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(generated from captions) Good evening. I'm Scott Bevan. On tonight's program he is being remembered as a

creative genius, who re-shaped

the way we use he is

Steve Jobs, the man behind the Macintosh computer, the iPod Macintosh

and the iPhone, has died and the iPhone, has died in co-founded in a garage become the world's co-founded in a garage has

become the world's most

valuable tech company. And US

President Barack Obama has described Steve Jobs as a great American innovator. You're watching The World. This Program is Captioned Live.. He created products affected people really loved and it has

affected how they live their

industrial lives. He will be considered an

industrial giant on the of Thomas Edison and Henry industrial giant on the scale

Ford. Drib utes to - tributes

to Steve Jobs, a man who changed the world. Also ahead,

Indonesia jails an Australian

a known people smuggler. resident on suspicion of aiding

Australia joins aid efforts to

help ease the drinking water

crisis besetting a string of

Pacific Islands. Pacific Islands. Violent clashes in Athens austerity

austerity measures while growth clashes in Athens over

forecasts are downgraded in

Europe. And the song doctor.

British university Kylie Minogue recognised by a

British university for promoting breast promoting breast cancer

awareness.. There is an exit

door and you can get to it. It

is bit of a bumpy ride but stay strong.

We begin tonight with the

death of Apple Jobs at the age of death of Apple co-founder Steve

been battling pancreatic been battling pancreatic cancer

and other health problems for

the past few years. As the

mastermind behind an empire of products that transformed

consumer technology, Steve Jobs

was known as a titan of business and a visionary leaves behind an extraordinary business and a visionary who

legacy. To tech heads the world messiah. We call it the over, Steve Jobs was the

iPad. But the inevitable came

when he lost his battle when he lost his battle with

pancreatic cancer at age 56.

Apple has lost a visionary and creative genius and the world

has lost an amazing human being". The iCult will mourn

Steve for a very long time. He

was sort of their technology

brought deity if you will and he

lot brought them a lot of joy and a

lot of great things with the products. Steve said:

Jobs recently stepped down as Apple CEO after bringing the i-World into everyday revolution ising communication i-World into everyday life,

and entertainment. The iPad,

the iPhone, the iPod, the iMac. Apple stores are shrines. It Apple stores are shrines. It is

like the end of an era of

Apple. Pretty shocking because the whole brand of Apple focused on his actual creation. With iTunes he

dragged the music industry

kicking and screaming into the

21st century. Digital down

loads were here to stay. Film and television followed suit.

Even one of his main rivals was

in awe of his talents. It is the best browsing

experience you have ever had. Steve Jobs' skill had. Steve Jobs' skill to

inspire and sell was clearly

unsurpassed. If Steve didn't

like it, it never made it like it, it never made it to

market. Even though he didn't

develop the product, he was the

one that determined whether

they made it to the marketplace. He seemed to know

what would work and what wouldn't work. This week Apple

launched its first major

product without the company's

driving force. The iPhone 4S

didn't set the world on fire.

Can Apple maintain its market

lead? That's the big question

for the future. For now,

though, the passing of a

technology titan has left the

devoted iSad. For more on the legacy of Steve Jobs, we legacy of Steve Jobs, we are

joined by Alex Kidman. He is the editor of the technology web

web site Alex, welcome, thanks for your time. Thanks for having

from me. When Steve Jobs resigned

from Apple a couple of months ago as the head of the company, a 'New York Times' a 'New York Times' columnist Typhoon Nesat said most articles focused on - neck neck focused on the fact he was articles focused on - neck neck

But if you take the long view, behind the iPad and

they are the icing on the cake.

What made the Steve Jobs so impressive? In this What made the Steve Jobs cake

so impressive? In this case,

the cake was the amazing success Apple had, especially

after he resumed his duties at

Apple back in 1996. At that

point, the company was in

severe trouble. Most figured simply it is not going to simply it is not going to last.

At that point, Michael Dell of

del computer said if he ran

Apple, he would sell the stock and refund everyone's money.

From there, Jobs, with a single

vision, cut most of the

programs that Apple were doing

that were losing them lots of

money, focused them back things like industrial design

and personal computing. Stuff

that the average consumer could

understand and use as opposed to stuff that was just

dedicated to speeds and specifications and programming

and so on. He took that to the world.

world. Even before the iPhone

launched, the company was on a

wild ride upwards to

the most valuable company in

the world. We say he is the man

behind these devices, how much

was he indeed entwined around

the invention of these things and the development of these

devices? He was known to be very, very intimately Obviously it would be doing a

disservice to everyone else who

works at Apple, they have talented engineers and

programmers and designs, but the buck stopped with Steve

Jobs. He was known at the last minute to cancel a minute to cancel a design good enough". He was a perfectionist. Everything Apple

has done up to now has borne some of some of his philosophical DNA. He hasn't transformed the world with technology, he has

transforled the way we look at

technology. It not only has technology. It not only has to

perform and do these things but

also look good. We not only

want it, we want to be seen

with it because they look

good. Absolutely. The best and clearest example of that is with

something like the iPod. Apple was in no to bring out a portable music

player but the portable player but the portable music players you could get were

clunky and ordinary and techie

if you liked that but they did

not look fashionable or style

yiesh. The design of the iPod and everything that has come

out of Apple in the past 10

years has born that fi loss fi

of not just an easy to use

system but also one that system but also one that looks quite good. Your US name-sake

gizmodo had an insight into one of the iPhone versions, iPhone

4 just before it was released.

