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(generated from captions) that we're better people, that we're smarter than they are, Forrester Creations that we could take and make a difference in the world. and not just in our own lives - I remember thinking like that once. what they did to you to experience. Don't - don't chalk up

the inexcusable. You don't have to excuse power right in your hands right now. You've got the power. You've got the is decide to use it. All you have to do the Australian Caption Centre Supertext Captions by Tonight - cracking up - the worst in Australia. the petrol pinch Public transport feels with bus and ferry fares set to rise. And, "I did nothing wrong" - yet another scandal. Minister Joe Tripodi survives I, uh, I stand by Mr, Mr Tripodi. and Deborah Knight. Ten News with Ron Wilson This program is captioned live. Good evening. Also tonight -

buried in a beach tragedy the family of a 15-year-old boy tell of their pain. And future on the line - with the judiciary. Joey Johns arrives for his date But first this evening - are the worst in Australia. proof that Sydney roads the Roads and Traffic Authority The Auditor-General slamming and maintain older roads, for failing to rebuild leaving motorists to foot the bill. That State Government's response? There's too many drivers. and littered with potholes. They're cracked, patchy almost 18,000 km of roadways The Auditor-General has looked at the Roads and Traffic Authority under the care of for motorists is worse now in Sydney and found the ride quality than 10 years ago.

we seem to be going backward. Well, certainly, at the moment is increasing. The average age of roads to fork out hundreds of dollars Motorists are being forced

after hitting potholes. when tyres are damaged and wrecked both rims - one pothole. So he's hit one pothole And, on top of that, front and rear, he had to get a wheel alignment which set him back another $120. their work Some repairers refuse to guarantee of the roads. because of the condition to report it to us, They've got 24 hours otherwise we can't guarantee it, there's that many potholes. the Roads and Traffic Authority The report blames

and maintaining roads. for skimping on rebuilding it can't afford all the repairs The RTA says with new roads a higher priority. on our roads driving around We have an extra million vehicles more often. and people are using their vehicles And we now know poorest quality roads in Australia. they're being forced to drive on the road conditions in capital cities, Some of the measures in terms of capital cities in Australia. Sydney is below the level of other it's not just the bumps and potholes The report found that area problem as you drive along the road surface underneath but it's in the road structure where there's a real risk to safety. breaks down, Once the sub-structure of the roads road failure and increased cost. that's what leads to greater

Evan Batten, Ten News. for public transport. And get set to dig deeper because of rising fuel costs. Bus and ferry fares are going up

as well - to save the environment. And power bills look like jumping blaming fuel for soaring costs. They're the latest in a long line, than ever before, Running our buses is more expensive

have soared 93% in three years. while Sydney Ferries fuel bills wants the pricing tribunal The Transport Minister to help cover those increases. to approve a fair hike a further call on taxpayers, If not then, we have to have

and bus services. many of whom don't use ferry

for a bus ticket, They want a $2 a week rise an extra $3, for ferry passengers will fork out while Manly JetCat passengers a whopping $6 extra each week. to slug commuters It's simply a nonsense for fuel increases, twice in six months you got increased patronage when according to the Government boosting revenue. Commuters are divided. and giving to the other, Taking from one hand so definitely think it's a bad idea. the prices, I hope they wouldn't increase to do... but if that's what they got of any price hike The only good news is the pain

