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This program is captioned live. to get back behind the wheel Tonight - David Clark vows that almost killed him. after the Bathurst crash to keep me out of a seat. It will take a lot more than this Poorly manned and under-equipped - over Cronulla. police cop another spray And the young Sydney father by a gang of teenage thugs. brutally bashed

Good evening. Also tonight - critically injured con man Peter Foster in Fiji. while trying to escape police on the book controversy And Alan Jones refuses to comment while stepping out in London. another blow for borrowers, But first this evening - for another rise in interest rates. with the scene set

is higher than expected, Inflation in Australia forcing the Reserve Bank almost certainly for the third time this year. to lift rates The Treasurer's bemused look the ominous inflation figures had nothing to do with with static in his microphone. and everything to do and we'll start again. Cut everything that's been said He could be excused for gagging.

in the past three months, The cost of living rose 0.9% for an annual rate of 3.9%. especially fruit A huge contributor - food, at $13 a kilogram, and, you guessed it, bananas, are still in the mix. And a big worry is the drought, in the months ahead. adding uncertainty to prices of inflation, John Howard has lost control of interest rates. therefore he has lost control

for borrowers, Adding to the grim picture once it crunches the numbers, is 3%. the Reserve Bank's measure, the upper band of our targets. It's a CPI which is towards it will be very short odds The markets believe will raise interest rates that the bank at its Melbourne Cup Day meeting. figures do, probably, seal the fate Unfortunately, today's inflation next month. on another interest rate rise But falling prices at the bowser

some cause for optimism. have given the Treasurer The best news for households that petrol has come down. will be the fact

This is quite significant. lowest-paid workers And Australia's 1.5 million to at least match inflation, will be looking for a pay rise, when the new Fair Pay Commission minimum wage decision tomorrow. hands down its first around $13. Business says that should be

for twice that. The unions are looking Paul Bongiorno, Ten News. has declared he will race again, V8 driver David Clark in a high-speed crash at Bathurst. despite suffering terrible injuries about the collision He says he remembers little of his mate Mark Porter. that claimed the life and weeks of crippling pain, After days in an induced coma David Clark is finally on the mend.

the horrific Mount Panorama crash, The 28-year-old doesn't remember of his friend Mark Porter. which claimed the life on the Internet. He's only seen the tragedy once, like I was in it at all. It didn't actually feel heading into a crash. Just looked like a blank car of the developmental race It was the final laps and stalled on the track. when Porter's Holden clipped a wall Approaching at 200km/h, to avoid hitting him. Clark had no chance but Porter's injuries were too great. The pair were rushed to hospital and it is unfortunate thing. I am sorry about it to his wife and his family about it. But I'm yet to speak is lucky to have survived. Doctors concede Clark He's coming along really well. of doing the time now It is just a matter until the bones mend back together. to recover from all his injuries, Clark still needs about 4-5 weeks

but by early next week,

to an Adelaide hospital he'll be transferred and his wife and kids. to be closer to home Clark needs a new car by round one next year. but he's determined to be back racing because they love it, You ask people why they BASE jump - next time they do it. even though they know they could die So it will take a lot more than this getting back in a seat. to stop me from James Boyce, Ten News.

for the NSW police force. Yet another rebuke tonight A report exposes serious flaws revenge attacks were investigated. in the way the Cronulla

those who rampaged Strike Force Enoggera targeted Brighton and Maroubra, through the Sutherland Shire, following the Cronulla riots. attacking innocent victims it was later increased to 100 police Initially staffed with 24 officers,

any culprits, after failing to track down was plagued with problems. but the operation to release video of this attack. It took a month Police couldn't handle they received, the thousands of pictures that could make us vulnerable a shortcoming during a terror attack. Now they want better technology. collate the information quickly, To be able to allow us to assess it, known offenders. align photographs with, ideally, The report's main findings - our initial response arrangements, Clearly our response arrangements, should have been better. could have been better, Among the recommendations - costing $35 million. plus a new police operations centre

investigative and management failures But despite the litany of and the Enoggera reports, outlined by the Cronulla Commissioner Moroney insists isn't in a state of crisis. the police force of crisis - If you're looking for measures at all - and I don't entertain that word of recruitment action. we have unprecedented levels warned politicians And as the Commissioner to stop trading blows over policing,

finally found words of support the Premier for his embattled Police Minister. John Hill, Ten News. in the Ombudsman's annual report. More bad news for police, tonight,

Complaints against officers are on the rise, as are criminal charges against them. Paul Mullins joins us now from State Parliament, and Paul, not a good look for the police service?