As a result, they had some in

sight into Steve Jobs the man,

or at least the business man.

Can you tell us what happened?

Gizmodo US got hold of an

iPhone 4 that an Apple employee had left in a bar. They

published some photos of it. Where Apple could have immediately sent in the

lawyers, what happened, the now

editor at the time, wrote about it

it today, he got a it today, he got a personal

phone call from Steve Jobs

saying "Look, please can we

have our phone back?". He was

mad at the guy who left it in

the bar but he could see why they

they had done what they had

done. That progressed on but he could understand their passion for his technology. At the same

time, he was a perfectionist,

someone who wanted to be in control

control of his processes

that wasn't it. At that point, the relationship between

two companies was rather

strained as a result. Did the

phone get given back? Eventually, yes. How much of

these devices are shaping so many other facets of the

live our life, particularly in

pop culture, popular culture,

the way we watch movies, the way movies are even made,

listen to music, the way listen to music, the way music

is made, the way we attend

conferences? How is it

reshaping so many facets of our

life? One of the things that

Jobs was known to be

particular about was the

concept of ease of use and personal computing. A lot of those concepts, whether you

want to say that his

competitors adopted them or

borrowed them, or modified and

certainly in some cases

improved them, a lot of those

ideas that Apple championed. In come from some of the design

some cases, they were not the originators of them, looking back

back to the original Macintosh, it had a graphical user interface, Apple didn't that but Steve interface, Apple didn't invent

went "That's where I want the went "That's where I want the

future of this future of this company to be

going". They plunged millions

into a product which into a product which didn't sell spectacularly well, but

this is the way forward for

more people to use computing

rather than the limited subset

of people technically incline

ed. If you can stay with us

while we look at this next

story, we may have a yarn to

you about that. India has launched launched what it says is the

cheapest tablet computer priced

at $35 US, costing a fraction

of other devices on the you

it is hoped the subsidised tablet

the country's poor. Its makers

call it the computer for the

masses. the

of Technology, the Akakash, which means sky, has lofty ambitions to bridge the

technological divide. This is

for all of you who for all of you who are

disempowered, this is for all of you who have no access. This

is for all those who are margin

nalised. This is for all those

who live on the fringes who live on the fringes of society. The Indian Government will buy 100,000 of the tablets which will be given free to

tertiary students. It hopes to

distribute 10 million devices to

to other students over the next

few years. It is a very good device. device. The basic thing is the

low cost. The Akakash supports web browsing but there are

doubts over how it will

perform. Some experts are warning the device might struggle to live struggle to live up to

expectations with its limited memory. But that's not the point according to one

student. It is mainly, student. It is mainly, its objective is to provide it to

the right places. India has the right places. India has a reputation for reputation for creating

affordable products, from the world's cheapest car costing

medicines. The Akakash is set around $2,000, to

to give other tablets a run for

their money. Apple's iPad costs

at least $600 in India, where

hundreds of millions of people

still earn less than a dollar a day. We have been talking about the legacy of Apple's Steve Jobs. That may be one of the legacies right there. We have

been talking about this with

Alex Kidman the editor of How much is

that the future we just saw in the story out the story out of India where there will be these very cheap

devices available to almost everyone or will commercial considerations put the brakes

on that? There will be a mix of that. That particular tablet

is an interesting case because

Government. It is very laudable but obviously it is in a slightly different commercial position. What's been seen in the market is that there have

been a number of competitors to the iPad which have launched at

the same price and struggled

against the iPad. Those that have come in particularly cheaply have sold considerably

better, somewhat regrettably on

HP's behalf when they decided

to dump the touch pad a while

back and cut the price, it sold out rapidly because it was good value. More recently, value. More recently, Amazon

announced the kindle fire which

will go on sale in the States

in mid-November for $200 US.

Clearly the way that the

competition against Apple is

going to focus from now on will

be with lower cost tablets. $200 in the Western world is

not a great amount of money to

spend on a tablet. It is not

quite disposable but it is not

a fortune. Somewhere like

India, that would be a

non-affordable option. That's a very standard trend across very standard trend across tech knowledge, it gets cheaper over

time. What effect do you time. What effect do you think

the death of Steve Jobs will

have on Apple, both internally

and the perception of customers

and investors? Internally,

they obviously had a succession plan in place when Jobs stepped down

down as CEO but stayed on as

chairman he referred to the succession plan as part of his resignation statement. Tim Cook

has been instrumental in the

business. I would say in the

short to medium term, very

little will change. While Jobs

was hands on, with these

corporations and things like was hands on, with these large

product design, you can't make

a product out of air. A lot of

their plans will be set in three to place for probably the next place for probably the

that span afterwards when his

influence is significantly lessened we will see where

Apple is headed for the future.

