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(generated from captions) as heroes, at least by their mum, Two children are being hailed What's in it for Hotman? flashy lawyer receive How much will Schapelle Corby's the convicted drug smuggler? to represent And the Australian basketballer to million-dollar glory. shooting his way Ten News with Frank Coletta. from Schapelle Corby, A surprise admission a "crazy Australian" saying she acted like over the weekend. in sacking her lawyers

and have come out fighting. They've now been reinstated Trying to clear the air, legal team Schapelle's on again off again with Mercedes Corby. fronted the media in Bali Hotman Paris Hutapea High-profile recruit

but now he's back on board. was sacked last Friday Schapelle admitted in a letter He says "a crazy Australian" that she acted like in the first place. when she sacked the team had to start fresh She thought that she might have about the bribery, because of the allegations looked bad, be bad for her. that it could have, you know, Perth lawyer Mark Trowell has claimed had asked for $500,000 one of Corby's legal advisors to bribe the judges, by the Corby family. a claim flatly denied is bemused. Foreign Minister Alexander Downer It's clearly a saga of the lawyers and which are out. and what lawyers are in he's talking bullshit. Mr Alex Downer, because he doesn't even call us. Just write that, OK, about who's in charge, Clearing any uncertainty

read from a prepared statement Mercedes Corby from the team. formally sacking Walter Tonetto yet to filter through to the doctor, But it's news that's of leading her appeal campaign. who was first given the job if you're commander of something I think it is very important with friendly fire too, at times. then you have to be able to deal who's now running the show. Hotman making it clear And one of my ring, OK? to come to this bloody room. Ask Mr Walter I hate him, I tell you, I hate him. As for his remuneration - I swear before Jesus Christ I'm a Christian, from this case, OK? that I will not claim any money Evan Batten, Ten News. are hitting new highs, World oil prices of US$61 overnight. coming within a whisker at the petrol pump, To tell us what that means at Commonwealth Securities. Donahue D'Souza What's in store for motorists?

Unfortunately, Frank, in the short

term, no relief in sight for molt

visits. It's not only concerns over

crude oil supplies that's driving

oil prices higher. There's also the

limited refining capacity and

that's a process by which oil is

converted into various petroleum

products. The latest figures show

that the national average last week

was around 107.8 cents per litre.

That could rise to around $1.20 per

litre. Petrol prices have risen 12%

since the start of the year. The

cheapest fuel according to the

survey can be found in Townsville -

7 cents per litre. The most

expensive is koob peedy who are

paying 125.2 cents per litre. the skyrocketing oil price Looking at the figures, in morning trade. hasn't held the market back Queensland's so-called Dr Death The scandal involving

could be made into a movie. is in Bundaberg, Ten's Danielle Isdale into Dr Jayant Patal has resumed. where the royal commission Danielle, how do the victims feel on the big screen? about their story being told

Well, Frank, their reactions are

varied. Many feel it's simply too

soon to be even talking or thinking

about a Hollywood portrayal of

their tragic stories at the hands

of Dr Jayant Patel. Reportedly a

New York-based film and TV company

is interested in making this a

feature film in collaboration with

a Sydney firm. There's rumours it

would be filmed in Bundaberg. Some

patients feel that maybe it is a

good thing to get the truth out on

an international scale eventually

but at the moment they want to get

through this commission. It's so

hard. It's terrifying. I'll do what

I can do. I don't know what I'll do.

It depends on the questions. I'll

do the best I can. That was nurse

Toni Hoffman there. She's become

something of a star in her own

right. She walked into the

commission this morning in good

spirits. A tough day of

cross-examination ahead of her. She

had a duff day last week, broke

into tears -- tough day last week,

broke into tears. She's had a lot

of support from Dr Patel's patients. broke into tears. She's had a lot

They think she's a hero, the one

who broke is this open and put her

job on the line. She won't stick

around much longer after this

ordeal. She plans to go overseas.

