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(generated from captions) And, he's a guitar plucking piano

tinkling ex-roof Tyler who happens

to have sold more comedy stand-up

DVDs than anyone else in this

country. We'll immediate comedian

Carl Baron. What happened to my

weekend? Yes, it disappeared. You

were up a tree or on a roof. Yeah,

in the rain. That's a task. You

shouldn't be doing that at your age.

OK, mum. Yes, there was a moment

where I thought, perhaps this is

not wise. Exactly, and you'll slip

and be in hospital for three months

and won't be able to work. Stop it!

There is that. I know your great

love of organic, we've discussed

oven the show before, the whole

trend towards genetically modified

foods, we're not thrilled about

breakthrough. An Australian that. But this is an amazing

breakthrough that is all natural.

And I think this sounds incredible.

I want to know more about it.

Australian scientists have made a

breakthrough in the fight against

cancer by developing the world's

first super vegetables. Booster

broccoli is the first of the new

range and will be available from today. Scientists worked with the

Department of Primary Industries to

produce vegetables that contain 40%

more anti-objection tants than

regular vegetables. All done

naturally. They are 100% natural,

Australian-owned and grown and they

can be cooked and grown in the same

way. It took them ten years to

develop it. Natural breeding to

create the super veggies and he

believes that it can put local

growers on the world map. There you

go. Any more expensive? Doesn't say.

I would expect more pricy. Does it

taste the same as the normal

broccoli? Well, we'll see. I

haven't tried any. But apparently

it will be available at supermark

elts, major green grocers and

supermarkets so I'm to give it a

shot. If they can do it naturally,

there you are. Digging around with

the genetics. I get worried with

that sort of stuff. I noticed this

in the paper. You know, you can buy

the burial spot located just above

Marylin Monroe for just $500,000.

Why would you want to be buried on

top of her? Well, on top of? Above?

Why would you want to do that. Is

she cremated or buried? Buried in

the Westwood Village Memorial Park.

The tomb is occupied by a man who

died 23 years ago. His widow is

having the body moved and is hoping

to earn enough to pay off her $1.9

million Beverley hills home. I know

that people who are followers of

feng sui believe it is important

that your resting place in death is

extremely important for the next

generation, but I don't know what

that says about your life luck, or

whatever. So you want to go and lie

next to an addled sex bomb. Yes.

How does that help you? I'm not

sure. You can't chat to her? No. I

done know what it does for the next

generation. Let's look at the top

news stories. No

Investigations are under way into a

house fire in Victoria that claimed

the lives of five family members.

The only survivor was 31-year-old

Aaron Holloway who lost his wife

and four young children in the

blaze. Stkpwhrfrplgts the bodies of

all who died in the Kokoda plane

crash who died in Port Morsby have arrived for identification.

Officials said that the identification process may take

weeks. And major retailers are

warning that grocery prices could

Government's Emissions Trading surge by up to 7% under the

Scheme. It's prompted calls for the

Rudd Government to unveil a

compensation package to help low

and middle income families and and middle income families and our

resident Greeny Aaron Wood will be

in to discuss that. We'll have a

news update ahead of the morning

news at 11:00.

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Why do you go to the same

supermarket each week? Are you

loyal, or is it simply convenient, loyal, or is it simply

and if they change their logo,

would it put you off? And why is

that a futy old Professor and a man

who sticks your hands in dish

washing liquid leaving an

impression. We look at the impact

of Aldi and Cost Co and what impact of Aldi and Cost Co and what

they have on the big brands. And

explain some of the magic behind

the enduring favourites. Morning.

There's been a lot of activity in

the world of supermarket chains.

Particularly, I suppose, initially,

let's talk about Woolworths

changing their logo. How changing their logo. How dangerous

is that for a brand? It is. It's a is that for a brand? It is. It's

dangerous thing because we

dangerous thing because we remember

logos well but, the bigger danger

with Woolworths and Safeway and

Coles is over the last five years,

they've failed to get their brand

into a place where we connect with into a place where we connect

it. If you look at Aldi. This

morning, Cost Co opened. People

lined up at 5:30. They're leaving

the option open for people to go

for cost, because the brands that

are more expensive don't have brand

ek wilty. So it is the connection

to us emotionally with Coles and

Woolworths. Really, do with we have

an emotional connection to a

supermarket? We don't. But we

should. Can we, though? We can, and

it comes down to one simple thing.

What do they stand for? I don't

think that either of the big

supermarket chains stand for

something. They say, it's either

costing, which they're going to

lose. Or fresh food which they lose. Or fresh food which they lose

to green grocers and butchers. With

that in mind, do they need to find

a cause, and I'm thinking of orang-

utans. Maybe that's how the

supermarkets set themselves apart

from all of the others by agreeing

to back plans to label foods with

palm oil, which we're going to talk

about later. They've got to do

something. I call this something. I call this B-branding.