That's where I think the bigger challenges will Kidman from, thank you for your insights

toopt tonight. My pleasure. A refugee living in Sydney has

been jailed in Indonesia. Heidar Ali says he was trying

to help two family members a boat so they could travel to Australia. to help correspondent Matt Brown reports from West Java. Heidar

Ali is an Iraqi refugee who resettled

resettled in Western Sydney

after arriving by boat He was caught in He was caught in Indonesia in May trying to help two cousins

also get a boat to Australia. I

do nothing. I not do any

wrong. Heidar Ali was arrested

with a man named Abdul Khuder,

who is well known in smuggling trade. Abdul Khuder who is well known in the was even recorded by the ABC's 'Four Corners' program 'Four

discussing a smuggling venture last year. I do not last year. I do not know Abdul

Khuder. When police catch me I

see Abdul Khuder. I don't know

him before, never see him

before. Both men were charged

with the same immigration violation s and both have been

sentenced to one year and eight

It is very satisfying for us months in jail. TRANSLATION:

investigators because the sentence is usually less year on that charge. Heidar Ali says the Gillard Government's failed Malaysia Solution failed wouldn't stop people trying get to Australia. Iraq no good,

Iran no good. They come. I

don't think they stop. In the

latest case, 607 people - latest case, 607 people - 60

people from Iran and Iraq people from Iran and Iraq were detained on Monday night. While

16 escaped, the rest are being transferred to immigration detention. When detainees

arrived at the local immigration office, there may have been another immigration

fired escape. Some of them say guards

fired shots in the air and at

least one woman collapsed in

shock. But officials here say

they know nothing about it. The

detainees say they are

seeking asylum, they're just on

holiday. Remaining in Indonesia, teenager from the NSW Central Remaining in Indonesia, a

Coast has been arrested in Bali

after being found with a small

quantity of drugs. For more on

this, let's speak with

Australia Network's correspondent Helen Brown who

is on the phone from Jakarta.

What more do we know about the

teenager and the circumstances surround in his arrest? know he was detained on Tuesday

in one of the most popular

tourist areas in Bali. He was found with a small quantity of drugs drugs that happened to be marijuana. No charges have been

laid but he has been in police

detention since then. He has

been in a police cell in the police station. He was in Bali

with his parents and a new

lawyer has taken on the case

for the family. We haven't heard anything from heard anything from Indonesian for

police yet. We don't

this stage they will say

anything. We are waiting to see

what the lawyer might say when

he comes out of the police

station. From the Australian

side, what has been Australian

officials' reaction? What are

they doing? The Department Foreign Affairs and Trade has officials'


released a statement saying providing assistance. They providing assistance. They have

helped the family find a lawyer. Our understanding is

this lawyer has this lawyer has previously

defended one Australian on defended one Australian on drug

charges. The Government says it

is working to get the boy home

from Bali as soon as possible.

In fact, let's have a listen now to what Kevin Rudd said

earlier about that. I have just

know spoken with our ambassador

in Jakarta. I have indicated to

him that his No.1 priority in

the immediate period ahead is

how we support this young how we support this young boy

and his family and do

everything we can to obtain his

early return to Australia. This

is a foreign legal environment.

familiar with that. We are I think everyone is facial -

proceeding with great care and

caution in order to on obtain

asked the ambassador to have

our consul and Consul General

in Dempasar to maintain rolling

contact with the mum and the dad and the boy. That has been occurring during the course of

today. We will continue to maintain that contact in the

days ahead. I think if you put

yourself in the position of

being a mum or a dad with a 14-year-old who has got

themselves caught up in this

sort of situation, your heart

would go out to the parents. heart goes out to would go out to the parents. My

I'm sure many Australians feel

exactly the same. We will do

all within our power to support

them and to get this young fellow back home. Foreign Affairs Minister Kevin Rudd

speaking earlier in Sydney. On the phone from Jakarta is Indonesia correspondent Helen Brown. What's the law on

Indonesia in regard to the

detention of minors? Well, the

law it could see him spending

quite some time locked up

unless someone decides there is

a way for him to be a way for him to be released. That will be at the discretion

of either the police, or if it gets

gets to the prosecutor, or even

further to the court. In the

meantime, as you know, he has

been locked up for a couple of

nights now. Police have the right to detain him for 20 days and then another 10 while they

there is a case to make. there is a case to make. The

law allows them to hold him while they do that while they do that . If there

is a case, then they will hand the file to the prosecutor. Then the prosecutor will look

at the information and at

whether or not to proceed. The

prosecutor has 10 days to do

that and then another 15 if

they so request. During that time, the child will time, the child will be detained under Indonesian law.

