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(generated from captions) Tonight - the ACTU suspends the Health Services Union,

saying there must be zero

tolerance for corruption. Live. Also ahead - a New South This Program is Captioned

Welshman jailed over

pornography made with his own

children. Reliving the horror -

survivors of the 2002 survivors of the 2002 Bali

bombings testify in the trial

of the alleged bomb maker. And

later on 'The Business' later on 'The Business' with Ticky Fullerton, world markets

slide following a Spanish

across Australia, you're Government bond auction. Live

watching ABC News 24. Hello.

I'm Juanita Phillips. It stands accused of krumgts, charges

could be pending and now the

Health Services Union has hit a

new low. The ACTU has suspended

it until the union cleans up

its act, but the humiliation

its act, but the humiliation is

likely to be prolonged for at

Fair Work Australia announced least another month. Tonight

it will release publicly

1100-page dossier on the

union's misdeeds. From

Canberra, Narda Gilmore

reports. Dark days for the union movement. What's happened to the lights.

And it's in damage control. The decision was

control. The decision was not

taken lightly. It is a very

grave and serious step for the

ACTU. It is another humiliation

for the Health Services Union, kicked out of the ACTU

temporarily at least The

decision was overwhelmingly

supported by the majority of

the executive. The peak body

acted to protect what it calls

the union brand, getting in

early before anyone knows the

extent of the HSU's misconduct,

detailed in Fair Work Australia's 1100-page report It

is a publicity stunt. They want

to get some credibility out of

this. They want to make sure

that the rest of the union

membership isn't tarred with

the same brush. This is not a

publicity stunt. This is a

clear statement by the ACTU

Executive that there is zero

tolerance for corruption. The

Labor MP who once ran the union is distancing is distancing himself Well,

it's really got nothing to do with me. Craig Thomson is taking comfort in at

announcement that Commonwealth

prosecutors can't act on the

Fair Work report because it's

not a proper brief of

evidence The DPP's indications

yesterday were very encouraging

and are very consistent and are very consistent with

what I've said all along about

being innocent in relation to

this issue. Tony Abbott is not

letting him off the hook. The

ACTU would not have used that

very powerful and evocative

term "corruption" if they did

not think that very, very

serious wrong doing had not

taken place. He wants Fair Work

to provide a brief of evidence

or let police step in. Hundreds

of thousands of dollars of

grieve union members' money have been

grieve vowsly grieve vowsly misused. It is

not appropriate for me and it's

not appropriate for Tony Abbott

to to be trying to give directions

to an today Fair Work Australia to an independent body. Late

agreed to release its report to

a Senate committee, but not

straightaway. It won't hand over the document for at another month while it's still over the document for at least

considering whether to take

Federal Court action against

the union. A leading figure in an international paedophile

ring has been sentenced to 21 years' prison in New South

Wales. In all, seven

Australians are facing charges,

related to child sex and child

pornography. Dozens of others

have either been jailed or are

being investigated overseas. A

50-year-old man appeared today for sentencing over the

systematic abuse of his

children which at times he

streamed live to the web.

Reporter Laetitia Lemke was in

court, and a warning, her story

contains some disturbing material. The evidence was

distressing in the extreme. As

the judge read out a statement

of facts, members of the media

and the public wept openly. The

judge said:

The 50-year-old father and

his 30-year-old wife pleaded

guilty to a string of guilty to a string of charges

relating to the sexual abuse of

their 11-year-old daughter their 11-year-old daughter and

12-year-old son. The abuse

which often happened in the

company of others was recorded,

uploaded to the Internet and at

times streamed live via times streamed live via web cam. In a.

The court heard the accused

was involved in an Internet

chatroom where he canvassed his

parents abuse and encouraged other

parents to sexually abuse their children. The judge said it showed the accused was completely unrepentant. The

