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(generated from captions) and their captions. if not thousands of you No doubt hundreds have been emailed them as well. attached to messages like this. Most of the ones we got have been

and influence of email traffic It's a sign of the power of those images together that within days of the postings was a story in the 'New York Times'. the outrage they generated by different agencies The photos were distributed and the 'Times' reported: was written by Dave Martin The looting caption

for Associated Press told the 'Times': whose spokesperson photographer, Chris Graythen, We'd already emailed the other

the word 'finding' and asked why he used to caption a very similar image. and he referred us to this post: We weren't the first to ask

so we'll take his word for it Well, he was there and we weren't pass last week. which is why we let the story on US websites But the debate is still raging and we're still getting emails so we thought you'd like to hear had to say. what the photographers themselves Chris Graythen added this: aren't the only ones in strife. Of course, Chris and his family help, help, help. (All chant) Help, help, help, help, an important role in this story - And the media have played and report often the first to find on those in desperate need, and on occasion helping them out. their part. The Australian media have played

Here's Channel Seven. but no-one was complaining. It was a very tight squeeze but no-one was complaining. It was a very tight squeeze On the side over here. in a heavily armed convoy All six Australians were taken out organised by Seven News. worrying at home. Finally a chance to call loved ones We just got out. but Channel Seven got us out. Things were not very good Not to be outdone,

on the same night. Channel Nine had this story travellers A group of young Australians

New Orleans today. managed to escape in the remains of a hotel, Scared and hiding from National Nine News. they were found by a team Superedome, Earlier, in the notorious and thought they'd be killed. they were threatened Robert Penfold Our American correspondent out of the disaster zone. helped secure their safe passage the Australians Channel Nine did find but weren't about to mention had found them too. that Channel Ten had found them too. that Channel Ten find nine Australians Ten News helped authorities to fend off gangs. who'd been forced to arm themselves Unlike Nine, their correspondent Ten wasn't claiming the group's safe passage had also helped secure out of the disaster zone and nor, when we looked closely, did Nine's correspondent himself. Robert Penfold says:

their prayers were realised. After so many false promises, of the hotel to take them to Texas The bus was out the front officials were waiting to help. were Australian Government Just to be clearer, Australians who did get them out. we asked one of the group of Bud Hopes told us:

Channel Nine But knowing this didn't stop

in the news. from running this follow-up story The reporter is Brad Schmidt. from Brisbane, For the parents of Bud Hopes today a sense of pride, the role of leading the Australians knowing their son had taken on through their hellish ordeal - pride mixed with gratitude. "Now, who do I call? You think to yourself, "Who would be the best people?" to be the hero I didn't expect Channel Nine and go in and rescue him. weren't the only ones And Bud Hopes' parents who somehow got the wrong idea rescued their son. that Channel Nine for getting them out. Thank you so much, Channel Nine,

It is just unbelievable. reporter, Robert Penfold, We want to be clear than Nine's in reporting the original story. did a great job the anxious parents He was the first to tell their children were safe as well and told Australian officials he'd rescued this group. and never himself claimed back in Australia, But Channel Nine News, gilding the lily, just couldn't resist

painting themselves as heroes. it cheapened Penfold's report It's a shame because where it was due. which included credit out of there I thank Sgt Ogden for getting us because he really saved our lives. It was that bad in there? Oh, horrendous. tried to rescue his credibility Two weeks ago Mark Steyn about Media Watch with this overwrought opinion peace in the 'Australian'.

because, back in July, Mark Steyn is cross he wrote we had a go about a column which began like this:

didn't immediately ring a bell The name Johnelle Bryant if Mark was right. which seems strange with Mohammed Atta Was Johnelle's encounter than September 11? really a bigger deal Steyn told her story like this:

report these incredible events? So why didn't Johnelle Because, according to Mark, multicultural political correctness she was a slave to

of his tale. and that's the moral his readers But Mark Steyn didn't tell her story had a problem. had occurred Johnelle was sure the meeting and the middle of May 2000 between the end of April but as we said, back in July: until after those dates. Atta didn't arrive in America President Bush's 9/11 Commission We checked the report of the Johnelle Bryant story - to see what it said about her name does not appear. Atta got his US visa on May 18 But the report does confirm that and then: what he'd done We'd asked Mark Steyn to check to check that the story was true, a question he still hasn't answered. there have been developments, But after our story we're happy to acknowledge. As Mark Steyn puts it:

As a matter of fact, there are more people who've come forward from the now defunct Able Danger Data Mining Operation. None claimed to have direct evidence of Attar being in the United States before June 2000. But according to the Department of Defence, three of them:

They're in addition to the two team members

who originally came forward with recollections about seeing or hearing about Attar's name on a chart. But the Department of Defence goes on to say:

Maybe Defence is lying, maybe the Pentagon is covering up maybe the Immigration records are wrong. Maybe it's safer to rely on Mark Steyn's hunch that Mohammed Atta slipped across the Canadian border - or was it the Mexican - earlier than we thought. But as Mark admitted, in a different article for the 'New York Sun,'

he simply doesn't know. Mark, maybe you should take another look at the 9/11 Commission. They assessed and rejected the Able Danger claims too. Maybe they're part of the cover-up conspiracy as well.

But they do have a remarkably detailed account of Mohammed Attar's movements at the critical times. Far from a blur, they've based their conclusion on FBI reports, Immigration records the Department of State, passport and visa applications, emails to flying schools, German police, the interrogation and trial evidence of terrorist suspect and there's more in the footnotes.

Mark thinks we're mad to give any of this stuff credibility. But that's not, of course, what we're saying then or now. We'll keep it simple, Mark. Before you say a meeting is "the defining encounter of the age

"more important than 9/11," check out the evidence, official or otherwise, that it's not a hoax, and tell your readers what you find otherwise you'll find your credibility on a par with a Hollywood diet.

One of the featured stars is Gwyneth Paltrow,

who, according to 'Woman's Day' looks "dangerously thin" a year after the birth of her child.

Maybe Thin Gwyn could pick up some tips from the healthy living section of the same magazine. But which toned and fabulously fit star should she follow?

How about number three? Yes, you guessed it. Maybe they reckon nobody reads the whole of 'Woman's Day' - it looks like their editor doesn't. Until next week, goodnight.

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