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Live. The day the world changed

- a decade on America and world pause to remember - a decade on America and the

9/11. We felt the grief and

then we felt the sense of resolve that we never again

wanted to see lives lost, including Australian including Australian lives

lost, through acts of terror.

Also ahead - children stuck

in limbo on Christmas Island as

the Government debates its

asylum seeker options. Samantha Stosur to face Serena in the US Open final. Pretty

hard to describe. It is one of

the best feelings I have ever

had. Thank you all you guys for

coming out. It was fantastic out here. The Wallabies' World

Cup campaign off to a flying start in New You're watching ABC News 24.

I'm Simon Palan. Taking a quick look at look at tomorrow's weather in the capitals:

S First to a developing story

this afternoon. The Taliban has

claimed responsibility for a suicide attack on a NATO

outpost in Afghanistan that's

wounded 89 people, including 50

American soldiers. There is American soldiers. There is few

details so far but we will deep you up-to-date as US forces are on high alert

around the world with hours to

go until the September 11th commemorations start in New

York. Today 10 years ago the world changed. In time New Yorkers will awake to world changed. In a few hours

a day of remembrance led by two

US presidents and watched by

millions around the world. At

the World Trade Center site and

across the city police officers

and soldevers are standing by

after what's been described as

a credible threat to attack the

events. Patrols have been

extended and extra car and bag

checks have been carried out Yorkers from marking the but that has not stopped New

occasion at memorials across

Manhattan. 3,000 chairs were

set up in Bryant Park to represent represent the victims of 9/11

the and locals joined hands near

the site of the attacks in a

tribute to those who died. I

came down here because this is

the one thing that I thought it could handle but it's very

hard. I was down in this area when they came down so I saw

the whole thing. We will just

live trade centre site where bring you a live shot commemorations

commemorations are due to start

in just over six hours. That is

the scene as we speak the scene as we speak at Ground

Zero ahead of plans for what

memorial service. It is all should be a very moving

tinged with some fear too over

threats of another attack.Back

home and the Prime Minister has

paid tribute to those who lost their lives in the their lives in the attacks

during a memorial for Hunter Valley miners. Julia Gillard

Mine Workers Memorial attended the 16th annual United

remembering the 1,800 miners

who have lost their lives in

mines. It is a significant day

in history and a time to

remember. A day when the world is gathering to mourn

reflect on events which changed

our world 10 years ago.I'm sure

all of us here will always

remember where we were when we

first heard news of the

terrorist attacks in the United

States. We felt the shock. We

felt the sadness. We felt the

grief and then we

sense of resolve that we never

again wanted to see lives lost, including Australian lives

lost, through acts of terror. Unfortunately, tragically in

the decade in between we have

seen lives lost, including Australian lives lost through

acts of terrorism. The Foreign Minister, Kevin Rudd, has

marked the anniversary of

September 11 with a ceremony at

the war memorial in Canberra.

Mr Rudd was joined by the French Foreign Minister, Alain victims of the 2001 terrorist wreaths commemorating the Juppe. Tonight they laid

attacks. They also remembered

both the Australian and French

soldiers who have died in

Afghanistan and the Australian Diggers who peb rired in France during World War I. The thing

about September 11 is that it could easily have happened in

Paris, it would easily happened in Sydney and it could Paris, it would easily have

still happen which is why still happen which is why the price of freedom is vigilance. France, price of freedom is eternal

States, we continue to maintain our common ally the United

our vigilance. Our special

coverage of the 9/11 anniversary starts in just

you the official Australian under an hour. We will bring

memorial service live from

Julia Gillard and the US Canberra. The Prime Minister,

ambassador to ambassador to Australia,

Jeffrey Bleich will attend. At

9 bm there is a 09 minute

edition of 'The World'

featuring John Howard and

Alexander Downer. Live reports

from Baghdad and Kabul as well. At 10:30 Ali Moore and James

Fallows will cross live to

Scott Bevan in New York for the 10th anniversary service 10th anniversary service and

the official opening of the 9/11 memorial. In other news the attorney-general rfr, Robert McClelland says Robert McClelland says there

