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Tonight, facing the music,

Labor braces for a backlash.

Mr Rees can't run from

today's results. Mr Rees

can't hide from today's results. 'Safe as houses'.

Investors head back the

bricks and mortar Sold to

you, congratulations. Rising

anxiety in the US as consumer

confidence dives for a new

low We are heading for a

recession. Caulfield Cup

coup, a rank outsider win the

evening. Felicity Davey with cup. Good evening. Good

ABC News - The Labor Party

expect add beating and I

appears from early results

that is what NSW voters have

delivered. The Opposition

painted today's four

by-elections as a happens to

send a strong message to the

Labor Government while the

ALP simply did whatever it

could to try to minimise the

damage. Nathan Rees hit the

hustings and the hecklers hit

him The car hoon is the

opposition. From seat to

seat the trouble followed. In

Ryde ride a Liberal Party

plant trying to sting him

over train delays Are you a

Lib so we are clear? I have

been helping. I want to

know... They were all

drowned out by the Green

movement protesting loudly

about the future of trees,

hundreds of kilometres away.

For the candidates in Ryde

ride it became a family

affair, the son of Labor's would-be Member of Parliament

made it clear he was not

happy while the Liberal's

favourite son brought his mum

in I have my glasses too!

Labor strategists have tout

add 20 per cent swing against

the Government in Ryde ride.

I vote for Liberal because

I'm a Victorian and they

broke in the 80s and now I

have had enough The Labor

Party is doing such a bad job

but I could not bring myself

to vote for the Liberals. In

Cabramatta Labor's

replacement for Reba has had

a fight on his hands T party

polling predicts Labor will

hold it but only just Let's

weight the see, I will not be

that un-humble if there is

such a word. The Premier is

already eating humble pie It

will make me more determined

to redouble our efforts as an

ad ministration Mr Rees

cannot run or hide from

today's results. But the

Coalition is under pressure

in Port Macquarie. It has been Independent territory

for the past few years and

Peter Besseling is hoping to

keep it that way My

opposition are the people out

there I have not convinced to

vote for me. But the

Nationals want it back I up

to the voters and that is the

joy of being in a

democracy. It is unlikely

that joy will be the world on

Labor lips later tonight.

Emma Griffiths joins us now.

We understand it is early in

the count but fair to say

there are celebrations there

already? There is. The

polls have been closed now

for about an hour but within

about 35to 40 minutes there

were cheers from within this

room behind me because they

are getting reports back from

booth after booth their

candidate has won and a few

moments ago there was word

that 12 per cent of the vote

had been counted, there were

4 booths that had been

counted and there had been a

24 per cent swing to the

Liberals on a two-party

preferred basis T margin was

10 per cent here so that has

more than wiped out the Labor

Party in Ryde ride. The

Liberals are happy in Ryde

ride tonight. What are you

hear binge the other three

seats? They are pretty excited about Cabramatta as

well because they have had

reports back from three

booths there that they have

more than 30 per cent swing.

That would definitely be

enough to give them that. It

is a 29 per cent margin,

Labor's second-safest seat

but we have heard that with

12 per cent of the vote counted there there has been

a primary swing of 25 per cent so that is not quite

enough. We will be have to

watch that one. In Lakemba it

has been a 15 per cent swing

against the Labor Government

so Labor will hold that. We

have had word in Port

Macquarie where the National

Party is trying to win there

they are actually in big

trouble on the primary vote

of the vote and Peter count. They have 32 per cent

Besseling that independent

that you just saw has 35 per

cent of the vote. Most of the

preferences will go to him.

Voters in Canberra went to

the polls as well today and

like NSW the Labor Government

there is also expected to

lose seats but it is the

Greens not the Liberals who

are tipped to benefit from

any swing against the ALP.

After a long campaign it is

now in the hands of the

political gods. My fourth

campaign, certainly the

hardest in terms of the slog

and it has been in terms of

pressure and soft focus on

myself I'm feeling good. I

had a few hours sleep last

night, probably more than I

have had most of the week so

that was good. Four years ago

Jon Stanhope's Labor Party

won majority Government for

the first time in the ACT's

history. Since then Labor has

borne the brunt of community

anger over decisions such as

school closures and tax increases. Polls are showing

that discontent will result

in a swing to the Greens We

have had a lot of great feedback from the Canberra

community. They have taken to

the ideas we have put out

there, the energy in the

campaign. It steams the

Liberals have failed to

capitalise on any anti-Labor

feeling. Since the last election the Opposition has

had three different leaders.

