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Live. Holding std - the Reserve Bank keeps This Program is Captioned

Bank keeps the official cash

rate at 4.5%. Police tasers again under fire after another man dies in a confrontation with officers. The coalition's action man runs into flak for choosing Britain

ahead of our troops. And unlocking the unlocking the secrets of the

life. deep, the sensus on ocean wild

this is ABC News 24. Good life. Live across Australia,

evening. I'm Scott Bevan. The Reserve Bank has granted borrowers a reprieve, with a evening. surprise decision to surprise decision to leave

interest rates unchanged. shortlived. Today's decision

not to raise rates makes the prospect of a November rate

hike even more likely. Simon Palan reports. It wasn't what Palan reports. It

most economists had in Unchanged. Okay. Despite most economists had in mind.


interest rates may need to rise soon - decided soon - The Reserve Bank

much to the surprise of most economists and to the market. A

surprise to economists and a relief to mortgage holders and

our businesses. It accords with

our General view of the economy that business conditions, for example, are still very slow and very subdued. I and very subdued. I think will be heaving an enormous sigh of relief. The sigh of relief. The official cash rate remains at 4.5%, but

the Reserve Bank may not be

able to hold the interest rate

trigger for long, as it tries

to combat inflationary

pressures from the booming mining sector. The RBA

Governor says in a probability open very much that that they've decided not to put rates will go up. It's

them up today Attention now

turns to whether the retail

banks will lift their interest rates, despite today's RBA decision. justification, we believe, for rates,

the commercial banks to move cycle. Today's decision outside the official send the Australian dollar cycle. Today's decision helped

almost a full US cent lower. Simon Palan, ABC News. Police

are under pressure over the use

at the opposite ends of of tasers after two

country. In Sydney, a man has died overnight after died overnight

by a police taser and in Perth

the use of the weapon is under review after the release of

repeatedly tasered in a disturbing video of a man being

watchouse. Despite desperate

efforts by Sydney paramedic s, this man died after police shot him Officers were called this

Officers were called to a house

after reports of a sexual

influence of alcohol, who


knives. The officers have the taser, and the right thing. Their use of

compliance with procedure s,

they have been fully compliant

and done exactly what was

required of them. As I situation. Neighbours say they this was a life-threatening

heard loud screams. What I

heard was pretty horrid. It heard was pretty horrid.

was like somebody in an extreme

amount of pain, you know? Like somebody being tortured pretty police commissioner says

recordings taken by a recordings taken by a camera on

the taser back the use of the weapon. You'd probably be

having that as an option, it agreement with me the

may well be the case police officers would resort to the use of their firearms much

more often than they do. Do

you want to west, tasers are now under

review after a damning report

on their misuse and the release

Aboriginal man in a Perth of this video showing an

watchouse being tasered 13

times for refusing a strip search. It was Aboriginal man of a taser which could not be justified. An inquiry found tasers used for compliance and not just as an alternative to

pistols. These tasers being misused in situations pistols. These tasers are

being misused in situations on the street where the deployment is deployment

where it's becoming well known

that tasers kill. Four people

have been killed in Australia

after being shot after being shot by tasers since 2002. Australia's

political leaders are half a

opposition leader, Tony Abbott, world aware. Julia Gillard is

is visiting stage, a row has erupted when they're on the world

between the pair emerged that Mr Abbott

emerged that Mr Abbott declined

troops in Afghanistan with the Prime Minister. Europe

reports from

Julia Gillard travelled to

Afghanistan, she said she made it her first call as Prime

Minister out of respect for the

Australian troops and the

dangerous job they're asked to

do there. Tony Abbott was also

Afghanistan on his way to

Afghanistan Europe, but declined. He's in

Birmingham for the conservative Birmingham for the UK

I thought it was important to

do this trip justice didn't want to get do

didn't want to get here in an entirely jetlaged condition. So I'm in a position to make the most of this opportunity. Well, I'll let Mr Abbott work

out his own sleeping patterns.

