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Live. Tonight Bob Carr sworn in as Foreign Minister but not before

before revving up an attack on the Opposition Leader. Tony

Abbott is like the - a cheap skate skate hypnotist in a rundown

circus.He is saying to the

electorate, "Look into my eyes,

you are growing weaker."

Also ahead - as toic blanket of black smom envelops

Adelaide's northern suburbs.

How much red meat should we eat

before it is considered a

health risk. Later on 'The

Business' with Ticky fuller on

the the Federal Government

backs away from a July start

for small business tax relief.

Leaf across Australia you are watching ABC News 24. I'm Juanita Phillips. Australia's

new Foreign Minister has taken up office. Former New South Wales Premier Bob Carr was

sworn into the Senate to fill

the seat left by Mark Arbib. From

From there the senatorer went

to Government House to take his

Minister oath Ofunatois as Foreign

Minister in a brief ceremony.

I, Robert John Carr to swear

serve the Commonwealth of that I will well and truly

Australia in the office of minister

minister for foreign affairs so

help me God. One of the new

minister's first duties will be

to host talks with his Indonesian counterpart in Canberra Canberra on Canberra on Thursday. Senator

fight up to his opponents and Carr is already taking the

dismissed Tony Abbott as a cheap circus hypnotist cheap circus hypnotist and battered away the Greens' battered away the Greens' calls

for a troop withdrawal from for a troop withdrawal

Afghanistan. Nice to see

you. The Government's new

recruit has taken his place at

swear a Senator. I Robert John car do

swear that I will be faithful

and bear true allege against to

her majesty Queen Elizabeth II,

her heirs her heirs and successors

according to law. Labor hopes

he will help turn around its

shows fortunes. The latest Newspoll

shows Labor still unable to

lift its primary vote out of

the low 30s but Mr Carr is

upbeat and quick to take on Government's nemesis. Tony upbeat and quick to take on the

Abbott is like the - a cheap Abbott

say it hypnotist in a rundown circus.

circus. He is saying to the

electorate, "Look into my eyes,

you are growing weaker. No more

boats. Look in my eyes, you are

growing weaker, end Labor's big

bat tax." Mr Carr is coming to

grips with his portfolio

calling the slaughter of calling the slaughter of 16 Afghan villagers by a US

soldier heart wrenneding. The tragic

tragic thing is it worsens the

drift towards what some people

describe as a clash of

something civilisations. That is

our efforts something we have to redouble

our efforts to guard

against. He won't say whether

he believes the US soldier should face a public trial. The

debate about Australia's shootings have intensified the

presence in Afghanistan too. My

first entreaty to Bob Carr is

do what you can to bring our

troops home from this morass in Afghanistan. I would caution against such dangerously

simplistic thinking. We simplistic thinking. We have

women to protect in Afghanistan

who would lose their rights

under Taliban rule. The

Government hopes to put its scarring leadership battle

behind it this week and push

its mining tax through the

Senate and into law but it

hasn't include one of the

a crucial elements of the package

a tax cut for small business in

the legislation that will hit

the Senate this week. The

threatening to delay the vote Greens are unhappy and are

but not the block it. Where the

Government is saying, "Trusts, put

put through the mining tax and we will deliver something in

business the way of help to small

business between now and July

1st." Well, Wayne Swan show us

first your penny. The Government says it is committed Government

delivered to the tax cut and it will be

delivered before the budget. I

don't think it's a fair thing

to say to Australians when we

are going to stand in the way of taxing wealthy miners. The

Senate will begin debate on the

at tax tomorrow. A chemical fire

at an oil waste depot in

Adelaide's north has sense

plumes of black smoke across

the city. Businesses were evacuated and a health warning

issued as the blaze burned

through thousands of litres of oil. Explosions rocked the oil. Explosions rocked the area

for hours after the fire

started at about 11 time 30.

This sudden tower of flame stretched

stretched more than 30 metres

into the air. There is black smoke belting out and next

minute there was a massive

flame. explosion and a big yellow

flame. It almost Luked like a

nuclear flame. More than firefighters battled the blaze nuclear flame. More than 70


support on the ground before aerial

support was brought in. We have

firefighters to be very smart the way we are

using the water so we can have

the most effect and cut out as

much damage as possible. Several cars outside the

the depot were destroyed.

