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I'm Jonathan Holmes. Welcome to Media Watch 2008 - DID reportedly hear In fact, Heath Ledger's parents on Perth radio. about their son's death to The Bunch on MIX 94.5. Let's hope they weren't listening on TV programs I've spent most of my career and 'Foreign Correspondent', like 'Four Corners' the luxury of time where reporters have to check their facts, I've always got it right. which doesn't mean I reported for 'Four Corners' Back in 1991, for example,

of the Australian Labor Party. on the centenary dear Labor Party...# (All sing) # Happy Birthday like Billy Hughes and Jim Scullin In the past, Labor leaders have left the party altogether, of party platform. rather than follow the dictates

That was a historical howler - the late, great Andrew Olle, which 'Four Corner's presenter, the following week. had to put right Billy Hughes and Joseph Lyons. We meant, of course, to the ALP until his death in 1953. Jim Scullin remained loyal and to you. Our apologies to his memory, a well-deserved roasting Andrew's apology spared me Stuart Littlemore. from the original Media Watcher, Now, I get to operate the rotisserie. And first chook on the skewer even longer than mine, is a man with a career much of it with the ABC. is in the wee small hours Clive Robertson radio and television career. of a distinguished midnight-to-dawn shift He does the graveyard on Sydney's 2UE and Brisbane's 4BC, seriously lost his way. where he seems to have on the topic of rape. Take his views, for example, In Robbo's view, insist on dressing the problem is that women these days and revoltingly calls "their bits". to reveal what he coyly forced Clive to come clean. A feisty listener called Laura of 2UE We pointed out to the management on rape that Clive Robertson's views Commercial Radio Australia's appear to contravene the portrayal of women. own guidelines on were taking Robbo out of context. But 2UE's Simon Ruhfus thought we You don't, Mr Ruhfus? and his charming claim Remember the mad mufti Sheik Hilaly

have the same effect on men that unveiled women as uncovered meat has on cats? That caused universal outrage. the same argument - But Sheik Robbo makes precisely red dresses and bulls. only his version involves Who indeed? have a tough job. Admittedly, talk radio hosts With hours of air time to fill, emails like this one. they're easy prey for intriguing by a PR company with a soothing name. Especially when they're sent a series of video clips on YouTube. The email included a link to a so-called myth Each one purports to tackle Hyperactivity Disorder - ADHD. about Attention Deficit to substance abuse. Some say ADHD treatment leads

I say, Attention to the Facts. with ADHD Mark Brandtman has been diagnosed as a consultant on the condition. and makes his living

is addictive. Some say ADHD treatment "Attention to the facts." I say, from ADHD, also star in the clips. His two sons, who both suffer more common and absurd ADHD myths. This is one of the are professionally shot and edited. By YouTube standards, the clips to this website: Each one ends by sending viewers enough to go public on YouTube - A family of ADHD sufferers brave to a swag of radio hosts - it proved an irresistible story including the ABC's. five ABC stations - By our count,

high-rating 702 - including Sydney's gave Mark Brandtman air time.

in Wagga Wagga, for instance, Anne Delaney of ABC Riverina all nine of Brandtman's myths, spent nearly 20 minutes going through

one by one. like what, for example? Long-acting preparations Well, like Concerta - pharmaceutical company Janssen-Cilag. a drug manufactured by the 'Living with ADHD', Remember the website YouTube clips link to? which Mark Brandtman's Guess who owns the copyright? Well done. on every page of the website, It's right there picked up on it, yet not one of the ABC radio hosts or asked the obvious question - in your campaign, Mr Brandtman? what role does Janssen-Cilag play Ethical Strategies Mark Brandtman and the PR company they have nothing to hide. have both told us were Brandtman's idea The YouTube clips, they say, by Ethical Strategies. and were produced Mark Brandtman goes on: were equally up-front: Janssen-Cilag Well, yes. or Mark Brandtman's media releases Except nothing in Ethical Strategy's or the YouTube clips

paid for them. mentions that a drug company if that's an ethical strategy. You have to wonder is anything but sincere We're not suggesting Mark Brandtman to de-stigmatise ADHD. in his attempts of the drug Concerta - And there's no mention or on the website 'Living with ADHD'. either in the YouTube clips of long-term medication for ADHD But Mr Brandtman is an advocate and that in itself is controversial. health reporter, Louise Hall, Here's how the Sydney 'Sun-Herald's

dealt with the story: On one side of the page, and his son Jack under the headline: an interview with Mark Brandtman a very different headline: On the other,

was based on an editorial Much of THAT story

'The Medical Journal of Australia,' in the current issue of Mark Brandtman's YouTube clips. posted online one day before The MJA raises new doubts of ADHD medication. about the long-term benefits

put those doubts to Mark Brandtman. Not one of the ABC's interviewers

who paid for the YouTube clips. They never even asked him of local radio told Media Watch: The ABC's acting manager "Hey, it filled the air time." Some say, I say, "Attention to the facts." without a look back And we can't go tonight silliest story. at the silly season's and apologise to us. Take off your glasses I'll say sorry but I'm not taking off my glasses. Why not? 'Cause they're famous.

Because your glasses are famous? Yeah. Well, we've got to go but I suggest you go away and take a good long hard look at yourself.

I have. Everyone has - they love it. If you can't beat them, join them - and Leila McKinnon certainly hadn't beaten Corey Worthington. So, just 1O days later, 'A Current Affair' joined him,

and his celebrity agent. NICK ETCHELL: His new agent is none other than manager to the stars, Max Markson. Meet Corey Worthington. Hi, Corey.

