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Tonight - donations and developer s -

developer s - more accusations

of government wheeler

dealing. I stand by these

decisions 110%. Sex, bribery,

now betrayal - another

sensational day at ICAC. What

happened to the summer? Sydney

cops another buck etting. It's

all under water, mate, the

whole lot. And American

North Korea anthems Stalinist outpost - is

North Korea changing its

tune. We may have been

instrumental in opening a

little door. Good evening.

Juanita Phillips with ABC

News. The clause were out again

in the bear pit again today.

Question time in State

Parliament was a rowdy affair

as the donations for

development scandal once again

dominated proceedings. This

time it was a questionable deal

to involving Frank Sartor that led

to angry exchanges. The

Planning Minister says he did

nothing wrong. And the Premier

backed him. In an attempt to

return to business, the Premier

has announced drink spiking

will become a criminal

offence. You spike drink, the

law is going to get you. But

there was no escape for him

either from the controversy

over political donations from

gop ers developers. The

Planning Minister, Frank

Sartor, has been accused of

allow ing a rezoning

application to go ahead because

the developer is a generous

Labor Party donor. The land in

question lies between the

Canberra Airport and

Queanbeyan. The Minister's

decision contradicts the advice

of an independent panel and has reopen add long running

sore. This is a planning

disaster. It is planning

madness and Frank Sartor should

listen to his own

experts. Frank Sartor says he's

never done anything improper in

all his years in public

life. No-one has ever been able

to come up with any

substantiate ever they've acted

improperly in any way shape or

form. He is still fighting

Aloisi gaetions that he phoned

one developer asking if he was

going to book a table at a fund

raising dinner. The Premier de

avoided a question over whether

he made a similar call. If

you're alleging corruption on

the part of the Minister for

planning, do so. Lay the

allegation and face the

consequences of the libel suit

that comes. In Parliament, the

Opposition's attempt to find

out more was turned against out more was turned against

them. What a sanctimonious

hypocrite. Barry the bag man.

Guess who the airport are

funding? Big time. The goings

on at Wollongong Council that

prompted the scandal are still

before the ICAC. But the State

Government has moved on another

troubled local government. The

Port Macquarie Hastings Council

has been sacked over its

mismanagement of a multimillion-dollar centre.

Incompetence is to blame, says

the Minister, and perhaps

something more. The

Department of Local Government Director-General of the

indicated there are some and the commissioner have

matters they wish to refer to

the ICAC. This decision has

effectively Reserve Banked the

people of the Hastings of their democratic rights to steer

their own destiny. The State

Government's destiny is looking

clouded. Any progress has been

eclipsed by questions over its

integrity and its incompetence.

Voters must waiting for the

next scandal to break. It's the mystery that all of

Sydney's talking about - what

happened to our summer? There's

no point sending out the search

parties now. The so-called hot

season is almost over. In fact

along the coast it's real along the coast it's real been

the sum they're never was. Last

night, Sydney copped another

massive rain storm, capping off

one of the strangest summers

since the 1950s. You park your

car at work and at the end of a

hard day, this. Last night, the

rain came buck etting down in

yet another Sydney summer

downpour. About the only thing

batsman car Val vaj Aboriginal in this

batsman car park was the jet

ski. My whole life is in that

car. There's nothing else left

other than the clothes I have on. The highest official

reading was 31mm at

Abbottsford. But it's likely

there were heavier falls in

suburbs without gaidges. We had

it in about 10, 15 minutes it

was all gone. You could have

suffered down here for the

water coming down here. There were multiple lightning

strikes. Two buildings in

Burwood copped district hits

and water started spilling in

the Burwood RSL from an overflowing gutter. It's the

final week of a weird summer.

It's been cool. The temperature

has not got above 31 degrees.

The only years that's happened

before the summers of 1953,

1956 and way back in 1873. In

fact, the average maximum this

summer is just 25.2. That makes

it the coolest since 1996. The

summer of 2008 has also been

pretty damn wet. The tally so

far is 401mm, that makes it the

wettest since 2002. The cool

wet new year can be attributed

to the La Nina weather pattern

in the Pacific. But what about all the talk

all the talk of global warming?