For myself, obviously, as you

know, I went to know, I went to Afghanistan, then to Zurich, then came then to Zurich, then came here

and did manage to get eight day. Back home, prepared me for a very long

coalition's troops defended day. Back

their leader. This is low-rent

Julia Gillard is playing a politics from Julia Gillard.

very, very silly game on this.

Julia Gillard knows that Tony

Abbott has locked in a to go and visit the troops in Abbott has locked in a set date

Afghanistan. High on the Prime

Minister's list was NATO headquarters, where Minister's list was a visit to

Australia's commitment Australia's commitment to the war in Afghanistan was media reports about fighting, but you shouldn't fighting, but you shouldn't be

surprised. We have more soldiers, we are now attacking attacking Taliban stronghold s

in Kand har. Another handshake and another commitment,

time to a treaty with Europe that there's work to that there's work to be done. We very much support the idea We very important expression to the

relationship. This is

visit is all about, a gathering

of Asian and European of Asian and European leaders, an occasion of style. At the

opening dinner, the Prime

reforms she says will help protect against another global message the Prime Minister is

delivering to fellow leaders we must not forget the harsh

lessons of the global financial

crisis. We cannot business as usual. Australia has begun its gold crisis. collection at the Commonwealth

Games with success in the pool

and the

and the gymnastics hall. The Australians top the medal

tally, with eight overall, including five gold.

Australian officials,

meanwhile, have Games

organisers in their sights.

Michael Rowland reports. Well,

on day 3 of the Games there's

been a sting in the tail that opening ceremony that was widely lauded around the world

for its spectacular display for its spectacular display of Indian culture and music.

Apparently it turns out Apparently it turns out it was

a different story be low the stadium as athletes waited to take part. Australia's Chef de Mission Steve Moneghetti

for the way Australia's athletes were athletes were treated during

the opening ceremony. It was

with absolute disregard for athlete welfare and so far athlete

extreme that the athletes extreme that the athletes have lost confidence with the event organisers and it will organisers and it will impact on future Australian athlete

involvement at the opening ceremony. I cannot be any

stronger than that. Now, that's

a further headache

a further headache for the organising committee chairman,

who has been busy lauding the athletes village widely

criticised in these criticised in the lead-up to these Games. It is the best

games village anywhere, better

than the Beijing Games Olympics

village. This is not said by

me, it is being said CGAs coming from all around the Commonwealth.

this is a very good village.

Some people still have doubt,

they rang me up and said put us

in hotel first and go to the

it's all right. I said done.

I put them up in hotels and

then the next day, after they

then to stay in the hotel for the

next few days or go to next village?

they'll go to the village. As

of now, not one of now, not one person is staying in a hotel. They're

living the village. They are

saying it's so saying it's so good. All the facilities are there. It's

world class. But others involved in putting event, including the president

of the Commonwealth Games

federation, Mike Fennell, are urging caution on Sures shrks's part. The part.

sustain these standards right throughout the next throughout

until the closing ceremony. It's important, It's important, as they say in

America, it's not over until it's over. We've got to ensure that the standard of that the standard of haoigeen, the standard of cleanliness, transport and all the other

that features of each of features of each of the competition venues is

maintained at a very high

standard because judged by how judged by how this is maintained few days. Now, the focus switches back to the pool

tonight, with five gold medals

up for grabs. Emily Seebohm

has a chance at her first

being pipped at the post by

Jeff Huegel has finished second

fastest in the heats for the

butterfly semifinal, a serious

medal prospect after medal prospect after some time out of the pool. Eight militants, including German

nationals, have been killed in north Westpac Stan another suspected US drone strike. Intelligence officials

say the militants were killed

when two missiles were fired

from a pilotless US aircraft from a pilotless US aircraft in north Waziristan. television has been airing this

new video said to have been filmed Afghanistan.

