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(generated from captions) Criticism from all sides for Julia Gillard's policy Why am for Julia Gillard's policy Why

am I the criminal? They are the

ones destroying the

ones destroying the planet!

Queensland's tomato growers

appeal for public help after the poisoning disaster. And

turning the traditional

portrait on its head - young artists breaking the mould.

Live across Australia, this is

ABC News 24. I'm Jeremy Fernandez. Three more years Fernandez. Three more years -

it may sound like a campaign

pitch, but it's also the nub of

Julia Gillard's long awaited

climate change policy. The

Prime Minister won't revive an

emissions trading scheme until

at least 2012 and will look to

a citizens' assembly to gauge

the national mood on the issue.

Tony Abbott says it is a giant

are focus group, while the Greens

are calling the policy a

failure of leadership. The

launch today reminded Ms

Gillard that passions are still running high on the Chief political correspondent running high on the issue.

Mark Simkin reports. They tried to drown her out. CHANTING fossil fuels have go! And when that didn't work,

one activist voted for direct action. Hey-hey, hoen ho, one activist voted for direct

fossil fuels have got to go! He

got within 10m of the Prime Minister, before being wrestled to the ground, handcuffed and

dragged away Why am I the

criminal? They are the ones damaging the planet. It shows

how hard it will be to forge the support Julia Gillard is

looking for. . It will advise a separate citizens' assembly. looking for. . It will advise a

150 ordinary Australians 150 ordinary Australians will try to forge consensus for try to forge consensus for an

ETS This means I will act when

the Australian economy ready, and when the Australian the Australian economy is

people are ready. In the

meantime, the Government will

spend $1 billion connecting renewable energy to the

electricity grid, and impose tougher emission standards on

new coal-fired power

stations. We will never allow a highly inefficient and dirty

power station to be built again

in Australia. There we are -

I've got that whole science demeanour. Julia Gillard demeanour. Julia Gillard will stick to Kevin Rudd's timetable

- no ETS until 2013 at the

earliest. But it is still a

previous approach. Australia repudiation of the Government's

can't afford any more delays on

climate change. We can't afford

any more inquiries, reports or

investigations into climate

change. A lot has changed in a

year, but the Government is

still under attack from the left and the right. So left and the right. So what

we've seen is a failure of

leadership, a complete cop-out.

We already have a citizens'

is semably. It's called a

parliament. This is a decision for the Parliament and she parliament. This is a decision

can't subcontract out

leadership to some kind of giant focus group. Tony Abbott

has got a swagger in his step.

He promised an extra $93

million for border security,

political trying to shore up his

political defences.

This is in a sense the most

effective Opposition in

history. The ETS is a silent

assassin of Australian

politics. It has helped kill

off two op leaders and a prime

minister. Julia Gillard is

handling it cautiously. As with

asylum seekers, she is calling

for a debate and postponing a decision. The climate policy

delivers absolute certainty no

matter which major party matter which major party wins, Australia won't be Australia won't be pricing

like the carbon for years. Green groups

like the idea of letting

people's assembly, but they say switching to abundant clean

renewable power will have to

rice rise It's not

clean Thank you, darling. But always in demand.

You're a champion. In the Melbourne seat of Melbourne seat of deek

in... How old are you?

18 ..Bob Hawke brought an

old-fashioned burst of star

power to the Gillard machine Welsh women are very,

very important in Australia at

the moment. He had no doubts

the Prime Minister unveiled. I about the climate change policy

can speak from a record of

achievement I achievement I think unparalleled on environmental

matters as Prime Minister, and

I think Julia is making the

right decision now But down the road, tempers were running road, tempers were running hot office and her campaign slogan at Julia Gillard's electorate

in rewind in the city. CHANTING

Julia Gillard moving backwards. Climate action now. Green

groups like the idea of groups like the idea of a citizens'

citizens' is semably, but not the delays that come with

it We're really worried that

this is just too slow and too modest in bringing our spiraling levels down. Carbon

costs can only go up I'm very disappointed because Labor is

moving in the wrong

direction. But business sees

certainty and little prospect

of change without

breakthrough. There is no of change without a worldwide

international consensus on this

issue. The climate policy has already served one purpose, it

has kept Kevin Rudd in the

shadows for a day, if not

altogether silent. Through a

spokesman, he has responded to

ABC News reports that deputised vital National ABC News reports that he

Security Committee meetings to

his 31-year-old Chief of Staff: Kevin Rudd Kevin Rudd was deeply

concerned about the security of

the Australian people.

I think that's in the past. I

don't think it's got anything

to do with the future. He is

You're a good bloke, but not into the past.

