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(generated from captions) Red Bee Media Australia Supertext Captions by This program is captioned live. Tonight - guilty. convicted of manslaughter A boatbuilder

following a disastrous voyage. charged with firearms offence, A bikie following a raid in Sydney. ahead of the G20 talks. And a deadly riot in London Good evening, I'm Bill Woods. And I'm Sandra Sully.

on the mid-north coast. Also, the gruelling flood clean-up most venomous snakes And some of Australia's discarded in a bag in Sydney. But heading the news at 5:00 - of killing four sailors a boat builder has been found guilty

when the keel broke off. after their yacht rolled over He's vowed to appeal he should be jailed. but the victims' families say anything to say to the family? REPORTER: Do you have No, sorry. faces a lengthy jail term, Alex Cittadini but he's been allowed to walk free of manslaughter. to appeal his four convictions

was a director and chief engineer Cittadini sports yacht 'Excalibur'. at the company in charge of building The boat's keel snapped off off Seal Rocks in September 2002. in rough, chilly seas Four of its six crew drowned. have never been recovered. Three of their bodies He's the captain of the ship the responsibility lies and indeed, ultimately, in charge of that company. fair and square on the person and then re-welded 'Excalibur's keel had been cut in two during its construction, making a fatal weakness. yesterday acquitted of manslaughter The company's boilermaker was

found but the same District Court jury knew the keel had been cut Cittadini either proper safety procedures. or failed to implement on 'Excalibur's fateful voyage. David Heyes lost his brother Chris He wants Cittadini jailed. innocent lives have been lost Because family members, of this capsizing of this boat. as the result

a company director or supervisor Negligence manslaughter involving is extremely rare in Australia. One of the reasons for that must be proven in a criminal trial is the level of negligence that

a civil compensation case. is far greater than in could become a landmark ruling. It means that any appeal judgment James Boyce, Ten News. is being stepped up. The police blitz against bikies arrested on firearm and drug offences A suspected gang member has been after a raid at Rockdale.

is associated Police claim 26-year-old Denis Karac outlaw motorcycle gang. with the Rebels They raided his home yesterday. a shortened pump-action shotgun, Inside, they found a large amount of ammunition, a 9mm Bereta pistol,

vials of steroids and Viagra pills. he didn't apply for bail Facing 13 charges in court today, and was remanded in custody. of a task force The arrest was the work the recent spate of bikie shootings. set up to tackle

a proactive, high-impact operation, to targeting illegal activities is completely committed a clear indication and I believe this is those kind of activities seriously. that we will take to the escalating violence, In response its tough anti-bikie legislation the State Government rushed into the Parliament today. as proportional, The Premier described the laws

from outlaw gangs in recent weeks. given what we've seen The laws will allow police to apply a criminal organisation. to have a bikie gang declared with each other Gang members who associate can then be charged without warning. and well constructed laws. These are tough They aim to give no second chances of an illegal gang. to those declared members this is an over-reaction But the Law Society fears underground. and says criminals will be driven

that currently exist There are enough laws

in the Crimes Act which deal with these issues of those pieces of legislation, and the whole swag so we view this legislation as unnecessary

the legislation, The Coalition supported offered a more radical solution. although the Opposition Leader I would have no problem motorcycle gang members in two rooms if you put all the outlaw to shoot themselves to death, and allowed them Mr Speaker. at all. I would have no problem with that

law-abiding motorcycle riders The Premier assured

from the legislation. they have nothing to fear Eddy Meyer, Ten News. and a high calibre sniper rifle An AK-47 weapons seized by police are among an arsenal of high-powered into arms dealing in Sydney. after a year-long investigation

Over the past few months, a range of illegal firearms undercover officers have bought from alleged suppliers.