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For example, one of the case studies in our report this year documents a constable who brought to the attention of other police

a senior constable's conduct in bashing somebody with a torch. In days gone past it would have been very unlikely for a junior officer to raise conduct of that kind about a senior officer.

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Thanks, Paul. Paul Mullins at State Parliament. Police are treating an horrific videotaped attack of a teenage girl as rape. Detectives have raided one property in Melbourne and several parents have identified their sons as being involved. After watching the harrowing video of the attack on the young girl, police have no doubt she was sexually assaulted. At this stage I think that it would be fair to say that it's a rape

and some indecent assault involved as well. The disgraceful DVD - which was being sold in several Victorian schools for $5 - shows 12 teenage boys surrounding the girl. She's seen engaging in sex acts which police believe she was forced to perform. The young girl is the victim of a serious crime. She's very traumatised. The 17-year-old has given police a statement describing how she met the boys at Werribee train station

before she was taken to a river bank and assaulted. Detectives searched and seized material from a house of Daniel Porto, in Werribee, who names himself as the film's producer. He's also made other videos which can be found on the Internet.

The Year 11 student was expelled from Kardinia College yesterday for his role in the DVD. It's just a disgusting matter. It shouldn't happen. It's pretty sad for these kids to be doing something like that. It's pretty terrible. Students at MacKillop College and Werribee Secondary have also been disciplined. Detectives say they're still identifying all those involved, warning they face numerous other charges. Police are also alarmed that, despite the fact teh DVD was being sold in schools for some time, nobody raised the matter with them. Anyone who thinks that this is a bit of joke perhaps wants to have a good look at themselves. James Wakelin, Ten News. Another senseless attack by a gang of teenagers, with a Sydney man brutally bashed at Minto. Doctors says if passing drivers didn't stop to help, the young father could be dead. It was a senseless, random attack. Chris Blair was pulled from his pushbike and bashed by four youths. The father of one had just left work on Monday night

and was only minutes from home when the 15-year-olds struck. The gang there the 28-year-old to the ground, leaving him unconscious. They stopped their relentless assault

when passing motorists held them back. Police say a lot of people stopped to help Chris Blair the other night, but many of them haven't come forward to help identify the attackers yet. They're also looking very closely at surveillance footage they found at a nearby train station. They believe it shows the offenders just minutes before the attack took place. Chris's father thanked all the people who've helped his son. In today's society, people don't want to get involved. These people went out of their way and got involved. They put their own lives at risk, didn't they? Yeah, well, one bloke did - he got a bit of a smacking. Chris Blair will now go in for surgery to have his teeth repaired tomorrow. 15-year-olds should be riding their bike in the street, playing football or something,

not waiting for someone to creep up on them and bash them. Evan Batten, Ten News. There was no comment from radio star Alan Jones at his first public appearance since the release of an unauthorised book on his life. The talkback host uncharacteristically quiet at the premiere of the musical 'Dirty Dancing' in London.