won't be felt immediately. to approve any fair rise The pricing tribunal is unlikely until the beginning of next year. service set to jump in price. Public transport isn't the only will begin climbing Household electricity costs to help pay for a capping proposal emissions. for industrial greenhouse gas greenhouse gas emissions Taking no action on reducing bills kept low. is not going to see electricity including Bondi While warning our famous beaches could soon be under water, it's a small price to pay. the Premier said James Boyce, Ten News. Premier Morris Iemma The Prime Minister has challenged $1,000 subsidy to come up with its own for motorists converting to LPG. a $2,000 subsidy earlier this week. The Federal Government announced should follow WA's lead, Mr Howard says the Premier foot the conversion bill. and help drivers and our grant is on top of that, You get $1,000 in Western Australia for the people of New South Wales so why can't Mr Iemma do for the people of Western Australia? what Mr Carpenter is doing the idea, But the Premier has rejected saying NSW can't afford the subsidy on GST revenue. as it's being short-changed Energy Minister Joe Tripodi. More controversy for NSW over his former interest in a company He's under scrutiny at a profit. that bought and sold State land to the corruption watchdog. The matter now referred Joe Tripodi, under pressure, from a private company accused of profiting inappropriately Government properties. that bought and sold I did nothing wrong. Among the claims - Westside Property Developments, that the company, at Cabramatta in 1996. bought four blocks of Government land After adding a privately-owned block, it re-sold the package to Hungry Jacks and BP for more than twice the purchase price. But, Joe Tripodi, a backbencher at the time, insists he gained little from the deal. Over a 5-year period I earned $11,500. I had a 2% shareholding in this company which I sold over six years ago. He says he referred the allegation to the ICAC in 2002. That's been challenged by the corruption watchdog in a statement late this afternoon. Joe Tripodi is no stranger to headlines - he's twice been cleared of wrongdoing by the ICAC - the last time over the Orange Grove Shopping Centre re-zoning. And then, there was that assault in Parliament by National Party MP Andrew Fraser. In politics, perception is everything and mud tends to stick. Joe Tripodi says he wasn't aware Westside Property Developments was buying and selling Government land. And his small shareholding in the cmpany had been duly recorded in his Pecuniary Interest file.

The Premier is backing his factional ally - for now. I uh, I stand by Mr, Mr Tripodi. Not good enough, says the Opposition. I think this time he's really got to stand down from the frontbench while there's a full open investigation into the issues. Paul Mullins, Ten News.

A brave mother has warned others they can never be too careful after the tragic death of her teenage son. He was buried in the sand at a beach in central Queensland, two of his brothers lucky to escape. Just 24 hours after escaping the sand collapse

that killed his 15-year-old brother, Angelo Klopman bravely chose to warn other children of the dangers sand trenches can pose. I want to warn all the children and the people and their parents - please, please, please be careful, because my brothers is gone, but maybe we can save others. The three brothers, aged 15, 13 and 11, had been warned by their parents Lisette and Wuillem in the morning not to dig too deep in the sand. It's like a nightmare, and after the nightmare, you are thinking of what to do now. The boys dug three holes around 2m deep. They were trying to join the holes when a wall of sand collapsed covering 15-year-old Edward. They're attempting to tunnel from one hole to the other, the side of one of the holes has completely collapsed and completely buried the 15-year-old boy. 13 year-old Angelo was trapped up to his neck. Two police officers risked being buried themselves to ensure he kept an oxygen mask on during his rescue. Certainly the two officers involved in the rescue have saved that young boys life. Angelo was freed two hours later. The Klopman family had been on a 5-week driving holiday of Australia. They planned to stay just one night at Agnes Water. The youngest boy, Douglas, was too distraught to front the media. Very, very upset. The Klopmans say they'll go home as authorities release Edward's body which is expected to take several days. In Bundaberg, Jesse Grayson, Ten News. A woman from NSW is in an Alaskan jail tonight, charged with stealing more than $500,000 from a cruise ship. Elisha Cuffe was working as a purser on the 'Sapphire Princess'

when security found more than US$500,000 in her cabin. They also seized credit card payment slips worth more than $10,000. The 32-year-old had worked for Princess Cruises for 10 years. She'll face court again next week. There's a big political storm brewing over stem cell research. While there's growing support for a bill to make it legal, some politicians are dead against it. The Democrats' Natasha Stott-Despoja has been swamped with support, both inside the parliament and from the public, for her private member's bill to lift a ban on embryonic stem cell research. I've spoken to members of the backbench of the Coalition, as well as the Labor Party, and there are some surprising voices backing this campaign. Labor Senator Ruth Webber among them. She's prepared to co-sponsor the bill. I'm more than happy to co-sponsor any bill that Natasha and a group of us work on. And while she would like a Government Senator to join them, she is confident Liberal backbencher Dr Mal Washer will come to the party. I know if we get it through the Senate Dr Washer's more than happy to then sponsor it into the House of Representatives. The PM will not stand in the way of the bill being debated. There is no reason why parliament can't handle a free vote on an issue like this. I think it's important that that be considered by members of parliament bringing their individual judgement to it, and I'm glad Howard's backflipped. Federal politicians are bracing themselves for an avalanche of emails, calls and letters

ahead of a bill coming into the parliament some time in October. Emotions running just as high this time as in the original stem cell debate four years ago. I just think it is unethical and in all conscience I can't vote for it. Just as staunch in his opposition, the Nationals' Senate leader. Because I think it's completely unnecessary and I will bring scientists down to Canberra at the appropriate time. Paul Bongiorno, Ten News. Tim Webster joins us with sport. And the fate of Andrew Johns's just hours away over that swearing charge. Yes, Johns' and Newcastle's finals hopes go on the line tonight.

