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(generated from captions) a great idea. Yeah, I think that'd be OK. Let's go. over dinner. Well, we can talk about the case

how grateful I am Right now I just wanna tell you that you're putting on the case, for all the attention anything in my power to help, and I want you to know that I will do

for any information. including a cash reward That's not really necessary. this monster who killed my wife, It is if it helps catch because I'm not going to rest and is brought to justice. until this murderer is caught the Australian Caption Centre Supertext Captions by

This program is captioned live. Tonight - a town in mourning - killed in a horror crash the mother of a teen on laws for young drivers. calls for a re-think

to a peak-hour train The teenager accused of setting fire because he was bored. flies into a diplomatic stoush And John Howard with our Pacific neighbours. and Deborah Knight. Ten News with Ron Wilson Good evening, also tonight -

some students miss their HSC exams. the rail problems that almost made that Phar Lap was poisoned, And scientific proof but was he murdered?

John Howard is a welcome guest. Officially, But behind the smiles, at this year's Pacific Islands Forum Australia is under intense pressure over the ugly row with the Solomons.

have now signed an official statement Several other Pacific nations of Australians in a police raid condemning the involvement Prime Minister last week. on the office of the Solomons' I don't think it was a good idea. this is disturbing sovereign rights. As far as I'm concerned, the role of RAMSI - And the Solomons is now questioning led by Australia, the assistance mission

restoring law and order there. RAMSI must stay. The head of the mission says Islands prematurely Were RAMSI to leave the Solomon collapse of confidence. there would be a serious

John Howard has come to Fiji by the Forum. expecting RAMSI to be applauded between the two leaders There's no official meeting planned

to meet his Solomons counterpart. but Mr Howard says he is happy

in the balmy breezes of the Pacific Some gentle discussion and reconcile differences. can do wonders to soothe nerves The smaller island states, though, more substantial problems - hope the stoush won't overshadow of climate change. like the terrible impact Over the past fortnight, represented here at the forum many of the countries and substantial damage. have experienced huge tides

Australia and New Zealand They've warned some of their people they may need to take when time runs out. being submerged in 10 years time, If we are talking about our islands somewhere else to go. we simply have to find In Fiji, Laurel Irving, Ten News. after setting fire to a city train, A teenager is behind bars tonight causing up to $500,000 damage. The young man says he was just bored.

taken by a Channel Ten viewer These pictures battling to control the blaze. show firefighters in just a few minutes, The flames take hold pouring from the upper decks. thick smoke at close to $500,000. Police today putting the damage bill was stopped at Villawood Station The Bankstown line service around 5:00pm yesterday its passengers got a little bored. when it's claimed one of of setting fire to a seat, The teenager is accused the safety of other passengers while completely disregarding helped evacuate the carriage. Rail staff around him.

Their boss today said there was a bright side to the drama. despite the extensive damage, These incidents are always a test counter-terrorism response of potential and I'm delighted with the way the closed-circuit TV we were able to access to police to enable an early arrest. and provide that information Shane Jarrett in custody. They soon had 18-year-old charged over the attack. He faced court today While the defence lawyer described it

by a very young boy, as a very silly act saw it differently, the police prosecutor to amuse himself like this now, saying if he was prepared in the future. who knows what he'd be capable of Jarrett was denied bail next week. and will appear in court again he not only faces jail, If found guilty compensation. but may also have to pay Ali Donaldson, Ten News. were captured by a viewer. Those pictures of the burning train If you get close to a news story

to send your pictures

or phone 0405 101010. another critical Cronulla riot report The State Government is facing over the violent revenge attacks. this time was ordered The second Cronulla report CCTV images of the reprisal attacks, after police finally released these was told didn't exist. images Commissioner Ken Moroney Government not only sack Carl Scully I think it's important today the

but release that second report. Traffic Chief Ron Sorensen - The report - part authored by former of police communications, is believed to be critical men of Middle-Eastern appearance asking why a car convoy carrying

