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Tonight - comeback kid -

Hillary Clinton proves she is

not dead yet. We're going on,

we're going strong and we're

going all the way. No matter

what happens tonight, we have

merely the same delegate lead

we had this morning. Ite McCain

again - the Republicans choose

him for the White House. Stand

up with me, my friends. Stand

up and fight for America. Feel

the pain - mortgages are on the

way up. You can bank on it. And

losing streak - India all

smiles, Australia full of

regrets. As we did last year,

we've fallen on the last hurdle

again. Good evening. Juanita

Phillips with ABC News. They

said it was all over but

Hillary Clinton has proved them

wrong. While the experts were

busy writing her political obituary, Clinton has had

obituary, Clinton has had a

decisive Winnaleah in one of

the key prime ris and a

projected win in the other.

She's ahead in Texas and taken

Ohio. It's an extraordinary

political comeback but she

still has a long way to go to

catch up to Barack Obama. The

Republicans meanwhile have

chosen their candidate. John

McCain is the man they're hope

willing be the next President.

Mark Simkin is in the Texas

capital. Think've campaigned

in nearly 40 states and spent

$100 million. But this historic

titanic contest is still not

over. Once again, Hillary

Clinton is the comeback

kid. For everyone here in Ohio

and across America who has ever

been count out but refused to

be Ngo knocked out and - to be

knocked out, this one is for

you. The former first lady

ended her month-long losing

streak in Rhode Island. And

followed it up with a crucial

victory in delegate-rich

Ohio. We're going on, we're

going strong and we're going

tall way. Hillary Clinton

campaigned like her political

life depended on it, and in

some ways it did. In

some ways it did. In the last

three days maybe I've had nine

hours of sleep. Some venues

struggled to cope with the

massive media contin jents.

Barack Obama tried rounding up

vote at Texas farm show. In all

four states, Democrats voted in

huge numbers, pecially Texas,

the day's biggest prize. They

voted early and often.

Democrats cast ballots in the

primary and then voted again in

a kauk cus. This is a great

time for women and Hillary is

the woman to do it. I like ob

marks she is more a

Hillary-hater I guess. Hillary

hater. A fight for the loan

star state is in incredibly

close but it appears Hillary

Clinton will win there as well.

Barack Obama's campaign may not

have the momentum but it has

maths in its Fahey favour. It

is ahead in the overall

delegate count and it's un

likely to lose that before the convention. Whatever happen s tonight, we have the same

delegate lead we had this

morning and we are on our way

to winning this nomination. The

Democrats are divided but the

Republicans are no longer fight

ing. John McCain won enough

delegate s to officially become

his party's nominee. Stand up

with me, my friends. Stand up

and fight for America. For her

strength, her ideals and her

future, the context begins

CHEERING tonight.

Just a few months ago, the

former war hero's campaigner

was virtually bankrupt and his

chances were written off. The

71-year-old now begins an even

tougher battle - but he doesn't

yet know his opponent. And Mark

Simkin joins us now from Austin

Texas. Any update on the result

there? Every time they seem to

write Hillary Clinton's

political obit tri, she comes

back from the dead and this

extraordinary race coming back

to life. They are still

counting here in Texas but it

does look like Hillary Clinton

will win the popular vote in

the primary component of this

Texas two-step. But Barack

Obama is ahead in the Caucus.