It not selling, but what do you

stand for. What are you being? And

the supermarkets have given that

away. Whether it is orang-utans or

a cause, they have to work out what

it is that they're going to try to

be. When I do a random survey,

people get mixed up with Safeway

and Coles and I can't remember

which are the fresh food people,

and it's my business. I'm concerned

that they're giving this away. Are

they concerned about this snzz are

they concerned about chains like

Cost Co and Aldi? They r but your

point is good, they have a duopoly

and they become bullies in the

marketplace, there are distribution

brands. All of the fast-moving

consumer brands have to pay to get

shelf space. While bullying their

own brands, they're forgetting

their own brands. And that's the

issue. Or, is it actual lip

increasing in terms of their own

branded products within the

supermarket? Is that what they're

hoping for? But they're going to

lose again. What they're not

expecting or they've seen is that

Aldi come from a community base,

and now Cost Co. Where people were

lining up from 4:30. Big bulk. No

real brands. As far as Aldi, it's a

no brand business. We don't want

that as consumers. We want to be

connected to brands. But if they

don't give us an option to connect

to Safeway and Coles, there is an

issue. There is another player

which is IGA. My favourite. Why?

Because it is a community based on

understanding what they have. All

of a sudden, I go past IGA and I

know that they're raising money know that they're raising money for

community issues and their

advertising in regional areas is

about community football and

they're all about local heroes.

That's what I call a being

statement. That's a belief. Do you

know what I like about them. I know what I like about them. I can

go in and know that there's an

enormous range of so many things.

You know, when you go to the big

supermarket chains, it tends to be

a handful of brands. Is that any

imagination? It is probably your

perception, which is reality. You

know, your perception is it. When

you go to IGA, you have a bloke or

a woman there saying... Try this.

Or what else would you like. And

you're not overrun by aisle upon

aisle with no character and

substance. Information overload. substance. Information overload.

We're in for a crisis in

supermarkets, if the two chains

don't get their act together and go

above the price or the convenience,

they're going to lose market share

to the incoming and big price

conscious brands. I'm surprised.

I'm surprised that you say that.

I'm surprised that you think that

people are that ambivalent. Or that

loyal? I'll tell you what they are.

And this is the age that we're

living in. The age of substance has

arrived where we look for brands

that help say something about our

brand. When you go into a Coles or

a Woolworths, it's got to say more

about me. When I'm sitting at a

dinner party and people say, where dinner party and people say, where

do you stop. I need to stiffen up

and say, I shop at Camilla Parker

Bowles keels and they need to

Good." Other brands have helped Good." Other brands have helped me

become more of what it is. One the

things that I remember from my

childhood is the cottes. My dad

picks a fruit that goes to Cott

serbgs,. Why do we respond to serbgs,. Why do we respond to that?

Because it believes in their belief,

local farmers picking the fruit.

Even though it is only 25. Local

farmers pick the fruit and I feel

like local people. Rubbish. But

this is a land of perception. So,

and as you said, only 25% fruit.

Are we being sold a conhere? Or are

we just responding to the jingle?

There's two separate subjects and

we need a separate subject on the

con. Before we do that, let's see the jingle.

# My dad picks the fruit that goes

to Cottes. That makes the cordial that I love best

# My dad picks the fruit that goes

to Cott serbgs s

# To make the cordial that I love best

# My dad picks the fruit that I

love best. # VOICE-OVER: Kids

deserve Cottees cordial with 25%

fruit juice. See, it's a kid

singing the same line over and singing the same line over and over

again. We're responding to that,

aren't we? We're responding to two

things. We're responding to a very

important thing, which is a bran

neumonic. So any single without

Cottees is stupid, so I remember

the jingle. And then the substance

because I say, that kid's dad is because I say, that kid's dad is

out there picking the fruit that

I'm going to use. You're a I'm going to use. You're a sucker,

you're a sucker. But David, that's

the point about advertising and

branding is that we need to have it

there. Otherwise, I'm just going to

do it on price. OK, let's take a

look at the Cadbury ad and then

we'll have a chat. I'm going to put

that hard boiled egg into this milk

bottle. A bit of burning paper in

the milk bottle and egg on top,

watch it. In it goes. Atmospheric

pressure does the work. So too,

Cadbury does the work. They put all

of the goodness of a glass and a

half of full cream dairy milk into

every 200 gram block of this

chocolate. Only Cadbury gives you

the goodness of the fame outs glass

and a half. That's why, when I and a half. That's why, when I say,

when you think of chocolate, think

of Cadbury. Where is the connection

of it going into the bottle. The

fact is that you're unconsciously

responding to this stuff all the

time because you don't overthink it

in the supermarket. That was one of

the most successful brands ever for

Cadbury. Although I understand that

the dairy industry were stropy

because they had to get the rotten

eggs out of the bottle. And we all

tried that. But the fact is, a

glass and a half of full cream milk.

No, no, full cream dairy milk. And

the beauty is that it means

goodness. And at a time when goodness. And at a time when we're

so conscious of what we eat, and we

shouldn't be having that much dairy,

they've been able to sustain the

glass and a half campaign because

they made that scientific and

they've made it with the they've made it with the beautiful

purple and the fact that it is

great family time. And you have a

scientist, which gives it

credibility, which adds to it. credibility, which adds to it. It's

a belief. And the is, if we don't

create belief in the brands, people

don't respond to them. Well, it

shows how much of an impact that

had on me, because that was my kid's school experiment, the

science experiment was the egg in

the bottle. I couldn't find a milk

bottle. Did it work? It works. Try

it at home. But we buy the belief

and then we take the Cadbury off

the shelf. Does the fact that we

recognise the commercials

necessarily drive sales? Yeah, it

does drive sales. If you take, we

won't show it, but Omo at the

moment has Dirt is good" and it

drives sales because it makes us

feel something towards Omo and we

grab it because there's a

connection. And we don't make that

connection when running through the

supermarket Isles, it's just there.