Unable to extinguish the fire

crews focused on containing it. Nearby businesses were

evacuated as the fire

intensified. Business intensified. Business owners

watched on as crews fought to

stop the fire from spreading.

One neighbour told me he heard

a loud bang just before the

fire broke out and says he was

worried about the highly flammable oils next door. Toxic black smoke was blown south towards the city

and police issued a health

environment warning. If you are in the

environment of the smoke it is towards not adviceable to be downwind

it. towards the city and breathing

it. You should go indoors and

use your air conditions. One

his firefighter suffered burns to

his hands and was taken his hands and was taken to

hospital. It is not yet known

how the fire started or his will be completely

extinguished. To the Queensland

election campaign now. election campaign now. Young

offenders can expect to get boot

boot camp if the Liberal-National Party wins

office. Party leader Campbell

Newman made the announcement

when talking law and order

policy in Cairns. It can be

risky for politicians to venture

venture out into the

public. You have been here public. You have been here two bloody minutes, piss

off. Comments several years ago by

by the LNP Cairns candidate Gav gin king about drunken women

being partly to blame if they

are raped provoked this confrontation. This confrontation. This is the

question you have to answer; question you have to answer; if your daughter is raped at your daughter is raped at 18

will you say she deserves to be raped? But things are more

predictable at FM radio

stations where he demand

something quirky. This time it was push-ups. He's doing was push-ups. He's doing pretty well. Young offenders might

have to follow his example.

Under an LNP Government 80 of them would be diverted from

detention to boot camp for

training and mentoring . A program

program that will be designed

to actually give people a

pathway back to a normal pathway back to a normal role

in society. It is a $2 million

trial over two years. Yes, it

will be tough. We make no apologies

apologies for that. Yes, it

will be demanding, we make no

apologies for that. The police union President likes the union President likes the idea

although he says the union is apolitical. I don't endorse any

political party, the police

union is apolitical but I will support anyone who supports

police and takes law and order seriously. However he is not

impressed with Labor so

far. Anna Bligh, her only

offers in the lastfy months is

to take away 330 months the to take away 330 months from the police department and cancel the police academy. The

LNP leader also promised LNP leader also promised more

police officers will be assigned to schools in local

communities. Mr Newman is

travelling back to Brisbane

after his trip to Cairns. after his trip to Cairns. Every time Mr Newman comes to the regions

regions he has Jeff Seeney by

his side. It is a requirement

of the election rules because

Mr Seeney is the

Leader of the Opposition. It

means Mr Seeney can't always campaign in his own seat of Callide. Certainly for my local

electorate my constituents

don't see me as much as I would like

like them to see me but I have

done the job for them for 14

years and I am happy to stand on

on my record in my local

electorate and do the job of

Opposition Leader for the people of people of Queensland. Katter's

Australian Party fancies its chances in Callide. It don't take

take anything for granted but I

think people understand that a

vote for any minority party or independent will just give us the

the same sort of mess the same sort of mess that Julia Gillard has given us in

Canberra. It is another facet Canberra. It is another unusual facet of an a interesting campaign. Both sides of Queensland politics have

condemned a racist graph neaty

attack on an M - graffiti

attack on an MP's office in the far north of the case. Both

Labor and the LMN have been

targeted the it beer personal dispute between the leaders

shows no signs of shows no signs of abating. Gordon Pitt's office in

Gordonvale was targeted overnight. This is completely

unacceptable. There is no room

in Australian politics for this

sort of bigotry or intolerance. Curtis is very

offended by the material and particularly so because Curtis

is married to a very proud Indigenous woman. The Indigenous

says the campaign has taken a

hate-filled turn. This awful graffiti attack on Gordon

Pitt's office is hot on the heels

heels of a pretty offensive ad

by the Katter party. It also by

comes a week after a possible

shooting attack on an LNP office on office on the Gold Coast. Sadly, it perhaps Coast. Sadly, it perhaps has.