You there is one unfortunate thing.

You look a bit like Tony Oh, You look a bit like Tony Oh,

get out! Thanks.

Don't you reckon? There is

too much fun to have now. A court in Victoria has been told

that the man accused of killing

Carl Williams may argue he

acted in self-defence. The

underworld boss was bashed to

death in the State's highest security prison, and a

36-year-old man was charge with

his murder. Today his lawyer

said he could argue it was a

case of defensive homicide. Carl Williams was

serving a minimum 35 years jail

at Barwon prison. He was

sitting in a common area with

two fellow inmate when it's

allege ld he was bludgeoned to

death with the stem of death with the stem of an

exercise bike. A 36-year-old

man who can't be named is

charged with his murder. Today charged with his murder. Today the accused's lawyer Christopher Traill told the

court more than 90 people have

given statements to police over

the alleged attack. Among them Tommy Ivanovic who was present when Mr Will yumption was

killed. Mr Traill says his account opens the possibility

defensive homicide could be argued. The defence of defence

sieve homicide was introduced

in 2005 for people who believed

it ners to kill in order to protect themselves. Up to 32

witnesses will be called to

give evidence at a pre-trial hearing. Among them are 11

prison officers. Two had

dealings with the accused after the alleged attack. It was

necessary for the prison staff. Three separate investigations have been launched into the prison murder. The matter will return

to court in October. Federal Police and immigration officials have raided three properties across Adelaide

after allegations of fraud at a after allegations of fraud at a private college.Er yeah private college.Er yeah this year, Indian students at the

school claimed they were paying

thousands of dollars for training certificates without

having to attend classes: having to attend classes: The school closed last month. Authorities Authorities say they're

investigating allegations

involving illegal work

practices and fraudulent

documentation. The college was

shut last month after the State Government revoked its

registration for failing to meet

meet basic standards. Now immigration

immigration officials are investigating the possible breach of a variety of laws. The Commonwealth's Migration Act, the State

Criminal Law Consolidation Act and the Education Services

Overseas Student Act which is a

Commonwealth Act. An audit by State and federal State and federal authorities

this year found the college

failed 12 of 14 national

standards. The rates appear to

have come from information from

students the college said were breaking attendance rules In

the end there were about 20

students we were looking after

through the business, and from information that was available to me from those students, it

appeared those students weren't in breach and that in breach and that their attendance with in accordance with the guidelines or member says he also blew the whistle

whistle and says he is prepared

to provide evidence to to provide evidence to

authorities on a wide range of allegations. I'm allegations. I'm extremely happy with this development

because the college has been involved in involved in illicit activities. The Immigration Department says search warrants

were also carried out today at

a Fulham Gardens house and at a business premises at Welland. The Immigration Welland. The Immigration

Department say it is could take

some time to sift through the

records before it could

establish whether any offences had been committed. The nation's shoppers are being

urged to buy Bowen after last month's seedling sabotage in

Queensland's north. Millions of

young tomato plants as well as capsicums and eggplant were

poisoned and police are still

looking for the culprit. Buyers

are being urged to buy from the

area, even if prices double or

triple over the coming

months. The toe mat toe farmers

who remain in the Bowen region

are true survivor s. In the

'90s, about 160 producers '90s, about 160 producers drew

here. Now there are fewer than

20. And last month's food

poisoning of about 7 million

tomato seedlings could spell

the end for more growers. It's

a bit like waiting for the

floods from Charleville - you

know the water is comes, but

you don't know how deep it will be. Karl knows what is at stake. He is appealing for all

Australians to buy Bowen produce before the produce before the shortage

kicks in, in September If you

buy more now, hopefully it will

push the price up a little bit

so growers will pick up a few

dollars so there won't be such

a big hole to fill up because normally September is the month

we make money. That's our money-making month. Some

farmers have managed to source some seedlings from other

regions or tried to plant

different crops to soften different crops to soften the financial blow. Uncertainty in

the business community and has

already affected labour requirements. It will also

impact on the decisions that impact on the decisions that seasonal workers take to remain in the area if they are faced

with a loss of four or five

weeks' work. They may finish the season early and move

on. Police say the

investigation is slow and

difficult. They say what some

might think is innocent chatter

could be vital information. Whether that is rumour, innuendo or just general gossip, we're asking

you to come forward, tell us

about it, and let us make the determination as to determination as to whether anything needs to be followed

