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I'm here for you. It's OK. Red Bee Media Australia Supertext Captions by

This program is captioned live. the gambling top cop locked up Tonight - biggest ice drug plots. over one of Australia's

Baby blunder - horrified parents tell locked inside a childcare centre. of finding their little girl

And transport and tax sweeteners and Deborah Knight. Ten News with Ron Wilson Good evening. Also tonight, greater hope of becoming a father. the vitamin giving older men

pea souper blankets two cities. And transport chaos as a real

But first tonight, to alleged drug smuggler. from top drug investigator Mark Standen is behind bars tonight, Crime Commission assistant director

import ice. accused of helping a global drug ring

his million-dollar gambling debt. Colleagues revealing From his office of the Crime Commission, deep within the secretive walls Mark Standen has been involved investigation in NSW in every major drug and terrorism for the past decade. But now Standen is accused to an international syndicate of belonging to make $120 million worth of ice. importing chemicals used about the whole thing. He's obviously stressed and upset it's all taken him by surprise. I think

the victim of a practical joke So surprised, he thought he was

in his building's foyer. when he was handcuffed for 12 months, Standen had been under surveillance tracked to Dubai, to discuss the plot. where he allegedly met two other men disguised as a shipment of rice, The container, on Anzac Day this year. arrived in Sydney in the Netherlands and 1 in Bangkok. Police made 12 arrests This was a very well planned,

we're talking about. of the individual knew the extent of the operation, Only a dozen top investigators gambling debts of up to $1 million. though many more knew about Standen's to the Crime Commission - Oh, it's a very damaging blow there's no doubt about that. against this individual The allegations have been referred to ICAC. he was under suspicion For the entire time to continue working. Standen was allowed

to gather evidence against him, The AFP says it was necessary investigations may have been tainted. but it means 12 months of There are a lot of cases but we will look at the ones that we think will need to be reviewed jointly with the AFP. Standen's Central Coast home today As supporters gathered at charged over the plot the 51-year-old and a second man chose not to apply for bail. Daniel Sutton, Ten News.

is at Federal Police headquarters Ten's police reporter Daniel Sutton in the city. can we expect from this case? Daniel, what sort of legal fallout

All depends on whether this

conviction is recorded and whether

does the allegations are proven. If that

does happen there will be some

criminal defence lawyers who will

want to consider the possibility of

asking for retrials for clients who

were convicted and investigated by

the crime Commission. It said that this investigator had an

encyclopaedic knowledge of various

police forces across the country.

Why didn't he know he was being

watched? You'd think he'd no watched? You'd think he'd no pre-

match everything there's to know match everything there's to know

about police of violence yet fate

tailed him for 12 months, apparently without his apparently without his knowledge.

I'm told one tactic the police used

was to hack into his web cam on him

can on his computer and watch him

make phone-calls. Now they're trying to track

further information. trying to track contacts for

has appeared in a Sydney court Another top-level investigator Federal Police headquarters. Daniel Sutton reporting from

on robbery charges. James McCabe National Crime Authority detective of a drug dealer pleaded guilty to faking the arrest and stealing speed from him. then arranged to sell the drugs, The court heard the 39-year-old which have not been recovered. next month. McCabe will reappear in court A childcare centre could be shut down girl locked inside on her own. after its staff left a one-year-old almost an hour to find her. It took her distraught parents Bharat Iyengar was running late from childcare last week. to pick up his only daughter But when he got there the centre had closed for the night, he couldn't believe of his one-year-old girl. with no sign again, that added to the agony. It was silent inside so, I didn't know if the baby was inside,

if she was - was she OK? in a back room, Staff had left Ankita fast asleep lying on the floor. strapped in a bouncer numbers posted, so he called police. There were no emergency contact to get the centre open. It took almost an hour It was an honest mistake. we agree. Yes, it shouldn't be taken lightly, There was a baby's life in danger. a miscommunication between staff They say the problem was just she'd already been collected. who thought for the next two or three days. I broke down and I couldn't sleep I still get nightmares. is now investigating The Department of Community Services what happened here. the centre could be fined $22,000 If they decide to prosecute, or even lose their licence. taking their complaint seriously The Iyengars are worried DOCS isn't just a simple case of human error. after officers told them it was all childcare centres I think this incident puts on notice

the needs of children that it's important to look after We can't defend what happened. and change procedures. We can only move on from here

basic checking procedures in place. They say they've now put Even Batten, Ten News. There's been unprecendented reaction Wilde joins us from Macquarie Street. Our State political reporter Kevin

and unions are seething. Kevin, business is overjoyed

Unions are angry but that the State

government seems intent on emitting

high-rises for public sector workers

workers such as nurses, teachers

and police for only 2%.