Let's look at the five star grab.

Yoohoo. Rita. Rita, Eta five star.

It tastes just great. What do you

reckon? Think of five star, great

taste, great value. See, she's

taste, great value. See, she's Rita

Eta. Everyone remembers it, but

what they don't remember is

necessarily Eta. And you notice

that Eta isn't a big selling

margerine. All it gave me was a

funny little catch line at the end.

This is a mistake that brands make,

is that they can't just entertain

us. They skr to connect to the

belief of what the bran will do to

my life. So, if you take Av a good

weekend", that's a fantastic one

for Aeroguard. You mentioned that

one, all that reminds me of is

insecticide, it doesn't remind me

of the brand. I think of that,

Aerouard. Really, I think it would

be 50/50 in the marketplace. be 50/50 in the marketplace. Let's

go for this last one. This is

Colgate. Wow, look at the big teeth.

Yes, big and tough. I have tough

teeth too. That's because you brush

with Colgate. Let's say that this

chalk is your teeth and this is it.

See, it gets right in to make teeth

really tough. And the tougher your

teeth. The less decay. Colgate,

only your dentist can give your

teeth a better flouride treatment.

I'm mixed on that one. It does go

in and works as a bran devise to

say, we are all about the actual

stuff getting in the teeth so

parents responded to that. Again, a

very successful campaign. But you

say something like Vegemite, that

didn't work as hard but made us

feel happy about being happy little

Vegemites, there's so many ways to

do it. The fact is that you have to

have a clearly articulated belief

of what you are as a consumer and

that's what makes brands great. that's what makes brands great. And

if they haven't got it, they'll be if they haven't got it, they'll be

selling on price. And we know

recently, with the change, I think

it was woollies which is now moving

to free range eggs, more free range

eggs, and well done for that. But

it shows that consumer demand does

make changes. It sure does. But

back to the first question, David.

I'm not sure that a $3 million I'm not sure that a $3 million logo

change does make a difference. And

I think we have to be concerned

that marketers are coming out of

school thinking that it is all

about logos. It's about a belief

inside an organisation. Not just

the organisation, but the people

serving it. How many times have you

had a 22-year-old pimpley person

who is working there trying to tell

you that they believe in something.

But I like those ones. I always

say... How long have you got to say... How long have you got to go

and they go "Five hours.". Get and they go "Five hours.". Get the

hair net off! Before we go, one

that came to our attention was that came to our attention was the Fitness First gym. Explain the

commercial, it's not in this

country but overseas. What happens

is that you sit down at a bus stop

and it weighs you. It says, you fat

bugger, get off the scales! No, it

doesn't. It puts your weight up in

big figures for the world to see big figures for the world to see it.

Why would they think that that

would work? Somebody has a

completely screwed idea. I want to

feel good about a brand, I don't

want to feel that I'll shoot the

messager and I'm not going to go

there. I'm going to go to someone

who says, you're not so bad. who says, you're not so bad. We'll

fix you in a matter of a few weeks

later. The point is that it is hope.

They ruin my hope, and that is They ruin my hope, and that is bad

advertising. But everyone who advertising. But everyone who walks

past, you go - I've got a really

heavy bag! It's the shoes. Exactly

right. So, you know, it is a subtle

blend between hope, keeping hope

alive and standing for something.

Alright. Good as always. Thank Alright. Good as always. Thank you.

After the break, a cray fish and

some octane vanilla. Alastair

McLoud will show WOMAN: Hi. VOICEOVER: Boys need protein for growth and muscle development. So, as part of a balanced diet and regular exercise, Nutri-Grain has what it takes to help build your son into an iron man. Thanks, Mum. Nutri-Grain - iron man food. McLoud will show us how, next.

This program is captioned live. We

are extremely lucky to have

Alastair back with us, and today

he's highlighting some of his own

local produce. It's a pleasure to

have you all week. One of the fancy

handshakes. That's what the kids do.

You're such a funky guy from the

street. It's great to be back. I've

been so busy. We've been catering

the Royal Business Show for the

last 10 days. Huge. You've come

here to bludge, then. So, there's

actually been food that's been

worth while eating, not like a

Dagwood dog. There was a Dagwood dog. There was a restaurant

and a cafe and a bar. The only

place that served XXX there. We

just wrapped series 11 of 'Ready

Steady Cook'. 17 wins and seven

losses. We're going to do some red

claw cray fish. From where? From a

place called Gympie. Queensland.

And we're going to serve that And we're going to serve that with

barley cous cous, and we're going

to finish it with vanilla. A place

called vanilla Australia. And it is,

the CSIRO, that's an acronym. TLO

is an acronym for there.

Theoreticallty, it is an

abbreviation that forms a word. Ah

so, it is wrong. People certainally

probably called it SIRO! We probably called it SIRO! We digress.

Yes, where were we. Can quickly ask

you about farmed ingredients. Do

they taste different? What are the

guys fed? Is it the same as what

they get in nature? Probably not.

