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(generated from captions) This Program is Captioned the notice to evacuate please take Horsham, if you've received a peak. I'm urging the people of flood Waters head towards their warning to Horsham resident as orders, the mayor's blunt Live. Don't ignore evacuation

Dokic is the sole Australian to Brisbane floods. And Jelena with the debris from the all that rubbish go? Dealing we'll find him. And where does up, we won't, we'll keep look, in a billabong. If they give for an 8-year-old boy missing up hope, the search continues away from your home. Not giving the advice and move somewhere

advance on day one of the Australian it's Tuesday, 18 January, I'm

Virginia Trioli and you're watching ABC News 24. Horsham's

mayor has given his residents mayor has given his residents a

orders to evacuate. Record blunt message, don't ignore

floods continue to engule f the Victorian town. The water is Victorian

expected to peak later today

and more people have been told

to leave their home. More than

100 homes are likely to be flooded and water has virtually

split the town in 2. 40 cities have been affected by the floods an more communities are

coming under threat. The issue of the peak is sort of in a

sense not the issue at the

moment because the flood's already taking its impact

to deal with around the streets and we have

rather than waiting for some to deal with what we know now

peak to happen. I think that

will happen by about the middle

of the day but certainly

are lot of things to be done

and lot of impact happening

not enough people are taking now. Now you're concerned that now. Now you're concerned

aigts important that people heed of these notices? I think heed of these notices? I

I understand that aigts important that people do.

might say look, I can deal with I understand that some people

able-bodied but they've got to this

think about the people who are work on the other side of work

work on the other side of the equation. There may be people

at risk later on and would

expect someone to come and help them.

unfair to those people who are

volunteers after all who have

to come when that's a peak,

when there's a rush hour, when there's a rush hour, I

think it's really unreasonable. I'm urging the people of Horsham if you've received a Horsham if you've received a notice to evacuate please take the advice and move somewhere away from your home. Are you

thinking about the clean up at

that far all? Is your mind and planning

what the aftermath will what the aftermath will be at this stage. I've think we've

got to deal with the now. Make sure we get through today and tomorrow and then we'll worry sure we get through today and

about cleaning up some later on. And what's your That people keep safe of that's the key. It's all sides

that's the key. It's all of the organisation of this have to be safe and that's the team and the residents. I think that's really critical to everybody's best swress. - heading Premier Peter Ryan who's

areas very shortly. heading to those flood-affected

Minister Julia Gillard has areas very shortly. The Prime

announced a business round table to help coordinate the recovery effort throughout Queensland and also to try to

maximumMiez the amount of maze raised. The maximumMiez the amount of run

will be chaired by and Ms Gillard says will be chaired by Wayne Swan

and Ms Gillard says the

insights of business leaders insights of

will be invaluable will be invaluable as communities rebuild. If you 10 very smart people insights that can be shared may have some advice and

with communities as they with communities as

rebuild and we would to the business task force for rebuild and we would be looking that as clear, this is not a group will be managing the Government response to the the Federal Government response to the flood crisis,

Government will continue its Obviously the Queensland

recovery group in

role about making sure that we possible business support for

Queensland as these very difficult days these devastating these very difficult days of

Gillard speaking just a short time ago business round table. The time ago announcing that

Deputy Premier of Victoria

Peter Ryan is in Horsham and

he's speaking, we'll put it at its least and we can

but say that our thoughts and prayers are with his family and let's hope that ultimately there there is something that does

come out of that than is better news than presently seems to at promise. The position moment across the State is we have impacted across 21 we have 51 towns that have been

municipalities, we have many people who have displaced many people who have been others who are want with these events. We are

moving through different

phases. In places such as Horsham, of course their

to peak is nigh, their Waters are about

to peak and we will see what

the rest of the day brings in

that regard but probably by the

middle of the day the situation

will be better known in

Horsham. The city is now, of

course, divided by the effect

of the flood waters and we will

- we believe the probability is

that the waters will be with us

prospect is that there will be

something rising 600 homes that

are affected here in Horsham

with about 111 of those having water over the boards. Tonight may be Wawickabeal's We'll here about more about may be Wawickabeal's night. We'll here

that in a moment. I pay tribute

to those volunteers who

continue to do so much to look after the people of Victoria

right across the areas. Where would we be

without these volunteers. The

instance but so ably assisted SES of course in the first

by the CFA but they in tonne by the many government agencies

who are directly involve and we

also have some armed forces

personnel who have been

involved here at Horsham and so

people from all walks of life, from different elements from different elements of volunteer and government agencies continue agencies continue to