The party's 31-year-old

leader own took over 10

months ago during his first

term in the Assembly I do

not think there has been any

great revelation during the

campaign just a steady flow

of information and bolt

say. Ultimately the voters

have case the final

judgement The Labor Party,

Mr John Stanhope for sure

Liberal. I do not look

conservative but I've a

conservative vote This was

gun, I really enjoyed that.

We only get one chance. At

least one of those voters

will be happy whatever the

outcome. We will cross to

the ABC's election analyst

later for the latest on the

poll results in NSW and the

ACT. Buyers return dad the

real estate market with

renewed vigour today. They

were boosted by the Federal Government's decision to increase the first home

buyers grant combined did the

big cut to interest rates.

While agents hoped for a

dream weekend the financial

incentives have welfare

groups urging caution. People

like for their first home

have hit the market this

weekend feeling like their

wallets are a lot fatter

$21,000 and no stamp duty

will be wonderful Our bank

has gone down 2 per cent so

fantastic for us, saves a

loft money. It is not just

first homeowners set the

benefit, it is likely to have

a domino effect As the

lower-cost houses sell which

is what first home buyers buy

for obvious reasons the

people vacateing buy

expensive houses. This

waterfront area in Sydney

attracts buyers at the top

end but only after two agents

sold They have tidied the

price up as it has been dormant. David Greg says he

is selling to investors who

have pulled out of the stock

market Traditionally it has

happened. Money has

transferred from stock market

to property, property to

stock market and it is

copying back. In Queensland

sales expectations were high

for this weekend The hype that might have built around

this weekend being the

watershed if you like

obviously one weekend will

not make the summer and

clearly this is just the

beginning of a process to

bring confidence back to the market. Some auctioneers had to work hard to get a house

on the market I'm paid by

the house, I don't mind how

long I'm here! Others did

not get a single bite Last

chance now. $1.3 million. No

instruction to sell the

property. Buyers taking a

weight-and-see approach T

welfare group Shelter says

the caution is warned. They

are concerned the first home

owner grants are unfair and

risky If you are bribed by a

grant like this and go to go

the market and the world

economy does not improve are

you looking at throwing your

got or whatever safe sings

you have down the drain. But

buyers are capable of

regulating themselves. In the

US housing market is in

serious trouble with new

figures showing a significant

drop in construction. That

news combined with the plunge

in consumer confidence is

feeding fears the country is

about to tumble into a deep recession. North America

correspondent Michael Roland

reports from New York. The big-spending consumer has

been the backbone of the US

economy but American are new

at breaking point. Consumer

confidence has suffered its

biggest monthly dromplgts is

a disturbing time a loft

things to worry about and we

have to be concerned about

the future of the economy and

we are heading for a

recession Certainly not good

for America's troubled

housing sector T building of

new homes has plummeted to a

17.5-year low as the slowing

economy takes its toll. What

has happened on Wall Street,

in Washington is pretty much

has people paralysed if you

will. There is a lot of

anxiety. Once again the US

president is offering words

of reassurance. But George Bush concedes the

Government's efforts to save

to the economy not produce

instant results Actionless

take more time to have their

full impact. It took a while

for the credit system the

freeze up, it will take a

while for the credit system

the thaw. The financial

crisis and the slowing

economy are starting to hurt

some of it world's biggest companies. News Corporation Chief Executive Rupert

Murdoch has told a

shareholders meeting the

media group was facing one of

its biggest tests It is

tempting of course to stand

here and boast about our past

year's success, I cannot

however do that not while we

are in the middle of an unprecedented credit crisis

which has weakened the

advertising markets and

beaten down our share

price. And it is not just

News Corp shares that are suffering. After yet another

volatile session the Dow

Jones industrial average lost

127 points. With over a

fortnight until the US presidential election John

McCain is in trouble in a

state considered Republican

tour ever. His once

comfortable lined Florida has

been erased and Barack Obama

is new ahead in the polls. From Miami Kim Landers

reports on the changing mood

in that crucial state. It is

a state that delivered the

White House to George Bush.