If it is decided to take the case to trial, to go the young man could be held for

longer. 15 days plus possibly

another 15. As I said, at any

stage in that process,

be decided to release the boy.

It would be up to the different parties involved who are

assessing the case in deciding

whether or not to take it

further. The chances of further. The chances of that,

it is really hard to get a

feeling for that at the moment but he has been found allegedly

possessing drugs and, as you

know, in Indonesia, that's frowned frowned on. The suggestion is

that could make things perhaps

difficult. As I said, it is very hard to know at this

stage. Where he is being held, just to clarify just before we

go, is it a juvenile go, is it a juvenile detention

centre where the boy is

currently being held, or is it

in some other form of prison?

Our understanding is that he

is being held at the police

station itself, at the jail in

the police station. I spoke

briefly to the lawyer before he went into the police station

and he be doing is talking to police

and making sure they follow the

regulations of putting him in a

special jail where minors

should be held so that he should be held so that he is not held in correspondent Helen Brown, thank you for the update. Thank

you. The US Defence Secretary

is warning that the US will be

unable to keep making up for

NATO's funding shortfalls. Speaking NATO meeting, Leon Panetta said

European members are cutting defence defence spending and there defence spending and there is

an assumption the US an assumption the US budget could keep absorbing alliance funding holes. He says Washington is making huge capability defence cuts as well and capability gaps are starting to

become exposed. Settles in the

US - also in the US, Sarah

Palin has ruled out a tilt at

the White House in 2012. The

Republican Party contender confirmed her position in a

letter to media outlets in

which she stressed she could

better help the Party's cause

by working to

also said, at present, her family comes first.

Coming up in the program, we

get the latest on the

affecting more than 2 million

people in South East Asia.

New Zealand authorities are

working to avert a massive environmental disaster off the

Bay of Plenty. A container ship that ran week is leaking more oil week is leaking more oil than first thought and it is feared

the vessel could break up. This

is what emergency teams have

been desperate to avoid. The been desperate to avoid. The pristine waters blotted by

massive streaks of heavy fuel

oil and the leak is showing no

signs of stopping. The damage

is quite extensive. For that

reason, it is very difficult to

r determine exactly where the

oil is leaking from. An oil

slick stretches 5km stricken vessel 'Rena'. There

is a lot of damage to the ship.

It appears that the leaks may

be coming from pipework as the fuel pipelines are vicinity of the keel of the ship. While authorities say it

is unlikely all 1500 tonnes of fuel oil on board will leak

out, they can't say how big

this environmental disaster could potentially be. The leak was discovered late last night.

By midmorning emergency plans

were activated. Our cameras

caught the battle in Choppers testing oil dispersant

spray in a race against

time. In the last hour, we have

had reports of oil approaching an island. I have dispatched an

aircraft to fly over the surrounding area to determine

where the oil is. At least four

birds have died in the slick

and wildlife experts and wildlife experts are

expecting more. As the oiled

birds are picked up, they will

be taken here. This is

happens is if you wash birds in hard water - water with a lot

of calcium carbonate - it particles of calcium carbonate - it forms particles on their

weather. This is a drying pen. After that, they will be taken

out the back where holding pens

will be set up. But the birds

can't be put in a holding pen

until this has been added until this has been added to ensure the birds don't lose their body heat. union are demanding answers as

to how 'Rena' ran aground in

the first place. Absolute

amazement. In this day and age,

with all the with all the technology there is, this should never, never happen. For now, though,

job is to contain the leaking

oil while salvage experts devise their plan. The President of the Philippines

has visited flooded towns in

the rice-producing provinces close to the capital Manila.

Benigno Aquino witnessed first

happened the damage caused happened the damage caused by

typhoons Nesat and Nalgae. 76

people were people were killed and up to 500,000 displaced. Residents

say too little was done to

ensure rivers didn't overflow

after the typhoons President says they are looking at better solutions for future. Also in Thailand and at better solutions for the

Cambodia where more than 400 people have been killed in

flooding, major relief efforts

to help the thousands left home ms - homeless are continuing. For more on this flooding, we are correspondent Zoe Daniel. Good evening. where you are in Bangkok are

usually a charm of the Thai

capital but at the moment it

sounds like the charm is a

curse, or worse. Indeed. We saw terrible flooding last year

across Thailand, the worst flooding last year for 50

years. This year is even worse.

The current figures as of today

are 244 people dead and three

missing from extensive flooding

in 58 provinces across the country and 25 are still badly

affected. Many people have lost their homes and those who have

been killed have largely been swept away in flash flooding.