Thank you for that. Vivian Alvarez-Solon Lawyers for wrongly deported woman compensation offer. have slammed the Federal Government's to put Ms Alvarez-Solon They claim bureacrats want

Commission flat with no phone. on a meagre pension in a Housing more than $1 million compensation Her lawyers want in July 2001 after revelations she was deported severe spinal cord injuries. despite having suffered as heroes, at least by their mum, Two children are being hailed after alerting their family to a fire their country Victorian home. which gutted and 3-year-old Lakelah 6-year-old James burning in the house. were first to notice the flames

I was laying down and then I saw -

I was looking at the heater and I

mum. saw smoke and I got up and I told

and six children to escape the house The warning allowed the three adults as the blaze took hold. by a heater. It's believed to have been sparked

no-one was hurt, While the family is thankful which weren't insured. they've lost all their possessions a notorious Australian mystery. DNA technology may be used to solve A Queensland man is campaigning bushrangers Dan Kelly and Steve Hart for an inquest into the deaths of to find out if they really did die at Glenrowan. during the Kelly Gang's last stand Historian Paul Tully is in Melbourne with the Victorian Coroner, to lodge his request and he joins me now. Mr Tully, why is it so important what happened to the Kelly Gang? to find out the truth about

Well, it's 125 years ago today and

mystery still surrounds what on the

day - whether or not Dan Kelly and

day - whether or not Dan Kelly and Steve Hart came out of the fire.

Two bodies came out. They were

horribly mutilated and basically

turned into charcoal. Everyone

assumed they were the bodies of Dan

Kelly and Steve Hart but they were

never identified by the police or

families. Speculation has existed

that the pair made their way to

Queensland and lived for about 160

years after the final shootout. Is

it too late to use DMA technology?

No, it's not.. The graves may still

contain some materials that could

be used to use DNA technology to

determine if they were the

Bushrangers. There's been an

assumption over many generations

that the history of the Kelly gang

and final history and final day

occurred in 1880 but it may have a

longer period to run. Mr Tully,

obviously you're passionate about

it. Where do you think Dan Kelly

died? In 1933, a man came into the

offices of the 'Truth' newspaper in

Brisbane. He appeared in a cine

sound newsreel around Australia.

He's buried in a pauper's grave

under the name James Ryan. I

believe there's every prospect that

he's Dan Kelly and Australia's

history books will need toble

rewritten. Thank you for that, Paul Tully in Melbourne. Shane Warne's latest text message dalliance could cost him millions. It's claimed Warne and secretary Michelle Masters bombarded each other with text messages as his marriage collapsed. Lawyers say with the latest indiscretion, Simone Warne could claim half of his multimillion-dollar earnings in a divorce settlement. All was quiet at the couple's new Southampton home today, with Warne in hiding in Spain. Hampshire fans turning up to watch him play country cricket disappointed by his surprise absence. Um, yeah, I'm disappointed. He's the main bowler, isn't he? Hopefully they won't suffer from his absence. It'd be great to see him here. That's what we've come and paid our money for.

Warne will join the Australian Ashes squad in July for the first test at Lord's.

His wife and children are believed to be travelling back to Melbourne. An Australian basketballer is about to shoot to international glory with earnings expected to top a $100 million.

But Andrew Bogut says he doesn't care about the money. He just likes being on the court. Andrew Bogut has been dubbed American basketball's "$100 million man". At a towering 2.13m, the former Melbourne 20-year-old is the hot pick for selectors

going into tomorrow night's National Basketball Association draft in New York. I want to be number one, I want to win. I want to be the number-one pick. In the virtual world at least, his dream has already come true. A soon-to-be released video game has him as the new star player for the Milwaukee Bucks, the team which won the right to offer up the first contract, worth an estimated $18 million. We anticipate over a 13- or 14-year period Andrew will make over US$100 million. Yet just hours away from becoming a multi-millionaire, Bogut says he has no grand plans for his new-found wealth. He'll buy a nice car, a house and will help out his family. He says his dream is playing basketball. I don't really care about the money. I play basketball for the love of the game. Corporate America is already banking on his star power on and off the court. Sporting giants such as Nike to have signed him up.

His self-confidence, though, is causing controversy. Bogut refusing to be compared to other Aussies who have cracked the US competition, saying he's better and more competitive than anyone before him. The college champion telling the world media he is the ambassador Australia has been waiting for. I think it is a shot in the arm for Basketball Australia. Bogut faces selectors tomorrow night. In New York, Leisa Goddard-Roles, Ten News. A Melbourne grandmother being hailed a hero for shooting rapists in US, but is the story fact or fiction? The details when Ten's Morning News returns. And the details Princess Di allegedly revealed about her affair with JFK Jr. "Do you know anything about JFK Jr?"