50-year-old sat silently in

court as his sentence was read

out. He will face 21 years in

jail, but will be eligible for

parole after 15. Advocacy groups say that sentence isn't

strong enough. It sends the

message that if you message that if you access child pornography, you will get

caught, and you will go to

jails and 21 years is a sentence, but in this jails and 21 years is a lengthy

particular case, these were his

children. The children's mother

will be sentenced next week

over similar charges, along with a 43-year-old friend who also sexually abused with a 43-year-old family

the children with their parents' permission. Police are

searching for three children

who robbed a taxi driver at

knife point in Adelaide's north

last night. The suburban taxi

was called to Exeter just after

midnight. Three boys believed

to be aged between 10 and 15

threatened the 27-year-old

driver with a knife and stole

money. The real horror is that

these are kids and it is a bad

reflection on society when

you've got kids that young

committing these very

aggressive and sickening

crimes. The driver injured, but the taxi's crimes. The driver wasn't

internal camera was damaged in

the incident. Police say there

is no CCTV footage of the

attack. The accused murderer of

Sydney's Lin family has had his second bail application

rejeted. Robert Xie is accused

of killing Min Lin, his wife,

her sister and two boys in

2009. A Supreme Court judge

says he wasn't persuaded by

criticism of the police

investigation by Xie's

barrister . Justice Derek Price

said there was a reasonable

prospect of a jury finding him

guilty. Xie's wife was in

court: Justice Price also said

there was a risk of Xie fleeing to China because of his family and financial ties to the country. Survivors of the 2002

Bali bombings have appeared in a Jakarta court to a Jakarta court to give

evidence in the trial of evidence in the trial of the alleged bomb-maker Umar Patek.

Patek is accused of building

the car bomb used in the

attacks which killed more than 200 people. Today Australian survivors confronted the

alleged bomber. Indonesia

correspondent Matt Brown

reports from Jakarta. Umar

Patek arrived in a good mood,

undaunted by the prospect of

coming face to face with his

victims. He showed no

victims. He showed no emotion,

even as Peter Hughes testified

about the everlasting impact of the twin blasts. I feel isolated. I feel lonely. I feel depressed. I feel frustrated. I

feel annoy ed, and very, very

angry. Patek is accused of

mixing the explosives for the

bombings. They left Peter

Hughes on death's door with

horrific burns to much of his

body and nearly 10 years after

the event, it's still hard to

talk about. It's pretty tough

to get through the mental

trauma of it all. This is the first time the alleged bomber

and his victim have been in the

same room, and for Mr Hughes, it was an important

confrontation. I think you have

to. I think you've got to face

the criminals that attack not

only myself but many only myself but many others back in Australia. Former footballer Jason McCartney told

the court the bombings had also

left him with everlasting

physical and emotional scars. Mr McCartney testified against the so-called smiling the so-called smiling bomber

Amrozi in 2003 and he says today was a

contrast. Nine years ago Amrozi

would not look at any of us. It

was a lot different. You just

can't understand what goes

through their minds. Umar Patek could face the death could face the death penalty

and Peter Hughes hopes it is

applied. I think this guy

planned it. Like

planned it. Like Amrozi,

Mukhlas and Samudra. I think Mukhlas and Samudra. I think he has got to go the same way. Umar Patek left the same

way he came in, showing no

remorse. His trial is expected

to continue for around two more months. Al-Shabaab militants

have claimed responsibility for a suicide bombing in Somalia.

Six people were killed, amongst

them the country's Olympic

Committee President and

Football Association chief. A

female suicide bomber is

alleged to have detonated explosives at the explosives at the national theatre as the country's Prime

Minister addressed Minister addressed a large crowd. EXPLOSION. The theatre

had only been open a few months

after being shut during after being shut during two

decades of war. The extremist al-Shabaab group al-Shabaab group threatened guerrilla attacks on the Western-backed government after

it withdrew from Mogadishu last August. The Papua New August. The Papua New Guinea

Government is delaying elections schedule for next

June. In an unprecedented move, the Parliament in Port the Parliament in Port Moresby

voted to defer the poll which

is held routinely every five

years Those in favour, 63. Of those who are against, 11. The

government says the country

won't be ready for the election because of a funding because of a funding shortfall,

problems with the electoral

roll and police not being ready to provide adequate security. The

The deferral comes despite

repeat add sure ranss by the

Prime Minister that polling

would proceed as schedule. The

survivors of Australia's worst

house fire have been handed the

keys to a new home built keys to a new home built by volunteers. The Taufa family

lost 11 relatives last year in

the blaze at Logan south of

Brisbane. The builders

labourers union and construction companies banded together to build a new house

for them. Kirrin McKechnie reports. There were tears... I see

see good people around, made me

cry. But so many more smiles as the Taufa family marked a new beginning. They make me really

feel strong which I create more

new families. Mr Taufa lost 11

of his family, 8 of them

children, in last year's devastating house fire. The

distressing scenes of mourning

within the Samoa beyond and

Tongan communities touched the

wider community, too. I live in

the area and I drove by. After

the local council had removed

and the house it was just a

vacant lot. So I thought the

best thing we could do as an

industry, as a whole, is

rebuild a home. David Hannah

rallied his troops and teamed

up with a couple of big construction companies to

provide free labour and

building materials. 3, 2, 1.