Tight security for the traditional Budget lockup hardly seemed necessary, with key spending programs already leaked. But there was one big surprise - worth $3.6 billion over four years. a big tax cut for business The main feature - payroll tax will be cut from 6% to 5.5%. The threshold to pay the tax will rise with inflation as well. Any tax cuts must be implemented without jeopardising funding for essential services.

That's why the cuts to payroll tax will be phased. it's a true Labor Budget The Premier says

that delivers more front-line workers, including: This is all about building tomorrow's NSW today - the infrastructure so essential for keeping the economy strong.

Massive borrowings will fund the $14 billion infrastructure spending this year - a record $5.9 billion on public transport, with a large chunk of that on the North West Metro, and a record $4 billion on roads, but no M4 East extension. no relief

to Labor's so-called working families in western Sydney or elsewhere across NSW, given the increasing cost of living. The Treasurer found an extra 5% to increase the health budget to $13.2 billion,

A little more too for education, taking it to $11 billion. Unions are unhappy at the pay offer and other public sector workers. to nurses Morris Iemma is treating these workers with absolute contempt, only providing for a 2.5% wage increase. This is a Budget that delivers the trifecta for NSW - $2.2 billion in business tax cuts, a record infrastructure spend, increased funding for services. That's a good result all around.

All budgets surpass his $268 million but it's not all

because economy will slow and

within that the next few use will for feel the effect for feel the effect of the baby

boom generation taking money from health. There's been a reprieve for borrowers, with the Reserve Bank leaving interest rates on hold. And economists say those on a mortgage should be spared increases for at least a few more months. The pause in interest rates good news for the Prime Minister, after the row over rising petrol prices has knocked much of the shine off him. Today's RBA decision is welcome news for many Australians but we must treat the RBA's decision with caution. the Governor says: In deciding to hold rates at 7.25%, Consumers are spending less and building approvals are largely flat but demand for our energy resources is pumping billions into the economy. That leads the Governor to also say:

I think the Reserve Bank now is on the sidelines for quite a number of months The economy has clearly slowed under the weight of previous interest rate hikes. To keep the Bank on the sidelines, the Government says now is not the time for the Opposition to begin hacking into the Budget surplus. The Coalition has decided to oppose, amend or delay nine of the Government's Budget revenue-raising bills. the Opposition is incrementally destroying its economic credibility. any sense of urgency about them. Its consequences will be to put upward pressure on inflation on interest rates. and upward pressure Labor hoping this is safer ground than highlighting petrol tax relief.

and Brendan Nelson gain five as preferred Prime Minister in Newspoll. Paul Bongiorno, Ten News. In sport with Brad McEwan, there are changes across the board in rugby league. Yes, from Origin through to club level there are some major changes in team selections - the key changes shortly. And doubts over who's in and who's out of Origin made the NSW team photographer the busiest man in town today

as he took various versions of the Blues team shot.

And Brett Lee cleans up against the Windies with a 5-wicket haul that has Australia closer but we'll have him copping a frightening bouncer himself. Also ahead, we'll hear from the new Waratahs coach, plus we'll show you the video that has a junior rugby league club in trouble.

Police called in to control angry Qantas passengers stranded for 24 hours - that's next. Also tonight, a mother uses her under-age sons in a photographic censorship protest. And the pea souper which caused chaos in two cities.

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This program is captioned live. The future of one of the State's founding rugby league clubs will be decided tonight. The Balmain Tigers' multimillion-dollar plan for their licensed club

is before Leichhardt Council. The club argues the $130 million upgrade is needed to seal its merger with Wests Tigers and, ultimately, revenue. But at least four councillors have raised objections to the project.