Having said, that though, the system here is so Cox

pliicated, so convolute ed,

Hillary Clinton would win the

total number of votes but still

end up with fewer

Delegates. Even if Hillary

Clinton wins Texas outright,

she still has a lot of catching

up to do. What is her next

step? It's been a great night for Hillary Clinton but not necessarily the democratic

party. This race becomes more

convoluted and more

controversial. The next big convoluted and more

contest will be Pennsylvania, a

month away. It will be rougher

and tougher than anything we've

seen before. Both candidates

will throw everything at each

other. There will be week weeks

of negative attacks, especially

since they've worked for

Hillary Clinton this time

around. John McCain will be

watching and it's possible that

Pennsylvania won't resolve

have to anything and the Democrats will

have to find a way of sorting

this out because hoint is un

likely to catch Barack Obama's

lead in the overall Delegate

count. What advantage is given

to the Republican s who have their candidate soorntd ready

to go? It does give them a big

advantage. While the Democrats

are trying to poke each other's

eyes out, John McCain will be

building a national campaign

structure, raising money and

positioning himself for the

general election. And that process starts tomorrow

process starts tomorrow when he

heads to the White House where

he will be officially endorsed

and anointsed by George W.

Bush, who beat John McCain

eight years ago. Mark Simkin,

thank you. Back home now, and

there are ominous signs already

that home buyers may be hit with an even higher interest

rate rise than the oned on by

the Reserve Bank. Adelaide Bank

has been the pirs to move,

incruising the

incruising the cost of its fund

to mortgage brokers by 0.4%,

higher than the 0.25% announced

yesterday by the Reserve. With

more interest rate rises

looking possible, the Treasurer

is asking banks to go easy on

borrowers. Treasurer Wayne Swan

knows the global credit squeeze

is at its most intense. So he

toned down his attempts to

pressure the banks into restricting their rate

rises. They have to strike the

right balance between the

interests of customers on the

one hand and shareholders on

the other. But I Amjad voeicate

for people - am an jod vaeicate

for the people and I ask the

banks to be aware of the

tremendous financial pressure

they're under at the

moment. But the Treasurer was

increase would be too reluctant to say how much of an

much. It's a moving feast. I

will not nominate a particular

figure. Adelaide bask did,

hitting its mortgage brokers hitting its mortgage brokers

with a 0.4% increase which is

likely to be passed on to most

of their 30,000 home borrow

ers. All private sector

lendsers need to put interest

rates up by something above the

25 basis point rate hike and

probably closer to 50 basis

points. Bank ing funding costs

have been rising steadily since

the subprime crisis hit in

August last year to a 13-year

high. And the Reserve Bank today highlighted how

Australia's banks might make it

even tougher for borrower, not just through higher interest

rates. They've also tightened

their lending Standing Orders

to risky borrows. That process

might have further to go. There

were no signs of stress today

in the growth figure, growth is

slowing but not enough to

remove the threat of inflation

and higher interest rates. GDP

or economic growth picked up

0.6% in the December quarter,

the slow est pace in more than

a year. But the annual growth

rate remain s close to 4%. Consumers and government

spending kept the economy

ticking over despite a disappointing trade

performance. Pressure is

building in the Federal

Opposition for former ministers

to spell out their retirement

plans an quit Canberra. Former

Deputy PM Mark Vaile has

brought the issue to a head.

It's been revealed he's been

moonliting in the Middle East

as a consultant while on paid

leave from Parliament.

Coalition leaders are incensed.

They want him, Peter Costello

and Alexander Downer to make

their intentions clear.