This has caused a Adam Hawse is at NRL headquarters real frenzy. and, any sign of Joey?

Johns turned up about half an hour

ago for his biggest judicial case,

having nothing to say. He's seeking

to have a downgrade of a four

of-match suspension for swearing at

touch judge Matt Chechen, if he's

unsuccessful he's out until week

three of the finals, virtually

killing off Newcastle's chances. Well, everybody in the public eye has a responsibility to restrain themselves - I know it's difficult and none of us is perfect. Whatever you do at this disappointing time,

don't leave the country, don't leave Newcastle.

Adam, in breaking news police are

investigating NRL board member Gordon Tallis.

The former Broncos and Test captain

told the NRL he was involved in an

incident, it's alleged he assaulted

a staff member at a Brisbane hotel.

More details in sport. And later in sport we'll preview tonight's Asian Cup qualifier between the Socceroos and Kuwait. Telstra shares hit rock bottom. Analysts give us their view on the telco's future, next. Also, on trial -

the man accused of plotting to import cocaine through Sydney baggage handlers. And why Sydney's wild weather is baffling the experts. If you don't know much about DIY, having a bit of trouble, come down to Bunnings and see some of our friendly faces and we'll help you out. that know what they're talking about. So come on down. (Giggles) SONG: # Bunnings Warehouse... # Don't forget Max. Ah! That's... kilometres at... That's $7.50, thanks. at and receive a $50 discount. SONG: # Lucky you're with AAMI. #

So, what do you think? Well, the individual in question was driving a Ford AU Falcon. Done about 90,000 k's. And that means trouble. Book him in, Davo.

Visit your participating Ford dealer now and we'll expertly fit and balance new Dunlop tyres from only $99 each.

This program is captioned live. A man accused of plotting to smuggle drugs through Sydney Airport

was worried publicity over Schapelle Corby's arrest would compromise the plan. Ian Chalmers is on trial for conspiracy to import cocaine

after allegedly paying for a courier to fly to South America. A video played to the court

allegedly shows accused drugs boss Shane Hatfield planning the importation.

A cigarette is believed to have sparked a house fire which has killed a Central Coast man. The 47-year-old was smoking in bed when his mattress caught alight. A neighbour raised the alarm but fire crews were unable to revive him. We have no reason to believe that it's suspicious but Crime Scene and detectives are going to be in attendance.

An adjoining flat was evacuated as a precaution. A new landmark in university fees - some degrees now cost more than the average mortgage. The Opposition says we're heading towards an American-style system. Got a spare 200 grand? Forget the house - if you want to study medicine as a full fee paying student, you'll need the cash for your degree. Why is the Prime Minister forcing young Australians to choose between a university education and a home of their own? Labor's accused John Howard of breaking a promise that there would be no degrees over $100,000. The PM says he was talking about HECS places. There are no $100,000 university degrees for HECS-funded places in this country. Bond University is one of five where, according to the Good Universities Guide, medical degrees cost more than $200,000, but the uni says it's money well spent. If you are interested in investing in your future, particularly employment wise, this seems to be a pretty good bet. The head of the ANU says it could spell disaster for smaller universities as students head to more established campuses with expensive degrees to try to guarantee better results. People are equating cost quality, seeing cost as an investment and they're going to put their money where they get the best return. Full fee places account for just 3% of all university places, but Labor says it's a question of priorities - that while ever the Government can find enough students willing to pay their own way, it won't fund any more HECS places. The point about these fees is not that it helps so-called dumb rich kids. The point about this is it undermines opportunities for ordinary, average Australians. Labor has vowed to scrap full fee degrees. Laurel Irving, Ten News. Sydneysiders are being warned not to pack away their doonas and blankets. Warmer days and yesterday's freak hail storm don't mean winter is over just yet. A violent afternoon thunderstorm to end a sunny day. It sounds like a steamy Sydney summer - only, it's winter. People who've lived in Sydney a long time come to expect the unexpected. But plenty were caught out yesterday by an onslaught of rain and hail - Sydney iced over, but only for a moment. We're actually enjoying warmer than average weather for this time of year. But don't be fooled. We'll see a return to wintertime conditions in the next few weeks. There'll certainly be other cold snaps but what we have at the moment is a brief warm spell. Particularly worried about the weather are NSW firefighters. After a few quiet bushfire seasons, they fear this season could be a big one. The conditions are right for a dry, hot season, with just enough fuel. The drought plus a little bit of rain does stimulate growth, especially the undergrowth under the tall trees and the timber line. New South Wales park rangers are in fire training, preparing for the worst while hoping for the best. Their main tactic - burning off as much vegetation as possible. In the off-season we put in a lot of hazard reduction and this year's been one of the biggest hazard reductions on record. But they can't control everything.