with the arrest of two men The operation culminated in Elanora Heights and Concord. during raids on homes ever recovered by NSW Police. The AK-47 assault rifle is the first The Kalashnikov rifle, for example, per minute. can shoot up to 700 rounds were also found. A crossbow and ammunition issued for flash flooding A severe weather warning has been

and mid-north coast. around the devastated northern rivers the heartbreaking task It comes as residents begin of cleaning up the widespread damage. As the floodwaters began receding, to face the mess left behind. residents woke At the Bellingen golf club, to save what they could. locals pulled together

but what is heartbreaking, I haven't had time to go out there, quite considerable money last week we spent some

and repairing our dam building some new tees and that's probably all gone. has reopened The road to Coffs Harbour hundreds of people cut off. but there are still SES crews are stretched to the limit. phone calls, like we normally do, We've been inundated with and go in and come out, from people wanting to get places, as best we can. and we're trying to manage them which had disappeared into the river, The Bellingen bridge, has finally re-emerged. the floodwaters are dropping - And you can see just how quickly only 24 hours ago, the Belligen River was at almost 9m. It is still overflowing in several areas so the full extent of the damage won't be known for several days. Landmarks have been washed away. The iconic butter factory, over 100 years old, has lost valuable artefacts and paintings. Residents in the Kalang Valley are still flooded in. Many haven't been able to get home for days, but it's times like these they band together, keeping spirits high. I've been up at the backpackers' - we've all been singing, guitars and we got all the instruments going so, it's been fantastic. More rain is expected, locals are hoping the worst is over. Amelia Adams on the mid-north coast, Ten News. A protester has died during riots ahead of the G20 world summit

in London. Thousands of demonstrators stormed the city's financial district, blaming the banks for the economic crisis. Demonstrators swarmed downtown London

on this April 1 they call 'Financial Fool's Day'. The power of their protest, though, was no joke. Smashing their way into the Royal Bank of Scotland,

rioters raged against those they blame for the world's economic decline. While peaceful protesters begged them to stop... Stop! Please! ..police inside prevented them from setting fire to the building. At the perimeters, waves of protesters crashed against police lines, who used batons to beat them back. One protester carried out a beating of his own, clubbing a riot officer in the head with a stick. As injuries on both sides mounted, more than 30 arrests were made. Police say one man died after collapsing. He was found unconscious near the Bank of England and medics were unable to resuscitate him. The $15.5 million police security operation

is one of the most complex and wide-ranging seen here in years. There are 5,000 officers deployed on the streets of London - not only to police these protests, but also to protect the world leaders gathered here for the summit. For them, today's battle is just the beginning. When the G20 talkfest officially kicks off, the protesters are promising to be back. In London, Danielle Isdale, Ten News.

from London. And Danielle Isdale joins us this was no ordinary protest, Dani, it seems joining the demonstration? with anarchists from across Europe

That does seem to have been the

massive, case. These protests were of course

massive, but for the most part they

were peaceful. It was only in a

small -- few small pockets we saw

trouble. Amid the thousands of trouble. Amid the thousands of protesters marching in their

promised carnival like atmosphere,

there were bands of anarchists who

travelled to London specifically to

cause this trouble. Masked rioters

targeting weak points in police

lines and coordinating by mobile

phone in small packs these

intermittent bursts of violence. We

saw the most violent at the Royal

Bank of Scotland. It is about 7am

your time now. The summit

preparations will get under way in

a few hours. What will authorities

expect in terms of violence? A

police are bracing themselves for

more violence if that occurs. The

task before them today is a little

more delicate and difficult,

because they do have to protect and

co-ordinate these world leaders at

the summit itself, which only runs for a few hours.

for a few hours. At the same time,

they have to control the protests

going on at the venue outside.

