they want us to do. They want 40,000 new Australian, those who have never given blood before, to get in contact with them and have a go. There you go: What about that follow-up rain? Beautiful across the north-west

slopes last night, 35mm at Moree, snow across the Alps, it was good. Sunny and dry tomorrow for tops of 19. See you again at 5:55. More now on the Michael Jackson verdict, and the question many are asking is where to now for the once invincible king of pop. Some are suggesting he might be back on stage sooner than we think. The Jackson verdict was big news around the world - like him or loathe him, people wanted to know. I didn't think he was to blame at all. I think he's just missed out on a childhood. I thought it's the biggest miscarriage of justice since OJ Simpson, and he's going to keep right on doing it. The way Michael sees it, the verdict is a momentous world event. His website comparing today's news with the fall of the Berlin Wall and the liberation of Nelson Mandela. It has been extraordinarily trying on him. His health has not good because of eating and sleeping problems. He's also got money problems - his debts have been estimated at more than $340 million, and there's speculation he might have to sell his beloved Neverland Ranch. And then there's the small problem of snatching back his crown as king of pop. It's debatable if someone looking as fragile as Michael did today is in the mindset to write a blockbuster album, but there are signs he's looking to get back into music, Possibly with a Jackson Five-style outfit with his family. I think that this has been such a bonding experience between all of his brothers and his sisters. If they will come together and go and perform with one another as they have talked about, I think the world is just in for a real treat. There are also rumours he's approached Bob Geldof about being a part of the LIVE 8 concerts. It could have a very positive effect on his career in that this is very, very different from the previous child abuse cases. In this case, a jury has found him not guilty. Angela Bishop, Ten News. Australians look set to get their tax cuts on time after all. The Democrats have joined the Greens and formally signalled they won't support any move to disallow the cuts in the Senate. That means Kim Beazley's stand against the cuts is doomed to fail. I never thought I'd say this but the Australian Labour Party make the Australian Greens look decisive... MEMBERS LAUGH ..and economically responsible, Mr Speaker. Yes, they do. The decision by the minor parties means the Treasurer's cuts can go ahead as scheduled from next month. Finance - and the Australian share market has opened the week on a firm note. Craig James at Commonwealth Securities - some good news for homebuyers. The Reserve Bank has given its clearest indication yet that interest rates are going nowhere in the next couple of months. The the next couple of months. The governor spoke today and said the economy is slower, although he says this is something not to be feared. He's comfortable with the situation. And home buyers not the only ones smiling? No, overseas travellers have reasons to grin, especially those going to the UK. It's good against the ro and the pound sterling. The US$, it hasn't moved too far, but it's still high. Tears on the red carpet - an emotional Nicole Kidman at the world premiere of her new movie 'Bewitched'. The actress was visibly teary and upset as she entered the media fray - avoiding interviewers on the carpet. Her publicist telling journalists Nicole was upset because her make-up artist had just died. One quick grab for the movie, proving she was in a reflective mood. I just hope it's good fun, I hope people laugh. We need some entertainment and some good laughs, so I hope that's what it provides, and a belief in love. But there was more to come - a photographer clearly upsetting Nicole further, prompting her to have some stern words. Shane Warne is expecting to be the butt of jibes from English crowds this summer thanks to his latest endorsement deal. But the spin king isn't worried by any hair-raising attacks. Not enough grass on the wicket - it's not normally a problem for spinners but enough for a self-confessed hairstyle enthusiast to take immediate action. Over the last couple of months, I've been undergoing laser therapy and I think you can see the results are pretty cool. Cool or uncool, Warne's sported some different dos during his 14-year reign as the world's number one spinner. I've had some pretty rude hairstyles over the years. I've also had some pretty good ones. While that's a matter of debate, Warne announced his new deal over video link from London, joining fellow hair replacement advocate Greg Matthews. Over a 12-month program, he'll undergo a series of treatments, certain to be the focus of English crowds in the upcoming Ashes series. The Barmy Army over here, I'm sure, will start singing some new songs about the hair. They've sung songs about everything else about me so the hair's probably the next step. Even former on-field foes unable to resist a cheap shot. Hey, this one's for you. Good on ya. Jokes aside, part of the treatment involves a series of tablets prompting Warne's management to have them cleared by Cricket Australia, just in case. The 2-year deal will see Warne pocket a handy 6-figure sum, but just what he's intending to do with his new locks is anybody's guess. I might have a little surprise for you in the first Test at Lord's. We'll wait and see. Luke Waters, Ten News. Tim Webster with sport - and are the Blues still pulling their hair out over Mark Gasnier? Well, they've been assessing his injury during the past hour. The latest from the ground shortly. Also - take that! How Australia was humiliated by the old enemy. And - look at this - what an obstacle course for aircraft racing.

