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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. of the Bali Nine Tonight - an alleged ringleader to get death if found guilty, the Australian Federal Police. sparking new anger at on one of Victoria's fire grounds. Tributes for a father of four killed in the PM's cabinet shake-up. And - the Nationals get punished a very significant change. It does represent

and welcome to Ten's Late News. Hello, I'm Charmaine Dragun national pride on display Also tonight - Australia's to the Commonwealth Games. as the baton starts the home run when my children were born, It's something like being and proudness that's the type of feeling that I've got at the moment. High-tech spies sprung - death by firing squad First - prosecutors have demanded Nine heroin ring. for a suspected leader of the Bali

of the so-called drug mules They've also asked for another to be jailed for life. On hearing the prosecution's demands, clearly taken aback Myuran Sukumaran appeared the penalty of death. at the severity of the sentence - that means by firing squad. And in Indonesia, the ill-fated heroin smuggling plan, One of the accused ring leaders of the prosecutors said no leniency for his involvement the 24-year-old deserved to cooperate with authorities because he had failed throughout his trial. appeared to be his undoing. Those that did, however, The prosecution relying heavily

of the alleged drug couriers on the evidence strapped heroin to their bodies. who testified Sukumaran part of an organised crime ring. This proved, they said, he was Sukumaran's lawyer, Mohammad Rifan, by the death demand said he was shocked and disappointed the Australian Federal Police and blamed in such a dire situation. for placing his client After Sukumaran left the court, Michael Czugaj, the second of the alleged drug mules, appeared to learn his fate. Sentenced for life. Sentence for you is life. Five more of the Bali Nine from prosecutors tomorrow, will hear the sentence request Renae Lawrence. including the only woman,

of the drug ring, Andrew Chan, the accused godfather from prosecutors on Thursday. will hear the sentence request will have a chance Next week, the defence teams to argue against the sentences. In Bali, Nicole Strahan, Ten News. for firefighters in Victoria It's a critical night

battling to secure several towns forecast for Thursday. ahead of more extreme weather as we go to air The main areas of concern are the Grampians in the west,

Moondarra near Moe, King Lake, north-east of Melbourne

and Anakie, west of Melbourne. more than 113,000 hectares The blazes have blackened and the three people who died in the fires have now been identified.

He is being remembered as a hero. Fire brigade captain Trevor Day, of Victoria's bushfire crisis, one of three victims

adored his family and his job. I loved him for it. He was a wonderful boy. I was very proud of Trevor, yes. north-east of Melbourne yesterday. He died when the tanker rolled to be a routine clean up. Other volunteers say it was supposed and rolled down the hill. The truck just slid The loss felt by an entire community. is giving people lots of cuddles. Lots of cuddles, everyone

and comforting one another. And just sticking together, talking a relative's home from the blaze A tragic diversion to save and his dad Malcolm's lives. cost 12-year-old Zeke Wilson they were blinded by smoke, Police believe crashing into a tree in Victoria's west. before being overcome by flames hectares of land are destroyed. At least nine homes and 113,000 to secure towns Firefighters are still battling temperatures on Thursday. as the State braces for scorching west is the greatest concern. The Grampians fire in the State's Wartook, Laharum and Brimpaen Residents in three nearby towns

are on alert. not a lot of wind around Very dark and eerie, on both sides of the ranges but having the fire surrounding us confronting. was certainly a little bit, uh, are heading south. 170 firefighters from NSW

has offered financial assistance The Victorian Government to farmers who have lost stock. For now, the backburning continues. Martine Griffiths, Ten News. are still battling And West Australian firefighters an 8,000 hectare blaze

blanketed Perth in thick smoke. that threatened communities and has

brings welcome relief, As a weather change a reward the State Government is offering for the bushfire. to catch the arsonist blamed with incredible speed overnight, The blaze moved in a matter of hours. sweeping through 6,000 hectares in the path of the fire, Yarloop residents directly and defend their homes. most choosing to stay We seen the glow. from behind us We see the flames come over and get out of here. and that's when we'll pack up been issued for both of those towns. Warnings of stay or go early have dozens of trucks, heavy machinery Around 200 firefighters, and water bombers the massive blaze. are still fighting to control and an abandoned house Fortunately, only fences, power lines have been lost so far. also devastated. Pastures in the rich grazing lands we were smoked out. Over. We didn't get very far,

some much needed rain But late this afternoon, brought a breakthrough. and a change in wind direction

and emergency service crews Considerable saves by the fire the forest/urban interface. by protecting houses that are on Firefighters say they've seen in 30 years it's the third-biggest fire and don't expect to have it under control until at least Thursday.