But now Florida is a toss-up

We are thrilled we can count

on you for Barack Obama. You have made a great

choice. Barack Obama has

eroded John McCain's once

comfortable lead here T

Democratic nominee has been pouring millions of dollars

into Florida and he has

hundreds of volunteers This

is my first campaign ever

that I have worked on and I

think it is very important to

help in whatever way we can

The economic crisis is

helping Barack Obama too.

While business is still brisk

at this bagel shop the big population of reThai years

here is nervously watching

the stock market. Florida has

one of the worst foreclosure

rates in the nation and

unemployment is high but

there are hurdles too for

Barack Obama. Some older

people Lear suspicious about

him wondering if he is a

Muslim We do not know who

this man is. I'm scared.

Democrats here have not

forgotten the Florida recount

drama so the are excited that

Barack Obama has a chance of

winning this state. But John

McCain is fighting back and

he is now paying people to

door knock for him. It is

great to be here in Miami and

there is no doubt whatsoever

we will win the state of

Florida and we will win...

John McCain knows he will

have to fight hard the defend

Republican turf. In the race

for president Dow support John McCain or Barack

Obama? John McCain fantastic,

me too. I'm so grateful. That

is great. His enthusiastic

volunteers have no doubt

victory is in reach but the

reality is that Florida is a

must-win for the Republican

nominee John McCain cannot

win the White House if he

does not win Florida. If you

look at the math, to get to

270 votes if John McCain

loses Florida which has 27

votes, fourth largest state

in the country it is

impossible. With 11 million

votes up for grabs in Florida

the race here is not over

yet. In a further sign ever

China's willingness to open

to the West the country has

permanently relaxed

restrictions on the foreign

media. More liberal rules

introduced for the Beijing

Olympic were meant to expire

at midnight but Premier Wen

Jiabao has signed a new

decree. After the bloody

crackdown on pro-democracy

demonstrators in Tania Major

We hope foreign journalists

will report about China

fairly to improve the mutual

understanding from China and

other countries in the

world. Foreign reporters will

no longer need Government

permission to interview

Chinese citizens or travel

around the country but there

will be exceptions for Tibet

and other sensitive regions

and the new freedom will not

apply the China's own

journalists. Allstate media

will remain under tight

Government control T

emergence of a new photograph

of Melbourne backpacker Britt

Lapthorne has raised more

questions about her

mysterious death T picture of

the 21-year-old was emailed

anonymously to a Croatia

newspaper. It is believed to

have been taken just 13 hours

before she disappeared. The

email says the photo was

taken by a Polish-American

student who spent the night

with Britt Lapthorne and left

Dubrovnik the following day.

Britt Lapthorne's father Dale

Lapthorne and brother Darren

have left Croatia with her

remains and are due to arrive

in Melbourne tomorrow night.

A candle-it will memorial organised by Britt

Lapthorne's friends is about

to get under way at

Melbourne's Flagstaff gardens

in the city. Hundreds of

student have taken part in a

moving tribute to a school

friend. Their guard of honour

stretched 300 metres from the

gates of the Met met in Burwood where Susan Worrell

had been studying for her

Year 12 exams. Her mother

Maureen Worrell spoke of her

daughter as an intelligent and caring girl who was

looking forward to the

challenges of life after

school. Susan Worrell's older

sister remains in custody.

She has been charge would the

murder. NSW Labor has been

punished at the polls at four

state by-elections today.

Early indications point to significant swings against

the State Government. Coming

up, India celebrates Sachin

Tendulkar's history-making

innings in the second Test.

Two Queensland fishermen have

spent a frightening night

clinging to their unturned boat. Rescue teams searched the coastline for hours

before the men were finally

spotted at dawn. After a long

cold night dawn brought hope

to Jo Coombes and Malcolm

Hannibal. The 29 and

30-year-old from Queensland

set out last night but ran

into trouble on the Tweed

River bar We lost power and

snapped a rope and the

current took us out and we

flipped over and sat on top

of the boat for 4 and a half

hours. The pair managed to

radio for help before the

boat turned and authorities

started to look along the

northern NSW coastline T

search zone was narrowed

after locals heard cries for

help A number of persons

were on the northern break

wall of the beach and they

notified police that they had

heard a man calling for help. At first light the men

came into view. They had

drifted 3 nautical miles out

to sea Tremendous awesome

people. I would love to be

able to say thank you somehow

but how can you?