And I said,"No," and she said, "Well, I've got something to tell you."

This program is captioned live. An Australian Government delegation in Beijing has raised concerns about human rights abuses by China. As part of a series of annual meetings on violations of human rights in China, Australian Foreign Affairs official Geoff Raby brought up 36 individual violations. There are certain key points where both sides have different views. That's understood. But we were able to discuss the differences frankly in a non-confrontational, constructive way. The Australians didn't raise the attempted defection of former Chinese diplomat Chen Yonglin, instead concentrating on China's treatment of the Falun Gong movement. A chilling matter-of-fact admission to a string of murders from an American serial killer. 60-year-old Dennis Rader admitted he's the killer known as 'BTK', which stands for "bind, torture, kill". He's given chilling details of the 10 murders, committed between 1974 and 1991. I put a bag over his head and a cloth over his head - a T-shirt and a bag, so he couldn't tear a hole in it. And he subsequently died from that. A father and respected scout leader, Rader hid his crimes for over 30 years.

He was caught after sending anonymous letters taunting police for not finding the killer. Michael Jackson has spoken out for the first time since his acquittal two weeks ago.

In a statement posted on his website, Michael Jackson thanked his devoted fans who camped outside the Santa Maria courthouse during his 4-month child molestation trial. He wrote "Your ever present love held me, "dried my tears and carried me through. "I will treasure your devotion and support forever. "You are my inspiration."

The statement gave no hints as to where Jackson is now or what he plans for the future. A vigilante Melbourne grandmother is being hailed a hero in the US for shooting rapists. But her growing number of fans will be disappointed. Police say the story has been made up by gun supporters. First there was Crocodile Dundee. That's a knife. Then came Steve Irwin.

Now there's the gun-toting granny.

Her extraordinary tale is gaining thousands of US fans as it's passed from person to person over the Net. I got it through email and I noticed there were probably 50 other people on it. As the story goes, Ava Estelle, an 81-year-old Melbourne woman, wasn't happy with the police response to her granddaughter's rape. So the retired librarian took her 9mm pistol and shot the two rapists in the groin. We got responses like, "This lady needs to be deported to the US, "and we could use more of that attitude," so it was definitely viewed favourably. Victorian officer Evan Delp is quoted saying police wouldn't prosecute because 3 million Aussies thought the woman was a hero. But according to Melbourne police, US recipients of the email have been had. There is no investigator named Evan Delp and they've never heard of gun-toting granny Ava Estelle. Nothing's true. It's not a crime which has been reported to us and no police had any knowledge of that. They're powerless to stop the spread of the fictional story and mad it tarnishes their image, suggesting they'd turn a blind eye to a heroic old lady.

If it was to occur we'd make sure it was investigated properly. Investigators believe the tale was concocted by US gun lobbyists angry Australia tightened its gun laws and keen to show guns prevent crime. In the United States, Rahni Sadler, Ten News. Princess Diana's energy healer has spoken

about her claims of an affair between the Princess and JFK Jr. Simone Simmons' new book is being serialised in a British tabloid. Then she said, "Do you know anything about JFK Jr?" "No," and she said, "Well, I've got something to tell you." And she told me about her quick fling with him at the Carlisle Hotel. I was actually in a state of disbelief. I said, "That's not you." She claims the secret tryst happened in 1995, two years before Diana died. The Dockers deal with the fallout from a drunken night out.

That's when Ten's morning news returns. And a firey Lleyton Hewitt lashes out at the umpire.

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This program is captioned live. Lleyton Hewitt has been accused of intimidating the chair umpire by his fourth-round opponent Taylor Dent.

Hewitt's 4-set win setting up a quarterfinals clash with 26th seeded Spaniard Feliciano Lopez. A group of diehard Hewitt fans camped for 36 hours to watch their hero, and the number three seed didn't disappoint against big-serving American Taylor Dent. Come on!