It took just 8 weeks It took just 8 weeks to

transform the site from a place

of mourning to a home once

more. I think it was good for

the family to know that the community supports them and

they have a lot of friends and support out there, and they've

just got to reach out and we're

there for them. Despite his

enormous gratitude, Mr Taufa

says is he not ready to move

into his new home. Until he is,

he will continue to live next

door, but he says today's

ceremony has marked a huge step

in his family's healing process. They've helped them

throughout this whole throughout this whole time of

grief and today is just a happy

day. It's something for them to

hold onto . Sturdy foundations for a brighter future. Education all political persuasions say

they will work together to make

funding to the nation's schools

fairer. The Gonski Report has

called for an extra $5 billion.

The big sticking point, though,

is where that $5 billion is

going to come from. It's billed

as an historic moment for

schools funding in Australia,

education ministers vowing to

put politics aside and act in

the national interest. This is

a really big day for education

reform in the history of our

country, and we'll go on from

here. Business leader Gonski says here. Business leader gafd

Gonski says the nation's school

education funding model needs a massive overhaul. Today he

briefed education ministers

behind closed doors. His

two-year investigation into

school funding found an extra

$5 billion was needed to close

the gap between rich and poor

students. I can't understand

why quality education why quality education is good

for some. Fit's good for some,

it is good for all our young people. Private schools fear

the proposed changes would the proposed changes would cost

them dearly. If the government reduces funding, fees reduces funding, fees will

increase, and this is putting

enormous pressure on enormous pressure on parents

and the level of uncertainty is extremely extremely high. The Federal Government is hoping for a deal

to be done this year, but just

who will foot the bill for what

is a massive funding injection

won't be easily resolved. The

money is part of the issue

here, but there is much more detail to it than simply

money. Today's decision is a positive step forward, about

you what we now need is action

and a definite commitment to

new funding arrangements, a

definite commitment to the injection of $5 injection of $5 billion. The

current funding model finishes

in 2013 and private schools say

they need two or three years'

notice to deal with any big

changes to government funding.

Northern Territory prison

officers are working in police

watch-houses to supervise the

growing number of inmates being

held there. They say the jails

are full and the system is

backing up. Lawyers say it's

unacceptable and they're concerned for the welfare concerned for the welfare of inmates. Northern inmates. Northern Territory

jails are bursting at the seams

and that's led to police watch-houses being used to

house inmates. We've got a

number of prisoners that number of prisoners that are

being held here in the

watch-house. I can confirm that

we did have 41 here this

morning. It's got to the stage

where prison officers have been

working out of the Alice

Springs watch-house for the past two weeks and Darwin

watch-houses are also filling up. This morning up. This morning we received

correspondence saying that correspondence saying that we

were required to go into the

watch-house this weekend, which

puts us basically in crisis

management. The help will come

at a cost. Prison officers

working at Darwin watch-houses

will do so on overtime, but they're concerned about the

welfare of the people they will

be supervising. I believe there

is a small recreation area there, but generally I there, but generally I would

say the prisoners would be in

their cells. 23 hourss a

day. Lawyers say they've heard

of more than 30 people being

held in two cells at a held in two cells at a police

watch-house They are cramped,

there are no facilities for

proper hygiene, there are no

recreational facilities. People

can't get visited by either

their family or other

professionals easily. The

Government says under the

corrections Act people can be

held at watch-houses for up to

28 days but goes on to 28 days but goes on to say that

hasn't yet been the case T says

it will continue to work with

prison officers to manage inmates, but lawyers say there

is a simpler and cheaper solution to relieve

pressure. To remove the quite

irrational, in my view, re-Stricks on access to

community custody orders which

prevents people charged with

any sort of violent offence to

be able to take take

advantage of that. For those

lives in cramped conditions

behind bars, 2014 is a long way off when the new prison will be

built. Medical researchers in

Melbourne have made a

significant discovery about a

severe form of muscular

dystrophy. They've identified a protein that could dramatically

increase the life span of the

young boys and men affected by

the disease. The daily lives

of these boys are already

acutely affected by Duchenne

muscular dystrophy, a strain which only affects young

males. It causes wasting of

muscle, muscle weakness and

breathing difficulties. The

boys will lose the ability to

walk. Boris Struk is the

Executive Director of the Muscular Dystrophy Association.