south-west to beachside suburbs was allowed to travel from the without being stopped. the St George Highway patrol As a matter of urgency could all deploy to Maroubra ASAP please. Miranda. Miranda, not Maroubra, cars to of damage in Maroubra, The revenge attacks left a swathe Brighton-Le-Sands, and Cronulla. In the first Cronulla report, of the command structure, there's criticism and a communication breakdown phones to keep in contact. that forced police to use mobile new command and control centre The Opposition says a long-promised would have helped stop the reprisals. would have made a difference. There's no doubt the control centre I think the report makes that clear. meet the Cronulla report's author, Tomorrow, Commissioner Moroney will former Commissioner Norm Hazzard, for change. to discuss his 33 recommendations

when Parliament resumes tomorrow, At the same time, another Opposition attack the Police Minister faces calling his his political scalp. But while Carl Scully concedes he could have handled the Cronulla report issue better, he won't be standing down.

Paul Mullins, Ten News. A small town united in grief, struggling to cope with the loss of four teenage friends in a car crash.

Police are yet to speak to the 17-year-old P-plater who was behind the wheel, but the families of those killed say it was a tragic accident and no-one is to blame. The tragedy has hit hard. Ann and Mark New lost their son, 16-year-old Corey, and three of his friends -

Mitchell Eveleigh, Bryce Wells, aged 17, and 16-year-old Paul Morris. All killed near Byron Bay when the car they were travelling in crashed down an embankment. Only the 17-year-old driver survived. We really want to ask people to support the driver because his heart will be as heavy as ours. Parents say the victims were responsible teenagers with everything to live for. He wasn't a son he was a mate. More than anything he was a top kid. Corey played in a band with close friend Mitchell Eveleigh, a guitarist who wanted to study law. Mitchell's parents devastated over his death. They were just wonderful kids. They were talented kids, they all had different talents and they really were respected among the kids here. We've had the kids here this morning, their mates,

It's not just the families who are shocked and grieving, the whole community of Lismore is reeling from this tragedy. The loss felt most acutely at the high school the boys attended. They were the cream of our students but typical of all our students they were just great kids. Floral tributes to the victims have been placed outside the school today. The families are now planning separate funerals

to farewell their sons and they've called on all young drivers to learn from this tragedy and slow down. John Hill, Ten News. The tragedy has sparked renewed calls for a curfew

and better training programs for young drivers. But the State Government has already ruled out raising the minimum age for P-platers to 18. 22-year-old Scott Williams walking home today after losing his licence,

caught doing 70km over the limit. The P-plate driver on a drunken joy-ride along the M4. He managed to escape alive. But so many others don't. 26 P-platers have been killed on NSW roads so far this year. The community wants action to prevent these senseless tragedies. The Government can't be behind the wheel of every car being driven by young drivers. One of the main criticisms of the current system is that P-platers are let loose on the roads without enough experience. It's absolutely vital at this point that we look at advanced driving courses for people before they get their P-plates. There are also calls for the introduction of night curfews - as enforced in Queensland -

restricting the number of passengers P-plate drivers can carry after 11:00pm. But teenage drivers say it wouldn't be fair to deny them of that basic right. That's a lot of the reason young people get their Ps is so they can drive a whole group of people to parties, and that sort of thing, so that would be difficult. What if you have a bar job, or what if you have to pick up your sister or you find one your friends is in danger? The Government's ruled out raising the minimum age for new drivers to 18 but is considering improved training programmes. We are looking at extending the number of hours required for L-plate drivers and adding a night-time driving requirement of around 15 hours, which would be a first for Australia. Ebbeny Faranda, Ten News. Further proof emerged that Australia's greatest racehorse, Phar Lap, died from arsenic poisoning. But the mystery about who administered the fatal dose

is far from solved. New light has been shed on the mysterious death of Phar Lap, quite literally. 74 years after the champion died of suspected poisoning, intense beams from a synchrotron have revealed arsonic was present in hairs taken from Big Red's hide. We found two sources. One, we believe, from the taxidermy process in preserving him. The other one, we believe - and the results are consistent - with him consuming arsenic just prior to his death. It's the first time the museum has allowed anyone to take a sample from the champion racehorse. We don't give away samples of Phar Lap unless it can be clearly demonstrated there would be some benefit in explaining Phar Lap's history. History - Roy Higgins, a close friend of Phar Lap's strapper, Tommy Woodcock, says it was already known. Phar Lap was fed Fowler's solution which contained arsenic.