They are - look, we need to move

move on ladies and gentlemen.

We need to move on, all of

us. Anna Bligh isn't about to move

move on from her attacks on

Campbell Newman's integrity Campbell Newman's integrity but

concedes that she hasn't

referred him to concedes referred him to the Crime and Misconduct Commission over developer donations as she

flagged two weeks ago. Right now

now all I have the questions. I developer

don't have enough answers from Mr

Mr Newman or Mr Newman or enough

material. Mr Newman says Labor does not

does not have a leg to stand

on. Pft, pft, well, ding on. ladies and gentlemen, finally

she admits it. She has got nothing. She never nothing. She never had

anything. It is all a spurious

nonsense campaign. Anna Bligh

spent the day campaigning in

the booming suburbs north of

prisoner. Her policy announcement

announcement was another pitch for the family vote. Labor is

promising $27.5 million promising $27.5 million for

early childhood centres at Townsville, Toowoomba,

Gladstone and the Whitsunday region. These bring together

child health services with kindergarten, playgroup and social workers. Today's campaign campaign brought together

children and animals.

An ABC presenter has An ABC presenter has been

stood down for her involvement

in a controversial Queensland

election ad targeting gay

marriage. Bob Katter's Australian

Australian party has aired the

advertisement that says Ann Magill supposedly viced without the

the permission of the ABC. The

ABC says she works as a weekend

presenter for regional radio in Western Australia. Western Australia. The Australian party has called on the Federal the Federal Government to

ensure the ABC immediately

reinstates Ms McGil. It is

always a challenge to do two

jobs at once but Sydney's Lord Mayor Clover Moore is being

told it is no longer an option. She

She says he is the target of proposed

proposed laws to stop MPs being

on councils as well as in state parliament. She is also the parliament.

Member for Sydney and accuses

the Premier Barry O'Farrell of

bullying and running a campaign

against her. Clover Moore has been the

been the state member for Sydney

Sydney for 24 years. She has

also been the also been the Sydney's Lord Mayor for eight. Now she says

the premier ises forking her out

out of parliament. If I am

unable to continue to represent the

the people of the state seat of

Sydney after the local Government elections it will not

not be because of any decyber of

of mine but because I am forced out of the parliament by premier O'Farrell. The Government wants to change laws Government wants to change the

laws so that MPs can't be

laws so that MPs can't be both a Councillor or mayor and state

member. This affects 29

members. These reforms will

bring New South Wales into line

with other mainland states. You can't can't be a member of parliament

in the Victorian parliament and

be a Councillor. The same

applies - you can't be a member of the Queensland parliament and a and a Councillor. The and

applies to South Australia and

Western Australia. Clover Moore

says it is a campaign aimed at

getting rid of her. I feel there

there is a bullying attack from the Premier and he likes to

promote it via promote it via the 'Daily Telegraph'. Anyone would draw

that conclusion because that is

what is going on. Each day

there is a new attack. The Premier says there is a conflict

conflict of interest for MPs to perform dual roles. To get the

changes through the Government

will have to fight. The Greens

and the Independents and the Independents are

against it and hope the crossbenchers will join

them. We would be asking people

from across the state to

contact their local

representatives and say it is

not for Barry O'Farrell to decide

decide who will be their local mayor

mayor but for them to

decide. The opposition agrees. The Labor Party supports more democracy, not

less. Clover Moore says she

will continue on as Lord Mayor which now means in which now means in September

she will have to stand down as a

a state member. At the next

state selection any new member elected

elected who is a Councillor or

mayor will have 18 months to relinquish that local Government position. For a

while now Australians have while now Australians have been

warned about eating too much processed

processed red meat because of

links to diseases like bowel cancer. Now a new US study

found there could be a lot more

than that to worry about. It has been founded that boosting

your health could be as simple

of swapping one serve of red

meat for fish or chick yr. It is

is known that sauce ans and

bacon can increase your chance

of health problems. Now new research from the research from the Harvard school of public health school of public health says