Rainfall over the next few months will be critical. Danielle Isdale, Ten News. Tough times for Telstra, with the share price remaining near its record low. And shareholders are being warned there's more pain to come. It's been a rocky week for Telstra investors. The company's stock staying near yesterday's record low all day, ending barely higher. And it all comes down to profit concerns. But in terms of earnings growth and potential capital gain, we have actually seen a stock decline, which has reflected the declining earnings outlook, and that outlook really doesn't look all that rosy going forward. When Telstra revealed its profit outlook last week, it was banking on getting $22 a month whenever its rivals use its suburban lines. But the ACCC has set a price of just $17.70. Investors fear that will force Telstra to cut its promised dividend of 28 cents a share. Certainly if the dividend was cut, the share price would fall. Telstra has seen nothing like this plunge since its T2 float price of $7.40. Even in the last year, while the market has continued to move upwards, Telstra has gone in exactly the opposite direction.

But not everyone is blaming new boss Sol Trujillo, who's charged with transforming the company. I think he's telling it as it is and that's something we haven't had before. It's far better for shareholders to know the real position than to be getting announcements with spin on them. It's clear turning around a company as large as Telstra is no easy thing. Many analysts agree it may be a year or so before we get an idea of whether Telstra's management is achieving the transformation. The question is how long will investors wait? The experts say if things turn for the better, they'll move quickly,

and at least one shareholder is holding on. Our objective is not to sell our remaining share at any price for the sake of getting rid of it. I want to make that clear. Eddy Meyer, Ten News.

Check of the weather now, Tim's

teams tonight. Who have you with you.

I'd like to name them personally,

but there's about 300 of them,

we'll save that for later. What

about the storm you just saw. Well,

our weather photographers were out

and about and our weather photo for

today, you couldn't go past

yesterday's action, what a shot.

That was her little unit block,

looks like Thredbo, doesn't it?

We'll have another one of those in

around about 10 minutes. If you

have them, send them to us.

0405101010 or yourpicks auto newspicks

West Ryde behind us, netball,

cricket, you name us, it will be a

heap of fun on your television at

five to six. Let's look at Skywatch.

That was a good looking offering. A

day wrapped in blue sky 20 degrees,

it's around about 19. Tomorrow a

little piece of springtime comes to

your place - 24 degrees with hardly

a cloud in the sky. I'll be brave

enough. Come on, come on, come on.

I'll put them all in the television

in about 10 minutes. Turn it down....

Next, lost luggage - a new problem for passengers security crackdown. caught up in London's And, in training - get a new home. the Socceroo stars of the future This program is captioned live.

Time for a check on the traffic

with Vic Lorusso in the Mix 106.5

helicopter, it's like a drain, it

blocks up easily, and there's no

way around it on the M2.