has prompted the State Government The deliberately lit fire who leads them to the arsonist. to put up a $50,000 reward for anyone deliberately lit fires this summer. This blaze the worst of a string of None of us as firefighters have much time for arsonists, it's a slow game to catch them. but unfortunately happening all the time There is a lot of investigative work and slowly we'll find these people. Samantha Jolly, Ten News. have been robbed while sleeping. And exhausted firefighters Thieves looted their motel rooms

where the group was recuperating in Victoria, taking wallets, mobile phones and clothing. A father has fronted court, accused of chaining up his son. He's denied the charges of torture and deprivation of liberty, saying all he did was discipline a problem child.

Chained to a post like a dog on a leash for two days - that's what Gold Coast police are alleging this father did to his 11-year-old son last October as punishment for running away. There was a chain involved.

But it's not as sinister as it sounds. The 35-year-old man faced Southport Court today on charges of torture and deprivation of liberty. It's alleged the father of two padlocked his son to a pole to stop him leaving the caravan park at night. The boy told Juvenile Aid Bureau detectives that he'd been given only water during the 48 hours he was held captive. But the accused's defence team says it isn't so. Yes, both the charges are going to be contested. They argue that the man's actions seem far worse than they really are and that there has been an ongoing problem with discipline between the single parent and his son. The child seems to be a problem child. The incident was reported to police by the child's grandparents after the boy told them during the summer holidays. Oh, well, truth will come out.

The prosecutors didn't fight the man's application for bail on the grounds that his son is no longer in his care. The accused man was unwilling to comment on the accusations. Andrew Leahy, Ten News.

The finding into one of Australia's worst air crashes

is having ramifications for aircraft operators around the country. The Transport Safety Bureau is recommending all civil aircraft be fitted with autopilots and both pilots in 2-pilot crews be qualified for instrument approaches. The recommendations are the result of an inquiry into a crash in Far North Queensland in May last year. The Bureau said the co-pilot of the twin-engined plane was not trained in the instrument approach that was being under taken when the plane hit a hill side. And the plane didn't have an autopilot.

All 15 people on board were killed. An assurance tonight for Ford workers in Australia. Jobs won't be cut despite the news Ford is shedding 25,000 jobs and closing 14 plants in the United States. That dire move is being blamed on smaller Asian cars selling strongly in the United States on rising fuel prices. Ford Australia say the company is doing well everywhere around the world except America. The PM's stranglehold on the Senate is in danger after he dumped a National Party minister in his cabinet reshuffle. Some Nationals now want revenge, threatening to reconsider their support for the Coalition. New year, new cabinet. It does represent a very significant change. The reshuffle winners -

Queensland's Mal Brough, handed Families and Community Services and Western Australia's Julie Bishop, now Education Minister. I think I'm the 10th woman since Federation to have been appointed to Cabinet. She's replacing Brendan Nelson who has been bumped up into the Defence portfolio. Rewards for them - rejection for Nationals minister De-anne Kelly. She's been demoted to parliamentary secretary. The victim of a timely defection to the Liberals

by Nationals senator Julian McGauran, costing her party a ministerial post. Politics, as you all know, is remorselessly governed by the laws of arithmetic. His merciless maths has infuriated the Queensland Nationals, who are now reconsidering their support of the Government and how they'll vote in the House. With the Coalition clearly cracking, Deputy PM and Nationals Leader Mark Vaile is putting on a brave face.

The people of Australia can rest assured they will be well represented by the front bench. Even if it's full of Liberals, he concedes. Four more have been promoted to the outer ministry.

Bruce Bilson, Gary Nairn, Santo Santoro and Sharman Stone all handed junior posts. Andrew Robb has become a parliamentary secretary and so has Malcolm Turnbull - to the Prime Minister. As for the big names -

There will be no changes to the portfolios of Mr Abbott, Mr Costello, Mr Downer and myself. To John Howard, that means preserving experience. To Labor - No change to Costello, no change to Downer, no change to Howard. Nothing's changed. The Nationals disagree. Danielle Isdale, Ten News. A former journalist with a reputation for having a short fuse is the new West Australian premier.