This program is captioned live. A last chance tonight for Mark Gasnier to prove his fitness for Game II of Origin tomorrow night as the Blues wind up training. Rob Canning joins us live from Telstra Stadium, and, Rob, how's his groin coming along? They say quite well, but this session that thes currently completing is extremely important. night's match. They've sought their final session before tomorrow wonderful player. The Blues holding confident he'll play. He's a positive at the moment. I'm this regarding Gasnier. It looks questions from the media. He said seconds and would not field media a while ago, spoke for 74 find out. Ricky Stuart spoke to the the team does. How he fears, we'll also being asked to do exactly what He's being asked to run 100%. He's

the Broncos is facing premiership favourites The Tigers' most immediate priority towards these rep players. a bit of cash is striving to achieve, Hopefully that's what our club really top-line players. needs two or three that succeeds I think that every club of rep players to the club. It would be great to get a couple with the game's heavyweights. of being able to mix it they're a few calibre players short has reinforced the belief However, the current squad Keith Gallaway. and the bulk of Sharks rookie Dragons prop Luke Bailey The Tigers have targeted for quality. and, again, you're looking probably strengthen that area, and in two or three positions we can to the side, We still need to add some thrust to pay big bucks for muscle. and the club is prepared in the NRL, is their pack is the smallest for Wests Tigers today of the secretive team meeting One of the few things to come out two big forwards for 2006. The joint venture club is targeting in the player market. when they can spend some money awaiting the June 30 deadline The Wests Tigers are anxiously series. back from 1 had 0 down in the night. Only one Blues side as calm house at Telstra Stadium tomorrow to ransom. It will be a packed believe he should have held league Anasta is the weak link. I don't Hardman Greg Dowling says Braith refereing. Former Queensland of the Webb speculation and the From my point of view, I'm bored have come in and started a stink. restraint in game I. They should physical assault following the Origin graits are calling for a half-back to protect. Some former have pride to regain and a tender merits. The Blues' forward pack sure he'll treat the game on its helping your mates out, but I'm in. We don't knee clarification in concerned, if it's one in, it's all in ruling. As far as both sides are clarification about the third man

This is unbelievable! Oh, you're kidding me. The carnage - 7/8 in 20 balls. without scoring. Ponting and Symonds also out with a borrowed bat. A golden duck for Clarke for England. It was like a fielding drill Gough is on a hat-trick again. in the space of two balls from Gough. when Gilchrist and Hayden fell at the ground in trouble The chase for a record Twenty20 score there colliding with all that hair. Ponting would've come off worse for Ponting and Symonds. a near miss on the rope for the Aussies - It could've been a whole lot worse It's big - it's huge. It's six. There he goes again! with the day's biggest hits. Pieterson and Collingwood That's several, that's several. at the world champs. enjoying his first look Kevin Pieterson New one-day sensation England blasted 179 runs. Batting first at the Rose Bowl, Call yourself a pro! a forgettable day for the tourists. Michael Clarke's misfield part of COMMENTATOR: Have a bit of this. to gloat. but England's already starting before the one-day series, booster for the Aussies It was supposed to be a confidence bowled out for just 79 runs. thrashing in a Twenty20 match, The Aussies copped a 100-run has ended in disaster. England in the Ashes series Australia's first hit-out against Tony Peters, Ten News. from Origin. after a bit of tiredness the best time for us to meet them, As saying before, probably likely to take out the competition. they are looking the side most At this stage, three days after Origin II. All out for 79, the Aussies can regroup in one last tour match before the one-dayers begin on Saturday night. Tania Armstrong, Ten News. A warning now for white-knuckle flyers - these next pictures could bring on waves of air-sickness. It's the Rotterdam air race, where magnificent men make their flying machines do some pretty crazy things. Competitors taking on an obstacle course that includes a bridge and a series of blow-up gates that come off second best if the pilot makes a mistake. American flyer Mike Mangold winning the day, finishing three seconds ahead of his nearest rival. That's all for now in sport. Later on Sports Tonight with Ryan Phelan, the AFL tribunal, and Matthew Burke on the state of world rugby. Back to Vic Lorusso on the Mix traffic helicopter. It's still quiet? It is. We're over the city and we have rain falling, which is great news. If we're heading home on the roads, conditions could be slippery. That's traffic on the Harbour Bridge in reasonable time. Tim Bailey next on why the weather's drying up again.

This program is captioned live. Time for the weather details. Tim Bailey, a bone to pick - Vic Lorusso says it's raining over Sydney. You say it's going to be fine. I'd leave him alone and take it from me that we have fine and sunny conditions for the next few days. If I could deliver a weather photo like this, a rain cloud like this, to every farm in NSW, wouldn't that be a lovely thing to do? I wish that every farm had one of those just hang pg above it for the next week or so. We did get some good falls, particularly the follow-up rain in the last 24 hours. Gunnedah got 81mm since Wednesday, 67mm at Tamworth, Orange got 61, Morree got 35. Also, Bailey's birthday bulletin, Carly Riddle, 21 years old today. Happy birthday. I'm still upset I don't get a trip to Bali for your party. 19 degrees at your place tomorrow, regardless of where you live and sunny right across Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Satellite - cloud is being driven across SA, western Victoria by a deep low to the south bringing heavy showers. The weather map - a rain band across Queensland will shift north with falls easing. A low to the south will maintain cold wind and showers in Victoria, Tasmania and SA. Predicted precipitation - isolated showers and alpine snow across the southern NSW slopes and ranges, rain clting into Queensland. By Thursday, a cold front will cross the west coast of WA causing showers. Not a lot of rain in NSW after Thursday.

Temperatures down a little bit, 18, Temperatures down a little bit, 18, 19 degrees for the next few days, but no more rain for at least a week. Thanks for having me at your place. I know what a pain I can be. That's the 5:00 News. I'm Ron Wilson. And I'm Jessica Rowe. Sandra Sully will have the Late News after 'Rove'. Goodnight. Supertext Captions by the Australian Caption Centre.