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Live. Tonight mine disaster,

cracks appear in the Prime Minister's support base

amounts French fishing boat

closing in on the stranded

solo sailor. Redent go out on

a limb to save historic

trees. I'm horrified. South

Good evening. Jeremy Africa make as big points.

Fernandez with ABC News -

Also tonight Andrew Johns

apology to his friend and

former team-mate 'Tampa'.

I'm really upset and

shattered that if offended

'Tampa'. That story later but

first the Prime Minister is

again under fire over the Government's mining profits

tax. In a former Labor ally

is calling for his head. The

former Queensland Treasurer

is urging the party to replace Kevin Rudd

immediately but for now at least the Prime Minister

still has a staunch ally in

his deputy Julia Gillard.

Today she jumped to his

defence dismissing questions

about his leadership as

absurd. There is no hiding

the irony of who delivered

Kevin Rudd's positive

prognosis today. Julia

Gillard the woman who might

insists the Prime Minister's

vital signs are good Not

everything has general

according to plan but we have

made real progress. Kevin

Rudd's Labor after the mining

tax is taking hits from

everywhere. They scrap it,

amend it, whatever though do

now they have done long-term

damage. Increasingly though

the anti Rudd voices appear

on his side of the fence and

on the front of newspapers.

Be Queensland's Treasurer when Rudd was the

constituent's top bureaucrat

is now a coal mining

executive and scathe binge

the mining tax. Kevin Rudd he

writes is fast becoming an

object of ridicule doing terminal damage the brand

Australia. He complains of an

enormous gulf between word

and deed, between spin and

substance. He concludes there

is no alternative but to

change the leader. I do not

agree with the view that has

been expressed. Even Kevin

Rudd's brother is happy to

put his concerns in print

saying the public does not

know who Kevin 10 is.

Individuals looking at

politics will come to a

variety of views. In Western

Australia a new poll suggests

those views are turning

toxic. Labor's primary vote

is at 26% in the West down

12% from the election T

Coalition is unto 52% after

preferences Labor trails 38

to 62. If reflected at an

election Labor would lose all

but one of its WA seats. I

do not necessarily tick a

small poll as being indicative of our voting

strength. I think we will be

competitive in Western Australia. Competitive is one

thing, successful is another.

The teenager sailor Abby Sunderland is moments away

from being rescued by a

French fishing boat in the southern Indian Ocean T

16-year-old is stranded

aboard her yacht 2000

nautical miles off the coast

of Western Australia T

teenager will be transferred

to another vessel before

being taken to Reunion Island

T Australian team found Abby

Sunderland aboard her yacht

in the southern Indian Ocean

These photographs taken from among treacherous conditions.

the plane show just how

isolated the young girl was.

Abby Sunderland's family was delighted with the news of

her safety. It was, um, a

very tense day with much-anticipated news and it

was just at great outcome. We

are very happy, very excited.

Blue I think I knew in my

heart she was okay. Um, but

you - it remind us it place

out differently. The teenager

who was trying to sill around

the world solo activated two

distress signals on Thursday

as she battled heavy seas.

Last night rescuers described

the moment they found her.

Contact 11 o'clock, 800

metres. It was a very small

dot on the ocean. She was on

the back deck, very hard to

see in the seas but the

rigging was hanging over the

side but she sounds very upbeat. Today another plane

was sent from Perth to make

contact while she waited for

assistance from a French

fishing boat. The Australian

Defence Force has sent two

planes to Cocos Island to

cyst with the operation. It is understood Abby Sunderland has plenty of supplies but