Mr Jones, Channel Ten Australia. Mr Jones, have you got a moment? Mr Jones? The broadcaster later told Ten News he had nothing to say about the Chris Masters, which outs him as gay. It's believed he left Sydney just before it hit the shelves. A preview of sport now with Tim Webster and good news for our cricketers - Shane Watson is OK. Yes, despite a stint in hospital - a gastro bug, they believe - he'll still play against India. Now team officials have revealed Watson isn't the only one suffering Delhi belly and they taken measures to ensure the team watches what it eats,

but there'll be no excuses this weekend. And towering over the students, Willie Mason went back to school with the Kangaroos and discovered the kids know plenty about him. Also later - a major reshuffle of the Wallabies backline for the Spring tour of Europe. The State Government denies NSW is facing a power crisis -

that's next. Also tonight - an L-plate driver crashes, injuring two teenage passengers. And a shopping complex in Sydney's north-west goes up in flames.

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This program is captioned live. Convicted Australian fraudster Peter Foster has been critically injured trying to escape from police in Fiji. The notorious Gold Coast con man fell into the propeller of a boat while he was running away from police.

He's been taken to the local hospital. The 44-year-old - who's been jailed in three continents over dodgy diet products - was wanted in Fiji for visa irregularities. He's also been accused of trying to discredit a new resort development by planting fake claims on the Internet about paedophiles and government officials taking bribes.

Get ready for blackouts and sky-rocketing power bills - that's the warning from experts, who claim the demand for electricity will outstrip supply within five years. But the State Government says there's nothing to worry about.

When the hot weather hits, Sydney turns on the air conditioning. Half the State's homes now have air-conditioners and they're becoming more popular. They're certainly becomming an item now that people consider just a normal essential in the household. They might keep us cool, but they also send our electricity use soaring and a new report warns we're running out of power. This is the capacity of the State's power plants

over the next 10 years. But this is how much we'll need. Experts warning demand could outstrip supply by 2010, causing blackouts and big hikes in household power bills. Joe Tripodi and Morris Iemma have covered up for 12 years a looming crisis which they've had every warning about. But the Government's keen to point out NSW is in a better position than last year,

with plans under way for a gas-fired plant near Wollongong by 2009. You need to compare that to SA, Victoria and Queensland - all of them rate worse than NSW. A second gas-fired plant also in the pipeline for the Central Coast and there'll be more to come. And the move away from traditional coal-fired plants continues at a national level, the Federal Government unveiling plans for a solar power plant in Victoria.

This plant will reduce carbon emissions by 400,000 tonnes per year. It's hoped the project will bring the cost of solar power down to an affordable level. Daniel Sutton, Ten News. Another serious car crash involving a group of teenagers. An 18-year-old L-plater was behind the wheel of this Commodore

when it hit a powerpole, splitting it in two. Both passengers were taken to hospital a 16-year old male with suspected spinal injuries, and a 16-year-old female with leg and back pain. Investigators are yet to interview the driver. A million-dollar shop fire in Sydney's north-west overnight. More than 100 firefighters battling for three hours to put out the blaze, which was sparked by an electrical fault. 30 people were evacuated as flames spread from a hobby shop, gutting several businesses. One firefighter has been treated for minor injuries. Bail refused for a man accused of a fatal bashing outside a pie shop in Matraville. Peter Dando - seen here just before he was attacked - died in hospital earlier this month. Today, 24-year-old Sensoni Bashford faced Central Court charged with murder. He'll appear in court again in December. More traffic headaches for drivers using the Gore Hill Freeway. For the next three weeks, parts of the road will be closing overnight, as the final touches are made to the Lane Cove Tunnel. The RTA's advice - be patient. It's been a work in progress for years and a constant source of angst for North Shore drivers. The end may be near, but the pain is far from over. From Monday, the Gore Hill Freeway will begin closing overnight between Brook Street and Longueville Road between 10pm and 5am.

This is a very important final milestone for this part of the project. The disruption will last three weeks, allowing the road to be resurfaced ahead of the opening of the Lane Cove Tunnel. Next week, west-bound lanes will be closed. The following week, east-bound traffic will be affected. Then, west-bound lanes will close again. The RTA pleading with drivers to be tolerant.

Slow down, read the signs and be patient as they take their trips. With the closure of the Gore Hill Freeway, the Pacific Highway will experience peak-hour traffic between 11pm-12pm. Motorists are being urged to plan their alternative routes well in advance.