A cup of hot tea or a

brandy! Both men were taken

inform Tweed Heads hospital

and treated for hypothermia.

In cricket a century from

Indian veteran Sauruv Ganguly

has helped India if a

commanding position on day

two of the second Test

against Australia. Sauruv

Ganguly was dismissed by

Cameron White for 102 and a

short time ago the home side

was bowled out for 469 in its

first innings. After Sachin

Tendulkar became Test

cricket's highest run-scorer

yesterday Sauruv Ganguly and

nightwatchman Sharma were

keen to keep up the momentum

but Sharma could not handle

the bowling of Peter Siddle.

Dohni did not waste any time

on the attack. The Indian

captain raced past 20 as the

home side pushed its total

beyond 350 scoring at almost

4 runs an over in the first

hour T boundaries dried up as

lunch approached but the

Indians still had the upper

hand. They went to the break

at 6/4 30 1 with Sauruv

Ganguly moving closer to his

first Test century against

Australia in India. Now he

puts the gap. Dohni reached

his half century in

spectacular fashion in the

first over after lunch. A

single brought the 100-run partnership before Sauruv

Ganguly reached his century

with a boundary 16 Test

match 100s, a fine,

finingings! But it came to

an end shortly after when he

miscued off the bolgt of

Cameron White. Harbhajan

Singh came and went quickly T

gap between bat and pad enAbe

link White to grab his second

wicket and lazy

shot. Australia will hope to

make significant inroads into

the Indian total later today.

In cricket-mad India Sachin

Tendulkar's history-making

innings sparkside spontaneous

celebrations across the

country. Sachin Tendulkar's

half century made him both

the most prolific run scorer

in Test history and the first

player to make 12,000 Test

runs. In a sport where

statistics often define

performance Sachin Tendulkar

is one of cricket's all-time

greats when he surpassed

Lara's all time mark the

Little Master as he is

affectionately known

collected woman of the few

run-scoring records he did

not already own Success is a

process and joining that journey sometimes there are

stones thrown at you and you can make them into

milestones, it is a great

feeling. The celebrations

were replicated across the

country where Sachin

Tendulkar has long been

treated as Indian royalty He

was made for He is a

leggient, brought himself

into the category of Don

Bradman. As a 17-year-old

Sachin Tendulkar burst onto

the scene with his first Test

century in England but it was

the 1992 tour of Australia

where his batting genius came

to prominence. He scored centuries on the

slow-spinning Sydney pitch

and the Perth strip With his competitiveness and technique

we knew we were in for

something special That gave

me immense confidence and I

felt I could go anywhere in

the world and score runs and

then that was probably the

turning point of my career I

would say. While Bradman is

still considered the greatest batsman in history Sachin

Tendulkar has been hailed as

his modern-day equivalent.

Even the Don saw similarities

by with his career drawing

the a close Ricky Ponting is

poised to become the next

record holder less than 200 runs behind Sachin Tendulkar

with time on his side. All-rounder Andrew

Symonds has returned to form

to help Queensland crush NSW

in today's one-day cricket match in Cairns. Andrew

Symonds hit a timely 73 but

his innings was over shadowed

by a fine century from

team-mate Lee Carseldine. Ben

Lochlin did the damage for

Bulls with the ball taking 6 wickets. After coming

together 2/16 Lee Carseldine

and Andrew Symonds had a

stand for the first wicket.

Lee Carseldine was 6/287 from

50 overs. NSW capitulated to

be all out for 136 handing

the bultion a rare

double-point bonus victory T

English galloper All The Good

has won the Caulfield Cup. It

is the first cup victory by

the Middle East based

Godolphin stables. The result

the hopes of Weekend Hussler looks to have put an end to

over the longer distances.

An unseasonally warm 32 degrees forced the capacity

crowd to search for the shade

wherever they could and good

what. What is this style?