Unfortunately not, there's big

problems on the M2, four cars

colliding near the M2. Basically

the traffic is going nowhere, they

have a good four to 5km to get to

the tunnel. These delays extend to

Epping Road and the Gore Hill

Freeway towards the city. Epping

Road towards Lane Cove as the

update later. alternative is slow. We'll have an

in a roadside blast in Iraq An Australian man injured earlier this month has died in hospital. by the full force of the explosion, 34-year-old John Hadaway was hit he'd been escorting outside Baghdad. which blew apart the civilian convoy he had massive burns to his body He was very badly injured - after the attack and so his chances of survival very limited. were always going to be Sarah Webster Australian Army Corporal she suffered in a rocket attack continues to recover well from wounds in Baghdad's green zone. to get international peacekeepers It could take another 10 days into war-torn Lebanon. to withdraw, Israeli troops are continuing its own 15,000-strong force and Lebanon is planning to move towards the south this week. are returning to Beirut, Thousands of refugees from the rubble of their homes. trying to salvage what they can continues to hold, The 2-day ceasefire and Hezbollah fighters but Israeli troops have traded gunfire near the border. another arrest Police in Britain have made over the transatlantic bomb plot. count the cost It comes as airports and passengers of increased security procedures. are slowly returning to normal, British airports long queues and increased security, but for passengers still battling there's now an extra worry. in the past six days, More than 10,000 bags have been lost

and most of that is hand luggage,

keys and mobile phones. containing things like and costing millions of dollars. The delays are frustrating travellers and are seeking compensation. Airlines blame the airport operators of the aviation security This is the Keystone Cops

to disrupt that are allowing the terrorists in the UK. the air transport industry the terror threat, A week after exposing in a raid north of London. police have arrested another suspect but still no charges have been laid. 24 people are now in custody,

seeking to extradite Authorities are also a British man being held in Pakistan. the brains behind the plot. 25-year-old Rashid Rauf is said to be seen here at his father's shop, His brother Tayib, was arrested in Britain. of him, Friends released this security vision he's not a terrorist. saying it proves It means that, you know, his dad's business he's looking after

that's gonna, you know, and he's not the sort of the person go and blow himself up.

remains at 'severe' Britain's security level are being told to expect delays. and Australians flying to the UK Richard Davies, Ten News. to raunchy pictures of Prince Harry. The royals have reacted angrily Family officials say a young blonde are three years old. tabloid photos of the Prince groping

the pictures were snapped 'The Sun' newspaper claimed Chelsy Davy. while Harry was dating girlfriend and are demanding a printed apology. The royals say that's not true is continuing to kick goals. The game formerly known as soccer 13 hectares of prime real estate Now a Sydney businessman is pledging near Liverpool. for a $40 million football academy They could be our next superstars, of our World Cup heroes. hoping to follow in the footsteps Tim Cahill has done it again! COMMENTATOR: Cahill, Cahill! to hone their skills - Soon the kids will have a new home Country Club, near Liverpool, $40 million turning Cumberland Grove into an international soccer academy. this area of the western suburbs. 95% of footballers, they come from

Buenos Aires, Maradona didn't come from

Pele did not come from Rio, Beckenbauer didn't come from Munich, by businessman Ed Parilo. 13 hectares of prime land handed over our industrial property developments The money is there through over the past 30 years.

asset backing already. We have a fairly substantial back in the spotlight A political heavyweight to get the ball rolling. As sharp as ever, recalling the day he was sacked. former prime minister Gough Whitlam without any yellow card. And he sent me off without any warning. He gave me the red card

From their own cafe, future generations. the 1974 Socceroos will watch over They've got the opportunity now like this, and especially with a facility

is just mind-boggling. what they've got planned

kicked off today, While this bold plan was officially for business the training centre won't open until December next year. Frank Coletta, Ten News. current affairs host. Dishing the dirt on Ten's new with David Tench, Angela Bishop goes one-on-one

that's still to come. Also, paedophile arrest - captured in Thailand. an Australian on the run

And, what's cooking in California? I don't think they eat koala bears. Barbecued kangaroo. Some sort of desert vegetation. down-under delicacies. The new cafe serving some real This program is captioned live.