up. A specialist taskforce from

Brisbane is also helping with

inquiries. Three days after the

emotional farewell for

Australian and British soldiers

at Fromelles, another World War

I digger has been honoured in

West Europe. The body of

Private Alan James Mather was discovered in Belgium two years

ago. They found him ago. They found him still

clutching his rifle with a

German helmet in his knapsack,

most likely capture as a

souvenir. The body was

identified using DNA analysis,

allowing relatives, including his 81-year-old nephew to

attend the service. A

magistrate has fined the magistrate has fined the TV

personality Sam Newman $2,000

over a road rage incident

outside a Melbourne cafe last

July. He was found to have

abused a female driver and deliberately damaged her car

after she knocked her door into

his Mustang. It wasn't only

Newman's ego that was Newman's ego that was bruised

after a bizarre day in and out of of court. Theatre tends to

follow Sam Newman wherever he

goes as the man well-known for

his street talk was on the receiving end of some heckling

outside court. The unknown

woman was later told she could be charged on summons with assault. See, Sam Newman, hey,

what's he untouchable something?

18 years in football, just a

piece of cake, mate. Just piece of cake, mate. Just

brushed it off as though it

didn't happen. Newman was happy

to mingle with fans as he to mingle with fans as he faced his own day in court. To Kane.

Oh, mate! Once inside, he denied abusing social worker Hannah Zappa and damaging her

car after she zaent ally knocked her driver's door into

his parked Mustang last July. She told

She told the court she She told the court she felt

embarrassed and a little afraid

when Newman hurled insults at

her and after walking away she heard a loud bang. Other

witnesses said Newman looked

angry and frustrated while damaging Zappa's car door. The

magistrate said he pleaded not

guilty he had no remorse, but

because he had no previous

convictions and had done a lot

of charity work he was entitled of charity work he was entitled

to get away with one moment of

madness. He was fined $2,000 without a incredibly interesting day and

wouldn't have missed itted

wouldn't have missed itted it

for the world. It was an

experience. Bl Newman will also

have to pay for the damage to

Ms Zappa's car. A national

competition is turning the idea

of pore trat tour as an art form on its head. The youth

youth prize is now in its third

year. This year's winning entry is a striking photograph that

explores the notion of gender

identity. Putting on the brave

face for the cameras comes naturally to 25-year-old

Bridget Mack. It's what her art

is all about Based on the fact that everyone has

that everyone has a masculine

and feminine side to their

face. Her art won over the

judges They know where they're

going. They are master of their medium. The National Youth Self-Portrait Prize is shaking

up an age-old art. The artists

have tackled challenging

subjects like depression and

consumerism The pain in waking

up is - I find it really hard

to wake up, as I think most

people do

As a person you're constantly changing but you're always you,

and I find that contradiction really really fascinating. One finalist portrayed technology-induced insomnia in

a portrait lit only by mobile

phone and laptop. But amid the darkness, there is the brightly

lit and the light at heart,

like this portrait of a sandwich artist sandwich artist as a young man. Or references to art 'tissic greats like Van

Gogh. The 15 finalists Gogh. The 15 finalists have drawn inspiration from all

sorts of areas, from street art

to new forms of social media and digital technology and even

animation. Not content to just

look at the outside, these

portraits study what's on the

inside, too. And now here is

Amanda Shalala with sport. The

top 8 spots in the NRL are top 8 spots in the NRL are on

the lined to? Yes, a couple of big games. The Eels and Bulldogs are going head-to-head

for that vital win to keep them

in the finals race. All level between

between the Titans and Eels at

Kogarah Oval. It two only two minutes for Jarryd Hayne to get

the Eels on the board as the

Hayne train turned into a

plane. He was in again a couple

of minutes later to give

Parramatta a 12-0 lead. Inu got

two tries of his own to add to

the Dogs' misery. In the AFL

tonight it's pretty close early on between St Kilda and

Hawthorn at Docklands. Here are

some of the first-quarter highlights.

COMMENTATOR: That will be

good for his confidence! what a

beautiful kick, Koschitzke. 25m

out. He has made a mistake. Can

he make amends? Yes, he can. he make amends? Yes, he can. That's his second much A result

for Koschitzke with a couple of

goals. Banging forward. Lewis

did a good job and then

Roughead dribbling it home. A good good reply.

So two big forwards in the news, Australia suffered a few

early setbacks, losing the

wickets of Ricky Ponting, Mike

Hussey and Marcus North on Day 3 of the second cricket Test at Headingley. Overnight, Shane

Watson's six-wicket haul helped

limit Pakistan's first innings

advantage and the Aussies are advantage and the Aussies are 5/164 early in today's session. 5/164 early in today's session.