I could have told you that. Tommy could have told you that 100 years ago. Tommy said he fed all of his horses Fowler's solution because it helped their appetite and made their coats shine and glow. Mr Higgins says the big mystery remains was Phar Lap deliberately poisoned or was his death simply the result of a build-up of arsenic in his system? Probably all we want to know is

was he given another double dose or not? If the great man himself, Tommy Woodcock, was alive today, I think he'd be having a bit of a giggle. Kellie Morgan, Ten News. A look at what's ahead in sport with Tim Webster and the Aussies could have an ace up their sleeves for the Ashes? Yes, Mitchell Johnson's fast bowling efforts in India are signalling greater things. We'll hear from him. Also, sightseeing for one Aussie star. Andrew Symonds' slow trip in Jaipur. And jubilation for the Aussie woman who won the world's toughest race in Hawaii. Also the multimillion-dollar deal for rugby league's hottest teenager. Also tonight, the train line problem that almost derailed some HSC exams. And the author of a new book on Alan Jones defends his controversial claims about the star's sexuality.

(Sneezes) WOMAN: It's true what they say,

See what happens when someone acts fast with Telfast?

This program is captioned live. Added stress today for thousands of students sitting the HSC, thanks to chronic train problems. Rail staff were forced to drive some students to school to ensure they didn't miss their exams. Even before they sat down to their English exam

thousands of students were put through another test - how to get to school when the train lines were shut. Faulty power cables were brought down on the Illawarra line, suspending all services between Sutherland and Hurstville. While buses were brought in to get most commuters around the trouble spot, authorities went to extraordinary lengths to help students get to their exam on time. We also finished up making special transport arrangements for 22 HSC students to minimise their stress. That included CityRail staff personally driving some students to school. Still, many missed the start of their exam, disrupting other students. They started rushing in. Then the examiners had to stop the whole thing and wait for the guys to sit down and then we started. I apologise to all our customers, including HSC students,

who were affected by those delays this morning. The Board of Studies says no students should have been disadvantaged by the delays. They were given extra time to complete their papers if they ran late. CityRail is now investigating why the power lines came undone when they were only installed two weeks ago. Evan Batten, Ten News. Natasha Stott Despoja's retirement has sent shockwaves through the Democrats.

A leading election expert saying she should quit now, to give her colleagues a slim chance of hanging on in the Senate.

The Democrats Leader has no illusions, Natasha Stott Despoja not contesting next year's election will cost the party. We will miss Natasha. She is an important member of our team and she is very popular and she has done fantastic work. The retiring Senator herself acknowledges

the party will have an uphill battle. It's going to be a tough election, I have never under-estimated that, for the Democrats at the next federal election. Election analyst Malcolm Mackerras says the Democrats are sunk. Natasha Stott Despoja is simply a rat deserting a sinking ship. And he says her West Australian colleague Andrew Murray is no better. If they had any decency, what they would do is resign their seats immediately.

At least, he says, this would give the party the chance of replacing them with new senators who would face the voters as incumbents. Both retiring senators have 18 months left in Parliament.

Natasha Stott Despoja says she still has important work to do while Andrew Murray says he has a contract with voters to serve out his term. Whatever happens,

the major parties are marching to the same emphatic beat.

They were a response to a particular historical time. That time has passed and they have passed. Her going will leave a hole.

The Democrats are going to struggle, I think they will struggle without her. The Nationals' Barnaby Joyce says South Australia could now send someone to Canberra just like him. To be a real check on power you have to have the willingness to cross the floor. Paul Bongiorno, Ten News.

Today, mum and dad investors got the chance to buy into T3, Telstra's third retail share sale. Small investors are being offered bonus share offers I think for Telstra, if you are taking it as part of T3 you've got to consider it as part of a longer term investment strategy. The retail share offer will close on November 9. Going to mechanics might never be the same. The NRMA is setting up its first car service centre, prompting fears it could drive suburban mechanics out of business. This is the site of the first ever NRMA mechanical service centre. Right in the heart of a business district, it's aimed at customers who want to do the shopping while their car is serviced and repaired within an hour or two. It has mechanics feeling very nervous. We think it's absolutely disastrous. Disastrous not only for the motor trades but also disastrous for the consumer. The MTA claims it will leave motorists with a lower quality service by inexperienced mechanics. More often than not these centres are sausage factories just in one door and out the other. Liverpool mechanics fear the pilot centre will put them out of business.