Political correspondent Greg

Jennett reports. From drover to

rover. Mark Vaile's keeping

the good times rolling. Look at

him go. All the way to the

Middle East. Working as a

consultant for an office rental

business while on paid leave from Parliament. This is the

same bloke who was skipping

Parliament to play golf. His

golfing partner was the bloke

who swiped question time to

have lunch. I am providing

advice to a great Australian

company which is a big export

earner. The trip was cleared

with the National's Whip but

not with Coalition leader, now

running a mile from the man

dubbed Vaile from Arabia. I

would have advised him that it

wasn't appropriate him to be

overseas doing what we think he

is doing. I wouldn't take a

consultancy that took me

overseas in that way no. The

Coalition's departure lounge of

backbench serious becoming an

irresistible target for

pafrmt Some don't appear to

like turning up for work. And

some senior Liberals are

demanding they indicate if and

when they intend to quit. That

would be in everybody's

interests. Painful and

protracted retirements are

something the Government's been

dealing with too. After 11

years and $1 billion it's

bringing an end to one of

defence's contracting fiasco s

in decades. The Sea Sprite

helicopter project has failed

to deliver one combat ready

aircraft. American contractors

will be paid out before the

search for a replacement

begins. As lodge as the call

upon the Defence Force for

upon the Defence Force for

extra deployments doesn't come

we can probably get through

that over the next couple of

years but there will be a

capability gap in naval

helicopters. One option is for

an unmanned helicopters. It's

not as bad as Brendan Nelson's

numbers but it's not good

either. According to the latest

Newspoll, more voters in NSW

now support the Opposition over

Labor. It's the first time in

two years that's happened. As

for the Premier, his approval

rating has hit an all-time low

of just 30%. This State

Government has rarely hit the

heights in the popularity

stakes, but today's Newspoll is

showing new lows. Satisfaction

in Morris Iemma's performance

has crashed 17 points since the

election to just 30%. Labor's

primary vote has slumped down

five points. The Coalition is

up two. And on the crucial

two-party preferred figures,

the parties are neck and neck

at 50 a piece. That tie would

still deliver a narrow victory

to Morris Iemma and his Labor

team, based on preference flows

from the last election. I don't

admit that we're struggling.

We're getting on with

business. The Opposition has

greeted the figures with

cautious optimism. Success at

an election with a four-year

fixed term a isn't building

momentum. In is a good start,

it's no guarantee of

success. The poll shows the sex

and donations scandal in

Woolner has had - Wollongong

has had a negative im impact on

the Premier's standing but more

than half of those polls didn't

than half of those polls didn't

care. In the next election is

still more than three years

away and both the Government

and the Opposition say they

have a lot of hard work ahead

of them. The Premier's response

may be summed up by his words

today in question time. Sit

down. I haven't finished. He

must be hoping for a fresh

start in the polls soon. A

court has heard that the child

of murdered Sydney woman

Galante Gallipoli may have

witnessed the killing. The

murder's woman's mother broke

down as she described the

impact her daughter's death had

on her child. The court heard

that the couple's 2-year-old

child spoke of the killing in

the days after the murder.

Julie Ann Hand told the court

she knew her son-in-law was the

killer despite his tearful plea

for information on his wife's

disappearance. Mark Galante

will be sentenced at a later

date. Police have crack add

global Internet child sex ring

allegedly involving two

Australians. A 29-year-old man

was arrested in Townsville on

Friday. It's allege ed hi was a

senior organiser in the group.

A 50-year-old Victorian man has

also been charged along with 20

others around the world, mainly

in the United States. This

group were involved in having

child exploitation videos made

to order, live and on demand

for its members. And the sexual

abuse involved in these videos

involved children as young as

two years of age. 40 children

worldwide have been rescued

from harm. Queensland place say

the paedophile ring was the

most sophisticated they had ever encountered. A decision on

the future of Australia's

cricket tour of Pakistan will

be made this week, amed

concerns over a spate of

suicide attacks in the country.

Cricket officials went to

Canberra today seeking advice

from the foreign affairs

department on the security

situation in Pakistan.

Overnight, six people were

killed in Lahore, that's one of

the city es deemed safe by

Pakistani officials for an

Australian tour. Pakistan

tour is scheduled to take place

and we're making every effort

to make sure we feet that

future tour commitment. Cricket

Australia says the team has

been promised the high est

level of security by the

Pakistan Government. There's

been another twist in rugby

league's drive-by shoot ing

saga. NRL players Willie Mason and Mark Riddell have been

warned by death of a death

threat made against them. They

were out drinkses a the King's

Cross at the weekend along with

the Parramatta players who were

shot at. Willie Mason wasn't

showing signs of nerves today

even though police are

investigating a death threat

against him and Parramatta

player Mark Riddell. No worry s what whatever? No comment. Security for Riddell

and Mason have been stepped up

after a threatening phone call

to knee's News Ltd officers.