Balmain residents also fear

the planned complex will cripple local business and increase traffic on busy Victoria Road. Several jet skis have been destroyed in a factory fire in Sydney's south-west overnight. Firefighters responded to a 000 call around 4:00 this morning - the blaze tearing through a jet ski manufacturing factory at Moorebank. They stopped the flames spreading to nearby buildings. It's not clear what started the fire. No-one was hurt. If you witness a breaking story like the jet ski factory fire, and would like to see your pictures on Ten News, email them to:

We're interested in both photos and video. Police are taking no action against a Melbourne woman putting on a photographic exhibition of young naked children. The show is in support of controversial photographer Bill Henson who's at the centre of a censorship row. While supporting freedom of expression, she didn't want to reveal the boys,

photographed more than five years ago, are in fact the artist's twin sons. How determined are you to get the message out there that it's not pornography, it's art? my exhibition up at the moment. I'm just determined to get Ten News has chosen not to name or identify the woman Sydney squinted its way through a spectacular pea souper this morning. The heavy fog was a nightmare for travelling but a dream for at least one romantic couple.

As most of Sydney slept, the city, it seemed, did the same, under its very own doona. The thick fog settled overnight,

swallowing large parts of the foreshore. a slow start for ferry passengers. And, as usual, it made for All services were suspended. It was only the Manly Jetcat that could make the trip. But a more important journey was happening above the white blanket -

the world's first ever wedding on the summit of our Coathanger, where at least the fog couldn't stop the bride and groom seeing clearly. Steven, you may kiss your beautiful bride. I can't believe we're actually here. It's so exciting. Yeah, I can't believe it's happened. But others weren't so ecstatic. In Victoria, 14 domestic flights were delayed

and six international flights were diverted to Adelaide.

Little bit frustrating, yeah, but what can you do? Frustrating? I'll say! This is the second time we've checked in, so not impressed.

With winter now upon us. so too is the increased chance of pea soupers like this mornings. Josh Murphy, Ten News.

Are we in for more of this? And we

know all about being hit by the

ugly stick. Have you hold close

look at the news reader? Tomorrow

there will be heavy rain. 4.5 mm

today at the dam and that will be above

above 60 % by Thursday with more

heavy rain Thursday and Friday.

Richmond - a surprising pace of

information - it's warmest in June

morning in 13 years. Tomorrow will

be wet and ordinary. That's wetter and ordinary and tomorrow more Ryan,

heavy at times heavy at times and all way through

to the end of a week. Next, the multivitamin helping older men become fathers. stopped at nothing to finish a race. And the rally driver who

This program is captioned live. Federal Police have been called in with reports of furious passengers invading a Qantas lounge after waiting 24 hours to fly out of Sydney. Ten's James Boyce is at the airport and reports the ordeal seems far from over.

Has been an infuriating 24 hours

before passengers bound for

Singapore and then London. It all

started at 5pm yesterday when passengers

passengers boarded the plane and

went on to the tarmac but half way

out there the plane broke down and

they had to be towed back to the

gate and passengers were told to

disembark and wait. By midnight it

was decided they had to be shipped

off to a hotel in a bus for the

night and there were told to be

back at the airport by dawn this

morning. There had been waiting all morning. There had been waiting all

day again. They were put on the

plane at one stage only to be told

to get off again because the

toilets were malfunctioning.

They'll put into an area They'll put into an area where

there were told there was food and

drink but none was provided and passengers became increasingly

angry and federal police were

called in to try to calm things

down. This and some people have

been travelling for for the a

showers and they had their flights

cancelled. We've been told that it cancelled. We've been told that it passengers have been told to board

the plane again. They'll try to

take off tonight but they won't say

when but passengers are still not

sure whether the plane is fit to

fly at this time Round. And Qantas has got back to us, saying the original flight was delayed after an engine failed. It was fixed, but then problems with several of the plane's toilets developed. The airline is now investigating.

A new multivitamin is giving older men a better chance of becoming fathers. Trials show it helps the male fertility clock and cuts the risk of miscarriage. Little Zara Tremellen's father, David, is a fertility expert offering a new helping hand to dads struggling to start their own family. We know as men get older in the sperm goes up then the DNA damage

and that can have quite serious consequences. Like significantly raising the risk of miscarriage and, by the age of 50, reduce a man's fertility by up to 80%. That's not widely understood, that men have a biological clock as well. I think when people think of miscarriage they think it's entirely a female issue.