A lot of customers will probably think, NRMA, big company, and give them a go which means the little workshops will then miss out. Small workshops fear a price war. Well, it's a cut-throat game as it is and if they're gonna start pushing prices down, to compete against them, we're gonna have to too but it depends how long we can keep cutting prices that low. If this centre here in Liverpool is successful,

the NRMA will look to expand into more mechanic workshops across the State next year. But some are optimistic their customers will stick with a mechanic they've grown to trust. We offer service, personal service, that's what we offer. The Liverpool centre is set to open within months. James Boyce, Ten News.

Who am I? Next, a man who lost his memory goes on national television to find out. And an early start to the hayfever season prompts a warning from doctors to sufferers.

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Row time up for a check of the

traffic it now. Are you there Vic

it? A problem with a difference? it? A problem with a difference? A

unfortunately a burst water main

for people heading south. No traffic is currently getting

through southbound. All the delays

are building towards lain Cove will

give you an update later.

Conservation groups have condemned Iceland

for breaching a global ban on commercial whaling. A large endangered fin whale, harpooned in the North Atlantic yesterday, was hauled ashore and slaughtered. Local people turned out to watch as workers hosed down the animal and butchered it. Iceland declared last week it was issuing licences to hunt about 40 fin and minke whales in the coming year.

A missing person's case of a very different kind in America. A man suffering amnesia has gone on national television to find out who he is. For five weeks, this man has only been known as patient Alpha 74, or Al for short. He was diagnosed with amnesia after waking up on a footpath in Denver with just $8 in his pocket and a cracking headache. I just remember picking myself up off the ground and just realising I didn't know who I was or where I was. He tried truth serum and hypnosis but nothing worked. I feel totally lost. I feel totally alone. Very depressed, very anxious about everything. The only name he could remember was Penny. I don't know, it is hard to explain. Then the name made sense - Denver police announcing

his distraught fiancee had seen him on TV. And her name? Penny. Had it not been for the media who knows how this story might have ended. It turns out Al's real name is Jeff Ingram, a Washington State man who turned 40 just three days ago. He'd left home last month to visit family in Canada but vanished. It's probably the most horrifying thing anybody can go through. While he now knows his identity,

whether he'll get his memory back remains a mystery. In the United States, Leisa Goddard-Roles, Ten News. The father of the African baby Madonna is trying to adopt now says he didn't know the child would be taken away for good. Yohane Banda says he didn't understand the meaning of adoption when he signed papers last week. There was no arrangement that she was going to have David as her own forever, no.

It was supposed to be just like when he was at the orphanage, that he would be raised and educated and thereafter he would come back to the family. But he says he's still happy Madonna has rescued his son from a life of poverty and disease. A warning from doctors not to overdo allergy medication. Some hayfever sufferers are taking tablets in the middle of the night to cope.

Daphne Crowhurst has been at the mercy of hayfever for three decades. But the past two months have been her most painful yet. In my memory, it's the worst season by a long way. You know, I've never taken so many drugs in a day to try and control it, it's never been this bad. The early start to a tough hayfever season

is making life a struggle for sufferers. Many are resorting to extreme measures. Because of the severity of the hayfever this year, it's more likely that people will be experimenting with higher doses. Some tablets can be taken every four hours. For Daphne, that's not enough. After just two hours, she's again clogged up and finding it hard to function and reaching for another dose. I have days, consistently, where I take eight. She even wakes to take medication in the middle of the night. I actually never have a moment without hayfever,

I wake up with it in the night time, I have it all day. While there are no significant side-effects of taking higher doses of non-sedative antihistamines, patients are advised to see their GP often, especially if symptoms aren't getting better. We'd recommend that people look at the maximum dose, maybe go half as much again, but generally, if they're using higher than recommended doses

for more than two or three days at a time, they should seek further advice.

Asthma and skin conditions can also worsen with hayfever.

Doctors say more aggressive treatment, using steroids, may be necessary if symptoms can't be controlled. Lou Hendricks, Ten News. Paul McCartney's divorce battle gets dirtier.

