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This program is captioned live. Another wave of rocket attacks passes 100. as the civilian death toll a long-term hint from the top. Prime ministerial futures - about the long term, I mean, once you stop thinking

stumps. well, that is time to pull up their critics - And the Wallabies stun and the Springboks.

Deborah Rice with ABC News. Good evening. has made an emotional appeal Lebanon's Prime Minister bombardment of his country. for an end to the widening Israeli four days ago The offensive was triggered from within Lebanon when Hezbollah militants and kidnapped two others. killed eight Israeli soldiers at Israel's fierce response, But international alarm is growing in Lebanon - which has killed 104 people all but four of them civilians. from Hezbollah The answering rocket fire has killed 13 Israelis, on both sides. hundreds have been injured In the latest exchanges, deeper into Israel than ever, Hezbollah rockets have reached striking the port city of Haifa

of Tiberias and Meron. and the northern towns to all parts of Lebanon, But Israel's barrage has extended of Beirut and Tripoli hitting the major cities communities along the Syrian border. and for the first time, was near the Israeli border at Tyre, The worst attack, though, 15 of them children, where 18 people were incinerated, in a minibus. as they fled the bombardment And a warning - Middle East correspondent, this report from the ABC's Matt Brown, inside Lebanon, contains disturbing images. on Lebanon, Four days into the Israeli attack the biggest death toll one air strike caused in the conflict. of any single incident A makeshift morgue was set up, to identify the bodies. where desperate relatives gathered their village Civilians had been fleeing

outside the southern city of Tyre, from the Israeli military. after hearing loudspeaker warnings and a van caught fire. Their convoy was hit most of them children, At least 18 people, were killed in the inferno. appealed for international help. The Lebanese Prime Minister has (Speaks Arabic) and brothers in the world TRANSLATION: We call on our friends to rush to our aid, to stop its aggression, either through pressuring Israel or offering humanitarian support. EXPLOSIONS at Hezbollah's headquarters In south Beirut, Israel struck for a third day in a row. Hezbollah stronghold in south Beirut Israel's been pounding this all afternoon. here in the past half hour, At least a dozen bombs have gone off than bombs, but it is going to take much more to change Hezbollah's course. behind south Beirut, At this school in the hills for emergency accomodation. foam mattresses are being delivered many of them Hezbollah supporters, People from south Lebanon, are here taking refuge. stayed behind, Most of the men appear to have perhaps to fight. (Speaks Arabic) our territory, "The Israelis want to take this woman says. "they want to force us out," and then we ran away." "They killed our neighbours Despite the assault on Lebanon, its assault on Israeli civilians Hezbollah has managed to sustain into Israeli territory. and strike even deeper In the northern port city of Haifa, attack since the crisis began. Israel suffered its most lethal during the morning peak-hour. At least 10 Hezbollah rockets hit At least nine Israelis were killed. Throughout the Lebanon operation, on its southern frontier Israel has continued its offensive in the Gaza Strip. the northern part Tanks have re-entered of the Palestinian territory and air strikes have continued to free a soldier, as Israel tries to force militants kidnapped three weeks ago. Matt Brown, ABC News, Beirut. the Middle East peace process dead, The Arab League has declared United Nations Security Council saying only the authority of the Israel and the Hezbollah militants. can bring about a cease-fire between ringing loudly at the G8 meeting Calls for restraint were also in Russia, is still saying but the United States directly with Israel. it won't intercede