Shouldn't it be getting

hotter? Temperatures are

getting warmer however we will

always have natural variability

in the climate system. Despite

the fact the last 10 years in

Australia we've seen increased

temperatures we will always

Gettel Ninos and la

neenias. And they're likely to intensify as the mercury

continues to rise. So continues to rise. So what

does this mean for rest of the

year? Graham Creed is out and

about on storm watch tonight. I

think it's about to start

raining again. Does this mean

we're heading for a wetter than

normal autumn? It does. You

will need the um Brela over the

next three months. To work out

what's happened in - happening

in autumn, we need to look at

the overall picture and we the overall picture and we are

in a La Nina and that means

more rainfall. The cloud over

the next three months should

keep day time maximum

temperatures cooler but the

overnight minimum s warmer. It

looks like autumn will be wet

and cooler than what we would

typically expect. But for the

last two days of summer, stay

tuned for the details in a moment. To a moment. To a developing story

now and a search is under way

for two men missing on the

State's north coast after a

fishing trawler overturned this

morning. A 39-year-old man was

found suffering from exhaustion on New Brighton Beach near

Brunswick Heads. He had swum 10

hours for help. The man told

police he left his rue mate s

clinging to flotation desiesis.

An air sea rescue is An air sea rescue is

continuing. A man has been

arrested for attacking the WA

Premier. Alan Carpenter was

address ing hundreds of a angry

taxi drive thers morning when a

26-year-old man rushed out of the crowd. He shoved the

Premier in the chest before

being tackled to the ground by

armed officers. . The protest

other has been charged with dis

order ly conduct. The Premier

decided not to press for a more

serious assault offence. They

will have to take you

away. That's fair enough. Mr

Carpenter was not hurt in the

incident. The man will appear

in court next week. It's been

revealed that the founder of

child care provider ABC

Learning sold shares in the

company during yesterday's

share price plunge. Eddy Groves

and his wife disclosed they

off-loaded 19 million of their

shares. One other director is

known to have sold stock before

the share price dived. It

dropped a massive 43% due to a

sharp fall in profits and debt

concerns. In a statement late today, the company revealed

almost all of the nearly 22

million shares held by

directors were exposed to

margin lending. The Australian

Securities Exchange confirmed

it was close ly monitoring trading in ABC Learning trading in ABC Learning shares

by the company's

directors. When ever a director

sells share s immediately

before the share price falls

off a cliff, it raises all

sorts of questions as to

whether they did it knowing

that that was about to

happen. The shares are now on a

trading halt as the company

says it's talking to possible

buyer force parts of its

business. He called him 'Osama

bin London', a British Muslim bin London', a British Muslim

who wanted to wage holy war in

his adopted homeland. But

instead of jihad, he's facing

jail. A London jury found

Mohammed Hamid guilty of

recruit ing young Muslims and

training them as killers. 50-year-old Mohammed

Hamid was an influential

preacher who recruited hundreds

of followers. Police welcomed

his conviction soliciting

murder and organising training

for terrorists. The terrorist

training of course is not just

about making bombs or learning

to shoot. It's about grooming

people to the point where they

are prepared to commit

murder. Hamid's training camps

weren't in Afghanistan, they

were just 100km from London and

though the trainees carried

stick s instead of weapon, the

jury was convinced this was

training for terrorism. The

group also used a watermelon to

practice decapitation. Some

of the men allowed a BBC crew

to film them playing paint

ball. Mohammed Hamid was the

leader of the group. A former

crack addict, he was a

well-known figure in London's

jihadi scene. If you see

jihadi scene. If you see 50

women, children being slaughtered, what's the first thing you're going to do?

You're going to tell somebody

to go there and help them. The

minute you tell somebody to go

and help them, how? You

recruiting terrorists. An

undercover officer recorded a

conversation between Hamid and

an associate about the deadly

July 2005 attacks on London's

transport system.

He's due to be sentenced at

a later date. It looks like

music might have succeeded

where threats have failed when it comes to North Korea.

America's oldest orchestra has

staged a concert there and it's

managed to play the 'Star

Spangled Banner'. It was a

diplomatic overture that many

believe could help tlau

relations between the Stalinist

state and the West. In East

'Americans in Pyongyang''s

Grand Theatre, a song rarely

heard - the national anthems of

the United States and North

Korea were played before last

night's concert. Herald ing a night's concert. Herald ing a

rare cultural exchange between

the two long-time foes. The

concert featured Dvorak, and

Gershwin's American American.

Each performance toz was to

build an understanding. Some

day a composer might write a song ielted 'Americans in

song ielted 'Americans in Pyongyang'. The New York

Philharmonic travelled at the invitation of North Korea's

Government. Leader Kim Jong-il

was not in the audience but he

could have watched from home.