Extra traffic monitoring staff are now working to minimise delays caused by taking alternative routes. When you do work of this magnititude, there will be delays.

It does require patience. We need to work with the community to make this work as effectively as we can. Catherine Kennedy, Ten News.

Times for a check-up the weather

now. What a weird day of weather in

Sydney. A Tale of Two cities - the

western suburbs got the

western suburbs got the heat and in

this city we had some warmth but we

thought we would get around 30. We

didn't because of the easterly

winds and high cloud cover. We had

some thundery showers, Cronulla and

Granville doing best out of those.

Still very humid and Margate - have

you noticed the flies? They are

everywhere. You'll weather photographs everywhere. You'll weather

photographs - keep on the sending

them in, they are fantastic.

them in, they are fantastic. This

is Terrigal Haven with a storm

approaching. Thank you Neville

Prosser. Make sure you watch the

television on Thursday because we

are giving away a digital camera. If you are giving away a digital camera.

If you want to be involved the

number is on your screen. number is on your screen. The sun broke through rarely number is on your screen. The sun

broke through rarely - you can see

the pollution levels. What does it

mean for tomorrow? An interesting

one, a cooler day at 22 but mainly

dried. A fine and sunny Friday,

Saturday and Sunday with

temperatures ranging from 27 to 23 over the weekend. Michael J. Fox urges US voters

to support candidates who back stem cell research - that's next.

What you do in Missouri matters to millions of Americans - Americans like me. And a cosmetic giant's campaign against the digital tricks distorting our idea of beauty.

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This program is captioned live. Now it's over to Vic Lorusso in the traffic helicopter.

Rank, not as pretty as Lara bingle

- a bad accident at Lydd come that

near the train line. You can see

the fire brigade has turned up -

three cars and of then take a look

at the traffic delays. The delays

extend back five kilometres so well

in towards did come and traffic

trying to get around should go via

they assume I way. We will bring it

you an update later and Happy birthday Mr Wilson.

An 18-year-old man has been arrested over a destructive rampage through the streets of Bondi. Wade Urquhart smashed the windows of at least 22 cars in one street alone, before moving on to a neighbouring suburb, causing an estimated $100,000 damage. The teenager was at a loss to explain the reason for his outburst to Waverley court today, but his lawyer says he's had a wake-up call, spending the last four days in a police lock-up. The case returns to court next month.

Another angry outburst by Papua New Guinea's Prime Minister has marked a turbulent meeting of Pacific leaders in Fiji. John Howard is playing down the diplomatic trouble with our neighbours. Even today's official photograph was enough to cause problems. John Howard arrived first, the leaders of the Solomons and PNG taking care not to sit next to him. Two days in paradise have clearly done little to ease tensions between Australia and our Pacific neighbours.

I've been barred from your country and I'm not prepared to talk to you people, thank you. The PNG leader is furious he's been banned from going to Australia over the Julian Moti affair. Australia wants answers over how the accused sex offender

was allowed to fly from PNG to the Solomons. The issue has thrown relations with both countries into chaos, especially after last week's raid on the office of Solomons Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare.

Australian police were involved and the Solomons PM was furious, although he seems more relaxed now.

Are you still unhappy about the raid on your office, the way it went about? Oh, that's normal. The Pacific Island Forum lasted two days and by today the interest of some participants seemed to be waning. While the leaders were all staying at the same resort, they passed up the opportunity to have formal one-on-one meetings. John Howard says relations haven't changed.

I don't think it's altered. I am always courteous to people and I exchanged pleasantries with Mr Sogavare this morning. Despite the row, Australia's large aid program for the Pacific remains intact. The PM has announced details of technical colleges for the Pacific including Papua New Guinea.

Over the next five years, Australian funding will train more than 3,000 apprentices.