Watson and Katich fell early in

the second dig, but Ponting

reached his half-century reached his half-century and

passed 12,000 Test runs to erase the memories of a horror

Australian first innings. He

couldn't go on with it today,

though, chasing a wide ball to

at the Bart for 66. Australia now now trails Pakistan by just 6 runs. Alberto Contador looks to

have wrapped up his third Tour

de France title after he battled with battled with second-placed Andy

Schleck in an epic 17th Stage. Contador matched Schleck in Contador matched Schleck in a

series of attacking moves in

the Pyrenees. The riders stayed

side by side for the entire

climb. Schleck managed to cross the finish line first, just in

front of the Spaniard, but with

a flat stage tonight and the

time trial tomorrow, Contador is likely to hang onto the

yellow jersey when the Tour ends in Paris on Sunday. The

Wallabies' quest for some

meaningful silverware begins tomorrow night in Brisbane.

They will be taking on the

Springboks in the Tri-Nations

rugby, and there is plenty at

stake for both sides. The

Springboks are under pressure

after losing their opening two after losing their opening two matches to the All Blacks, and Australia hasn't won a

Tri-Nations title in nine Tri-Nations title in nine years. According to the world rankings, the Wallabies' class

of 2010 is on the rise

of Clawed our way back to No. 3 ranking and to push on from there, you've got

there, you've got to beat the

top two, who are some ahead. They get their first chance against the

second-ranked South Africans

tomorrow. In the third year tomorrow. In the third year of

the Deans' era, the Wallabies

find themselves under pressure

to turn their undoubted

potential into performance. The

Springs box are also under the

pump after back-to-back losses

in New Zealand There are two

teams pretty desperate for a

result and for result and for different reaps.

My hope is we get it right and

they get it wrong. But history

is on the Wallabies' side.

Australia has won all five matches played between the

teams at Lang Park. The Springboks failed to score a

try in the last four A couple of

of those voodoo fields or

venues around the world for

certain teams. Tomorrow we certain teams. Tomorrow we will

have to make sure we can turn things around.

We've had good success here, but I think Sunday will

probably be a better day to say

how big of an advantage it was

for us. Reports the World

champions are planning to bash

the Wallabies and in particular fly-half Quade Cooper have riled the South riled the South African skipper I think if it was

bashing the only strength we

have, we wouldn't have achieved

what we have for the past four or five

or five years. Former or five years. Former Wallaby

Brendan Cannon has apologised

to Springboks coach Peter de

Villiers. That was after he

called him a clown and a

puppet Thanks, Amanda. It may

be words away from the Sydney

Cricket Ground or the MCG, Cricket Ground or the MCG, but the Tiwi Islands have hosted

its own version of world-class

cricket. Amongst those to take

the field were former greats the field were former greats of

the game and it was nothing like that ever experienced before. This is the TVG, the

Tiwi Cricket Ground and Tiwi Cricket Ground and the

venue for the Tiwi Ashes.

Before the match, the Tiwi

equivalent of the baggy greens were handed out. There were handed out. There was some ceremonial

ceremonial traditional dancing,

then the burning of cricket

stumps which were later to

become the official Tiwi Ashes.

Then it was time to get down to business. Hayden's Heroes were up against up against Alan's All-Stars. We're a big chance

because have you seen Matthew Hayden's pants? Pretty in pink

- I don't think he has the mind

This is the Ashes, the Tiwi This is

Ashes after all, so a This is the Ashes, the riding on this, so don't worry. Both sides were playing riding on this, so don't down their down their chances. There will be down their chances. There will

be a bit of sledging - that

will be the key to our success.

I think we will be rusty. Hayden's heroes went

into bat first and the former

Australian champion confirmed he was indeed he was indeed rusty, caught first ball. A well-known

comedian provided the expert comedian provided the expert commentary. Matthew got onto it

beautifully, smacked it down to

deep fine leg, almost six

runs. The lunch break was also

worlds away from usual worlds away from usual cricket fare. There was no pie and

chips here, but fish, buffalo and turtle. (Singing) Local

Tiwi band, B2M, provided the entertainment. Then Alan's

All-Stars went into bat. The

style may have changed over the

years, but the crowd loved it,

which is all the more amazing as this is AFL

territory. Cricket is not big

news in this part of the world,

is it, it's all AFL, so it's

cricket is concerned. The match time we did something as far as

did have its serious side - it

was held to raise funds for educational facilities on the

by Tiwis. It was Hayden's Heroes

by two runs, but the score

didn't really matter. It was easy

easy to see who the clear

winners were. To finance now and the local share market has

recovered from more than a

recovered from more than a week

of falls, thanks to some of falls, thanks to some good economic news. Here is Alan

Kohler. Yesterday everywhere share markets slumped share markets slumped because

Ben Bernanke came out with that Ben Bernanke came out with that statement about things being

unusually sun certain, but

consumer confidence rises,

consumer spending in the UK and home prices in the United

States and, yes, a rise of half

a percent in the American house prices is a cause for prices is a

celebration. European markets

surged 2% with the Paris up 3%.