will be intense discussion at a

cabinet meeting tomorrow about

what kind of border protection

policy to introduce now the

Malaysia deal has been scuttled

by the High Court. The problem

from Nauru is it is not from Nauru is it is not all

happens on Christmas that different from what

is an Australian territory but

it is an offshore territory, Christmas Island, Nauru is a

different country but essentially it is the same sort of processing systemment if you look at

look at the figures most of the look at the figures most

people processed on Nauru ended

up coming to Australia or New Zealand. Meanwhile the Zealand. Meanwhile the Greens

leader Bob Brown has accused

the Federal Government of

trying to manoeuvre around international law to allow the trying to manoeuvre around the

offshore processing seekers. The immigration offshore processing of asylum

minister, Chris Bowen indicated

that while all options are that while all options are on

the table he favours a policy

Malaysia. Senator Brown says based on offshore processing in

the Greens will not support

such a move. Two children have

been saved from a burning house in Point Cook in Melbourne's

outer south-west. A outer south-west. A man and a

women escaped but it was two

neighbours who rescued the children from the fire. One

rescuer, John hide, served as a firefighter in New firefighter in New Zealand. He

said he was running on instinct when he smashed a bedroom

window to save a 5-year-old boy and 7-year-old girl. The cause

of the blaze is still being

investigated. More than 200

people people have died after a ferry capsized off the capsized off the popular tourist archipelago of Zanzibar. Local officials say

620 survivors have been

recovered but at least 40 of those have been seriously

injured. As many as 800 people were onboard the overcrowded

ferry that sank between two

islands in the Zanzibar

archipelago off Tanzania. It is

thought to have tipped after

losing engine power. The rescue

task was so big fishing boats came to help pull passengers

out of the water and recover bodies. Survivors were taken to

Stone Town, the main port in the capital of the archipelago.

An emergency first aid centre was set up there to treat those arriving by rescue boats. Along

with passengers, the ferry was reportedly carrying a heavy

cargo of rice and other goods.

Some of the survivors have angrily accused port and ferry fishes

fishes of overloading the boat. The authorities The authorities are struggling

to cope and have asked for foreign help from countries

such as South Africa and Kenya. The Zanzibar Government

join the rescue effort. Egypt

says it will take harsh

measures to quell civil measures to quell civil unrest

after protesters stormed

Israel's embassy prompting the

ambassador to flee the country. Security

Security forces fired tear gas

and drove armoured vehicles at protesters throwing stones protesters throwing stones and

petrol bombs. This is the first

attack since the two nations

made peace 32 years ago. Three

people died in the clashes. The

Israeli Prime Minister,

Binyamin Netanyahu, said the attack inflicted

injury to the fabric of peace

with Israel. Peace with Israel

has always been unpopular here and in these post-revolutionary days Egyptians feel free to

show it.Protesters, fired up but

but the deaths of five Egyptian

border guards by Israeli forces

last month, managed to break

into the Israeli embassy near

the top of a 21 storey building. TRANSLATION: care building. TRANSLATION: I didn't

care about the risks, I was ready to die to pull down that flag. Hours later the army had

secured the embassy. By then it was empty and the Egyptian flag

had replaced the Star of David.

That didn't stop some from

having another go. Public

sentiment now threatened the 32-year-old peace treaty.

Although the Israeli Prime

Minister says it should

stay. TRANSLATION: Israel will

continue to hold fast to the

peace accord with Egypt. We peace accord with Egypt. We are working together with working together with the

Egyptian Government to would like to ensure that the security arrangements security arrangements necessary

for him and for our staff will be steadfast. Seven months

after their revolution

Egyptians are angry and they

are angry about a lot more than just Israel. These, for

example, are teachers

protesting about collapsing

living standards. With so much

frustration in the country

Israel will always be a

tempting target. Some of these teachers earn just ?50 a month.

No wonder they are upset.Unable

to meet their demands for

change the Government is struggling to maintain order. It has promised that

protecting foreign embassies will now be a top priority. Libya's new Government has been recognised by the International Monetary Fund.

Paving the way for more money

to help get the country moving

again. It comes as again. It comes as the leader of the interim Government, Moustafa Abdul

Moustafa Abdul Jalil, flew to

Tripoli for the first

captured the capital. His

arrival in Tripoli comes as

fighting continues around fighting continues around three towns where it is towns where it is thought Gaddafi could be hiding. The hope for a peaceful outcome has

vanished as the deadline for surrender has come and gone.

