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(generated from captions) This is the Beijing Sports Car Club

by having more government-owned

Until recently, this made it hard

This morning - pleading for

help. The wife of an Australian

citizen abducted in Sri Lanka

asks the Government to intervene. Don't let them kill

him. That's what they are going

to do. If nobody act, nobody

talk, they will kill people. This Program is Captioned


Also ahead - the unlikely

Syrian ceasefire looks even

more so now as the deadline is

just a day away. The

Alzheimer's challenge. Hundreds

of thousands of Australians

suffering, hundreds of millions

of dollars called for. And

jubilation for the locals jubilation for the locals at Augusta. COMMENTATOR: He Augusta. COMMENTATOR: He is wearing

wearing a green jacket at

Augusta. The breakthrough Major

win for Bubba Watson after a tense playoff at the Masters.