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Bradley Manning awaiting trial -

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(generated from captions) thank you. Thank you very

much. It's the biggest

intelligence breach ever. Private Bradley Manning has

been in a US jail awaiting

trial since May last year

accusing of sending

classified documents to Wikileaks. He hasn't had the profile of Wikileaks founder

Julian Assange, but in America,

Private Manning has been described described by some as a here

error and others as traitor. Michael Brissenden reports this

weekend a military court will begin hearing his case. For 18

months now, Julian Assange has

been the face of the biggest

intelligence leak in history,

the frontman for a story that

changed the closed world of

diplomacy and some would endangered lives and compromised international

relationships as well. There

disclosure is about the truth. But it is alleged Julian

Assange's Wikileaks wouldn't

have been nearly as imfeign must it's become without one

other player in this saga who

so far has attract the far less

public attention. This weekend

all that's set to change. Put

into context, we had leaks

before, usually involves one

person, a stack of documents,

probably on one issue or one country. The leak happens.

There's impact overseas. But

you manage that impact because

it is very focused. This

involved everything, you know, every relationship in

United States had with every

country in the world. I think Bradley Manning is seen as

somebody who is being charged

with telling the truth F he's

guilty of what he's accused of,

he didn't sell the documents to

a foreign power, he didn't make

any profit from it, dent give

them to our enemy. He's guilty

of charged with is providing the documents to the the American people can know

what the truth is about US

foreign policy. Before his

arrest in May 2010, Private Bradley Manning this Bradley Manning this been just another junior intelligence

analyst. Since then, he's

become a cause celebre in some

areas. Kevin Zeese is a lawyer

with the Bradley Manning support network. He also

happens to be the organiser of

the occupy DC emcampment that

sits a few blocks from the

capital. In this something of a folk-hero.

Occupy Washington DC has a lot

of support for Bradley Manning.

We believe with a dem mock

advertised immediate yoo.. we support Bradley Manning and

want to see him get a fair trial. Bradley Manning case has attracted a considerable amount

of protest. No doubt his trial

will attract more. The preliminary hearing that starts

this weekend, will just be the

start of what's expected to be

a long trial process. Manning

is facing 22 charges that rest

on the chat logs of another cyber hacker. The precise moment at

which I felt that Bradley

Manning was doing was a danger

to national security and to the

lives of others was when he

characterised one of his leaks

as being in excess of a quarter of million State Department documents. Adrian Lamo doesn't

speak to the media much, but

earlier this year he did agree

to this skype interview with

the ABC's Four Corner's program. He says approached him online after

learning of their shared

interest in Wikileaks. I knew

for a fact, beyond a shadow of

a doubt, he could have vetted all of the

documents himself for safety.

It was simply being released in

bulk to an unauthorised third

party, a third party that had

an unknown agenda. It is clear

that Wikileaks revelations have

concerned concern and embarrass bar hasment at the heart of the

US political tis tem. Government's respondent hasn't

gone without criticism either.

For his first Puy few months in prison Manning

prison Manning was kept in solitary confinement for 23

hours a day. PJ Crowley was forced resign after labelling Manning's treatment in prison

ridiculous and stupid. I spoke out because I thought it was

important that we correct his important that we correct his

treatment not because of a

question was guilt of

innocence, but simply to remove

an issue that had coloured international reaction to this

case. Crowley is certainly no

defender of Bradley Manning.

In fact, although the

Government hasn't specifically said the Wikileaks revelations

have had fatal repercussions,

PJ Crowley is one who believes

they may have. It is a fact.

It is hard to separate, you

know. If somebody has been know. If somebody has been killed in a particular country is it because they were trying

to upset the status quo? Is it because they were talking to a

journalist, a US diplomat or something in between? can't separate the two. Certainly, people who are doing

things and putting themselves

at risk around the world have absolutely absolutely positively been

injured and killed in the past

year since these revelations

came out. The Bradley Manning

hearing will be conducted under

the tightest of security, only nine reporters will be allowed

into the court. There will be no telecommunications, no laptops, no cell phones and

certainly no cameras allowed to

be used a any time while the

court is in session. These might seen like previsions but they're standard

procedure for a US military

court. The supporters of

Bradley Manning say the

military court itself in this

case could be the biggest

impediment to justice. The jury, jury, the judge, the convening

officer are all under send

President Obama demand. A fair trial

trial is almost impossible. This is what leads

the Manning supporters to that

position. It is a badly recorded video but when asked directly about the Bradley

Manning case, President Obama

makes his views clear. Broke

the law. How you can be an

officer hoping to have a career

in the military and go against the commander in whof o chief

who pronounced this guy guilty. What will happen will

go forward before a judge and a

jury and whatever happens in

this trial will be subject to review and appeal. I have

every confidence that a

military justice system can

deliver justice. A a fair verdict. The Bradley Manning

supporters see this as a matter of freedom of and accountability. But some

have equated to the famous

Pentagon papers dealing with the Vietnam War that were leaked by Daniel Elsberg in the

1960s. Mr Elsberg himself is

one of those. I would say that Bradley Manning has shown a

willingness to give his life,

his freedom, a life of freedom,

for his country and you can't

be more patriotic than

that. Others see it as a cut

and dried case of criminal

conduct that continues to have far reaching implications. I

disagree with Daniel Elsberg in this case. this case. Pushing out this

volume of information has put

people, sources, processes at

risk and Bradley Manning stands