There are other demonstrations

planned for London today, including

one at the Stock Exchange, but the

general feeling is that the big

scenes of violence that we saw is

generally behind us now, but police

say they are prepared for anything. Sports headlines with Brad McEwan. Brad, the Socceroos - off to the World Cup again? Australia is basically We're all but there - are rushing for tickets so much so that Australian fans for South Africa next year. and booking accommodation putting one foot on the plane The Socceroos at ANZ Stadium last night. when they beat Uzbekistan 2-0 COMMENTATOR: Kennedy - super-sub Josh Kennedy!

to the World Cup! Maybe the goal to send Australia didn't quite guarantee Josh Kennedy's goal

a trip to the biggest show on earth, but it has us very, very close. All that's needed now is a draw qualifying matches in any of the last three its second World Cup in succession. and Australia will be through to Kewell cool, Australia 2-0, We've still got three games our winning form and we want to continue winning all the games possible. and you want to go into a World Cup and websites, Fans are already working the phones

and his mates in action hoping to see Harry Kewell in South Africa next year. Australia is one of the countries for tickets. making the most applications

has already fielded World governing body FIFA for tickets to the 2010 event. 1.6 million requests worldwide the Fanatics Locally based travel group the Kingsmead Stadium in Durban have booked out supporters are expected to camp. where they over 1,000 Australian

where over 1,000 Australian is it's a secure environment. The idea of a cricket ground security ringing, so we've got people to get inside. but also, it's very difficult The ground is where the second Test Australia recently played a home away from home. and will be converted into All that's needed now to play their small part is for the Socceroos for World Cup qualification. and earn the solitary point required Neil Cordy, Ten News. later in sport. More on the Socceroos' win to hold on to its premiership stars. Plus - Manly's increasing battle in Miami. And Roger Federer into the semis so many illegal weapons Still to come - customs seizes it needs a new warehouse. protesting prison officers Also tonight - behind bars. keep politicians on Macquarie Street

And the reptile shock - snakes found in a discarded bag. some of Australia's most deadly

There are so many reasons in Canberra this autumn to stick around and shop and so many things to do. Why would you go anywhere else? you spend locally Remember, every dollar helps keep our economy humming. This program is captioned live. Labor MPs have turned on the Premier during a mass protest outside State Parliament. Thousands rallied against the privatisation of two jails, fearing job losses and pay cuts. (ALL CHANT) Shame Labor, shame! Shame Labor, shame! Prison guards protesting against the privatisation of jails. Stop the sell-off! Stop the sell-off! In their most vocal rally yet, up to 2,000 packed Macquarie Street.

They fear the sell-off of Cessnock and Parklea jails and cuts to their pay and conditions. will mean job losses people living up here, There are people up here,

privatise their grandmothers who would

if you gave them half the chance. if you gave them half a chance.

the Premier was spruiking jobs. Just hours earlier, to establishing jobs, jobs, jobs Most importantly, today, the next couple of years. through the course of This crowd wasn't buying the message. Neither were 12 of his Labor MPs, privatisation plans. openly defying their own Government's

the Australian Labor Party. I'm still in I'm not in the Rees Party,

Unions successfully quashed and the former premier the electricity sale just six months ago. We'll do the same thing we did on the electricity privatisation - we will take on the executive government. The latest privatisation plan doesn't have as much opposition, but those against it claim internal party division will grow. I thought we would've learnt our lesson on the electricity debate but apparently we haven't. We are proceeding with the reforms - the reforms are the right reforms for NSW. The Government has projected $63 million. the privatisation will save taxpayers it will cost is another question. But just how many Labor votes

Josh Murphy, Ten News. at Sydney's Olympic Park today. A nasty shock for a security officer snakes stuffed in a bag and dumped. He found a collection of venomous

It felt like anything but Christmas this abandoned sack of parcels. when a security officer uncovered Eight venomous snakes wriggling and squirming around for the bag. as he tried to find an ID Somewhat unusual, somewhat scary. the middle of Sydney's Olympic Park. It had been dumped at a car park in

it may have been there for some time. Wildlife carers say They do all look thin and they're all slightly dehydrated. Two were already dead, six others aggressive from hunger and in poor condition. A tube had to placed over this black snake's head to enable handlers to examine him. What we first noticed is there are lumps down near his tail here. It's not clear if they were dumped by a bored collector or destined for illegal trade.