Next, the latest abuse claim by the former Beatle's estranged wife. Also, the new generation of mobile phones offering GPS navigation in the palm of your hand. And the day a controversial book about Alan Jones hits the stores, his high-profile mates have their say.

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Up to 80% of Australian houses are underinsured. AAMI's new This program is captioned live. The top stories we're following this news hour - a small town on the north coast is struggling to cope with the loss of four teenagers in a car crash. Police are yet to speak to the 17-year-old P-plater who was behind the wheel. A Sydney teenager accused of setting fire to a passenger train is behind bars. A court was told the 18-year-old did it because he was bored. And John Howard has flown into a diplomatic storm at a Pacific Islands Forum in Fiji. The leaders of neighbouring nations are unhappy over Australia's stoush with the Solomons.

Now to the latest evolution in mobile phone technology. The new must-have gadget means you'll never be lost again, no matter where you are. It gives you every street corner in the palm of your hand. A mobile phone at its heart, this new device uses satellite navigation

to guide you around your home city or 100 others across the globe. You have arrived at your destination.

You can have information about where you are, what you're doing,

what you would like to do in the future and also perhaps, even where your friends are. The Nokia N95 is one of a new breed, merging various technologies into one hand-held device. More than merely downloading a map, this uses satellites to pinpoint where you are and guide you to your destination. But it's also a 5-megapixel camera for stills and video, an MP3 player and hand-held computer with high-speed Internet access.

It's not alone though - other devices using a similar theme. It means that users can just bring one device and enjoy all the functionality in their convenience. Like the Nokia, the MIO A701 includes global positioning as the hot new technology. Retailers say sales of regular GPS devices have been staggering, doubling each year for the past three years.

But they expect the new merged products to create even more interest. While having navigation in your pocket is exciting, the next stage goes beyond the maps, offering services and features that promise to make your life even easier. What you'll see is enhanced functionality where you'll get live updates whether it's weather or traffic and they'll be pushed to your unit so it will automatically re-route you.

Both the Nokia and MIO also interact with the Yellow Pages, enabling you to ask the device to find a restaurant, call it to make a reservation and then take you there. This is not the ultimate use of GPS, this is the beginning of GPS implication. Both devices will be available in the next few months. Eddy Meyer, Ten News. The Australian stock market closed in slightly negative territory following a weak lead from the US.

The divorce battle between Sir Paul McCartney and Heather Mills has grown even more bitter. After accusing the former Beatle of attacking her with a broken wine glass

in leaked court documents, the ex-model now claims he also beat up his first wife, Linda. And the 34-year-old says she has audio and video recordings of her husband abusing her. the abuse claims as wicked lies. Sir Paul's friends have dismissed Alan Jones says The author who's outed broadcaster

for the pain the book has caused. he's sorry

hit the shelves today The controversial biography

disappeared from the airwaves. as Sydney's most powerful broadcaster legal threats After four years of research, of publisher, and a last-minute change finally went on sale. today Chris Masters's book were keen to read the biography, Despite the $50 price tag, readers

and private life of Alan Jones. detailing the power he's down your throat. He's a very forceful character,

what makes him tick. I think I'd just like to know have attacked Masters Friends of the 2GB host a closet homosexual in the book. for labelling Jones But the journalist argues the broadcaster's sexuality is fair game. intruded on public behaviour, That secret self for example. his habit of playing favourites,

you know. So it was an unavoidable subject, I regret the pain it causes. Masters also claims 2GB owner John Singleton offered him $300,000

a slightly different biography, to produce one with input from Jones. as a sensible arrangement What he saw about Alan Jones where a good book could be written

and I could get a good deal.

today. John Singleton offered a no comment wasn't on air this morning. As expected, Alan Jones at his Southern Highlands retreat. It's understood he's spending time to comment on the book Friends say he's unlikely

even when he returns to work. colleagues leapt to his defence. But today, A man I've known for 23 years. I don't choose to read a book who doesn't know him. written by someone likening Jones to Jesus. The 2GB program director Friends and foes agree

Jones's massive breakfast audience. the book is unlikely to damage Daniel Sutton, Ten News.

