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(generated from captions) is destroying the planet into how global warming

to avoid Armageddon. and what can be done We cannot solve this problem in isolation from one another. cause chaos and ruin in Queensland. Cyclone fears as floods her Irish medical drama. Delta Goodrem rushed to hospital - I'd gotten up through the night

back to bed with me and taken a small electric heater and switched it on. linked to a common sleeping pill. And bizarre and disturbing behaviour is to draw the problem We think the appropriate action of practitioners and patients, to the attention but we don't propose at this stage of the drug. to alter the availability and welcome to Ten's Late News. Hello. I'm Charmaine Dragun and potions giving boys breasts. Also tonight - the lotions

and the tea tree oil The lavender oil oestrogen receptors are essentially stimulating and blocking male hormone. is the word being used First - 'unequivocal' that paints us as 90% responsible to describe the latest science for the warming of the earth. The world's most eminent scientists a much-anticipated report tonight released of climate change. on the frightening consequences of the best scientific minds This gathering

for one history-making purpose. was designed the scientific evidence This report provides

recognising for a number of years, that the world has already been can now no longer ignore. for that even those who had doubts, And the evidence, if right, the effects of climate change. means no-one will escape

The key conclusion is is now unequivocal - that warming of the climate system

unequivocal. The scientists are now confident that we are causing the changes. it's 90% probable The average global temperature on current trends. could rise by 6.5 degrees anywhere from 28cm to 48cm Sea levels are predicted to swell for the possibility and that doesn't account breaking into the ocean. of a large ice shelf heat waves, flooding They're forecasting more drought, environmental refugees. and millions becoming The expectation would be greenhouse gases at current rates, if we keep emitting in this current century we'll see bigger changes than we did in the last century. and detailed collaboration yet, This science is the most complex but the message is simple. who would continue to risk inaction I think anyone presented here on the basis of the evidence be considered irresponsible. will one day in the history books remains to be seen. Whether the whole world listens hoping people do - not for us, But for this group at least, they're who will inherit our legacy. but for the children being born now Josh Murphy, Ten News.

flood-devastated north of Queensland. More rain is forecast for the by rising waters, Several towns remain isolated to make emergency food drops. forcing the Government

just south of Townsville, On the banks of the Haughton River, the sugar town of Giru is drowning. up on stumps - Its old Queenslanders and the pub -

the only dry spots around. 15,000 litres of water a second Closer to Townsville,

Ross River spillway. is spilling out of the local It's not raining any more, but the water's still rising. How long have you been waiting? but who's counting? 20 hours. 20.5 hours - are stranded near Cardwell, At least 70 semis along with tonnes of fruit and veg. fuel, we're gonna be right that way, The fridge motors don't run out of

but we're not gonna get down there until Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday next week. At Proserpine, 100 holiday-makers in the airport. have spent the past 24 hours It seemed to be a situation what the right hand was doing. that the left hand didn't know chocolate bars and flavoured milk. They've eaten nothing but A flight late today got them out. Rail services are in chaos. over the weekend. They're hoping some will return Repair of public infrastructure that's been damaged and that bill's continuing to mount. about the cause of it all - And weathermen are still worried a low still deepening in the Gulf. keeping a watchful eye We're certainly in that area. and we're in contact continuously but more rain is forecast. The water's peaking in some areas, Tim Collits, Ten News. crash-landing of a rescue helicopter. All on board have survived the the Westpac rescue chopper Engine failure forced down near Inverell in the north of NSW. The pilot and three medical crew were on their way to a road accident. They weren't injured the crash scene in a police car. and were able to continue to called to give evidence A high-profile witness could be most puzzling murder mysteries. in one of Australia's A court today hearing more details against Gordon Wood, of the prosecution case Caroline Byrne. who's accused of killing model accompanied by his mother, Gordon Wood arrived at court as part of strict bail conditions. who he's been living with The 44-year-old, who was extradited from London, Sydney model Caroline Byrne is accused of murdering at Watsons Bay in 1995. by throwing her off The Gap to call 18 witnesses Wood's lawyers want at his committal hearing, including journalist Paul Barry with Wood in 1998. who conducted this interview REPORTER: Did you kill her? Of course not. Why would I kill her? They want to ask Barry with Wood off camera. about any conversations he had a woman who overheard an argument Another witness, between Wood and Byrne in a Sydney gym the week before she was found dead. According to her statement: nine of the witnesses appearing, Prosecutors are trying to stop and three police officers. including two fishermen also focused on the exact spot Gordon Wood's barrister at the bottom of The Gap. Caroline Byrne's body was found He questioned why was given two different locations. the prosecution's scientific expert