Top stories this newshour - the worst in Australia. Sydney's roads are now officially A new report has found that are cracked and dangerous 15% of the city's streets for skimping on maintenance. and blames the RTA a rise in bus and ferry fares. The high price of petrol is forcing

up to 50 cents extra per ride. Commuters will have to pay commuters will be angry The Opposition says

for a system they're being forced to pay which is slow and overcrowded. is under pressure tonight Energy Minister Joe Tripodi in a property company over his interest of State land. which profited from the sale Premier Morris Iemma today giving his backing to the troubled minister. I, uh, I stand by Mr, Mr Tripodi. The matter has now been referred to the corruption watchdog. A notorious Australian paedophile has been arrested in Thailand. 57-year-old Paul Thompson was trying to cross the Thai-Cambodian border when he was picked up. He's facing immigration charges, but denies local police claims he abused a child while teaching English at a resort town. Thompson is expected to be deported to Australia within the next week. A strong finish on the local sharemarket today thanks mostly to solid company profits. The average for regular unleaded petrol in Sydney tonight - up 3 cents since last night. Seen as high as $1.48 and as low as $1.30 in Manly. There's a host of mouth-watering jobs on offer to Australians wanting work in the US. A new food chain is opening in California and it needs employees from Down Under. On one of the best streets in San Diego's trendy Gaslamp Quarter, construction is under way on the first instalment in a new chain called 'Bondi'. Once we've done southern California to where we see that we've got the right penetration, we'll move through America and then, hopefully, into other countries. Opening in November it'll be a cafe, restaurant and bar where everything from the jarrah tables to the bluestone floors to the sea anemone feature lighting will come from Australia. We're bringing toilet seats,

we're bringing point of sales systems, we're bringing Australian beer over

in great, new, recyclable Australian kegs. America already has one Aussie chain but Outback Steakhouse showcases dishes most of us have never heard of. Bondi will serve the foods Australians really eat, not the kind Americans guess we might. What would you imagine that Australians eat, if you had to guess? Gosh, snakes. I don't know. I don't think they eat koala bears. Barbecued kangaroo. Maybe some sort of desert vegetation. We've got some barramundi, some Balmain bugs and a fantastic collection of Australian native ingredients and spices, like bush tomato, wattle seeds, wild finger limes. To make it genuinely Australian, Bondi creators want to hire real Australian staff, and they're willing to help them with visas to live and work in America. There are things that young Australians will learn from working alongside Americans, and hopefully then take back to Australia with them. In San Diego, Rahni Sadler, Ten News.

Let's take a look at the weather.

There's a great spot on the weather,

Tim's Team. I think you have every

team there is available on offer.

Tim's Teams on Ten I love it. So

does the community. This is West

Ryde Rovers, Sports and Social Club does the community. This is West

on the television. Give us a cheer

if you play soccer.

CHEERING. Give us a cheer if you play cricket.

CHEERING. And the sisters of

netball, ladies and gentlemen.

CHEERING. This club has been with

us 50 years, they are tremendously

successful. We'll tell you more

later. What about the weather.

Tumultuous yesterday around 4:00.

Do you know why. This photograph

was sent proving that was one

piece of hail access, that is

Sussex Street in Sydney town. What piece of hail access, that is

a (ufl photograph. If you have one

0405101010, it's that easy. Let's a (ufl photograph. If you have one

have a look at the map of situates. - NSW.

Tomorrow, 24, a bitle spring and a

bright blue sky. Big round of

applause for Ron Wilson, Timmy

APPLAUSE Webster and Debra Knight. Do it now.

I think the netballers were the

loudest, well done girls. Sport is next, and, Tim, of a police investigation. Gorden Tallis the subject Yes, it follows an alleged assault. We'll have more shortly. gives his surprising take Also, a former leading referee on the Andrew Johns case. And, the new-look Socceroos unwind Asian Cup qualifier. ahead of tonight's here from Fashion Channel, (French accent) Allo, Fifi Lacroix

looking for fashion on ze streets. Bonjour. Bonjour! No Respect! I love it. I'm not from your country. What is a John Howard suit? Breast Cancer range at Target from the Fashion Targets breast cancer research. and help support This program is captioned live. will get under way shortly. Andrew Johns' case at the judiciary rejoins us. League reporter Adam Hawse for Johns tonight? What is the best outcome

Tim, jonks is seeking no more than

a two-match ban for abusing touch

judge Matt Chechen, he'll issue a

full apology tonight, something he

previously said he wouldn't do.