The issue now becomes The issue now becomes where that water goes. It will take a

number of weeks to flow out to

the sea and, as it does so, it

is breaking river banks all

over the place and flooding rural communities and now urban

is centres. Where that water goes other flood mitigation other flood mitigation options

being looked at could mean even more problems potentially more problems potentially for

Bangkok if not other areas

around there? Yes, it is a

and it sort of goes to and it sort of goes to the political divide

political divide here that Bangkok is extensively

fortified with flood mitigation measures,

measures, with floodgates and

with flood walls. What that

means, though, is that if the

water can't flow through water can't flow through areas that it would have naturally flowed through in the past, it has has to go somewhere and it is flowing into the outer exterior

areas of the city and the rural

areas further north. The issue

is that if all is that if all those floodgates are closed to protect are closed to protect the

actual CBD, the outskirts actual CBD, the outskirts of Bangkok on the east and west will be affected by Bangkok on the east and the

flooding. But already those flooding. But already those in rural areas are frustration, saying "Open some rural areas are expressing

of the gates" because they're

now in metres of water and they

can't access either their

houses or land

once the water does subside and

farming has been inundated, given, as you mentioned so much

what's likely to be the flow-on

effect if this presumably rice-growing land has been

inundated? Absolutely, it is

about 10% of Thailand's rice-growing land that has been inundated. inundated. There will be

extensive damage. The estimate

that's been put on damage so

far is 30 billion baat, so

about $1 billion. that, factories have been

flooded. Only about 100km from

Bangkok, the old city of

Ayutthaya where historic

temples are under water and more are threatened, and many

industrial areas are threatened

and already under water there. As the water obviously flows

further into the urban areas,

then we see further damage. We

have seen damage to rice crops

too as you said in the

Philippines, Cambodia and

Vietnam already so far this wet

season. That will have an forecast both for you there forecast both for you there in Bangkok and Thailand and for

the region? Forecast is for more more rain unfortunately. Light

rain perhaps in Bangkok but we

are still having huge afternoon storms here. We are at the tail

end of the wet season and it

has been a long one. It started

early, way back in March. early, way back in March. I think everyone is just hoping

that the sky starts clearing

and that allows an opportunity

for this water to get away

without the dams also being without the dams

further topped up and further topped up and then having to release water. May

sun shine on you shortly.

Thanks for your Thanks for your time. Thank you. 30 new cases of water-born disease have been confirmed disease have been confirmed in

Tuvalu as the country's water crisis deepens. Authorities have confirmed that the

outbreak is due to poor outbreak is due to poor quality drinking water. Australia has

joined New Zealand in aid

efforts to confront the

unfolding crisis with concerns over

over water supplies now

spreading to Samoa. Tuvalu Tokelau have both declared a


state of emergency over the

water shortage. Now Samoa is

also running short. Families in

Tuvalu's capital, Funafuti, are being allowed only two buckets

of water a day. The Government

estimates the country has five

days of drinking water days of drinking water left.

They are bringing in more fresh

water on ships and two portable desalination plants to

the drought. It small island, it is affected by

population of 390 people, they

were running out of water when

the plants arrived. These

plants can generate about 3,000

litres of fresh water a day. In

the New Zealand area of Tokelau

is now under a week's water supply left. Most of supply left. Most of the water

tanks have some water but the

water has sludges inside so we are not recommending this for

drinking or health impact. The New Zealand

defence Force is flying water containers to America containers to America Samoa, they will board the Coastguard ship they will board the US Coastguard ship 'Walnut' which

is expected to bring 136,000

litres of water to Tokelau. It is a dire situation. With Tokelau relying solely bottled water from Samoa until Tokelau relying solely on

help arrives, parts of that

country have begun

Supplies have been rationing. The impact varies.

mobilised, backup systems have water trucks have been

been activated. We have been

through worse than this. The

scarcity is being blamed on the

La Nina weather patter, there

are concerns it may continue to

spread. Let's look at the

latest world weather now.

Still ahead on the program,

the political manoeuvring for

control of Libya after the

conflict. Meanwhile, protesters

in the United States attempt to

reclaim Wall Street for the

You are watching The World the on ABC News 24. A reminder of

our top stories - a 14-year-old

boy from NSW has been in Bali after he was allegedly found with marijuana. The Department of Foreign

said the teenager hasn't been

charged. His parents are with

him and are seeking legal

advice on their son's behalf.

Tributes are flowing for the

co-founder of Apple, Steve

Jobs, who has died at the age

of 56. He was diagnosed with

pancreatic cancer in 2004 and

stepped down as head of the company a couple company a couple of months ago.

Mr Jobs has been described as a

visionary and a creative genius

who changed the way the world

thinks about technology. New Zealand authorities are working to avert an environmental

disaster off the Bay of Plenty.