Diplomatic tensions meant nothing to the choir who sent John Howard back to Australia with a warm farewell. In Fiji, Laurel Irving, Ten News. Michael J. Fox has made a brave move to win support for stem cell research. Clearly struggling with Parkinson's disease, the actor appears in political ads endorsing candidates who support the controversial technique, which uses human embryos. They say all politics is local, but that's not always the case. What you do in Missouri matters to millions of Americans - Americans like me. The 45-year-old has battled Parkinson's for more than a decade. A new twist in the Mills-McCartney divorce scandal. Heather Mills's lawyers have announced she's suing three British newspapers for making "false, damaging and immensely upsetting statements"

about her divorce from Sir Paul McCartney. But that hasn't kept the bitter split off the front page. Model Kate Moss has reportedly told the former Beatle's daughter Stella

that Mills's claims she was forced to crawl are lies.

Moss has been quoted as saying the one-legged model is like a gazelle and she's prepared to swear to it in court. Celebrity couple Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes will tie the knot on 18 November,

the bride wearing a Giorgio Armani designed dress at the ceremony in Italy. The couple announced their engagement in June last year. Their daughter Suri was born in April. It will be the third wedding for the 44-year-old groom, who was previously married to Mimi Rogers and Nicole Kidman. Have you ever dreamt of becoming a model, but didn't think you had the right look? Well, a new commercial is proving that, with a bit of plucking, pruning and the right computer software, anyone can make it onto a magazine cover. A new ad is unlocking the real secrets

behind cover girl glamour. The Dove commercial, called 'The Evolution of Beauty', shows how with hair, make-up and, more importantly, the click of a mouse, an average-looking woman is transformed into a stunning super model. They start to enhance her features - you know, plumping up her lips and enlarging her eyes and even lengthening her neck and that's the part that I find to be startling. The American ad, which has been posted on the Internet video-sharing site YouTube, is part of Dove's campaign to promote real beauty, not the distorted, unattainable beauty the company says real women feel pressured to live up to. I understand why photographs and fashion magazines want to really portray the most beautiful images that they can, but what we're finding through the work that Dove has done is that these images are really unachieveable for women. Roshumba Williams doesn't need much airbrushing. As well as being a professional model,

she's the author of 'The Complete Idiot's Guide to being a Model'. I've seen them slim thighs and take off weight, even add boobs and things like that. She believes the modern-day tricks of the trade add to the intrigue and fantasy of glossy mags. They want to have the dream, they want to get away.

It's easy, it's harmless - I don't think it is a bad thing, I think it's a good thing. Perhaps, if you're the one in the photo. In Hollywood, Leisa Goddard-Roles, Ten News. Signs our troops could be out of Iraq earlier than expected - that's next. Also - the Aussie stage show dancing its way to success in London. And we'll take a sneak peek at Sydney's swankiest new hotel suite.

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This program is captioned live. The top stories we're following this news hour - notorious Australian con man Peter Foster is in a critical condition in a Fiji hospital, after he fell into the propeller of a boat while trying to escape police. The 44-year-old, who's been jailed in three continents, was wanted for visa irregularities. The police response to the Cronulla revenge attacks has again come under fire, a report finding the operation was plagued with problems, undermanned and poorly resourced. Injured V8 driver David Clark has vowed to race again, after the crash at Mt Panorama that almost killed him.

He says he remembers little about the collision that claimed the life of his mate Mark porter. An Australian soldier has opened fired at an East Timorese man during a fight at Dili's airport. Australian troops were trying to break up a brawl between rival gangs when a man pulled a gun. The Defence Force says the soldier fired a number of shots in self-defence, and the man fled.

Several violent clashes have broken out since last night. At least two men have been killed and a dozen homes burned. The airport has been closed. America's most senior military commander in Iraq has for the first time suggested a timetable for the withdrawal of western troops. The general believes coalition soldiers could hand over to Iraqi forces in 12 months. US soldiers are out in force in Baghdad, searching for one of their own - feared kidnapped.

But America's two most powerful men in Iraq still believe success is possible. It's going to take another 12-18 months or so until I believe the Iraqi security forces are completely capable

of taking over responsibility for their own security. Success in Iraq is possible and can be achieved on a realistic timetable.