Either way, they posed an immediate threat to dozens of schoolchildren,

not to mention the almost 60,000 Socceroos fans who filled the stadium last night. loose was not just for the humans. The danger of letting the snakes and Western Australia. Several were from Queensland could pose environmental harm too. If they bred with local species, they as many of the snakes as they could WIRES reptile handlers identified for treatment. before taking them to a vet get to the bottom of this snake yarn. The RSPCA will also investigate to

Amber Muir, Ten News. has been shown off A haul of lethal weapons at Sydney's new Customs warehouse. star knives, slingshots There were brass knuckles,

and a glove with razors attached. Customs says the new Port Botany facility is necessary to cope with a surge of illegal goods entering Australia, partly due to online shopping. Among the weapons, wildlife and counterfeit items, a pair of cowboy boots proved doubly dangerous. These cobra-skin boots are illegal, but I would confiscate them on the basis of poor taste if it were otherwise necessary. Each day, Customs confiscates hundreds of illegal items across Australia.

A yacht has capsized in atrocious conditions off Queensland's Sunshine Coast.

to rescue the three crewmen A helicopter battled huge seas from the damaged yacht. The 47-foot racer 'Ausmaid', the Sydney to Hobart handicap, which has twice won lost its mast, radio and navigation equipment in the rollover. The crew called for help on a hand-held radio. It's believed the skipper is injured.

Tim Bailey joins us for a weather

check-up. Maybe we should rename

the catchment area. Because, all

that rain and still the water

supply has not been helped.

Everyone wants to top Downs after Everyone wants to top Downs after

the deluge. Let us hope it is still flowing and will appear in

flowing and will appear in the dam.

The latest level is that 58.4 % and

that is up a Mis -- measly 0.1%,

despite all the rain. The damp

average 15 millimetres, but we know

for sure 35 millimetres fell

throughout the week. Some areas

inland of Coffs Harbour have

received a whopping, an unthinkable

500 millimetres of rain this week.

That is half a metre of water. The

forecast will brighten your day. I

will let you know about starry night in national parks. Ahead - confirmation unemployment will worsen. Also - a man faces court after uranium is seized during a drug raid. And Olivia speaks out about her missing man.

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This program is captioned live.

Let's check on the traffic.

We have just noticed a lot of the

traffic out here near Granville.

There was an accident here earlier

on the train line. It has been

cleared, but traffic is not

cleared, but traffic is not moving

into Granville and delays go back

back to did come and we have been

told as far back as Burwood. To

make conditions worse, late night

shopping into Parramatta will be

affected. There is more rain down

in the south-west and a busy M5. We

will go and take a look. Unemployment is set to soar

with the Treasurer admitting that his own forecasts were wrong and thousands more will lose their jobs. The Federal Government is now planning to slug drinkers to plug the Budget hole caused by the worsening downturn. It's the end of the road for Holmesglen Employment Services - 30 employees out of work from the end of June after the company lost out in the switch to the Government's revamped Job Network. Well, everybody's very upset and really bewildered.

300 workers at this Fisher and Paykel plant in Brisbane

also join the job line today as the company moves production offshore.

The Treasurer now admits official forecasts of 7% unemployment are woefully short, but remains coy on just how high he expects the jobless rate to go. Well I'm not going to speculate about what the levels will be and forecasts in the May Budget. Now, already they've admitted that their second package has failed

just as their first package failed. Almost one in five employers plan to cut staff in the next three months.

Economists say it's just the start of the bad news. We could be up to 8.5% unemployment by the end of 2010, so a big shift up over the next two years. The pressure is expected to mount on the deficit. Even without further stimulus, it could now top $50 billion for next year. No, it's not too big.

Once the economy starts growing again, we can get out of that. It will mean some tough measures. The man who sunk the alcopops tax, Senator Steve Fielding, met today with the Health Minister amid speculation the Government's considering a much wider assault on drinkers, by lifting taxes on alcopops, draught beer, brandy and even wine. If adopted, the tax rises could raise a much-needed $2 billion a year.