and friend June Dally Watkins Caroline's father Tony

waited outside the courtroom. until Gordon Wood can go to trial, It'll be another full year the case is progressing. but at least they say I think the fact that there's something happening... ..yes, it's moving on. That's great for him. Daniel Sutton, Ten News.

A mystery explosion has killed a father in his own home. Neighbours dragged the 45-year-old from the building in the Barossa Valley. He was badly burned and died later in hospital. He was screaming in agony, but there wasn't a lot we could do. There was a couple of people on the ground with him that held pressure on his wound. Shocked neighbours revealed

the man's wife died from cancer only a few days ago. Their son was in a nearby house at the time of the explosion. The cause of the blast is still being investigated. A new report into child care says there are no critical shortages, just parents who are too choosy. The treasury document finding childcare is both accessible and affordable.

Parents like Kellie Perren will tell you quality childcare is hard to pay for, and harder to find. My wage, there's not a lot left of it,

but that's a choice that we've had to make. But a new Government report says just the opposite - childcare in Australia is accessible and affordable. It just shows how out of touch they are. The Australian Treasury report, compiled on surveys and public data, contradicts years of claims about a critical shortage. It says there isn't one, despite cries of growing waiting lists. More than 200 children on the waiting list for the nursery. The author suggests reported shortages are due to consumer choice. That parents can access childcare places, just not their preferred type. Parents say that's an insult. There probably are placements that are further out of Brisbane but I think that disadvantages the parent. Many point out the shortage is in quality care. I don't want to leave him just anywhere with people I don't know and don't trust. And claims care is too expensive have also been challenged. The report found that for middle- to high-income families, the cost of childcare has remained virtually unchanged since the year 2000. But it is becoming increasingly difficult for our lowest-paid parents. Particularly on latest figures, showing the average family pays $230 a week. That's making it impossible for some families to even afford childcare. Emma Dallimore, Ten News. Some people who take a popular sleeping pill are getting much more than a good night's rest. They're reporting bizarre side effects, some embarrassing, others potentially life-threatening. Suffering ongoing pain related to surgery, Marie turned to Stilnox to help her fall asleep. It worked, but it could have had disastrous consequences. I had an episode that frightened me. I had gotten up through the night and taken a small electric heater back to bed with me and switched it on in my bed under the blankets. Fortunately a house-mate heard Marie's night-time wanderings and discovered the heater. She reported the incident to her doctor but more than 100 similar complaints have been made to the Adverse Drug Reaction Advisory Committee since the product was released in Australia seven years ago. More recent reports of sleepwalking and binge eating have prompted the committee to update its warnings about the side effects. But the prescription-only drug will remain on the market. We think the appropriate action is to draw the problem

to the attention of practitioners and patients, but we don't propose at this stage to alter the availability of the drug.

So any drug that acts on the brain can have potential side effects, and it's important to know just what the side effects are going to be for an individual. So certainly when it is first used, people need to monitor and be monitored. The manufacturer of the French-made product

says it accepts there have been complaints made about side effects related to Stilnox. However, it said in a statement it does not necessarily mean the tablets are the cause of side effects such as sleepwalking. The possible side effects are included in Stilnox packets. Nicole Strahan, Ten News. A new health scare for Deltra Goodrem. The details when we come back. And the finance report with CommSec's Tom Piotrowski. If it's a really stinking hot day you should come into Bunnings because we have all the air conditioners and fans Arlec ceiling fan, only $35.70. 10kg pool chlorine, $37.63. Bar clamp twin pack, just $9.98 per pack. a cheaper price on a stocked item, we'll beat it by 10%. SONG: # Bunnings Warehouse! # Everything you watch on commercial television is covered by a Code of Practice.