the yacht's mast is badly

damaged. Her father says the

round-the-world attempt is

over but has rejected

criticism she was under-prepared. She mass proven her several more than

capable of dealing with. This

this is more of a testimony

to her will to survive and

deal with the situation. It

is expected the teenager

sailor and her boat will be

taken to Reunion Island. At

least 16 people have been killed after a flash flood

rushed through a camping

ground in the US. Hundreds

were trapped in the southwest

of Arkansas by a wall of

Walter. It was still dark

when the float waters raced

towards the camping grounds

just before dawn. The

quickness that a flash floods

comes upon you is unbelievable. Heavy rain

through the night triggered

the flood with waters rising

6 metres in a matter of

hours. Most of the holiday

makers would have still been

asleep and had little time to

react. Children were among

those swept away. I got

nothing compared to those

little babies they were

screaming so hard in the

river "Help me, help me". We

could not reach them. We had

to climb 40 teeth the save

ourselves. The water tore

through trees and smashed

camper vans. Not even the

cabins could withstand the

force T river receded as

quickly as it rose leaving

the wreckage in The folks

who have lived here have seen

floods but nothing like

this. Up to 300 people might

have been camping in the

remote area in southwest

Arkansas. Boats and

helicopters were being used

in the rescue effort but as

night fell that was put on

reported missing and the hold. Dozens are still

death toll is like think

rise. A teenager has died

and to people badly hurt in a

house fire T blaze broke out

early this morning. 7 people

including 5 children managed

to escape but a 15-year-old

girl was trapped inside. A 3

5-year-old man and a teenager

risked their lives trying to rescue the girl but were

forced back by the met and smoke. Unfortunately she has

not made it out and our crew

on ducked a search and found

her body in the back

room. The pair is being

treated for serious burns.

Authorities are investigating

the cause of the blaze.

Authorities say they have

found no link between the

fees natural flu vaccine and

the death of a 2 -year-old

girl in Brisbane. The girl

died in early and a day after

she and her twin sister were immunised by their local doctor. Queensland Health

says an autopsy included

several laboratory tests but

did not find a definitive

cause of death. A higher than

usual number of children have

had adverse reactions to this

year's flu vaccine sparking a

national investigation. Use

of the vaccine for children

under 5 has been suspended.

The curtain Immigration

Detention Centre in the north

will reopen as the Government

brings more seek seek the

main land. 94 Afghan men are

being transfer from Christmas

Island to the centre, 440

kilometres to the south-east.

Another 95 will be flown

there tomorrow bringing the

total to 189. All

asylum-seekers are subjected

to the suspension. The

detention will only

accommodate male

asylum-seekers. The

Government made it clear we were not going to lock children behind barbed wire,

we are not putting them into

dye tension centres so Curtin

will be used for single

men. The facility can

accommodate 300 but will

double its capacity. It has

been used as a detention

centre in the past but was

closed in 2002. Sydney's leafy North Shore is now a

little less so. Railcorp has

put the axe to 3 century-old

fig trees due to safety

concerns but local residents

oppose third removal. It

took 100 years for these fig

trees to degree and tower

over the train station here.

Workers only needed a few

hours to start bringing them

down. The axe is falling

because Railcorp says they

are simply too big and too dangerous. The roots have

become extensive, they are

growing all the way under the

platform which is causing extensive trip hazards that are impossible to

control. The local council

urged the State Government to

overturn the decision. They

are an in telling grl part of

a heritage village and a

heritage station. But the Premier told Parliament

Friday the dangers posted for

people using wheelchairs and

prams are too great. Local

residents stormed the

platform this morning forcing

the tree cutters to down

tools. You can't take those

trees. They are old. Three

women staged a sit-in. I'm horrified. Absolutely

horrified. The group said the

damage the platforms could

have been contained if

Railcorp gave the tree as big

prune. Are you prepared to be

arrested to prevent the tree

being cut down? I am yes. The local branch of the Police

Department was called in. If

you don't leave you may be

arrested. The protestors

delayed the tree-cutting for

an hour although disappointed

that they could not stop the

working go ahead they say

they have made their points.

Railcorp says other more suitable trees will be

planted at the station. Well

done! The world's biggest

sporting event has kicked off

the amazing scenes in South

Africa. There were

celebrations across the

country even though Nelson

Mandela did not attend the Opening Ceremony following

the debt of his great granddaughter. The Cup start

would a 1-all draw but not

before the home team accident

the crowd wild with the first

goal of the tournament. This

was a taste of South African

joy. Yet in many respects

the arrival of this grand

sporting moment for the

nation was indicative of the

journey, one of fluctuating

emotions. The FIFA President

marked the historic event.

The FIFA World Cup is in

South Africa!

CHEERING AND APPLAUSE Yet the occasion wasting the

would pain. Nelson Mandela

absent after the death of his

great granddaughter in a car

accident. But he said the

game must start, you must

enjoy the game. The South

African team had the wait of

the country on its shoulders and the pressure showed in

the opening

moments. COMMENTATOR: Mexico

great delivery. Mexico missed

chances in a scoreless first

half. Tens of thousands in

Soweto glued to the action at

one of the nation's vibrant

fan sites. The unbelievable

drone of African humanity

willing its side to victory,

a nation united. COMMENTATOR:

South Africa scores. South

Africa's goal sent the

players and the nation mad.