A container ship that ran

aground earlier this week is

leaking more oil than first

spraying an oil dispersant in thought. Helicopters have been

the hope it might break up the

in the towns that slick. In Libya, local leaders

against Colonel Gaddafi are

jostling were positions in the

new interim government. The

administration will be formally installed once Colonel Gaddafi's home town of Sirte installed captured but there are fears that the process will be hampered by political

in-fighting. They have carried the

the flag of Libya's

from the start. Its mountain peoples. Proud horsemen and warriors celebrating their new

found freedom high in the Nafusa. Zintan was one

first places to rise up first places to rise up against warriors celebrating

Moammar Gaddafi and sacrificed

much to oust him. This town of

50,000 has lost 250 of its men and its fighters continue die in battles across the

country. Now Zintan wants a

slice of power in the new

Libya. Its Elders say two ministers in the cabinet should

come from their town. If you

are playing a major role in the

liberation of the country, you have to have to have, as they used to

say, a good piece of the cake. Hundreds of miles away, the

battered city of Misrata believes it too should be

rewarded. So Libya's political

battles are now beginning. We

are in Tripoli Street. A lot of

people dead here in this

street. Abdullbaset al-Haddad

helped lead the revolution in

this city. Many here believe

they should have a greate say

in Libya's future than towns that did

that did not suffer as much.

1,500 of Misrata's people died

fighting off Gaddafi's tanks.

Misrata is putting forward own candidate for Prime

Minister and, as the arguments

begin, it certainly isn't

giving up its weapons just

yet. TRANSLATION: It is too

early. After what Gaddafi's

troops did, no Misrataie wants to troops did, no Misrataie wants

to give up his weapons until

and one national army. But there is a united government

and one national army. But in until Gaddafi's home town of

Sirte falls. Libya has weeks Sirte falls. Libya has weeks of

political uncertainty to come.

This is where Libya's tribal leaders used leaders used to meet, deciding

who gets what share of the

spoils of power is not be easy. But Libya's factions spoils of power is not going to

are not about to descend into

in-fighting. After 42 years of

dictatorship, there is an

incredible sense of solidarity here. People want this

revolution to work. Ta are determined - they are determined to democracy. The problem is they've chased away Gaddafi but he he has left behind a Libya

where no-one knows how to where no-one knows how to share power, even while they are hungry for it. The US

Secretary of State, Hillary

Clinton, has criticised Russia and China for blocking United

Nations measures against Syrian regime. A draft UN resolution threatened measures against against the President Bashar

al-Assad if the crackdown

against pro-democracy protests continued. than 2700 people have died in

the past seven months. Britain's Foreign Secretary William Hague William Hague called the double veto regrettable. Turkey says

it will impose sanctions on the country anyway. Hillary Clinton says

says China and Russia are on

the wrong side of history. The

countries that chose to veto

the resolution will have to

offer their own explanations offer their own explanations to the Syrian people and to all

others who are fighting for

freedom and human rights around the world. We think that the

people who join with us from

four continents to express our condemnation and call for an

end to the violence and to begin a peaceful transition to a new democratic non-sectarian

Syria are on the right side of

history. 20 Bahraini medical

staff are to be retried in staff are to be retried in a

civilian court. The medics were

arrested after treating anti-government

sentenced the workers to up to 15

15 years in jail. Some of the 20 Bahraini medics given sentences last week for their alleged roles in anti-government anti-government protests.

Military courts found them

guilty of seizing Bahrain's

main public hospital, of seeking to overthrow the

Government and choosing which

patients to treat based on

religion and political

allegiances. Now they are to

get a re-trial in a get a re-trial in a civilian

court. I think it is an amazing what we have been asking for.

This is what we want, to reopen

the investigation. We want to

clear our names. Finally I

that the truth will come out that the truth will come out in

front of the whole world.

Finally our names will be

cleared and the true cleared and the true criminals

who did crimes with the proof

we have, with the evidence that

we are going to provide, they

should be brought to justice,

not us. The 20 medics received jail terms ranging from five

15 years, sentences criticised

by human rights groups. That was after Bahrain's State-run

newsagency released this video

showing doctors and nurses amid

the crowds of protesters outside the hospital. Some

medical and par medical staff

got involved in activities that sharply clashed withstandard

medical work and ethicsful If February, Al Jazeera February, Al Jazeera filmed medics treating protesters.

Authorities say 24 including four policemen, were

killed in this year's unrest. The Opposition puts the death toll

toll at 30. The medics insist

there is a complete lack of

evidence against them. For

they are free to try to clear

their names. The INF rr look - their International Monetary Fund looks like it is changing

tactics to stop the debt crisis from spiralling out of from spiralling out of control.

It signalled a change of course

away from austerity stimulus. There have been more

protests in Greece over the latest austerity stimulus. Phillip Williams reports. Once

again, the Greek Parliament was the focus of the focus of angry protests

against the tough austerity cuts and sell-offs. The gulf

between what the Government

sees as a necessary evil and

what these people say are

unbearable sacrifices as never been wider. unbearable International Monetary Fund

appears to be changing appears to be changing course.