His own son, Ryan, has Duchenne

and at 32 years of age relies on

on a ventilator to

breathe. We've seen him go from

a vibrant, young guy who was

running around albeit very

slowly, progressing to a

wheelchair at about 8.5 years

of age. There is no known cure for the disease and researchers

at the University of at the University of Melbourne have been working for years to

find an effective treatment.

Now they think they've

discovered it, by using a drug

to increase a specific stress protein in affected muscles. We actually showed that we could treat the mice successfully and

it actually improved the muscle

strength, delayed the disease

progression and actually

improved the life span by about

20%. More than 20,000 people in

Australia are affected by some

form of muscular dystrophy. More than a thousand were

diagnosed with Duchenne as young boys and this development

will give some new hope to

their families. Anything, any

process that offers hope to our

community, that's what we hang

out for, that's what we out for, that's what we wait

for as mums, as dads, as

siblings. The drug used in the

study is already showing success in diabetes success in diabetes patients

overseas. It's hoped that will

fast track human trials for a treatment that could prolong

the lives of those with the degenerative condition. Time

for sport now with Amanda

Shalala. Round 2 of the AFL is

under way? Shaping up as a good

game, Juanita. Brisbane is

hosting Carlton at the Gabba

and only 2 points in it. and only 2 points in it. Here

is a look at some of the first-quarter highlights. COMMENTATOR: Hudson COMMENTATOR: Hudson toe

pokes a goal. League talking

about it before Leigh talking

about it about it before the

match Splits the middle. Snee

has ticked one, he has kicked

two and Carlton now kick

away. A few years back away. A few years back now.

Clever attack from Lester and

red den has nailed it. I think

he has. Well, that is a real

bonus. Melbourne's dreadful start-to-12 has worsened with the AFL club today severing

ties with a major sponsor after

its CEO is revealed to have

made offensive and racist

remarks on his personal

FaceBook page. The Demons are

one of a number of sporting

clubs and companies that have today ended their association with Energy Watch. Melbourne is

seemingly no longer rocked by a

crisis every week, but every

day. In a twoin situation of an

extraordinary series of events

which has engulfed the club of

late, the Demons are tonight

without a major sponsor without a major sponsor after

it emerged the CEO of Energy

Watch had made a series of

distasteful and racist distasteful and racist remarks on his FaceBook page, targeting Aboriginal Australians, Muslims, Asians and Prime

Minister Julia Gillard The

decision didn't take much

consideration. Clearly the

comments are so far outside the

expectations and values of our

club and of our game. This challenge also has the effect

and the impact on a financial

basis of which we will

confront, but you can put no

price on your club's integrity. The condemnation for

Ben Polis' remarks was widespread and reached the

highest levels To see someone associated with one of the

great football clubs making

comments like that is really

deeply disappointing. They are offensive and ridiculous. The

Demons and Energy Watch were in

the first year of a three-year

deal worth $6 million and the

club is aware of the financial

implications of the move We'll

deal with the financial issue.

The club is in the strongest position financially it has

been for many years. We're now

well and truly debt-free. We

had $5 million in debt and now

woo have an asset base worth

over $6 million. At no stage

will we ever compromise the

integrity and values of our

organisation . Earlier today

Polis was removed as CEO and

this afternoon Energy Watch

announce ed it had a had an agreement with him on relinquishing his shareholding altogether. Other clubs have

also sever ed partnership with

Energy Watch. After the British

men won gold in a world record

time last night, the women repeated the dose. COMMENTATOR:

It is the Brits that get to the line first. They are world champions, new world record. Australia the Australia the silver. Anna Meares is into the Meares is into the semifinals of the women's of the women's individual

sprint. The Rebels have an 11-6

lead over the Blues nearing half-time in their Super half-time in their Super Rugby

clash in Melbourne. The teams

traded early penalties traded early penalties before

Kurtley Beale showed his speed.

Intercepted. Kurtley Beale.

This will test the hamstring.