They'll be getting all of what is

best in nature, made from natural

products. But you know, red claw

cray fish, it is still a cottage

industry. They have done of the

muddy flair flavour. We don't get

them in Victoria and NSW as much.

We grow yabbies in the southern

States. In Queensland, we grow

these, and in the NT, and WA has

the marrons, the prehistoric

looking things. But all similar.

Yes, sweet and mild. Not as

strident as the prawn. Get on with

it, I need to eat. OK, barley it, I need to eat. OK, barley cous

cous. Cous cous is normally flour

and water, but this is made with

barley. A grain used a lot in the

old country, and in north Africa T

is not a new product. They make

cous cous out of this. They have

done for many centuries and so it

is just reconstituted in water. And

letting it bloom up. The letting it bloom up. The difference

is that it is more nutty with more

texture, and then we're going to

provide some personality and use

some blood orange. They're only in

season for about two months of the

year. Yeah, it is nutty and chewier.

It has a lovely texture. So blood

orange, they're a bit sharper than

a regular orange, but look at the

colour. They're so easy on the eyes.

Just beautiful. A lovely product.

And a save savoury note with some

onion in with the-, and then some

fresh herbs and parsley there. Some

fresh mint. So all similar flavours

that you would expect in the north

African style of cooking. And then

some lemon juice would be nice. African style of cooking. And then some lemon juice would be nice.

Just watch the seeds there. Well, I

licked this finger. And I'll put in

olive oil there. You can use your

left-hand to cup. People will write

in because I licked my finger. Is

that what they say? And then give

it a wee stir. And then the

crayfish, I'll get them on there.

They take three or four minutes on

the grill. You don't want to cook the grill. You don't want to cook

them. You want to, ideally what you

say with seafood is to say to say with seafood is to say to

yourself, I just want the protein

to be just set. It makes you think,

it makes you approach it a wee bit

differently rather than cooking it

through. You want it to leave the

grill plate when it is still a wee

bit translucent and when it comes

off, it will continue to overcook. off, it will continue to overcook.

OK, don't overdo them. Where did OK, don't overdo them. Where did

you get these, here in Victoria? No,

I brought them down. In your pocket.

No, on the Virgin plane. They

kindly let me bring them down. So

you didn't have to put them in the

bin when you arrived. No, that

happened when I was coming from happened when I was coming from

with the Perth Good Food and Wine

Show and I brought strawberries Show and I brought strawberries

from the sunshine coast and some from the sunshine coast and some

tomatos, all yellow and orange and

green parallel grams. Got them all

taken from me. That happens. We

don't like to spread, what is it,

fruit fly. So, the vanilla. Wow,

David, smell that. Oh, I can David, smell that. Oh, I can smell

those. So the vanilla, split it

down the middle and remove the

seeds. And that syrup that you've

got beside you. In there was 300ml

of orange juice. One clove of

garlic just cracked to release the

flavour. Come over and have a look.

And the other ingredient was

cardamon. You've crushed it, have

you? Yeah, just to unlock it a bit.

And that has that sort of lemony

floral lavendery. Very Indian. Yes,

exactly. A lot in Indian food.

Aromatic. So I reduced it right

down to a syrup. All that's going

off into the ether is the off into the ether is the moisture

contepblt and you end up with the

essence of it. Look at these essence of it. Look at these changing colour here. They're

spectacular. What are you calling

this? African, Indian, Gympie. Yes,

how exotic. He's an Irish

Queenslander. I am, indeed. My wee

girl just got helped into Lourde

Hill which is the same school Hill which is the same school that

my mother was at. My mother left

there in 1958. In Hawthorn. You

know Hawthorn. So turn those over

and you can see there, they've just and you can see there, they've just

started to colour up. That one is

stuck. A nice hot clil plate. And

it is a nice way to cook them. And

that tightens the flavour. By

cooking them on the skin side for a

second and then turning them over

is a nice thing, because then what

you'll do is trap all of the juices

in the shell. Have a taste of that.

Is that nice? It's not bad. Why is

it hung together given that it is

citrus. It will emullsify given the

viscosity of the juice. I love it

when you speak cooking. That's good.

That's enough of that. Let's turn

that off. So the cous cous salad

there with all of the lovely there with all of the lovely little

colours in there. Gorgeous. The

crayfish on top. And they're just

barely set, and you can be as

generous as you want. These, as

they say, they're in season all

year around. It makes me homesick.

And then dress liberally with

David's vanilla. You know, vanilla

is a spice, remember. It's used

mostly with dessert of course, but

it really suits seafood fplgts and

you can see all of the specks of

vanilla in there. That is

spectacular. Well done. I can't

wait to get into that. Lovely.

Thank you so much. And do you

remember what you're cooking

tomorrow? Yes, a motorish -- a

moreish dish. And we will -- a

more-ish dish. And don't forget,

you can download the recipe. more-ish dish. And don't forget, you can download the recipe.

Still to come, the man whose dad

would douse him with insecticide.

would douse him with insecticide.