eating too much of any kind of

red meat could be risky. The

study found there was an increased mortality rate associated with associated with cardiovascular

disease and some cancers with

just an increase of one just an increase of one serving

of red or unprocessed meats per

day. It was a significant and long-term study. Researchers tracking tracking more than 120,000

people for 20 years. They found

high consumption of any kind o

red meat increased the risk o dying from heart disease and cancer by 21%. Both processed

and unprocessed red meat had

higher risk of premature debt

but the processed meat was higher. Not all experts higher. Not all experts agree

with the finding saying red

meat is an important source of

iron, Zinc and vitamin D. The

meat in Australia is leaner and

butchers do a lot of trimming

and we also have leaner breeds

of animals. So there is less

fat and less fat and less marbling between the meat fibres. Australian food guidelines recommend

people consume three to four

serves a week of red meet and

limit or avoid

foods. The fat in red meat promotes

promotes a rise in cholesterol

and that will give you more

heart disas and why you get

cancer from red meat pro seen

as opposed to poultry protein

or fish protein is totally

unknown. Resourcechers say

reducing the risk of premature

death because of your diet is

as easy as swapping one serve of red meat per day for fish or

poultry. There is growing international clamour for urgent

urgent action in Syria as world leaders meet at the UN evidence

has emerged of a gruesome

massacre of 47 massacre of 47 civilians, including women and children including women and children in

the town of Homs. Peter Cave the

reports and a warning this story contains images that may be distressing

be distressing to some viewers.

The footage uploaded to the internet shows men, women and children.

children. Some have their hands tied, some have their throat

slit, some have been doused in petrol and burnt. Both the

opposition and the Government

agree there was a massacre but they

they disagree on who's

responsible. Opposition groups have blamed pro-Assad Shabbiha

militia for carrying out the

atrocity by Syrian state

television accused arm gangs

saying the bodies were filmed

an effort to discredit the Government. They supported the

state and because they supported the state the militants killed them. The killings killings were carried out in

the hours after special UN-Arab

League envoy Kofi Annan left

Syria. The killing of Syria. The killing of civilians

must end now. The world must end now. The world must

sense a clear and united

message that this is simply

unacceptable. Other world leaders reacted with disgust. Syrian Government

forces have committed wider

spread cyst ematic and human

rights violations amounting

spread crimes against humanity. The British Foreign British Foreign Secretary condemned the inaction at condemned the inaction at the UN Security Council. In the yiets

yiets of the overwhelming majority majority of the world this

council has so fared failed in its responsibilities towards the Syrian people. Meanwhile

the Syrian army launched a new assault assault on the northern province of Idlib province of Idlib where opposition groups say residents

are suffering appalling

conditions without water, electricity or phones.

Elsewhere the violence

continues unabaited. The US President says the shooting

rampage in Afghanistan that

left 16 civilians dead has made

him more determined to get

American troops out. Barack

Obama's also warning against a

rush to the exit. Meanwhile

Pentagon officials have

rejected calls for a public

trial in Afghanistan. They say

an American soldier being held

over the killings will be

prosecuted by the military and

could face the death penalty. Bodies in blankets on Bodies in blankets on the

back of trucks. Threats of

revenge attacks. This man says

he is ready to join the Taliban

asking how come an infidel asking how come an infidel went

to the house of Muslims and

massacred children and

women. Terrible. Awful. It

can't even imagine the impact

on the families. White House

officials say the deadin for officials say the deadin for a 2014 security handover 2014 security handover hasn't

changed but later Barack Obama

signalled a hardening in his

view that it's time for US troops

troops to leave. It makes me more determined

more determined to make sure more determined to make sure we

are getting our troops home. It

is time. It has been a decade and

and frankly now that we and frankly now that we have gotten Bin Laden, now that we have weakened al-Qaeda we are in a stronger position in a stronger position to

transition than we would have been two or three years

ago. The 38-year-old US army

sergeant being held in custody

over the killing of 16 civilians,

civilians, most of them women

and children, has served and children, has served three

tours in Iraq. He is a trained sniper

sniper and this was his first

assignment in Afghanistan.