Beale over the 10, up to the

22, they've given up. Against the run of play, Kurtley Beale

scores his first try for his

new team. 11-time surf offing

world champion Kelly Slater has

shown some of his best to

progress to the quarterfinals

at Bells Beach. The American

needed a score of at least 8.07

on the last wave of his third-round heat against Australia's Nic Muscroft. He

came up with a 9.23. Slater

continued his impressive form

to win his fourth-round heat later in the day. COMMENTATOR: I'm

I'm thinking Le do something

big. Oh, boy Yeah, de. Ladies and gentlemen, Kelly sclat

sclat. Owen Wright and the defending champion Joel

Parkinson are also into

Parkinson are also into the

quarterfinals. Wright's younger

sister Tyler and defending

champion Sally Fitzgibbons were among those who made it through

to the women's quarters. In the National Basketball League New

Zealand has a 4-point lead over

Townsville nearing half-time in

their semifinal. A snake has

forced a small plane to make an

emergency landing in Darwin.

Confronted by the reptile just

centimetres from his face, the

pilot kept his cool, even when the

the snake slithered down his leg. Snakes

leg. Snakes on a plane is the

kind of thing you would only

expect to see in a Hollywood

movie. (Screams) But for 25-year-old pilot, Braden Blennerhasset, life has

imitated art. You don't see a

snake on board the aircraft

every day, so you can just

imagine I thought I was seeing things. The

things. The pilot was carrying

a small load of cargo in his

twin-engined Beechcraft Baron

aircraft on Tuesday afternoon. Shortly after take-off, he

spotted a snake poking out of

the instrument panel. He called

the air traffic control tower

and asked for clearance to land

and for a snake handler. When and for a snake handler. When I

got into the flare, landing the aircraft, he decided that it

was time to crawl past my leg

and found his way onto the

floor. On the ground, airport

firefighters met the plane and

the snake was briefly spotted

again, but it got again, but it got away. We

think it was a golden tree

snake, from the description

that the pilot indicated, long

and thin with a dark

head. Golden tree snakes are

Don von muss and rangers say

without food it's likely to be

disembarking shortly.

(non-venomous) A cool change

will interrupt the Easter break

across south-eastern Australia.

It will start off fairly warm.

Northerly wind as head of the

frontal system but once it

moves through it is drawing

fairly cold air up in behind it

and that will see a dramatic change in the temperatures over

the coming days. Warm and cloudy as we head into Friday,

strengthening wind as

strengthening wind as head of

the late change. That will see

showers, even the potential of

an isolated thunderstorm or two

developing. Could see very brief snowfalls about the

highest parts of the alpine

areas. The southerlies will

also start to ease off the high temperatures through the

northern part of Australia, but clearing conditions across the

west. Any showers there will

contract to the south coast,

tending from showers to just

some drizzle patches. Showers

tending to rain and spreading

across Tasmania. Also showers increasing across South

Australia and most of Victoria,

but falls are expected to remain relatively light. Mostly sunny elsewhere, just an isolated shower about the coast

of Queensland, also around the central in land of the State

and that's also in association

with the surface and an upper level disturbance. A few showers and thunderstorms

around parts of Central

Australia. As we head into

Easter Saturday, we've still got a west to south westerly

wind flow through the

south-east. Still cloudy. The

Po tntion of showers about and

we're expecting to see the

frontal system on Saturday move

through New South Wales, so

that could trigger showers there. You can see the

southerly winds pushing through

the central parts of the

country, so starting to see the

hotter air contracting more to

the north and also west of

Australia. Now we've still got

showers about through parts of

New South Wales, very isolated,

very light, a couple of coastal

showers for Queensland. Again

nah central inland looking at

the potential of isolated showers and storms. A few showers about the south-east, much colder, fairly cloudy as

well, but through Western Australia, temperatures start

to rise. Six or seven days of well-above-average temperatures

through parts of the State.

Still quite cool, particularly

for Hobart but showers in Sydney expected to be very

isolated, developing late if

the day and that cool change moving through during around

the middle of the afternoon at

this stage. I will be back with

an update in a moment. Then

stay with us for 'The

Business'. You're watching ABC

News 24 ABC News 24. Closed Captions by CSI.

This Program is Captioned

Live. The top stories from ABC News - Fair Work Australia's report into the Health Services

Union is not likely to be made

public for at least another

month. The report is earmarked

for release to a Senate

committee, but it could still

be taken to the Federal Court.

The HSU has now been suspended by the ACTU. Australian

survivors of the Bali bombings

have faced the man accused of building the explosive devices. Umar Patek has admitted to

mixing the chemicals, but says

he played no part in assembling

the bombs. The survivors told

the court today how the

bombings had affected them. The

teenage surf life saving

champion who died at last week's national titles in Queensland has been farewelled

near his home on the Sunshine

Coast. More than a Coast. More than a thousand

people gathered at a local

church for the funeral of Matt