Fortunately, he grew up to see the

funny side. Carl Baron. And after

the break, the Australian labelling

campaign to save the orang-utan. I can do this pizza thing just like the guy in the restaurant. BOTH: Oh! Oh, no! Now, how am I gonna get those greasy pizza stains off? Perfect challenge for new Vanish NapiSan Intelligence formula. The Intelligence formula seeks out stains and the new grease-eating enzyme helps remove even the tough greasy stains. See? Easy! BOYS: Wow! It's like a grease-eater! Remember, just add one lid in every wash. Mum, what's for dinner? Greasy chips? Vanish NapiSan: What's for dinner tonight? Continental Lite Beef Stroganoff Recipe Base. With a third less fat, you can turn fresh ingredients into a great-tasting meal for the whole family. A delicious light meal? Now there's a thought.

Palm oil is an extremely versatile

product. So much so that it is

contained in 40% of products on

supermarket shelves. But the demand

is killing the endangers orang-utan

population in South East Asia. In

an effort to educate and an effort to educate and activate,

Melbourne Zoo has stepped in.

Every year, an ingredient in our

food Costs the lives of more than

1,000 orang-utans. It's palm oil.

Every day, orang-utan habitat is

cleared to produce it. You can't

choose if your food is adding to

this crisis, because palm oil is

often not labelled. Visit opinion au and tell opinion au and tell us

that up want palm oil labelled.

It's your choice.

Vet and filmmaker, Steven Van Milne

is here to highlight the issue. The

thing about this is, I reckon, a

lot of people will be sitting out

there saying "But, I don't buy palm

oil." That's one of the big problems. Because it doesn't need

to be labelled on supermarket

products, and as Kim said in the

lead-in, up to 40% of products

contain palm oil, it's a very good

oil ats very stable at high

temperatures, so just about baked

product contain palm oil.

product contain palm oil. Ice-cream

contains palm oil, but then there's

also a derive tive of palm oil

which just about every product that

bubbles has that in. The shampoos,

the dish washes detergents, they

all have derivatives of palm oil.

Why isn't it labelled? Why can't we

have the choice? There's no good

reason for that, which is why I

commend Zoo's Victoria and

Melbourne Zoo for pushing the

campaign. I can say that the

Government has had this on the

agenda for some tile, the Federal

Government and they've turned a

blind eye to it. They've turned a

blind eye to it. So it will take a

push like this to advise the

consumer so the consumer has choice,

because if we don't know, we don't

know. Where is the palm oil

primarily coming from? About 95% primarily coming from? About 95% of

the world's palm oil comes out of

Malaysia and Borneo. We can't stop

them farming? It's a highly

profitable plantation and the

Indonesian Government in particular

give out vast concessions of land,

of national parks. Primary

rainforest that's been there for

thousands of years for clearing and

burning and palm oil planting. We

were there a couple of years ago

and we shot a documentary and we shot a documentary together

and we could see flying in, and and we could see flying in, and we

know statistically that there's so

much degraded land that's there.

You can see there. And that's a

national park. Now, there are 41

national parks in Indonesia. 39 of

them have extensive logging and

mining. So, you know, national

parks over there aren't like that.

There's aerial footage we shot in

Tsumagari. Tsumagari is almost

completely gone -- Sutamtra is

almost completely gone. How much

land is being cleared. We can see

that on there, but in terms of land

size. This is true, and get your

head around this. This is in the

current 'Guinness book of records'.

300 football fields every hour. OK,

not every hour. Now, we can't

comprehend this, but Borneo is the

third biggest Island in the world,

and there's a lot of land there and

the concessions are given out all

the time. How much of the orang-

utan habitat has already been

destroyed? Oh, of the primary

rainforest, over 70%, 75%. So, you

know, there's not much left. And

where do they go? The orang-utans,

well, they're either killed, you

know in huge numbers. I mean, they

put Barters on the heads. By whom?

The people who work in the palm oil

plantations. They have bounties plantations. They have bounties on

their head. A worker will get a $20

boundy for killing an adult orang-

utan. And explain why. Why they utan. And explain why. Why they get

that? Well, they regard them as a

pest. Exactly. They regard them as

a pest. I was just getting to the

story, remember you saw the orang-

utan pinching equipment and they

don't understand, do they? That's

right. And I guess culturally, the

Indonesians don't have an affinity

with animal, and particularly with animal, and particularly great

apes like these that we do. And you

can't blame them for that. They

just don't connect and the

Government certainly doesn't at all.

In order to help, we want to In order to help, we want to raise

funds. There are certain bodies

that raise funds to help the orang-

utan. Your film which I watched

last night, which was terrific,

shows the work which is being done.

Now, what's the future? Because

there are people out there that there are people out there that are

rounding up these captured orang-

utans and putting them in camps, I

suppose, for want of a better word.

Rehabilitation camps. What is the

future for them? Poor. You only

take an animal into rehabilitation

to ultimately release it. And a to ultimately release it. And a lot

of the animals that come into the

care centres are babies and they

can't be released until 13 or 14

years of age, so they have that

amount of time there. But then at

13 or 14, where do they put them?

Because the habitats are shrinking

all the time. There's less and less

space to put them. So I guess the solution is not building more solution is not building more care

centres. You've got to go back to

the root cause which is what this

campaign is trying to do, to make

consumers compel decision making,

to say... Well, I don't want to buy

palm oil. So, what do people do?