State Development Minister Alan Carpenter has been elected unopposed by the Labor caucus. He takes over from Geoff Gallop who stood down last week to battle clinical depression. What I have to be able to do is reassure people

that I will continue the agenda that they elected the Labor Party to do, to carry out. That I will do everything I possibly can to be a good premier of this State. sworn in tomorrow. Alan Carpenter will be officially After the break - for Kerry Packer a star-studded memorial service to be partly funded by the taxpayer. was once Australia's richest man. Let's remember Kerry Packer

to fork out this money. Australian taxpayers shouldn't have And high-tech spies sprung - of a James Bond-style operation. what led to the undoing Imagine if everything you liked EXCITING MUSIC SONG: # Zoom, zoom, zoom! # Introducing the new Mazda6. Sporty looks, and handling, award-winning safety or 6-speed manual. a new 5-speed Activematic No, make that three times. for the things you love. It's hard finding time I don't have time for headaches. So it's fair to say That's why I choose Panadol Rapid. as regular Panadol tablets. It's absorbed twice as fast Panadol - it's my choice. This program is captioned live. will be honoured The late media giant Kerry Packer at the Opera House in Sydney. with a star-studded memorial service at the venue It's the first service of its type part of the bill. with taxpayers picking up for Kerry Packer The state memorial service is scheduled for February 17, the media baron's burial seven weeks after in the Hunter Valley. at the family property will help the Packer family The revelation that taxpayers pay for the Opera House ceremony has angered the Greens. It's a disgrace. was once Australia's richest man. Let's remember Kerry Packer to fork out this money. Australian taxpayers shouldn't have no-one seems to know. But just how much money, for the Prime Minister's Department Although, a spokesman of thousands of dollars as fanciful. has described estimates of hundreds And the Federal Opposition Leader with the funding arrangements. has no problem

about this sort of thing, really. You can get a bit niggly is a few programs I mean, the cost of a state funeral for a day. and booking the Opera House has been booked. The Opera House concert hall by Kerry Packer's Channel Nine. The ceremony to be televised on large video screens. The overflow crowd watching the event For the most part, will be an invitation-only affair the Opera House memorial service

who would like to attend but members of the public a hotline number for tickets. will be asked to phone shortage of people happy to attend. And at the Opera House today, no He did a lot of good. so fair enough. He did a lot of good things, state memorial service The billionaire's at the Opera House, will be the first ever sport and politics with a who's who of business,

lining up to pay their respects. Paul Mullins, Ten News. of the Commonwealth Games The longest race has almost been run in Australia today. with the arrival of a true champion its world tour The Queen's baton will finish travelling around the country for the start of the Games. before heading to Melbourne Flanked by Indigenous performers Zealand schoolgirl Sophie Healey, and safely in the grasp of New started its Australian journey the Queen's baton in Sydney this morning. in March last year, Since leaving London the relay, for the first time, competing Commonwealth countries. passed through all 71 Carly Rodger, a 13-year-old hurdler. The first Aussie to get a grip - a great honour. Oh, it was so exciting,

to seize the baton And it didn't take the PM long to the Commonwealth Games. and get excited about the build-up to have the baton here in Sydney It's a wonderful moment around Australia. to be sent on its way in Australia The arrival of the Queen's baton in the run home to our Games. marks the beginning of the final leg is now just 50 days away. The opening ceremony covering 21,500km. The relay will visit 500 communities, is over the moon. The first of 3,500 Australian runners when my children were born, It's something like being

and proudness that's the type of feeling

that I've got at the moment. where there are many torches, Unlike the Olympic relay, there is only one Queen's baton. Inside it, a message from Her Majesty during the Games' opening ceremony which will be played

so it never can be lost. plus a tracking device tomorrow morning. The relay starts in Sydney

the best-known runner. Former cricketer Steve Waugh Kevin Wilde, Ten News. has been blown wide open. A James Bond-style spy scandal from Russia, Four British diplomats face expulsion to transmit secret information. accused of using a fake rock It's Cold War-style spy scandal, only using 21st century technology. using palm-sized computers British diplomats caught red-handed with Russian contacts. to exchange secret messages film the supposed spies As undercover surveillance cameras their secret weapon - they unknowingly reveal a fake rock in a Moscow city park. aired on state television, The controversial pictures explaining how it works: an internal intelligence agent TRANSLATOR: The know-how is

can communicate with his agent that the spy without meeting him at all. Among the claims, non-government organisations that the UK illegally funded in Russia. and the trend is very disturbing, It really shows a certain trend, has flatly denied any wrong-doing, Britain's Foreign Office

and concerned about the claims. saying it's surprised The Prime Minister laughing it off.

