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the latest from the Middle East. First, Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert campaign against Hezbollah and Hamas has vowed to continue the punishing is facing a moment of truth. saying Israel passes 200, As the death toll in Lebanon has slammed into Israel. a new wave of Hezbollah rockets

again and again. Israel's enemy is finding its targets At 2:30 in the afternoon hit this apartment block Hezbollah rockets in a Haifa neighbourhood. now feels very vulnerable. Israel's third city

into Lebanon. The army continues to fire

until Hezbollah is beaten. It promises to carry on has fired another volley of rockets But tonight the Lebanese militia towards northern Israel, injuring several people. Southern Lebanon is being punished. we found this factory burning. This morning

All it made was paper tissues. But the Israelis destroyed it. The coast road was eerily empty. In the distance shelling. it was too dangerous to go further. Local residents told us But on the mountain road were beginning to stream north hundreds of vehicles

fleeing the Israeli bombardment.

Cars crowded with families. When they paused on the journey is doing to families. you glimpsed what this conflict

are running from - This is what people of an Israeli missile strike the aftermath of Tyre. in the centre of the port city

Buildings destroyed. people still trapped after one attack There are said to be

can't make it through. but the rescue equipment of Australians At least three busloads from Lebanon into Syria. have made it safely over the border

are still trying to escape. But thousands more foreign nationals are intensifying efforts Western governments of moving them out of harm's way. to find some way Israel says it may provide windows citizens away from the violence. for foreign governments to move their

out of Lebanon, While many are trying land routes

in helicopters or ships. others are still putting their faith reverted to some colourful language American President George W. Bush the Middle East crisis when discussing Tony Blair. with British Prime Minister in Russia, Talking after the G8 summit Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice the American leader hinted his could visit the Middle East shortly. they could be heard, Obviously unaware should pressure Hezbollah. Mr Bush said Syria what they need to do You see the irony is to stop doing this shit. is to get Syria to get Hezbollah

would want to be sure of succeeding Mr Blair added Ms Rice before going to Lebanon. will not face criminal charges British police they believed was a terrorist. killing a man Jean Charles de Menezes 27-year-old Brazilian, in London a year ago. was shot dead on a train The police fire coming two weeks worst terrorist attack after the city's killed 52 commuters in which four suicide bombers

on three subway trains and a bus. for de Menzes' death The police responsible and safety law violations. will be charged with health and 130 missing More than 100 people are dead hit the Indonesian island of Java after a tsunami on a surfing holiday escaped unhurt. but a group of Australians measuring 7.7 on the Richter scale An undersea earthquake sent waves up to three metres

western shore. crashing onto the island's into resorts and coastal villages, Police say the surge swept and hurling boats into others. destroying many buildings warning of the tsunami came too late, Witnesses say as many sought shelter in mosques. causing panic is still being assessed. The full extent of the damage is safely back on Earth. Space shuttle 'Discovery' This was the view from the cockpit Kennedy Space Centre in Florida as the orbiter raced towards the

at more than 675km/h. a last-minute change of runways, Heavy cloud had forced it was a textbook landing. but NASA says in the end Welcome back 'Discovery' Misson Control: Roger, wheel stop. next shuttle launch in six weeks. NASA is now counting down to its To finance news, is a little easier today. and the Australian share market

Michael Gardiner Troubled West Coast Eagle ruckman in another off-field controversy. has been involved in a car accident last night. The 27-year-old was involved

was severely damaged Gardiner's Commodore for treatment on minor injuries. and he was taken to hospital side just three weeks ago He had only returned to the Eagles for disciplinary issues after he was suspended from the club at the start of the season. In other AFL news, the AFL tribunal tonight the Tigers are set to take on one game suspension. to contest defender Joel Bowden's

and Essendon's Adam McPhee Geelong's Cameron Mooney their one match bans. have already accepted

Justin Koschitzke And injury prone St Kilda ruckman tonight faces the VFL tribunal of making contact with an umpire. to answer a charge A knee injury to Andrew Bogut

come-from-behind win over New Zealand has marred the Boomers' dramatic of the trans-Tasman series. in the third match In an often bruising match in a heavy clash of bodies the NBA regular went down for urgent medical attention. and was forced to hobble off for further tests, Bogut left the arena the Aussies avoid embarrassment. returning shortly after to help a 19 point deficit to win 79 to 78 The Boomers overcoming and retain the Ramsay Shield. played in Melbourne on Wednesday. The final match of the series will be cyclist Amy Gillett was killed It's one year since Australian seriously injured and five of her team-mates in a road accident in Germany. Friends, family who were training with Amy that day and some of the cyclists where they were treated. have returned to the German hospital the emotions are still raw. For Tasmanian cyclist Louise Yaxley is important too... Just coming back here

were training for an annual race The group of cyclists in eastern Germany one year ago when a young female driver hit them spinning out of control. Now to what the weather's doing for the rest of the day - Brad Pitt has spoken for the first time about fatherhood. It really is the most extraordinary thing I've ever taken on. And, man, if I can get a burp out of that little thing it's such a sense of accomplishment.

Like his wife, he is now committed to giving something back and is spearheading a competition to help rebuild New Orleans. As well as baby Shiloh, Brad Pitt has become the adopting father of Jolie's two other children, Maddox, four, and Zahara, one. And that's the latest Ten morning news. Stay with us for updates throughout the day and the full details in Ten's news hour tonight. I'm Bill Woods, good morning. Supertext Captions by the Australian Caption Centre.