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(generated from captions) Live. Good morning, we're

hearing the Tony Abbott is

speaking in morning with bron win Bishop.

Let's have a listen. It is Australian s who fientd it issue for particular frail

ku. If anyone has any

particular questions on subject just a particular questions on this

subject just a couple we'll

later in the day. take and more political stuff

REPORTER: On aged care REPORTER: On aged care in general? Yes, sure. The long

running problem with aged care

for people who want to

establish aged care so they can

make any money, what are you

going to do about a very important issue. We'll going to do about that? That's

be releasing our aged care policy in the next few days and

we will be doing our best to address these is the problem of high care in address these problems. There

of paperwork, there's the

problem of places that have been allocated but are operational. These are all very been allocated but are not operational.

policy will attempt to policy will attempt to address

all of them. I want to caution people against expecting enormous dollars because you can do $20 billion than a deficit or

delf 57 billion. So when we

come to make our aged care announcements in coming days

and they will be prudent they will be carefully targeted

respectful of the fiscal

position that the Commonwealth

is in because of the debt and

deficit which has been run up by the current government. I'm

not going to go into further

detail at this stage. I want to

make the point that there will

be good policy coming out in

the next few days but it would

be a lot easier to help in so

such a poorly targeted many areas if we hadn't been on

spree from this Government spree from this Government over

REPORTER: This is a recurring the last 3 years.

theme from you, you'd like to be able to spend theme from you, understandably,

more on this, you'd like to be

able to spend more on that, on

disappoint you have come to the a personal level does it

opportunity to become prime minister at get there you will have no minister at a time when if you

money to spend? Look, there is

no doubt that we had between

1983, 2007 governments in this country. The Hawke Keating Government

was far from perfect but waits

a craingeous government and was responsible for some very significant reforms. The significant reforms. The Howard

Costello Government wasn't

of the of perfect. Many of you spent much

fections out its imperfenctionon

was a strong reforming fections but nevertheless it

those two governments put Australia in an extraordinary position. We have come through

the global financial crisis good shape, not because of

Government but because of the spending spree of the current

reforms of previous governments

and it will fall to the

Coalition, as it invariably

does, to do the fiscal repair job that our country

Now, there are certain very important areas that course of this campaign I've been announcing significant, responsible, additional

spending but unlike the

Government which has announced

new spending without

identifying any cuts whatsoever, we have identified significant areas where significant areas of savings,

cut back on government in order to improve the delivery of services

services and yes, it does

matter, it aggrieves me that so

many of the legacy of Hawke/Keating and the many of the legacy of the

Howard/Costello Howard/Costello government has

been squandered over the last 3 years. I think that when the

written the last 3 years will history of these times is

when be seen as wasted years. Years

can when our country stood still. I

Minister talks constantly about moving forward because we've

been standing still for the will be going backwards if last 3 years and I tell you it

Labor gets elected. The Leader of the The Leader of the Opposition

Tony Abbott speaking there at a

meals on wheels centre wood in Adelaide. Now moving on to

Federal Government will announce announce today that 300,000 more homes will be the national broadband network. Prime Minister Julia Gillard Stephen Conroy will reveal the

national map of fibre optic

cable that will link 93% of the country. The Opposition has

if it wins office and if it wins office and this

bencher Kevin Andrews told ABC morning Opposition front

News Breakfast that he doesn't

believe it will be able to be afforded. We've expressed

concern about this from the which has hastily It was put together without a business case at the time. It's

one which doesn't seem to take into account the fact that this

is an area of very

be left with a white elephant

speaking this morning. Now in the future. Kevin Andrews

speaking this morning. Now in

of France other news a woman in the north

of France has confessed to suffocating and hiding the bodies of 8 of her newborn

babies. Described by friends as

a devoted wife and grandmother Dominique Cottrez now faces life sentence in what's become

the worst case of infanticide in the French history. The

owners of this home digging in their garden when they unearthed the they unearthed the skeletal

remains of 2 newborn baby. Less

than 2 kilometres away at the

home of Dominique Cottrez and

her husband, police discovered 6 more bodies stuffed into plastic bags and hidden in the

garage. The 700 people in garage. The 700 people in the

tiny hamlet in northern frand

France never imagined that

their town become the scene of

such a macabre crime. An ordinary family, simple people.