He'll say it was the heat of the

moment. Hopefully that'll win

support from the three

ex-footballers on the panel. If

they give him the downgrade he'll

be back in time for the finals,

which is a fair result for many,

including the referees. I hope he

plays the semifinals, I think it

will be detrimental to the

supporters and everyone that loves

rugby league to see a player like

Johnsy miss the semifinals series.

He adds to the game, the spectacle.

To see him rubbed out of the

semifinal will be a huge blow to

the game and his team-mates. At the

end of the day, everything he's

been through in the last couple of

days is a penalty itself, and a

couple of weeks should be more than

enough. We'll know in a few hours.

What about the story in relation to

a police investigation involving Tallis.

He's being investigated over the

alleged assault of a barman in a

Brisbane hotel Monday morning. I

spoke to David Gallop a short

moment ago. Here is what he had to

say. Gorteden rung me and advised

me he's been involved in an

incident. He's going to speak to

the other board members at this

stage. It's not my place as a CEO

to censure him. It appears to be

inappropriate behaviour. More news

on that story and the Johns hearing

headquarters. in Sports Tonight. Adam Hawes at

of their World Cup glory It's long way from the euphoria the pitch tonight but the Socceroos are back on against Kuwait. for their Asian Cup qualifier Neil Cordy is there Aussie line up. and it's quite a different

Yes, it's a long way from Germany

in more ways than one for the

Socceroos, the last time they

played was against World Cup

winners Italy in the infamous match

in the Round of 16 when they went

out in dramatic and heartbreaking

fashion. The team that went for a

walk at Bondi this afternoon bears

little resemblance to the team that

took the field in Kaiserslautern,

Archie Thompson and Mark Milligan

the only two players remaining.

It's a blend of youth and

experience, experience coming from

Muscat and Corica, at the other end

you have Travis Dodd, who'll make

his debut tonight. Nerves in the

coach's box with John Kosmina the

Socceroo legend making a debut as

assistant to Graham Arnold. This is

what he said. It's been interesting

to sit back and watch how Ahyie

does thinks, he's learnt a lot with

his international travels,

especially underGuus Hiddink, it's

been a great learning experience.

The Kuwaitis trained last night.

They'll be looking to put on a good

show. They are ranked 100

management world compared to the

Socceroos at 33. If the Socceroos

win they'll progress to the Asian

Cup finals next year with a couple

of games to spare. I'll be back

later tonight with a full wrap of

the match on Sports Tonight. in Auckland today The Wallabies touched down Tri-Nations Test ahead of Saturday afternoon's against the All Blacks. into a large media contingent Captain George Gregan walked straight of questioning. and copped a tough line fail to win at Eden Park? Why do Australian teams

I guess if I new the answer to that

we wouldn't struggle. It's a tough

place to win, away from home.

the All Blacks at Eden Park The Wallabies haven't beaten

for 20 years. has lost its play-off The Australian men's basketball team at the Stankovic Cup. for fifth spot to hosts China,

by a buzzer-beating basket The Boomers went down 63-61 known as the Great Tall of China. from NBA star Yao Ming, for the Aussie defenders, At 226cm, Ming proved a handful

racking up a game high 21 points. forced to battle hard, down low, Boomers big man Andrew Bogut for a team-leading 20. But in the final seconds, match-winning fancy finger-roll. Bogut was unable to stop Yao's Next up for the Boomers - pool match against Brazil in Japan their first World Championships

on Saturday. expects the gallery to be like a zoo US Open Champion Geoff Ogilvy at NRL headquarters. The Andrew Johns case is continuing The outcome of that Socceroos/ Kuwait match and all the highlights of the

in Sports Tonight.

Let's look at the traffic. This is

a big problem as a result of the

accident earlier on the M2. This is

the traffic delays for motorists

trying to avoid the M2. It's Epping

Road towards the North West, banked

to Lane Cove west. with the latest weather info next. Stay with us, Tim Bailey's back from TV's most animated host. Then, some deep, dark secrets

Time for a check of the weather

with Tim Bailey. When your

netballers screamed we reached for

the volume controls, they are the

smallest group, but by far the

smallest group, but by far the

loudest. Bailey has been a bit

noisy, it's called having good

old-fashioned community spirit on

the television, and it's not

stronger than the West Ryde Rovers

Sport and Social Club, they are

fantastic. Big round of applause

for you guys.