Local Ms The Kandahar region,

like this member of the

provincial council, are demanding

demanding a public trial in Afghanistan. That man says if

he did this deliberately he

should be punished with should be punished with death.

The Pentagon insist it will investigate and lead any

prosecution. This individual

will be investigated and the

outcome will be in with outcome will be in accordance with US law. Demanding

calls the shooting rampage a

setback and tragedy. setback and tragedy. General John Allen says it is an

isolated attack and the Nato

campaign in Afghanistan will remain

remain on track. President

Karzai says it is unforgivable

and the shooting rampage complicated talks on complicated talks on a partnership agreement to be

presented to a Nato summit in

Chicago in May. The Afghan part

is calling for negotiations to halt until Washington agrees

the shooter will face the shooter will face justice

in Afghanistan. Time for sport now.

now. Some good flus for Eels


Jarrod Hayne is hopeful he won't

won't miss too much of the NRL

after injuring his knee during last night's match against the

Warriors. The Eels were beaten

36-20 and sit at the bottom of the ladder but most concern

today centred on the future of

the star player. This was is sight Parramatta fans had sight Parramatta fans had hoped

for - Jarrod Hayne in the

for - Jarrod Hayne in the pool

at the recovery session

following the club's defeat

against the Warriors. The round

2 match started brightly for

the eels. Chase Blair for

corner. But in the 16th minute

the supporter's hopes for the

season sunk as their-in-up boy,

the star full-back went to turf seemingly

seemingly for no seemingly for no reason. Is

there a there a concern here for his

knee? Got a bit excited and

tried to hit top gear straight away. The knee couldn't handle

it. It happened probably first or

or second step. By the or second step. By the third

one I felt - didn't feel any

stability there. It was stability there. It was feared he'd suffered ligament damage

and would face a long stint on the

the sidelines but the medical staff knew better. Hayne had

ruptured scar the issue and his

absence from the field would be

minimal. I guess it is a day by day

day thing and how I pull up. In

anything else blows up in the knee.

knee. I just want to try and run again to see how it

recovers from that. Hayne's

prognosis overshadowed New Zealand's win. Late tries took

last season's beaten Zealand's

finalists to a 16-point margin. He will miss Saturday's game against the cowboy s. Kurt

Gidley's shoulder injury

ensured he was ruled out ensured he was ruled out of

this Friday's match against the Broncos. Brisbane reshuffled

its pack after its pack after losing Corey

Parker. Ben Te'o moves to lock,

skipper Sam Thaiday shifts to the the second row and Petero Civoniceva comes in at prop.

Liam Jurrah has made his first

appearance back at the club

since making an Alice Springs

court over an alleged machete

attack. The Demons say they

will stand by him. Any hopes

the Melbourne Demons held of a

low key pre-season have long

expired. The figure of Liam

Jurrah at the training base this morning was sure to

attract attention. He will be

doing it tough with the

publicity. I know him as a guy and

and the kind of person that he

is, he will be doing it tough. He likes He likes to do his talking with a

a football and when he gets out

on the MCG and shows everybody what

what he is capable of he is what he is capable of he is a fantastic player. The club has

committed to offering his full support

support to the 23-year-old for as

as long as he needs it and it was

was that pledge that was no doubt doubt part of the reason it doubt part of the reason it was

irritated to see a television

interview with its player go to air on FOX Sports over the weekend. weekend. The club was not

contacted to arrange the interview interview and was only made

aware of its existence half an

hour before it went to air. I

think you have to ask the club and

and Eddie, the way they go

about their business. That about their business. That is

for them to discuss. You would

like to think people would go

through the right protocol. I

can understand while the Melbourne Football Club is feeling

feeling very testy about

that. Though it seems while

Melbourne has every right to be

annoyed the AFL does not share

its outrage. I watched it. It

was compelling viewing if do

you really want to no. - you really want to no. - know.