I know the shocked because a good person, generous, TRANSLATION: I've never even heard them raise their voice or heard

even swear. They were always even swear. They were always

smiling, ready to help. I

haven't a bad word to say about them. The 45-year-old mother

and grandmother began

gruesome campaign in 1989. Over

17 years police say she hid the killings from

killings from everyone.

TRANSLATION: Autopsy results so far show no sign of violence on

the children's bodies. mother has admitted to deliberately smothering the

children at home. This local Cottrez home for each of the dead babies. He says praying too for Dominique

Cottrez's two adult daughters.

woman he described as loving

and devoted to her family even

managed to hide her managed to hide her pregnancies from her husband, a councillor.

TRANSLATION: This lady is

really obese. Her body is just

like that. So nobody, not even

her own husband, could have pregnant. Dominique Cottrez has

been charged with 8 counts of

murder and faces a life

sentence. If she's French woman in less than a

year to have killed her babies and hidden them in or

around her home. The British

Prime Minister has defended his candid style of diplomacy after remarks spack Stan. David Cameron warned Pakistan must not be

allowed to promote the export of terror. of terror. Is he an innocent

abroad or is this a hard headed

turn from the diplomatic to the direct? I think it's important to speak frankly about problems as you see them. I mean I think that is what

people expect of their

government, I think it's the

right thing to do. British Prime Minister David Cameron's candid assessment of the threat

of terrorism coming from Pakistan has won friends in

India where he's visiting, but has infuriated their neighbours whose leaders are offended and surprised by these cannot tolerate in any sense

the idea that this country is

allowed to look both ways allowed to look both ways and

is able in any way to promote the export of terror, whether to the world. Add to that a

description of Gaza as a jail while on a visit while on a visit to Turkey, and

a clear and un apologetic shift

in language. I just think in

life and in politics it's

better to say what you think and to try and be realistic and

practical and hard headed. That's what I think British foreign policy should be

about. But if subtlety and opaque diplomacy are dead there are dangers ahead according to the Opposition. The Prime Minister of course should be

speaking frankly but it's not

the same to be a straight

talker as to be a loud mouth

and he must avoid the temptation to be the latter. David Cameron is in risky. We like to get it straight. This practice of

coming to India and saying nice

things to India, going to Pakistan and saying nice things

has been a big problem with

leaders from both the United States and States and Britain. Diplomats are trained to are trained to weave around obstacles. It remains

seen if David Cameron's

approach of crash or crash

through will work. In through will work. In Pakistan

and floods caused by heavy monsoon rains have killed least 100 people. Dozens of people drowned in the worst

affected areas in the country's north-west. Others were leck -

electrocuted or buried the rubble of collapsed

buildings. More heavy rain is

on the way. For the first time

in years Palestinians in Gaza are now allowed are now allowed to import almost unlimited supply goods from Israel but not

everyone is in Gaza is happy at

Israel's decision to ease the blockade. Palestinian smugglers who have had a who have had a lucrative business bringing goods business bringing goods from

Egypt through crude tunnels are

already going broke. For years

they've been Gaza's they've been Gaza's lifeline to

the outside world. Palestinian

smugglers have used #4u7bs of

tunnels to - hundreds of

tunnels to import food and tunnels to import food and

other goods banned under the Israeli blockade. Not

underground steel wall built by Egyptian forces could stop

them. The smugglers managed to

burn their way straight

really broken the blockade on Gaza and we will continue. The

tunnel industry has made some smugglers rich by smugglers rich by importing

everything from luxury goods to

live cattle at hugely inflated prices. Even the militant Hamas

regime has cashed in on the Israeli blockade taxes on every smuggled item.