I'm afraid you're going to get the old stock-in-trade on security matters of never commenting LAUGHTER except when we want to, obviously. to the James Bond-style plot, In an interesting twist the espionage operation was uncovered transmitter failed only after the rock's and had to be taken away for repair. Liz O'Gorman, Ten News. After the break - Are you a good girl? Hello, beautiful girl. a council's dangerous dog register. Why this pampered pooch is on And in Sports Tonight - to the Australian Open semi-finals. Maria Sharapova through So, what happened? Have you ever heard of Tiida? Honey, we went for hours. (Women laugh) MATCH STRIKES Cigarette packs use different names, numbers and colours so they all appear to be different. But what you should know is light, mild or low-tar cigarettes are not a healthier choice, because whatever the pack colour, whatever the number, whatever they are called, all cigarettes are toxic and they all cause serious damage. Call Quitline on 131 848. Introducing the 4-litre V6 Toyota HiLux 4x2 SR5. it's the biggest, most powerful HiLux ever. And with ABS, power steering, dual airbags and MP3-compatible CD player, you'll experience more comfort and safety. TOYOTA THEME PLAYS This program is captioned live. Emergency workers are racing against time tonight

to find survivors after a building collapse in Kenya. At least 11 people were killed and 84 injured when the structure caved in. American Marines and Navy engineers from a nearby anti-terror unit have arrived to boost the rescue effort. Most of the victims were construction workers resting inside during a lunch-break. Women and children selling food were also injured. Tom Piotrowski joins us now from Commonwealth Securities. And a disappointing performance from Wall Street held back the local market?

What a let down. On the heels of

one of the biggest sell offs we've

seen in more than two years, the

best that the IS markets could

muster was a modest recovery. That

put investors ill at ease in the

early part of today which is part

of the reason there was such choppy

trade today. Late in the afternoon,

we saw a rally in insurance stocks.

At the same time. At the back of

investors' minds is tomorrow's

inflation report which will have a

big impact on the market putting

flesh on the bones in the near term.

And a boost for the mining sector

after good news from BHP? That's

right, they reported today that in

the six months to the end of

December, they produced record

amounts of aluminium, copper and

liquid natural gas. So the report

was generally warmly accepted

although it was short of some

analyst's expectations. But at the

end of the day, BHP shares posted a better improvement.

A bizarre twist in the debate over dangerous dogs on Queensland's Gold Coast. A council is warning residents to beware of a pooch called Princess. She's white, fluffy, and decked out in diamantes

with a pink bow, She's a pampered pooch who lives in the lap of luxury, just like a princess. The Maltese maiden lives in a Gold Coast mansion with her millionaire owners. Hello, beautiful girl. Are you a good girl?

But beware this pretty pup's killer good looks. (Growls) She allegedly savaged a big beefy security guard, biting his boots. I think it'd be difficult for her to even get over the top of the boot. Today, the victim just wouldn't bite. If you want to take up any matter, you can always speak to the Gold Coast City Council. Princess's owners say they're sceptical and are yet to see proof of the attack. I asked for pictures of the injury. He wouldn't give me any. She's a little madam, of course. Yeah, she's a little barky dog. But I can't see her ever injuring anybody. No matter how cuddly and how nice the dog looks, any unprovoked attack really has to be taken seriously. Princess is now classified a dangerous dog by the Gold Coast City Council.

That means she is no longer allowed out of the house without a muzzle, the ultimate doggy fashion 'fur' pas. We're finding it even difficult to get a muzzle to fit her. Despite council's orders, her owners won't back down. They'll do whatever it takes to clear her name, even if it runs into a legal dog fight. (Growls) Meggie Palmer, Ten News. The weather's next. And then it's Sports Tonight with Brad McEwan. And, Brad, Tommy Haas not happy. That's right, Charmaine. The irate German with plenty to say after losing to Roger Federer.

It's quarter-final time at the Open and the big names come out to play. Sri Lanka and South Africa go head to head in Adelaide. Plus - Sven Goran-Eriksson to quit England after the World Cup. Will his replacement by Aussie Guus? DING! All of Toyota's big ideas in one small car. TOYOTA THEME This program is captioned live. Turning to tomorrow's weather.

There will be thunderstorms in Cairns. Showers in Brisbane and Sydney. Drizzle clearing in Canberra. Mostly sunny in Melbourne and Hobart with sunshine for Adelaide. There will be thunderstorms clearing in Perth, thunderstorms in Darwin

and late thunder in Alice Springs. And that's the latest from Ten News. Stay with us, Sports Tonight with Brad McEwan is next. I'm Charmaine Dragun, from the Late News Team, goodnight.