appears to be an attack

helicopters on helicopters on 30 September, when three Pakistani soldiers

were killed and three were killed and three more

wounded. The Pakistan i government responded to the latest cross-border closing a key NATO supply

route. The United States is downplaying the impact of Pakistan's route. aware that the closure aware that the closure of this

one gate has had any material effect on our ability to

resupply our forces. It hasn't

been a been a problem But NATO, which has apologised for its incursion s into Pakistan, incursion s into Pakistan, is urging Islamabad to lift the convoys have

attack in recent days. Several

people died when blockade,

torched a fleet of oil tankers

stranded at a Islamabad. But the white house

is confident the issue will be

resolved soon. Obviously we are in discussion s and are in discussion s and working

with the government of with the government of Pakistan to address the concern s

relating to relating to the closure of the

border there. We believe we to producing some results on

that in the future. NATO those results come sooner

rather than later, as rather than later, as it continues its fight against

insurgents on the other side of the border. fear the mighty

basin will never be the Laos basin will never be the same.

Laos is planning to build Laos is planning to build the

first damn on the lower

mainstream of the river which

provides food and transport for

more than 60 million people. If it goes ahead, more dams

could be approved, risking a

centuries old way of life. The ABC's Zoe Daniel travelled 1300

kms along the Mekong and contributories to investigate.

Six-year-old and his father

fish every day. Here

northern Laos, life flows with the rhythym of the river.

TRANSLATION: The river is very important because for

myself I grew up relying on the river. For people living the Mekong in Laos, Cambodia, Thailand and Vietnam, fish Thailand and Vietnam, fish make

up 80% of their protein, the world's largest world's fishery and experts fishery and experts fear dams

will ruin it. Most of the

1200-odd Mekong fish species are migratory and fish

swim past dams It's a swim past dams It's a source of

hydro power and income. are

Laos, 55 dams on Laos, 55 dams on the mainstream and are and tributaries would the battery of Asia, generating

income from power sold We have no alternative of energy source. Already energy source. Already an that up to 30,000 people have

lost income and that lost income and food sources

due to the dam on a Mekong contributory in the country's

east. Relocated villagers have

new homes and power, but rice

and the river is far away. farming has all but

TRANSLATION: I'm concerned

because we used to live around

this area and rely on the natural resources for living. Now if we eat. Dam builders Now if we don't buy, we can't

governments are grappling with eat. Dam

the costs and benefits the costs and benefits of

development. will on the mainstream of the lower Mekong, potential turning point Mekong, potential

for the for those benefits are larger

another those destroyed by the dam s is those destroyed by the dam s

travelled 1300km down the another question. Having

Mekong and alongside it, it's clear that there's an irec on

silable conflict between and the potential environmental

impact on this great You can see more of Zoe's impact on this great river.

story about the Mekong on Foreign Correspondent tonight

at 8 on ABC 1. It's being described at 8 on ABC 1.

described as the most described as the most comprehensive study ever conducted on ocean wild life,

the sensus of marine life took

10 years to compile 10 years to compile and brings

together data from hundreds of research world. It estimates that 80% of species in Australian waters are yet to be identified. When

the sensus started a decade

ago, scientists were divided there. They discovered 6,000

new ones and formally described 1200, but they think there

could be four more for every

one they know about. We've

are probably 250,000 known learned a lot. We think

species in the

think there are a million or

more in total, that doesn't

include the microbes The

more project involved 2700

They were looking for evidence

of climate change, human increasing aSydneyty. We want to monitor and evaluate to monitor and evaluate the effects

effects of these and other

activities. We can't do any of

these in the absence of

baselines. They found baselines. They found good news and bad. Rediscovering off and bad. Rediscovering off the

coast of Australia a shrimp believed extinct for 50 million

years. On the downside, have been lost to overfishing years. On the downside, 90%

protection laws. So that we can make fundamental and major

comments about ocean life past and ocean life present and we

can now use that knowledge to forecast better forecasts about

ocean life into the technique called technique called DNA barcoding

to identify species from a

fragment of bone or a single

scale. Clearly we very much have undersampled the diversity

of the oceans. We have a lot

counting and cataloguing.