He needs some gear, can you help him? Most definitely, let's get stuck into it. Now Corey's got companies lining up to give him money, clothes, and all the celebrity trimmings. One of those companies, of course, was Channel 9. They paid thousands of dollars for these scintillating scenes, which, naturally, shocked 'Today Tonight's Executive Producer, Craig McPherson - as he told Melbourne 3AW's Neil Mitchell. Yet, remarkably, a week later, Craig McPherson had overcome his scruples and 'Today Tonight' joined in for the great reconciliation spectacular, as Corey finally went home. CLARE BRADY: This 16-year-old is about to face the music. Corey, what are you expecting when you walk in the door? Um, I'm not sure right now. Maybe a hello. A little bit more than that? Well, no, actually. DAD: Corey, how are you, mate?

MUM: Mate. Are you alright?

It's good to see you. And you. Come in. Come in. You been OK? Talk about a fizzer. 'Today Tonight' says the money it paid went to the parents, not to Corey. I just hope they didn't pay too much. For more about tonight's stories, or to tip us off about media muck-ups and misdemeanours, visit our website at: And, until next week, goodnight. THEME MUSIC Closed Captions by CSI


Good evening. People in Pakistan are

voting tonight - an election that's

supposed to restore democracy after

eight years of military rule.

eight years of military rule. There's concern that voter turn-out will be

low because of fears about suicide

bombers targeting polling stations.

Thousands of troops have been

deployed to protect people casting

their votes. The election was

their votes. The election was delayed because of the assassination of

Benazir Bhutto. The Foreign Minister,

Steven Smith, has asked Australians

with strong views about Kosovo to

show restraint. The province has

declared its independence from

Serbia, provoking jubilation in

Kosovo and fury in the Serb capital,

Belgrade. Australia supports

Belgrade. Australia supports Kosovo's independence, but other countries,

including Russia, are strongly

opposed. The UN Secretary-General,

Ban Ki-moon, has urged all parties

Ban Ki-moon, has urged all parties to refrain from violence. A leading

Australian bank has admitted it's

feeling the pain of the global

feeling the pain of the global credit crunch. ANZ bank has shocked the

market by downgrading its profit

forecast by more than $3OO million.

The company says it's had to

The company says it's had to increase its bad debt-provision on the back

its bad debt-provision on the back of turmoil in world markets. The

announcement has caused nervousness

among investors in the Australian

stock market. The weather - hot

stock market. The weather - hot ahead of an afternoon change in Adelaide,

and showers in Sydney, Brisbane,

Townsville and Darwin. 'Lateline' is

on at 10:30.

THUNDERSTORM ROARS MUFFLED VOICE OVER RADIO They have seven aircraft, a ship, from all around the world hundreds of scientists and just seven weeks to do the job. RADIO: It's also a sanity check. the right window I'd like you to look out to the storm. and see how close you are the International Cloud Experiment. They call it ICE, MUFFLED VOICE OVER RADIO Their mission - to catch a cloud. they want to catch a thunderstorm. But not just any cloud - STORM CLOUD RUMBLES Darwin. Australia's city of the Top End - to catch the perfect storm. Here the wet season is an opportunity for tropical monsters. Darwin is a breeding ground

Thunder hits. For a guy who studies storms, to play in and I'm here to play. Darwin is like a big sandbox The thunderstorm even has a name - Hector. Well, it's the monster of all thunderstorms and, apparently, it's found very often here in the Melville Island area. Very, very large storm, very tall. You know, we do think of Hector as the beast. He is supposed to be one of the largest thunderstorms known on the planet. than 10 nuclear explosions. He packs more energy The sheer size and power of Hector, the ICE team to town. plus his dependability, have brought arrive from Russia, Their specialised planes Germany, Australia, the UK and the US. of the best pilots in the world. The experiment brings together some Alf Jonas in the Egret, squadron leader ex-test pilot and Air Force the rescue of Tony Bullimore. who, in 1997, helped coordinate by two Russian pilots, The Russian Geophysica will be flown Oleg and Oleg. breathing hero of Russia, Oleg Senior is a living, to atmospheric research. decorated for his services into a Scottish mountain, Englishman Carl Joseph, who crashed and walked down to tell the tale. broke his leg He'll pilot the Dornier. are in fact astronauts, Mike and Brian flying the Proteus already famous for having flown space mission. the world's first privately funded Indeed, getting into outer space seems to have been less of a challenge than getting to Darwin. We just started up in the hangar and drive out. Crossing the Gulf of Carpentaria, phenomenon they encountered a thunderstorm have ever experienced before. that few people We're pretty high, 48,000 feet, of the weather we're familiar with which normally puts you above most pretty comfortable and we're kind of cruising along aeroplane drops out from under us. and literally the nose of the (Whistling) what was going on. We didn't understand aeroplane to try and get it back up, We're starting to fight the that lasted about a minute. Then we got out of that anything really smart to do and before we could think of we got into another one. (Whistling) Most disturbingly, Mike and Brian were in clear air. That was turbulence like I've never seen before. It seems the Proteus hit a so-called gravity wave, a massive atmospheric tremor sometimes caused by a collapsing thunderstorm. We had never heard of the gravity waves before. I thought that was some science fiction thing. Well, I'd never heard of gravity wave either. It was obviously something significant out of these guys. and it obviously scared the shit The atmosphere is still a frontier. of the pieces still missing. A giant jigsaw puzzle with most

The critical missing piece - clouds.