But as Israel eases the now going broke. One man spent

8 months digging this tunnel 20

metres deep but cheaper goods

from Israel have forced him out

of business. TRANSLATION: There's TRANSLATION: There's nothing to

do now, I'll just have to shut it down and tunnel wasn't even finished.

The owners began digging it

before Israel decided to end fill it fill it in. By then they'd

spent $120,000 and now they've

lost all that money. Now only those products those products still banned in

Gaza like cement and building

supplies are giving the tunnelers any business. Consumers and aren't complaining. At brand new shopping mall half of

all stock now comes via Israel at a fraction of the price

smugglers charge. TRANSLATION: The tunnel

are much poorer quality and

more expensive. Now we have

cheaper and better products and

at more regular supply. Easing

the blockade though helped Gaza's impoverish helped Gaza's impoverish ed

economy with nearly 45% of Palestinian s here unemployed

most Gazans have little money to spend

to spend on anything. Now

troubles continue for car maker Toyota. It's going to have to recall nearly 500,000 cars to now fix a now fix a problem with sphering. The car company says that global

recall will affect about

480,000 Avalon sedans and land

cruisers mostly sold in the US.

The car built between 2000 and 2004 have a steering 2004 have a steering column

defect which can cause the steering to lock and the fault

is another stumble for Toyota which

image following recall os of 8

million vehicles. The rule commission into Australia's worst bushfire disaster will hand down its

after hearing evidence for more than a year. 173 people die than a year. 173 people die ed

in Victoria's Black Saturday fires in February last year.

for a shake up of bushfire policy. The management of emergency services is also expected to be a focus. And expected to be a focus. And a

$3 million compensation payment to elder who died in custody elder who died in custody has been described as inadequate.

The 47-year-old man known as Mr Ward died from heat

back of a prison van in Western Australia. Temperatures in the

van reached more than 50

degrees during the journey. The

deaths in custody watch

committee says it will continue

to push for criminal action.

And the dentures of Britain's

war time Prime Minister Winston

Churchill have sold for thr man $25,000. His up irdentures were $25,000. His up irdentures were specially designed to be fitting to preserve his lisp. They were sold

over night in Norfolk where they fetch #3d times they fetch #3d times the expected price. Fog has blanketed Sydney. A Sydney Airport spokesman said after

earlier days most flights are

taking off and landing as

scheduled. Heavy fog has closed

Brisbane airport. We can look at at the weather

That's a round up of the news

this morning now it's time for Contact Sport with

Hello and welcome to Contact Sport rkts I'm Robbie Dean's Wallabies Robbie Dean's Wallabies are improving and give themselves a chance to Bale beat the All

Blacks but the Bledisloe Cup

isn't the only big match. The annual Weary Dunlop lunch was

an opportunity for the Rebels to unveil its colour, to unveil its colour, logo,

song and leading personnel. The

biggest name of them all is

coach Rob Macqueen let's hear

what the recruits think of

their new coach. Been doing the

same thing for quite a few lit be sort of learning from him and

to try and learn a different

thing and I know Rod's probably

going to push the boundaries a

wee bit and push us as players ourselves. Rod's got to adapt and challenge

ourselves. Rod's got a proven track record. His history as a rugby coach and as a

businessman has been very

successful so what Melbourne

offers and Rod as a coach is

very exciting for everybody

involved. Obviously he's got a reputation that right

in Australian rugby and he's a

bit of a hero in that sort of

department but I'm just really

looking forward to

him and Ao guy like him and his experience and the type of game

he wants to play and I've been

over in England for quite a while

while and always wanted to

Super 14 and play under someone

like Rod. So I'm really looking forward to the

as an innovator. He's proved

that with the Brumbies. He's

already stated that he wants already stated that he wants to bring a point of difference to