Mexico's late equaliser the

uncomfortable antidote T1-all

draw deflating the

celebrations somewhat.. I'm a

bit disappointed but very

proud of them. South African

rhythms which spilled over

deep down the night were not quite matched by the

Socceroos's adopted No.1 fan

John Travolta nor their No.1

player. These were precious

moments of relaxation before

the lofty task of upsetting

Germany. We have the confidence quietly that we

can go out and put a very

good performance on against Germany and hopefully get

something out of the game. South Africa's opening

night will be remembered for

the bright start from its

team and to a greater extent

the nation. The night's

other match-up between France

and Uruguay resulted in a

scoreless draw while the game

has been called an opening

day dud it featured the first

send-off of the cup. Uruguay

played the last 9 minutes

with just 10 men after a red

card was issued. COMMENTATOR:

Incredibly he has been sent

off. Lodero, after picking up

two yellow cards. There are

three games on tonight, Korea

plays Greece, Argentina meets

Nigeria and England will take

on the USA. With hundreds of

thousands of soccer tragics

in town for the World Cup

transport has become a major

headache for organisers T

country has invested billions

in new infrastructure to help

move teams and their fans but transport safety is still a

big concern. The daily chaos

on South African roads. In a

country with little public

transport most commuters

choose to drive. For the

wealthy it is a car, for the

poor majority it is the

minibus taxi. The taxis are

so cheap and they are so

fast. But fast can mean

deadly. It is terrible, I

mean it is like, you know, I

don't know how to put it but

every time they cause a

accident. They are quite

wild on the road They are

rude, do not obey the traffic

laws and get away a lot of things. Official figures put

the country's rule tell at up

to 50 deaths a day. Critics

believe the number is much

higher. It is a culture of carelessness on the

road. Acknowledging the chaos

and carnage on South African roads the Government wants the row assure foreigners

that it has a road safety

plan. That plan comes from

Australia. Whatever we have

learnt a on road safety we

have actually imported and we

are importing from Australia.

Efforts to curb road

fatalities include the

roll-out of fix's first

high-speed commuter train.

World Cup visitors to

Johannesburg will be among

its first passengers.

Tonight's top story, Deputy

Prime Minister's dismissed

calls for Kevin Rudd to be

dumped as Prime Minister as

pressure mounts for the

Federal Government to end the mining profits tax debate.

Still to come - a whole new

ball game for Karmichael

Hunt. It has been

three-weeks now since armed forces shut down

anti-Government rallies in

Bangkok. Hundreds of people

were detained in gaols and

military camps many without

charge. The Thai Government

has released a list of arrested protestors but still

more than 40 are unaccounted

for. This 15 -year-old has

lost her father. He could be

on the run from authorities,

in jail or

dead. TRANSLATION: I want

to know how he is, has he

survivinged or been

arrested? Her father was a red guard at the anti

Government rally in central

Bangkok. The girl lives with

her grandmother and sees him intermittently but they used

the talk on the phone daily.

Last time was a couple of

days before the army

dispersed the protest almost

four weeks ago. NGOs have

located some people in

hospital, in jail and others

who simply fled fearing

arrest or

retribution TRANSLATION: In

most cases they ran away

during the troubles staying

at friends houses. More than

400 people were arrested in the aftermath of the Red

Shirt rally T Government's

only just released a list of

their names after pressure

from human rights groups but

it is still unclear where

they are being held and under

hat conditions. We have

checked hospitals and gaols

for the men we have been

looking for and today we are

at the morgue. He is not

here. His mobile phone has

upon disconnected. Is quite

possible he is in Hydeing but

the Government's reluctance

to say exactly whout is holding and where has led

many to jump to other conclusions. The Government

has denied allegations that

soldiers removed bodies from

the rally site without adding

them to the official death

toll T the girl's father

fears the worst. TRANSLATION:

I don't believer my son is

dead yet. More than 40 people

remain unaccounted for. BP

will reportedly suspend shareholder dividends bowing

to intense US pressure

because of the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. The US Government wants the oil

giant the pay for the spill

clean up. BP directors are expected the meet next week

to formalise the decision. An

announcement is not expected

until after the company

officials meet with the US

President midweek. Finally

there is good news for the

great gate despite last

year's report temperatures,

scientists say that late cool

conditions saved it from a

major bleach ing event. But a

new study puts the Great

Barrier Reef's London-term

survival in doubt. 2009 may

have been the warmest year on

record but surprising think

heat did not translate to

ocean temperatures.