Brad Hodson, Ten News. To the ING Direct finance report now, with Jacqueline Maddock, and Jacqueline, fortunately April is off to a good start for the share markets, because superannuation returns are anything but? That's right, Sandra. In fact, we're being warned to steel ourselves for a second year of double-digit superannuation losses.

Super funds are down around 14-15% to the end of March, so compared to last year's negative 6.4%, it's even worse.

We've seen some ray of sunshine come through in March,

with about a 4% positive bounce, which really just offset February's 3.5% and part of January's negative return as well. So not great news, but just a glimmer of hope there. The market added 2% over the day today. The mining giants led the charge, although retailers surged,

as investors betted the High Court will tomorrow rule that the Rudd Government's next round of cash hand-outs are in fact constitutional, and the majority of payments will begin on Monday. JB Hi-Fi soared almost 6% and Leighton Holdings was up 3%. The Aussie dollar hit US$0.70 as exports bounced back in February and ahead of a likely EU rate cut tonight.

That's finance for now, but US futures are pointing to another big night on Wall Street. Police have been decontaminated

after finding uranium during a drug raid. Suspects have been arrested but won't say what the radioactive material is for.

Bendigo man Andrew McNaughton is one of three men charged with drug trafficking following the raids. However, his connection to a container marked uranium

is still being investigated.

Police found the glass container with 300 grams of what's reported to be uranium oxide, similar to this, on the floor of a storage unit. Detectives say 46-year-old Mr McNaughton won't explain where it came from or what it was to be used for.

His lawyer also tight-lipped. They're obviously serious charges. The police who uncovered the container marked uranium have since gone though a decontamination process as a standard precaution. The contents of the container now the responsibility of the Government's radiation safety unit for further testing. Uranium oxide isn't enriched, so it can't be used in weapons.

It's quite safe and stable if it's kept in its sealed container. You certainly wouldn't want to be splashing it around,

you certainly wouldn't want to be inhaling it. Police now tracking the source of the strictly controlled material. Obviously, it's very disturbing that there's uranium and not anywhere that is secure. Police also raided properties at Preston, Bulla and Kangaroo Flat, netting 50 cannabis plants, chemicals, a large amount of cash and a handgun. Detectives believe they've broken a significant drug ring as a by-product of investigating Rodney Collins

who has been charged with two double murders, including police informer Terrence Hodson and his wife, Christine. Andrew McNaughton returns to court in June. Cameron Baud, Ten News. US authorities are hunting a man who took his 9-year-old daughter with him as he robbed a convenience store at gunpoint. As the robber pulls a gun on the store worker and demands money,

the little girl can clearly be seen standing just behind him. It sounded like, you know,

a man in desperation said something on camera to the effect of lost his job, trying to support his little girl, tough times. The attendant handed over about $300. Olivia Newton-John has spoken out about the disappearance of her former boyfriend, Patrick McDermott.

It's the first time she's talked about it publicly since a US TV program claimed the 48-year-old is alive and well and living in Mexico. MAN: It's a mystery. It is a mystery and we may never know what happened. The Aussie singer says she's moved on, marrying alternative medicine guru John Easterling last July. Still to come - a new weapon against cervical cancer.

Also, the issue that was on the Queen's mind when she spoke with Kevin Rudd. And Simon and Garfunkel head down-under.

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This program is captioned live. Top stories this news hour - the builder of a yacht which broke up at sea, killing four people, has been found guilty of manslaughter. Alex Cittadini is the director and engineer of a company which built 'Excalibur', which sank near Seal Rocks in 2002. He intends to appeal. A gruelling task for people on the flood-ravaged mid-north coast.