Victorian rugby and the Rebels

credentialed and I think he's well

think it's very exciting, credentialed to do that. I

when I heard Rod was on board certainly from my perspective

with the Rebels and initial dialogue with Rod I was excited. Very close now to

actually start getting out

there and putting it on the innovative and likes to do

things outside the square so

we're looking forward to actually doing that. Stirling

Mortlock there. Now Macqueen is

a World Cup winning coach from 1999 and the most successful Wallabies that he achieved remarkable results in setting tup Brumbies and coaching the Waratahs and

in business initially as a

recently as mentor commercial artist and most

of internationalry renowned

companies. I was my pleasure to catch up with Rod Macqueen to talk about his new job. Welcome

to Contact Sport. Can I ask you

about this weekend's game. You about this weekend's game.

said it's a critical match said it's a critical match for

the Wallabies, are they at a stage now where they can beat the world' best? Well, the world' best? Well, we'll

find that out soon. I think the main thing is to play against

the world's best is, you know, a fantastic opportunity because

it's like a litmus test. It's

going to give them an idea.

They're nearly 2 years out from

the World Cup, or 1.5 years out

from the World Cup and they've

got a great opportunity now to

see where they stand and you can have certain standards, you

know, you can win games against the world and you probably

sometimes get a false impression. This is an opportunity for them to exactly where they stand and opportunity for them to know

what they've got to do so if they come close that will they come close that will be

fantastic, if they win it's

even better, but I mean I think

the main thing is to understand

where they - how they sit, how where they - how they sit,

the game goes and they will

learn a lot from it. So ate

game for going to be a vrt important

game for them. You're a big

onfield strong leadership, do believer in team harmony and

got the structure in place in those regards to

Cup next year? I know Bob Dwyer

said they can't win the World

Cup? Perhaps it hasn't yet but

I think there's time for that

to happen and it probably

starts - it starts now. This

period of time is going to be

suspect very important to them. I

now be really wanting to shore up and have a very what that side's going to be

when it runs out for the World Cup series. I think it's

young tallent in there but it's young tallent in there but

time to start consolidating I'd suggest. Let's talk about the

specifically. When you left the Rebels and your role

incomparable. Why put reputation and your resume at

stake by taking such a risky

move to be the head of

professional rugby in

Victoria? It's an question. Risk is a really interesting thing too because

the players that I'm talking to

to come down firstly to the

Rebels it's been very easy to

them would select them because some of

you know, I'd like it's a real risk and I'd say to

them look, you know, I think it's better you stay where

that, you know, do you anything great without taking a risk? It's a wonderful

thears are coming opportunity. All the play

to come and they want to come

that's been behind for that reason and certainly

know, I'm in a situation in my

life where I can do this and I

haven't wanted to get back into

coaching in any way and had a lot of opportunities obviously.

But to a city like Melbourne,

to start from scratch, all to start from scratch, all the opportunities it offers I think

it's very exciting. So you

didn't miss coaching in the

time you were away until this

didn't point? Definitely not, no, I point? Definitely not,

side of it. I'm

on. It's been very business

like at the moment but I'd love

to be running around the oval

with a track suit on again. You

know, it's going to be some

exciting times. We're going to

have 30-odd players and families and wives coming into

Melbourne and all starting

afresh and all looking towards

a new challenge. Now we the Brumbies here because you sort of draw some parallels to

established the Brumbies and established the Brumbies and

did vir Kewelly did vir Kewelly everything there right down to designing

the logo. How different has

this been? Not so different

because you've had a say in the

logo this time. It's been very

different. Everything's been -

we're now 10 years into professionalism, that wasn't

the case then, it it was first

year in professionalism, so we're really starting off, we've got a lot of we've got a lot of competition

had out there and we've got - we

had less players to because a lot of the players had less players to choose from

were already contracted. So

that side of it's different.