The victims of the latest round

of hostilities arrive at the

field hospital.The cost of war

is having an emotional toll on and off the battlefield. There is a lot of is a lot of casualities. I think it is a difficult war.

Waiting is difficult. We have

to get to war. Not to wait.We

are tired, six months of war is

so difficult for the civilians. Usually the field

hospital shifts as quickly as the fighters advance westwards.

Now this one has been static

for a few days now, probably an

indication of how difficult the fight is at the fight is at the moment. Tales

from the frontline reveal a battle waged on many fronts. At the moment there is bigger obstacle than

obstacle than Gaddafi's firepower. TRANSLATION: There

are families there. We don't

want to hit because of them. The The Gaddafi brigades are taking

advantage of it and attack from

behind the civilians. The

families are not allowed out of

the town. The fighters make steady progress and take control of several villages

along the way, most empty of

civilians. They say they are

closing on Harawa, a town that

was part of the failed tribal

negotiations. It is in the crossfire between the two sides. TRANSLATION: They are using them as human

shields. We can't attack on

enter the town. There are

women, children and elders. We

don't want to harm the same in Sirte and is abouta. There is nothing going

in, food, medicine, nothing. We

have a problem. This is also have a problem. This is also a

war for hearts and minds and

the fate of civilians trapped inside towns and cities is

becoming a growing concern becoming a growing concern for

the fighters as they draw closer to Sirte.

To give visitors in New York a better sense of what happened at the World Trade Center ten years ago a group called the September 11th Families

Association has set up tours there. They are guided by volunteers who have deep

connections to the event. Maria

Iacovone is one of the guides

and Scott baef van joined her

as she led a tribute walking

tour around the perimeter of ground zero. I want to welcome

you to the tour today. My is Maria. The tour will start

behind me. We will go all the behind me. We will go all the way down to... Where were you

on September 11th 2001. I was

in my office building about a

mile away from here. You were

watching it all unfold. You

took some photos I can

see? Yes, these were taken from

my office win do. As you can see we had a view of the towers. Some of my co-workers

saw the planes hit, I saw the planes hit, I didn't,

but I did see the collapse from

this win do. When collapsed I don't even think I

comprehended what had just happened. I will remember

forever the words of a

co-worker at the window next to

me saying, "Oh my God, they're collapsing. I remember a lot of

people around me crying and people around me crying and I

think I was just more in shock of, "What is happening me of, "What is happening around

me and Manhattan right now and

the world." I want everyone to take a good look take a good look at World Trade Center seven. Now I you are

looking at it in your minds

double it in size and that will give

give you an idea of how tall here. Why do you want to do

this? Why do you want to relive

this for not only yourself but

for others? I don't think I

really as much relive it as I will never forget it. So

everyday it is always there in

every New Yorker I believe. Little things, the weather will

stark a memory of 9/11. It was

a beautiful day, almost like

this. The sky was gorgeous, it

was a little eerie for me

coming down here today . I

dwont know if it was the

alert that we are all a little on

on edge about or if it was the

sky being so blue as it was on

9/11 or just the anniversary.

It just is today here for me a little. Knowing people have

lost someone and suffered I know - I've met a tremendous

amount of people at the tribute

centre that collapsed - survived the collapse and they

become friends of mine and I

feel the need to always tell

everyone about 9/11 so we don't

forget. Always so let our guard down because as

you see today from the terror

alert they are giving there is

always that threat to the country. We need to not country. We need to not forget

for that reason as well. Of course the memory of the

course the memory of the 2,751 people that died that day.Then

there was United 175 that came

down the Hudson and passed the World Trade Center on the east

side and swung around between

the 77th and 85th floors that morning

morning it struck. 540 miles per hour, per hour, 9,100 gallons of jet

fuel when it struck the

towers. How difficult is it for towers. How difficult is it for you as you recount tales,

recount facts,

anecdotes, how difficult is it

for you to do that? Oddly

enough as the years go on I

find it a little more difficult

than I did a year or two after

or a week after. I don't

understand why. I guess

everyone is different from what

they remember or finally

letting themselves take in what happened. There are things but

I feel there are many people

that want this story to be told and

can't fully get it out and understandably so because they

had lost a spouse or a child.