And they were told that Mason

and Riddell are next. Mason and

Riddell were out drinking with

their footballing mates but

were not present when the shot

was fired. Obviously there's

some concern for Willie and

he's got to look after that and

much support as hopefully we can give him as

possible. Parramatta is still

discussing what action to take

against their three players

after the late night antics but

coach Michael Hagan says

offield controversies are

becoming all too common. It's

something that I'm growing

tired of and I'm sure we will

deal with those players in the

appropriate manner. I's a bit of a blight on society these

days. We just have to roll with

the punches. Mark Gasnier was

also involved in 2 King's Cross

drinking session. H's been fin

but the club says he will

remain team captain. Tonight's

top story - Hillary Clinton

fight s off Barack Obama in two

quee primaries but it's not -

key primary but bhu it's not

over yet. And why this

so-called hobbit is worth

precious little.

A court in Greece will decide

in a fortnight whether

convicted drugs fugitive Tony

Mokbel can be extradited to

Australia. The Supreme Court

has reject ab appeal by

Mokbel's lawyers to delay the

case even longer. Mokbel was

arrested in Athens last year.

He'd skipped bail in Melbourne

while on trial for cocaine

smuggling. Outside the court,

he ruled out doing a deal with

Australian police. I wouldn't

give the satisfaction to anybody if I knew anything

about anyone. And that's just

the way it is. You've got to

die of pride, that's

life. Mokbel is arguing that he

won't get a fair trial in Australia. ABC Learning is

back from the brink. The

company's announced a deal to

sell 60% of its American

child-care business to a

private equity firm. Morgan

Stanley has agreed to pay $750

million US and another $30

million next year. The

company's share also now return

to trade tomorrow. They were

suspended last week when a

profit downgrade saw the shares

lose as much as 70% of their

value. To the rest of the

finance now - and both the

Australian dollar and the share

market continued to slide today

as sellers kept pressure on the

banks. Here is Alan Kohler. There's really two share

markets at the moment - mining

and resources companies which

have been fall ing but not that

much and the bank, which have

lost 36% since the start of

November. And this is part of a

longer running disconnect between commodity prices and

the Australian share market. In

the old days, Australia was

seen as a commoditied-based

market but in 2006 that changed

when the banks took over and

kept the market as a whole

rising when commodity prices

fell. In the past few months,

commodity prices having surging

again because of shortages of

nearly everything. But the

banks are leading the share

market lower. That's sort of

what happened today. BHP

Billiton and Rio Tinto went up

1% each, while the banks

generally fell. Macquarie Bank

lost 4% after announcing that

it will significantly scale

back residential mortgages

because of the high cost of

whole sale funds at the moment.

It's probably a good idea but

investors are shooting first

and asking questions later,

especially when it comes to

Banks. At one stage, Wall

Street was down 1.7% last night

after a gloomy speech from

Federal Reserve chairman Ben

Bernanke but & it rallied near the close because of rumours

that one of the embattled bond

insurers might be saved. On

commodity market oil fell below

$100 a barrel while gold and

copper also lost ground. The

Australian dollar continued to

ease today after yesterday's

rate rise. Finally, this graph

gives a slightly different

perspective on today's national

accounts. It shows the

percentage difference between

domestic demand and domestic

product, or GDP. It's the gap

between what we buy and what we

produce. We used to make more

than we need. But now we need

or perhaps want more than we

produce. That's finance. Hero

or hate figure - whatever your

take on the Reverend Ian

Paisley there's no doubt he was

a powering figure in Northern Ireland politics for half a

century. Now the 81-year-old

leader of Ulster's Protestants

has announced he be standing

down as the provinces first

Minister. He will go out as a

man of peace but it wasn't

always. So Ian Paisley was the

public face of the Protestant

struggle for Northern Ireland

to remain part of the United

Kingdom. He was nick named Dr

No for his refusal to even

contemplate talking peace with

his Catholic opponents. Never,

never, never. But after

decades of hatred, he agreed to

a power sharing arrangement

that saw peace return to the

province. Now less than a year after becoming Northern

Ireland's first Minister, he's

decided it's time to bow out.