People who are moved by the

campaign. How can they influence

the supermarket chains to put

pressure on the suppliers to do it?

The compulsory labels of products

is only a start. There's far more

sophisticated noddels in Europe. A

lot of European countries and

supermarket chains can legally only

carry sustainably grown palm oil.

Why aren't we at that point? I

don't know, and it is frustrating

because we're going to run out of

time. It is suggested that the

orang-utans in the wild only have

about 10 more years, and I really

support that. I've been up there a

number of times and every time I go

it is worse and worse. And when we

flew in, all you saw over Borneo

was smoke. And the tragedy is that

the primary rainforest is grown in

poor soil and what sustains them is

the peat and that's all carbon. And

now Indonesia is the third biggest

contributing country in the world

to global warming. How important

was it to have Mel Gibson onboard

for the documentary? Massively

important. You know, we were

honoured, because we approached Mel

Gibson, you know in the hope that

he might narrate it. Not only did

he agree, and whole heartedly agree,

but he chose no fee for it. And you

know, somebody of that stature

doesn't need to do this sort of

thing. But he's very passionate.

He's a lovely man, and he really is

deeply concerned about

deforestation. The concern here deforestation. The concern here is,

the other concern is, as you said,

Indonesia and developing countries,

the people are paid almost the people are paid almost nothing

and are given the land concessions

in order to generate an income. We

need to be mindful of the fact need to be mindful of the fact that

there is something else for them there is something else for them to

do. I support you totally, if we

start avoiding the product, how do

we help those people? Look, I think

there's two angles here. On a

smaller scale, and it is something

that I love doing and I endorse

highly is eco-tourism. By taking

people up there to see the orang-

utans in the wild and see the

wonderful culture of Indonesia, you

know, you're contributing to saving

them. And people are empowered and

they've got jobs to shou show

tourists around and to support the

wildlife. And you're also connected

emotionally, so that when you come

home, you take up the cause, as I

did. Absolutely, but on a bigger

scale, this is mass global

economies, we have to find a way to

reward people for not tearing down

trees. Copenhagen will be very

important in December, the big

climate change conference, and

avoiding deforestation. So, through

carbon trading or carbon credits,

we can reward governments for not

tearing down trees. We give them

cash to keep the trees there to

save carbon. That's probably the

only big picture. Can't we lean on

the top ten richest people in the

world and get them to throw in $20

million each and buy them up or

whatever? The problem in Indonesia

particularly, is that you're

dealing with the Government that

owns all the land. So, whilst

there's a big cheque coming if

China or whatever to give them palm

oil concessions, they're going to

take it. You know, it's short-term

stuff, unfortunately. They'll stuff, unfortunately. They'll take

the big money straight away. So,

you know, you can get Bill Gates

and Warren Buffet and all of and Warren Buffet and all of those

guys together and is that money

going to what they get for selling

off the land. What can consumers do

today? Today. I think the Melbourne

Zoo initiative is fabulous. They've issued postcards that people can

sign and send back in. The

postcards will be there. There is a

groundswell of opinion out there to

support this. And the petition

which they can do on line. Eco-

tourism is a good thing. I have

another trip happening at the end

of October and another in May next

year. I think people can check on

your show. Yeah, we have all of the

details on the show for that.

People can see it first hand. But

putting pressure on the supermarket

and definitely the Federal

Government is an important thing.

It's a long battle to hopefully

save the beautiful apes. Ten years,

that's all they've got. Is it about

50,000 in the wild, is that the

latest figure. Less than that in

Borneo. There's less than 7,000 in

Borneo. Yeah, probably about 30,000

or 40,000 in Borneo, but a lot of

them in care centres. What's the

poirpbt?. You no he, you're

imprisoning thousands of animals.

It breaks your heart. It does.

Let's do something about it and

it's a great project and well done

to Zos Victoria. Let's hope that

the rest of the country can get

involved. There's reason why this

needs to be isolated to the

southern part of the country.

Shane is here with some home shopping.

Most fit looking people who have

fabulous legs, flat stomachs and

toned arms have spent months at toned arms have spent months at the

gym. Well, Lee is here to tell us

how to get in shape quickly and

easily in the privacy of the home.

Hi. It is so easy to put on the

extra kilos after winter. Let's

face it, who wants to go out in the

cold to go to the gym. That's why

the Cardio Twister of designed. It

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saying how popular it is. The

response has been phenomenal.

You're not only getting a heart-

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You can step on the Cardio Twister

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areas of the legs, the inner and

outer thighs and the hard to target outer thighs and the hard to target

muscles. It will help you to shape

the long toned legs in much less

time. And the twisting motion

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entire core to tighten the abs,

chest and shoulders. So, you're

really using more of your boldy really using more of your boldy in

the workout? That's right. It's a the workout? That's right. It's a

total body toning cardio workout.

The more muscles you use, the more

weight you lose. In fact ux the

workouts on DVD are so much fun.

It's like a private class in your

home. You're encouraged through the

workout, and before you know it,

you've finished it in a few you've finished it in a few moments

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are he saying that people have

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twisting motion of the Cardio

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Now, I notice that you can change

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So call now or go online: Thank you.