I don't normally like Mondays but

when the sky is that

when the sky is that blue it has to

be a great day. It will be all

warm-up game at Tuesday and

Wednesday. A suddenly will bring

showers on Thursday and Friday.

Here is today's weather photograph.

Thank you for this picture. If you

up. want to be involved Senor picks him

At 5-6 we will have a good news

story for you. that will stop rugby union Also - the super-rich deal on league's hottest sensation. getting their hands from this for a memorable last drive. And how Michael Schumacher recovered

the richest deal In what is thought to be This program is captioned live.

in rugby league history, for a teenager re-sign with the Melbourne Storm Greg Inglis will tomorrow for almost $2 million. keeps the Kangaroos hero in the NRL The deal

until at least the end of 2010. from Melbourne The Kangaroos returning the man of the moment. and again Greg Inglis

earning himself a pay rise so big, Last Saturday night's match-winner in hearing from rugby union. he wasn't interested My heart and soul's in rugby league. going to rugby union. I wouldn't consider you want to play? And Melbourne's where Melbourne's where I want to play. I love the lifestyle, I love it down there, so I'll stay down there. and the club's great to me, have done the NRL a giant favour. His club coach believing the Storm but it's also great for our game It's great for our club coming off contract now because if he was knocking on his door fairly hard. I'm sure rugby union would be

worry about that. So we don't have to at the Telstra Dome Inglis's crucial late try one of the best ever by a Kangaroo. seen the best of Greg Inglis? Surely the Kiwis and British have now No, I'm not happy with my game. especially at this level. I'm still learning, of greatness seemingly assured. Despite his modesty, predictions

him reaching those lofty heights The only thing that's going to stop is himself. to do off the field as well as on, If he stays focused on what he's got he could be anything. Two from two against the Kiwis, Great Britain on November 4. Australia's next match against

against New Zealand, After their amazing escape the Kangaroos are confident the entire series undefeated. they can go through of ourselves, We haven't got too far ahead but I think it's achievable. Adam Hawse, Ten News. Queensland paceman Mitchell Johnson

for a spot in the Ashes series could be bowling India this Sunday. when the Australians take on over the weekend After steam-rolling England to have the inside running Johnson appears for the first Test. for a place in the team for all-rounder Andrew Symonds, Anything but express pace through the streets of Jaipur. sightseeing Indian-style Symonds making the most of a day off

to take on the host nation on Sunday, as the Australians prepare a game they must win to the Champions Trophy. to progress to the semifinals Their secret weapon could well be Mitchell Johnson, Symonds's Queensland team-mate

against England. following another bag of wickets I really enjoyed myself out there and just tried to hit the deck hard and just had fun with it. and got a couple of wickets there 3/40 against the old enemy, as a genuine Ashes prospect. Johnson's now being talked about in the past month - He's knocked over some big names in the Malaysian Tri-Series. Lara and Tendulkar Kevin Pietersen on Saturday. He roughed up, then removed, by Johnson. COMMENTATOR: Excellent bowling That was the plan, up there early and get him early, to sort of get a short one and yeah, it seemed to work. the world player of the year award And there's every chance will go to an Australian. short list of four for the top prize Ricky Ponting and Mike Hussey on a to be announced next Friday. Paul Cochrane, Ten News.

looks far from secure Sydney FC coach Terry Butcher's job owner and TV star Anthony LaPaglia. after calls for his sacking from part guarantee Butcher's position Chief Executive George Perry won't Glory at Aussie Stadium. past Sunday's match against Perth Terry Butcher looked like a man under pressure on Saturday night. Sydney FC's 2-1 loss to fierce rivals Melbourne

adding to calls for the former England international to be sacked. The word from newly appointed Chief Executive George Perry giving him little comfort.

The club will continue to review operations of the business, whether it's the coach, the players, other parts of the business as well - we're going to continue to review and if a change needs to be made to any of those parts of the business, a change will be made. Sydney fans were calling for Butcher to be axed after Saturday's loss

but it's the voice of part owner Anthony LaPaglia which will be giving the coach more cause for concern. Fortunately for Butcher, the TV star's stake in the team is only 7%. Suggestions LaPalia is at odds with the rest of the board

today refuted by the chief executive. There are no loggerheads with the board, it's a case of board members having opinions, and Terry will be coaching on Sunday at Aussie Stadium. Amid reports of dissent in the playing ranks

Alvin Ceccoli was dropped after swearing at Butcher earlier in the season. A punctured tyre cost Michael Schumacher any hope of ending his career with another world championship

at the Brazilian Formula One Grand Prix. But he did retire with one of his best drives. For mere mortals, a puncture usually means a very flat finish.