Some of the loudest criticism in Gaza and Lebanon of Israel's actions including host Vladimir Putin. has come from G8 leaders, and his Russian counterpart Once again, the US President their policy differences, had to put aside their personal friendship. while expressing resurfaced. But the disagreements soon The best way to stop the violence its arms and just stop attacking. is for Hezbollah to lay down by the French and Italian leaders, Mr Putin echoed statements disproportionate force. that Israel is exercising The use of force should be balanced. in our opinion, This escalation of violence, will not yield positive results. when President Bush suggested There was also a pointed reaction democracy in the Middle East American efforts to promote

for Russia. might serve as an example to have the same kind of democracy We certainly would not want as they have in Iraq. I will tell you quite honestly. LAUGHTER for levity There was little opportunity the crisis in the Middle East. as the Arab League discussed The peace process has failed. We cannot guarantee, if the situation continues as it is, go into flames. that the whole region also divided, The leaders of the Arab world were with some of them - notably, Saudi Arabia - and its backers. critical of Hezbollah should demand a cease-fire, They did agree that the UN a Security Council veto - but so far, the US - which has Israel how to defend itself. has indicated it won't be telling Jonathan Flynn, ABC News. other Western countries Australia is joining

a massive logistical challenge - in preparing for what will be

of their citizens from Lebanon. evacuating tens of thousands The Prime Minister, John Howard, says with air and land routes blocked, Canberra is looking to move Australians out by sea. It took three days - an overland trek to Damascus and a stop in Bahrain.

But Rosemary Haddad, her husband, and three children made it out of Lebanon on their own, without any help from a deluged Australian embassy.

I couldn't get through. Couldn't get through at all.

Couldn't get through. Israeli shelling has closed Lebanon's only international airport. Motorways linking the country with Syria have also been targeted. The Haddads crossed the border just in time. It was pretty scary - like, we just left the border and all we hear on the news next minute - it got blown up. As the bombs keep falling, Australia and other countries are preparing for massive evacuations of their citizens. The US is considering using heavy-lift military helicopters

to carry Americans to Cyprus. Britain has dispatched an aircraft carrier and an assault ship. France is sending a ferry and the Australian Government says it's considering something similar. The most likely way of evacuation on my advice is by ferry to Cyprus. And we are actively exploring all the possibilities in relation to that. There are an estimated 25,000 Australian citizens in Lebanon, many with dual nationality. It's not clear how many want to leave. For those like Joseph Hadchiti, who have made it home, there is relief. But many have also left family behind. REPORTER: Well, I understand you've got a daughter back there.

Yeah. You quite worried about her?

Too much. (Cries) OK, c',mon, daddy. OK, thank you. Thanks, guys. Lebanon's pain is being felt in communities like this, all around the world. Norman Hermant, ABC News. The United Nations Security Council has voted unanimously to impose sanctions on North Korea over its missile program. The United States and China reached a compromise on the wording of the resolution, which will prevent North Korea from importing any materials which could be used in its weapons program. Pyongyang rejected demands that it suspend its missile development. The Korean People's Army will go on with missile launch exercises as part of its efforts to bolster deterrent for self-defence in the future too. The United States expressed its exasperation with the North Korean response. I could exercise the right of reply on behalf of the United States. But on the other hand, why bother? North Korea launched seven test missiles on 5 July, prompting widespread condemnation for increasing military tension in the region. John Howard has dropped a series of fresh hints that he plans to stay on to fight the next election, and it seems voters want to see him, and not Peter Costello, in the driving seat. A poll in tomorrow's 'Sydney Morning Herald' and Melbourne 'Age' newspapers will show people prefer the Prime Minister over the Treasurer, even though they don't believe Mr Howard's account of the 1994 liberal leadership meeting.

John Howard may be just 10 days from his 67th birthday, but retirement sounds like the last thing on his mind. Once you stop thinking about the long term, well, that is time to pull up stumps. I'm always thinking about the long term, that is my responsibility. Tomorrow, the PM will bat on promoting his energy and water agendas. Once again, Mr Howard did not deny having told Peter Costello back in 1994 that he wanted only 1.5 terms at the top, explaining their differences this way. It's often that in good faith, people take different interpretations

out of a whole series of conversations. But, according to a poll in tomorrow's 'Sydney Morning Herald' and 'Melbourne Age' newspapers, more people believe the Treasurer's account. What's important now though, says the PM, is what Liberal MPs and senators want. Their strong preference is for each of us to remain in our current positions.