They're assessing the damage and beginning the clean-up. are gradually receeding, The floodwaters are gradually receding, but some communities remain cut off. And a touching moment for the Queen and America's first lady. Her Majesty and Michelle Obama appear to have become firm friends in the lead-up to the G20 summit in London. There are frantic efforts in London to save the G20 summit from collapse. But the Prime Minister is confident world leaders can unite behind a plan to revive the global economy. All dressed up and somewhere to go - the Rudds arrive for dinner at 10 Downing Street, but the rock star couple of this summit are the Obamas. (WHOOPING AND APPLAUSE) Applause greeted their arrival and Michelle Obama set the tongues wagging in a stunning sleeveless number. Behind the smiles and the bonhomie is a real struggle to get the summit to deliver a real outcome. This process is hard, this process is difficult, but this process must be done. The United States President says agreement for real action is urgent. We must not miss an opportunity to lead, to confront a crisis that knows no borders.

Throwing a spanner in the works - the French and Germans.

Five attempts at the final statement failed during the day. Despite the protests and a threated walk-out from the French unless tough new financial regulations are put in place, the leaders of America, Britain and Australia are confident substantial progress will be made at the summit. And just as Mr Rudd was reassuring the sceptics, the Aussie flag fell over.

Let's hope it's not an omen. The Queen hosted a reception for the leaders. This encounter with Prince Philip has caused a storm.

Kevin Rudd had a less controversial meeting.

The Queen had bushfire victims on her mind. The people are grateful for your messages of sympathy. Oh, yes. We saw it on television. We were appalled. In London, Paul Bongiorno, Ten News. A new study could change the way doctors diagnose cervical cancer in its early stages. Scientists have found checking for the human papilloma virus

is more effective than other tests. Jodi McKinney's life is back on track after a simple test helped her beat cervical cancer. When they first told me that I had cancer cells I was devastated. The 43-year-old's regular Pap smear test came back negative for cancer cells, a human papillomavirus test, but when her doctor ordered

the result was positive.

in the very early stages, The cervical cancer was

so treatment was less invasive. I was able to avoid having the radiation. the hysterectomy, the chemo, found the HPV test is far better A new study of 130,000 women in India than the Pap smear. at detecting the early cancer cells of cervical cancers, HPV causes about 90% worldwide a year. which kills more than 250,000 women

as the HPV The Pap smear is not as sensitive and so there are a lot of women on the Pap smear who might be negative cervical cancer. and then turn out to actually have an HPV test, The study results could mean which uses the same tissue sample taken during a Pap smear, could become the new standard. If your doctor doesn't offer it to you, please ask for it. Insist on it. Now cancer-free, the mother of five certainly will. In the United States, Nicole Strahan, Ten News. Folk rock superstars Simon and Garfunkel are reuniting

and heading to Australia. the duo's final live performances. The tour could be

beautiful harmonies together... After more than 40 years making my old friend...# (SING) # Hello darkness, are hoping ..Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel

they can still pull a crowd. But with both aged 67, for the last time. it will possibly be I guess you never do know, the last time around. but I would say this was pretty much will include Australia this July. But at least the reunion tour

being very upbeat and kinda happy. I remember the Australian people

last toured Australia in 1983. The singer-songwriters Their last reunion tour was six years ago, with concerts in the US and the following year in Europe, but family commitments prevented them extending the tour south. Those concerts followed a bitter 10-year feud between the pair, and while they say their friendship is going strong,

they admit they still don't always see eye to eye.

You would love us if you heard some of the arguments we have. You would say, "It's about the music. the bang for the buck "They want to maximise "for the audience. to give it to the folks." "They're both working their distinctive sound. But it never seems to affect We need to rehearse,

the sound and blend we had but to regain is usually pretty automatic. and what a time it was (SING) # Time it was # It was...# Nicole Strahan, Ten News. In the United States, on Sydney's bikie wars We have some breaking news now home of Comanchero chief Mick Hawi. and police are currently raiding the his house in Bexley. They've executed a search warrant on Hawi isn't believed to be there. The 28-year-old is wanted for questioning

over a brawl at Sydney airport which resulted in the death of Anthony Zervas

whose Hells Angel brother Peter was shot several times earlier this week. Brad is back with sport. Brad, a big win last night but no rest for the Socceroos? Yes, they're already heading off overseas for club commitments this weekend, and they leave in the knowledge Australia is a breath away from the World Cup. And, by Josh, this is how we did it. super-sub Josh Kennedy! COMMENTATOR: Kennedy - to the World Cup! Maybe the goal to send Australia Plus, where's Wayne Bennett for the showdown with the Broncos? as the Dragons fly out of Sydney

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This program is captioned live. The Socceroos have virtually assured their place at the 2010 World Cup in South Africa

after a 2-0 win over Uzbekistan.