APPLAUSE. The reason we are on the

television is Rebecca Martin, who

emailed me at Tim'steams autoten.

50 years of history here. How many teams.

42 netball teams from all age

groups, under 8s to the old girls.

How many soccer teams have we got.

55 including girls and boys. How

many teams going through to the

finals this week, netball.

15. That's good. Round of applause netball girls.

APPLAUSE. As Ron Wilson turns his

hearing aid down. How many of the

soccer boys are growing through to

play finals and the GF. 18. A

successful team, half a senturey

successful team, half a senturey old. Ladies and gentlemen I give

you the West Ryde Rovers. APPLAUSE

Not only do I give you the West

Ryde Rovers, but I give you the

weather for tomorrow, because I'm a

sort of a giving and caring chapy.

What about a bit of springtime

What about a bit of springtime tomorrow. Are you sick of winter?

ALL: Yes. Are you ready for an

early preview of spring?

ALL: Yes. Then you'll be happy with

a small chimpanzee-like weather man,

24, fine and sunny tomorrow. Let's

get into your backyard, if you

don't mind, folks. I can tell you

at the moment:

it's a summer time sea breeze even

though it's winter. The sea

temperature is glorious on at 20

degrees, where your favourite degrees, where your favourite

flathead swims, a cloud band

crossing SA with a cold front

bringing light showers near the

coast. Patchy cloud across southern

WA behind the front causing

scattered showers. Tomorrow's

weather map makes it easy for a

weather map makes it easy for a

little fellow like me to get it

right. Warm northerly winds

affecting Queensland, strong winds,

a few showers to the south-east, a

high easing winds and clear

showers from SA, onshore winds

directing the odd shower to the

Queensland coastline.

Isolated showers over the southern

inland of New South Wales edging

inland of New South Wales edging

east and north tomorrow. Light snow

on the Alps, we are thinking,

hoping, praying, crossing our ugg

boots for 2-5cm. Showers for

Victoria, Tasmania and SA. A trough

generating storms in northern NSW

and southern Queensland on Friday,

onshore winds bringing them to

coastal Queensland, Tasmania and SA.

If anyone is watching in the West

ride area and wants to become a

world famous West Ryde rover, what

can they do. Jump on the website Somethin Somethi

would be the one person, a lot like

me that gets it wrong. Ladies and

gentlemen, Rebecca Martin that put

you guys on the TV. Round of

you guys on the TV. Round of applause, please.

applause, please. APPLAUSE. Let's go interstate:

Ladies and gentlemen, on your

Ladies and gentlemen, on your television, the world famous West ride Rovers. CHEERING A new face is about to hit our TV screens - Ten's Angela Bishop going one-on-one with Tonight Show host David Tench and uncovering a few dark secrets. Scoring your own tonight show on Australian TV is the dream of many but the reality for few, so what makes David Tench worthy? Well, Angela, with me they get the unexpected. For instance, I asked Tom Cruise if he was worried about choking in big golf tournaments

and I asked Greg Norman if those gay rumours were true. Funny thing is, they both said yes. Australian-born Tench has spent the last 10 years working in the US, but from tomorrow night he's back on our screens. When you won your first Grand Slam title, you gave $500,000 of your prize money to sick kids. Are you trying to make the rest of us look bad, Pat Rafter? Celebrities have been lining up for the Tench treatment. So it was great to catch up with Tenchie, I haven't seen him in a few years. Actually, he was a bit of a flirt.

But a man who loves the limelight this much can't be untainted by scandal. Now, I don't like to get too personal, David. I think I'd enjoy that, Angela. No, no, no, no, no, but the talk around town is that you've been having an affair with a high-profile current affairs host. Are these rumours true? Sadly, Angela, Naomi Robson and I have broken up again. I think the final straw was that every time we went out, hair and make-up took an hour and 45 minutes and sometimes Naomi just wasn't prepared to wait that long. Angela Bishop, Ten News. That's the news at 5:00. I'm Ron Wilson. And I'm Deborah Knight.

Thanks for your company. The Late News with Sports Tonight is our next full bulletin at 10:30. Goodnight. Supertext Captions by the Australian Caption Centre. ( BELL RINGING )