contribute. We have some South Australians coming across to join join us today as well. The DSE summer fire crews are down

there at the local government

area filling sandbags. I've

just called in to say them so they're doing a great

job making their contribution

so from all respects including

in local government in different locks an

extraordinary amount of work through this very, being done to get people being done to get people

through this very, very difficult time. From the

Government's point of view the Premier announced yesterday a That takes different forms,

most of it is known to you. We most of it is known to have established a task force and myself and a number of and it comprises the Premier

other ministers who are

directly associated with appropriate benefits for all Victorians and appropriate benefits

ensuring that we provide

appropriate benefits for all

Victorians and I have with me here today Minister Janette

Powell as the Minister Powell as the Minister for

Local government and and foremost

Delahunty as local member first Minister for Sport and recreation and we're accompanied by who's one of the members in the Upper House. And so ladies and gentlemen, we are unable to say at the present gentlemen, we are unable to say at

the full extent of the damage

throughout the State. We have

said to local government that

we will stand by them in terms of the restoration of of the restoration of the

assets, bridges and roads in particular, and as I travelled around yet at Beaufort and Glenorchy it's all too obvious

out there, that that we can see out there, that that we can see now and of course as the recede over the course of the

coming day and indeed probably weeks more will be have started doing their work weeks more will be revealed. The damage but local government can have started doing their work but local government can be

assured and people generally

through country Victoria can through country Victoria can be

assured that we as a government

will stand by them. We have

also asked that the Commonwealth Government declare

this a severe event which will trigger some additional

assistance from their Baillieu has been in touch with the Federal Government in the Federal Government in that regard. I have convened different meetings of the heads

of the different agencies from

time to time because as a government is to make that we provide that we provide the resourcing that is

that we provide that is necessary to enable those different people those different people who are involved in the actual the work to have around them

that which enables them to achieve their with those few across to Steve. I would just say that issues probably going to measure in

hundreds of millions dollars. And I do want emphasise to the people who live will be left out of this. The

looking to accommodate the flood peaks as the flood peaks as the Waters move

and so you see the enormity of

the resource which the resource which has been

gathered to achieve the best we can

protecting our towns.

there will be the necessity for the clean up that follows with towns we intend to look after

to the best we possibly to the best we possibly can and I was at yesterday and the Premier and the other ministers and members have been I'll hand over to Steve and he can give you p sphesks of the ents that ents that are unfolding as we speak. Thank you very much. The predicted. It is on heard the city of Horsham is split in half as we had indicated would happen possibly

last night. We have some heavy

vehicles and semitrailers going through town. lels of 1 metre of water this morning and could stay up there at least for 24 hours of this morning we have released 3 released 3 emergency alerts to the community. We that was more general, prepare to evacuate. This morning we gave out some emergency gave out some emergency alerts

that were specific to observation had confirmed that area s and the people really needed to

needed to make decisions as to whether they would stay in whether they would stay in those of decision of their chance to

those homes are high and

and those that have prepared their homes also their

their homes also their homes are fine but the surrounding streets could be very deep water and their access water and their access to get in and out will certainly be restricted if restricted if not completely eliminated for the next day or winding up in Warwicybeal will

wr the river will peak. have a task force of SES

Melbourne yesterday. Melbourne yesterday. We have a

local task force region. We have SES the border summer fire drew Kruse come up from Ballarat today to assist from Ballarat today to assist the township in their

protection. They have had a lot less

so we are putting a lot more resources into the town to help

them sandbag 84 homes that will have water this event tonight. They have

over their floor boards some 140 properties that will

and maybe right see water around in their yards

front door but won't go over their floor boards. So while

Horsham is divided and a lot another community not far from

here that is going to see the brunt of this flood today as

well and they will also have

lasting effect for the next day or so and we vn forgotten will also be other communities. Tonight we other communities. Tonight

will also be having community

meetings at bool follow that up with others as

this water goes down the river

system. I think that's about all I had so questions? At

what level is the water now and

what level do you anticipate

it can be? I haven't been in

briefing this morning but I am still anticipating we are

working on what would be

equivalent to the 3.85 at the gauge. I appreciate that gauge

because of flooding in the

McKenzie Creek has pushed that up higher than 4 metres but that is a that is a localised event down