He's developed a new fertility pill to get men fit for conception. While women can take folate tablets,

Menevit gives men multivitamins and anti-inflammatories.

Things that not only help repair that DNA damage in sperm as they repair but also protects them against further damage. Doctors now know an expectant father's lifestyle choices are just as important as his partner's. Men are encouraged to reduce their alcohol intake and stop smoking. Guys do understand what it's all about these days

and they do a lot of reading and they're very well informed. I told my husband that. He didn't give up his beer, though. It seems the message is getting through. A Newspoll survey has found half of all men are willing to give up beer to help their partner get pregnant. Um, I think they probably were drunk. The fertility pill will be available nationally next week. Ali Donaldson, Ten News. The battle for the Democratic presidential nomination

with the final two primaries to be held tomorrow. Barack Obama is widely expected to be the nominee, but New York senator Hillary Clinton is fighting it out until the end. Joining us from New York, Ten's US correspondent, Nicole Strahan.

The final two primaries are being held in South Dakota and Montana, will return here to New York but tomorrow night Hillary Clinton to attend a rally with supporters in what is expected to be the end to her campaign to become the first female president of the United States. But she's giving little away about exactly when she will bow out of the race. So the decision will fall to the delegates empowered to vote at the Democratic convention, and I will be spending the coming days making my case to those delegates.

But perhaps a better indication of what will happen This may be the last night I'm ever involved in a campaign of this kind. I thought I was out of politics until Hillary decided to run. As for Barack Obama, he's been very careful not to claim victory just yet. Senator Clinton has run an outstanding race. She is an outstanding public servant and she and I will be working together in November. Such comments have again prompted speculation of a dream ticket - Barack Obama as the presidential nominee and Hillary Clinton as his vice-presidential running mate. arrested during a crack cocaine bust. Oscar winner Tatum O'Neal has been

Police allegedly caught the 44-year-old former child star handing money to a street dealer near her Manhattan home. She was said to be carrying two bags of cocaine and a crack pipe and told officers she was doing research for a part. The daughter of actor Ryan O'Neal and ex-wife of tennis star John McEnroe has described her battle with heroin addiction in her memoir.

The actress has been charged with possession and will face court next month. A drunk driver has ploughed into a bike race in Mexico. 1 of the cyclists was killed and 10 others injured. A city official took the photo showing the victims being hurled into the air on the highway. Police suspect the 28-year-old driver fell asleep at the wheel before he hit the riders. A race car driver has slammed into spectators in Chile and kept driving.

Seven people were seriously injured, including a 10-year-old girl. The driver was arrested at the finish line. The huge fire that swept through Universal Studios in Hollywood was accidentally started by staff.

Tourists have returned to the theme park and the back lot tour now includes the scene of a real-life disaster.

New video of exploding propane tanks the dangers for firefighters. demonstrates The L.A. fire chief has confirmed the fire was started by studio workers using a blowtorch to heat roof tiles. when they left for a break. The blaze spread Rock'n'roll pioneer Bo Diddley has died of heart failure in Florida. The rhythm and blues legend was 79 years old. He first hit the charts in 1955. His signature sound, the Bo Diddley beat, has influenced other musicians from Buddy Holly to the Who, Bruce Springsteen and U2. the Rolling Stones,

The lifetime Grammy Award winner was also famous for his square guitar. Speeding motorists prop up the State Budget - next, just how much they bring in. Also, fears childcare centres will increase fees when government rebates kick in.

And, by George, I think he's got it - an international star lands a 'fair' part in a Sydney musical.

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This program is captioned live. Top stories this news hour - Crime Commission assistant director Mark Standen is behind bars tonight, accused of helping a global drug ring import ice.