The concert was carried live on

state television and radio to

all North Koreans could enjoy

it. With a deal to disarm North

Korea's nuclear capabilities

running behind schedule, more

openness is being seen as a way

to clearing stum j

blocks. There may be a mission

accomplished here. We may have

been instrumental in opening a

little door. It ended with a

6-minute standing ovation,

Professoring music may be the

key - proving music may be the

key to improve ing relations

with North Korea. Happy pills

or just a waste of time?

Millions of people take them every day. But

every day. But if & a new

overseas study suggests that

instead of taking

anti-depressants like Prozac

you might as well be taking a

placebo. Australian doctors,

though, dis agree, saying that

for many parents they are

literally a life safer. One in

five Australians will

experience depression at some

stage in their life. Many will

be prescribe ed

anti-depressants to cope but anti-depressants to cope but

now evidence questions the

effectiveness of the popular drugs. Our research indicates

that people do get better when

they take the anti-depressant

medications. The problem is

they also get better when they

take placebo and the difference

between the improvement on

placebo and improvement on the

medication is not all that

great for most patient

groups. Researchers looked at

data from 47 publish and un published published clinical trials and

found anti-depressants were

little better than placebo.

Depression is caused by a

chemical imbalance in the

brain. The patients have a low

er level of serotonin. The

medication helps to rebalance

this. Experts say for many

patients the drugs work well

and increased use of anti-depressants have led to

reduced rates of suicide. This

is a very selective re view of

recent studies. It totally

ignores 50 years of systemic

studies in anti-depressant s

showing the very significant

and beneficial effects. Doctors

stress it's important for

patients not to stop taking anti-depressant medication

suddenly. Doing so could cause

a range of serious side

echings, including headache, disturbed sleep and disturbed sleep and anxiety.

Most studies showed the most

effective way of dealing with

depression is a combination of medication and counseling.

Back to our top store I y

now - at the Wollongong sex and bribery inquiry there's been

more sensational evidence. In a

day of high drama, the town

planner at the centre of the

scandal heard how her former

lover asked a criminal to keep

her quiet. The ICAC also heard

about a secret deal between the

property developer and a Labor

Councillor. Wollongong property

developer Frank Vellar had a

torrid day in the witness box.

He was first questioned about

his relationship to Labor

Councillor Val Zanotto. Mr

Vellar considered buying a

local property when he heard it

may be rezoned to allow him to

build a supermarket. He told

his employee:

Council assist ing said the

little bird yay was Wollongong

Councillor Val Zanotto and he

said the two discussed buying

it together.

The ICAC also accused Mr

Vellar of lying about his

sexual relationship with town

planner Beth Morgan. At the

time she gave approval to turn

this car park into a $100

million high rise, Mr Vellar

said their relationship had

cooled. But emails released

today show intimate exchanges

between the pair. ? Any

affection between the former

lovers was ex tished when a

phone call was replayed here between

between Mr Vellar and the

convicted criminal Younan. At

the time, Mr Ray Younan was

pose ing as an ICAC

investigator and demanding

hundreds of dollar s of hush

money. Mr Vellar allegedly

asked Mr Younan to help keep

his girlfriend quiet.

Something like that has

to happen before I go

away. Beth Morgan game visibly

upset, telling the ICAC:

Mr Vellar denied trying to

intimidate his lover and said

he only want ed to help her.

A celebrity photographer

accused of wreaking havoc on

Nicole Kidman's life has lost a

defamation action against

Fairfax Media. Jamie Fawcett

took offence at an article in

the 'Sun-Herald' that described

him as Sydney's most disliked

photographer. In ruling for

Fairfax, the judge also found

that Fawcett placed a listening device outside Kidman ease

Sydney home. Arriving at

court, Jamie Fawcett had every

reason to be worried. How are

you feeling today? Nervous. A

short time later, Justice

Carolyn Simpson ruled against

him and order hi pay costs to

Fairfax, an amount that could

be as high as six figures. It's

very disappointing. It's not

the outcome I wanted. But

certainly it there's a lot of

complex issues and they need to

be considered. At the heart of

the defamation case was an

article that described Jamie

Fawcett as a cowboy type. I

said he had wreaked havoc on

Nicole Kidman's life and

inferred he plant add listening

device outside the Hollywood

actresses home. Nicole Kidman

gave evidence that she was

terrified when she was chased by the photographer through

Sydney streets. While a jury

originally found he was de

famed, Fairfax argued successfully that there was

truth in the article. Justice

Carolyn Simpson found.

I am disappointed she's

come to that decision. I don't

believe that it's supported by

the evidence. Jamie Fawcett

shook his head in disbelief as

the judgment was read out. He says despite the case hurting

him financially, he still plans

to appeal. The Tax Office is

on the war path, cracking down

on Australians hoarding millions in European bank

accounts. 20 homes and offices

have already been raided here

as part of an international

probe involving nine countries.