Supertext captions by the Australian Caption Centre. This program is captioned live. Get ready for a very loud night at Rod Laver Arena. Cyprus might be half a world away but Marcos Baghdatis has a lot of very vocal friends. Not sure what they're saying. See if you can work it out on Sports Tonight. Hello, everyone. I'm Brad McEwan. We'll find out what's happening at the tennis shortly,

plus Tommy Haas not happy. Hodgy's back and ready to rumble but he'll have to wait his turn as Sri Lanka and South Africa battle it out. The England soccer coach has just been informed, Sven it's time to go. And the courses for horses more suited to reindeer. We start with tennis -

and Lindsay Davenport's dream of back-to-back Oz Opens is over. The American was knocked out by Belgian Justine Hennin-Hardenne. and dished out Plenty has been served up during the past 24 hours and Ian Cohen is there to tell us all about it.

Good evening to you. That's right,

plenty of colour and cheering today

of course ahead of the battle

between the Croatian champion, between the Croatian champion, between the Croatian champion, Lbujic and the rising star in

Lbujic and the rising star in Bagadadis. The big cheering coups

got together in Garden Square and

had a sing off before the match but

security were right on top. They

security were right on top. They had a metal canster in case there

was a flair release. But all the

was a flair release. But all the fireworks were on the court and we

start tonight with Henin Hardenne

and Lindsay Davenport. Lindsay Davenport hit Centre Court with a heavily strapped ankle, but it did little to hamper her movement. The world number one breaking Henin-Hardenne in the very first game. The 2004 champion was equal to the task, breaking back with superior footwork. That is a terrific move. But Davenport power proved the difference. The 29-year-old consolidating before taking the double break. And she has pounced on that second serve. A mistake-riddled first set falling in favour of the top seed. Henin-Hardenne raced out to a 3-0 lead in the second. Her opponent at a standstill. Beautiful touch. Davenport's response - just amazing. But the point of the set belonged to the Belgian. The 23-year-old chasing down everything to send the match into a decider. Oh, she's won the point. Henin-Hardenne moved ahead 2-0 in the third, but the American had the drop on her younger challenger, squaring the ledger. Can't get there. And just when Davenport started to seize control, another twist in the tale. Hardenne turning defence into attack and giving a Lleyton-esque cheer. Hardenne with all with the all-important break before acing ahead 5-2. The world number 6 serving it out to move into the final four.

It was a football style welcome for

the Bagdadis. He had the crowd in

the Bagdadis. He had the crowd in his corner but the first blow was

his corner but the first blow was by Lbujic. The match running on

serve after an epic fifth game.

Bagdadis earning a rousing

reception for every big winner. You know, I felt like I started off really well. I felt I was being consistent and yet in control of most of the rallies in the first set. You know, I just felt like a couple quick games early in the second set gave away some points and gave her some confidence and then either she started the ball better and it just felt like I slightly got away from my game plan.

But now to one of the big talking

points here at Melbourne Park. As

well as today's action, there's

been plenty of discussion about the

comepts from Tommy Haas. And

feeling that everyone including

the commentators was on Roger Federer's side. After beating Roger Federer at Kooyong this month

and giving him a 5-set scare last night, Tommy Haas says he doesn't know what all the fuss is about the world number one. The German taking aim at commentator Jim Courier,

who described the Swiss maestro as, "The greatest of all time". If you ask Jim Courier, that guy has his tongue up his ass -

the whole time when you actually listen to him commentating

or listening to him talking about Roger Federer, it makes me sick. Centre court threw up a one-sided match today - Fabrice Santoro outclassed by David Nalbandian. Great lob. The fourth seed peeled off 14 straight games to steamroll through the last two sets. A confident Nalbandian cruising into the semis for the first time in Melbourne. I didn't spend a lot of time on court today, so I'm happy for that. I'm happy because I played very good. Russia's top two players squared off in the first of the women's quarters, Nadia Petrova attacking Maria Sharapova early. But unforced errors cost her the first set. The fourth seed screaming her way into the last four. CHEERING I definitely wasn't serving as well as I like to but game-wise, um, she's a very tricky opponent, she stays way behind the baseline, and, um, gets a lot of balls back so, the main thing was just to be patient. And I think I did what needed to be done today.