Thankfully around Christmas

time the active monsoon

trough started and that

persisted for most of the

summer so together with high

cloud cover and strong winds

it kept is from getting warm

conditions. It protected much of the Great Barrier Reef

from coral bleaching. Only a

mild event was recorded t

worst bleaching was further

north. In north Austin

Torres Strait region you had warm weather for a long

period that pushed sea

temperatures above the

long-term summer Maxima by

several degrees which drove bleaching. Bleaching occurs

when coral stress under warm

temperature and according to

scientists some are affected

more severely and for longer

than expected T worst event

were recorded in 1998 and

200. The while parts of the

reef have recovered coral

population are declining over

time. Recent assessments

indicate between 1% and 2%

are disappearing each year.

That has been recorded over

the last 40 years. Our best

guess is that about half the

sea floor was covered by

living coral, something like

50% and we are down to 25%,

30% in some sub regions of

the Great Barrier Reef. If

the latest research is right

even these corals that do not

look bleached may also be

affected and the these event

become more frequent

scientists say some corals

may not have enough time to

recover. Customs officials

say they will send a formal apology to a Northern

Territory man jailed for four

days over shampoo in his

luggage. Neil Parry was

arrested after his hair

cleanser tested positive for

liquid ecstasy. He was

charged with drug possession

and spent time behind bars

before he posted $15,000 bail

with a friend's help A second

test cleared the 57-year-old

boat skipper of any

wrongdoing finding only

shampoo in the bottles. I

have not been sleeping, I'm

upset, suffer from stress a

bit. It is not a nice

thing. Did charges against Mr

Parry have been dropped but

he has been told he will not

get his bail money back for

several weeks. He is now

considering had to pursue a

legal action against customs.

NSW winger 'Tampa' has

sensationally walked out on his State of Origin

team-mates after a heated

argument with assistant coach

Andrew Johns. Johns has

apologised for behaviour that

'Tampa' has called

unacceptable. In a statement

released late today the

winger says he hopes his

sacrifice raises awareness of

the need to be respectful of

other cultures. Joel Monaghan

might have been all smiles as

he joined his team-mates on

the bus to training but the

mood in the camp is not so

cheerful. Fms I'm really

upset and shattered that I

have offended him. We go way

back. I have known him since

he has been a kid. The

champion half-back made a

statement to reporters today

but did not take questions.

It is a frieft matter between

himself and me. The winger

skipped camp but is unlikely

to face disciplinary action

Until we talk to him. He had a brief conversation just

told the coach he was going basically. The case of

friendly fire has made the

Blues easy targets for

Queensland. Something like

that rattle as side this far

into the campaign? I'm not

too sure because they change

every series. The Maroons had

their own scare when Jonathan

Thurston limped from training

but the Cowboys half-back was back on his feet joining the

team for a morning dip T

Titans end add three-game

losing streak defeating a

depleted Manly side 28-14

last night. COMMENTATOR:

No-one will catch

him. Relieved of State of

Origin duties mat Ballan kept

the visitors in the break T

home side was out of reach

midway through the second

half. It is a decade-old

cross-border debate. Could

Rugby League's finest cut it

in the AFL? Today Karmichael

Hunt proved it is possible

but far from easy. He kicked

2 for the Gold Coast in the

VFL but finished benched with

hamstring cramps. They do not generally queue in

Melbourne's suburban north

but is not every week the

Oval hosts the debut of a

journeyman who has captured

the country's attention. He

has done union and league.

He will go well. 7 minute in

the $3 million man delivered. COMMENTATOR:

Running to open goal. Here we

go! The opening 2 in fact

when Hunt was awarded a

second shot for a late

push. COMMENTATOR: Do you

think he nose what is going

on? I don't think he does to

be honest. He did tackling. The AFL faithful was

unforgiving with errors on

foot. Was to early goals and

a handful of touches enough

to persuade the doubters in

the outer? I would say good

but not great. He will fine

his way. Another year

away. Hunt looked lost at

times and finished on the

bench with cramp. Overall

everyone seemed satisfied.