Colleagues have today revealed the former top cop had a million-dollar gambling debt. Horrified parents have described

how they arrived at a Sydney childcare centre to find their baby locked inside. Operators of the centre admit staff forgot the child when they left for the day. Police had to break in to rescue the one-year-old girl, whose parents won't be using the centre again. And small business rejoices while unions are seething

over Michael Costa's $47 billion Budget spending spree for NSW. Payroll tax will be cut, saving business $3.6 billion over four years. But unions are unhappy with a 2.5% wage increase for nurses and other public service workers. Also seething about the State Budget,

Speeding fines have become a cash bonanza, raising $56 million more than expected. It was only a passing reference in the Budget papers but the revenue from traffic fines was enough to get any motorist hot under the collar. The total take from fines this year is $300 million - up a whopping $56 million on last year's Budget estimates. They expected to collect just $244 million. We've always suspected that the Government is more interested in revenue-raising than road safety. I think the figures in this Budget prove that. The Government took an extra $36 million in revenue through the State Debt Recovery Office - mostly from unpaid fines. And there was an extra $20 million collected by speed cameras. I'd be much happier if people weren't speeding on our roads and being caught, because speeding is the number one cause of deaths and injuries on our roads. And motorists had better be wary because the Treasurer expects to continue the crackdown and collect fines at an increasing rate over the next four years. The NRMA says fining motorists doesn't work. What these figures show quite clearly is putting up speed cameras and hoping motorists slow down is not working. What we need is more police on the roads, more highway patrols.

That will get more motorists slowing down. I ask drivers to slow down, take it easy on our roads. All of our speed cameras are heavily signposted to get drivers to slow down. But with more than 200,000 individual fines issued to motorists each year, many drivers simply ignore the warnings and end up paying a high price. John Hill, Ten News. Childcare centres have been warned not to use increased subsidies for parents as an excuse to jack up fees.

From July, parents will receive a 50% childcare tax rebate. But there are fears some centres may use the bonanza to up their fees. We won't be watching all the dough go out the door and not into people's pockets

but into the profits of childcare companies. We'll take what action we can

to ensure that increases in prices are reasonable.

most families will still be about $1,000 a year better off than they are currently. She says most private childcare operators expect to increase fees only by the inflation rate. and the Australian share market finished the day lower.

The average price of petrol around Sydney is $1.52 a litre, but we've seen it as cheap as $1.46 in Roselands and Riverwood. First it was 'The Phantom' - now another audience favourite is set to return to the stage in Sydney. The classic musical 'My Fair Lady' is opening later this year,

starring a surprise international guest. It's one of musical theatre's greatest hits - so much so that Opera Australia's season of 'My Fair Lady' has already sold out, so they're dancing out of the Opera House and into the Theatre Royal in October. (Sings) # Oh, wouldn't it be lovely. #

And they have a 'loverly' all-star cast including Gold Logie winner John Wood, who'll be hoping they get him to the church on time when he plays Alfred P. Doolittle. Are you looking forward to this? Absolutely. Any idea what the 'P' stands for? Nancye Hayes is going back to where it all began.

Started in My Fair Lady in 1961 and

it at that toured the country and

it was in a great show and now I'm

back in it again as Mrs Higgins. As Eliza Doolittle, rising star Taryn Feebig will be dancing all night. all night. #

And that just leaves the surprise

announcement of who'll be playing

Professor Henry Higgins. A task that will be tackled by actor Richard E. Grant, who made clear his excitement from his home in London today. And it

And it seems irresistible. And

George Bernard Shaw and this

company of people. I just hope I don't get fired. Brisbane West tackle

West tackle cancer. A lot of

sporting teams in New South sporting teams in New South Wales

are at wearing a yellow armband.

The third row and a couple of old

ones up the back. It's wet and miserable and

miserable and it'll be tomorrow.

4.5 mm in the dam and levels are

rising all this week. Torrential

rain coming in the next 48 hours. Sport now with Brad McEwan,

and a junior rugby league club is in trouble tonight for a violent video. Yes, those clips shortly, and it's earned the wrath of their local NRL club. Plus, while senior players at various clubs have been dumped today, Wendell Sailor gets selected for his comeback. And which photo will the Blues end up framing, as doubtful players played musical chairs today? And Brett Lee targeted by the Windies again.

COMMENTATOR: Hit on the side of the visor.

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This program is captioned live. Queensland has made four changes in a bid to square the Origin series.

Still no Scott Prince. Darren Lockyer is five-eighth, with Karmichael Hunt on the bench. The forwards have felt the axe, Steve Price and Ashley Harrison included, while Darius Boyd replaces the suspended Justin Hodges. for Ben Hornby and the injured Ben Cross. But with Jarryd Hayne to contest a dangerous-throw charge and Mark Gasnier still an injury concern,

the Blues photographer shot different versions of the team photo.