Liquid refreshments were also

in order. Cheers! Eyes were

on the form guide looking for inspiration. Weekend Hussler

had started the week as the

punters favourite in the

Caulfield Cup but eased in

There is a question-mark the odds closer to the race

about his ability to get the

2 400m so punters will get

good value. Some were not

prepared to give up A

champion. Do not write off a

champion. Littorio was the

new favourite after winning

the Turnbull stake as

fortnight ago. Jockey went out with Weekend Hussler

perfectly placed into the

straight but cup was stolen

by an overseas raider! All

The Good in front. All The

Good. Bark grunter is

third. The first horse in the Godolphin stable to win the

Cup Very proud and back at

home in Dubai and

England. The Australian

jockey Kerrin McEvoy's first

win So excited. Connections

now have their sights set on

the Melbourne Cup. Today's

result looks to be the end

for Weekend Hussler over the longer distances We know

where we stand with him, we

have had a go at the mile and

a half. His connections have

until Tuesday the decide

whether to run the gelding in

the Cox Plate. An update on

our top story - the

by-elections in NSW T our

election analyst Anthony

Green is the in Canberra for

the ACT's general election

but is closely monitoring the vote count in NSW in the

seats of Lakemba, Cabramatta,

Ryde and Port Macquarie. Emma

told us earlier of some big

early swings. What are you

seeing in the four NSW

seats? The swings are quite

dramatic tonight. We can

start off with Cabramatta

labor's second safe yes lot

seat. Nick Lalich will win

but there is a swing, a

massive swing, 25 per cent a

quarter of voters have

changed votes since the last

election T second seat is

Lakemba Morris Iemma's old

seat. At this stage Robert Furolo will go onto win that

the mayor of Canterbury A25

per cent swing in that

electorate so to enormous

swings. Port Macquarie the

third seat is different. This

is an Independent versus the

National Party. At this stage

there has been a big swing to

looks like Peter Besseling the National Party but it

will win that in replacement

to Rob Oakshott the retireing

member who has gone to

Federal politics. The final

one Ryde, Victor Dominello

will win that seat from the

Liberal Party a swing of 22.8

per cent, an enormous swing

for the Liberal Party an

extra seat for them in the

Parliament, Labor has lost

Ryde. What about the ACT

election? How is the Labor

Government doing in the count

so far? What we are seeing

in the ACT is a massive swing

against the Labor Party. It

is going towards the Greens.

We see an 11 per cent swing

against the Labor Party. We

have a small swing against

the Liberal Party a swing of

6.4 to the Greens. That

includes a lot of electronic

votes done early that tend to

favour the Greens but at this

stage that projects towards 7

seats for Labor, 7 seats for

the Liberals and 3 seats for

the Greens which would be

probably a minority Labor

Government so all-round

tonight 20-odd per cent swings against the Labor

Party in the by-elections in

NSW A big swing against the

ACT Labor Government swinging

towards the Greens. The

Liberal Party mass picked up

Ryde and are close in

Cabramatta and looks like the

independent could hang on to

Port Macquarie. The weather

now - in Sydney it reached 23

degrees which is 1 above the average. The

satellite pictures shows a

cloud band stretching from WA

to Tasmania ahead of a

trough. On the chart a broad

high dominates the east

bringing dry weather to NSW

and Victoria but directing

showers onto the Queensland

coast. Tomorrow's rainfall

prediction then - falls for

north-west WA and the West

coast of Tasmania. In the

capital cities tomorrow -

showers and storms for Canberra. Showers in

Melbourne, Hobart and Darwin.

Fine and a bit warmer in

Perth. A mostly fine and

sunny day around NSW for the

north-east. A high to extreme

fire danger for the northern

Riverina. In the south-east

expect isolated showers and

thunderstorms that will be

mostly confined to the coast.

For inland parts mostly fine

and die day with temperatures

in the mid 30s. In Sydney

tomorrow the chance of a late

shower or two, otherwise fine

with lengthy sunny periods.

27 for the city, 22 in

Penrith T sun is up

A look at tonight's top

appears to be taking a stories - as expected labor

beating at the polls today.

Early results in the four

state by-elections are

trickling in and they show

significant swings against

Federal Government has the State Government. The

increased grant for first

home buyers and lower rates

has sparked renewed interest

in the Ray estate market and

English long shot All The

Good has taken out the $2.5

million Caulfield Cup in an

upset win today. That is the

latest ABC television news

for now. We will be have up

dates for you during the

evening. For now, goodnight. Closed captions by CSI