Had Bahrain and Qatar drawn this morning, Australia would have become the first team to qualify. But they'll have to wait, despite their stunning effort at ANZ Stadium.

Heading off to report for club duty,

their duty almost accomplished. It

is not done, is it?

is not done, is it? Until it is

done. You cannot really say those

perfect words that you want to hear.

Still, last night it was a happy

Socceroos dressing room. BT now

almost certainly into next year's

World Cup. We can have in the back

of our mind the knowledge that we

could be on the way to set Africa. It was a

It was a nervous and tense first half. It was a nervous and tense first

half. Mark Butcher but should

Australia's best opportunities. The

visitors tried everything. But they visitors tried everything. But they

had no answer it to a second half

goal. Comment -- COMMENTATOR: They

intervention? called him Jesus, is that divine

intervention? Harry Kewell had the

chance to sew up the match. Drawing

any of their remaining games will

seal qualification. We have sent

seal qualification. We have sent

out a message to the rest of the

world. It is catarrh who have made

the Socceroos weight. They lost

the Socceroos weight. They lost

One-nil to Bahrain this morning. We

are a bit disappointed, but I

suppose it cannot always go our way.

A draw would have seen Australia qualify automatically. Manly has re-signed coach Des Hasler and vowed to stop the in-fighting at board level. their premiership-winning squad But today, the Sea Eagles have warned by rivals. is in danger of being picked apart apparently drama-free board meeting Des Hasler believes Manly's a fresh start. can give his troubled team

The main thing is, there is real good direction there's real good stability, and we will respond. takes him until the end of 2012. Hasler's 2-year extension on their hands. But now the Eagles have another fight Skipper Matt Orford is off-contract, as are wingers David Williams and Michael Robertson, and hooker Heath L'Estrange. forward Glenn Hall If you ask the coach, all five are priorities and I guess that's the challenge. The next two or three weeks for us are crucial. Mayer conceding fans better prepare for the salary cap to bite hard - just like past grand final winners. The Melbourne Storm have lost 12 players, now it's Manly's turn. Historically, it's very tough after winning a grand final

to keep everybody. Because, obviously, market values change, other clubs start looking around for quality players football team with quality players, and Des has produced a great so it'll be tough. still a week away, With Brett Stewart's return need to step up. those other quality players Or Manly's season could slip away. at the moment - Look at the top sides pretty nicely, they're cruising along and don't look like dropping a game. too far behind, that's for sure. So we don't want to get Adam Hawse, Ten News.

at Sydney airport this afternoon There was confusion when the Dragons flew out to Brisbane

against the Broncos. ahead of tomorrow night's big clash nowhere to be seen Coach Wayne Bennett as his side assembled for the flight that will pit them against the team he coached for 21 years. His players adamant he's approaching it as like any other game. Wayne's been the same as he's been every week,

I think he realises every game is as important as the next

so obviously there's a little bit extra for him but yeah, not that we've noticed. But all is well - despite attempts to avoid the media, Bennett has been spotted at Brisbane airport. of Andy Roddick Roger Federer's torment has continued at the Miami Masters. his 17th career win over Roddick The world number two claimed

in 19 matches against the American. In the other quarterfinal clash,

for Jo-Wilfried Tsonga. Novak Djokovic proved too good Looking shaky in the deciding set, serve to end Roddick's title hopes. the Swiss master eventually broke COMMENTATOR: He's done it! for the former champion. A big, big win the Serb too slick for Tsonga No such worries for Djokovic, including his racquet, who threw everything, at the world number three. have continued their complaints Formula One drivers