The investigation involve s

amounts ranging from $200,000

to millions of dollars. The

principality of Liechtenstein

has emerged as the favourite

haven for wealthy Australians. Bottom line

business for us - tax laws of

the country are there to be

adhered to. The ATO is urging

anyone evading tax through Liechtenstein to come clean,

saying it may be possible to

give them indemnity from

criminal prosecution. On to

finance now and the local share

as market has again closed higher

as the euro hit a new record

against the US dollar. Here is

Alan Kohler. Americans are

crossing Paris off their to

visit list. The euro has soared

to a record high of $1.50 US,

all the tourist traffic is back

the other way, as Europeans

tramp around Washington and

Manhattan. It's because the

flood of petro dollars from the

oil rich gulf States is not

treasurer rr finding its way into US

treasurer rr bonds as it used

to but into euro s instead. The

Australian dollar has gone

above 93 US cent s for the first time since October. Last

night the oil price jumped back

above $100 US a barrel but it

wasn't the only thing jumping

on commodity markets. Wheat is

sitting at a record high of

just under $12 a bushell. And

gold is also at a record high.

But the agricultural commodity that's

that's been really running

lately is cotton. It's gone up

42% in less than a year and is

now sitting at a record high.

The wool price on the other

hand has been falling lately,

just in time for winter. The

share market managed to carry

on without ABC Learning today,

which was suspended from

trading. The All Ordinaries

went up 1.7% making it three

rise in a row but don't get too

excited disht's down 44 points

over the past month. Here are

some highlights - Timbercorp

jumped 18% after getting a big

wood chips price rise from

Japanese paper mills. Incitec

Pivot became the first stock

since Poseidon in 1970 to hit

$150, NAB led an advance of the

all banks with a rise of 4%.

Rio Tinto went up 2 %. Last

night the US market went up a

bit less than 1% despite new

figures on house prices in the

US. The median US house price

fell 9% in year to December.

It's a grime trifecta for the

poor Americans - their money,

houses an shares all done. With

the Olympic games months away,

Beijing has unveiled its new

high-tech airport. The centre

piece of the development,

Terminal 3, is claimed to be

world. Designed the biggest building in the

world. Designed by Norman

Foster, it will handle 14,000

passengers an hour, both

domestic and international.

Rail connections will link

different term knolls as well

as the airport and the city. In

terms of setting a standard for

international airports this is

- it's definitely ahead of its

time. This is a real gateway

that China expected. The first

flights will arrive this

time out weekend. Brett Lee says that

time out of the game with

injury and indifferent form

inspired him to go on and win

the top award in Australian

cricket. The fast bowler took

out the Allan Border Medal at a

ceremony in Melbourne last

night. But as he was celebrating, another of Australia's stars was calling

it a day. Here is Peter

Wilkins. Leading Australia's pace attacks since Glenn

McGrath's retirement is a task

that's brought out the best in

Brett Lee. The speedster finished 18 finished 18 votes ahead of

Hayden hay, despite missing the

World Cup with injury. Only

flee years ago Lee was a

perennial 12th man. I knew if I

was to hang in there long

enough, work on my fitness and

different ways to bowl as

well. Lee took 70 bikets in

West and one-day cricket during

the voting period. Hayden was

named one-day player of the

fertilising year. The Indians weren't

fertilising his barb on radio

about Australia's nemesis s,

Harbhajan Singh. The first time

I ever met him he was the same

obnoxious weed he is now. The

ipdians are preparing for

Sunday's first final against

Australia. Which will be one of

the last games for Brad Hogg.

The 37-year-old wrist spin ler retire at the end of the

series, further depleting series, further depleting

Australia's spinning ranks. You

just have to make do with the

stocks you've got and some

someone might come out like a Shane Warne and blitz

international cricket. Hogg has

played only seven Tests but has

been a regular in the one-day

team with 154 wickets from 121

games. Joel Griffiths could be

the luckiest winner of the

Johnny Warren medal for best

player in the A league. player in the A league. The

effervescent Newcastle striker

was not sent off for striking a

referee's assistant in the

groin back in October while a

similar attack saw Grand Final

opponent Danny Vukovic cop a

15-month ban. In Griffiths's

case, an on-field yellow card

meant no further action could

be taken under FIFA rules. These things happen.