Now to tomorrow's action and it's

certainly going to be a big day for

the Swiss with Roger Federer,

the Swiss with Roger Federer, Martina Hingis and also Schneider

so a big day for the little Swiss

so a big day for the little Swiss country and we'll have all of the

details right here on 'Sport's Tonight'. It's hardly surprising given his call-up to the Australian one-day side, but batsmen Brad Hodge has thrown his support behind the controversial player rotation policy. Coming off a Twenty20 century, Hodge replaces skipper Ricky Ponting who is resting for an unspecified period. Adelaide fans disappointed by Ponting's no show, but Hodge says he has more than earned a spell. We were just joking about it before that even the PM had a few weeks off over Christmas, while Ricky was busy making a century in Melbourne and a century innings in Sydney. Thursday's match against Sri Lanka is a sell out. South Africa has kept its finals hopes alive in the VB one-day series.

The Proteas knocking off Sri Lanka in a tight one at the Adelaide Oval tonight. The South Africans desperately needed the win but they lacked urgency. Sri Lanka's quicks restricted the scoring while the spinners snared the wickets.

COMMENTATOR: Brilliant from Sangakarra and Sangakarra likes it. Graeme Smith failing to ground his foot, out for a sluggish 28. South Africa 1/72 in the 19th over. The world's best off-spinner struck again the very next ball. Yes! Yes, Murali. Muttiah Muralitharan missed out on the hat-trick. Up the other end, Dilshan claimed his first victim of the series. Catch it, catch it, got him! the run rate. South Africa needed to lift Gibbs was in a aggressive mood Fortunately, he arrived in the middle. from the moment And again, and the same result. also started to flourish. After a slow start, Dippenaar on his way to an unbeaten century. The opener displaying poise off only 65 balls. Gibbs was finally out for 68

His knock featuring 3 sixes. South Africa to a total of 263. His dashing innings helped propel Sri Lanka's chase didn't begin well. Straight to mid-wicket. fixing the situation. Sanath Jayasuriya set about he treated the bowlers with contempt. For the second game in a row, is it out of the ground? Out of the crease, Not quite. That's six. His stay was brilliant but brief. and the third umpire Mark Boucher's fancy glove work sending him on his way for 37. when they struck again The confidence rising without another run being scored.

Sri Lanka 3-68 in the 15th over.

Attapatu was sent on his way in

unusual circumstances. At first the

South Africans appealed for LBW,

then the catch. But in the end, he

was actually run out. Absolutely

gone. Why you would take off when

you don't know where the ball is?

They needed a steadying influence.

They combined to lift the run rate.

He is in good touch. The pair

looked like they would guide Sri

Lanka to victory but the 107 run

partnership came to an end when Lanka to victory but the 107 run

Jayauana was run out. That swung

the momentum. Andrew Hall made sure

that South Africa when away winners. best with both bat and ball. So South Africa handled the pressure man of the match for his century. Opener Boeta Dippenaar named as the Sharks name their new CEO. Plenty more still to come After a long hot summer snap at the world club challenge. the Wests Tigers get ready for a cold Bucks get torched by the Rockets. The Bogeyman fails to fire as the Yes, he's already good. at preseason testing. And it's Valentino's day So, what happened? No. Sounds kinky. (Women laugh)

This program is captioned live. and Johnnie Walker Sports Tonight viewers the chance are giving four lucky golfing experience. to be part of an amazing to be part of an amazing

could be flying to Perth This February you and a friend Johnnie Walker Classic, to attend the Asia Pacific's best known

golf tournament. and most prestigious four nights' accommodation, The prize includes Johnnie Walker marquee access to the total prize valued at $10,000. and a merchandise pack,

To enter: Enter now for your chance to win. as the new CEO Greg Pierce has been named of the Cronulla Sharks. at a board meeting tonight. The decision was made

joins us now with more, Glen. Sports Tonight's Glen Lauder Thanks, Brad. voted unanimously The Cronulla board has tonight as the new CEO of the Sharks. to install Greg Pierce from the late Steve Rogers Pierce, of course, takes over earlier in the month. who tragically passed away who is also the chairman of the club Pierce's father Barry didn't take part in the meeting to avoid a conflict of interest. after being told of the decision. But here's what he had to say for a number of years now, Well, he's been here

since 1994, in a number of roles for the last five years. and worked very closely with Steve in that position at times And he's been active when Steve hasn't been here. to handle the position So I'm sure that he'll be able without any problems. he's one of the legends of the game. Never expect to replace Steve, over the years But I learnt a lot from him things as well and put my own sort of style on for him. and, hopefully, do a good job player, John Skandalis Elsewhere, the Tigers' most-capped Scott Prince has indicated he may join captain on the open market. in testing his worth The Tigers fly out this weekend