about poor visibility during Melbourne's Twilight Grand Prix as they prepare to race under lights in Malaysia. As the F1 circus moved to Kuala Lumpur, the drivers also had forecast heavy rain to worry about as they promoted the race indoors. Organisers ramping up publicity amid concerns the economic crisis could hit ticket sales. After their surprisingly easy win in Melbourne,

the Brawn team is expecting a closer race at the Sepang circuit, especially from Ferrari, staged in Malaysia. which has won 5 of the 10 races In Sports Tonight at 7pm on ONE -

our world Cup wrap, including Diego Maradona's disaster. our World Cup wrap, Straight after Sports Tonight -

hosted by Bill Woods. the debut of 'Thursday Night Live', Let's check on the traffic.

We have noticed this storm cells.

We have noticed this storm cells.

Plenty of rain out here towards the

M5. Looking at the traffic -

struggling all the way to

Campbelltown. There is a big mud

puddle on the M5 at the roadworks.

It is a tough drive in the wet. with all the weather details. Tim Bailey's next

determination to evolve, And in keeping with the bank's we believe it's high time the Dollarmite got a facelift. COIN CLINKS Kids are gonna flip for this. QUIRKY MUSIC, MECHANICAL BUZZING

MAN: People kind of like the, box. It symbolises...


(Gasps) Casey... We appreciate your effort. Probably leave the money box as is, though. Yeah. It's the first time that that's happened.

at Hungry Jack's. and he has found them an hamburger, small fries, Buy a Kids Club Meal and get small drink, plus one of six 'Pink Panther 2' movie toys. Hurry into Hungry Jack's.

Right now and I in the sky is

required for a very special event.

Yes, it is the International Year

of astronomy. We have 100 hours of

astronomy going on worldwide

tonight, including Sydney. I have

cleared a few clouds away which is

quite lucky, because we would not

have had this 24 hours ago. It is a

starry, starry night, with the public getting involved

public getting involved in national

parks. Yes, the clouds have cleared parks. Yes, the clouds have cleared

and it will be a really nice night.

We are celebrating International

Year of astronomy. It is a UNESCO a

program that goes worldwide. There

will be 100 hours of astronomy from

to April to five April.

to April to five April. Anybody can

take part in this. The National

Parks Programme goes right through

every year. It happens in national

parks right throughout NSW. Here is the website:

Find yourself in the National Park and an eye on the sky.

and an eye on the sky. It is a

really nice match to have the

opportunity to get out in any

national park in NSW, so if you're

going away for Easter or staying at

home, so somewhere there will be a

national park focusing on the starry, starry night program.

starry, starry night program.

Galileo was a clever fellow. He did

not invent the telescope, but he

looked at Jupiter for the first

time and discovered it four means.

He helped to understand better how

we fit into the world. How we

revolve around the sun. Before that

we thought we were a flat earth and

we could sail off the edge. It is

observation with one of the first

telescopes that was pivotal to how

we fit into the picture. Best of

luck for tonight. It looks clear to

the south. There are big rain band

across the Campbelltown tonight.

The sun did come out for a while

today. The dam levels if you miss

them earlier - 58.4 %. We expected

more of a rise than that.

Thick cloud over south-east

Thick cloud over south-east Queensland and thus the easterly

winds is causing more rain. Below

is doing the damaging work in

south-east Queensland. It has moved

from the mid North Coast of NSW.

Noosa had about 100 millimetres of

rain this afternoon. Scattered

showers on the NSW North Coast.

Showers and isolated thunderstorms

in South NSW. Starry, starry night.

Get to a national park, get on the

end of one of these and have a look

at the stars. Somewhere in NSW it

is absolutely beautiful. See you in

a national park somewhere.

Time to join the civilised folk. Have a good evening. That's Ten News for now, I'm Bill Woods. I'm Sandra Sully, thanks for your company. Goodnight. Supertext captions by Red Bee Media Australia. Supertext Captions by Red Bee Media Australia