So I can do it a little

so maybe I can do it for them

and help them out and continue

to get the story around to

everyone else so we don't

forget. We're right on the cusp

of the site here, we can hear

the work going on in the

background, how do you feel

about what's shaping up about what's shaping up here, about how this will look in about how this will look in the

future? I'm glad to see it long time, as we see, 10 years.

It is nice to see not just It is nice to see not just a

hole anymore because as you've said I've done said I've done this

volunteering here for about

five years now and to

here all the time in the

beginning it was very hard for

me. I would leave this area and

have a big sense of anger and

resentment and hatred resentment and hatred and sorrow and now it is nice. It

is nice to see trees and life

and life goes on obviously and it

it is nice to finally see it here. Thank you Thank you for sharing your

story. All the best to

you. Nice to meet you. Back home now two New South Wales fire fighters have climbed fire fighters have climbed one of Sydney's tallest buildings to honour those who lost their lives in the September 11 attacks. This morning Scott

O'Brien and David Simmons

climbed Sydney Tower's climbed Sydney Tower's 1,500 stairs. Their full firefighting

account added 22 kilograms to the challenge. That the challenge. That it wanted to pay respect to the 343 firefighters who lost their

lives when the World Trade

Center collapsed. Now to sport, how did how did the Wallabies go in their first World Cup

match. They did well. The campaign is off to campaign is off to a good

start. The Australians put on a dominant display to win their first match at the World Cup

beating Italy 32-6. To beating Italy 32-6. To tennis and Samantha Stosur will meet Serena Williams in the US finals in New York. The Australian beat unseeded German Angelique Kerber in their semifinals clash. While Serena Williams downed world number 1, Williams downed world number 1,

Caroline Wozniacki.In the men's Federer to secure his spot in the finals while Rafael Nadal

had a convincing win over Andy

Murray.Samantha Stosur made light work of her opponent in the first set. That

is just a great passing shot

from Stosur. The Aussie played

solid tennis and finished the

set in only 31 minutes but

Kerber struck back in the

second covering the court well

and keeping stows stows on her

heels. She is finding it. the Aussie hung on to secure

her spot in the first US Open final. She does final. She does it. Samantha

Stosur is in to the final of

the US Open. Pretty lard to

describe. It is one of the describe. It is one of the best

feelings I have ever had. Thank

you all of you guys for coming

out. It was fantastic out

here. Stosur will meet Serena

Williams in the final after Williams in the final after she dominated world number 1 Caroline Wozniacki. Williams

was in charge from the start with her strong serve stunning her opponent.In the men's

her opponent.In the men's draw

Rafael Nadal had a comfortable win over Andy Murray in win over Andy Murray in their

semifinal.He will now face top seed Novak Djokovic in the

final after the Serb beat Roger

Federer. That the long. Novak

Djokovic has got there. Too good in the end for Roger

Federer. The two met at year's final with Nadal taking home the win but he admits

is in strong form. I lost the

last five matches against him,

five finals, so this five finals, so this will be

the sixth.That's an advantage

for him. He's obviously the

favourite for the final. To

cricket and Sri Lanka has the

hard task of trying to catch

Australia's lead on day Australia's lead on day 3 of

the second west in

Lanka is chases 180 runs after

an outstanding 283 run partnership by Australia's Shaun Marsh and Michael Hussey yesterday. Tillekeratne Dilshan is at the crease for Sri Lanka

and has sunk a few fours off Watson's deliveries. Johnson

was close to sending the opening batsman packing. Mitchell Johnson and the

Australians are up. Has that

clipped the glove. Australia's

big lead is thanks to Marsh and

Hussey both

yesterday. Marsh made his first

test century before going out

for 141 runs. In the AFL

Carlton and Essendon are

battling it out at the MCG one of the highly anticipated elimination finals in years. Carlton snatched the lead from

the Bombers and went to the main break on a 41-point lead

over Essendon. The over Essendon. The Bombers started the game strong

securing the first major to the

day and breaking to an early

lead but the Blues fought back

in the second quarter. How that for hard work. The Blues

have failed to get fast the

first week of the finals in the

last two years with narrow

defeats in Sydney defeats in Sydney and Brisbane. Last night

Collingwood defeated West Coast at the MCG while the Sydney

Swans had an upset win over St

Kilda in their elimination final at Docklands. The win

means the Swans will face Hawthorn in another sudden

death match next week.To NRL

and Melbourne and New Castle clash at Melbourne stadium this afternoon. The Knights have the