Peter Costello has frequently said that for him, the best interests of the Liberal Party are paramount. Now John Howard is trying to hold him to that standard

as are the PM's supporters, like Tony Abbott who says the Treasurer must put the Party first. It's not in the national interest to have an ongoing bunfight at the top of the Government. And I think the party is very, very keen to have Peter stay on as John Howard's number two. Mr Howard readily acknowledges his spat with Mr Costello has been damaging. And I think we'll take a hit in the polls that are coming out next week. He's right, but tomorrow's poll will also show the voters still clearly prefer him to the Treasurer. Jim Middleton, ABC News, Canberra. Federal Sex Discrimination Commissioner Pru Goward is moving to enter State politics. The former ABC journalist will stand for pre-selection in the safe Liberal seat of Epping in Sydney's north-west. Ms Goward's main rival is expected to be the State Deputy Director of Public Prosecutions and former anti-abortion campaigner Greg Smith,

who's yet to nominate. The Opposition Leader, Peter Debnam, refused to be drawn on the prospect of a factional brawl between the Party's hard right

and the more moderate Goward supporters. We'll have a Melbourne Cup field of very good candidates. I understand Pru has nominated - I welcome that. Nominations close in a week so everybody's still got time to put their nominations in and then our process will choose the best candidate. A preselection battle is looming for the Government as well, with Tourism Minister Sandra Nori deciding not to contest the next election. Ending a career spanning 19 years. A former Democrats official says a policy row in South Australia could see the Party wiped out at the next Federal election. It started with a State parliamentarian making comments about drug use and is now becoming a national issue. Democrats National President Richard Pascoe had been in the job less than a month when he resigned last week, disgusted with negative publicity generated

by the party's sole South Australian MP, Sandra Kanck. In May Ms Kanck told Parliament the drug ecstasy isn't dangerous and that pure MDMA could treat Eyre Peninsula bushfire victims with post-traumatic stress. More headlines followed when the MP attended a rave party, declaring it safer than a hotel front bar.

Party leader Lynn Allison today publicly backed Ms Kanck and hit out at the media. The reaction in South Australia was quite an hysterical one that is typical, I might say, of the media really capitalising on the fear that parents have about young people and drugs. asking Ms Kanck And despite the party last week to not comment on ecstasy, her position on the drug. she today tried to clarify to properly assess its effects, But what I'm saying is we need legal drugs good, illegal drugs bad. rather than just saying The former federal director says show why the party is in decline. the comments by both leaders again on this policy Going down this line putting lipstick on a pig. is really like no matter what you do to it. It's still a bad policy was forced Mr Pascoe says his resignation not to criticise Ms Kanck by Senator Allison telling him impact of her comments among voters. and the party failed to grasp the that the sun will come up tomorrow, I think there's probably a view it's raining outside but unfortunately for tomorrow as well. and I think rain's forecast are on track for a near wipe-out Mr Pascoe says the Democrats at next year's federal election. Jayne Stinson, ABC News, Adelaide. has been closed to water traffic Sydney's Parramatta River pollution incident. because of a major discovery of a mysterious substance Authorities are investigating the along the river at Olympic Park. that stretches for two kilometres the river was closed Ferries were shut down and attempted a clean up. as the fire brigade congeals into a rubbery appearance We found a white substance that exactly what the substance is, but at this stage we don't know toxic and it's not flammable but we have ascertained it's not at the moment. scoop the substance out by hand Authorities had to moving further downstream. and rope off the area to stop it whoever's responsible. Police will be looking to prosecute until the clean-up is complete. Sydney Ferries have been suspended tomorrow morning. The situation will be reassessed Macquarie Island Australia's heritage-listed threat. is facing a major environmental is in the grip of a rabbit plague The Southern Ocean island the pristine landscape. and it's threatening Antarctic researchers fear may be irreversibly damaged the environment is approved. before an eradication program it's estimated 150,000 rabbits In the late 1970s fragile sub-Antarctic plants. were grazing on Macquarie Island's culled them to about 10,000. The Myxomatosis virus the eradication of cats, But in recent years, warmer seasons, as a control measure and the loss of Myxomatosis has allowed them to breed up again. at the moment, There's nothing stopping them