there. All the indications from

our line scanning equipment

that the aircraft are scanning

where the water is every day

and our helicopter observations for us, our ground observations

is confirming that this is, a 1

we predicted, regardless of the in 200 year event and it is as

reading of that gauge

om 4 kilometres past We use that for our reference but in this case because of the localised flood localised flood just past that gauge which is holding water up

on the gauge it's not actually affecting the town. How How affecting the town. How How far off 3.85. How much more does the water have to only just slowly going up so

we're talking in the next 3 we're talking in the next 3 or

4 hours it's not going to go up

too much more in the river

as I have explained a couple of

times a rise in the river can

mean it's actually gone over a

part of terrain and can fill a

low-lying area. So even a

couple of millimetres rise in

the river can actually fill up the town. It's just the water

flowing into that town actually naturalising itself so

it's level. So a small level rise on the actual river can

mean a significant rise in

other parts of the town. It's all mapped where those areas

are likely to rise. As are likely to rise. As we

areas that are on our predicted travel around town, all the

map have got water on them this morning. It will rise this

morning is what I'm saying. I don't

higher but it will rise over the next few hour and some of

those low spots could have

uater come up a lot more than uater come up a lot more than a

few millimetres. Steven Warren there from the SES in Victoria speaking live speaking live there from Horsham. He was also with the Deputy Premier of Victoria

Peter Ryan and they were

talking there about the

situation in Horsham. The situation in Horsham. The water

is till rising, as you heard

him say repeatedly there, currently they're taking their

estimations from measure which has the water level peaking at about level peaking at about 3.85 metres but it could go higher and as Peter Ryan, the Deputy

Premier was eck plaining, the

water is going to be staying

around for quite some time.

This is a flood event that's

going to last and then down the affected river systems going to last and then further

warric Beale is the next one in

there's the firing line, about 84 home

there's are under threat of

water being over the boards at

tend of a flooding period in

the next 24 hour there's.

Dimboola and Ji par yacht the

the moment and they're wreefing intense

the resident of those towns

down the river system further north and slightly south of

Horsham so we'll keep our eye across that for you this

at the morning. We'll take a look now

at the top stories this morning

on ABC News 24. Horsham's mayor

is telling his residents not to

ignore residents to evacuate.

The town is facing the worst

flood in its history. More

people have been told to leave

their homes this morning as flood water move flood water move towards their

peak later today. The family of

other children to stay away a boy who went missings

continuing for 8-year-old from the water. The search is

Lachlyn Collins who was swept

away while swimming in the

billabong with his brother and yesterday. And the clean up sister near Shepparton

from the Brisbane floods has

left piles of ruined household goods littering the streets. Rochedale is one of the city's

main tips and it's currently

receiving 950 truck loads of

rubbish every day which is 10

time it's normal intake.

Heading oversea s now and

Tunisia's Prime Minister has

announced a new unity

government. Political prison

rers to be free and the media will be given Both were Both were key demands of the

uprising which saw the

country's President flee last

week. But the inclusion of some mb ministers from the old

regime in the new cabinet has

angered many people and they're

continuing to protest on the

streets of the capital. Ben

Knight reports. This mobile

a man phone footage shows the moment

front of Cairo's parliament

building. The flames were

quickly put out and the man

survived but this is a hugely

significant act, an significant act, an echo of the protest in December by protest in December by a Tunisian vegetable seller that

sparked the riots that led the overthrow of the sparked the riots that led to

President. President Zine the overthrow of the tuiesian

exile in Saudi Arabia now but al-Abedine Ben Ali might be in

these protestors in the capital

are maintaining the rage. They

were angry at reports the country's new unity government regime they'd just thrown will

TRANSLATION: We're not regime they'd just thrown out.

expecting anything from these

criminals, their laws are made

with the blood of the

Tunisians. They are liars, they are assassin, they are assassin, they are criminals. In the new

government four key ministers

will keep their jobs as will

Government that will take the the Prime Minister. This is the

country through to elections in

2 months time. Yesterday

Tunisians began returning to

work and shopping for food. TRANSLATION: Bread shops, fruit their doors and people are

starting to come. They're

getting their food. We're OK,

we're not bad, it's a bit like

a disease, we've dealt with it, there we are. But security

forces are still nighting gun

battles with militia loyal to

the exiled President. the exiled President. The

Tunisian capital at least is a

long way from being back to normal. Now stepping down a

month after, Sir Michael Somare is in the top job. Somare is in the top job. A short statement announcing Sir Michael's

mention of the allegation and

he's given no reason for he's given no reason for his

change of heart. The leader of

Israel's labour party has quit the job so he can stay in the

country's coalition country's coalition government.