We'll have the latest from the Ten

News centre. But after the break, a

little dabble. Dhav Naidu will

encourage the gentlemen to look


A real chap, like my good self wa

rather tweak the stereo system than

muck about fine tuning the largest

orga in on the body.

That would be the skin. And this

morning, Dhav Naidu will look at

the best men's grooming aids. the best men's grooming aids. Good

morning. The bloke that wears

mascara. See, he does. Wears it. No,

I don't. In your defence. It's your

television. No, you're not wearing

any today. I don't ever wear

mascara. But why don't men mascara. But why don't men approach

grooming the same way as women? I

really don't know. I think they

secretly do, but they're not brave

enough to say. Because there's the

whole Australian male macho. Where

they say "No, I don't really use

it.". And they pinch the

girlfriend's stuff. And guy's skin

is 30% thicker and oilier, so

pinching your wieve's moisturiser

may not work for you. So for guys,

it would be too oily. They need

something drier. And nothing sticky

or greeasy. And I don't know if

you'll agree with this. A lab

technician has decided that men's

things should smell like hospital

anti-septic with pine. We don't

want to smell like a clean loo, want to smell like a clean loo, you

know what I mean. What are the

essentials. When you talk about

men's grooming. The whole lot or a

squirt? I've done it so many times

for women. The best products that

are out there, so I decided that

this time around, we're close to

father's day, so people look at

this and go and buy something worth

while. Alright. Perfumes, please,

please, please refrain from using

the run of the mill skents. Not

that there's anything wrong with

them, but there's so many out them, but there's so many out there

that are good. Parfum deempire. Wow,

wow, wow. It has citrus notes and

tarrogan and coriander and this one

has nutmeg. They're beautiful. I

would wear those. It is really,

really nice. Still spicy and

interesting. And where does a man

apply that? All around? All around? apply that? All around? All around?

Up the skirt, under the arms,

behind the ears. Absly. But not as

deoderant. No, always here. Because

it reacts with your perspiration

and you don't want smell that. Here,

a very coveted perfume. This is

cravash for men. Or women! Fracase

as in a fight! I love it. I love

that. That reminds me of my first boyfriend's afters me of my first

boyfriend's aftershave. That's it.

Draco noir is nice, but I have said

this many, many times, Guerlain and

Heritage. Every man should have

either or or both in your wardrobe.

It's just one of those things. So

parfum deEmpire. Shaving creams or

foams, there's always a debate over

that. It's what you're good with

and what you prefer. The wow for me

would be the clinique aloe shave.

Very, very close second is the

elemis. And an excellent cream

shave is eshave. I like this so

much that they have one for every

skin type. Sensitive, dry,

combination, normal. So check the

website. What is the difference

between that and the off the shelf

supermarket brand? First of all, they don't smell anti-septic.

Second of all, they have a lot of

good essential oils, so anything na

burns and stings, guys should not

use. You don't want that, it's

hurting. That's what the skin is

reacting to. So don't go for

anything like that. See, even the

fact that there's a range in these

shows that the whole men's product

range now. There's about $230

million in America and I think in

Australia, it is about $56 Australia, it is about $56 million

for men. Wow. Are they expensive?

No, $29, $59 and I think $18 and

they last, like, the foam ones last

about three or four months. Do

they? Yeah. A bit more than your

$3.99Rexona? Absolutely, but you

don't have to pay a lot for

suffering later on in the future.

And it doesn't sting. Deoderant.

Dermalogica environmental And

Sharp's Barbara and Shop. These Sharp's Barbara and Shop. These are

the only two to get. Roll on? No

spray? Roll on. Now, jumping into

moisturisers. There's too many out

there. So, I've pulled everything

together just to give you a

highlight of what's good. La Mer

has these. For men? These are not

for men, these are for unisex. So

basically, they've got the gel, the

lotion and the one for people lotion and the one for people with oily skin. So, if

Skinn, this brand is so popular in

the UK it's voted the best, and it

is Australian. Vow. Fatigue rescue

and the daily moisturiser. And then,

this SPF30 moisturiser so the

sunscreen. Stella and Marco, this

is available at $priceline and it

is under $15. And it does the job.

There you go. I'm excited to see

that there's more SPF factor in

men's ones. My husband is like most

blokes. SPF is very important.

Cleansers, this is the one that I

like, because you use them in the

shower. So you don't have to be

there. Milk by Michael Climm has

the face scrub. That's a good

product. The whole thing is about

$15. Anti-formulations, it's a

great exfoliator. Have you to

exfoliate once a week so you don't

have inscreen hair and you get off

the skin cells. I don't know that

I've ever exfoliated in my hair.

And I've never had an ingreen hair.

And then eye creams, I always say,

wear sun glasses so you don't

squint. That goes for women. When

you want to avoid lines around the

lines, sun glasses is always good.

Men, Caresse is wow. It's got

chestnut inside it and it is really,

really good. Mask, this is a

charcoal mask that you want you charcoal mask that you want you to

try. It is char goal, but when you

put it on, your face goes grey.

This one here? But when you scrub

it off, it draws all of the oil and

the impurities off. So it is a fun

mask to use. I'd like to see mask to use. I'd like to see that.