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to the Australian Communications and Media Authority. If you'd like a copy of the code, visit our website for more information, or write or call us at: This program is captioned live. A new health scare tonight for singer Delta Goodrem.

The 22-year-old was staying with her boyfriend Brian McFadden in his home town of Dublin when she complained of stomach pains. She was taken to a nearby hospital with suspected appendicitis. on Sunday night The singer was admitted and has since been released without losing her appendix. Mother Lea Goodrem says the illness isn't connected to the cancer she suffered in 2003. State education ministers have poured cold water on a controversial plan to create one national school curriculum. Some fear it could see standards drop. Boosting education has been a headline-grabber for Labor all week. Now it's the Federal Government pushing its plan for a national school curriculum. We have nine separate Year 12 certificates and we have no way of comparing the results across the country. So we are calling for higher standards and greater national consistency. Currently there is no consistency among the States' schools. In maths there are 27 different courses. In history there are 20. The Prime Minister wants students across the country to read from the same page.

What we're wanting is a sufficient uniformity so that if you go from WA to Queensland you don't fall back a year. But some States fear a national curriculum could do more harm than good. We have rigorous standards

and we're not going to participate in anything that sees NSW lose. But Federal Labor is backing the move. I think moving to a national curriculum is an important thing that we can do in the national interest.

But a national scheme has some support from parents. Yeah, I think it would be a great idea. It would even out the playing field. A bit of consistency of educational standards across Australia would, I think, lead us in the right direction. The Federal Government has been pushing for a national Year 12 leaving certificate. Creating a uniform school curriculum could bring that a step closer. The curriculum plan will be put to the States at a meeting in April. James Boyce, Ten News. The debate over the Federal Government's workplace laws has turned nasty. The PM accused the Opposition Leader of faking Labor's position, in a bid to woo big business. The election year climate is certainly changing. Kevin Rudd's pitch to big business generating positive coverage and suggesting a softening in Labor's approach. He was out there trying to fake his policy to the business community, implying "It's really a bit softer. We're just going to make it fairer."

On radio yesterday Mr Rudd was hard-line.

Rip up means "get rid of" and the answer is yes. But the Government seized on the text of Mr Rudd's business dinner address.

Nowhere I could find in the speech did Mr Rudd say that he was going to tear up the Work Choices legislation. I spoke with the Business Council of Australia at length last night about all these matters. On morning television, his deputy was forcefully clear on Labor's position. Whether it's rip or rid or replace or repeal

or any other word you want to use,

we're going to get rid of these laws after the next election.

Very revealing 24 hours. Mr Rudd's been caught out and pulled into line by his own deputy. The Opposition says that's just not right. It says Mr Howard is panicking over industrial relations and accuses him of trying to verbal Kevin Rudd. The Labor leader repeating his position today.

We as the alternative government are as one in terms of removing these laws, getting rid of these laws, and throwing them in the bin. Paul Bongiorno, Ten News. To finance news and CommSec's Tom Piotrowski joins us now and Tom, it's been a busy week and how the market goes on Monday depends on some important news coming out in the next couple of hours?

That's retro Charmaine. The

Australian market has performed

well and we have seen encouraging

news and the US in the next hour or

so we'll see the release of the US

jobs report. If we see some

stronger-than-expected numbers that

could also reignite concerns about

inflation at and feed the markets

about higher interest rates again.

That will create some volatile

conditions on Monday and the local market. Thank you, Tom Piotrowski from CommSec. Scientists explain why some baby boys are developing enlarged breasts. The lavender oil and the tea tree oil are essentially stimulating oestrogen receptors and blocking male hormone. The details when we come back, including what can be done to prevent it.