The party is unhappy with the way Prime Minister Benjamin

Netanyahu has handled the

Middle East peace process and

is threatening to leave the coalition. Mr a defence minister will now

form a new party. A former

Swiss banker claims he's handed

WikiLeaks the names of 2,000

high profile Swiss bank clients. Rudolf Elmer held a

joint press conference with

founder Julianne Assange founder Julianne Assange to annoyance that handover. The

former banker is due to case court with court with violating Switzerland's strict bank

secrecy laws. He says he secrecy laws. He says he wants WikiLeaks to hold the Swiss banking industry banking industry to account. What they want to do

is hand this over to WikiLeaks

and I say that again,

WikiLeaks. In order to have it investigated and making a decision decision on it. It's a decision on it. It's a similar thing, it's a similar thing thing, it's a similar thing as the first whistleblower letter

I wrote. We will treat this information

information like all other

information we get so yes, I presume, once we've looked at

the data, assuming it's anomalous, assuming it's like

everything else we receive, yes, there will

revelation. He is an alleged

source I have read some of his

writings, he is clearly writings, he is clearly a bona fide

therefore I feel, given the past involvement in the past involvement in the case,

that we have some kind of that we have some kind of duty to support him on that matter,

that doesn't mean that I know

everything that he's done with his life, but on these things

that he has done with his life he is worthy do, my end of the day what I want to do, my messages here is

do, my messages here is about

the offshore industry, happening there. Now earlier this morning our correspondent Philip Williams said Mr Elmer wants to expose the said Mr Elmer wants to the Elmer is a Elmer is a former banker for a Swiss Elmer is a Swiss bank. He was based in Elmer is a former banker for Swiss bank. He was based in the

Kayman Islands which is a well known tax he became veryist illusioned

that he saw some of evading tax and not doing the

revenue base and he got very angry about that. And what he effectively a banking

WikiLeaks, a site where people can leak information about the banks around - and banks around - and so what he's done is give around 2,000 individual names and company have been to Julianne to Julianne Assange from WikiLeaks. They will sift of weeks at least before we know what's in there and whether they've - or all of that or all of that information on line and we'll see

are involved zblsm has there

been a strong response yet from the Swiss government or Swiss

banking industry? Well before there was any of this about to happen, he is

under charges by the Swiss Government banching system and so he faces those charges. Philip Williams there. Now we'll just jump out of that World Cup cricketing team is being being announced right now in Sydney. Let's have a Brett Lee didn't make squad? Yeah. He did? Snroo yes. Hastings Siddle? No, not really. John John's been picked for several

reasons, I suppose. He gives us an extra fast bowling option but also an all rounder view to this potential selection for selection for the World Cup. Unfortunately due didn't get many opportunities but the but the limited time he was with us we were with us we were impressed. Just givers us a bit more flexibility within the squad round package. We round package. We think his batting is very important for

us. If we were fo have an

injury to a key injury to a key player like Shane Watson having

of a bat will be very useful for the make-up of the So I suppose when you pick the World

World Cup squad you pick what you think is then you look at the other players who would that squad both for their ability to be part of a winning squad have injuries or illness is obviously quite common on the subcontinent. How much of a hamstring? The squad had to be name because of rules so

it's only just happened.

it's only just happened. It's quite injury as we understand it so something we still deciding the management. It's happened of our squad so he's in of our squad so he's in this

squad so the final decision on will be

be able to play again? It's be able to play again? It's all

just happened. He hasn't even demerped the best demerped the best options,

whether it's rest or So there's things that have to be decided and it will become a

clearer. How much debate was inclusion? I suppose tleass been debate. This has been a we've asked of him. back through domestic he's been the stand out in the one-day domestic series, so he's done everything right there. the Twenty/20s and we think he's the Twenty/20s and we think

Showing a lot of change ups of

pace as well. He's got most of his old pace back but he's developed quite a few

variations. So we think he's a really important part of the team. How close was Doherty?? Very close. I think Xavier Very close. I think Xavier is

unluck I will yot no the be in

the squad. He's got a very the squad. He's got a very good domestic one-day record and

he's done pretty well when he's

played for Australia. That was one of those decisions that you need to make in a squad of 15.