daunting task on taking on the

that must win match. Last night

Manly beat the North Queensland

Cowboys and the Broncos totally dominated the New Warriors. A dominant Broncos

pack came out firing completely outplaying the Warriors. In almost identical fashion Jack Reed crossed the line. He has

got it away to Jack Reed. got it away to Jack Reed. Big Jack Reed is over again. It was then

then time for captain Darren Lockyer to step up. Gillette Lockyer to step up. Gillette is away and he away and he has done the backhanded dummy and got it

away on the inside to Lockyer. The strong attacking

game theft Warriors relying on their defensive skills, which

weren't up to scratch. The

Warriors did get some points on the board crossing twice in the

second half. Flick pass out the

back. Lock's got it. But it wasn't enough

wasn't enough with the scoring a total of seven tries. The Broncos attack

again. Jack Reed's away. Glenn

started it with an offload that

the best offloaders of all time

would be proud of. In the

night's other match the Cowboys

kept the Sea Eagles scoreless

in the first half and looked

like they secured a win.But young Will Hopoate stepped up

to get his side on the

It has again away to It has again away to Hopoate. Will

try opened the floodgates for Manly, the Sea Eagles scored

seven tries in the second half with Hopoate sealing the

deal. Hopoate is after it. has got it. Hopoate scored!

that's his second for the night. To soccer and Manchester United and Manchester City

remain on top of the remain on top of the English Premier League Premier League after comfortable victories this

morning. United thrashed Bolton

5-0 and City defeated Wigan

3-0.Let's look at the highlights from the Manchester

United match. That is dangerous one and it is the opening goal and guess who,


His second, His second, Rooney. Another close range goal. Manchester United starting the season in

real style.Going all the way,

it is brilliant for Rooney. Fantastic Manchester United

goal.Accelerating again, Hearn

an December.- Now it is Rooney and that Now it is Rooney and that is another hat-trick. A second

hat-trick in a row for Wayne Rooney. 5-0 to Manchester Rooney. 5-0 to Manchester United.

Sebastian Vettel will start from poll position in tonight's Italian Formula 1 Grand Prix. Mark Webber finished fifth fastest in qualifying. The satellite weather picture

shows cloud over southern Victoria and Tasmania associated with the front

bringing showers. There is patchy cloud Australia that is leading to

showers. Skies clear elsewhere.

The skies across Bondi Beach

came alive today for the Sydney

festival of the winds, the

annual kite flying competition

showcases the amazing skill and

craftsmanship of the sport. There were giant sea creatures, UFOs, cartoon Hundreds of kites of all shapes and sizes were on display and

there were kite building

workshops. People from all

around the world and all walks of of life participated in the event. There is loads of

inflatables, that's the big

things that haven't got any spice in them. There seven some

really big ones like the really big ones like the whale and the octopus. It's just

lovely. There is such a wide demo graphic of

make and fly kites. We are

talking about from tradies all

the way up to brain surgeons.

There just seems to be a universal universal appeal across all the

Dem graphics. You have hippies

and really serious people on

the other side. Everybody. It

seems to capture people's attention. I will

attention. I will be back in a few minutes with the day's

headlines. You are headlines. You are watching ABC News 24. Closed Captions by

CSI. This Program is Captioned

Live. These are today's Live. These are today's top

stories. A weekend of ceremony has begun in

to mark the 10th anniversary of

the September 11th attacks. In Washington Barack Obama and Washington Barack Obama and his wife have wife have visited Arlington National Cemetary to pay

tribute to US servicemen and women killed in Iraq and

Afghanistan. In New York church

services have been held and police patrols have police patrols have been extended and extra car and bag

searchs are also being carried out. Greens leader Bob Brown accused the Federal Government

of trying to manoeuvre around international law to allow the offshore processing of asylum seekers. The immigration

minister, Chris Bowen,

indicated that while all options are options are on the table he

favours a policy based on offshore processing in Malaysia. Senator Brown says

the Breens will not support the

move. More than 200 people move. More than 200 people have