The other thing is just the

support that comes from Melbourne. It Melbourne. It is a sporting city city and so that's been fantastic and one of the reasons and I think it can things, you know, being in

place I think make it quite different. But, you

same thing dos apply. We are

starting from scratch which is

a wonderful opportunity because it takes a lot of the it takes a lot of the baggage

out of the it and the other

thing is it's a private

consortium that's involved in

this so we've got some of the

top brains in Melbourne top brains in Melbourne

business involved and, you know, I think know, I think that's again exciting and it does give us an advantage. I want to pick up

the point you make about professionalism because when

you were so successful with the Waratahs and the Brumbies you brought your business acumen and your skills, you were more or less a

professional in an amateur age

but now that's changed, but now that's changed, everyone's professional. How do

you keep that one step

ahead? It'sTheass going to make

it tougher, I've got to agree. I don't think there's any difference between business and sport. I think in the mentoring

role I play from a business

side of thing, you know, the same principles apply for

success. So I think it's - entwined in everything we do.

There's no doubt in my mind that we're going through a business

process what we're going to do and players will have an input

into what we do. Hopefully

we'll enjoy ourselves along the

way, which I also think is very

important. What about this logo

that we've seen now and that we've seen now and it represents more than just represents more than just a

picture or something to the jersey, doesn't it? Yes, it does and when you sort looking to bring what we are and what the brand

is and so the board sat down for quite a

over what the ideals of the

side should be. So once we

really understood what it is we

wanted to be and what wanted to be and what our

vision wad was and so on think that encompassed all those things and I'm very happy

with the result on with the result on the basis that, you know, it really does entwine what we're about. We call it call it the shield of excellence and excellence and every player that's their work with the community

as well, they've all signed off

on that as before they actually became Rebels players? Absolutely. So we've got what we call 5-star pledge and each one of those stars represents one of

It also represents the Southern

Cross obviously and what we've

done is we've put a pledge to

each one of those stars. So I

guess that's the point of difference with this side. So the acronym of Rebel comes through by the R is for respect and respecting yourself and

your opposition which I your opposition which I think

is very important in anything

you do. The E is for excellence

and again having the highest possible standards and that's

probably right up there in any business, understanding how

important it is to have those.

The B is for balance, a balance

in life and balance between

life and sport and a balance between humility and determination. The second determination. The second E is

for ethos and that's an

interesting one because we've

just seen that with AFL players here and that we

not me, the team must come

first. And the final one is L

which is leadership. I think

the essence of the Rebels is

about this and that about this and that is challenging the status quo,

looking to do things can do - if something's done

one way let's see if we can it another way, let's see if we can improve it and not just

accept the norm. Those stars I guess is what we're about but

every 12-year-old that might

purchase a merchandising item that has those

actually know what those stars

stand for and the pledge because there will be explanation on the jersey. So

that's very important for us to

put something back in the

community and let them know what Rebels really stands

for. Are you as happy with the

team as you imagined you would

be? Is it something near the

team that you'd hope you would get? I'm pretty happy. We've

signed about 30 players at this

stage. We've got a few the list but I'd have to say

we've got a good blend of experience and experience and youth. I think

we've got some good people come into the community which into the community which I

think is also pretty think is also pretty important.

We've got something like 13 current captains in the squad

so we've hopefully got a bit of intelligence in there as well. I

I think all in all we're pretty happy. Good luck with it and reminder that a podcast of

today's program can be today's program can be found

online at and you can

at our Facebook page for more

information about the show. Now

we do like to recognise and if you want to learn more about Rod Macqueen about Rod Macqueen I can

recommend his best selling book

One Step Ahead published soon

after his retirement as Wallabies boss but still relevant to koching and management today. That's all we

have for today. We'll leave you

with pictures of a very busy

Opposition Leader Tony Abbott admirably trying to master took him to Windy Hill. Thanks for your company, bye for now. Closed Captions by CSI