It was news breaking and

exclusive. Eddie Maguire is President

President of Collingwood that

insist all interviews are requested

requested through its media

department. Swimming Australia has become embroiled in a

controversy with claims that

high profile swimmers are being

paid big money to make their comeback. It has been reported

that Ian Thorpe was that Ian Thorpe was given

$100,000 to assist with his

return to the pool. return to the pool. Reigning

world 100 metres freestyle

champion James Magnussen says

he is too busy focussing on he is too busy focussing on the

trials in Adelaide to get

involved in the question of pay. Personally it is pay. Personally it is not

something I spent any time losing sleep over because it is

out of my control and I think

at that stage it is speculation. Leisel Jones says

she got nothing when swimming as

as a 14-year-old. I have been on

on the team when we didn't get paid

paid to do anything. We did it

for the love of the sport. I guess

guess swimming Australia has guess swimming Australia has to

make the decisions they want to

make. Magnussen sent a message

to his opponents at the

Olympics saying he wants to

swim faster in Adelaide than at

the world championships last

year. Clive Palmer has

announced his breakaway soccer

Australia will hold an inquiry

into the game's administration

next month. He says the inquiry will focus on three major

issues, the cost of grassroots football, the Olyroos' to football, the Olyroos' failure to qualify for the Olympics to qualify for the Olympics and

the state of the women's game. There has been a lot of tilt and policies that have been,

been, we think, unfairly and

biassed at the detriment of women participating in this

sport. At the same time we have

seen the Ma tilledas rank seen the Ma tilledas rank very

high in the football ladder of

the world and much higher than

the Socceroos. The question has

to come, do they get the

resources and a fair share of recognition

recognition in the game and should

should they be more

recognised. One of New should

Zealand's rugby's most influential figures, Jock

Hobbs, has died from leukaemia at the age of 52. 400 years

after it was last seen a

masterpiece by Leonardo Da

Vinci may have been uncovered.

The wall's of Florence's The wall's of Florence's town

hall feature masterpieces by

the great artists. Historians believe

believe his best work is believe his best work is hidden behind this Australianing.

Reserfch - researchers scro

been insert ing cameras into

the less co and found flagments

of paint used in the Mona Lisa. It cannot be just a

coincidence. If this is discovered

discovered it is sensational but

but it is one of the biggest

things of all time in the art world. It is a bit hyped up at

the moment. It is believed the

hadden painting is 'The Battle of

of Anghiari'. Tropical cyclone

Lua has formed off the Lua has formed off the Pilbara

coast of Western Australia. The

system is expected to move into

a northerly direction and will trigger very heavy rainfall

across parts of the Pilbara and

Kimberley possibly crossing the coast

coast as we head in towards the

end of the week. This tropical

low will form into a tropical

cyclone overnight or early

Wednesday and then cross coast Wednesday and then cross the coast of the Northern Territory

later in the day. It may even

produce some wind gusts up to

and exceeding 100 to 120 kilometres

kilometres an hour around

Darwin by tomorrow evening.

There is the trough moving into

the south-east. That will trigger some hot conditions

ahead of it. We are looking at

widespread dangerous fire

weather conditions across many

parts of South Australia. Dry through much of the red

mainlander. A few mainlander. A few isolated

showers popping up in southern New South Wales and western Victoria but the heaviest of

the falls and most the falls and most significant

weather up across the

tropics. I will be back with an

update in a moment then stay

with us for 'The Business'. You

are watching ABC News 24. You

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The top stories from ABC

News. Former New South Wales

Premier Bob Carr has been sworn into

into the Federal Government's

front bench. His sudden return

to politics after six years in requirement

requirement was made possible

by the resignation of Mark

Arbib. One of the new

minister's new duties will be

to host talks with his Indonesian counterpart in Canberra

Canberra on Thursday. Syria's main

main opposition group has called for urgent foreign military intervention after the discovery

discovery of dead civilians apparently massacred in the

city of Homs. Internet footage

shows what is said to be 47

bodies. The Government blamed bodies. The Government has blamed armed terrorist groups. The Northern Territory

environment centre says it will

continue to campaign against

legislation to establish a

nuclear waste dump after passed nuclear waste dump after it

passed the Senate today. The bill

bill will return to the house

of representatives to consider amendments.