It's a wake-up call for myself

at that time.

at that time. I do regret what

I did. And glad to move on

after that and just have the

season that I did. After a

recent lean run, the former

world number one Andy Irons

posted the day's highest score

at the tour event on the Gold

Coast. The Hawaiian had a 9.5

ride to move into the third

round. 1-year-old Australian

wildcard Julian Wilson emerged

from the tube to set up a third round meeting with world round meeting with world dhavernon Mick Fanning. It's

known as the Doomsday Vault, a

kind of Noah's Ark in case

there's a global catastrophe.

The world's largest natural

freezer has been built in

Norway, inside it will store

the planet's most important

seeds, billions of them. In the

event of a climate change

disaster or a nuclear

Holocaust, the seed store could

help the human race rebuild and

survive. It's one of the

coldest places on earth.

Situated in the Arctic circle,

sal Svalbard is 1,000km in the

north pole and has twice as

many polor bears as it has

residents. With temperatures

rising minus 20 degrees it's

also the perfect place to build

the world ice first freezer to

store billions of seeds. It's a

great symbolic means, a kind of

frozen garden of Eden. Today,

hundreds braved freezing

conditions to witness its

opening. Carved into the side

of the mountain, this

underground vault will store

2.5 billion seeds, preserving

them for hundreds, if not

thousands, of years. We're

going to put an end to

extinction with this vault

because we will have a safety

backup, a plan B. The vault is

so deep inside the mountain

that any possible changes to

the climate won't matter,

should disaster strike. We're

well above sea level if the ice

in the poles should melt. It's

safe against earthquake s. We

are 130m inside the mount ains,

so we should be very safe

against nuclear war fare and

even asteroids. Australia has

backed the idea from day one.

And Australian scientist John

Lovett is on the 12-member

board to oversee it. We are in

there quite strongly and indeed

we're still one of the top two

in terms of our contributions

to the trust. With the first

seeds delivered today,

scientists are taking no

chances to ensure this actic

cave does its job. Hopefully

it's not a sign of doomsday but the weather has been the weather has been funny. How

are the last few days of summer

looking? It's ending up pretty

much the same way it started -

wet and cold. As you can see, it is teeming down in the city

of Sydney. We've seen falls of

around about 20mm through some

suburbs. And as far as the

temperatures go, it was another

humid one. We managed around 25

to 27 degrees. Now, as I said,

we've got storms and showers

through the city at the moment. We We expect those to continue

overnight. We will see a tend

more 20 rain. Thanks to a

trough and an upper level

disturbance. Moist warm

north-west to north-east winds

have help to push the temperatures above average

across most districts. So it

was finally a warm day across

most of the State.

An unseasonably cold change

moved into the city but they

produced no rainfall. Cloud is

increasing over NSW. That's as

the upper level disturbance approaches. approaches. That's helping to

enhance the instability. That

combined with the surface

trough and a high in the bight

is helping to drive cold

southerly air over the

south-eastern States. We will

see further storms and rainfall

over NSW. And widespread rain

tomorrow with heavy falls

possible generally over the

northern half. We will see it

ease behinds the cold er

southerly change. We're looking

at snow on the Victorian Alps

and the highest parts of


The last day of summer,

plenty of showers and cold southerly winds through Sydney.

We will see that continue on

Saturday. With around 21

degrees once again but the good

new force the weekend is

Sunday. It looks a lot better.

We should start to see the

showers clear away. And looking

at the temperature s picking up

with a warmer day on the way

Tuesday so a bit of a taste of

summer there. But cooling down

after that. That storm hit you

right on queue. Very

impressive. Tonight's top story

again disht's been another

dramatic day in State politics. The Planning Minister is taking

heat over a controversial land

development and the Port

Macquarie-Hastings Council has

been sacked for mismanagement.

That is ABC News for this

Wednesday. The '7:30 Report' is

up next. I will be back with

updates during the evening. For

the latest headlines 24 hour s

a day, go to ABC Online.

Goodnight. Closed Captions by CSI

We are unable to broadcast

in Victoria tonight's scheduled premiere of

'Underbelly'. Tonight on the

7:30 Report - the statewide tell vision black

tell vision black out that has created a thriving black

market. There are tens of

thousand of copies of this circulating around

Victoria. I got the series

for $10. And the 81-year-old

veteran boxer changing young

lives with his no-frills gym.

You get taught here you don't

fight in the streets. If you're caught fighting

caught fighting in the streets,

you can't come here.

Welcome to the program. The

Nine TV network is set to

appeal later this week against

a ruling banning the broadcast

in Victoria of its

controversial crime series

'Underbelly', which is based on