who knows and loves Macquarie Island it's a situation which everyone is feeling quite desperate about. aesthetic features Macquarie Island's it's been World Heritage listed. are among the reasons it offers endangered species, Another is for the habitats by the rabbits. which are being compromised on the small burrowing petrels There's severe effects on the four albatross species. and also potentially severe effects who are beginning to visit And the well-heeled tourists are confronted by the damage. up the board walk - The vegetation when they go it's just quite shocking, quite distressed by it. and people get really part of the solution. But they may be for a philanthropic contribution There's probably a chance to a program of this nature. program has been developed. A $10-million aerial baiting We do it in the winter months, to be on Macquarie Island, not a great time the non-target species, but that's when other animals aren't on the island a lot of the birds and some of the it might have on the native fauna. so that we can minimise any impact the Environment Minister's desk It's sitting on are just going really quickly and meanwhile these slopes a nature reserve, and as a World Heritage area, it's really pulls at you. Paula Wriedt says The State Environment Minister, and funding is being negotiated. the plan is yet to be finalised Catherine Akers, ABC News, Hobart. Tonight's top story - now been killed in rocket attacks more than 100 civilians have on Lebanon and Israel. And still to come - in the NRL. an afternoon of thrillers from their Tri-Nations loss The Wallabies have rebounded to New Zealand, over South Africa. with a record-breaking win the Wallabies can still improve, Coach John Connolly says 49-0 victory even beyond their stunning over the Springboks. Stephen Larkham From the moment long-time tormentor of his Test career, snapped only the second field goal

for a miserable night. the Springboks were in redeemed itself, The much-maligned Australian pack driving over for the first try.

in the defence, Larkham then created havoc through, slicing and stepping his way Greg Holmes before try-scoring machine finished off the good work. COMMENTATOR: Oh yes, Holmes! Down 20-0, the shell-shocked South Africans resorted to dirty tactics. Giving Stirling Mortlock a facial massage, and using a professional foul to spoil another raid. With Victor Matfield yellow carded, the Wallabies pounced. Matt Giteau ran the perfect angle through some fractured defence and the home side basked in a 30-0 half-time scoreline. Giteau - the $6 million man! The Australian defence survived its toughest test after half-time as South Africa finally gained some possession but the Wallabies countered, with the back three swinging into action - for a fourth try and a bonus point. Lote Tuqiri feeding Chris Latham Two more tries broke every record Australian/South African rugby. in 85 years of to his forwards. The skipper was quick to pay tribute

They laid the foundation express themselves for the backs to sort of and get a bit of go-forward. and get a bit of space

and left struggling for answers. A proud rugby nation was humbled after you've lost like that. There's nothing you can say I mean, there's no pretty picture. I thought they played well. All credit to them, While delighted by the win, the Wallabies coach knows with the All Blacks the Brisbane re-match will be a tougher test. don't give you very much One thing - the All Blacks

they'll nail you to the wall, and if you give them a bit, so it's a fair challenge. There was more sobering news and vice-captain Dan Vickerman with line-out specialist with an injured shoulder. in doubt for the All Blacks Ian Eckersley, ABC News, Brisbane. on the premiership ladder Melbourne has increased its lead to six points, by winning in Newcastle for only the second time since entering the competition. The Sea Eagles and Panthers won overnight. In three tight games today - the Roosters outlasted the Sharks,