In recent weeks, it's believed

he came under increasing

pressure from his Democratic

Unionist Party after his son,

Ian Jr, was embroiled in

controversy over links to a

developer and improffer lobbying. Others didn't like

what they called his cosy

relationship with the issues

Republicans. The - Irish

Republicans. He denies he' been

pushed. I have been up and down

for many long years before you

were out of nappies and I can

say to you that Ian Paisley is

not easy to be pushed

around. Former British Prime

Minister Tony Blair praised Dr

Paisley's contribution to

peace. The man who in a sense

was the person famous for

saying no will find his place

in the history for having said yes. Irish Republicans also

paid tribute. He will be

remembered of course for his

entire political career but he

will be remembered most fondly

as the most implacable opponent

force the last 12 months and

the big decisions he took. Dr

Paisley's decision comes a

month before the 10th

anniversary of the good Friday

agreement which ended three

decades of violent conflict. Australia's cricketers won't

want to hear it but India has

emerged as a legitimate

challenge tore the word's best

team. The visitors flew home

today after clinching the tri

series bringing an ends to a

controversyial tour and leaving

the hosts with goofbs their

own. There were some fond farewells this morning as the Australian cap tairn and his

deputy faced the fact that they

won't be playing together again

at international

level. Out. That it's all

over. What a victory. It's

almost a really good night and

we almost got it to Adelaide

but full compliments to the

Indians. Australia was

dismissed nine short of India's

total for the second year in a

row the home team lost 2-0 in

the finals. The experience of Australia with eight players

over 30 was undone by the

youthful Indians who fielded 10

players under 30. Man of the

match Praveen Kumar was playing

just his fifth game. Lots of

new talents are coming up. You

will see we are just won the

world 19 World Cup also. Nathan

Bracken was named player of the

series and Ponting acknowledged

the bowl ertion had been let

down. The batting has been very

in consin. My form has been

awful in the series. The long

summer ended with more

controversy. The ICC and Cricket Australia say Andrew

Symonds doesn't have a case to

answer. Even the Indians

enjoyed it. But Andrew was in

the zone and severely

threatened and no person has

the right to im-Pinge on

another person's space. Enemy number one with some players and spectator, Harbhajan Singh