But Liberal Senator Russell Trood doubts it's possible at all.

The Queenslander, the first to publicly break ranks on the Federal Government's Iraq policy. Russell Trood just simply spoke the truth.

Anyone who's got any expertise in international politics knows that the Iraq war has seriously damaged our interests and the interests of the West. John Howard is unmoved. I have read what he said and he certainly did not say that we should get up and go.

and that is the main issue at the present time. But after years of repeating the line "stay the course", George W. Bush is changing his rhetoric. Stay the course means keep doing what you're doing. My attitude is - don't do what you're doing if it's not working. Change. Amy McCarthy, Ten News. Kurt Cobain is the new king of dead celebrities still raking in the big money. The former lead singer of Nirvana earned more than $66 million from licensing deals in the past year,

pushing Elvis Presley out of the number one spot. The King was at number two, with $55 million. Cobain made it on the Forbes list for the first time after his widow, Courtney Love, sold a stake in his band's song catalogue.

The Australian share market is booming, closing this afternoon on a record high.

A standing ovation for a new musical version of 'Dirty Dancing' at its star-studded opening night in London's West End,

the Australian production breaking box office records, even before the curtain went up. It's gone from movie hit to Australian hit, to the biggest thing to hit the West End in years. SONG: # I had the time of my life... # And at its all-star premiere in London last night, there was plenty of excitement. They've got just such fantastic dancers. This young dancing bloke from Sydney is apparently like a world-beater.

Absolutely amazing. Can't wait to see it. Rolf joined celebrities like Dame Judi Dench and Sir Ian McKellen on the red carpet. Even Lord Andrew Lloyd Webber turned up to see the show that's beaten the pre-sales record of all his musicals.

260,000 tickets worth nearly $15 million have been sold - you can't get in until next May.

The screenwriter of the 1987 movie tries to explain the magic. I think maybe it connects with the secret dancer inside people and the idea that they suspect dancing can transform, their lives. It's an all-Australian production - Kevin Jacobsen created it here two years ago

and it's now being launched around the world, Australia's Josef Brown in the Patrick Swayze role.

The tough West End crowd quick to leap to its feet, newspaper critics equally kind in the morning's press. Rolf quite enjoyed it too. Absolutely fantastic! Angela Bishop, Ten News. Christmas can't be too far away, with the first tray of cherries going up for auction. For the fifth consecutive year, Sam Agostino was crowned the cherry king and this time he paid a staggering $55,000, $5,000 more than last year The money is being donated to various children's charities and Sydney hospitals.

A weather check now. You will miss

out on the cake to celebrate this

man's birthday.

man's birthday. I would say it

happy 63rd birthday but I said that

last year. Go easy on the cake run

because your bomb will look begin

that if you have too many pieces. A

funny old day, wasn't it? 31.5

degrees in the West - that was

where they want pause. The easterly

kept things pretty good in Sydney

at about 25 degrees - three at about 25 degrees - three above

average. A southerly change has got

its eyes on us - it will zipped

down the coast and a right about 7 o'clock this down the coast and a right about 7

o'clock this evening. Let's have a

look at the map of New South Wales

and quickly around the grounds.

As I handed back to the

As I handed back to the desk and

thankfully folks he is not wearing

his birthday suit. The one that

comforting thing about getting

older is that everyone will catch it eventually. Sport is next and Tim, the Wallabies take on a new look? Yes, a major backline reshuffle for the start of the European tour. We'll tell you about the changes shortly. Also, the steps the Aussie cricketers are taking to avoid being bowled over by Delhi belly. And the biggest kid in class, as Willie Mason and the Kangaroos go back to school.