They've began They've began to plum the profound interconnectedness of

all things. Australian-led

mechanism in which the brain research has uncovered

can learn. Scientists say the so-called second learning system may help system may help people with

They say behavioural brain damage or amZ I amor's.

They say behavioural therapies

or drugs may be developed to switch on and utilise the mechanism. Almost a million previously unknown memory

Australians are expected to

have dementia by 2050. Now a

discovery by a team of

Australian and American

scientists may lead to might be able to access this

second memory system second

impaired When a part of the main memory

brain is


Alzheimer's or brain injury,

sufferers not only lose the

skills to carry out memories but the thinking

memories but

tasks. Scientists discovered an exciting finding there's a pathway for learning. It's

second switch that can be activated in circumstances to bring about activated in certain

the formation of

memory. Researchers say this

second pathway may enable people to relearn how to think.

second learning event somewhat It's switched on during a It's switched on

similar to a first, second

for the development of drugs nevertheless

cognitive therapies to help for the development of drugs or

cognitive people enhance their

memory and researchers say it may revolutionise may classroom. Teachers in the cognitive tools cognitive children tap and new learning capabilities. children tap into extra memory

To sport now. Amanda, it's

To sport cricket. A Aussies didn't there. India has won a Aussies didn't manage to get

tension-packed first

to go one up in the two-match to serieses. India lost

wicket 92 runs short,

required total. India won by

just one wicket. Victory for just one wicket. Victory

either side was difficult predict as day either side was difficult to

predict as day four ebbed and flowed. The tourists were

cruising towards tea before

Harbhajan Singh struck twice. Soon after the interval, Australia slumped into deeper

trouble. Can cleaned up the

tail. Australia had lost the seven wickets for 54 runs, to

have a lead of 215. The

umpires made poor calls in the test. Indian open er might consider the worst to be his LBW dismissal to Ben

Hilfenhaus. Oh, my God, that

is a huge inside edge. In

lost three more wickets. Tim

Pain and Doug Pain and Doug Bollinger

combined. Ben Hilfenhaus combined. Ben Hilfenhaus ended

the day by having the dangerous Say wag. And raoina caught. At 4/55, At 4/55, India was on the ropes. Sachin Tendulkar had other ideas, going after

bowling with aggression. Nightwatchman Kahn went, but

tepd tend and laksman took a

liking to the spinner Nathan

Hauritz. Bollinger came back into the attack, snaring Sachin

Tendulkar for 38 and turned the session back in Australia's favour. Ben Hilfenhaus threw accurately to find accurately

ground and Harbhajan Singh left

cheaply. But laksman had

resolve to keep India in the

match at lunch and beyond. match at lunch and beyond. He

reached 50 and a stand with Ishant Sharma. The

unlikely partnership pushed

India towards a famous India European captain Colin Montgomerie called it Montgomerie called it his greatest moment greatest moment in golf after his team completed a thrilling one-point win over the United

States in the Ryder Cup.

Trailing by 3 going into the 12

singles matches, they fought

back. Tiger Woods was inspirational with his eagle at

the 12th. US Open champion

Graeme McDowell clinched the victory by winning his against world number 16. At the Commonwealth Games,

Australian cyclist Anna maoers has won the time trial for the

first gold at the She set a new Games record and

was just outside the world record with a time of 33.758

seconds. McCulloch won silver,

while Becky James claimed

bronze. In AFL news,

Collingwood is standing by sexual assault claims made over

the weekend. The duo has the weekend. The duo has been questioned by police questioned

incident allegedly happened on Sunday morning at a south Melbourne apartment near Melbourne apartment near the

nightclub where players were celebrating their celebrating their premiership victory. They say the victory. They say the two

players deny wrongdoing and the

pair can't be named for legal

reasons. The one dread you

have as a football coach is the

Monday morning call because it's never good news. When

there are commentaries made in

the immediate ca, what always happens

assumption whatever is the

allegation is true and correct

and that someone has behaved in

an inappropriate manner.

this point in time they're only allegations. That was

Collingwood's lawyer there.