the Raiders won in extra time, and the Storm continued the Knights' poor recent run. Having sunk in seven weeks from the top to eighth on the ladder, the Knights started brightly against the competition leaders. COMMENTATOR: For the corner! Storm hooker Cameron Smith was pinpoint with his grubber kick for Slater. Fleet-footed Brian Carney narrowed the half-time margin to two. Matt Geyer looked to have increased Melbourne's advantage - the video referee called 'no try' because of an obstruction. Jeremy Smith's surging run looked likely to shake off the Knights' challenge ... He's still going! ..but when Anthony Quinn crossed for his second and Johns converted from the sideline, there were again two points in it. With Newcastle attacking, Slater let the ball bounce and conceded a line drop-out, but the Knights were unable to sustain their assault and Ryan Hoffman came up with the match-winner to keep the Storm six points clear on the table. And Melbourne will win! The Tigers and Raiders cancelled each other out with two tries apiece in the first half, as 12-0 to the premiers became 12-12. And a converted try each in the second half set up golden-point time. The Tigers might have won it with one, but the opportunity fell via a penalty for stripping the ball.

Clinton Schifcofske did the honours. He's kicked the winning goal! It took 45 minutes for the Panthers or Cowboys to produce a try. The Cowboys gave themselves a chance for just their third win in 10 games. And they'll score here, the Cowboys. Rhys Wesser's weaving effort for his 11th try this season put Penrith back in front, but Joel Clinton's brilliant covering tackle on Williams

was pivotal in securing the two points. And Matt Orford's kicking game gave Manly the edge against the Rabbitohs. Here's an opportunity to hit back. Souths fans will wonder how David Peachey gave up this try midway through the second half. And they may be in disbelief over Ben Walker's decision to kick,

only to find touch with the game in the balance. Manly's main concern after the 6-point win - two cork thighs troubling captain Ben Kennedy. The top four have skipped two games ahead, while two competition points separate fifth from tenth.

John Hayes Bell, ABC News. After being in front for most of the game, the Sydney Swans have lost a thrilling grand final rematch against West Coast in Perth. Sydney went down by two points, Brisbane had a 1-point win, Fremantle upset Collingwood,

Geelong beat Port Adelaide and the Western Bulldogs accounted for Carlton. The West Coast-Swans game was sold out 10 days in advance, with Eagles fans hungry for revenge after last year's grand final. But it shaped as a miserable night for most of the 40,000-strong crowd as the Swans dominated the first half. COMMENTATOR: And he did all the right things. With Barry Hall back in goal-kicking form, Sydney went to the first break with a 20-point lead. This'll really sting the Eagles. Wow, what a reply from Adam Goodes! By the end of the second term, the Swans were out by a commanding 32 points. Oh, the Eagles on half-time are in massive, massive trouble. But this season, West Coast has been the master of the fightback. Oh, somehow he has found a way! Both teams were fearless in their attack on the ball. Gee, that is a sickening blow. A concussed Paul Bevan took no further part, as the Eagles kept edging closer. Soccered off the ground by Waters! In the 29th minute of the final term, the Swans defence was under siege and the goal umpire had to make a crucial call. Eagles in front for the first time tonight! Craig Bolton's desperate lunge was denied and Jude Bolton missed at the other end. West Coast hanging on for a 2-point win, continuing a run of close games between the clubs. I s'pose on a positive we played particularly well and it could have gone either way - a bit like the last couple of games we've played against them. The loss leaves the Swans 7th on the ladder. Duncan Huntsdale, ABC News. Spaniard Oscar Pereiro has claimed the leader's yellow jersey at the Tour de France, after finishing second in the 13th stage. In scorching heat on the longest stage of the tour, Pereiro was part of a 5-man breakaway which built up a lead of almost half an hour on the main group. German Jens Voight outsprinted Pereiro at the finish to claim the stage win. Australia's Robbie McEwen was sixth and leads the sprinter's category,

while compatriot Cadel Evans is 5th in the overall standings. Mark Philippoussis's troubled career could be taking a positive turn -

he's made his first tour final since 2003. The big-serving Australian was handed a wildcard for the Hall of Fame event. He dropped the first set against Austria's Yurgen Melzer, but some clean hitting gave Philippoussis the second. In a tight match it was the Austrian who lost his cool, serve while the trademark Philippoussis against American Justin Gimelstob. secured him a berth in the final It appears that global warming