leaves on a high note. He is like Michael Jackson over here

and all the media following

him. I think Harbhajan will be

the most popular person in

Australia. That theory may be

put to the test when India next

tours Australia in 2011. The

expansion plan force the A

league have become clouded bay

split the the ranks of the

Townsville bid. The Football

Federation confirmed its desire

for a 10-team competition when

it gave the Northern Thunder

and the Gold Coast Galaxy two

weeks to meet certain financial

criteria. But Melbourne

business woman Millissa Fischer

is considering a separate

proposal. The Townsville groups

have until Friday to redo their

sums We don't have a lot of

time, to provide FAA what they

require for an 1 2000 8 start

but they may consider us for a

2009 start. We will work with

both of those groups this week

and we will hopefully have an

answer by the weekend or early

next week. Tnd tand Olympic

dream of Danny Vukovic is

almost certainly over. The

Football Federation's appeals

committee last night upheld the

goal keeper's nine-month

suspension for striking referee

Mark Shield in the A league Grand Final. If you thought

that streaker at the cricket

might be sorry for his action,

think again. He pleaded guilty

in the Magistrates Court to

wilful exposure and . He jumped

the boundary fence, evaded police and security guards and

ran naked on the the field,

colliding with Andrew

Symonds. You only live once,

don't you. Will you do it

again? No. Ogilvie was fined

$1,500 and no conviction was

recorded. It was hailed as the

holy grill of archaeological

science, nick named the hobbit,

scientists thought they had

uncovered the remains of the smallest human being ever

found. But what they thought

was a new species may in fact

be a dwarf. Standing at just 1m

tall and with the brain smaller

than a chimpanzee's, the hobbit

discovery made international

headlines. The fossils were

thought to belong to a new

species of human s evolved

spritely from Homo

sapiens. Such evidence as we've

been able to gather implies

there's at least a possibility

that it might be a cretin of a

normal human population. But

comparing the fossils to modern

bone bs these scientists

decided this fossil has dwarf

cretinism. Dwarf cretins grow

not much more than 1m and their

bones have distincty

characteristics similar to

those of the Flores find. They

don't grow much. What growth

they do do is very smoe Slowe

and all of the growth milestones are much

delayed. But the science world

is by no means united on this

theory. There's no evidence for

it. The paper in which they

propose it is full full of

speculation. There's a number

of errors and also some

unwarranted assumptions in it.

I'm afraid there's no substance

to it. And the original

discover ers are hoping that

further excavation on the tiny

Indonesian island of Flores

will resolve the matter once and for all.

and for all. Time to check the weather now and finally

we're in for a run of above

average temperatures.Le Finally

is right. In February, we could

only manage three consecutive

days of average or above average temperatures. But

today's top of 26 in the city

and 28 out west made three days

in a row of above average

temperatures and we've got at

least six more days of above average temperatures forecast

in the city. So some good news

there. Overnight conditions

will stay warmer than they have

been through this week. We're certainly looking forward to

some milder nights. This warm

spell is because of a broad

ridge of high pressure that's

been sitting over the state.

The cloud associated with

the rain is clearly visible on

the satellite. But much of the

remainder is clear of cloud at

the moment. That's because the

air associated with the high

pressure ridge is dry and the

atmosphere is very stable. It's

only where the air is moving off the ocean and it meets the

east coast that we're seeing

isolated showers form. These

showers are so light and

isolated that the rain models

aren't even picking them up at

the moment. There's a total

fire ban through the Lofty

Ranges in Adelaide tomorrow,

that's as the heat wave

continues there. Around NSW


As far as the cloud goes, it

will burn off quite quickly and

we should see a mostly sunny

afternoon and winds will be light, although they will

freshen in from the afternoon

in from the knot east. We

expect a late change roll in Friday so the chance of a

clearing shower on Saturday

morning but apart from that the

weekend is looking pretty

good. Tonight's top stories

again - Hillary Clinton has

breathed new life into the

Democrat campaign with wins

over Barack Obama in what looks

like two key primaries. On the

Republican side, John McCain

has secured his party's

nomination for President. And

the Federal Government is

calling on the major banks to

show restraint on intraalts but

the Adelaide Bank has -

interest rates but the Adelaide

Bank has lifted its rate by

more than yesterday's official

increase. That's ABC News for

this Wednesday. The '7:30

Report' is up next. And I will

be back with updates during the

evening. For the latest

headlines 24 hours a day, go to

ABC Online. Goodnight.

Closed Captions by CSI

Tonight on the 7:30 Report -

the multimillion-dollar

computer filter - can it

protect children from the flood

of Internet porn? There is no fool proof method at the moment. The technology is there

and it works very effectively.

Welcome to the program. Just when Brendan Nelson might have

thought it couldn't get any

worse after yesterday's

appalling poll rating, today he

woke to more embarrassing

headlines highlighting the work

ethic of some of his former

Cabinet colleagues. Mark Vaile,

John Howard's Deputy PM, has

been Doogue bit of private

consulting work in the Middle

East. After taking a short

holiday from Parliament and his electorate. Brendan Nelson says

Mr Vaile's behaviour is

unacceptable and there's now