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This program is captioned live. The Aussie cricketers are watching what they eat, after Shane Watson's visit to hospital with a bad bout of Delhi belly. But coach John Buchanan is confident Watson will be fit to play against India this weekend. The hard work continues for those Aussie players not struck down by stomach sickness. No sign of Shane Watson but reports from a doctor at the hospital

indicate he's recovering well from gastritis and will take on India. Other players have been affected as well. It does happen and we have had a couple of bouts of sickness already. But I think we are taking every possible precaution but yeah, nonetheless, sometimes those things happen. Despite this disrupted preparation, Australian coach John Buchanan still confident of his team's chances in Sunday's must-win clash with India. There will be no excuses, come the night of the 29th.

Meanwhile South Africa has kept their Champions Trophy hopes alive with a 78-run victory over Sri Lanka.

The Proteas set their rivals a modest target of 220 for victory and their bowlers did the rest. Veteran seamer Shaun Pollock claiming two wickets as Sri Lanka's top order crumbled. Great bowling again from Pollock, really super stuff and the Sri Lankans are in deep, deep trouble now.

Andre Nel finished with figures 3/41. South Africa still a chance of making the semifinals

after recording their first win of the tournament. Trent Higgs, Ten News. Queensland has set NSW a sizeable 263 for victory in the one-dayer at the Gabba. Jimmy Maher won the toss and elected to have first use of a perfect batting track and James Hopes dominated the innings. Ashes hopeful Stuart Clark made an immediate impact in his return from a thigh injury.

He removed Maher with his first ball. COMMENTATOR: And he bowls successfully. Terrific start for Clark -

Back from injury and a wonderful break-through for the Blues. Then Clark struggled, as Hopes kept the Bulls' score moving as he plundered the Blues attack to all parts of the Gabba. The Wallabies are set for a radical revamp of their backline for the first Test against Wales. As expected, Matt Giteau will take over the half-back role

vacated by George Gregan, but the big surprise is at fly-half - Matt Rogers will be at number 10, with Stephen Larkham moving to inside centre, I am still pretty nervous, even just at training, just because it is something new and different to me. Just something I have got to get more used to, I think. The more confidence I get in that position, probably the better I will feel. The Australians fly out on Friday for a month-long, 7-match tour, including Tests against Wales, Italy, Ireland and Scotland.

New Sydney Roosters coach Chris Anderson has vowed to put the fun back into Bondi Junction next year. Anderson believes the Roosters were too stressed last season and they need a more relaxed approach. The Roosters unveiling a new logo and jersey for their 100th season. They're not the only changes - Anderson today making it clear his team needs to loosen up and that Craig Fitzgibbon won't be playing front row. If it comes about again and I have to do it next year, I'll do it.

No, it won't.

Well, there you go. I won't be doing that. Anderson sympathising with his predecessor, Ricky Stuart. A couple of tough years, so they need to get a bit of enjoyment back into their game. They looked stressed. Ricky, the whole team, looked stressed. And I've been there - it's tough losing. It's not a nice place to be. In more good news for the Roosters, Anthony Minichiello has overcome his back injury and will resume full training with the team next month. He's already set his sights on winning back his Kangaroos fullback jersey, now owned by Karmichael Hunt.

It's just a new challenge that I've set myself - to get back in that team. His former Test team-mates not far away, visiting Clovelly Public School,

the kids well educated on the Tri-Nations. Someone just said, "What happened to your eye and are you gonna get that bloke back?"

And Jonah Lomu sidestepping questions at a sponsor's function in Paris on whether he's joining the NRL.

I don't know. Gold Coast wanting an answer by Monday. Now Victorian Rugby want Lomu for next year's national competition. We're definitely looking at marquee players and we'd love to look at a bloke like Jonah Lomu. Adam Hawse, Ten News. A severe Spanish storm has damaged four boats in the 5-OCEANS solo around-the-world race. The yachts were buffeted by 130km/h winds and waves up to 14m in height. The boat-breaking conditions forced the sailors back to land for rapid repairs. After having sailed around the world three times, and competed in the world's greatest classic ocean races, I'd liken the conditions very similar to the 1998 Sydney-Hobart Race. The conditions were absolutely horrendous. The first leg of the 48,000km race is due to finish in Fremantle in December.