more severe droughts, may not only be causing exacerbating global warming. but the droughts could be that drought-affected forests Australian scientists have found as efficiently as they would don't absorb carbon dioxide under normal climatic conditions. are left in the atmosphere. And that means more greenhouse gases in the Australian alps, Battling freezing temperatures days in their outdoor laboratory, these scientists are spending their

to absorb carbon dioxide. testing the trees and their ability is annually soaking up This ecosystem

per year, six or seven tonnes of carbon

important service so that's an incredibly that these trees are doing for us. the carbon levels are measured Every hour, and at different temperatures, at different heights above and below the canopy. the most recent drought They've found has put the trees under stress, to do their job. limiting their ability that we've had During the drought in the '02-'03 period, actually became a source of CO2 for a period of time this forest for a few months rather than a sink

that the forest was under. as a result of the stress remain in the atmosphere. That means more carbon emissions pretty obvious if that is the case, And the consequences of these are

and climate change and that is global warming than we're currently predicting. will proceed at a much faster pace around Australia This is one of several sites doing this work. that different plants The research has found of carbon. can absorb different levels by how much The key now is to establish it can moderate climate change. about a quarter of the emissions Globally, forests can mop up in the atmosphere. become more common, If longer and hotter droughts

of forests they'll reduce the capacity by at least 20%. to soak up the world's pollution Sarah Clarke, ABC News, Tumbarumba. at the weather. Now, let's take a look the city hit 19 degrees - In Sydney today that was 2 above the average. in the western suburbs. It was a little cooler it was mostly dry - In the north-east, of 24 degrees the State's top temperature and Murwillumbah. was shared by Evans Head In the south-east - on the coast there were some heavy rainfalls and scattered light showers inland. Perisher Valley and Thredbo in the Snowy Mountains shared the State's overnight minimum of -1. In the western half of the State there were also some light showers. In the 24 hours to 9:00 this morning the top rainfall was 54mm at Port Macquarie on the mid North Coast. In the six hours to 3:00 this afternoon - the best was 24mm at Merimbula on the South Coast. In the capital cities today - Canberra and Adelaide were wet, but it was fine elsewhere. The satellite picture shows cloud circulating over NSW. Skies are mostly clear north of the Central Coast as the air dries out over the ranges, onto the south coast but thick cloud is being pushed by onshore winds. On the synoptic chart - will move slowly into the Tasman the low over southern NSW across the south-east of the State, and direct strong southerly winds over inland NSW. with lighter southerlies So the rain tomorrow - across south-east NSW those southerly winds bringing rain and eastern Victoria over the inland. and carrying some showers Snow on the higher alps. Around the nation tomorrow - dry in Brisbane, sunshine in Perth and Darwin and wet in the other capitals. For New South Wales tomorrow - cool to mild in the north-east, and on the Hunter coast. with scattered light showers inland In the south-east - in the far south. scattered showers tending to rain coastal waters south of Ulladulla There's a strong wind warning for for Monday. Inland - and a cool day. more showers as well In Sydney tomorrow - cloudy periods, of a shower but fine apart from the chance or the evening. late in the afternoon and a top of 19. Light to moderate NW to SW winds

for Sydney - And the further outlook Wednesday and Thursday, a few showers on Tuesday, then fining up during Friday. a recap of tonight's top stories. And before we go,

International alarm is growing of Lebanon, at Israel's widening bombardment which has killed 104 people. 13 Israelis Hezbollah militants have killed on both sides. and hundreds have been injured blocked out to Lebanon, With air and land routes is examining the logistics the Prime Minister says Canberra

of Australian citizens by sea. of evacuating thousands a series of hints And John Howard has dropped to fight the next election. that he plans to stay on That's the news to this minute. bulletin just after 8:20. I'll be back with the mid-evening

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