Dent making Hewitt play his shots, the Aussie answering the challenge. Hewitt was on fire, running down the impossible on his way to a 2 sets to love lead. COMMENTATOR: Great anticipation and unbelievable foot speed. But the second set wasn't without drama. The chair umpire given a taste of the now-renowned Lleyton lip service. When did you call that out? No, you didn't say out. You did not say out. He didn't hear you and I didn't hear you. How can you say you said out? It didn't help him in the third - Hewitt unable to make the most of two match points in the tie break, Dent forcing a fourth set. That's when the quiet American accused Hewitt of influencing decisions. No, you can't replay that! Stand by it, and not because he's bitching. That's not correct, what you just did there. Whether the call was bad or not, you stick with it, not because he's complaining. In the end the umpire had little effect on the match. Hewitt comfortably taking the fourth. Taylor questioned calls as well out there today. So it's the same for both ends. There's a lot of calls there you don't question either. And while Hewitt moves on, his former fiancee, Kim Clijsters, has bowed out to top seed Lindsay Davenport in three tough sets. A final with number two seed Maria Sharapova continues to loom after the 18-year-old Russian cruised through. While Swiss number one Roger Federer

made easy work of Juan Carlos Ferrero. Thai Neave, Ten News. Fremantle's miserable AFL season has gone from bad to worse. The Dockers last night disciplining eight of their players after they were involved in a drunken binge in Perth at the weekend. On the track yesterday the Dockers were punished - put through a gruelling session. worked overtime by the coaching staff. It was only later that it became apparent why Chris Connolly's mood was so filthy - forced to discipline eight of his team after they were involved in a drunken pub crawl on Saturday. They were lectured by club heavyweights but escaped suspension. The main thing is that we look at it, investigate it. We haven't got total control over these issues. We think that the players themselves have, as best as they can, acted appropriately but there are people in the group that they were with who didn't, and that's disappointing.

It's a devastating result for a club already in the spotlight for their woeful on-field performances. In any situation where you find yourself in the public eye - whether it's by design or otherwise - when you're under the sort of scrutiny that we've been under over the last few weeks, that's a disappointing outcome. And the fallout continues from Saturday night's Sydney showdown. The two timekeepers stood down after losing 14 seconds of play from the final minute of the match. You've gotta do your job. And I think, if you've got two people there, the question is always going to be asked - surely to goodness someone would have acknowledged the umpire and stopped it. Tim Hodges, Ten News. Queensland State of Origin selectors have dropped a bombshell by axing Melbourne fullback Billy Slater from the squad for next week's series decider. He's been replaced by North Queensland's Matt Bowen. It's rare that Queensland selectors drop a player. Loyalty has always been one of the keys to Maroons success,

so the demise of one of their most spectacular try-scorers came as a major surprise. Obviously I'm disappointed, but they've made their decision so I've got to cop it on the chin. He didn't have his happiest game in the second Origin, but he's wasn't Robinson Crusoe there. While Slater and forward Dane Carlaw have been left out, Cronulla prop Danny Nutley has gone straight into the starting line-up for his Origin debut. It's just great. I'm excited. I'm just like a kid in a lolly shop. I just can't wait. I just want to get up there and be a part of it. Judiciary worries for NSW forward Nathan Hindmarsh -

he'll miss the Origin decider if he's found guilty of a grapple tackle tomorrow night. A recall for Penrith utility Craig Gower, who'll replace the injured Craig Wing.

I'm very desperate that these players come back into camp for Origin III with the same enthusiasm and commitment they had in Origin II, because if they don't, we're on the back foot. Timana Tahu's been named on the wing to replace the injured Luke Rooney, and Penrith hooker Luke Priddis is on standby by Blues captain Danny Buderus, who's been given extra time to prove his recovery

from a foot injury. And in other league news, Sydney Roosters centre Ryan Cross will defend an eye-gouging charge at the judiciary tomorrow night. Parramatta's Glenn Morrison set to give evidence against him. Leanne West, Ten News. Next in Ten News, a look at the weather around the nation.

This program is captioned live. Now for a look at the national weather. That brings you up to date with all the news. Stay with Ten for updates throughout the day and the full details in Ten's news hour tonight. I'm Frank Coletta. Good afternoon.

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