Later in 'Sports Tonight' we'll catch up with Chris Atkinson ahead of the Rally of Australia, which starts tomorrow night. And we'll have the result from the Blues match up in Queensland. Now it's back to Vic Lorusso in the traffic helicopter.

Unfortunately so, right at the foot of the of the mountains. It hasn't

occurred on the M four but very

close to it. You can see the occurred on the M four but very close to it. You can see the fire

brigade and RTA are there - it

looks like two cars have had an

accident. As a result the Cartier

have had to block of one lane, two

lanes are merging into one and that

is causing a major problem. A

couple of cars should not be doing

that using a break down lane. We that using a break down lane. We

showed you the bad smash at

Regent's Park and that is still

causing problems. Stay with us - Tim Bailey has all the weather information, next. And if money's no object we'll check out Sydney's swankiest new hotel room.

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We go back to the weather tonight

and a big thank you to everyone who

has chipped in to help hunter who

has cerebral palsy and a bunch of

other things. Tim, a big list of names there and names there and the grand total

tonight. Tellers or all about it.

On Monday I rang a to my friends

and they wanted to help fund set -

he has cerebral palsy and epilepsy

and has just had a tube but in. His

mother holds down three jobs and

hasn't even got a car and struggles

week to week. Not any more -

because of you. It started with a

bloke called Dick.

bloke called Dick. $5,000 - i o u

one b lunch. That will be down at

will and Toby's at Manly. Here we

go - a photograph of a hunter will and Toby's at Manly. Here we go - a photograph of a hunter and

all this money that you have

donated. Peter and Helen that, $500.

A Christmas hamper coming to you

Hunter. Two and a half

Hunter. Two and a half $1,000 from

platinum projects. Maureen and

Peter, $500. Build staff delayed by

a higher, $1,500. The McNaught

family, died Ford, I love you - a

thank you for your page. Unisys has

given Hunter the Atlas apartments given Hunter the Atlas apartments

at PM wants for a couple of days of

respite. Thank you so much, guys. I

said you would say your name on

television and we have just done

that. A grand total of about

$19,500 - you will change a little

boy's life and you will give a

young single mum her life back.

Well done. It is going to a brand

new pram - she was

new pram - she was paying $20 a

week and we had just bought that

for her. They will see Hunter's

grand parents for the first time in

two years. The rent will be paid

and all the health care will be

taking care of. Sydney, I love you.

Tomorrow, 22 degrees and a coolish

day. The wind will goes south-east

then ran to the north-east. Friday

- I have organised

- I have organised some blue sky.

Reasonably warm and then fine and

sunny on Saturday and Sunday.

Temperatures at around 23 degrees.

The southerly is due at about 7 o'clock.

A trough in the east will cause

isolated showers and storms over

southern Queensland and north-

eastern New South world. Mark

Bailey The business of the brolly,

predicted precipitation, drips and drops across rooftops

drops across rooftops -. You have

not my socks off - Hunter sends his

love. $20,000 in today's flat.

Ron Wilson - people think you and I

are at each other. They must

realise now that we are the a mate.

Happy birthday and see you tomorrow night. An update on our story on notorious Australian con man, Peter Foster. These pictures have just come in from Fiji of the convicted fraudster. He was injured trying to run away from police. It's believed the 44-year-old fell into a propeller. He was wanted by police over a suspect visa and claims he tried to discredit a new development by planting fake claims on the Internet. Finally tonight, a sneak peek at Sydney's newest hotel room that will be a home away from home for some of the world's biggest stars and executives. With views of our famous harbour, the Park Hyatt's Presidential Suite comes with custom-made furniture, imported Italian artwork and even your very own butler. The people who stay here really want to feel comfortable.

They come here because it's small, it's intimate. Of course, luxury always has a price tag. one night will set you back $7,200 and it's a minimum 4-night stay. That's the News at 5:00. I'm Ron Wilson. And I'm Deborah Knight. Thanks for your company. We'll have updates throughout the evening before the Late News with Sports Tonight along at 10:30.