COMMENTATOR: It's all going pear-shaped for Michael Schumacher. But not for this driver. From mangled rubber came shredded timesheets. From last place, Michael Schumacher surged through the field to finish his final race a memorable fourth. Side by side. Don't collide, guys. Please, don't collide. Raikkonen gives him room.

Schumacher is through. The crowd goes bananas. The locals going crazy too for Schumacher's Ferrari team-mate Felipe Massa, the first Brazilian since Ayrton Senna to win his home Grand Prix. And for second-placed Fernando Alonso, a second-straight world championship, just 13 points ahead of a man with seven titles to his name. To become champion when Michael is still on the track has made it more value than when he retired.

Mark Webber's Williams once again going out with a first-lap whimper, his team-mate Nico Rosberg out with a bang.

Big, big accident. That will take a lot of clearing up. Suspension failure sending Nick Heidfeld on a wild trajectory, a little like the Schumacher journey. 15 years of Formula 1 over with a peck from Pele. Leanne West, Ten News.

Australia's Michellie Jones has won the women's event

of the Ironman World Championships in Hawaii. the heat for the 1,800 competitors The Hawaiian islands turned up in the gruelling 4km swim, who took part 180km bike ride and 42km run. of coming second last year - Jones made up for the disappointment from the 2000 Games the Olympic silver medallist

to win the race. became just the second Australian another Aussie, Chris McCormack, And in the men's event to Germany's Norman Stradler. finished second Benita Johnson Australian marathon record has smashed an 18-year-old

by more than a minute at the Chicago marathon after finishing third and 36 seconds. in 2 hours, 22 minutes to the men's event, And an extraordinary end as he approached the finishing line. Robert Cheruiyot slipped over Robert Cheruiyot. And there's your winner -

But did he cross the line? to have crossed the line first Well, the Kenyan was ruled

countrymen Daniel Njenga, in front of fellow were certainly soured. but the celebrations immediate medical attention Cheruiyot received with head injuries. before being taken to hospital Later in Sports Tonight, Macgill's disciplinary hearing the results of Blues spinner Stuart at an umpire for allegedly swearing

which could hamper his Ashes chances.

We are Bob we are having problems

with the traffic helicopter.

in our family We have some young drivers

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has jackpotted to $6 million. This Tuesday's Oz Lotto a truckload of cash! So you could win HORN BLARES jackpot. $6 million Oz Lotto's Don't miss

5th before we go to the weather

tonight Kimberly likes to

tonight Kimberly likes to help sick

kids. We met Hunter at the

Children's Hospital last week. He

suffers from cerebral palsy sleep

and also from epilepsy. His mum

works three jobs in order to look

after him. This is Hunter. He

smiles at you and he plays up. You

have a brand-new camera for your

mum. The camera is one thing but

helping people out financially is

another. I thought it was my turn

to help this boy.

to help this boy. I phoned up 8 at

of my makes.

Wait rang big

Wait rang big up his head how much

you want a third $500 and he said

you can have $5,000. All love that

we have $12,000. We can give but

for the family next week.

for the family next week. His mum

is a single mother as she works

three jobs to look after her son.

If you want help out please contact

me at network 10. It is for Hunter

the little kid with C P. Net seven

look at the weather. Blue skies

tomorrow around 29 degrees.

A trough will generate showers and

storms later in the week. Try

across New South Wales as always.

Isolated showers along the

Queensland coast. A warm day on

suddenly changed. Wednesday and Thursday. Then a

That is it from me feet. We hope

little Hunter. that more money comes for her

I'm Ron Wilson. That's the news at 5:00, And I'm Deborah Knight.

Goodnight. Goodnight. by the Australian Caption Centre. Supertext captions you're gonna love this program. Hungry Jack's just know