Lucas Neil is out of Saturday's friendly a groin injury he sustained

playing for the turbish side. He's remained in the rest of the squad has gathered in Sydney for the match. Schwarzer and Kewell are among the key overseas based players in the squad. match. coach. Biding

there. I think I spoke with him and it's going to take

time. You know, I'm sure I'll

be a big part this season.

It's just a matter of learning

the way he wants to play and I

look forward to it. And in rugby league news, the Parramatta Eales are expected

to confirm Kahn Kahn new head coach, that will be tomorrow, Scott He's been

announced as the Kiwis coach, little while. He's announced

the squad today ahead of the

four nations later this month. That will be a good

series. Thanks, Amanda. Let's

look at how the markets performed, local shares recovered from earlier

recovered from earlier losses after the Reserve Bank decided

to keep interest rates on hold.

The All Ords still closed down

zero point four percent. zero point four percent. The Aussie dollar fell almost 1

cent to just under 96 US cents following elsewhere in elsewhere in the region, Japan's 1.5%. If the frog bounces

back, then so will the back, then so will the entire Murray Darling ecosystem.

That's the view of scientists the ecosystem can That's the

that floodwaters are filtering through the river basin.

Environment reporter Environment reporter Sarah Clarke travelled to the

Macquarie marshes in north-western New South Wales

lifeless, the Macquarie marshes

are buzzing with activity.

There's a fantastic spring at the moment and it's created great habitat for the

frogs It's the frogs It's the frog that Joe and a team of scientists

keeping an eye on. See if I can find tad poles They're studying how long the frogs to respond to the

flows and so far a third are showing strong signs. showing strong signs. We're

talking about pretty incredible numbers here and it feels numbers here and it feels like there's frogs in every clump of

bush, just calling away. When

nightfalls, the Using tracking devices, they can identify shelter and how shelter and how far they

travel. Local landholders travel. welcomed the welcomed the scientists' arrival and are thriving on the

new knowledge. She's here for four months, so four months, so she's seeing the cold weather, the hot weather, the storms, the frogs that are appearing from inundation and the ones inundation and the ones that are digging up out of the

ground on a hot summer's night.

We reckon that's great. The We reckon that's great. The key to the research long term is how to best manage the water released in the form to environmental flows so it environmental flows so it can get to those areas where it

will deliver the best results are responding, so too is the rest of the ecosystem. Frogs are integral, really important

to the ecosystems. There's to they're providing into the

system. And the system is clearly flourishing as

floodwater s filleder in. Great pictures. One of the fathers of test tube baby

technology has won the Nobel

Prize for medicine. Dr Prize for medicine. Dr Robert

Edwards and medical partner

pregnancy three decades three

Brown made global headlines

when she was born in when she was born in 1978. She's delighted

Edwards, who she says has been

more than a doctor to her.

was so very pleased and

obviously it can come -- it can

come at a come at a better time, I know

he's not well at the moment IVF


the birth of more than 4

million children. While some

Games, there's another international contest

attracting attention. The pig

Olympics have been taking place in the Russian capital, The marquee event is a short distance sprint known as the

piggy dash and three-month old Russian who brought home the bacon, who brought home the bacon, so

to speak, to squeals of delight

from the home crowd. But gold medals were far to

of the pigs. The more interested in what was

inside the trophy. That is the news for now. Stay with us for

the 7.30 report with Kerry

O'Brien. Don't forget, you can log on to the website at any

time. That address is: I'm Scott Bevan. Scott company. Closed Captions by

As a non-lethal

alternative to handguns. But

the death of a man after a

confrontation with NSW police

overnight along with the release of a shock ing video

showing footage of another man

being re repeatedly tasered

have set off a nation-wide

debate. Should the guidelines for taser use be urgently reviewed. This report from Matt Peacock contains some images some viers may some viers may find disturbing. It represents a

fairly casual almost Cavalier

approach to using what is a lethal #we7on. Weapon.