Wall Street had gains of Wall Street had gains of 2-2.5%

and in Australia 1.8%. Miners and banks all went up 2%. Telstra was Dunn a cent. By Telstra was Dunn a cent. By the

time the buying wave got to

Asian markets, though, it

petered out a bit. Japan was up

2.3%, but other markets more subzud. 2.3%, but other markets more

Today's economic news in

Australia was figures on export

and import prices and the net

rise in the effect of them is the biggest

rise in the terms of trade in 37 years. 37

Tonight's graphs explain

what's happening and provide a

warning. Demand for steel and therefore iron ore and coking coal has rebounded from last year's recession, and especially

especially in China where it

hardly fell at all, and that

resulted in a big rise in the

iron ore price up to June,

which is when the snapshot of

our export prices was taken.

Since then, though, the iron ore price has slumped ore price has slumped which is

yet to show up in official

stats, but it will. Despite

that, the Aussie dollar jumped

a cent to more than US 89 a cent to more than US 89 cents

and closing in en the and closing in en the euro. I

will be back on Sunday with

'Inside Business'. Until then, that's that's finance.

A high A high pressure system is

still the dominant weather

feature across Australia.

Sitting here just south of

Adelaide and pretty much going to remain stationary over the

weekend. So for the south-east,

it's keeping those skies

relatively clear, but we do

have a weak front. It shows up have a weak front. It shows up here as a burst of strong winds

moving in towards Tasmania.

That will bring shower as cross That will bring shower as cross

Tasmania, moving into Hobart as

we move into the latter part of


the day,

It will trigger an upper

level disturbance into New

South Wales. That may trigger a

couple of isolated

thunderstorms into thunderstorms into the afternoon. Along the coast,

plenty of onshore winds. That

will see wide spread showers along the Queensland coast, down into the south-eastern

corner, but only one or two

light showers possible around

Brisbane in the afternoon. For

Sydney, expecting to see the Sydney, expecting to see the showers in

the coast, but then as the

upper level disturbance moves through, they will pick up and

move into the western suburbs,

and also around the Sen

trillion and southern inland, and also

are expected to be light, with showers developing showers developing in both Melbourne and Hobart in the

afternoon and strong winds continuing across the Northern Territory. Over the weekend,

instead of being the south-easterlies we've had,

they will pick up a little bit

of moisture and that may even

help to reduce some of the fire

danger as cross the north,

increasing the humidity, but

the closeness of the arrows

indicate how strong these winds

are through those areas. Also a

bit of cloud building through the interior

the interior and a weak frontal

system will move through the

south-west corner of WA. So

that means increasing cloud on Sunday afternoon, but at this

stage it should remain dry.

Just a clearing shower or two

about the south-east coast, one

or two of those possible around

Melbourne and any showers

around the central coast of New South Wales

South Wales should also become

more isolated. In fact, inland should clear, pushing to

the coast and one or two possible around Brisbane. Rather sticky and unsettled

conditions around Darwin, a bit

of cloud about, a high of

humidity with a top of P- humidity with a top of P- 33. Legs

Legs were burning as hundreds

of competitors took part in the

annual Sydney Tower annual Sydney Tower run-up,

tackling the 1,504 stairs to

the top. Last year's winner, German professional stair

runner, German Thomas Dold was again first to the finish line.

He won in 7 minutes 4 seconds,

about as long as it takes to just catch a

just catch a lift. I'm Jeremy

Fernandez. Stay with us. An Australian

Australian Story classic is next.

This Program is Captioned Live. The top Live. The top stories we're

following on ABC News 24 - the

Opposition Leader Tony Abbott has declared that the Coalition

will win the next election. Leaders traditionally avoid declaring

declaring victory during a campaign for fear of appearing

overconfident, but today Mr

Abbott said he believes he will

defeat Julia Gillard and become Prime Minister. The former

Prime Minister kroud has denied showing

showing a casual disregard for national security. national security. Government

officials have told ABC News 24

Mr Rudd at times allowed his

staff to take his place at

meetings at the Cabinet's

National Security Committee. Mr

Rudd has said via a spokesman

that he attended all critical meetings of the committee. The Hells Angels are heading to the

High Court in order to High Court in order to stop the New South Wales police from