Instead of austerity at any price, the new word is growth. There should be a new

program for Greece, probably different in nature than the

existing one, one that existing one, one that will put

more emphasis on generating long-term growth and long-term growth and not focusing exclusively on budget

and public finances and so forth but on forth but on re-launching economic growth. The aargument

appears to be a Greece in recession can't repay its

debts. The IMF suggested with

the heightened risk of European recession, the recession, the richer countries like Germany, France should

borrow to stimulate their

economy. The only economy. The only way out of a

debt crisis is to deal with your debts. That's why

households are paying down the

credit card and store card bills. Speaking at the bills. Speaking at the annual conference, he said the Government's strict austerity plan

plan would work but he conceded

the global financial signs are

not good. The threat to the

world economy and to as serious as in 2008 when

world recession loomed. With

the multiplying risks to banks

and entire economies, the Prime

British spirit of optimism British spirit of optimism and resolve may be stretching an already weary and worried

Back across the Atlantic Back across the Atlantic and

there has been a new wave of

protests in Manhattan against

Wall Street greed. Thousands of demonstrators poured into New York's Financial District angry

over economic inequality and the power of big financial

institutions. They are protesting against corporate bail-outs, high unemployment

and home repossessions. and home repossessions. The protesters clogged the and around Wall Street

according to New York police.

About a dozen arrests were

made. It was a contrast to made. It was a contrast to the made. It weekend's demonstrations when more than 700 people were arrested after blocking traffic on the Brooklyn Bridge.

Two Pakistani cricketers have

gone on trial in London accused of accepting bribes to bowl

deliberate no balls during last

year's tour of England. year's tour of England. The

fast bowler Mohammed Asif and

the former captain, Salman

Butt, are charged with conspiracy to cheat and to

accept corrupt payments. They

both deny the charges. Two of

Pakistan's best known

cricketers on trial and accused of accepting bribes to deliberately bowl

deliberately bowl no balls. Salman Butt, the country's

former Test captain, and fast

charged with involvement in an

international plot to fix part

of last year's Test match

against England at Lords. The

pair showed no emotion in pair showed no emotion in the dock today as the prosecution

told the crown court that their

charges represented a

depressing tail of rampant

corruption at the heart of cricket. It is alleged cricket. It is alleged that

this man, the sports agent,

Mazhar Majeed, was the link

between the team and betting

syndicates worth $40 billion to

$50 billion a year. Mr Majeed is said to undercover journalist the price

for fixing matches was for fixing matches was ?10,000 for a no ball, ?400,000 for a

Twenty20 match and ?1 million for a Test match. He is said to

have boasted "I have been doing

it with them for about 2.5

years and we've made masses and masses of money". The court

also heard that the young bowler, Lucian Sirbu, bowler, Lucian Sirbu, was

implicated and read text

messages which a peered to show him of when to fix part of an earlier Test match at the oval. Salman

Salman Butt and Mohammed Salman Butt and Mohammed Asif

are the first cricketers face are the first cricketers to face criminal corruption charges in the prosecution says their

involvement in a plot to bowl

deliberate no balls at Lords,

not only contaminated that

match but was a betrayal of

cricket itself. Asif insists the

the no balls were just chance

and denies the charges. As does

Butt who says they were

freakish occurrences. What is

beyond doubt is that this trial

integrity firmly back in the spotlight. To sport now with

Tulsen Tollett, boy we are

getting down to the business

end of the Rugby World Cup. We

are. Eight teams will become

four after this weekend and the

Wallaby's squad for Sunday's

World Cup quarterfinal won't be named until tomorrow. The coach will name the 22 then with

Kurtley Beale confident he has overcome a hamstring strain

which kept him out of the match against against Russia. Adam Ashley-Cooper says his Ashley-Cooper says his side just need to be consistent against the reining world champions. Just our tries against the spring boks have

come off great shape and come off great shape and excuse - execution. The defence - execution. The defence is consistent throughout the year,

a great D-line. We just have to

have that focus of running

square and hopefully square and hopefully getting over their advantage line. The

Springboks have named their shied with John Smit Bakkies Botha is absent Bakkies Botha is absent after injuring his akillies injuring his akillies during

training. The Socceroos have

had their final training

session in Sydney ahead of

tomorrow night's tomorrow night's match against

Malaysia. The squad will use

the game as a warmup for next

week's World Cup qualifier. It will be

will be the Australian teach's

first match in Canberra since

2009 when a second string

Socceroos side was beaten

is-nil by Kuwait. The squad is

longer with Lucas Neill, Josh

Kennedy and Carl Valeri news and India's ramping up for

the first match between the first match between an

English Premier League side and

a local team. Blackburn Rovers

have arrived in the country for a friendly match against Punah

Fc tomorrow. The Rovers Fc tomorrow. The Rovers were

scheduled to visit India in

July but the trip was postponed

after a terror attack in the

country. In racing news, the Mark Mark Kavanagh-trained

Whobegotyou is out of the Cox plate. The plate. The horse has been suffering joint pain during

recent training sessions expected to miss the Spring Racing Carnival. Black

Caviar is back and is Caviar is back and is looking

to make history. A win at

it Caulfield on Saturday will make

it 14 Group ones in a row and

will equal Phar Lap's record.