This program is captioned live. A psychiatrist arrested for carrying a loaded gun into a busy Melbourne court remains in jail tonight awaiting a psychological report. Dr Jerome Gelb's wife, Kerrie,

and his former bodyguard David Schmack, were released on bail late this afternoon. The court heard Dr Gelb started carrying a gun after alleged threats from his ex-wife. He hired Mr Schmack as a guard, until the former union official left to become a pastor in a Melbourne church. Dr Gelb says he didn't realise he had the loaded pistol and ammunition on him when he arrived at court. New research has shown you don't have to be overweight to develop so-called man-boobs. Scientists in the US have found some shampoos, soaps and lotions are giving baby boys enlarged breasts. Lisa Lopez slavers lavender body lotion on her son Ryan every day to keep his skin baby-soft and smelling fresh. Lavender is my favourite cream. I use it for both my boys, my 3-year-old and him. But that cream might come with a strange side effect.

An article in the 'New England Journal of Medicine' claims three normal, unrelated boys all started growing breast tissue - a condition called gynaecomastia. According to the report, all three boys have one thing in common - they were all using a soap, shampoo or body lotion that contained lavender oil or tea tree oil. Both of the ingredients are found in some of the most popular products on store shelves. Any of these kind of products could potentially be absorbed through the skin. Dr Robin Nemery is a paediatric hormone specialist at the Joe DiMaggio Children's Hospital. She says after lavender and tea tree oil products seep into the skin they travel in the blood stream where they can act on breast tissue like the female hormone oestrogen, causing the breasts to grow. The lavender oil and the tea tree oil are essentially stimulating oestrogen receptors and blocking male hormone.

But when the three boys studied stopped using the products, the gynaecomastia went away. Experts believe the problem is rare and more research is needed to confirm the link. So right now it's up to parents to decide. Well, I'm going to be extra careful right now. In fact, I'm going to get rid of all of that lavender cream. What to do with the information? An impressive world record for a man whose generosity has helped save the lives of countless people. Jim Harrison has donated blood 900 times and he's not planning on stopping any time soon. Every fortnight, 70-year-old Jim Harrison reclines in this chair, squeezes the same stress ball and donates his blood. After 51 years, he's racked up a world record - 900 donations. I had major chest surgery in 1951 and I had transfusions, so as soon as I was 18 I wanted to give something back. But it was more than just something - he's single-handedly saved countless lives. Jim's plasma contains Anti-D, which is given to pregnant women whose bodies reject their unborn babies. At last count, they said 1.5 million babies can thank me so that makes you feel good. That's worth never being able to get a tattoo, only going overseas once and keeping fit enough to donate. Thank you very much. Nurse Liz Thynne has been taking Jim's blood for four decades.

He was very handsome, tall and very dark,

but he's still a lovely person. So lovely, he's now aiming for 1,000 donations. It's a fantastic achievement. Trouble is, the Jim Harrisons are few and far between. In fact only around 3% of Australians donate blood at all, and that figure will need to double as the demand for blood increases by 100% in the next decade. So that's why it's really important for Australians to think about whether they can give blood. For the first time or the 900th. Danielle Isdale, Ten News. Sports Tonight is next with Rob Canning. And Rob, finally a contest in the cricket at the SCG tonight? Yes, Charmaine, England taking it right at the Aussies. We'll bring you the result next. Is the series alive? Did England survive? An A-League assault is coming your way. And Force-ing the point in the Super 14.

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A deep tropical low will bring widespread heavy rain to the Gulf country. Moist easterly winds will cause heavy rain to continue in tropical Queensland. A trough will send a southerly change up the NSW coast, bringing storms to the south-east. Hot north-easterly winds in WA. Tomorrow's forecast - thunderstorms in Cairns and Darwin. Showers for Brisbane. Rain possible in Sydney. A possible thunderstorm for Canberra. Mostly fine in Melbourne and Hobart. Sunny in Adelaide. Very hot for Perth and Alice Springs. And that's the latest from Ten News. is next. Sports Tonight with Rob Canning From the Late News team, goodnight. I'm Charmaine Dragun. by the Australian Caption Centre. Supertext captions This program is captioned live.