And two things that I think guys

should indulge in. The Elemis SOS

cream, it's something for

everything. It's like for nicks,

nappy rash, whatever you want to do,

it does it. But it doesn't smell

and it is not sticky and it is

actually, it's a miracle cream for

me. And Botanis body scrub. That's

only out in September. I tried it

and I'm like, wow! That is top

notch and we have a give away. We

have a great give away for father's

day. I've tied in with two great

brands, Clinique with the aloe

shave gel and the SPF and Parfum

deEmpire! You know. Just jump on

the website. He does love it. Jump

on the website, because that is a

winner. A there are five of the

beautiful packs to give away so get in fast.

Still to come, green warrior MV

Isle of Arran Wood's efforts to

save the planet.

There's an old saying that it is

better to wear out than rust out.

Having said that, you do have to

plan for the inevitable as we

weren't going to be around forever.

Today, my guest has investigated

the subject. Good morning. I like

the saying as well. My wife and I

really like to stay active. In fact,

I'm involved in the theatre, I'm involved in the theatre, which

I think keeps me feeling young at

heart. But all the same, I am

getting older. It's just a fact of

life that none of us can eskip

scape. When you think about it, we

all have to go sometime. And who all have to go sometime. And who is

going to be left behind to pay for

the funeral. Most likely, the kids,

I guess. Who would want to leave

that burden for the family? I that burden for the family? I know

we wouldn't. That's why we we wouldn't. That's why we decided

to take out funeral expenses to take out funeral expenses cover

from Real. When someone passes

awarbgs there are costs. A funeral

could cost $4,000 upwards. There's

the casket, the flowers, the the casket, the flowers, the cars,

the list goes on and on. How can

funeral expenses cover make such funeral expenses cover make such a

difficult time easier for the

family? Sismly by helping to take

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Funeral expenses cover pays your

chosen benefit, which can be up to

$15,000 to your family if you were

to pass away. And it's comforting

to know that the payment is made

without unnecessary delay. That

would be very important too, so you

know that your family will have know that your family will have the

money when they need it. That's

right. And there's another benefit

that we liked about the funeral

plan. Real triples the payout when

death is as a result of the

accident, making the maximum payout

up to $45,000. When a loved one

passes away, it is bad enough. But

when death is sudden and unexpected,

other credit card bills can crop up

and be very difficult to manage on

top of everything else. I would

expect that sort of payment could

help the family at a difficult help the family at a difficult time.

That's a good point. And you know,

with funeral expenses cover, family

plan, you can include all of your

children, all of your dependant

children aged under 21. That's a

good idea to make sure that the

whole family is protected. But now

that you mention it, how much does

the cover cost? That was another

pleasant surprise. Premiums depend

on the age, but cover starts from

as little as 25 cents a day and on

the family plan, you can include

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I found the people at Real

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didn't even have to do a medical or

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approved over the phone. There's a

30 day cooling off period so you

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money back. That's good. Time to

read the small print. When I got read the small print. When I got my

policy, I was pleasantly surprised.

Easy to read and easy to understand,

and an unexpected gift from Real.

We all like gifts. We got a free

will kit and a Real Insurance bonus

to look forward to. Tell me more

about that. Every three years that

I keep my policy, Real will give me

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that time. That's the Real

Insurance bonus. So why not do what

I did and give Real Insurance a call today: Or visit the website:

It's funeral expenses cover It's funeral expenses cover that's

Real easy. It soupbldz it. Thank

you very much for telling us all

about it from Real Insurance. We talked about Real Insurance talked about Real Insurance funeral

cover. So, there's a website and phone number.

We'll bring you the latest news

headlines next, and still to come,

Ne Pa, we'll meet the next



This program is captioned live.

Time for the latest from the

newsroom and Natarsha Belling. Good morning.

Good morning Dave and Kim.

Investigations are under way into a

devastating house fire that claimed

five members of the one family in

Victoria. The only survivor was

Aaron Holloway who lost his 24- year-old wife and four young

children in the blaze. Those close

to the 31-year-old say he's

struggling to comprehend what has

happened. At this stage, the cause

of the blaze is still unknown.

Hopefully, the cost of goods on

supermarket shelves could soon be

slashed as the first Australian warehouse and the major discount

chain, Cost Co opens in Melbourne.

Hundreds of shoppers have lined up

to be the first to be there. From

bulk toilet paper to diamond rings,

it's hoped that they'll increase

competition between the

supermarkets and help Australians

save on the grocery bills.

This is why Usain Bolt is the

fastest man on earth. He blitzed

the field at the World

Championships in Berlin to set a

new world record. The Jamaican

sprinting an incredible 9.58 in the

100m final. And if that world

record isn't enough for you - what

about a record breaking cup cake?

An American bakery has cooked up a

world record treat weighing in at

555kg. It smashed the previous

record of just 68kg. We cover all

of the big stories here.

I bet it is a revolting stodgey

mess on the inside. Exactly. And

how come it is in... Well, I know

why it is in a tin, because why it is in a tin, because there's

no paper cases big enough. Big

enough, exactly right! Oh, alright.

Nothing else of interest? Have all

of the details in the Morning News. Marvellous. Thank you so much.

Marianne is waiting for us. And

coming up tomorrow, Rico Barry from

save Japan's Dolphins will say why

he's determined to end the slaughter.

Well, I wish you could smell this