Trainer Peter Moody is loathed

to draw comparisons though. You

are talking a horse seven or

eight decades a go a legend in Australia. Maybe in another

seven or eight decades, they

might be lining one up against

her. We have to get her in the

best shape we can and keep her

record intact. 40,000 people are expected to be on the Schillaci Stakes. I will be

watching. SA has missed out an

a semi-final spot in the Twenty20 after suffering a heartbreaking

heartbreaking loss to

Bangalore. The Redbacks posted

a score of 214, their highest

Twenty20 score, but the Royal Challengers snatched victory with a six off the Challengers snatched the

final ball. Let's move on to golf, shall we? Tiger Woods

makes his return to the PGA

circuit in California later

tonight. The former world tonight. The former world No.1,

whose ranking has fallen

outside the top 50 for the

first time since 1996, has been

working on a new swing as

well. It is I need to go out well. It is I need to go

there and get the reps, there and get the reps, hit

holes, hit shots, get the feel

for it. The 14-time Major

winner Woods

criticism from Greg Norman who

said he will never win another

Major in his career.

Let's move along, shall we? International basketball

available for the Sydney Kings sensation Andrew Bogut won't be

in tomorrow night's opener in Melbourne. Bogut's management has confirmed that insurance

problems are the problem and can't actually be in a problems are the problem and he

situation to play that match for

hopeful that he is going to for the Sydney Kings. They

stay with them, or be with them

in the season ahead. The in the season ahead. The court of arbitration for sport overturned an international

Olympic committee rule banning

athletes for alleged doping use including Shaun Merritt meaning

they are free to compete in the

Olympic games. They will have a

mighty team I imagine. The

Duchess of Alba, one of Spain's richest and most

women has married at the age of

85. It is the third time the

Duchess walked down the aisle,

she wore a lovely salmon pink

dress with a moss-green dash.

Her new husband is 24 years her

junior at the age of 61. The

Duchess's fortune is to be

estimated to be worth $4.8

name million. The Duchess's full million. The Duchess's

Stuart De Silva, has more

titles recognised by an existing government than any Now, of course, she is Now, of course, she is known

as Mrs Maria ... to a name we

do know, Kylie Minogue has

received an honorary doctorate in health sciences at England's

Anglia Ruskin University. She Anglia Ruskin University.

has been recognised for work in promoting breast cancer has been recognised for her

awareness after she

disease in 2005. Europe correspondent Emma Alberici was there forgraduation day.

Graduation day here was full of the nervous anxiety, not only for

the class of 2011 but for their

chancellor too. Kie Kylie, I

have been told to be very

formal. This will be a very

difficult task. I won't make

eyes at you. Please don't!

were - school mates were heading off to university, Kylie Minogue was favourite 'Neighbour'. Her Kylie Minogue was Australia's

music career is matched only by

Madonna in hit records over

three decades. Gosh, I have

stood on a number of stages, never quite on a stage like

this, I'm not ashamed to I am quite petrify ed. This

time it is her work in health

sciences that has seen her this star pupil was honoured. It

this star pupil was diagnosed with breast cancer. Even when this it was being mentioned then, I kind of have to fight back the

tears and think "God, don't go on about it too it was an awful time? on about it too much". Because

Absolutely. Researchers here

at the University are on the

verge of a discovery that will help in early diagnosis. They

wanted to thank Kylie Minogue for her campaigns, said to be responsible for a 20-fold

increase in breast screening.

She has a She has a Queen's honour,

multiple ARIAs, a Brit award

and a Grammy, she can add doctorate to her list of achievements.

Before we go, a recap of our

top stories - a 14-year-old

Australian teenager has been

arrested allegedly carrying

drugs on the Indonesian island

on of Bali. The boy was detained

on Tuesday and it is understood

he was carrying 6.9 g of marijuana, are flowing for the are flowing for the co-founder

died at the age of 56. He was of Apple, Steve Jobs, who has

diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in cancer in 2004 and stepped down

as head of the company a couple

of months ago. Mr Jobs has been

described as a visionary and a

creative genius who changed the

technology. New Zealand way the world thinks about

authorities are working to avert an environmental disaster off the Bay of Plenty. A

container ship that ran aground

more oil than first thought.

To keep up to date on all the

stories we are following, you can log on to our web site, That is The World for this Thursday

evening. I will be with you in

a few moments with news

headlines. Thanks for your company. I'm Scott Bevan. Lowest Closed Captions by CSI This Program is Captioned Live. Hello, Scott Bevan with the latest from ABC News latest from ABC News 24. A teenager from the NSW central

coast has been arrested allegedly in possession of a

small quantity if I of

marijuana. Aged 14, he's

believed to be the youngest Australian arrested in Australian

Indonesia under the harsh anti-drugs laws. harsh anti-drugs laws. The Foreign Minister Kevin Rudd

says the Government is

proceeding with great care and

caution to bring the boy home.

I have just now spoken with

our ambassador in Jakarta,

ambassador Moriati. I have

indicated to him that his immediate period ahead is how

we support this young boy and

his family and do everything we