In terms of structure and

that struggled a bit knowing

where to be and, um what to

do at times, but, um, overall

I thought, you know, I was

not going too bad. I

thought he handled himself

well with the media, the

training, his journey. New

Zealand-born Karmichael Hunt

played 124 nurl games for the Broncos, 10 for Queensland

and 11 for Australia. How

many he plays in the

sleeveless red remains to be

seen. It is fast, furious and

it is coming to a roller rink

near you. Roller derby is

enjoying a revival thanks to

its popularity in Australia.

Hundreds of girls are getting

their skates onto compete in

Adelaide. Don't know your

blocker from your jammer?

Don't fear. 2 minute after 2

minute after 2 minute of

playing offence and defence

to stop the Opposition jammer

to get your team's jammer

through the pack. Okay, maybe

not so simple.

A bit like grid-iron, you do

not understand but it is not

bad to watch and have a laugh

at too. The team scores each

time top jammer laps an opponent. You need as many

referees as players.

Exhausting for everybody

including the medical stars.

We saw a few big hits on the

first game a broken leg a

Busted knee. Despite the violence or perhaps because

of it the sport is growing

faster than ever before.

There are now more than 25

leagues around Australia and

the Great Southern slam is

the biggest tournament ever

held in the Southern

Hemisphere. At the Adelaide

games this place is packed

and the line is a mile out

there. About 2500. That is

usually people who do not get

in. Roller derby fans say it

is more than a sport, it is a

world where new recruits or

fresh meat create and play

out a new persona You get to

have an alter-ego. The prerequisites for entering

the are skill on skates and a

lot of courage. Time for a

look at the weather. Sydney

peaked at 17 today right on

the June average. It was a

mostly sunny day along the

NSW coast. Temperatures were

close the average north of

Sydney and below average in

the rest of the state. It was

generally fine apart from

light precipitation in

Thredbo and cloud in the

West. Cooma was coldest

overnight with minus 6. A few

centres in the north-west

were warmest with 20. Light

showers in the slopes and

ranges and in the 6 hours to

3 Thredbo got lens 1

millimetre. In the capitals

Melbourne stayed mostly dry despite the cloud and there

were clear skies in Canberra.

Patchy cloud over NSW is

bringing a few showers to

parts of the hunter and

mid-north coast. That high

cloud over the interior is

not causing any rain. It is

mostly fine in the east

thanks to a ridge of high

pressure T high moving from

in the Bite will bring clear

days early this week. Tomorrow's rainfall chart

shows showers just skimming

the NSW coats T far south

ease lot just miss out: In

the capital cities tomorrow

showers clearing in

Melbourne. Mostly sunny in

Canberra an fine elsewhere.

Around NSW, staying fine

tonight expects isolated

coastal showers in the

north-east tomorrow. There

will be morning frost on the

slopes and ranges and it will

be fine elsewhere. Wind from

the southwest to south-east,

fresh near the coast. It is a

similar outlook for Sydney,

finance and mostly sunny with

a top of 17 degrees. Seas

rising to 2 metres on a

3-metre swell. Wind from the

south to southwest at 15 to

20 knots. It is shaping up to

a be fine week in Sydney

apart from a few showers on

Tuesday and Thursday.

Temperatures in the mid to

high teens. Tonight's top stories - the Prime Minister

is facing increasing

criticism over the mining

profits tax. It has coincided

with figures showing Labor's

approval rating in Western

Australia has taken nosedive

amounts French fishing boat

has nearly reached the

teenager sailor Abby

Sunderland strand in the

southern Indian Ocean. A look

at the line-up tomorrow at 9 o'clock 'Insiders' with

Barrie Cassidy. His guest is

the Finance Minister Lindsay

Tanner. At 10 Alan Kohler

will speak with the chair man

of the Geraldton Iron Other

alliance. And 'Offsiders'

with Barrie Cassidy and then

'Asia Pacific Focus' with Jim

Middleton. I will be back in

an hour and for the latest

news 24 hours a day don't

forget ABC Radio and news

online. From the team for

now, goodnight. Closed captions by CSI