It's going to be a bit longer

before we know that in the end Gary

is important to the Thames so it's worth the wait. The Blues will head north earlier than usual on Friday. And the axe is out at NRL club level tonight,

with Eric Grothe left out of the Eels side. At Souths, Nigel Vagana, Dean Widders and Shannon Hegarty have all been dropped. But good news for the Roosters, with Anthony Minichiello to make his comeback against Manly. Wests Tigers coach Tim Sheens has called for greater consistency from video match officials after this no-try ruling to the Sydney Roosters. in last night's 19-10 loss If you can't tell within two looks, then you're not sure. If you're not sure, what does that tell you?

Mitchell Aubusson scored a double for the Roosters - the victory moving them to equal top in the NRL standings. Wendell Sailor will end a 7-year absence from the NRL on Friday night, debuting for St George Illawarra against the Broncos. Big Dell will be on the wing and is expecting to be targeted by his former coach.

He's getting ready for his first big game after several weeks in the park, but Wendell Sailor's expecting no favours from Wayne Bennett. I wouldn't be surprised if they try and target me a little bit out on the right fringe. It's a different step up from Jim Beam Cup. You'd be silly not to try and come down my side a little bit. But I'm looking forward to it - it's something different and I'm going to be confident enough to back my ability. One Dragon was caught out by Sailor's call-up. He did, did he?

I think it's great. I think it will be good. he'll be straight back to his best. Former team-mates reckon Yeah, I think so. He's certainly telling everyone. The 33-year-old showed he's still got fire in the belly last weekend, up against a Windsor player for knocking out rival wingers. with a reputation 'Cause I knew who he was and a couple of times he came in and he just kept bouncing off me, and I was just laughing at him saying,

"You're not going to be knocking me out." Sailor tormented Dragons fans plenty of times in the past, for love from Wollongong folk, but on Friday night he'll be looking especially after one of his last visits as a Bronco. I was in this corner, I think, and I think some fans were jeering me and I was just looking at them and pumping them up a bit and, yeah, they threw something. So hopefully they can back me this time.

Adam Hawse, Ten News. Sea Eagles CEO Grant Mayer has slammed a junior rugby league club for promoting violence. Manly Cove Club registrar and committee member Doug Armstrong was forced to resign after he emailed the clip to 30 members of the junior club. The 1981 semifinal brawl between Manly and Newtown features some of league's biggest names - Max Krilich, Tommy Raudonikis, Les Boyd, Mark Broadhurst and Steve Bowden.

As expected, the Waratahs have announced club rugby coaching guru Chris Hickey as their new leader

for the next three seasons. And in a bizarre twist, Hickey will seek the advice of the man axed by the Tahs, outgoing coach Ewen McKenzie. The new man in charge and with no uncertainty about what he's there to do. Obviously the aim is to win that Super 14 title.

Despite the recent treatment of this season's coach, Ewen McKenzie, Hickey says he wasn't apprehensive in signing on and he doesn't view the job as a poisoned chalice. Coaching is a funny game and it is a difficult game. Unfortunately when you get involved I think at some stage or another you're going to move on from a team.

Hickey has a long history as a first-grade coach and has been to 11 club grand finals. and has coached the Australia under-21s He's also a former assistant to Rod Macqueen at the Brumbies and has coached the Australia under-21s and NSW 'A' sides. The Wallabies are still getting to know their new coach, New Zealander Robbie Deans. He doesn't talk real much. I've walked past him and he's just raised the eyebrows and everything else.

Deans today experienced his first Wallabies photo and the first training session

ahead of next week's Test against Ireland. Another new face on the national coaching staff It appears Shane Warne won't be replacing Stuart MacGill in the Australian team, after Warne's manager today categorically ruled out a Test return

for the retired leg spinner. The Aussies are in a winning position in the second Test against the West Indies,

thanks to Brett Lee. In one blistering spell, Brett Lee put Australia back on top. COMMENTATOR: He's given him out, he's given him out first. Another fine century from Shivnarine Chanderpaul... Yet another hundred for this remarkable batsman. ..was the only hint of resistance as Lee's reverse swing and some dubious umpiring decisions grabbed 5 wickets in just 18 deliveries.