Did we have enough spin

coverage? Did we want coverage? Did we want more coverage like a John Hastings? That's the decision That's the decision we had to make. make. We've gone this way

pre-Dom nan because we're happy

with Nathan Hauritz. He's got a great one -day record great one -day record for

Australia and we think Steve

Smith, David Hussey and Michael Clarke Clarke will give Clarke will give us any extra

spin bowling we'll need for

these conditions. Alright, so

that's the list there, we that's the list there, we can

take you through the names. Amy

is joining us for the sport but

Brett Lee is the really

interesting inclusion

there. Brett's been

there. Brett's been struggling

over the past year or two with injury but he's shown no signs

of slowing down

quickness of bowling. So I guess selectors were probably watching very watching very closely in the one-day international on Sunday night and he was really tight with his bowling. He's up to 150km/h which is as fast

if not faster than some of our

main stayers. The top couple of name an then we can have more of a chat but unsurprisingly

Ricky uponing has been named

the captain and Michael Clarke

is the vice-captain. Doug

Bollinger, Brad Haddin, John Hastings x been included it appears to be

the at the expense of zaifiour deity and David Husy and Mike Hussey and Mitchell Johnson,

Brett Lee, Tim Paine, Steve

Smith, Sean Tait, Shane Watson and Cameron White. Mike Russy,

though, as we heard OK, we're

hearing now from hearing now from Ricky Ponting is speaking to the media, we'll

cross back to that press

conference now. And we've got

some - a bit of cricket to play

in the next couple of weeks

which will hopefully will give

us a good run into the World seeing at the moment and some of our younger guys have been

terrific and looking forward to

getting over there and getting everything under the - the other week why the - the other week why was

Hauritz named in the one-day

squad for the first game of the

series? Why was he? Yeah,

you've initially said it you've initially said it was because you wanted to see everybody before you decided on the World Cup squad came and said he was never

going to play in 24 game. Nathan was always our number one pick spin bowler for the World Cup squad and he's

been in, apar from one game in

recent times when we asked recent times when we asked him

to play a Shield game in preparation for the season,

he's been in our one-day side

for a very long period of type.

So never any doubt about his selection in this World Cup

squad. So why for the first

one-dayer is my question? Because we had a squad had to miss. We didn't see to see nait nn that game. We'd

rather see Xavier and give him

an extra chance and his selection was a pretty

ball call. Ricky, how is your

fitness and ready to fitness and ready to start batting again and will you be right for the start of the

World Cup? I'm hoping to be right for right for the start of the

World Cup. My finger is coming

along OK. I haven't been able to do anything for the last

couple of weeks post surgery.

It's a bit freer now. I've It's a bit freer now. I've got more movement than I had. I've

got a splint on at the moment

that I keep on for a bit longer

but I just have to have it looked at every few looked at every few days or once a week just to see where

it's at and see when what I can actually start dienge. I'm keen

to get a bat back in my hands

again and I'll be around this

team down in Hobart for the

second game and so yeah, I'm

bored out of my brains sitting at home watching the guys play cricket. cricket. So something I'm not that used to. I'll be doing everything I can to get everything I can to get a bat

back in my hands as soon as

possible. All going to plan I should be right should be right for the start

of the tournament Do you have any idea at

can pick up a bat? No, I done

know. I'll see our physio again

tomorrow in Hobart an work out there what I can and there what I can and can't do but it's starting to come along

pretty well. How un lucky is Peter Siddle? A different

format of the game and format of the game and as

Andrew eluded to when you've only you're trying to cover all

bases it's really hard to work

out what your best balance is.

I think what we've come up with

here is going to be our best balance for World conditions that we're

confronted with in the

come down to Hastings and subcontinent. You know, did it

Siddle? It could have come down

to Hastings and Doherty and

that's what we really had. So I

think Hastings relate a lot lo to squad with his height first

pace and foremost but his changes of

pace and variations on those wickets over there I think could be crucial

World could be crucial to us as the

World Cup goes on. So look,

Sids is obviously unlucky as is

Doherty and there's probably a

as well that few batters around the country

that are putting their hands up as well as well that feel unlucky but

the way it the way it always is for any that's the way it. Is that's

big tournament that you play when

the way it always is for any

big tournament that you play

when you've got to name a restricted squad. How tough is restricted squad. How restricted squad. How tough is

the last couple of weeks been