Oh, the others have already been given, With Simon Katich sent for X-rays on a bruised rib, Mike Hussey opened the batting. Nice shot from Hussey. He got to 40 before Denesh Ramdin's clean glove work sent him packing. Phil Jaques found some form. Oh, he's gone again, Phil Jaques.

Ponting was trapped for 38.

It was a mini collapse when Clarke was run out for 10. Fancy footwork saved Brad Haddin. Tries to kick it and bang - straight into the off-stump. An umpiring mistake saved Symonds. Oh, it looks like it's come off his glove. Haddin fell, lbw for 7.

Lee arrived and copped some of his own medicine. That was a nasty one. That was a nasty one.

between these two in this game. There's no love lost Symonds got aggressive with both bat... Symonds goes and goes large.

..and mouth as things heated up. These are not the scenes that you want on the cricket field. Looks to be another wrong decision. He'll play a bigger role with the ball tomorrow. Paul Cochrane, Ten News. World number one Maria Sharapova is out of the French Open.

The women's top seed was beaten in three sets by Russian compatriot Dinara Safina. COMMENTATOR: And she's done it. No such trouble for Roger Federer in the men's draw - he's through to the quarterfinals after beating Frenchman Julien Benneteau in straight sets. Kelly Slater has moved another step closer

to a ninth world title, with victory at the Globe Pro in Fiji.

The current ratings leader defeated countryman C.J. Hobgood in a replay of the 2005 final, making it an incredible three event wins from four this year. In a further boost to his title campaign,

the one event he didn't win was taken out by a wild card. Yeah, only guy on tour to win an event - that's pretty odd, it's very odd. I don't think there's ever been that situation on tour.

Tahiti's Manoa Drollet is the only surfer to defeat Slater this year. Later in Sports Tonight, the late mail from the Origin camps, and the Swans prepare to take on the Eagles

for the first time since Barry Hall knocked out Brent Staker. Stay with us - Tim Bailey has more on this grey wintry weather next.

If you're caught speeding or not wearing your seatbelt this June long weekend, you'll lose at least half your licence. And if just one of your passengers isn't wearing theirs,

that's your licence gone. Remember - double demerits for seatbelt and speeding offences.

APIA presents 'The Getting of Wisdom' with Max Walker.

I was driving home from cricket practice and I came up behind this Torana. I don't really know how it happened but I just run into the back of him. (CRASH!) And then, whoof! These days I'd just walk the two blocks home. Driving less? on your comprehensive car insurance premium. SONG: # Wise move, APIA. #

And hasn't winter hit with a vengeance?

vengeance? We got it today didn't

we? Heavy rain tomorrow to. The

dams have already seen about 5 mm.

What I think we can use the word go

used with some heavy stuff coming

later in the week. Richmond today

had it's almost a June day in third

had it's almost a June day in third

game years. It was for train

degrees. They've a grandstand full

of fun. This mob are wearing yellow

armbands. Sporting teams all over

the country to are helping tackle

cancer. But a call to arms and that the website is

the website is call to arms. Get

your wife will tend to put the

armband on it. By ram-raiders. armband on it. By ram-raiders. Here

Sydney AFL Masters.

Sydney AFL Masters. Every time Mrs boarding Term at the a la boarding Term at the a la armband

given a gold coin a donation. Some

teams are raised $10,000. Everyone

is getting involved. I'm not

talking much about the weather

because it wet behind the ears and

a bad day coming tomorrow. 17 degrees and heavy rain.

degrees and heavy rain. I had my galoshes on earlier.

The cloud over Easter New South

Wales is deepening in a trough

generating widespread Ryan and

areas a flash flooding.

generating widespread Ryan and

areas a flash flooding. A low will develop off the east coast

increasing wind and rain over

central New South Wales. Showers

will reach Western news of Wales,

Victoria and South strow the. Rain

over the New South Wales coast and

ranges with heavy falls about

central parts. Some ranges with heavy falls about central parts. Some good coming central parts. Some good rainfall

coming towards Sydney and coming towards Sydney and a good

cause coming to all the sports

grounds. They're helping it fight cancer.

It's a call to arms. The website is

called call to arms. That's Ten News for now. I'm Ron Wilson. And I'm Deborah Knight. Thanks for your company. We'll have updates throughout the evening before the Late News with Sports Tonight along at 10:30. Enjoy your evening. Goodnight. Supertext captions by Red Bee Media Australia.

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